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Hi! Nice to meet you. Brad here. Thanks for stopping by my Pinterest “Rich Pins” enabled, feel-good site. Add these shots to your Pinterest to spice it up a bit. About this page…

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About me? I’m just a soulistic photographer, from New York City, New York, United States of America – better known as ” ‘MER’CA” (pronounced with a slight slur to speech – or also found proceeded by other kinds of slurs) by most some of our more patriotic citizens. 😁 I’m using photography for peace-of-mind, and to maintain a creative outlet.  I love to practice photography mostly when I’m exploring new places or out hiking/doing physical activities in other locations NOT where I live. Maintaining an artistic outlet is proven to make you happy and keep you positive, and it goes without saying that you should get away from your static habitat, to explore more dynamic and free-roaming destinations for travel- not places promoted by HYPE-BEASTS just so say “I went there too!” 😒 I started this blog to keep track of where I’ve been making journeys to, through the use of photos and geo-tagging, but also to maybe encourage more people to go travel more often. I also realized that I had a little too much to drink in some places, and well… when I revisit the pictures, I don’t remember taking them. Not black out drunk material but like “wait, THAT was there too? and ‘I’ took this pic?” 🤣 I constantly have this happen where I have the full set of pics while touring and don’t remember taking them. 🤦‍♂️ Seriously, though, WE need to get out more! Americans don’t travel or take vacation, they do it less and less each year, it’s sad, but my European and Asian buddies travel for 4 to 6 weeks at a clip!!!  Are we NOT in the most free country in the world (USA)?? 😳 The brochures say so! Dunning Kruger effect says so! So, what gives??  Why do we behave and work like we are slaves, and what is it all worth if you’re doing NOTHING FREE AND RELAXING in life with your free time?  We need to take more trips. What kinds of trips though? Well, we don’t support the kind of trips that perverts like this clearly brags about sexually exploiting poor Black men in the African Diaspora, for pennies. Kweens, stop reaching out asking about where are the best places to get Black men overseas (for sex). That person in the video is a sexual predator and we need to call the US Government on her, to put the MANN ACT on them! This person in the video admits that broke, ugly and sloppy nobodies in life, go from America to Jamaica, to exploit impoverished men for sex. SHE OPENLY BRAGS in that video. You know what was spreading badly on those sex trip Kweens like that were taking? Well, they finally arrested a man who was notorious fore spreading that and exported him back to the UK? That guy was giving out HIV banging all these lonely Kweens doing sex tours, allegedly. Is it worth it to go do that nastiness when you can just go enjoy nature someone, go let off steam with hikes, see some ancient history, etc.? Thinking that is why the numbers are up in that HIV today. Don’t be like that person, don’t be a pervert, save your life. Go and use solo travel to enrich your life, explore, be bold and do it without feeling shame for being SOLO while traveling. A lot of MEN struggle with being solo while traveling and refrain from doing it, due to shame. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, but they let Kweens shame them into not doing solo travel, meanwhile, Kweens are solo traveling everywhere, getting shat on in Dubai, get locked up in jails, getting murdered in Mexico, murdering the people who paid for their trips in Mexico too- but mostly, they’re going broke trying to pretend to be a social media influencer, and trying to appear more exciting than they really are, truth be told. Oh and they’re driving STI numbers through the roof, 31% increase for Blacks in syphilis, and maternal syphilis, infecting kids, all is WILD in USA. How them dating apps, getting “flew’d out” and “I don’t need no man” nonsense working out for you, sis? You ever speak to these specific travelers? What enlightenment did they come back with that you felt was interesting? How interesting are they without talking about travel? You’ll notice, you are not interested in this person for EITHER, and that’s a majority of people bragging about travel today, and THEY’RE BROKE! Of course, most are going on those trips and doing this kind of travel, and have been doing that for 3 decades, calling it SELF CARE, or BEING SELFISH, a perversion of propaganda they misinterpreted from a person named Audre Lorde, from the 1970s. That’s not real travel. If you’re traveling to show off, and all you do is rack of “locations” you go to but you don’t really DO anything where you go, like 99% of you do, you’re not impressing anyone. Yall go to a beach in some cheap destination and you don’t DO anything because you don’t have funds to do anything, spending all the budget on the flight and hotel, so all you do is sit on a beach or show off the hotel. Many of them are doing medical vacations to Dominican Republic to get a fake butt and breasts put on, and end up DEAD! People are trying to hide the stats of deaths, but they have to maintain the stats regardless, and here they are! These people aren’t traveling and enjoying anything, they’re trying to flex with travel and are paying the price, dearly. A lot of you are documenting the racism you’re finding in European countries that don’t want you there and don’t appreciate you over-appreciating them by imitating them, and they beat your arses and get racist on you. At least the guys know they better be over there for a good reason, like this one, for cheap education. If you are going to be a Passport Bro, it better be for something beneficial to your life. If you’re subjecting yourself to blatant and overt racism in your travels, all because you’re chasing European descendant interracial sexual access, or even Asian, you’re a goddamn 🤡. And if you’re out there risking your life for prostitutes in Latin America, ‘fk around and find out’ has never been so obvious. ☠️

You’d seriously not want to be at a scene like this?
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My male buddies like to make up excuses not to take vacations, because they’re shamed by society for doing them, but they also think my trips are boring because I don’t go to beaches and dance clubs. Well, I’m not 20 anymore, time for grown folks’ trips! GROW UP, PEOPLE!! 😔 eeeh WHOA! Slow down there, Buddy. Not THOSE KINDS OF GROWN FOLKS’ TRIPS, that’s for the perverts I just mentioned in the previous paragraph, not you. It’s funny, when you travel, and people see you do SOLO TRAVEL, they immediately think “SEX TRAVELER” because you are non-European descendants and male. Those same buddies I couldn’t ever convince to travel prior, are all suddenly traveling because of this Passport Bros shyte. We hate being confused for them, but we see why they’re doing what they’re doing, they’re inspired by pervs who did it before them, like this Kween here, who got a grant from Duke university to promote going and paying impoverished men in 3rd world countries for sex and passing it off as “Self Care”. The pervert manual and Bible of sex tourism is called “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” – no, not the Will Smith movie either. All over facebook, you’ll find THOUSANDS perverted sisterhood empowerment sites advertising sex tourism to find happiness. That happiness looks so innocent in a book written on it, but in reality, on VIDEO, you can see who’s doing this “healing” and “self care” and what they’re doing. You want to SEE what they’re really doing? GO HERE to TWITTER and see “just the tip” and “not IN, Sir” “Get a plastic bag and it’s ok to stick it in”. Those perverts teach ugly, sloppy and uninspiring people to go travel to impoverished nations, to have coitus with poor people because these Americans refuse to work hard in life, refuse to lose weight, refuse to eat well and don’t have game so they are socially inept and can’t secure marriage or a life partner. Passport Broads, I heard them referred to, who promise that you will gain HAPPINESS “where they address the perils and disappointments of American racism by looking for intimacy, happiness, and a connection to their racial identities“- that’s a statement you can read on that site. That’s saying people take trips to Jamaica to have sex with impoverished men overseas, and that is going to cure racism in America… Yes, by paying some Jamaican stranger to eat him from the back,… in the rain! The author said that the people in her book, and doing sex tourism, are broke, low income females who use child support money to pay for these trips to Jamaica, and instead of taking their money to take trips to better themselves, they spend their life fortunes on sex. And, if they cannot get that sex, they will go crazy! They MUST get on a plane to take that trip, and if they are late for their flight, they are so sex craved and perverted that they’ll even break out of the airport, run on the runway of the airport and try to block their plane from leaving, expecting the pilot to open up the plane’s door, drop the emergency slide with raft, so she could climp up into the plane and continue her ride. 🤣 Serious, this Kween did that! And if these “Traveleishas” as the kids call them today, continue to act like compete arses out here, then the world is going to respond, so much so that major Black publications, along with the dominant societies’ publications will start reporting how dumb Kweens are while they’re trying to fake like they know how to travel, like these 2 who went crazy on those Asians in a Bali nail shop, and made the news! 🤦🏽‍♀️ The world doesn’t want to see us in their country, thanks to Kween Traveleishas.

That author person got a grant to make that book to study if those Kweens were happy after having sex on vacation in Jamaica, and whether or not getting raw-dogged by a random, paid stranger, father of 4 to a local Jamaican family, could really be used to end racism in America, after sex that they paid for. I guess it’s taking a page out of the Kardashian book where one Black man’s tool inspired and enriched a generation of non-Blacks (shout out to Ray Jay). Other perverts are also getting US Government grants to go buy sex from impoverished men in the African Diaspora, like this Kween admits here at minute “33:40” when they burst into laughter at the question of whether this “researcher” was “wrapping it up”. That was a prophylactic use joke, and this Kween is using your US tax money to have sex abroad because she found that current day research that did not properly represent how many Kweens were being perverts doing sex travel. She applied for a grant and got it! Seriously, she’s paid to go have sex with Rent-A-Rastas, Bed-a-Dreds, and report back, where she said this work is called “ETHNOGRAPHY“. Taking in a lot of random Black males’ reproductive fluid is called “Ethnography” now – they PHds in Ethnography, yall. Some people get ALL of the handouts in life! This site is to try to erase the view of Black/Latino/Asian people, as a bunch of people who go around looking to have sex as the only reason for travel. This site is about journaling travel to help improve one’s outlook in life, seeing things from other perspectives, and not showing off on IG.

I’d much rather be out doing simple stuff in life, like almost sliding to my death here

… or out racing snowmobiles, taking in the action,… also almost sliding to my death!

Me, and the crew, often go to a place that others are not going to, to avoid taking the same dumb photos everyone else is copying from works they’ve seen online. We’re not trying to do IG worthy photo trips, we take trips for US, self care, remember? Are the trips fulfilling because of the experiences? That’s what we’re answering. A lot of travel has become “cliché” at this point, the importance of the photographic work and the locations are meaningless at that point, because places are overflowed with tourists who only care about instagram photos, who trample over natural sites, who pollute the scenery, who destroy public art. Personally, I often go to places not considered “touristy” enough for folks to think that they should have interest in them. Afterwards, I come back from vacation and those same people are asking for my trip pics. 🙄 Most of the team moves the same way, but we find it hard to get people to watch to do the same thing if they can’t make facebook content. Honestly, aside from a few places I’ve gone, there really can’t be much BRAGGING about any place I’ll reference, in this blog, but they might be eye raising and hopefully inspire you to get out there. The places I learn about are interesting to me, and I go whenever I want to go to become embedded in the experience! I might go to a place to self reflect, or to go challenge myself to a physical feat, or do something really weird like get on a helicopter and go walk on melting glaciers. These things are not FUN to many people of my background, but I don’t care, and that’s the point, doing things you wouldn’t normally do. I meet some VERY interesting people, along the way, so many of these stories will be about those experiences, and the art of conversation with strangers. This blog is also about how I take that time to reflect on things coming to the mind, while out in these locations, and a picture might make me remember something I want to share with readers. I do know that older folks like to read what I’ve written, and my married friends do too, because any place I’ll reference, they know that if they go, they won’t get into any “TROUBLE“- as opposed to those other trip that those other people are telling you to take so you can come back to the USA, ready to schedule abortions from all the fun you’ve had overseas. The team, and I, do things like:

…go look for some strong hikes, to that test your physically, and test your ability to time yourself for sunsets to reward yourself for such a challenging hike.

…or go walking on some glaciers in Alaska, praying not to fall in any crevices.

Or this, getting high in the sky

…or go try to verify if an ex’s nonsense babble online about how great a train ride through Norway is worthy of the praise it gets…

…or we might go learn about how Jamaicans died to help progress the country of Ecuador be able to cross its own continental divide…. or learn the slave origins of Jamaicans eat Salt Fish – BTW, I never EVER want to hear another Jamaican tell an African American that those Blacks eat “slave food” because Salt Fish is SLAVE FOOD too!

Tren Nariz Del Diablo
La Nariz del Diablo is a historic mountain in Ecuador, only made possible by Jamaicans, and a handful of Puerto Ricans.

I like to get out there and explore history and downfall of Americans.

… or go float down the river in Mexico and jam to some tunes!

or go hang out in Xochimilco, Mexico

… or maybe I will go learn the history of how the European Settlers expanded into what would become the United States of America on the Oregon Trail… and reveal that it was too hard to traverse, which contradicts all of the lies we learned, all these years, about just how many were REALLY so “BRAVE” and made that journey. And enlighten you on how some key Black people figured into it, which is conveniently missing from History. I know, you think no Blacks did that trail, YOU’RE WRONG!

The National Oregon California Trail Center All about Drunkphotography.com
Pick what you think you need, then check the cost- you couldn’t afford it!

…maybe I’ll go get the true story of “Custer’s Last Stand” and how America changed forever for Indigenous Americans as a result of highly desperate and aggress European-descendant “SETTLERS”…

Little Bighorn Battlefield aka Custer's Last Stand
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Maybe I’ll go study the history of Mormonism in America … to see if it’s really what we are force fed by bad education due to the media and from rumors (e.g., sexist, racist, child lovers).

Temple Square All about Drunkphotography.com
Joseph Smith Statue

… or go looking for Auroras and you didn’t plan right, like I didn’t because I were drunk eating BBQ in -30F weather outside for 4 hours…

… or might do a road trip to the land of the Giants where we couldn’t even see that far ahead, but it was FUN!

Or maybe I’ll go try to figure out why Irish people referenced MLK and the Civil Rights, when they were killing each other for 30 years from the 1970s to 2000s, trying to get from under British rule.

All about Drunkphotography.com
Peace Wall Belfast: Try to look past the Troubles to improve your life

Or maybe talk about that time I got stuck in the middle of a violent political protest, got hit in the head with a bottle by a phlegminist who hated that dudes just exist 🤣

Chile Protestors Feminazi

during Covid times, and we got locked out of the hotel because the hotel was scared the protestors would overtake the hotel! We completely understood, although we were highly offended– “WE OUTSIDE, WHERE ARE YOU THO?

Sisterhood artists at work.

… or head out to the most beautiful fjord in existence!

See, you don’t HAVE to go buy booty to experience life and connect with the world! Try it some time!

Prime Berth Twillingate Fishery & Heritage Centre All about Drunkphotography.com
Old school badassness

I think you get the point. The kinds of places that I like to go to are places that I think I can learn something about, in hopes of making that place more memorable for myself, and to also get a glimpse into the local culture in the area, and its history.  I like things I’d normally not see in my own environment, and of course, if I can get in a hike or long walk, I immediately will gravitate towards that kind of trip. You can turn any trip into an interesting vacation, I’ll show you, if you’re not a lazy moron or a sex craved idiots cheating on your mate back home!  In fact, most of these trips I take, might not have anything photo worthy, so really, with this blog, I hope to create something from nothing, in most cases. It just takes seeing with a different perspective.  And on my trips, all kinds of silly things have happened to me, so that’s what makes these things I share, a little more special to me. If I vacation, I do it off-season/ off-peak times when I go, although people think that’s the worst time to go on vacations. I’m trying to avoid completely ruining a place for myself, due to complete overcrowding of tourists. I’m attempting to avoid morons with their selfie-sticks slamming into me in tight areas, while we’re on high cliffs, almost sending themselves falling to their deaths off of 300 meter deep cliffs of the US and Canadian Rockies, and the same morons falling face first into the bacteria mats of National Parks <- all true events I personally witnessed.  That alone is a different line of photography I should do, “accidents on vacations”, because I’ve seen hundreds of such events. Other shots are just quick getaways or if I’m away for work, so strap in and let’s try seeing some of these places, from a different perspective. A (financially) broke person’s perspective. The problem with what I’m writing is I’ve been on a Keto diet for a year and any kind of alcoholic drink I have has an IMMEDIATE affect, and I’m surely drinking something to relax on these trips. 🤣 Something’s got to give? No! NOTHING’S GOTTA GIVE!!!

… can’t do a trip and NOT get SLOSHED with the local folks!

The pics in the blog are mostly “snapshots”, and my own stock photos, very little (if any) post processing, if you know how to read, then read and enjoy some things I reflect on, while out and about in the world. Main stuff is currently being sold, so is not featured here. To the virtual reality family, feel free to download the 360 degree photography to your virtual headsets and view it. With this site, we aim to counter the narrative, especially dictated to YOU by people who are not US, attempting to oppress our minds and freedom to develop as individuals. This site is about inspiring you to free yourself from the Matrix. You’re supposed to FEEL this site, and learn some things, so you too can become inspired to do your own thing with travel, for personal enhancement, to let go of anger for a bunch of people who don’t care about you, and most importantly, a bunch of people YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT… that last part is important, you must learn to “BE SELFISH” and to practice “SELF CARE” on these haters out there, like the others have as their core Modus Operandi, because you too owe nobody ANYTHING, and especially not those traitors who use the government and false European descendant racist, supremacy talking points, that don’t hold up to fact and stats of government agencies/law enforcement, to destroy your lives! Save yourself from that nonsense …and to stop acting like a desperate, loser, sex craved moron who spends their 7eleven / McDonalds earnings, child support/baby daddy money and stimulus checks on sex travel, fake designer bags, fake hair culturally appropriating WYPIPO’s features and getting fake butt injections. You’re better than that, or you should be better than that, so go be better than that!

And as always, be sure to check DRUNK PHOTOGRAPHY for pictures of some of my more FINISHED work from my journeys.

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