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I was walking the port area of Tel Aviv, Israel and was actually trying to find out if the Olympic pool was still open and a place to buy a pair of trainers. Pool was closed but I was pointed in the direction of a few shops to buy my sneakers, so I decided to stroll down the pier a little more. I couldn’t sleep and it was just about 11pm, which is 4pm in my own country’s time (NYC, USA). I get to the area where there is a huge crane that clearly hasn’t been used in decades and I see hundreds of people, all in a festive mood. My first thought was “WTF are all of these people out here are 11:30 pm when I know they have to work tomorrow?” Then I see this light blasting for a mile.

1st hebrew carousel

The whole port area was filled to the gills with people in festive moods. But as I stood at the furthest point of the old port area, I saw a lot of light coming from something just beyond the corner. I had to make a huge “U” turn to navigate past the festivities and stores, to make it to this mysterious light peaking from around that corner. As I closed in on it, I saw it was a carousel, just sitting there on the pier with a completely dark background facing out to the Mediterranean Sea sky. There didn’t seem to be much activity surrounding it, at first, but the lights were blasting out of it, lighting up the whole port. I sat down, to rest my camera on a seating area, and began to take pics of it. It just looked so out of place but boring since nobody used it yet. I waited and then saw people were now lining up to pay to put their kids on it, when this one kid comes up to me and is pointing to my camera and talking to me in Hebrew, then she raced off. She kept flying by and around the carousel on her tricycle and boom that shot was born.

It turns out that the carousel is the “The first Hebrew Carousel” – which I think is technically not politically correct, but they call it this in Tel Aviv so… That carousel has been there since 1932! It has horses and an old-school car that used to be made in Israel, the “Susita.” The funniest things was this kid kept trying to get in the way of the camera, on purpose. So that made for the better shot. You can see the pic without the kid in my photo gallery HERE.

Here is the shot from my Instagram.