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Solo Travel

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Got to be faithful to solo travel to truly ascend, Jedi!
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Recognizing true freedom to move!

I had to write this entry because it was getting pretty funny online and 2022 is going to see me do a lot of things much different than before. The Pandemic, and how my people were acting as a result of it, let me know that people need to “disaster-proof” themselves a little better. Everyone is falling apart as this Pandemic winds down, I expected people to chill out a little more, but no, they are even more psychotic, episodic and overly-sensitive to just about everything now. Pandemic made social justice warriors, do-gooders and evil-doers even more polarized, and this is affecting relationships like crazy. I got on IG, after not being on it for a few months, and BAM I got this string of warnings messages about posts that I wrote in comment sections. WTF???!! You know what I’m talking about, right? THESE TRASH WARNINGS. IG was threatening to BAN me, out of nowhere, but there were over 10 different posts I made, 7 of which were about telling people to stop calling other “RACISTS” when there is no proof. Why did I get warnings and not the content poster who made the post because they knew it would set people off and get a lot of comments? Because a whistleblower at fakebook revealed that it is a major strategy of theirs to allow divisive/hateful posters which explained why the IG posters were not removed. The other 3 warnings I received were my cautions of dating and maintaining RELATIONSHIPS during the Pandemic. Odd, me, getting reported for things I said about protecting yourself from destructive relationships, as a male who has his life together? Who’d oppose this? Well, I was talking about making yourself disaster-proof when it came to relationships, and got pre-banning warnings for that. There is definitely a plot going on, meant to ensure that men who do not want to be destroyed by this society, DO get destroyed, by any means necessary, or at the very least, do not let men wake up and not get played by playing some, antiquated sexist role. <– WHAT? The opposite sex hates men for not wanting to play a traditional role of man, which everyone claims is oppressing the opposite sex and tries to confine them to oppressive roles? How did we get here? Wow, that group wants men to not have voices, and to just shut up and die for people who don’t value our lives. Nice. And social media does nothing but increase this disgusting trend, so if you tell men to just bow out and go their own way- out of business!

Sunset these beaches!
He spotted us and against an amazing sunset and took his shot!

This is something Coach Greg Adams warned was coming, and sure enough happened to him too. I thought this guy, and the red pill community were making that narrative up! Here is the line that got me the ban warning “Please leave these ladies alone, by themselves, alone, stop harassing them, they don’t want any of you- they’ve said as much. Go do your own thing, and go get on your purposes, please!” LOL That’s verbatim. You cannot be a supporter of men’s mental and physical health, especially if you point out men’s flaws and clear sources of their misery. WOW! SJWs are winning! Well, what I discussed, that got me almost-banned, were topics about issues that I saw SPIKE during the pandemic, how they relate to travel, and overall mental health. For starters, I am a big mental health advocate, I’ve made this whole site to let people know that they need to do more traveling, not to make the typical “look how fake-rich and luxurious I am” social media trash pictures, but to really get OUT and get out of their own heads. You should travel to get AWAY from something, someone, many people, but travel to clear your head and see different things with different perspective. You want to enlighten yourself, but more importantly, remove yourself from your typical surroundings, and analyze if you can see things a little clearer now that you’ve removed yourself from your home base. In doing this, you can realize that where you left is 80% of the time, your problem. You cannot see the problem when you’re buried and embedded inside of the problem, so to travel is a cheat-code to see things from the outside, back in. Today, you really need to be a lot more unapologetic about obtaining your own happiness. And instead of doing this, many of you idiot dudes are out here spending all of your money on nasty sex-pots on the same sites that are trying to ban me from telling you to STOP wasting your money on sex-pot ladies you cannot ever have, and should never be with even if you did have a chance. You’re making everyone rich but yourself, idiot! Take your money and take you butt on the road!

Don’t let tears pour out, let the sea pour in!
65 year old seasoned solo traveler! The lady passed on, he never traveled because she wouldn’t travel, now he’s all travel!

For instance, I planned to take a trip, that I had to divert/cancel last minute- more on that later- I was plotting some places to go, to help others enjoy their stay with me, up in the Catskills Mountains, in New York state, USA. It’s only 2 hours from NYC so it makes sense for those trying to do a quick extended weekend trip to unwind, see some foliage, do some hiking, free space to talk and unwind. Those plans, had to be cancelled, due to unavailability of the persons who were to accompany me, yet that trip was primarily for their benefit, not mine; but alas, that did not come to fruition, because of unavailability of the 3rd party, and that unavailability mainly centered on mental unavailability, not the physical, not time constraints, but mental unavailability. I offered this to 2 parties, both bowed out- great. I opened my eyes and realized that this kind of issue skyrocketed, for me personally, during the Pandemic, and it only happened because I broke my Solo Travel code, which was to NOT consider others in my travel plans- initially. Normally, I don’t really consider anyone else when I travel and I built a life to be able to leave anything, or anywhere, whenever I want. Why? Because others are unreliable in everything. But I realized that a LOT of people reached out to me, during the Pandemic, mainly because I’m like a person that they can bounce thoughts off of, get the hard truth, no infantilization of them would be permitted, and we could hopefully find good direction from the interactions. A few of them hit me up and ask to go with them somewhere because they don’t feel like going alone, but really want to go, which I was proud of them for doing. I’d say that 90% of these people were reaching out to me because they were trying to avoid relationship woes, to be honest, or were damaged after relationships ended, but were too buried in self-pity and/or guilt to reward themselves with gifts and travel. SMH Too damaged by relationships to take a trip??? That’s the best time to travel WTF is going on with people? My mentally is break up and branch out! If they self-delete, give yourself a treat!👍

She’s dead but you are NOT, so get out there, Captain! He’s Ok.
He dumped the lady who didn’t want to go out on the water to see the foliage! He’s Ok.

I’m at the point where my mindset is that you really should leave dating alone, during the Pandemic, anyway. I know, I did previously say that cuffing season is here, blah blah blah forget all of that! Folks are hot garbage out there. I’m advising everyone to sit this one out, now, maybe for a few more years. The other side of the tracks just doesn’t have it together, and the Pandemic made monsters out of seemingly innocent and docile people. I pretty much try to stay out of relationships, they’re not healthy, especially with people from big cities and broken homes, bad relationships with their moms and dads, YUCK. Most weak people go find circles of people to pacify and baby them, and placate to them however possible, with fake emotion, to help let them live in their fake bubbles of Disney falsehood, to avoid anything real ever being told or shown to them. My friends who were with mates like this, were being guilted into not taking trips because of being told how the mate would get sad, thinking how her “ex used to take trips and he cheated… waaaaa” so were guilted into not taking solo trips, or trips with the team where they could come back with clear directions on how to deal with such situations. Some of these guys were told if they go on trips without the lady, she was going to leave the guy! Yeah man, NY ladies are wild. Me, I’d hit them with the NO TE DETENGAS! – Yoskar Sarante . I couldn’t believe dudes were reduced to rubble and were too scared to go on trips because they would hurt the feelings of their mates. Aww Men who feel they cannot go on trips because they cannot bring their women??? Conversely, I don’t know any woman who would even hesitate to take a trip if it did not involve her man, so why the double standard? She is taking that trip regardless, because women are fearless and very masculine today, which is why the dudes are scared. LOL Guys are pretty dumb and ill-programmed today. Wow. How females think about taking trips, that how MEN need to become conditioned. A woman wouldn’t feel guilty unless she left, her kids behind – uhhh sometimes. So, part of my mentality is borrowed from successful female solo travelers, who are the only people solo travel is marketed to, apparently! Look all over, it’s all about females doing solo travel, and we’ll get to why that is too, shortly. Look in the 360 below, 3 cars, 2 ladies each pulled up, no dudes, none of them looked like lady couples. Come on, dudes! Where are you all at??!

I biked 50 miles in 2 days. Who’s going with you on these trips? Get yourself someone with good knees and decent health.
Be on the outside looking in, and enjoy what you see.

I couldn’t reach these cowardly men crowds, I took losses there, with seemingly good people, they disappeared into the grasp of Pandemic victimhood and almost every one of them, had relationships as the core to their problems with travel. No travel because of relationship woes? Are you kidding me? If anyone is not available, in whatever capacity, you need to fly regardless, no holdbacks on things you love and are accessible to you, if you want the goal of achieving happiness, in whatever form you can get it. I already wrote about this kind of mentality and let you know that WOMEN were already doing this kind of mentality, and being called BRAVE for it , yet men were sitting back suffering like idiots. Brave is someone who has willingness and health to accompany you on a trip to hike a 12,000 ft+ mountain, or trek through the Amazon jungle, or do the 50mile challenge biking the highways and carriage roads of Acadia National Park, not someone sitting on a beach taking 100000 selfies for “The Gram”. A friend of mine had all kinds of crap that she says she does on her dating profiles, and it’s all CAP! She asked to come to this particular trip I did, after seeing foliage same photos, but I let her know HOW we’d have to get to the locations, HIKE, and she was NOT WITH IT. Precipice Trail is not a damn game and there is no turning back, as I found out. It was 1 way, with a bunch of people lined up behind you so you really can’t back out! Take only Brave people with you (look at that link, that dude took and his lady went. THAT is how it should be, but good luck finding partners like that). I also worry on some of my trips because I wonder if some of their weaves are going to blow off of their heads, so some people you know just can’t go on some trips. If she doesn’t have good knees, then she is not who you need!

It’s up to you to brighten up your own day! The sky is bluer where you can SEE it! He’s Ok.
Ditch the crowds when it gets too loud! Fish, don’t be phished! He’s Ok.

Being Brave is being a man and doing solo travel. Want to know why? Because there a huge negative stereotype about any man who is alone, at any time, anywhere. He is a murder, he is a (g)rapist, he is creepy, just because he doesn’t want to do something with a group or with a woman. That is a really, really bad look. That he cannot be independent!? I’ve taken numerous trips and heard women/couples whisper that a dude doing his own thing must be the Unabomber or just finished dumping a body out in sea. Yeah, it was funny at the time, but REALLY? Is that what it looks like to be a dude doing your own thing and going your own way? No one would ever say this about a female who wants a break from silly society though. That double-standard hurts men really bad, so when I travel, I’d keep an eye out to see how people were perceiving ME, or other males out enjoying their lives by themselves. Most dudes looked like they were in their zone, at peace, chilling on Yachts and speed boats and doing photography, surfing, etc. But recently, I started seeing dudes by themselves on the trails, on the rails, on the sails but while most are out there looking like fails. Looking like shells of themselves. They don’t seem to be out there enjoying life, and making use of the solo time. They seem to be out there moping about and not really using that free time to be comfortable with being alone. Sometimes this energy comes off as creepy when others see dudes moping about, and it is often joked about. Dudes have some hand in these silly stereotypes of men being pathetic if they are alone, but I could show you PLENTY of examples of guys who are out there doing their own things, in their own worlds, enjoying their lives by themselves. I even watched guys ditch their annoying company to go be alone, realizing the power of being strong enough to be seen alone and to weather the storm of criticism for wanting to be alone, especially while they travel. I can tell you that, for some reason, when I do see guys who ‘GET IT’, a big population of guys are doing hiking, photography or FISHING!

Relationships Kill
Solo Bro on his purpose with a Full Frame!!! Beautiful! That takes a lot of dedication to haul that around and a high degree of skill to operate! He’s Ok.
I don’t go to the waterfront unless it involves fishing or getting on a boat! Do YOU! The young stud sent the lady back to town and faked her out so he could get alone time to fish in the lake! He’s Ok.

I watched a guy pull up in a car, at multiple overview locations on hills, lazily/angrily getting out, snapping like half a dozen pictures of the views, before getting back in the car then speeding off. This guy saw me at another photo op spot and asked me about my 360 cam. I took a pic, erased myself and others, leaving just him and the scene, and sent it to him in 5 minutes! He was so impressed he bought one on the spot! It solved a lot of issues for him and I told him to racing from spot to spot, but take in the scenes and enjoy. He is like many I see out and about. These dudes were missing so many things in the views, I was like “why did they even bother to get out of bed then??” This guy actually told me that people look at him strangely. I was like wtf? and it got me to think about perception of solo male travelers. I’d see these solo travel guys moping about and some of them, if they could muster up a voice to speak in public, I could see they were still “in process” with the free time and space/time they had, and were sad or ASHAMED TO BE ALONE. Yeah, the stigma is that if you’re a male, and alone, you’re a loser in America, so nobody wants to solo travel and need dependents with them. Meanwhile, if a woman takes solo travels, the world praises her as being “brave”. WHY? For going alone to a tourist trap in a European destination that has 1,000 people in her vicinity per foot? That’s not BRAVE. Likelihood for kidnap or (g)rape is why they are called brave, and yet THAT is not stopping women from solo travel. Men really need to have their heads checked if ladies know all these crazy things can happen to them, yet they’re still doing solo travel, but a man is held down by relationships and societal shame of being alone? SMH Bravery is guys doing solo travel, breaking the social norms, not caring that people call you losers for going alone instead of traditionally being directed by a partner like a little child, or you being out with your dumb crew of 20 ape-behaving men by your side. I say, ditch both groups and go solo, is the definition of being brave! The chances for mugging, murder, robbery is high for you, as a male, when traveling. Nobody is doing a nationwide search for you, if you come up missing, regardless of your race, if you’re a male. You’re not exempt from solo travel worries, so trust me, YOU are Brave too!

Stand your ground
Isolate to fight the hate! Dude faked this wife out and told her to go eat, because she kept complaining about being hungry every 2 hours. He went the opposite direction, to see the scenes and breathe the great air. He pulled up to vantage point to stare out at the water and decompress. He’s Ok.
His lady didn’t want to get her horse hair wet, which was great for him. This man knew that on a dark, cloudy day, he needed to get away from the family, so he came to ship creek to be alone. He’s Ok.

Another problem with relationships and traveling is dudes really don’t want to go with their women on trips. They hate those trips, where they don’t get to see a place like they want to, explore and do adrenaline filled activities because their mate isn’t into that or can’t stand that. So, the guy will not go do the activity HE loves, he caves and does whatever the woman likes, because failure to do so, will end his relationship- yet he would not leave her for not doing activities HE wants to do. YOU, YOU KNOW I’M TALKING TO YOU, YOU! That guy, that guy there, is the prime candidate to do solo travel, and is too guilty to go without his girl on any trip. This is a good chunk of my buddies, during the Pandemic. Meanwhile, other guys are accustomed to traveling ONLY this way. These guys love to get on dating apps and find women who have 100% of their dating profile all about how they love to travel. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY WOMEN THINK THAT IS WHAT WILL BRING THE MAN OF HER DREAMS TO HER??? That’s the dumbest thing I see on most Bumble profiles, the 10000 places she fake-traveled to. How is that an advert for what that woman has to offer a potential, and thus lets him know he can count on her to be the woman he should be serious with? Please tell me, I’ll wait. Oooh they’ve been to many European cities… oooh they’ve been to Bali… they want to go to Dubai??? ooooh while her man takes all the pics of her there looking like she went alone. LOL I can’t tell you how many times I saw ladies making their men take pics of them the whole trip and barely bothered to ask someone to take pics of them as a couple. Those pictures are used to advertise her beauty on IG because she is a fake IG Baddie, and the guy is so clueless that IG is the number 1 dating app available!!! This guy here breaks it down PERFECTLY and you’ll too understand, you’re helping your lady get more fake-love and social media comfort via DMs. If you’re not in many of her pics on IG, it’s a dating app for her. Oh, and most of those ladies taking picture of themselves in Dubai are getting pooped and pissed on, on yachts You do you, Portia Potti. They’ve been getting defecated on for decades for dollars. Smell your girl’s head when she finally comes home to you, bro! Head and Shoulders can’t get rid of that easily, friend. If the rim of her mouth smells like a seafloor, throw that one back, my friend. The other ones are just going overseas, getting high and getting killed or are dying all together. Where are her kids? Yeah, YOU need solo travel, and she belongs to the seas!

Take the path less traveled, and make it beautiful! He was an old dude who’s wife wanted to go shop, while he wanted to walk and reflect. He’s Ok.
Be prepared to sunset that which does not maintain sunny days! He’s Ok.

And lastly, on this subject of how pathetic men are with this relationships and travel issue; be careful who you’re picking up on these apps because I told you they have warned you that they like to travel, but not YOUR kind of travel, and travel they do is hella expensive. These ladies on apps are trying to copycat real models and other fake people they see online, to try to look more important than they really are in life. YUCK Nobody care about their bragging about their travels in dating apps. I see all those countries; I see BODY COUNT INCREASE! You know what I mean, right? They’re going overseas catching bodies and spreading that Contagion since the dude won’t be able to find them back in America. She belong to the seas! Most of these ladies cannot even afford the trips they’re faking like they take with like it’s nothing. I’ve priced some of the trips out, it’s at least $12,000 US and I’d NEVER do that. That’s dumb. But here these ladies are, going broke over faking like they can travel like that for real, pretending to be an IG baddie. LOL So, I ask myself, and friends, about these ladies bragging about travel in the dating profiles, “they’re doing all this traveling on who’s DIME? What are their expenses like?” Did you know that people are going broke trying to chase those IG travels fantasies they are copying? Yeah! These ladies on dating apps don’t see that a guy does not want to go to those destinations these ladies want, to show off and also go in debt, for a location they have no interest in! It’s a bad thing to put on a dating profile as a lady, it’s GOOD to put on your profile as a man because they’ll all want you! I almost got into relationships with a few, but I asked “how deep in debt are you?!” and they didn’t like that question like I didn’t like any of their answers. They were broke! Nah, man! 1st rule of Solo Travel, broke people are not allowed! 2nd rule of Solo Travel, if you take someone, it can only be “Brave” and “Strong”, “independent” people (those who like to openly proclaim that they pay own bills and expenses and own this and that -like adults should do mind you), who also understand that they will also be paying their own travel expenses like that other stuff they brag they can do! This is often a subject of much debate, ending in a fight, for some reason. And 3rd rule of Solo Travel, it’s called Solo Travel; accept it even if it’s forced on you and just because it’s forced on you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go! That’s the shame of Solo Travel keeping you back, don’t let it! That Bumble lady you met, with the high standards and has been flying all about, she’s not paying for it and she’s getting what I call “flewed and boo’d”. Don’t listen to me, let the people training your daughters tell you themselves… The City

Lots of dudes are offing themselves, from lack of learning how to be alone. I’m not sure if he is dead or not, and neither did the neighbors. The ladies are going to disappoint you, and so too with your friends, so prepare for a lot of alone time, going forward and be COMFORTABLE with it. Ok and He’s Ok.

I’ll end it with this, oh god, bad choice of words… see, there may be something to that earlier statement about guys who are solo doing odd things. It’s not normally to others, rather it’s to themselves. When I was going to take that Catskills trip, there were 11 different suicides by lonely males, in that area, in the past 2 months, and authorities linked many of them to (drumroll …. RELATIONSHIPS). A lot of dudes are taking one way trip solo travels. I beg you not to do this, it’s not that damn serious, bro. Even Will Smith, after getting trashed by his Master (wife), started acting silly and now has a book talking about how he was going to kill himself. You know the source of this. And what did he do to break out of his funk???? HE DID A WHOLE SERIOUS ON SOLO TRAVEL AND GETTING THE HELL AWAY FROM THAT MONSTER called “Welcome to Earth” (the point is not to take his wife). And remember, before his recent woes of wanting to kill himself due to his marriage he tried to escape her with solo travel BEFORE, in this show “Bucketlist” . It was his bucket list because he realized, he wasted all of his life with someone who was unappreciative of what he did for her. See the pattern, SOLO TRAVEL heals but you have to be true to it to have it reward. Remember Anthony Bourdain? He tried to get away from that alleged child (g)rapist Asian Argento who molested a 17-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett, yet she was a star of #metoo. Wild. Bourdain said she was the reason for his depression and demise, in his documentary “Roadrunner” ) and her nasty life he allowed to ruin his revenue stream, his purpose in life, Solo Travel! These are two kings who were too nice for their own good, too good for those trash relationships, and were completely done in by those very terrible relationships and each were onto something, by taking solo travel but didn’t stick to the damn script!

Example of a lady “in process”. She was day dreaming for an hour, blindly staring into nothing, like I catch a lot of dude doing today. I felt bad for her, but she needed that time alone. Ladies know when to do this, but we men are too dumb to learn from ladies. She was cool after, but did this in quite a few places, in Newfoundland.
Something I realized near waterfronts is that dudes, who are “in process” pull up to the water and stare out blindly. It’s a good thing if you see this, he’s OK.

You guys just don’t get it, but women DO get it. Women have been doing Solo Travel to heal, for the longest, and will risk their lives and financial stability, to attempt to gain mental stability. They don’t care if they’re in relationships or not, THEY’RE TRAVELING! They make men look so lame in this area, it’s not even funny and it’s to a point where they’re actually complaining online about how lame men are with regards to travel, and I have to agree with them, thus this next series of blog entries. I’ll drop a piece of that shortly, but I’ll show you how women are not dumb when it comes to taking these Solo Trips when they are down in the dumps and want to get their lives together. Most of the single ladies I would see on trips, they were clearly trying to heal, truly wanted to be left alone, I could clearly see that and would certainly avoid them, for respect’s sake. They were recently fresh out of relationships, and without fail, they would end up telling me about these relationships, hoping for me to “boo hoo” with them- but they’re doing it to Bandaid the wound with their meaningless sex. If you find yourself in that situation, don’t fall for it, you’re helping her hurt herself, just listen and don’t take the booty she is trying to hand out to you!!! Let them be in peace if you see them in that failed relationships state, don’t take advantage of it. There is a LOT of that too so it will take self discipline because ladies who wouldn’t give you the time of day, back home, are throwing it at you abroad. I know, stupid, but that’s how people work. I’ve been on some really expensive trips and then saw 20 single women also on those trips, and 90% of them are clearly mental coming into these trips, really closed off from tour groups, or not really into the scenes we hit up, so they’re in process and deserve to that time to heal. But not guys, guys won’t get away to heal. They’re getting online to chase mentally unstable ladies. I’ll also drop a post I have in the tuck, about online dating and how there is a new demand on men, in addition to the 100000 other qualities a man better have before these women will date a man, and that new one is TRAVEL! I personally HATE online dating apps, mostly because of the kinds of ladies I get, and it’s just people who are permanently “in process” and should not be in the dating world at all, and if you’re not careful, will destroy your life too. A lot of my friends are in relationships with women from dating apps, so it says it all with the repeat failures in dating. I’m telling you guys, don’t fall for the travel demands of these online dating app ladies, they’re mental. As a matter of fact, just disconnect from dating apps because most women on them are socially inept and have arrested development in dating. You have the same ladies on that are dating apps, also on apps and sites writing to FELONS IN JAIL LOOKING TO MARRY THOSE JAILBIRDS, FALLING IN LOVE with them. These folks are not after the YOUs and MEs of the world, they’re looking for dudes who keep them on a rotation of ladies, who won’t take them anywhere because they don’t take them seriously, or can’t take the ladies anywhere because these guys are already with more interesting and personable lady from his rotation. YOU, you’re gonna have to win the heart of someone who doesn’t want you, but wants guys who display the Golden Penis Syndrome. These ladies who don’t want you created this situation with relationships, and aim to put YOU into relationships with the ladies, and make YOU pay for their inability to obtain relationships with that emotionally unavailable guy to get him all to themselves. Nah, SOLO TRAVEL and leave them both behind!

Ladies make subtle threats if you don’t take trips with them, or you go on Solo Travel without them. They try to make you feel like you are lame, either way- sending you this mental images while you’re not with her, some dude will be handling her like this and sending it back to you all mangled. Look what that man did to it, bro! Is SHE ok?? You ok???
He hit up Cape Spear with no Fear. The lady thought it as boring and didn’t want to do the walk up the hills and to the scary coast. Dude said “‘mKAY” and ditched her to catch the beautiful scenery. That lady missed a LOT. He’s Ok.

Now, why did I say that last part, because guys are always talking to me about ungrateful ladies who put pressure on them to go on trips they don’t want to take, women they KNOW are not even into these dudes, and it’s obvious to everyone but that woman. lol They’re mostly coming from dating apps. IMHO, a woman who can’t get a dude in person, and needs to use an app to find a man, needs careful examination before you take her on seriously- unless she’s “really busy because of her career” of course. 😉I’ll concur, a lot of them are too full of themselves, and they’re not even 5 out of 10 in attractiveness, but because it’s the Internet, their egos are inflated by the sheer number of horny guys who will have meaningless sex with them. THESE are the women my buddies frequent, and then come back complaining to have the worst dating experiences in life with. Yeah, you’re in relationships with unstable women who are purposely being willfully ignorant about the difference between 100’s of desperate sex requests (daily) and genuine affection towards them. They know what they’re doing, and they’re trying to rope dudes in with travel now, often trying to get the desperate guys to pay for trips. Fortunately for men, they’re telling you RIGHT ON THEIR PROFILES what they demand of you in this area, and they expect expensive trips too, so you will be spending your money on empty relationships, as many of my friends are doing. All of their women fail the FEMAIL DILUSION CALCULATOR. Drop that link on your lady, see how she measures up. You don’t need that, drop them, do solo travel, and be unapologetic about it. If you wish to maintain your relationships, you need this to stay sane, but you’ll likely get “well, what about me?” complaints and you just have to explain you need YOUR time. Your current relationships can wait until you get back from your temporary escape from its dependent crutches. If you’re in relationships, you know that it takes a strong woman to ALLOW a man to do solo travel– and just saying that shows how pathetic men are today, because we all know it’s true. LOL And btw, the ladies are also letting guys know, that if you do not take that lady on vacation with you, if she goes without her girls, or by herself, she is not responsible for what happens when other men try to get at her. They blame that on YOU, the man, for not going with her. Look at the inset pic, there is a rule, if you leave your lady exposed, some dude will come send her back to you all open like that, with the same smirk! So I learned from ladies, if that other person doesn’t want to go on travel with you, cool, ditch them and don’t feel bad about it! Oh, so that Catskills trip I had to cancel due to that 3rd party backing out of me last minute; of course I didn’t crybaby over it, I just thought like a lady, and BAM!!!!! 5 minutes later booked the backup that I already had in mind anyway. Travel with your own baggage, not with someone else’s. If you do anything new this year, and you’re someone in relationships, sorry, but you need to be more logical, not emotional, which means you need to keep your options opentravel options!

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