STILL Shining, STILL Climbing…

Still Shinin'
Wait, I get a free tour and free beer? I’M THERE!!!

I didn’t know that so much went into making beers. I just took for granted that when I’m out and about when I look up, there magically appears a beer!  A still, a mash tun? Had no idea but was happy to see all of that loving beer being taken care of.  The still had an aura around it, it hypnotizes you when you’re in front of it, and you wonder if you’re in a dream or not. I mean, if you’re going to get drunk, you should get around to see where you can maximize your DRUNKENESS to the fullest, and go straight to the source! In Nova Scotia, Canada, I see how it’s all done at an Alexander Keith’s. The stills were calling me, they’re still calling me. Hell, I feel so parched right now….