Kings of travel

UPDATE: Before we get to travel kings, let’s talk about a fallen King, May 5th, 2022, a good man died today, Kevin Samuels. While I did not agree with many of his antics, I found that many loved his message, but the ironic twist was that many also hated him because they may have agreed with what he said but hated the TONE in which he delivered the message. This is because these people were raised without FATHERS around, so in their opinions, no man is allowed to speak guidance out loud! These people are also not RELIGIOUS PEOPLE, so they hate the concept of FAMILY and MARRIAGE with a man, and don’t respect him, unless of course, he makes over $100k. There is a real danger of absence of fathers /morals /faith, a plague of procreation with men because they’re “cute”, “tall” or has “swag”, lack of culture, and the poisonous ideology that filled in for this gap in our culture. So much so that 51% of Black Men neither have ever been married nor have had kids, which is the highest percentage of men in the country and this is what Kevin kept saying, trying to get people to wake up- but his detractors said that was false. Go look at the link yourself, he had a team of number crunchers who pulled the same stats, he was right all along. He also said that 13% of all of the Black men are making all the baby mamas out there, which if you factor in that only 36% of Black Men are married, is accurate too (51 + 36 = 87% Not baby daddies, 100% – 87% is 13% are the baby daddies)- give and take a few who went and got married to someone else, which is not a huge number! He said the women were only banging the same guys and everyone else, the hardworking, smart, intelligent, employed standup citizen were all ignored by our women. He was right, which pissed off many women. The vitriol he exposed in our society, even with his detractors about his death, proved he was RIGHT about them all along, even in death- similar to how the same people attacked Kobe Bryant in his death for his choice of wife. If you paid attention to this blog, you’d notice a swing in attitude at around the start of the Pandemic- which was when I found his content. Completely appalled by this man, INITIALLY, I really HATED this man, because he belittled men for 5 years straight, and forced me to re-examine what I thought was manhood in the 21st century!!! I had to up my game for ladies, I wasn’t good enough for the ones I wanted, according to HIM, so I picked up the pace and “became“! I didn’t crybaby and demand they cancel his channel, I complied and got my sh!t together! However, when he switched his critique to include WOMEN as well (the last 2 years), then all hell broke loose and he became the devil to this latter population. His exposure of the complete misandry in the West has galvanized a bunch of people who have no ill will towards our better halves, but he highlighted that there is an unjust system in place that allows and rewards complete disrespect towards men, any men, good or bad men equally. Women called HIM, to get a gut check, that’s who called his show! Women tired of being lied to by their own female content creators who got them no results with men. Women who know a dude is supposed to check her, like she is supposed to check a dude, and those ladies were missing that because nobody else would dare do what Kevin did. Kevin exposed how misguided hate towards the West and Patriarchy is clouding our women’s brains. How is there a patriarchy if it allows this level of misandry toward good men and why aren’t these women seeking good men? And as a Black man, how do I get the finger pointed at me, and attacked, for the creating the patriarchy when we didn’t conquer the world? Kevin Samuels helped me avoid clearly terrible relationships, basically outlining how I was setting myself up with persons who were seriously AVERAGE AT BEST, as he put it, don’t deserve anything good in life if not working on themselves to obtain good in life, just like they never had decades before I met them. No one deserves anything just because of their GENDER, that’s SEXIST! He helped me realize that you should be OK with being alone if you’re not going to be respected, and go HEAL YOURSELF in your downtime, from people who neither respect or want you! You too should go your own way and get on your SOLO TRAVEL as part of your PURPOSE, because loyalty is lacking and you should NOT reward bad behavior in any way, especially with your time or your life’s earnings/learning. With that being said, let’s get on with the show, which is also in the flavor I mentioned earlier… guys, GET YOUR SH!T TOGETHER and GET OUT- OUTSIDE that is, and GET SOMEBODY ELSEWHERE! R.I.P, Kevin Samuels. OH, and he said if you make more money than your spouse, then you can ‘exercise options’ which is you can mess with other people outside of your marriage. All of the Sisterhood propagandists demonized him for it. Turns out, now 1 year after his death, that the same propagandist females have been doing this, and cheating on their husbands when they made more money than him. Sisterhood propagandists pretend to be virtuous because they’re exposed, but check how a lead hater from the Sisterhood propagandists shows how they’re hypocrites, such as Gabrielle Union, where she clearly agreed she could cheat on her husband because she made more money than him!

Elevate your views on life, see the bigger picture. Ditch the crowds!

I previously talked about the need for Solo Travel, as a way to help deal with mental distress. You know why we stress this here? Because if you don’t use travel to mentally heal yourself, to release and unwind, it has adverse physical health affects! As a male, you have a 32% higher risk of death from heart attack and 21% higher risk of death from all causes. So it makes sense that men do whatever it takes to take the edge off and try to live better lives, which Solo Travel will significantly contribute to. We know this because doctors studied this for WOMEN already, so we have to take the studies that governments used your money on to study women, and use that exclusive work, to enlighten ourselves. Unfortunately, now it’s time to talk about the BAD side of Solo Travel, well at least for men, and pretty much the lopsided way that Solo Travel is being used and perceived, by women and men. Unfortunately, men are not the Kings of Solo Travel, it is ladies who are the Kings of Solo Travel. Yes, the KINGS, not Queens, they rule Solo Travel with and iron fist. You men, you are Queens, not KINGS, when it comes to travel- no, you’re PAWNS in the game! Women travel is very sexist too. There are “WOMEN ONLY” tours that exist, with many top tour companies, and as a male, you cannot get on that. Imagine having a tour that stated “NO BLACK PEOPLE ALLOWED” or “NO ASIAN PEOPLE PERMITTED”, would that be acceptable in a modern society that claims to be promoting equality for all, fairness and no divisiveness? No, no it wouldn’t. that’s pretty sexist. Some would argue, it’s because they feel that men are threatening or they hate men, and by that logic, someone could have pro-racist tours too that outwardly say clearly “No Minorities”, right? Well, the KINGS have maneuvered this for Women Only travel, cementing their positions as the KINGS OF TRAVEL, top level privilege! Well there is such a thing as “WOMEN ONLY” tours, by major tour companies! And guess what, recently, there have been articles celebrating women who ditch men are WOMEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY. But check the spin on this for when women do it. So women are praised for going their own way and you, the guy, you’re a LOSER who is going to shoot up a school if you’re a male who does this same thing! lol I try to tell guys this all the time, they don’t believe it, but trust me. Women have total societal support to go off on their own, they’re stunning and brave! That’s why you know the Kings of Solo Travel have this game on lock, and it’s all they are talking about or are trying to advertise, if you ever see their digital presence, online. It doesn’t matter what walk of life that lady is from, she will put as a hobby, wherever there is a chance to, that she does travel. Any input box, anywhere, on any site, on a form of registration on an application at McDonalds, it does not matter where, if the Kings see any place to tell someone that they like travel, they will take the opportunity to tell anyone and everyone, that they traveled to this place, that place. What is the need to tell everyone that they travel or intend to travel that much? Well, it’s not exactly what we, here at Drunkphotography.com, are trying to advertise Solo Travel for, and this is part of the bad side of travel, because these bad habits, by the Kings. Travel has become less of a fulfilling experience to many people new to it, and has started to become something that has revealed that people have a really bad side to themselves. IG is filled with Kings of Solo Travel displaying disgusting traits related to having a show-off nature to themselves, related to solo travel. If you observe most pics on dating sites in google searches or with screenshots, it’s of a lady posing in travel places and it’s ONLY HER in the pictures. Many times, she is not alone on that trip, she is just pretending like she does Solo Travel, and is pretending like she is a brave Solo Travel lady! They’re doing boring posing not doing real good travel. She is posing on top of a camel in Africa, but the camels has reins held by someone. That’s just a pose pic, she didn’t actually RIDE a real camel through a desert. They’re travel snapshot, to say “I was here”. The current Kings will do ANYTHING to advertise that they travel, unfortunately most do it because they have zero hobbies or a life here at home, nothing, uninteresting, uneventful, just boring and are pretty empty inside. I’ve met them and know them, and this is the only thing they do they outside of working like a slave at a job when they’re not even a boss (more on that later). You really have to wonder why so many ladies go all out with this travel declaration on DATING PROFILES so I’m suggesting as I say, from experience, they’re bored in life and those folks don’t understand the mental relaxation it brings, they’re just trying to show off. They’re not using Solo Travel the right way today, especially not modern ladies.

Take time out for yourself!
Get out and shoot
See things from the best angles, for the most well rounded views.

The idea of the SELFIE is what we’re dealing with but what’s a selfie without a background? So ladies don’t take pics as a group, they want to show THEMSELVES ONLY in the location, which is trying to fake like they do Solo Travel! I’ve seen this a lot from male friends who went on vacation with their ladies, and when you see the pics on her IG, there is no evidence that HE went with his lady on that trip! LOL This is complete clown behavior that ladies get away with, but it’s her page, right? Her page, her body on it-, not his. The ladies are trying to make it look like they’re doing Solo Travel but demonstrate how self important they are, really. We laughed at my buddy for this, but I could see he was a little offended by what his lady did. Sorry, they are the KINGS of Solo Travel and they will make any time off look like they are alone, everywhere, yet most hate being alone- ironic. I told you before, IG is not to be played with when it comes to dating. Your lady, or man, is over there thirst trapping! It’s LONG been known. They’re not really taking in the scene to absorb the experience of being where they’re going, not getting immersed in the culture, they’re just saying “look at all the places I went” in a checklist fashion and taking meaningless snapshots. The Kings have inspired many guys to take matters into their own hands to get online validation, to try to mimic what they see the true Kings of Solo Travel doing, and this has turned on its head since 2019! What a disaster. Guys took the ball and ran with it, the WRONG WAY unfortunately. They started copying the bad travelers, the ones who are trying to show off, and now it is really obviously how much of a fail posting vacation photos are online. It wasn’t so obviously to many, at first, when ladies primarily did it, but now it’s just pathetic now we men are copying ladies’ bad habits. We’ll touch on that, a little more, in a bit too. So for now, let’s talk about some things, dumb to interesting, related to Solo Travel, and travel in general, the reason we, here are Drunkphotography.com, don’t believe that men have what it takes to be Kings of Solo Travel, as we just are falling behind on everything related to it.

Groups of apes shame men who love Solo Travel
What happened to the travel buddy?

Let’s start with the disappearance of a major tool that inspired men to travel while avoiding feeling like a complete loser for going alone, years ago. Do you remember what men did when they used to be too ashamed to do Solo Travel, in the past? Well, let me ask you, “do you remember that new ‘male roadtrip buddy flick’ that came out”? You know, that new one… NO, no you DON’T! And I really didn’t get the reason why Chris Rock and Adam Sandler kept doing this buddy flicks until I got older and realized, “HOLY CRAP, Sandler outlined how lame my friends would all become, and I just laughed at the whole time!” The reason the Hang Over was popular was because men forgot how to travel and the movie is funny because it shows how dumb men are when it comes to travel and it’s true! Our travel muscles have atrophied. Now, we don’t even want to see a travel buddy flick but that used to be our thing! One of the best buddy flicks to date was something that really put Paul Giamatti on the map for real, alongside Thomas Haden Church in SIDEWAYS! Most people don’t even know of it. It used to be a point to go see those movies. Today’s play on buddy movies showed how complicated it is for men to take any vacations, and they always highlight men as social failures, as the butt of the jokes. That’s society reflecting that we are NOT Kings of travel, rather we are the laughing stocks of it. We just aren’t respected in the travel space and we don’t even want to do buddy road trips anymore because we tend to get a little bit into talking about our mental issues we face, which men are too scared to share with other men, for fear of being considered weak. Men can’t be emotional in this world. Boys don’t cry, right? Part of guys backing out of buddy road trips is they don’t really want to express how vulnerable they may be, if a topic comes up, which is why many avoid these buddy trips today too. I think that guys are the reason why Solo Travel for men is frowned on, for fear of appearing depressed or seeming to be alone – which translates to the crippled male brain like someone who can’t get ladies. It’s not tough to do Solo Travel or Buddy Travel. The absence of the buddy road trip flick, and lack of marketing to us men, has heavily contributed to the rejection of this. Many ladies from my from ethnic background cite they want to date outside because other guys in other groups are open to traveling a lot, but they are always finding these beta males in other groups, and the logic lines up. The “cool” dudes don’t want to go on vacation with these ladies. So we not only need to combat the negative stigma attached to Solo Travel, but also Buddy Travel! The only acceptable option for male travel cannot be with your girlfriend or your whole posse! We can’t be that dumb and limited.

It’s too cold for them so leave them behind, take your buddies!
If you’re gonna die base jumping, then at least you do it with your boy!

Even my tough guy friends are just too bogged down mentally, even if they live a hop skip and a jump from excellent locations to take quick vacation to, but they’re locked in their own heads and problems. Common denominator? ALL of them were because of relationship FAILS, somewhere in the background, and the dumb thing is their ladies/ex-ladies (KINGS) go/went on vacations. So why won’t these guys go on vacations too? Because they’re afraid to get into arguments about possibility of cheating on vacation with Solo Traveler females! These guys are guilted into not going on vacation for cheating that didn’t happen due to them not even GOING. LOL These guys’ girlfriends will not let them go on trips without her accompanying him, because these ladies lack trust- BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, they know that a lot of women like themselves are doing solo travel so they can get pressed in a field of dandelions by some solo traveler dude. This is what these dudes’ girls KNOW goes on because they go on their own solo trips and THEY are doing it, then come back with sex-capades of bravery to share with the girls. These don’t count against the body-counts they tell you, guys, that’s lady code. 🤣 So, if you want to maintain your relationships with modern women, you, as a man, can’t go on trips without the lady, or you get conflict. Thing is, I technically have many more lady buddies that male buddies, today, because they’re so educated and have good jobs but have really boring personal lives, so they’re alone. Historically, if I was in relationships, I also couldn’t maintain those female friendships due to trying to avoid jealousy and arguments with whom I dated. These ladies give up the stories!!!! Jazmine Sullivan calls it HEAUX TALES. So, I say what I say from experience. Meanwhile, ladies don’t ever have to beg their men for approval to travel and have no guilt trips from men because the men don’t assume the woman will go on a trip to go cheat, men are seriously too trusting and will get shamed if they’re not. Your woman is cheating though, trust that, the stats have always showed women cheat as much as men, if not more. Did you do a DNA test on your kid? See, men just TRUST because it’s a man’s nature to trust. Not true the other way. My female travel buddies, the KINGS type, do not allow any male to control them with relationship and claim that’s mental abuse if a guy does rejects her right to take trips without him. So tough guys don’t do travel, and beaten down guys don’t do it either, UNLESS his woman drags him along or demands that man take her or pay for her trip to get rid of her for a week. When I see couples on vacation, I can spot the guy who wants to be there on trips with the women (rare) vs the guys who are just being dragged there and really don’t want to be there. Being “forced” to go with their women, on vacation, is the main reason guys are frowning on travel. If he travels, then he knows he has to pay that back with a trip that includes HER, which he doesn’t want to do. Travel has become an annoying task to many men, and if that’s how a guy will think, then he has failed himself. This guy is a candidate for Solo Travel, to revive his faith in travel, to divorce it from women entirely, because he is not traveling to see things that HE likes. He is traveling on his lady’s itinerary, not their shared planned itinerary. The Kings control you dudes.

Break from the crowds and go for the view.
SULK SONIC: I listened to this poor chump get screamed at, look at him sulking in the woods. SMH

The Pandemic showed me just how pathetic male life is in the USA. In addition to the skyrocketing of dudes just caving and cowering due to being veto’d in their relationships, another chunk of friends was retreating to their JOBS (if they had one) for strength, to escape their relationships they were stuck in the house with for 1 year and a half!!! Sure, their lives were already depressing being stuck with someone they hate, along with getting screamed at in the woods like a kid (see the inset picture to the left. Man, that was a cringeworthy lashing that guy took, like a kid. YIKES!), but they needed escape and didn’t choose solo travel to help. Their jobs became their saviors, they were depressed without their jobs to PHYSICALLY escape to, during the Pandemic. They became re-obsessed with escaping their lives by retreating to the only beating they appreciate, work. Life could have been OVER for us all, many of our loved ones lost their lives during this time, due to the Pandemic, and now that the threats of Covid are almost over, these people are back and married to their JOBS, to escape their relationships, especially women who are boring and have nothing going on in life but their jobs! This is all they were before the pandemic, and this is all they are now. Ask your friends how many vacations have they had, and if it’s less than 2, she is this person I’m talking about. Their whole identity is their jobs, nothing else, they won’t even free themselves for 1 week to travel. SMH Meanwhile, we saw that a whole bunch of people realized that their jobs were destroying them and quit their jobs, in the “Great Resignation” – and the leaders in this mass job exodus went right to become Boss Babes via their new Onlyfans pages. I know, you don’t believe, right? Well, if you’re reading this from the 3rd world, yes, our privileges allow 1st world women to be millionaires overnight… no not from hard work but from doing sexual acts online, instead of getting good jobs like normal people. She brags now about all the travel she can do. LOL 🤦‍♀️ FYI, this is why onlyfans pages are limited to USA citizens, to keep a billion 3rd world female millionaires from springing up overnight. I knew a few people who went with that quit the job mentality, who are now doing jobs that make the same amount of money they made before, just with less slaving at a desk, and those people were trying to travel more. Unfortunately, I also know a few who went to Onlyfans too, which is why I took a shot at those “Boss Babes”. However, LADIES, the KINGS, again rule, because I mostly only know lady friends who are doing this to use the job as an end to a means. Unfortunately, I also know 3 ladies who work just to get money to take it to travel to Latin America to have surgery to move all the fat from their huge bellies and have it reassigned to their nasty backsides to get a fake ghetto booty. Yes, ladies are using their hard earned money, and stimulus checks, to get their plastic surgery of the buttocks and this one now has tuberculosis in her fake butt. LOL 🤣 Males are mostly the lame here, still cry babying about their own failed relationships, but not the KINGS. You know how you know? The kings are on all of the dating apps listing that you cannot be their man unless you like to travel! It’s their top hobby/objective if you read 90% of profiles online. If you want to increase your chance of finding a lady using dating apps, set one of your hobbies to “travel” and watch the flood! You might NEED to do that actually, or they won’t mess with you. LOL

Cleverly mention or indicate you like “travel” and you’ll get more hits, but it means to them “helper of travel MY expenses”

As a matter of fact, there is another mode of Bumble for ladies to find travel partners. It’s the BUMBLE BFF mode, and I met some people who were actively seeking fellow Solo Travel Kings online using that instead of trying to find a mate. Clever! There are also other sites that lets them get “flewed out” by simps. I remember reading a few reports that showed that a high percentage of females say they will travel regardless of what the hell is going on in the world, including those who are moms and wives, many completely not worrying about safety dangers. More than 3 quarters of US women KNOW that travel is necessary for mental health and they had started that hash tag #SHEGOES since 2018. These ladies are going psycho where they live normally, with the boring and uneventful lives they have, so they must get away! The Pandemic only forced this to the forefront and made it obvious. My friends call me for entertainment, meanwhile they have a man at home they won’t talk to. I hang up! Go get a life, you bum! Same as I would tell a guy. I point them to travel, they go, they feel happy, the get their relationships back on track! KINGS!!! I tell dudes to do the same, they crybaby and don’t go anywhere. LAMES! Ladies went crazy with travel to escape their baggage. Forbes is still tracking this trend, it’s still strong, and I can tell you it’s true because I saw hordes of them out there. Kings! So while dudes are lamenting over relationships and avoiding travel, ladies are REQUIRING a love for travel, as a prerequisite to dating them on apps- or if not, they’re forewarning men that they’re going to be traveling whether or NOT the men agree. They’re telling you up front, “I LIKE TO TRAVEL!” so you better know if you pick her, you better let her travel or you better go with her on these travels. You need to be 6’2+, with a 6 pack and make over $100k plus, have no babies, have an expensive car and now you better want to take her on vacation! The Kings rule you! But don’t be fooled by all the advertisement that women are doing all over all of these dating apps, because half of that smoke is not for you men, it’s for another audience by proxy. The Kings are showing off with their travel too, because they are competing against other women, showing off to other women, and showing off to you the man too, to get a man and think that TRAVEL is the way to shine over other people. She advertising to you, not her personality, not her smarts, but how many places in the world she traveled and/or took photos to/at. LOL 🤦‍♀️ She is trying to compete with other ladies, for MEN, with her travel bragging in these dating apps. That’s nuts! All that online bragging about travel is women hating on other women, which isn’t cool. It’s a spending fest to outspend other women, to show off like “look how much of my budget I’m able to spend on travel which these other broke women cannot do nah nah nah nah nah“, meanwhile, it is making less fortunate women feel insecure and broke, so they go and max out their credit cards to try to look like women with money. This is SICK, people! Then that broke chick now is on her profile demanding that YOU (MEN) take her on trips so she can level up and be seen like those other lady braggards. This is a sick world! When you want to be the King, sickness comes along with it. Spot these profiles and swipe LEFT.

Preview of the next entry, KINGs telling on themselves in dating apps, using travel and signals to YOU (men).
This guy was with a group of people, and his girl, at the coffee shop. She was hugged up on him and wanting to take 10000 pictures… 10 minutes later, she’s nowhere to be found and he is out on the water with a kayak. LOL She’s OK.

Forbes is right, ladies are the Kings of Solo Travel but there is tomfoolery going on with some of those Kings’ online profiles claiming they’re doing all this travel! It’s literally all they’re talking about online, and is what’s driving most of their IG pages- although some people, they’re travel is all CAP. How do I know? There is a whole industry dedicated to broke people pretending like they do Solo Travel but it’s all a lie. They are using various techniques to take FAKE VACATIONS!!! A few years ago, some ladies in underdeveloped locations in Africa and Asia were making photos pretending to be in popular European cities, but it turned out it was all photoshopped and they faked social media fame with this. They got a lot of followers just for posting how “worldly” they were, when they were really in a shantytown. The upgrade version of this FAKE-CATION has morphed into dedicated sites like fakeavacation[.]com, which will allow you to fake like you went to a real vacation with stunning results. There are HUNDREDS of sites where you can fake like you went on a vacation, even mobile applications that do it like the 4 star-rated application “SELFIE Maker” in the Apple Store. Google search “fake vacation” and you’ll see what I mean. These people are sick in their heads try to do this. This is because of pressure to produce vacation selfies to look cool on IG and it’s mentally taxing, stressful and ruins vacations for all involved. So a lot of fake vacations pics out there, pretending like they’re doing Solo Travel to luxurious locations, mostly with MEN in the photos, oddly enough. And there men are faking like they do these vacations, TO GET WOMEN!!!! They know that women like vacations, so guys are content to fake like they’re on vacation to places women are showing they like, on social media, but these guys will not GO THERE for real. FAIL! Where are the resources to encourage men to solo travel or buddy travel for real? Drunkphotography.com has to step in here! We have to let you know that you are acting like a bunch of loser men out her, not traveling around and getting out of your typical environment, to see how things are done elsewhere, to see things from different perspectives, and to meet non-stereotypical people. You’re missing out by not traveling and leaving all the fun to the Kings of Travel (women).

not a king
CLOWN HATER: How to ruin your “Cool” on trips, trying to be cool. SMH
I posed the ladies in front of Rainbow Falls here

I did manage to reach some dudes, with the messaging, while on solo travel, but it helped me cement my theory that DUMB MEN ARE RESPONBILE FOR MAKING SOLO TRAVEL FOR MEN LOOK LAME! On a recent tour I took, a goon (see the picture above the paragraph) and his buddies were talking crap about some nearby solo travel guy and apparently ME too. I was chatting up a pair of Kings of Travel who wanted my help on photo ideas for IG. I told them I mapped out some locations and I found a bridge with a water fall in back and with they could pose with it. They wanted to come with me to it. This guy saw and overheard us and pretended like he was reading a sign behind us, but when we left, he signed in disgust, mumbling “this Fu(kin’ guy…” which I can only assume he was referencing me. Hater! I know it was that he was in disbelief that 2 beauties were talking to me, the lame guy of the tour. Mind you, I’m not on trips looking for ladies, I’m making content for myself, minding my damn business (I have 360 proof 😂 ) and ladies come up to ME because they’re curious, yet I still get hate from dudes who think they’re so cool. Then I was chatting up some Venezuelan travelers, in Spanish, when this same lame dude tried to muscle in on the ladies, by trying to hit on them while they were asking me for tips for shooting pics in the rain, then he got mad when the ladies didn’t want to talk with him. He mumbled again “this N*** is mad corny. I can’t believe this sh*t” (under his breath). These “Alpha males” were trying to make fun of me, the Solo Traveler, yet they can’t even get ladies to talk to them, so they hate. However, when he realized he was not getting the results he wanted, he started to separate from HIS group, and went out by himself, this time with a small umbrella, ALL COTTON AIR JORDAN sweat suit, fake platinum chain dangling in the rain, and brand new Jordan sneakers in the heavy downpour and muddy hike through the state parks. LOL He returned from the hike SOAKING WET, smelling like dog pooh and dirty feet-cheese the whole day! The ladies were laughing at how hard he was trying and failed. Next day, I saw him and he gave me a “what’s up” head nod, and asked me how much my 360 camera cost. I took the chance to school him on his errors, while peaking his interest in photography and solo travel. I told him, he was giving them attention, and I was NOT, therefore they’d open to ME approach me, and close down to people like he and his crew for being aggressive- you know, like is the strategy on BUMBLE (ladies make first move). I broke it down for him: He went with a group (1st mistake), he wasn’t dressed for the scenes of the tour (2nd mistake), he didn’t know how to be ALONE and exposed (3rd mistake), which made him visibly jealous. Them insulting/joking on me only showed the ladies that I’m the brave one for not caring about the same of being a Solo Traveler, and showed ladies that dudes in groups are dumb apes who are rude and are too cool to participate properly in trips they pay for. He was shocked by the amount of ladies who were single, on that same trip, but realized he ruined it by coming with his barbershop cologne smelling crew of 4 apes who made the ladies uncomfortable (4th problem). Ditch the dumb apes! Be brave and go alone or with a buddy, gentlemen. But it helped cement for me that MEN caused this bad imagine of men doing Solo Travel. I incorrectly use to think it was ladies who created this narrative, but after close examination, even when couples would make the “that guy is the murder” jokes, it was almost always a joke initiated by a male, to put another male down, to look superior to his lady, if his lady seemed interested in what that Solo Travel guys was doing. Then I realized, I have experienced this many times, previously, but was so busy doing my thing to even notice.

The loser guy couldn’t see the forest through the trees that I posed the ladies in front of!
go solo
Go fishing, don’t get phished and avoid those fishing for compliments!

Back to many of the people who were depressed, because of work conditions, and backed out on trips we planned. Those people are likely simultaneously sick of work and had relationship problems they discovered, but felt like slaves to work because it’s ESSENTIAL to life, in the USA, but WORK is what is needed to be able to maintain their boring relationships! That’s a destructive cycle to be caught in! As a man, if you don’t have money, you can’t get ladies, and if you don’t have money, or aren’t the breadwinner, you get emasculated by society. You can’t pay child support, ladies don’t need “scrubs” like you, you can’t buy a home for your family and keep your family well fed. That’s a terrible position to be in, slave to society. These people cannot do travel of any sort, they don’t have lives anymore, they tapped out mentally due to their ladies. Relationships took a big Pandemic loss and some of that was realized in a few articles about relationships failing, as 1 in 5 relationships died. I argue, most relationships should never begin. You want to see what the typical woman demands in NY of a man? Have a look at these demands and look at the woman and the source of her confidence. Surely, you want to be in a relationship, right? I have 3 friends paying child support for children that are not biologically theirs, with such ladies, paying just under $3k for kids that aren’t theirs, but in the USA, if you marry a woman with kids, those kids are now legally YOURS TO PAY FOR UNTIL THEY ARE 21. You took over for the biological seed dispenser, and he is off the hook now that you married his ex weekend-fling and took his unwanted kid under your wing, with no thanks from anyone, just like you’re dating anyone else to these people. LOL So, these buddies have NO MONEY after leaving these women. Dudes are not going to travel because they’re not trying to spend $3k to travel when they have to pay $3k a month in child AND alimony support already! Women don’t normally have to pay out huge portions of their paychecks for failed relationships because they tend to get custody of the children, they get everything in divorce, child support money, and due to their refusal to be the top earner in a relationship of hypogamy where a man makes much less than themselves, women have much more money available to do things like travel! Men are BROKE, thus are not willing to spend their remaining money on ANY travel, as they don’t see it as beneficial given all the money they pay for failed relationships. If you want to travel, beware of ladies chanting that it’s Step Daddy Season because you’re taking them and THEIR kids on trips, or you’ll be paying for some irresponsible, moron guy’s kids. LOL but the Kings have a lot of disposable income to take unlimited trips! And if you’re the moron father of these kids, you need to see that your lady is traveling to Dubai or Ghana doing nasty business, abandoning your kid at home, and then may never come back after a “PAID” vacation. Travel is dangerous but they’re bragging that they’re doing all this travel themselves! Ladies have no fear about solo travel, they ARE the Kings!!!!! They don’t let a little thing like MURDER or being a responsible mother to stop them from traveling. Look here, and here, and here, and here,… they even take vacations to kill their moms in the favorite location of all Urban beauties today, BALI! Nothing will stop them from Traveling, NOTHING! KINGS! When she said she went to Dubai, after hearing all the stories of women getting SALMON stuffed up their private parts being a Dubai Porta Potty Bae, did it stop any ladies from bragging that they went to/ want to go to Dubai?? NO! You hear the copycats wishing to mirror Dubai Porta Potty ladies. They’re copying all the ladies that are exposed on TAG THE SPONSOR. They don’t care, they’re out there though! lol And now, she wants YOU to take her there too. I dunno, dude, if you go with her, maybe she can hook you up, and get one of those Arab princes take a dump on your forehead too, to help with paying the costs of the trip in a 2-for-1 deal? LOL

Avoid rocky efforts or you’ll lose your standing!

So, why am I seriously back on SOLO TRAVEL? Because I thought I was falling into one of these traps, and when I realized why I was sad, I realized I needed to travel again. I was sad because …recently, yes I get sad sometimes. I was left very empty during the pandemic, left all alone, because I couldn’t get the new love that I really wanted in my life, all I got was some used up, dirty slit, slow, fat box that is visually unimpressive, but I just needed something to do so I kept it in play. I was so pissed off I was stuck with that and got so sad when I found out that I could not get the new PS5! So pissed I was stuck with that old broken down PS4 that I have now, I’m still stuck with it and can’t get my PS5!!!! I’m depressed dammit! Sorry, I have no responsibilities in life other than to pay my bills and have fun. 🤣 Another buddy of mine was depressed over this issue too, but he has real problems on top of that. He contacted me and told me that we should hang and shoot some real talk. He is a guy who associated traveling with being in a relationship with his ex, because he could not take a trip without his lady. He didn’t want to travel with her but also there was the pressure I spoke of earlier. I used to call this guy “Woody” because he told us, back in school, that he went down the waterfalls of Niagara Falls, in a wooden barrel!!! This was amazing news! I really wished I could go so badly to do that myself; back then, I begged my mother to take me, she refused to. I thought because it sounded dangerous she refused. Everyone was amazed by this story though, but nobody had money or cars to go. But shortly after he told us that story about Niagara Falls, some other kids had learned that my friend straight ripped that story from an episode of Woody Woodpecker the goddamn cartoon  LOOOOOOOOOOL and only then we realized, this guy NEVER went down the falls in a barrel and if he did he couldn’t possibly survive!!!! LOOOOL  LOOK, WE DIDN’T HAVE GOOGLE THEN, OK!!!???  Seeing him and laughing in his face so HARD!!! We laughed for hours straight on this, and I kept calling him “Woody” for about a year.  So, you see, he and I go back like Now And Later and Sour Patch Kids candy! Trying to break him out of the mental block, I organized a REAL TRIP to Niagara Falls, New York, after reminding him of that episode and he laughed his butt off again. He agreed that he needed to go, just for the fun of that memory, but he was exhibiting signs of being mentally bothered by something. Nonetheless, when the time came, I loaded up the suitcase, plotted out what sites to see there and immediate area, including going over to Canada’s side. I waited for this dude to come through on the day of the event, 6am. 30 minutes passed, I called, no answer, 30 more minutes, no answer, 1hour, no answer, 2 hours, no answer. I went to this guy’s goddamn apartment, NO ANSWER. I already had the tour booked, I already paid the money, there was no sense in wasting it, as the deadline to get on the bus neared- this guy was a complete NO SHOW! I was puzzled! He ghosted me. That bastard!

Don’t take pics of your girl, take pics of the scenes

I called Woody’s cousin; he couldn’t find him either. The cousin called Woody’s girl’s family, who found his girl and she told everyone that she was now an EX-girl and that they just broke up a few days before. I learned, all this while on the trip to Niagara Falls (7 -hour ride from NYC- now I know why my mom refused to take me)! I then realized why my mother wouldn’t take me, IT was 7 HOURS!!! 2 weeks pass, and dude, resurfaced.  I learned that he bounced suddenly to the Dominican Republic, doing God knows what, but he sounded like he was a new man when I finally got to speak with him. He was a born-again man- not the religious type- but he did get to “know” people, in the Biblical sense. But something changed, he told me he was now all about travel and that I had helped him realize that he does need to travel more. I was super happy to hear this, HOWEVER, I didn’t realize that he was not talking about travel as I advised him to do. He is now what they call a “Travel Bro”  and that is NOT exactly what I’m talking about with solo travel, but to each his own. Earlier, I told you that women like hearing about men who like to travel, but travel for real. Well that’s an attractive feature of a man, thanks to the dating apps and what women have been stating about travel. However, Woody here was not going for that reason, he was going to have interesting connections with locals in the foreign countries he had now planned to go to. A site that he used, and maybe you might like, is Your Travel Mates dot com (you figure that out), and if you want to pick people you want to meet up with and travel, you can select the “look” of the person you want to “travel” with, go there with them, possibly even PAY for them because I’m seeing that’s probably the flavor of some of the profiles of ladies I see on these sites- same as the dating apps! You can see what I’m getting at here? And HERE is where women are getting trips paid for, TO GO WITH RANDOM STRANGERS, like YOU, you Simp, creep pervert. So the Travel Bro pays to bring sand to the beach. Go yourself to the location and work your angle from abroad, if you’re trying to bag chicks. What are you thinking???!!

Do YOU like nobody is watching!
Change view
A change of view can expose beauty if you keep your head up

I’m about SOLO travel to be around NOBODY, or with a good friend that I can stand being around me, but Woody and another breed of dudes are traveling for the sole purpose of furthering their FOREIGN relationships, some coming back with fiancés. In my version of Solo Travel, it’s to remains SOLO unless you go with a capable lady, where you two go hike, you go bike, you go deep into a jungle/forest/cave/barrio, see interesting cultures, immerse yourself in travel, and experience the scenes you go to. You don’t want to be crippled with company who can’t even get up a damn hill or can’t walk 1 mile and wants to go on vacation to see exactly what they have in front of them in their own city, or to go and shop all day. Nah, my version of SOLO TRAVEL is with no baggage, no stress and certainly isn’t about getting your tussle on like that community. They do what I call “LAYcations”, which is not my thing, but I can see why they’re doing it. Wifing up impoverished ladies in 3rd world countries, paying for pretend relationships that offer the Girl Friend Experience, just doesn’t exactly scream “manly” to me, nor seems like the sane thing to do since it’s only temporary and the next dude in rotation is beasting your Wifie when you’re back at your Home Depot jobs in USA. But by all means, do YOU playa and don’t feel ashamed. The should go abroad and beat, but that whole wifing someone up thing over there, when you don’t live THERE in the foreign country with her, that’s a failed strategy. However, they’re on to something, if you’re that horny because …. well… ladies are not as traditional as they let on, today. Where is your daughter right now, Sir? How are we at a point where MEN are shamed for sexual promiscuity but women are celebrated? Can you please explain that to me? Now MEN have to be the moral compasses for our society because Girls Gone Wild? And that is the final reason that dudes don’t want to come on my trips. I don’t go to trips looking to score ladies and many dudes HATE that. I told you, guys don’t want to pay to go on a vacation where they can’t get some ladies. They’ll pay to go with their lady because they’ll get vacation coitus, but if there isn’t an opportunity for them to score ladies, they’re not doing it. Really pathetic of dudes to not go somewhere just because they won’t get sex in that destination. To each his own though, but that’s a poor strategy and of course, most of the guys doing that are going down there those locations with hoards of dudes- the ruin of great travel, scores of goon morons!!!! Dumb! Not for nothing though, I’m just happy that he is out there traveling, out of his funk and used travel to do it. Drunkphotography.com will make males believers in taking vacations more, one person at a time. But not it really makes a lot of sense that MANY more ladies hit me up on IG to ask about destinations ideas to go to to practice photography, then do men, since men aren’t man enough to take vacations. I’m so mad that only ladies have it together in this department and recognize how it’s improves your mental state. The reigning Kings of travel remains WOMEN, sorry guys, you blew it during the Pandemic! #shegoes is a popular tag for female travelers for a reason, they’ll do it at any cost, they don’t care if the fear of (g)rape, muggings, murders linger, they’re TRAVELING!! And MOST of those KINGS are traveling abroad and buying sex from poor men in 3rd work countries, Black or White women, doesn’t matter. The KINGS are perverts! While the Black man is clowned for stereotypically not having the will of Will Smith’s character in The Pursuit of Happiness, his female counterpart is applauded for behaving like the author of a book called “The Pursuit of Happiness: Black Women, Diasporic Dreams, and the Politics of Emotional Transnationalism“, who promotes female’s going around the world to have pay to have sex with random men who are poor and cannot refuse easy money because they need to feed their families, many of whom are married men. Perverts! If you’re female and you can’t get sex in the Western world, that REALLY says a lot about YOU because you don’t have to try hard to get sex at home, as a female- so you traveling to exploit 3rd-world, impoverished, vulnerable Black men who are husbands of women in foreign countries… YUCK! And while many KINGS do it because they have no other hobbies in life, don’t want to try to be a good wife/girlfriend, are pretty empty inside, are poisoned by 4th wave feminazism, or are just trying to copycat social media influencers, still, they do it, like Kings, with no shame. So why do they shame MEN who are now doing the same suddenly! It’s time for men to WOMAN UP and learn to be Kings!

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