Liberty Cap Mammoth Springs Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park - Mammoth Hot Spring - Liberty Cap

GOD’S POOP spill @ aka the “Liberty Cap” at Mammoth Springs, Wyoming

Liberty Cap Mammoth Springs
“Liberty Cap” @ Yellowstone National Park – Mammoth Hot Spring

The Liberty Cap is a 45 feet high (often incorrectly reported), pile of a type of rock called travertine, and is a hot spring cone that is not active. It has existed before Yellowstone National Park was even formed. Geologist Ferdinand Hayden named it, in 1871, after what he said looked like hats commonly worn by freed Roman slaves, or hats worn by peasants during the French Revolution, …or the Smurfs. It looks like the earth lined up and took a mammoth-size poop, complete with runny poop water, to me. I joke there but that really WAS similar to the original name of the Liberty Cap, but Polite Society thought it was too crude to keep, and they abandoned it for “Liberty Cap” name, which makes no sense. It can often smell like poop there too (sulfuric smell), so they should bring back the original name, whatever it was.