Raulin gonna bang your chick

Great architecture, food, culture and people vibes are what I’m here for! I’m out here enjoying the atmosphere, not chasing community poon in these countries. What YOU outchere doin’?

We are in a really bad state, in the West, as men. Too many men are being seen as creepy, legitimate and not, for just daily interactions in society. It is causing many to want to avoid certain sectors of the population because people don’t want to be creepy- which leads to men avoiding other men too, so as to not FEEL as creepy as some of the other guys being creepy. This is really bad because there is no real definition what is creepy because the goal post moves depending on how you look, how much swag you have, and 2 people can do exactly the same things, but only 1 of them can be perceived as creepy. When it comes to not wanting to be creepy, to women, most men completely avoid all interaction with women entirely, to not seem creepy and to avoid real repercussions for coming off as creepy. Well me and the team found ourselves at a cross roads, of not trying to look creepy due to the rise of a special kind of traveling man today too, who clearly are being creepy mostly, per their own videos social media- and it infuriates those just wanting to be by alone to self reflect for the better. The clowns have people out here looking at us like we are Jeffrey Dahmer. On the flip side, it is silly how those guys’ travel is identical to how many women travel, and women are in movies, media and social media celebrating how women move exactly the same as that creepy traveling group of men. Personally, I hate being mistaken for a bunch of traveling men who are called themselves “Passport Bros”, not because of what others say but because of what THEY SAY THEMSELVES!!! These guys don’t use travel to enhance their lives, they leaned into the creepy things others said of themselves and instead of just moving in silence, decided to weaponize their exploits overseas, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY THEY’RE CALLED CREEPY!!!! If you listen to most of these guys, it’s hard to argue against that claim though, so I know I don’t want to look this way when out and about, but I’ve seen a lot of odd behavior towards me when traveling. I recently started getting INTERROGATED, when out and about traveling, by other travelers whom I DON’T START CONVERSATIONS WITH. They all ask my stupid things like “why are you here” or “why are you by yourself” type questions- micro-aggressions. They mind as well just ask me “why are you being creepy by doing whatever you’re doing ignoring me and enjoying your life without being fixated on me?” I told you previously, a lot of women call men creepy just for doing solo travel, I watched/listened to it happen quite a few times. This is not a good look when people just get to call you creepy just for existing. For starters, I’ve been out here traveling for most of my life, getting paid to do it, and I have my receipts, some are even posted on this site for years. This site is not about what Passport Bros are doing, this is about traveling, getting out of your comfort zones, and if you don’t want to deal with annoying people, go do some solo travel and meet people from elsewhere. I don’t tell men who can’t get coitus in the USA to go out to foreign countries to get coitus, that’s NOT our mission statement over in these parts of the woods! You need to up your game and do better, or to side-step all this garbage and go learn to be a better person for yourself, mainly! Look through this site, nowhere are there instructions to go do sex tourism. Sex causes problems, anywhere it is introduced, why should you go pay for it anywhere, but that’s what most Passport Bros do and pretend they do not do it. I tell buddies to go on trips and they never want to go when I mention that there not hordes of chicks available to have coitus with at the destinations I mention. I didn’t know initially why these guys wouldn’t want to go there themselves, or with the team but now I know, as a new movement was springing up and they didn’t want to admit that they were a part of that movement. I finally realized what was happening with my buddies, they want to go to places where sex is guaranteed, provided you have money to travel and trick. #TravelToTrick Another major hurdle is getting guys to travel when most guys don’t even know where to start to get a passport, thus don’t have one. I’m out here telling guys to be solo travelers, and they’ve been rejecting doing this for decades, but half of the reason is because many guys don’t know how easy it is to get a passport. 🤦🏽‍♂️With buddies, we will all huddle, tentatively agree to go somewhere, then we find out that so-and-so doesn’t even have a passport, he only flies ladies out to visit him (FLEW’D out), and thinks he can get a passport in a few hours. Side note, if you’re or another culture, and think this is gross , know you’re not alone and anytime you see Cardi B. or Meg the Stallion being promoted anywhere, it’s promoting this culture. Remember, Cardi B. drugs and rapes men, per her own words in this BBC article. Pretty disgusting right? Well regular men are the men she drugged and raped or the men these ladies are using to get flew’d out and paid, because the men are pathetic and desperate. Many of my friends are these people, desperate men, which complicates travel, because these men are techs, financial experts, engineers, truck drivers, all ranges of men, but they’re “average” appearing to women in Western society, which is primarily problem and why it’s a problem to get them to travel just for THEMSELVES and not for disgusting reasons. It sounds so dumb but it’s true. I’ve faced an uphill battle trying to convince this lot that they should get passports to travel, for years, but suddenly they all came back BRAGGING that they had their passports? I originally couldn’t figure out WTF was there to brag about, like it was some major accomplishment in life, to just get a passport. Why the SUDDEN flip to rush to get passports out of nowhere? I originally thought it was because Covid was coming to a close, or nobody cares anymore again- although now we have resurgence of POLIO and NY declared a state of emergency due to people liking butt stuff so much.

Don’t pour out, let the sea pour in!

Now, I’m hearing friends, and other people I don’t know, coming out of the woodworks to express that they now have love for travel, especially other Black men, which meant to me, something was afoot, for the worst. Initially, dudes suddenly expressing interest in travel, made me happy, however, when I asked them about places that they should have seen while in the locations they all said they went to, these guys were clueless about my locations I asked about, and had not gone- yet those were the highlights of the countries they visited! 🤔 I thought they went to these locations, and I pulled some of their cards asking them to show me proof of a passport stamp, WHICH THEY ALL PRODUCED FOR ME! I was hella confused at that point, how do you go to these places and never hit the most interesting locations about said place? That was highly suspicious! One by one, each guy I questions about their travels, I realized that something was seriously missing in their explanations, actual sightseeing! Then I realized a pattern with men I knew and men I would overhear in passing, they all were frequenting the very same countries: COLOMBIA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC or BRASIL. These are men who don’t even know each other, largely, so how is it that these 3 places are where all of these men are overly passionate about going? Sounded fishy! I started to not like the idea of this sudden rush of Black guys getting passports, especially after I learned they were going to these places like 5 times a year, over and over, yet had nothing amazing to share about the cultures and what they learned there. It became really clear, at a BBQ place with a bar I was at, with a date, and we were talking about places she and I had traveled and she was really interested in things I was saying because she was wanting to take her trips to another level and do some great photography to convey what she saw! At another table over, was a group of guy doing guys stuff at the bar, and it’s hard to work on dates effectively while guys are nearby doing guy stuff, because the image of all the things we do wrong will flash right before her eyes and negatively steer her mind to the bullsh!t toxic masculinity/anti-male rhetoric you hear today. But SHE insisted we go get a drink there, so we did. And I saw her doing odd mannerisms covering her mouth in “OMG” fashion over what she overheard them say. She repeated to me what those guys were saying about traveling- no bueno. She noted that because I was showing her photos, those guys saw that and they started talking about travel too. So they were listening in on us, as well, the whole time. Some of the guys didn’t have passports, but SUDDENLY VOWED to get one the next day after their talks. 🤣 The rest though, were mostly trying to travel to get away from some baby mama, wife, forget some ex-girlfriend, had no new ladies on deck or in sight. The guys who did travel, started to make the travel sound like a “poo poo” to women in the West, and I started to hear talk to was impacting my ability to court this young lady, from these guys. Someone mentioned “that guy’s wasting time an money like a dumb ass on that B**)h” but he could have been talking about any number of dudes in the place with ladies though, so I didn’t take it personally. It was clear that these guys were frustrated with women in the USA, which is a common sentiment and I can share some of that frustration, but this was a different spin I was hearing, almost incel level. These guys also wanted travel to do things out of the jurisdiction of the US Authorities, which I thought was interesting. They referred to themselves, and people like themselves, as Passport Bros. So officially it was coming together, what this Passport Bros movement was about, for me. They were openly bragging about going to get hookers to bang in these countries, and possibly, underaged women. NOW the heat came on me, because my date started to question me about whether I was out there like those guys places paying for hookers too. 😖

What normal travel looks like is boring to most, but the counter to that can’t possibly be “hey, let’s go travel for coitus”

To have to defend the travel I do for fun, simply because I’m a man, due to guys like that, is UNHEARD OF! So I asked her if that was what SHE was out there doing, paying for sex and hooking up with random local dudes in her trips she took- and she became some infuriated with me for asking her the same question she asked me- AMAZING how conversation is offensive to people who are not conversing with your but rather are making statements towards you masked as conversation, because they don’t want you to answer them to return the volley. I also countered her with facts about women who are flying for sex too, which she didn’t believe at all, although SHE KNEW WHAT BEING FLEW’D OUT was. DUH, flying for sex. She was one sided in just about anything we talked about that night, which is very common today, but her reduced me to being a passport bro, despite clearly seeing the difference between my travels and theirs, took the cake for me and I ended the date shortly after. She went on the offensive AFTER HEARING THESE GUYS TALK, out of nowhere and that was the catalyst. Now, THAT was a waste of a time, ultimately, as those guys said, so we did not have a follow up date (I declined), but THAT was the very moment that I realized that “Passport Bros” label must be clearly defined for people, to ensure their actions are completely separated from the rest of us men who like to travel for US and to see the world, like an Anthony Bourdain- minus his lady dramas he defeated the entire purpose of travel by participating in! Now, the Black community has many people who are lovers of travel, many mainly due to trying to show off on social media while they go broke, women mainly. A few years ago, as I pointed out in this last post, our were going to the news publications to complain that they can’t find love in the USA, and that Black men were too lame for them (e.g., have rapper/baller money, are not 6’9″ tall, don’t have an expensive European car, hottest women don’t all want him). Their stories are posted in major publications, and are on TV constantly, since Oprah days, and it’s part of enlightenment for them to go overseas and find love*. So what really made no sense, initially, was this recent backlash from Black women about Black men who suddenly wanted to do the same thing they were doing, since these men are not desired by Black women, AS STATED BY BLACK WOMEN OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, based on what they’re saying and all these publications about how Black women have been trying to find foreign men for YEARS to escape Black men! How hypocritical, right? I started seeing many videos of women of color attacking MEN who wanted to get their passports to travel to find love just as those ladies were doing. One lady dropped the bomb on me though, she revealed that many women have been going overseas being nasty in travels, YEARS prior! We also know that women who are married or in committed relationships are going overseas and cheating, as well as doing it locally, because women are more likely to get bored with sex and start cheating! Read from reputable outlets like here from back in the days, and here and here from recent times. That data is out there, written by women, encouraged by women, for women! All those old lies about women being so innocent are over, reality is being reported now and this is having an impact on men who were told they were pervs this whole time. Women are equal to men, and it is definitely being exposed today. The same people telling you don’t body shame women are promoting body shaming of men as a female empowerment tool, as Billie Ellish does so openly to not date UGLY men. Wonderful. Equality. So putting ladies on some pedestal is the worst error men can ever do because you’re clearly not listening to what women are telling you, as a man, what they desire for you to understand about them. If you listen, you also hear a lot of hateful, privileged Western women talking very negatively about innocent, foreign women in all the countries that these Passport Bros were getting passports to travel to, and that is really disgusting to hear said by ladies of other ladies, and most of it is sexist/racist things. So when trying to defend Passport Bros, originally, I was like “WTF???!! No, you have that wrong, these guys are moving to other countries and traveling to expand life for themselves“. These ladies easily countered me with scores of YouTube channels of these Passport Bros talking their talking points, and I was like OMG… nooooooooooooooo. They ruined the Passport Bros image for me,… or rather, the Passport Bros ruined it by just talking. They were NOT going overseas to find love, they were going overseas to buy coitus from prostitutes in impoverished nations, and their own countless, braggadocious videos claimed this!!!!🤦‍♀️. The ideas behind what the Passport Bros are about is not new, just now there is a newer audience, a wider audience, a dangerous audience, armed with credit cards and mounds of debt- OR- a population not burdened with kids, baby mamas or wives, thus have a LOT of discretionary income to do whatever the hell they want to do with it!!! I thought these Passport Bros were about traveling to find themselves and it turns out they’re traveling to pay for coitus just like Western women are doing out there! You’ll hear guys proudly bragging about getting their passports more passionately than getting an actual goddamn job or a college degree, which is even more suspicious and desperate looking! 😒 Why? True, they’re doing what women have been doing forever, difference being that ONLY the Passport Bros are talking too much about that sexual part! And they’re making us regular dudes, whom love to travel, take HEAT from Western women, as if we are pervs too! I simply say, “hey, since 1998, our women have been traveling to do oochie coochie with men in the Caribbean and it was celebrated with a hit movie HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK” and it was celebrated. CRICKETS from detractors! Pot calling the kettle black, that’s the pushback to what these Passport Bros are doing because we pedestalize women and pillory men for the same actions women do- no it’s worse, these ladies are going overseas to bring back foreign men be fathers to kids that they did not father, and we make movies and TV shows based on it. Passport Bros don’t have this privilege nor dynamic, most men don’t even have kids, and most of these new dudes today don’t even have passports.🤔

Historic Central delightful colors

I was hearing about guys bragging that they got their passports after 35 years of age. LOL CLOWNS!🤡 It is so annoying how time and time again, I learn the sole reason behind the Passport Bros movement was to chase coitus overseas for a cheaper price point than in the USA (Vegas). Prior, guys were going to Vegas for the same thing, just only needed a driver’s license to go trick. Of course, not all of them, but most of them are trying to get coitus. Take a look at the pictures they come back with, ask them to show you, 99.999999999% of their pictures are of random ladies of the night and .0000001% are of scenery of the foreign country they went to, which is likely only because they were secretly photographing some lady. 🤣 Yeah, I said it, that’s what most of the Passport Bros are doing, they’re not traveling for any other reason, if you only listen to them talk, they’ll tell on themselves. I travel, so I see them when out and about the I listen in on what they’re saying when they mistake what I do for what they’re doing. They just start talking to me about sexual exploits of ladies and nobody asked them to do this. It’s annoying! You want to talk business, COOL, photography, life.. cool… but to just start conversations talking about banging street walkers??? Really?? WTF. It’s pathetic. I’ve heard/seen it for decades! The different with guys today is that they’re so much more sinister in their intents and today’s Passport Bros are complaining they cannot get stable/consistent relationships from ladies in the USA, which is a highly common issue for 90% of the male population in the Western world, which is due to over inflated egos and empty social validation on social media with female thirst trap sexual material ladies post to get constant attention…, again… that and the fact that most women want the very same type of man every other woman suddenly wants today, although they know he isn’t going to be faithful, doesn’t want her, is irresponsible, is inconsiderate, isn’t devoted to his kids or that woman, and has been made more important that he really is due women artificially inflating his value over physical attributes (e.g., rapper/baller money, over 6’2″ tall, 6 pack, blah blah blah)- men like IME UDOKA the Boston Celtic coach with a bunch of women who had no respect for his woman, Nia Long, when they cheated on their own husbands with him, including the wife of a Celtics VP’s WIFE!! Women want that guy, not Passport Bros, and in that regard, I agree with the Passport Bros, because even Nia Long had his babies without any commitment from such a bum who would string her along and never marry her (fake engaged to her for a decade). However, 2 years go, Nia Long, IN BLACK WOMEN MAGAZINES, said she doesn’t want marriage, which is empowerment today, yet had the cheater’s babies and is currently engaged to him? Passport Bros are correct there, this is very common to have seemingly good women bending over backwards for the cool/bad guys who take a dump on them. My counter to Passport Bros- then why are you not going for average looking women? As clearly pointed out to me, EVEN AVERAGE WOMEN DO NOT WANT AVERAGE MEN AS DEMONSTRATED HERE WITH DATING APP DATA. That is sad, all around, but this is something most men have to deal with head on, you don’t go RUN AWAY like cowards then go “na na na na naaa” thumbing your nose at ladies. WTF Most women want men, who with basic requirements met of ladies, is only 14.5% of the US population, which is even slimmer when they add additional qualifications from their “dating requirements lists”. On top of that, Passport Bros cite that women cheat on them, left and right, more than men, which is backed by years of gender study, mainly because women in relationships are easily bored, so went to be entertained and want more coitus… from different men. You used to think this was a male trait, NO, females have always wanted multiple partners, it’s just part of empowerment today which is why more men today are virgins, than are women. This is what drives girls trips of women who are in relationships, and many of these ladies have their passports to thot it up overseas so nobody knows- and MANY are doing it so it’s mutually assured destruction if any lady snitches on another lady! Sister code! 🤣These are unfair realities between the sexes as female privilege far trumps the male privilege in the West, but due to pedestalizations of women, want to pretend that we’re not doing with human beings! True equality is understanding that we are all human beings, socialized in ways that each are subject to scrutiny and observation. So dudes today are frustrated about how they’ve been lied to about the innocence of women, then go all out, obsessed with getting even with women in their own echo chambers of pathetic reinforcement, which is what this Passport Bros movement has spawned from and turned into! I guess traveling for coitus is better than being an INCEL, but it’s like in the same class to me, UNLESS you’re talking about taking a wife and making a family that lives abroad in that foreign country.

What you think is happening is NOT happening actually. This is the problem, perception. The ladies are actually NOT in his phone view- I checked.

It’s not only Black men having this Passport Bros issue though, which is crazy. I do have a few proteges and friends who specifically want a solid family structure, so that they can have purpose in life, pass on legacy, and the majority of these proteges are from Asia, or are Asian Americans. For Asian Americans to have the same complaints as all the other men in the USA, that is a big problem, in my eye, especially since my guys are telling me that Asian men can’t even get the ugliest Asian woman anymore. I completely ignored that comment, initially, and just figured they’re shy and are not too lady focused, but it turned out all they were complaining to me about was actually true. ASIAN MEN ARE THE LEAST DESIRED MEN PER ALL DATING APPLICATIONS’ stats! WTF?! So many of those guys, or at least the ones who have American citizenship/Green card, are now joining the Passport Bros movement! There are huge problems in India and China, let’s say, due to shortage of women to marry, as both countries used to kill the girl babies, which backfired bigtime today. That has led to over inflated importance of women there, due to demand for these ladies and these dudes are taking getting flew’d out to extreme lengths in a bad way, kidnapping from other countries. That’s not a lie and not my opinion, this is documented in INDIA for decades, and in China, the demands of women of men are incredibly over inflated– and a guy who makes as much as the women demand ($8million a year) don’t need to beg for women. So my Asian dudes are telling me that American poisoned their countries and guys are getting played over there, even in marriages that the parents set up. This is a problem that apparently spans the globe,….. except for Latin America, Thailand and Philippines??? hmmm 🤔According to Passport Bros, these are the destinations that have the only good women to exist in the world, currently. Asian men also are getting more and more pissed over Asian women going to other races! Asian men are furious but don’t have a voice, mostly their faults for not being more vocal, but Asian women are getting heat from Asian men because they’re the most popular woman to date in the USA. Asian men are ready to find other options because they’re being deserted fast by their ladies, so the next great influx to the Passport Bros movement is Asian men. Passport Bros say they have to go overseas because Passport Bros can’t even get DATES in the USA but then these dudes turn around and get catty like little girls, throwing it in the faces of women in USA, on social media, that they’re traveling overseas to be pervs? Really, dummies? Why expose your plot and show your hand so early to ladies when they’ve kept it secret all these years that they did the very same things, and worse getting pregnant by random bums overseas, and only recently started getting exposed due to the Internet? That’s bad strategy if you make women the enemy with your movement, because they’ll always figure out a way to put the kibosh on your plans. Fam, socially awkward, moron, Passport Bros look like clowns celebrating like they got a superbowl victory, for just going to the post office to start a process to get a passport. LAME! It looks so WEAK to women and makes the case detractors have about these guys, because it’s not manly. Why does some woman overseas want THAT kind of dude? Meanwhile, western women counterparts have these guys beat by 20+ years! No wonder they don’t respect men who travel, these guys are making us look bad. But Passport Bros are sitting here overpraising things that are average- which is consistent with the complaints about Passport Bros and the ladies overseas that they’re praising. Let’s get it!

Costs you $5 USD for all that in Latin America. Who wouldn’t move?

As the Passport Bros movement picked up, which is to say as Black and Latinos now learned the power of travel – something women have been decades ahead on- I heard many dudes, in passing, on the streets mentioning their exploits in foreign countries with poor women. It just sounded GROSS and it came together for me, “oh, these guys are paying for sex overseas, where it is also illegal, but they’re pretending like they’re doing modern dating there, which makes it look like it is not prostitution!” It is an interesting play they’re doing on dating really being nothing but prostitution today, no matter where you do it today. That’s exactly what MOST are doing, they are paying for ladies’ time while they are abroad traveling, getting sex, and then bragging online and in streets that they don’t need women here in USA, or Europe, because these men travel for sex. As said before, women have done this for ages already, along with European descendants especially, but only Blacks and Latinos get shamed for doing the same thing, today. That’s the tiny part that makes me lend support to Passport Bros, because other men have done it forever, including women of all races, and nobody bats and eye until Black and Latinos now want in on the perv action. The problem with that is none of these Passport Bros will admit that they’re traveling for only for sex because they cannot get some coitus here in the USA; however, just listen to them, they’re clearly telling you that Passport Bros are PAYING FOR SEX IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES, under the guise of male empowerment and lack of respect from Western women, of men. Well, that’s pretty sneaky. When I hear Passport Bros speak, they sound like R.Kelly in this video here about getting your passport. Look how perverted it FEELS.

Traditions are beautiful to see in modern times. Really cool to see in a modern city of Quito, Ecuador.

An interesting thing about many of these Passport Bros is that they’re young boys, in their 20s, saying things that many 40+ year old men have been saying for years. That is NOT a good sign for the West. Old guys have been Passport Bros for decades and have been out there being pervs for years, but many of them had money by the time they got all pervy overseas, and they stayed in the shadows so that negative stereotypes mostly didn’t apply because there were codes to traveling abroad. Young boys Passport Bros have no codes, which is the problem. I was in a bar and I heard dudes talking about baby mama drama tales and how they made their baby mamas jealous by bragging about being a Passport Bros, going overseas and knocking down ladies of the night in dirty cantinas and discos, left and right. I actually stopped one dude in his tracks (he was directing that garbage talk towards me because I was with a lady and there were not) at a sports bar, and told him that he needs to chill immediately because if that baby mama finds out that he is trying to travel the world, and he missed ANY payment or there is any error in child support, she can get that passport revoked!!! He didn’t believe me, refused to believe me, I showed him how to do a simple google search and he was mortified and offended of the power of women. LOOOOL Baby mamas have power in the USA! They can EASILY have the court invalidate your passport for delinquent payments, to ensure you are not trying to abandon your responsibilities, by hiding out overseas!  You can read about family law on this here, where it says “child support”.  You think it’s a game? Look up what your state say about your right to travel versus child support. Here is an excerpt highlighting the point that you cannot even GET a passport if you owe over 2.5k:

That dude snapped ladies, he owed money, but luckily already had his passport- likely, he spent that money on trips to Colombia and Brasil. 😒 So, if his baby mama knew about this, she could drag him to court and get that passport revoked. I told him he should not be bragging about such things openly, or online, because it’s a very common thing. You can get your damn USA drivers license revoked for failure to pay child support too. Why don’t these clowns know that? This dummy told me that women don’t know about that, and he is an idiot because there are multiple videos of women telling these guys that their baby mamas will ensure that those passports get revoked! Women are very aware of what’s going on and if you poke the bear, they will attack. So, what do these dudes do? They poked the bear, they throw in the faces of the women that they can go get women overseas, and then women respond in kind . Look at this crazy women responding to Passport Bros. Or like here and here and here where the guy in that video probably needs to go buy himself so coitus because I know he ain’t getting nothing stateside. A lot of animosity out there over Black guys discovering this new thing called a Passport. Meanwhile, here is what their counterparts are out here doing, calling white men “racists” because that white guy went to 50 dates having coitus with 50 ladies but he did not bother to have coitus with any Black women! She attacked him having preference, which is what most people have, but with women, a man does not have the right to like what he likes or he is a racist or misogynist or a colorist (who hates his Black mama).🤦🏽‍♀️This lets you know how much some people idolize others so much, post-slavery, that even something as disgusting as this, they want want to be included in his long line of ladies he scraped in each state. Begging white men to date them is some really low *ish, and then shaming them by bullying them to date you? Even more disgusting. Make that make sense to me!

Live from the parrillada

I travel. I’ve been traveling for a long time, I had a passport since a child. WTF are these grown men bragging about? I do NOT travel to go find love, and neither are these Passport Bros, let’s be clear. There are many men telling you to get out of the USA to get a wife, and I personally think this is a flawed strategy unless you plan to set up your live by doing to that country where she is and setting up shop THERE. There are many men from the Western world, of all races/ethnicities, who are looking abroad to find women, but doing that is clowned by Western women largely, and these men are seen as pathetic and laughed at for pointing out a very valid issue. Meanwhile women are celebrated and praised if they do the same thing. It is amazing the sexist double standard that exists, but it is made worse by the desperation the men are exhibiting when seeking to find “love” overseas. The fact that most of them are not producing marriages from these travels to find love, that is what’s giving away what’s really happening overseas! If you point this out to these Passport Bros, that you suspect that they don’t have real girlfriends and relationships with these women overseas, and the fact that they see these women only maybe 2 times a year, so it is likely to fail, or isn’t genuine, then you will get ripped to shreds for merely questioning the motive or results behind the current wave of Passport Bros. Recently, I got attacked online Instagram for making a snide comment about some guys who don’t really use travel like it should be used, to relax, to reset, to rewind. Now, to each his own, I get that, but when I start seeing 100s of dudes talking about they’re going to travel to other countries ONLY to get some coitus, I must laugh because that sounds pretty… LAME to me. I thought to myself “why does one need to travel to another country to get coitus when there are all these available women in the USA just giving away coitus for likes on IG? Why can’t they just travel to another state and get easy coitus?” All of those dudes are only going to do is end up like that 36 year old Italian guy who went to Spain and came back with Monkey Pox, Covid  and HIV from 1 perv sex trip– although, that combination points to a certain different lifestyle, it’s still travel for sexploration. Sounds like that boy was out there getting human centipede’d up!  

Valparaíso cool street art walking and talking with the ‘Vibes’.

To each his own, but you’re not honest about why you HAVE TO go overseas. Something really just does not add up to me for guys who are traveling abroad only to get coitus from foreign ladies in third world countries. So, when I saw an IG channel to promote men being/doing better, I saw a string of posts about Passport Bros traveling abroad to get coitus. I realized that this thing was growing like crazy, as I read many back to back to back posts about men bragging about flying to third world countries to have coitus with women they pay to do this activity. Paying for coitus overseas? What? So basically, these men’s support channels on IG are telling guys to do sex tourism, great. And as you read the comments you find them get more and more negative towards regular women in the West, which is not fair given the criteria they list for why they have to go overseas to get women, TO HAVE SEX WITH. WTF?! How can some man blame women in the West for making these men go overseas to buy sex from impoverished women? How can someone make another person go pay for prostitution? It sounds so dumb to me. Yes, dealing with women in the West is very taxing, I personally don’t even bother anymore, to be honest, but I’m not going to go exploit some poor lady in another country to pay her $30 for coitus (the rate I saw listed in some IG comments). I had to examine what kinds of things these guys were saying, and I realized that the Travel Bros aka Passport Bros groups are now a bunch of perverts. What I see is a bunch of guys who cannot get ladies in the West, for several reasons such as lack of height, not in good shape, do not have money and lack of conversational skills, which leads to lack of heart to approach women and propose to be in any ladies’ lives here. Yes, the criteria that women in the West have, in order to date most men, is absolutely HORRIBLE today, and the “average” guy is not sufficient to even the ugliest/fattest of most women in the West; however, many of these ladies just give mouth service, and they’re trying to get the hottest guy they can get, although these ladies may not be working with anything themselves. In many cases, these women are as pathetic as they claim these men are, however, because of body parts ladies have, they have more sexual capital (initially) than a man their own age has, up to the age of 30. So if a woman is a 5 and a man is a 5 of the looks scale, a woman will always be able to get more sexual partners than that man, because most men today have zero standards and even if he is considered an 8+ to women, he will STILL have coitus with ladies who are 5s and below. That’s now how women work, thus, many of these Passport Bros are struggling to get just basic coitus from women who are 5s and below! Look at this vide below🙄

The Spanish colonial city of Colonia, Uruguay historic streets

That much is true, there are even studies that ask these women on dating apps and these women who are low on looks scales feel they DESERVE men who are 8+, many times because these women claim they make $100k in salary or have a college degree, so they deserve the hottest men the world has to offer. Watch this here, this is not a joke 🤣 So the Passport Bros are saying that they cannot even get THIS over 180lbs (82kg), 5’ (152.4cm) almost 40-year-old lady with kids to consider them for a mate because she eliminates them from start. That’s when I feel a little sympathetic to their complaint, because I do see what they’re saying, but do they need to go overseas? I think they should be happy she doesn’t want them, so they don’t have to take HER! Passport Bros are not NEW. I’ve known many older dudes who were Passport Bros way before this current wave, and a lot of them were going to these places being h3-h03s in these other countries too. I used to hate seeing them come back and brag to the young boys about ladies they bedded, THAT THEY PAID FOR. When American women hear about the Passport Bros, they laugh, because they immediately start insulting and belittling this group of men because they cannot get women. There is shame, BY WOMEN, of men who cannot sexually objectify women and reduce women to sex for sport. That’s sad that American women do this to these guys, but this is what made these Passport Bros easy to dismiss. However, things have changed too much because these young boys today are getting good money, as opposed to before, where the old wave of Passport Bros were older men who had some money because they were all old and over 40 so they built their wealth and worth and didn’t decide to waste their lives on American women. Today, these young boys are in the 20s talking the same stuff, but they have resources. What has also changed today is that the women cannot insult a lot of these men on their looks, because there are a bunch of Passport Bros that Western women want to bed but these guys are rejecting them for traveling to get women. This is the only reason the Passport Bros situation is even getting steam again, that young boys with money and looks and opportunity, are taking their talents elsewhere! Well that surely got the attention of the ladies, to have men they actually want to be with, publicly denouncing them and telling men to go overseas to find a woman, like this guy here. Now, that has crossed the line for women, when a guy they do want to bed is joining the Passport Bros movement, and now the ladies are coming in angered and it’s an all-out war on these Passport Bros now, these young boys are removing themselves from American, over-privileged female entitlement mentalities, because they’re not feeling loved or respected. Guys who have the looks but don’t want Westernized women have pissed these women off and they are ready to kill these men.

amazon jungle
Food of indigenous in the Amazon jungle
running a train
High up in the mountain on a scary ride

Here is the problem I see with these current Passport Bros. Some people say these guys don’t have “GAME”, which is ability to lie to women, womanize, play mind games, splurge money on women, dress like you are the rich men that women really want (movie stars, pro athletes, singers, David Copperfield), etc. Now, today, women will call the cops on you for trying to talk to them in the street, but this is mostly only if you are not physically HOT to her. If you’re sexually appealing to her, she will tend to you get away with womanizing and telling her all sorts of lies just to score some coitus That is completely acceptable to women in the USA and rest of the West. If you are not hot, if you’re not a “Chad” as they say. But on dating apps, there is no “GAME”, you don’t even get to have a real opener because it’s all visual swipes, you can’t kick game. So, if these guys can’t score on online dating apps, then GAME cannot be the solution for these guys because you never even make it to this point as an average looking guy. They can’t get them offline and they can’t get them online for different reasons, with a common denominator being the physical presentation, and “swag” not being desirable to ladies. Having game is not going to save them. The other major thing people say Passport Bros are broke and have no money, which used to be the case years ago, but today, you have credit cards and many of these dudes are making pretty decent money today, especially if they are men who do not have kids with any woman and aren’t losing it in divorce. 52% of Black men, for instance, have never ever married and don’t have kids, so if this leaves a lot of these guys to have discretionary income since they are not bothered by typical roles that society expects them to play as father and husband. Well, if the American Dream is to have a marriage and white picket fence, these Passport Bros are saying they are locked out of the American Dream, because they can’t even land a lady.

Our version of the house party with stars before they made it
House party was jamming, pure, real. If you saw a video camera then, it wasn’t focusing on ladies.

Here is the problem I have with it, at the core. I have many folks in the 3rd world, especially in places like Dominican Republic, and I find it highly disrespectful to hear these dude talk about going down there an doing nasty things to all the women down there. First, they’re not just going down there and getting chicks to bed. They’re going to strip places and “car washes” they’re not talking to average women in towns and cities! Why do I know this? Because none of these guys even speak the local language of Dominican Republic (Spanish), so clearly, they’re not speaking to average women on the street. The other offensive thing I see is these guys are praising the culture of the women in this third world, saying these women are more cultural and willing to be subservient to men. Well, how is it that these people know this if they don’t speak the language and don’t know anything about the country? How? They’re pedestalizing women in the third world, but they ignore the music they can’t understand, such as Bachata, where the men are clearly telling you how terrible these ladies can potentially be for your mental and emotional state! Bachata used to be hated by the dictator Trujillo because it was “street music” that talked about how terrible chicks were. You were not supposed to bring your wife to a Bachata show in the beginning, so clearly, men in the third world have been exposing that their women are not that different from women in the US. What many Passport Bros are mistaking for the good women they claim are so abundant down there, are really good actresses! We call it “going for the Girl Friend Experience” when you go to DR to find a temporary lady and pretend like you’re in love. These women are down there pretending to love these weak men, pretending like they are serious with these men, pretending to care, to enrich themselves. Of course, that is not everyone, but these guys are thinking that they are going to get easy to coitus AND to find a wife. That’s the other problem with this plan, they’re also now saying they’re going to find a wife from down there, and what they’ll do is sponsor her (pay her an allowance while he is not in Dominican Republic), to keep her on a retainer, expecting that that third world lady is not going to cheat on these guys while they are not down in DR. Anyone thinking that those women are not cheating on them, is a god damn idiot!!!! There are dudes trying to get with her the minute you leave the country, and they specifically want to get pride from bedding your lady while you’re not there to clown you silently when you come back thinking your princess is pure. 🤣 Why do I know? Because my peeps tried to convince ME to take a wife from down there and bring her back here, to the USA.

Xochimilco line up of flat bottoms
This whole area is apartments now, and no green anywhere! This was 20 years ago! Now it’s over saturated and lost its luster, has streets and roads now. LOL

Once upon a time, my boys saw me not mentally in the right place, after a breakup of a long-term relationship, many, many years ago. They were telling me that DR is the place to find a wife (sound familiar?), “because the women were loyal there”. I, of course, never believed it because if you’re not on the ground with your eyes on the woman and how she is operating, well “out of sight out of mind” is how I see it, so you really can’t trust anyone you don’t observe in person for a period of time- and even that doesn’t work 100% just like here in USA. I entertained it though, mostly because, I DID NOT TRAVEL MUCH AT ALL but wanted to finally, and I only wasn’t into travel because the ex-chick didn’t want to travel unless it had a beach attached to it. I was not a true Passport Bro. I was a loser then, for sure. Also, most third world places weren’t so developed either, as you can see from the attached screenshots to this particular blog entry. I’m sharing those because I want you to understand how ‘SIMPLE’ life was back then, although I didn’t have to go to the places I went, I wanted the true hick experience, not to be in the tourist traps. It also wasn’t so popular travel because there was no IG to show off pics with, which is why everyone had video cameras in their hands, to keep for memory, and most people didn’t have unlimited credit card money! That kept a lot of fake Passport Bros limited, which was a good thing, so they didn’t flood every place we went, which is all but erased today. So, I agreed to entertain the idea of finding someone local from DR to marry. Why? Because the elements of what used to make successful marriage were all there:

  1. Stateside: Male is vetted (job, health, relationship muscle) by peers who are proposing him to the father and mother of the woman.   
  2. Foreign-side: Female proposed is vetted by same peers, plus her parents, confirming she is a good catch, has family-oriented skills, and gets the blessing to continue if anything serious happens.
  3. Stateside: Males vetting me were setting up to be married themselves, and we have history where we beat up multiple opps together, so they could be trusted with my life.
We took it back to the campo and clay stoves! Real living not tourist crap! Ladies who can cook great meals with less! Heaven

The stateside peers were My Boys, my riders, people I trust, for more than a decade at that point, who were born and bred in DR (not USA), and they were wanting me to be interested in family members of theirs. These were guys steadying to be married then, who TODAY are still married to the same ladies they were with, back at this time- all Latinas from USA. So, they prove you can get be married to Latinas in the USA- these are older Latinas now, so I don’t know about these young ones today keeping it consistent, pool has pee now. So, I took these guys seriously with this proposal because I knew how they operated personally, they were serious about their selection in women.  I surely couldn’t fail with such backing, and the woman’s parents agreed! This also guaranteed me that the woman would be under close guard of the family, making sure she didn’t stray, as there is pressure to get their daughter married and made an honest woman of. At that time, if you reached 20 and didn’t have kids and man, society would look at you as a thot of sorts, down in DR, so women were eager to be wives. A lot of that comes from a catholic background and commitment to the idea of family, which exists in pockets of the country, but not ALL of the country- despite what these Passport Bros are lying about. Also, many women from these foreign countries actually do not want to come to the USA, little known fact that they would know if they actually were serious about marrying someone from another country because she would tell them this! This one I had, she didn’t want to come to the USA at all, didn’t like it, didn’t want to become corrupted like the many women she saw who left DR and then came back to visit like Divas and people devoid of culture. Which means, these women Passport Bros want are not going to want to marry and go back to the USA largely, they want to marry and stay in their local countries! NOW THAT is a challenge for most, but it wasn’t for me, I was exploring options to make my money last longer there, and thinking to start some local businesses, at the time. So, I came prepared to see that plan out, which is not what Passport Bros are planning on doing, they’re mostly liars. Ask them about this part, they’re not moving to these countries.

Band from the highland volcanos playing the jams!

These key pieces that were needed to ensure a good pairing, with this woman, were in place, which is how a lot of the world still works, but we call that “arranged marriages” and we frown on that. In place of arranged marriages, we have a bunch of ladies who think they know better and can pick a quality man themselves, without the aid of trusted family and MEN who can see through the BS of other men. The modern women today have all the answers but don’t understand that tradition was used to PROTECT THEM from dumb men. And how are women picking men today, they think they are so smart that they can vet men themselves, but mostly by how hot that man is, how much other women would want him, or their wallets, and are not using anyone of worth to validate anything. The ignorance is off the chain, but vetting is very important for serious steps in life, which ladies completely ignore today because “that’s the patriarchy”.  😒 Cool, but you thinking you know everything and yet don’t have any results is why this lady is dead after finding a man on Craigslist and traveling from Africa to meet that psycho and nobody in the nation cares.  You don’t want to do tradition? Great, then you go risk your life and you pick men to procreate with based on his looks- surely, you’re going to get successful marriages that way. 🤦‍♀️ We lack a system of checks and balances that your relationship had a peer review performed, to see if that male or female can be flushed out sooner, rather than later, but also to hold these two to high standards by peers, to help ensure that the relationship would last. That shame of failure and pride to be family, used to drive societies. That’s missing today, and Passport Bros are only getting these foreign women from IG/Fakebook, or using hookup culture-driven dating apps for travel sex, meeting opportunistic women too, they’re not going to find love, find marriage and start families over there. Passport Bros make assumptions about all the women in that foreign country, based on the promiscuous game girls they meet on these apps that they pay to be with and take photos with. What I didn’t want was to go to DR and just have coitus with a lady for sport, and I knew many, even back then, who did that, which I didn’t like it. I felt it disrespectful to the local culture and families of women’s’ lives you would affect. It creates a bad impression of foreign men going there to do right by themselves, so Passport Bros are destroying that scene for their own perv benefits. It also ruins experiences for local men who now have their women turning into thots and these men can’t compete with a Shake Shack worker guy from USA who flexes his $1k check in DR to buy expensive things for his pay for play lady. I heard many bad stories about Jamaicans from USA going to DR and impregnating women, then deserting them entirely, and many stories like this as soon as people found out I was from USA- people would just throw it out there as you meet them. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Colorful displays everywhere and pleasant folks
Modern Latin cities for a change

It didn’t feel good to hear such horror stories and it messed up the plans I had. This became the stereotype of men from outside of DR, and it was terrible because it then set up this guy for failure as taking him for all his money is soon to follow, after women learn they can exploit this kind of guy. I was not interested in coitus for sport, I’m still not interested in it, and the moment it felt like that to me, I told everyone that I was going to drop the whole thing. I could do that stateside if I cared, why would I fly out for that? I told folks, if this lady turns out to be a flake, I’m putting everyone on blast for wasting my time. My career was popping, side jobs popping, degree earned, I was on a roll and wanted to be a decent man, because I’m from old school people!  However, I did put myself in the best possible situation to have a wife and possibly family, so I took that opportunity. I hung out with the entire family (mom, dad, bros, cousins, grams) a lot actually because we partied, saw places rarely visited, and ate/lived like locals all the time, modest beginning stuff, simply life, away from the bigger cities. The different between what I was doing, and the Passport Bros are doing is, I went local, lived as a local and the key to my entertaining such an experiment was THAT I SPOKE SPANISH.  Being able to understand Dominican Spanish is not an easy feat, it is really poorly spoken Spanish (only rivaled by Chilean Spanish in my opinion), very fast, no proper annunciation, and in the campo (non-city in the woods way out rural areas) you can barely understand people there and they speak slower- it’s like the Ebonics of Spanish. 🤣 If you won’t even bother to learn the language, I KNOW you’re only paying for everything related to keeping that woman on retainer. That is lame and desperate. It shows the local family of the woman, and it should show the woman, that if you don’t bother to learn Spanish, that you are not even serious about being family! The problem with not knowing your way around and the language is you’re going to get robbed! You’ve already upset the local way of operating by many ladies thinking it’s cool to get into prostitutions and on the dating apps, so you know the dudes are going to target you if you’re an American. This is a popular video that was made about dangers of dating in Colombia, and there are many tourists getting killed in botched robberies of Passport Bros. These dudes are getting set up by those game girls or followed by thugs when Passport Bros are spotted awkwardly trying to kick it to Colombian women, showing their social inept characteristics, using translator applications because they’re too lazy to learn the local language but they’re too horny to wait until they mastered the language before going to those countries to have a smooth landing. So they’re pulling out this device here, in front of her, while talking to women. Swag they’ve always had back in the USA? I think so! 🤣Thugs are looking at you, plotting!

Old town to new, the vibes are popping everywhere

The Achilles heel of Passport Bros is they cannot even speak the language of the country they are going to, to bed chicks. Clearly none of them can be serious about these women if they don’t learn that local language, right? How can you communicate? With me, there could be no games played on me, while I was there, because I’d understand everything they were saying. Unlike Passport Bros, where these women run game right in their faces. I’ve seen many Passport Bros go to DR and I would hear full plots to use these guys for their money, being discussed out in the open, right in guys’ faces, because those guys couldn’t understand a damn lick of Spanish other that “mi amor” (my love) and “dame dinero” (give me money). I got to see up close how grimy ladies really could be in DR, ironically, when hanging with the woman my boys asked me to consider.  That was a side of DR that was unlike her home upbringing, but it was attractive to her, the party scenes, the cool kids scenes she would bring me to. I would see other non-Dominican men out an about with their pay for play chicks and fake girlfriends. I started to observe how many Dominican ladies bragged about all the things the American guy was being used for in terms of buying handbags, houses, cars for Dominican women they were RENTING when they went to DR. One thing that was consistent was I heard that these women had many men at once, not just these dopes they were pretending to be the girlfriends of. These women are all good actresses pretending to be faithful, you’d swear who they were with was their husbands. I was amazed and disappointed, because I could only see my own fate right before my eyes. What I couldn’t figure out (then) was why the hell this woman they set me up with, would bring me to places where I would see and hear this crap. What I learned later was she was trying to appear “hip” and like “modern woman”, more like women from the USA that she saw/heard/read about. She didn’t want to be a hick, a simple life person, she wanted to be popular and cool- and she was because she was a “Rubia” to people down there, so that’s extra special since she had fair skin- Dominican colorism is off the chain, on neanderthal levels really, because men there acted like this lady was a 10 everywhere we went, due to it. You don’t think he head was swollen from all the attention? She was 20 and she had no real exposure to foreigners other than her family, but soon as she got that attention, I knew, it was over, and she got MORE attention after being with me, because she has a foreign dude. That put a bullseye on my back and I knew it was a matter of time before someone local was gonna clap those cheeks. And hell no she didn’t want to come to the USA, just like most ladies in these countries.

True legend on the hunt, humping in the air, got your girl, bro!
Raulin trying to bang my chick that time at Rancho Tipico. He whispered in her ear “where is your man at?” LOL He probably beat, I’m ain’t gonna hold you.

Guys, I woke up when legendary Bachata artist Raulin Rodriguez himself was trying to bang my ex chick! We went to an intimate concert setting at Rancho Tipico, a venue where live performances get popping, and during an intermission, Raulin motioned her over to the stage (without me knowing because I was talking to peeps) he was performing on, and whispered in her ear to know if she was single or not, and where her man was. When I looked up, I saw him on stage, mic cut so nobody could hear this stuff, she told me afterwards. I didn’t think anything of it, I just took the photo. I have the dam photo of this, with her pointing to ME, smiling and him looking “caught in the act”, it is HILARIOUS. I was thinking I was the man over the regular locals there, thinking THEY can’t take my broad, since I was a “high value man” even back then, but then here comes El Cacique himself to cuff up my broad in front of my face, on stage, bro! So, my ex broad was in demand, and if Raulin specifically picked her out from the crowd and wanted to beat, I surely didn’t stand a chance if I weren’t there that particular day and I was back in the USA! THIS MUCH I KNEW!!! It was this moment I knew, I was barking up the wrong tree and if someone else showed up flashy, that chick was going to get taken. I wasn’t the jealous type, and of course he is a major superstar so she was super giddy, but so was EVERYONE’s ladies that night rushing to get up on him. Raulin proceeded to grab up other ladies and do the same thing, asking where their man was. He was sizing up for some coitus. Somebody’s chick got taken that night, that is a guarantee. Ironically, “Mujer Infiel” (unfaithful woman) is a popular song of his, which he sang that night. If Raulin is singing that local women are cheaters in DR, wtf, the myth is busted about this all ladies are better than USA ladies and are all more faithful in Latin America.🤦🏽‍♂️All cap. And if you think that I don’t think Raulin secretly got the number and beat after I left, know I don’t put it past them. Many dudes are plotting on you Passport Bros chicks because they know your girl needs local entertainment while you’re out working in a Subway sandwich shop in USA, the Raulins and the Tigueres of the street. I knew then, despite all the frirends and family and dudes’ eyes all fixated on the chick I had,… I KNEW someone was going to get in those drawers eventually!

Come on, Raulin starts singing and your girl is under his spell (different lady here)! He brings you up and asks where your man is. Somebody gave it up for sure that night. Your girl is not yours the minute you leave the island of Hispaniola, Passport Bros.
Simple life and works of art

You may wonder, “Why didn’t she think you would suspect that she was not any different from these ladies thotting it up in DR playing games with dudes?”. Well, because I wasn’t paying her any money, nor her family any money– I got it off the lip and my rep, so in her mind, if I’m not spending like these Passport Bros, and not doing any of the garbage they were doing to get their ladies, then I can’t possibly see her in the same light at these thotties- her words. I saw first hand that Passport Bros think these ladies have no tricks up their sleeves and they are so innocent, then find out that these dummies bought these ladies their own homes, businesses, cars, pasolas, etc. Then that lady traps these dummies with kids and then try to extort that guy to get him to invest in her life by sending money to his kid. I know more than enough American Black dudes with kids in DR based on trusting women who were NOT thotties and this happened to them. Solid dudes, got caught up listening to the fake promises of chicks in DR, Colombia, Brasil and these were dudes trying to make life down there and not be pervy, and STILL they faced the same fate as any Passport Bro, so why do people think they’re going to have success doing Passport Bro garbage?! The Passport Bros also like to vilify ladies in the USA who did the same things in USA that these ladies in the foreign countries are doing. Only difference between the ladies in each region is that ones overseas can cook a full meal! The ladies overseas just pretend to be your girls friend but are naturally feminine despite that. This is the part that cements how Passport Bros are dorks! lol You can’t trust ANYONE, I don’t care where you are trying to fish for ladies. The difference between now and back in the days is none of those game girls spoke English, but today, they ALL speak English in those places, so they’ve been around the block, and you should be very aware if one of those chicks speaks English fluently in bars, clubs, hangout spots exclusively! You’ve a game girl! That was a bad look for my ex chick, exposing me to all these Dominican version of the City Girls who thought they were COOL playing games with dudes for their money, exposing me (personally) to how pure these ladies were NOT! The myth was busted for me about dating remotely, I was watching GAME GIRLS pretending to be little princess saints with Passport Bros from all over the world. A friend of the ex lady had lived across the street from her, and I saw her with 3 different men on different days, and even drove with that lady to an event with a guy I later found out was a 4th man who was not the man who was paying for the house she lived in! I lost all faith in this DR marriage process in 1 weekend. I did my best to stay OUT of the streets, this ex’s family was not street/ghetto, they a family, i had to go through approval of the dad and two older brothers!!!! They were 100% about being serious with their daughter/sister (the baby of the family), and yet I saw what that chick was becoming interested in, that environment of Dominican thot culture, which she was NOT born into. That is no different than bringing a woman back to the USA from a foreign country, and then have her change on you to become influenced by USA twerking in restaurants, acting masculine, and being misandrists to men. To avoid the cool street club and hip kids things, I told her family to take me to the CAMPO (rural area), I wanted to be away from city people, I wanted to see simple life and clean air and nobody else around. I loved that hick life, so they complied and agreed that I should see such life more often. So, when this woman started wanting to go to more street stuff, and more club and cool stuff, as you would expect of young women, I knew a swing in Dominican culture was happening and I would come out on the losing side of it. And a lot of that swing was caused by the Passport Bros tricks going to these countries, spending fortunes on below average women, and then all kinds of opportunistic ladies started to pop up to scheme on dudes, making innocent women attracted to chasing dudes who flashed money all about. And this was before Reggaeton hit in DR, which when it did, that’s all I heard instead of Bachata, and I knew I had to get out of DR. It was not as great as it once was, and it put a lot of heat on local guys who couldn’t compete with Passport Bros’ money they were spending. Then I later found out that local guys would be dating chicks that the Passport Bros’ thought was their ladies! These ladies were going to Cyber-Cafes shared by other women, taking racy photos to send to men all around the world and they’d all be lined up in these places back to back. They were just all scheming there to get Passport Bros to send billions of money using services like Western Union. The money passport bros sent to that lady, she as giving to the local boyfriend/family- and then her local man would take that money and be out there sleeping with other local women. It was a whole economy and nasty! So that open relationship situation is what ladies learned to do, everything was turned on its head, it was time to abandon DR! And this was before guys were getting set up to be robbed by these ladies’ local boyfriends and family members.

Up the Amazon river getting eaten to death by mosquitos

I had another boy who was local in DR, so he had people keeping eye on this lady after that moment, and a few months later, he told me that multiple dudes had been trying to holler at my ex, but 1 dude actually STAYED a long time, a local guy with a brand new WHITE Mercedes Benz and intent to bend Mercedes! LOL It was a wrap. I knew he clapped those cheeks after I heard that. I let her know that I had sound proof of dude being around, she denied it initially, then I produced too much proof. I SILENTLY broke up with her, we agreed not to tell her family, because she looked really bad and let everyone down. And then back in NYC, I caught heat from my buddies, claiming I embarrassed them and just dumped their cousin. We kind of fell out because I didn’t share what their cousin was doing, thotting it up out there, and that SHE destroyed it. But then I got calls from her cousin in DR who also went at me in negative ways and suddenly my reputation was DESTROYED THERE, for seemingly deserting her. I let that pass, I didn’t want to say anything, but she doubled down on lies to save her face, because others started to question why I wouldn’t return, because she didn’t give them the proper explanation of why I would do this suddenly. One day, she called to apologize, and her father took the phone from her, and then proceeded to tell me that HE TOLD ME SOME DUDE HAD BEEN COMING AROUND, and noticed it was the same guy from around the time I dated her. He pieced it together, complimented my character despite me getting completely sh!t on by his whole family, but I just confirmed that she was thotting it up, she got caught and I wanted her not to look too bad. 1 year later, this lady had that guy’s kid! I never revisited the idea of doing such a thing every again, because it doesn’t work. If you don’t live in the country with these women, and you aren’t marrying them, then know you’re just there doing coitus for sport. That society keeps track and is over controlling of ladies because given freedom, look what happens, she’s going to be indoctrinated into the sex crazed lady propaganda that why it’s so prevalent in all the Dominican songs. Very sexually promiscuous ladies. And Passport Bros don’t understand that you have to move there to maintain those ladies exactly as the local guys do, or bring them to USA, which will negate the whole point of not taking a bride already in the USA. They not only can’t understand this, but they can’t accomplish this task of moving to these local places because they don’t know a trade, don’t have business acumen, don’t know anything about being an ex-pat. They don’t know about “brown-outs”, they don’t know about not being able to drink water out the faucet directly, they don’t know about showers that may not have hot water for long periods of time. So they’re not going to move there, all CAP, it’s 3rd world, not first world! You might not have Internet for 2 weeks if it doesn’t work, how will that affect your remote work? Passport Bros aren’t going to go live down in these third world countries!!! Unless they have zero to lose and really are down bad in the USA. They don’t mostly have the resources to sustain this, they don’t know the language, they don’t know the culture, they are just getting taken for their money every day they are there. I’ve seen many SIMP men go down to DR, Brasil, Colombia and I saw the run through their life savings, who are now broke dudes! And I can tell you from experience, I’d be eating food with my religious people in DR and then we’d see Passport Bros at another table talking loud talking about eating hookers from the BYKE and how much money the splurged on women! Good thing those good Catholics couldn’t understand English, but over and over, we’d see packs of Passport Bros bragging openly about street walking chicks they “conquered”. 90% of Passport Bros are doofs! And when local can understand the disrespect they show towards the cultures, that doesn’t look good for men trying to do real things down there with ladies, to make a strong family. So even back then, these dummies were putting heat on me because I didn’t want to look like passport bros to locals. And when people were hanging in some towns like Sosua, there was nothing but Passport Bros swarming the streets getting hookers look for some Haitian COCOMORDAN. Pervy! I had to get out of that damn town, I didn’t want to look like a perv. Ladies would look at you, and spot you’re not local, then she hits on you expecting you to trick on her and get all your money. Disrespect is what Passport Bros taught these ladies. Everyone could spot Passport Bros for their thirst. I thought this would change by now, but today, same type of thirsty bums are making the block hot in these Latin countries.🤦🏾‍♂️So I feel as I feel, based on HISTORY, not thinking I’m better than anyone doing Passport Bros things today. I know when dudes are starving for coitus and are filled with hate, vs dudes just traveling just because they can. This site is documentation of traveling and learning, and sharing experience, not going out looking for coitus.

Amazon Jungle
Going to church in the Amazon Jungle

After the death of a guy named Kevin Samuels, who was trying to teach these very guys to learn self respect and demand better treatment by ladies here in the USA, these boys have no mouthpiece for them anymore. They became out of control, the messiah had passed and the guys were exposed for who they really were the whole time, thirsty boys! The bulk of these new Passport Bros are baby-mama raised males, so they don’t know how not to be a SIMP and don’t know how to handle rejection from females. They are simps in the USA, they are simps in Europe, they are SIMPs in DR, Colombia, Brasil, and Asia! One of the newest Passport Bros to the scene is this guy, who got his butt handed to him after trying to debate about why he is promoting being a perv. He shared that he was wishing to go to Brasil since he was 6, and got tricked into saying that he was WATCHING PORN AT 6 years of age! So he was affected by sexual exposure since he was 6, yeah he is a pervert now at 23 years of age. He should not have as much hate as he has for women, at such a young age. He hasn’t had time to have real complaints yet. So he goes to trick all over Latin American, buying coitus because he is too lazy to play the game in USA, instead of just bowing out of the stupid games here. That makes him, and all Passport Bros, SIMPS, which they claim they won’t do here in the USA but clearly they’re doing over seas! (put the business austin hollerman video up when availble)

Staying in the historic haciendas with excellent service

They are simps everywhere they go so they are getting exploited by women everywhere they go because everywhere they go they’re still taking THEMSELVES with THEMSELVES! These guys don’t have desirable personalities anywhere they go, most just go to third world countries pretending like they are rich, which attracts gold diggers, but these dudes are pretending these ladies they are getting are not game girls and gold diggers. Passport Bros are going to touristy spots or popular spots these women go to get men for money too! The men are fully aware they’re going to pay for sex with these women, some of them are renting Air-BNBs and working remotely while temporarily living down there, running through chicks, can’t speak a lick of Spanish still. They’re not serious about any woman down there, all CAP! You know how you know? Ask these Passport Bros “When is the marriage?” Ask them “Where do you live in {insert country here}?” Ask them “Do you speak {insert respective language here}?” Ask them if they’re planning on bringing those ladies back to the USA to be a citizen. None of these guys have any answer for you! If you don’t have relationship skills is your native country in your native language, then you can’t possibly convince anyone with a brain that you will be a good match for a woman in a country with a completely different culture. The pedestals these guys put these foreign women on is not good and they don’t want to believe these women are only acting well-mannered because they’re getting paid for Girl Friend Experience. These guys are making unnecessary heat for Latinas abroad because now you have all these hateful American overweight ladies mad that they cannot compete with Latinas, so, they call all the Latinas prostitutes. The action of Passport Bros has women domestically incorrectly labeling all Latinas who these guys meet, prostitutes. That is Passport Bros having no damn code!!! They are bringing disrespect to Latinas and that is not fair. These guys are also conflating outdated and poorly interpreted stereotypes of ALL LATIN WOMEN (and all countries are NOT the same in culture) with thotties who are acting like they like Passport Bros for real, because they were paid to do so. And genuine ladies who do have interest in Passport Bros are incorrectly going to be labeled as prostitutes in the foreign country, and that will dissuade them from being compliant for men with REAL plans to marry and reproduce with them.

Cerro Santa Ana great view

Passport Bros are destroying the game for real men, who really want to get away from American women for legitimate reasons, all because Passport Bros are pervs with no protocol and can’t help themselves. They also think that pair bonds they see between foreign women and men applies to foreign women and Passport Bros, who are not that man of the foreign country so that’s a completely different dynamic. These Passport Bros don’t know how to treat any women domestic or abroad, they are running away from mouthing off chicks in the USA and are too scared to face them! They have no relationship skills, forget GAME, they’re social awkward, their socially inept, and they think they’re masters of love because they go overseas for coitus. Amazing! These Passport Bros even think they’re better than local men in these countries because they took their stimulus check money to DR to spend like Gods. Ladies want men they can relate to the most, and Passport Bros don’t make the cut for most women in these other countries, by and large. Opportunist game girls though, Passport Bros are a perfect match for those women. These Passport Bros have the same problem that Western women have, which is that anyone will use you for what they think is valuable to them, which for women is sex and for Passport Bros, is THEIR MONEY!  Just because someone wants your sex or money, that doesn’t mean they love you, that doesn’t mean you could get married tomorrow and have a perfect relationship. You’re only good for what they can use you for. I’m not hating on Passport Bros, I just want more of them to travel to TRAVEL, and I want them to also know that what they’re doing is sex tourism, which is illegal. You gonna need to visit this site after. When I hear Passport Bros talk, if they’re not talking about hookers, they’re talking about going overseas and making baby mamas out of the foreign women of the foreign country, like a bunch of doofs! Guys, in general, will always take the path of least resistance, and THIS is it.

Street food that you maybe should avoid unless you’re a local

I also had a chance to have a relationship with a nice dark skinned Dominican who was Americanized because she went to college here in the States, where I met her, but was born and raised in DR. In less than 4 years (time in American school), this lady turned into a super feminist! She did not arrive to the USA as one, she arrived as a humble woman from La Romana, and she left a MONSTER. She got her education to go back to DR to flex on locals, to act like she was better than people in DR, but she asked me to visit while in DR. I went to visit while my buddy and I were investigating some cybersecurity opportunities in the DR, near the capital, and we went to pay her a visit. I immediately saw a different person, I mean a big difference, as in 20lbs heavier difference. I noticed her stuck up attitude, I noticed her talking down to the Haitian maid her family pays to tend to the house and feed the family- and when I saw her home life, I was like WAIT HER MOM DOESN’T COOK AND CLEAN? THAT LADY IS RETIRED! Her mom was a retired school teacher who wasn’t tending to the house, not making food and apparently not pleasing the father because he was a lawyer who impregnated some younger woman at that time. Talk about drama. But this lady wouldn’t/couldn’t cook, even for herself, which is NOT standard in DR. So she purposely wanted to buck the system with her stance on feminism, but she was making a stand in the wrong place. That lady went back to DR went back to try to show off that she was educated in USA, that she didn’t need a man in DR, but she got a lot of jobs with this attitude. But in terms of being a Dominican, she had nothing to show for herself because she hadn’t married nor had kids at that point. She was in her mid 20s with nothing to show for it, by DR standards. This lady’s aunt heard her talking about men, and the disrespect she had for men, and the aunt came to me to personally tell me to NOT get romantically involved with such a woman, and to go find someone local if I was planning on finding someone, eventually, but that this lady was far gone. To have her own family member do that, that was a big save, not that I would have continued to this girl, but that the aunt realized that I was a good person and didn’t want me to waste my time with a feminist from DR. That same girl couldn’t find anyone for YEARS! Nobody wanted her, and if she did get someone, they cheated on her left and right. She was pretty, but going 3rd world feminist made her disgusting to a whole culture. So I shared that to say, you’re barking up the wrong tree if you’re not with boots on the ground there to stay there, because if any of those ladies you are putting on a pedestal comes back to the USA, less than 1 year, she will become the same lady you claim to hate from the USA. They all change if you let them get their feet on USA soil! But that particular lady didn’t want to be in the USA anymore either, thus went back and wanted to set up in DR but with a SIMP husband. She had me all the f$%ked up!

Stop talking about your goddam passport, it’s not special, almost anyone can get one. You’re late to the party.

Just because you fly to see them and pay for all their expenses, that does not mean they want YOU, the person, stop it Passport Bros. These guys are claiming these women love them for them, 1 hour after meeting. These Passport Bros don’t even want to learn foreign languages so what relationship are they building??? They won’t even invest to put that lady in English class, as an alternative. NOTHING. You ask Passport Bros what’s so special about these women and they tell you that these women all respect men by default. Ok, so why are they taking your money and not doing all of this special service for FREE? Why aren’t you Passport Bros getting this play off the lip (verbal intercourse) instead of off the hip (financial intercourse)? Why are the foreign women asking you to buy them cell phones, expensive clothing, pay their rents, etc., if they love you? The same things they claim women want of them in the USA are the same things they actually pay for, for these ladies abroad! That is DUMB! They prove there is no difference where you get the kind of ladies they want, today, it’s all the same behavior, just different locations. Passport Bros are making the foreign men in these other countries suffer because they’re changing the culture of the foreign culture with this poisoned, spoiled, “buy me this buy me that” culture they’re bringing to these countries. They’re teaching the culture to be spoiled transactional lovers, and the local men are going to end up plotting on you Passport Bros! You’re going to get set up bigtime you keep making life hard for them, or they’ll just wait for you to leave and get at your chicks while you think they’re secured by your pennies you pay her. I’m here to tell you Passport Bros, you’re not going to find a wife, you’re not going to have a good life, you need to stop lying and finally admit, you’re going overseas to get these women for sex tourism. Women have been doing it forever, now it’s time you Passport Bros to learn to act like those Kings of Travel do and own up to your pervy ways, by admitting you too are into sex tourism. To deny it, that’s how you diminish your team’s movement. Passport Bros are right, it is getting harder to find good women in the USA, and even worse get steady poon, but to lie and say they’re not going overseas for coitus because they can’t get some stateside, the lie detector determined that that was a lie! The problem, as a man, is that if you don’t know how to talk to women, and coexist with women, then you cannot understand all the changes they’re going through, games they play, manipulation in store for you, etc. You’re flying blind. You have to be well versed in how to navigate life aside these people, not RUN AWAY from them. These guys are becoming Passport Bros not to witness the culture of the place they’re going, they’re going to places where they don’t have to compete for a lady and most don’t have the confidence and talk to gain a woman’s attention in any country. So if they flash their money and make themselves look like a target to women, then they know they’ll get a lady who is trying to get money, but they’ll take just about ANY woman who comes to them. You don’t need to seek a Pick Up Artist/Dating Coach for help, or become one, but you do need to know how to address these ladies, the new aggressiveness by them, their brashness and perversion they are displaying today, towards you, because of how you are MAKING yourself appear to the public. Fine if you don’t care, but you do care, and this is the problem making you double down on pervy behavior. You come back to USA affected, and infected, by the false sense of power you got overseas from buying booty, which leads to depression when your high calms down and you’re back to being the YOU that you hate so much. It’s addictive, and brings many to ruin chasing the personality/lifestyle you don’t have in reality. You’re not becoming a Passport Bro to escape the terrible women of the West that you can’t live with and you find unattractive, you’ve become a Passport Bro to escape being YOURSELF, and seeing a YOU that you find unattractive and can’t stand to be. Do better, my G.

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