Hi! I’m Otis DuPont. Thanks for stopping by my Pinterest “Rich Pins” enabled, feel-good site. Add these shots to your Pinterest.

I’m just a recreational photographer, using photography for peace-of-mind, and to maintain a creative outlet.  Maintaining an artistic outlet is proven to make you happy and keep you positive. I started this blog to keep track of where I’ve been making journeys to, through the use of photos and geo-tagging, but also to maybe encourage more people to go travel more often.  Americans don’t travel or take vacation, they do it less and less each year, it’s sad, but my European  buddies travel for 4 to 6 weeks!!!  Are we in the most free country in the world??  Then why do we behave and work like we are slaves, and what is it all worth if you’re doing NOTHING in life with your free time?  We need to take more trips.  However, my friends make up excuses not to take vacations, and think my trips are boring because I don’t go to beaches and clubs, but I’m not 20 anymore, time for grown folks’ trips.  eeeh WHOA! Slow down there, Buddy. Not THOSE KINDS OF GROWN FOLKS’ TRIPS.  I often go to a place that others are not going to, because it’s not “cliché” to say you’ve been there, or go to places not considered “touristy” enough for folks to think that they should have interest in them.  Afterwards, I come back from vacation and those same people are asking for my trip pics. lol Honestly, aside from a few placed I’ve gone, there really can’t be much BRAGGING about any place I’ll reference, in this blog.  I do know that older folks like to read what I’ve written, and my married friends do too, because any place I’ll reference, they know that if they go, they won’t get into any “TROUBLE“- as opposed to those other trips everyone else is doing, where you’ll be amazed at how well many can throw it back. 😛

The kinds of places that I like to go to are places that I think I can learn something about, in hopes of making that place more memorable for me; but, to also get a glimpse into the local culture in the area, and its history.  I like things I’d normally not see in my own environment, and of course, if I can get in a hike or long walk, I immediately will gravitate towards that kind of trip.  You can turn any trip into an interesting vacation, I’ll show you!  In fact, most of these trips I take, might not have anything photo worthy, so really, with this blog, I hope to create something from nothing, in most cases. It just takes seeing with a different perspective.  And on my trips, all kinds of silly things have happened to me, so that’s what makes these things I share, a little more special to me. If I vacation, I do it off-season/ off-peak times when I go, although people think that’s the worst time to go on vacations. I’m trying to avoid completely ruining a place for myself, due to complete overcrowding of tourists. I’m attempting to avoid morons with their selfie-sticks slamming into me in tight areas, while we’re on high cliffs, almost sending themselves falling to their deaths off of 300 meter deep cliffs of the US and Canadian Rockies, and the same morons falling face first into the bacteria mats of National Parks <- all true events I personally witnessed.  That alone is a different line of photography I should do, “accidents on vacations”, because I’ve seen hundreds of such events. Other shots are just quick getaways or if I’m away for work, so strap in and let’s try seeing some of these places, from a different perspective. A (financially) broke person’s perspective.

The pics in the blog are mostly “snapshots”, very little (if any) post processing, so don’t expect to be blown away photographically.

And as always, be sure to check DRUNK PHOTOGRAPHY for pictures of some of my more FINISHED work from my journeys. Actually, that previous line might make you think you’d be blown away by what I mentioned in this line, but you shouldn’t expect much from that site either. 🙂