Yeah it's raining, it's pouring, but you're boys make sure you do nothing that will have you snoring.

Take a look at this above picture. What if I told you that this is not what most modern women are seeking YOU for, when it comes to travel. Hmmm

That picture up inset (to the left) is interesting because I was on a beach and noticed that people on this beach mostly came as couples. I was happy to see this because it restored faith in couples, for me, but then again it didn’t. I was happy that I saw this couple in a few locations doing some hiking/walking and then again here. They were going their own direction, doing their own thing, away from everyone else, having deep conversations, decongesting together. I like when couples can take non-stereotypical trips together, trips that don’t have to involve lavish spending to show off on the gram with. The sad part was that people who looked like myself were nowhere present during that whole week of travel, and certainly nowhere near this beach, since it wasn’t summer time, nor do they tend to be interested in anything I like to do for vacations, since there isn’t much to “show off” about destinations I go to, other than the healing properties of these places. However, this beach is a major tourist attraction, and everyone was where I was standing at, in the opposite direction of where this couple was headed (smart people). The couple approached the entrance with me, this is why I noticed them, they looked at “us” (crowd of people) and made a bee-line in the opposite direction! Some people were visibly disturbed by that, but not me. I respected that, I wanted that actually… but “THAT” is GONE, when it comes to my life, as I’ve gone my own way in recent years, due to lack of consistent “THAT” on trips. The most interesting thing that I spotted was that it was the female of the couple who pulled the male back to stop him from proceeding. It was she who had to steer him away from the crowds, she wasn’t having it, while he was blindly heading to where the crowds were. Clearly, the lady valued the privacy and beauty of being in a place that seemed like only they existed – or at least in my mind when she yanked him in that direction for that reason. That’s a sign of “quality time (alone) together is required, buddy“, and getting that, initiated by a lady, is a rare and highly attractive quality to find in a woman. They walked so slowly, talked a lot, she elbowed dude pretty hard for something he said as they laughed hard, and just let the tides overtake their hiking boots as they walked the shore peacefully, alone as a couple, disappearing into the horizon together, semi-romantically. My kind of gal!

The beach should be a backdrop to your life, not the center of it!
Remember beautiful sunsets together? Gone!

Why do I imagine the scene that way? Well that’s how I saw it when I snapped the shots of them and I know how necessary these getaways are for couples, yet, you just cannot get this anymore. Not because of there being nothing but overcrowdings wherever you go, now that Covid is winding down, but because your ladies have no interest in that anymore! I’ve had more than 5 ladies tell me that ideas like being on a beach, under the stars together, no one else around, is either boring or it too old fashioned. I’m called an “old soul” for proposing such things, and THAT is why I know, dating in general is TRASH! — Japan needs to hurry up and send me some robots, because these people here (USA).. uhh the worst! 🤣– I’ve been in relationships where a lady who would cry in amazement of the beauty of nature, and a normally communicative lady would get reduced to wordless crying at the realization of her peace, tranquility and self reflection, when she realizes she is in a scene such as the ones I reference. True story! – then come back home and pay for a Mental Health Advocate to preach feminist propaganda to her instead of seeing a licensed psychologist! 😒It also revealed, to me, clear signs of people who needed to heal and who appreciated places I took them, initially, or instructed them to go to heal (themselves), to truly become empowered. Why? Because they finally didn’t care about showing off and didn’t care about the stress of planning “vacation” or travel. Some I’d dispatch with an itinerary I made and some Garmin maps to import. How can this be stressful? People would tell me how stressful taking vacation can be, and that just didn’t compute to me that they weren’t referencing the same type of travel that I was. On vacays with me, they could just BE, in peace, with simple scenery and sounds of nature/peace, miles away from noisy clubs, partying and showboating/peacocking nonsense. My buddies also cite that they had these kinds of “decompression” moments too, when they repeated my tips with their ladies on travel, or when they came on some of these trips to hang out in nature. So there is a really big “AHA” moment when people experience a trip designed to secretly get the other person to unplug from society, most notably, when that person doesn’t realize that she/he hasn’t even touched her/his phone in a full day. I like this kind of experience, but I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many who like what I like, who like these scaled down decompressed moments on vacation. My only problem is, in a romantic sense, ladies who like these kinds of settings and tones on vacay, they’re just not from my ethnic background, which really sucks, for me, as I try to get more of my folks out to do non-stereotypical, non-clout-chasing getaways- which they’re simply not interested in. My people all want to go to BALI suddenly due to hype beasts 🙄… more on that later. Many people laugh that my trips are not for our racial/ethnic groups, meanwhile, the trips folks who say that are obsessed with trying to go to, are to places that our folks are nowhere represented locally at, and most times not even wanted in. LOL There are whole channels dedicated to travel for us that list something like “top places to visit that are friendly” to us and none of them are “our” countries, so literally that’s doing travel to a place we don’t normally go, which defeats their points, but really, they’re traveling to emulate those who are not us, so whatever… Oh those folks and their logic. LOL

If you can’t climb heights together, you don’t need her. Just don’t go all ‘X marks the spot’ “Wild Crime” documentary about it on her.
R.I.P. to peaceful travel together, away from crowds.

So, really, I see a bunch of people trying to copycat people in polite society, and they are the ones trying to take trips to PROVE that they are assimilated and not “ghetto”. That is why going to explore nature, or going to see national parks isn’t popular with my own folks, which are all safe and they are welcome yet they don’t want to go. If it’s not something fancy to show off about, they’re not going, they’re busy trying to show popular society that they are equal to them, they have a political statement to make with their travel, which I find disgusting and pathetic. They want to do exotic travel to a place that treats poor people like garbage, meanwhile I see our folks laying in a hammock sipping margaritas like “so, not my worry!” It’s egotistical based travel, rather than feed the soul, it feeds the ego. They think they’re healing with their trips to try to show onlookers that they’re rich and unique, but they’re coming as boring, sedentary travelers who get rotated in and out of cabanas that open to an oceanfront and they repeat that boring crap daily and have no activities to do there. They’re trying to overcompensate for feeling inferior in the US society. BORING! Most men find this absolutely BORING and unattractive. My people really need to heal and instead, they’re swept up into some of the clout-chasing garbage to be like popular society, which I’ll expound on shortly. The minorities I take on my trips freak out about how they can love something so simple, fresh air from being outdoors, and no showing off involved. I want more to feel this way, through use of travel, but realized that this is almost a lost cause, based on what my buddies are sharing with me about what they’ve seen from modern ladies today. My buddies are on dating apps religiously, so, they’re seeing unrealistic demands made of men that involve travel now, and they shared some profile screenshots to prove it. There is ELEGANT travel demand too, not travel to some city in your same country travel. If you travel locally in the USA, these ladies say you’re LAME! I began to realize that when it comes to the younger dating market, non-lavish travel is out of the question with the ladies on these dating apps! If she can’t make a statement with travel, that feeds her ego, she doesn’t want you, and this is a huge problem in US dating for all men here and makes men check out of dating. When it comes to travel that I like, and likely any travel that most men like, you can forget about doing that kind of travel if you try to get hooked up with some lady in the USA. Dudes will do something simple like go fishing, go boating, go hiking, go explore a temple in a desert but that’s not cool to ladies. Ladies are not interested in non IG-clout-chasing travel, sorry. So, the question then becomes, why do guys keep going on showoff-vacation with these ladies if they don’t like the trips they’re taking with these ladies? I mean, I KNOW why, desperation for some coitus does this to many men of little value, they take trips they don’t want to be on, and spend thousands of dollars they don’t want to spend, just to get some coitus. SMH And, are these ladies even trying to be seen as a couple on these vacations with these pathetic guys, or are they up to something else, as the ulterior motive to traveling with him? These ladies can’t possible respect weak men, could they? These women can’t possible want men that they can step all over, because that’s not promoting equality, and women want equality, not to be in a relationship where even they dominate the man and emasculate him, right? Never.

What’s so wrong with going to places, as a couple, an getting “this is our world” feeling. They asked me to pose them, I walked them here, and we did the thing. She loved it, but I bet your woman wouldn’t respect a scene like this. Nah, your girl wants raw dong and cheap liquor. 🤦🏾
Would you pay to travel to see churches? I do that actually, historic ones at that, but not good for “couples travel” unless you specifically get a lady of faith.

Something that I’m not liking out here, that I see too much of, related to travel, is something that I unwillingly wanted to admit to. I wrote, in previous pieces, that many modern women are out here doing anything possible to travel, or at least to advertise/fake that they like to travel, and are bragging out it to anyone who will read/listen. I figured that would just stay confined to lady life and that wouldn’t impact us men, but I was wildly incorrect! I had multiple conversations with my buddies who are into all the dating apps and then found out from them that too many ladies were into traveling today. I, of course, told them that most women, from the pools they’re picking from (urban) were not into travel, and they ALL begged to differ- with screenshot RECEIPTS from dating apps. One by one, they started to forward me social media app profile screenshots and I was surprised, because I thought these profiles were their IG or fakebook pages talking about how much they all were 100% about travel. I saw picture after picture, text after text, race after race examples of how much they want to travel… mostly from broke chicks though,… more on that later. I saw like 8 out of 10 profiles mentioned that they like travel, and some went waaaaaay overboard to pronounce that they love travel, TO MEN, specifically!!! They’re doing this in DATING PROFILEs in dating apps, and are somehow all about bragging about how much travel these ladies were doing or expected to do, and the coded messages that a man who wants them better expect to take them on travel! So not only are you not tall enough, rich enough, big boned enough, handsome enough for them but you are not well-traveled enough for them. AMAZING. lol I get going overboard to announce to the world that you like to travel, and a suitable place for you to show some great scenes on FAKEBOOK and IG, for all to see, to make as many selfies as you love without shame, since that’s what social media is for. Certainly, a lady would NOT go to a dating site, to show off about how much money she spends on luxury travel (or what she considers luxury travel), that’s assuming SHE is actually the one who paid for the travel, would she? YUCK! How disgusting and tacky! It turns out, YES, that’s exactly what ladies are doing, en masse.

demand band
You can’t date them unless you will be vacationing where they want to go, only! Read the coded demands on these dating apps carefully!
Mirror Lake: Older couple takes to the lake and are in a world of their own!

I personally know a lot of ladies traveled during covid because they got those government stimulus checks! This idea spawned dumb urban myth that the government would pay them to travel, in the “Explore America” program. LOL MORONS! What where would they get such a dumb idea from? If you trace it back, respectfully, from Donald J Trump, who said it at a meeting and the reference has since been removed from the whitehouse links but check this. Trump said, ““Create an ‘Explore America’ — that’s ‘Explore,’ right? Explore America tax credit that Americans can use for domestic travel, including visits to restaurants. That’s a big deal,””. He knows how Americans think, he know how to play top level games, and this resonated with poor folks trying to look like they can level up with free money. Georgia knows too, so I heard some ramblings about another FREE MONEY FOR TRAVEL scam popping up in Atlanta, Georgia with its new “IN HER HANDS” program where they pay $10k a year to lucky women who win this welfare program, which the ladies I discovered this from said they would use to travel to BALI, or to Dominican Republic to get butt injection surgery (BBLs). 🤣 If you give people an avenue to show off, they’ll do it by any means necessary, even if it means their kids not having food to each 4 nights a week. And this mindlessness is all over the dating apps showing off exactly like they do on Fakebook, making it extra known that they go to hundreds of countries, some are letting you know that they’re catching bodies in all countries. Oh, you thought that traveling was the only fantasy she’s living out while out in these places? Bro, she’s looking at huts all day, eating basically what is airline peanuts in a fancy foldup lawn chair pretending that’s hot, that’s boring.

If she doesn’t want to do exciting and thrilling travel, dump her. But if she’s down for fun stuff, like a privately scheduled helicopter ride through gorgeous backdrops, that’s a keeper!
They’re looking for travel that resembles movies, here is what my eyes do in the same way, on vacation. We don’t see the same things on vacation. Near, far… wherever you are! LOL

So, after seeing this, I had to ask myself, WHY would I want someone who brags about all these luxurious vacations they take, and hints at all the dudes who beat in these places? Who is so mental that they would put this craziness out there on a dating app like it’s a positive travel advertisement? Bam, just like that, I just realized a conundrum I suddenly found myself with. I clearly love women who travel, because it hints they may not be so sedentary in life, which I hate, but THESE kinds of persons’ travel DEMANDS of a man, are terrible! YUCK! Count me OUT! I asked some of these ladies if my “Solo Travel” habits, which meets their needs on paper of a guy who loves travel, qualifies me to date them and they told me “NO! Only guys who do couples travel, primarily, are acceptable, and whatever they want to do in their own time, can come secondarily”. So she can do solo travel (they may not be alone though, more on that later), but not me, I can’t do solo travel if I date these ladies. I have to sacrifice that. 😂What’s worse is that many of my friends date these ladies constantly and admit that ladies they were seeing were not wife material and quite honestly they admitted that they wanted Booty Calls, while the ladies only wanted Foodie Calls. More than 1/3 of women only go out on dates with guys to have them buy them free meals, then they GHOST you, aka Foodie Calls. Guys, if a woman openly says on her profile that she will NOT go dutch on a meal,.. Now she’s telling you TRAVEL demands to date her. Do you think someone who won’t even pay $20 for their own meal on a date with you, will pay their own $2000+ expenses for travel WITH YOU?? LOL And who’s going to pay is YOU, the dude! Think about that for a minute, let that marinate. This is the new definition of “Free Love” where you can get opportunistic “love” from them, if you make it so they don’t have to pay for anything.. get it. FREELOVE?

Travel bragging is what ladies think makes men attracted to them- NOT! Most see costs they’re not trying to spend for ladies they’re not even into like that.
Would your “gf” do this? No, so YOU should go do it alone! #solotravel

I had been giving my buddies, who are out here looking for love from the lovely ladies of world today, a very hard time about what kinds of ladies they are taking home and wifing up – to my non-urban folks, that doesn’t mean their actual wives. Most of my buddies “eat with their eyes”, if you know what I mean, and they are not qualifying a lady like they should be. I thought they’d learn from my horror stories. Well, I was wrong, so painfully wrong, because as I started to inspect some of these profiles they shared, a little closer, and then examined some of the stories shared, I realized, WAIT maybe we need to put some travel requirement in our own online dating profiles to counter this nonsense because you need to pick better travel mates, and not get roped into these travel scams of ladies. Basically, it’s why I began solo travel in the first place, but you know, you can’t really SAY that out loud without being called a hater of gender, while it’s praised on the other side of the aisle, ironically enough. What threw me is that one buddy told us that he spent more than $15k since that Pandemic started, on travel, because he had met a girl at the start of the Pandemic and they got “serious”, and she had travel requirements to date. Cue the eyerolls! I asked what his travel budget was prior to the Pandemic, and what did he say? He said “$1k MAX” for travel! Now, his budget is partially dumb because he didn’t know how to do travel properly, as a single man, so he, previously, exclusively went to 3rd world countries to maximize his travel money, which was good; however, he wasn’t doing great travel, he was going around doing nefarious activities in those places. He’s part of the travel rabble, or so I thought until I noticed that with tweaks, what he was doing works. Still, his budget was low, which was impressive, as he did travel on his own terms, good for him. So, to go up $14k for travel, given what I KNOW he was doing for $1k previously, that’s dumb, he should have kept on his path. Why did this happen? Because he met his new person at the start of Pandemic, and she said she always wanted to travel but never had the opportunity, and her previous ex-boyfriends/ husbands-of-other-women never wanted to take her anywhere, thus the travel DEMANDS from her, today, when she never had any demands before.

Women in solo travel want to go to places, not look too lonely (like the lady in the middle), hoping to get a sex in the city abroad sex-fueled travel sex novel stories, with a local foreign womanizing sleezeball from a coffee shop, named Jean Luc, or something. See 1970s General Foods International Coffees commercials!
The ONE thing I should I know is THAT? Seriously? Why SHOULD I know this about you above all things in life? OOOOH you mean as it relates to dating you, it’s all that makes you happy and I better know this to please you?! Got it! Newsflash, I care if you’re disease free, whether you have drama/kids/man/ex/financial stability/mental stability.. it’s much more important that I know these about you. SMH.

This one lady that my buddy splurged on, told my buddy that she didn’t want to travel alone because that’s for “female losers like desperate, old ladies”. She took a swipe at a mature crowd of ladies, for a reason, I’ll get at that soon too. So, he, trying to be the good man in a relationship, be unique out of all the many many many men this lady has bed, gave her what no other man has ever done, fully pain vacations. He got roped in when he started to listen to her “HINTS” about places she would love to go, like to Bali. You hear that that one a lot with the ethnic types today, they all hear this place and want to go, it’s amazing. They only heard of it from some online lady who went there to show off, and saw IG models of course, and now they ALL want to go so they can feel like a cool woman who shows off how much she can spend on vacation. SICKNESS! But Bali was closed the whole time of the Pandemic, which made her very saddened that she couldn’t go to top destinations that all the models with fake butts and busts get flown to, and even when it did open up, which was October 2021, many ladies were MORE depressed to find out that there are NO FLIGHTS INTO THE ISLAND for a long time after that even! I know because my people already all HAD to check this out to break the bad news to their ladies.  Lol My buddy told his lady and she was so visibly affected, he LAUGHED in her face, because we discussed this before he told her and all concluded this would happen. So he splurged on Hawaii, which is incredibly overpriced and places in Europe. But $14k worth of travel… why would this man spend this much on some person from a dating app? Well, BECAUSE SHE SAID SO, CLEARLY, ON HER PROFILE! This is WHOLE FAMILY TRAVEL expenses territory, where you take your own WIFE and your own KIDS on family travel for that kind of money, or maybe a honeymoon with the WIFE, but this is NOT a good thing to do with some lady you’re meeting on dating apps and are doing nothing of significance with and have no real plans to remain with. Families can’t even afford such vacations. Come on now, guys! It’s why YOU are not Kings of travel, the ladies are! UPDATE: As of May 1st, 2022, they’ve broken up, after a fight ironically enough, over a planned future vacation trip that couldn’t happen – and by broken up, I mean she’s found someone else who takes her on lavish vacations. LOL Her profile is one of the ones up top that I clipped, guess which one it is. LOL

This is what YOU want to do on vacations, and you can’t, because your mommy won’t allow you to.
That’s a bad “fact” to share. I wouldn’t be shocked because it’s a great place to go, but what you’re telling me is most people think you’re ghetto thus can’t afford $1000 to fly and stay there, and that they don’t think you’re classy enough to travel to a nice place like that. She tried to travel brag and it backfired. And yes she put jungle animal filter on herself. SMH

The problem with my male buddies is these guys make over $100k each, and their ladies don’t make anywhere close to that and/or have College/Graduate degrees, which is why these two fools are paying ALL of the expenses, for the opportunity to have coitus, out of desperation, with who they are dating. Another friend of mine, after speaking with him about a breakup he went through, after trying to get him to come chill on a trip, he spent about $9k on his ex-chick on vacations and they broke up after that lady got a decent job recently. He wasted all that money on temporary ladies, and not a WIFE, it’s just stupid. While we were hanging out, I showed him her recent profile online, and she currently advertises that she wants a man who likes to travel (she is also on this page in a profile)! The slap in the face is that she has posted up pics from her “Solo Travel“, which is what she is saying in her online profiles. Problem is,… uhhhh… all of her pictures WERE FROM THE TRIPS HE HAD TAKEN WITH HER and SHE WAS NOT ALONE ON THEM! LOOOL That lady is one of those ladies who goes with a man just to have him take photos of her in all the designated scenic spots. I’ll address that one too, shortly This guy was so upset after seeing this, and I was trying my hardest NOT to laugh! I’m sorry, that was FUNNY. The photos were like 100mm with bokeh WTF, you’re not alone, you have a stalker you hooked up with, is what I’d think as a casual browser. LOL She was posing like SHE was all alone on these trips, when she was with HIM on all of them. 1 of the pics she photoshopped, very poorly, and it was trying to smear someone out of the picture hugged up next to her. It was my buddy, he admitted, and she posted a pic trying to erase him after all that money spent?! WOW! I pray he doesn’t read this but that was FUNNY, sorry bro! Love you, man, but you’re a clown and you KNEW that lady was for the streets. If you ask a woman, where my buddy went wrong, it was that his lady hinted/told him what she was about and he should have known better. When women tell you, unapologetically that it’s the man’s fault for deceptions a woman performs, that speaks volumes to the kinds of dating and travel out there today. RUN!

Alone together travel is priceless!
bad friends
Beware of the desperate travel buddy. This is not a selfie, this is someone bothering her travel buddy to take pics, and the travel buddy misses the beauty in the background because they’re a personal photographer for free. SMH

I stopped going on many trips with lady friends because every 2 minutes they tried to use me like a personal photographer, and kept interrupting whatever I was working on, to ask me to wait on them and take pictures of them all day. Hell no! I don’t do that! Or I’d be on vacation and some unknown woman will come to me and asks me to take pictures of her, then her friends try to queue up to have me take solo pictures of each and every one of them. I shut that down IMMEDIATELY. Many times, they won’t even care that I had a girlfriend by my side, they’ll do it right in front of them, no shame, and I’d get the side eyeballs from the then girlfriend. If you’re a solo traveler male, this is a situation for you to take advantage of though. ;} You, playa, not me! I’m not hating, by any means, snipe then wipe is all I’m saying! I’m about these trees and the breeze not the sleeze, so freeze! There are many men being recruited to do just this role though, to travel with these women and get used as a personal photographer/videographer to take make them look great on social media. These ladies don’t care about their personal relationships with that person, they will just destroy their friendships to take IG vacation photos. It’s highly rude and disgusting. This is a huge problem and you can see that also reflected by this blogger who wrote this up on PopSugar, a popular female site. You see guys in these situations, getting dragged around like a little kid, and that is just disgusting to watch. When I see a poor guy have his vacation ruined, I’ll sometimes offer to do the pictures for BOTH he and his woman together in the pictures- and you can see the lady hesitate because she doesn’t want that, she wants to be ALONE IN HER PICTURES OF VACATIONS, THE VACATION SHE TOOK WITH HER MAN! LOL Guys catch on to this when that happens and I give that dude the side eye like “is that your girl acting like THAT, bro?” I know that dude paid a lot of money for travel he is not enjoying! Why bro! Bubble BFF app is to find someone to be your personal photography, don’t fall for that ladies, other ladies are using you too!

She didn’t care who I was with, they were invisible to her, she was a solo traveler and she wanted me to make her look “SEXY”. Did I succeed?

For you guys looking for that opportunity, as a solo traveler dude, the leg and foot going up, subconsciously while she saw how I made her “sexy”, showed the job was accomplished. A photographer’s version of leaving the legs trembling. The leg flirtation movement is a “don’t go” and is equivalent to a woman twirling her hair with fingers when attracted. You (not me) can follow up now up with compliments and that’s you, playa. She was hanging around, looking for the talk but I had to get back to my party. That’s you though, playa.

Who’s that one you go all natural on?

Most of the ladies, whom I asked about dudes getting used to pay for ladies’ vacations, said that they are not feeling sorry for these men. They don’t care about that because of what I started out saying earlier, that we look at these profiles, that guys were sharing with me, many of them clearly tell you what they require of you for travel. Part of all of that bragging is to let you, the man, know that you will be part of their travel plans and you will be expected to take them to the types of travel they brag about, and you see their pictures they selectively chose to put on these dating apps. It does make sense, right? Sure enough, it is TRUE! You ask a guy if he picks a woman by how well traveled, she is, and he’ll tell you “WHO CARES???!!!” That’s right, who the hell cares? Nobody, that’s who. Men don’t care about all this showing off those ladies are doing in their dating apps, but they are also clearly not understanding why the ladies are doing it. These braggard ladies are telling potential male dating candidates that they are better women than any other women on the dating apps, and in the world, because these women spend a fortune on travel! It symbolizes how special they are, how rich they are, how established and elegant they are- TO EACH OTHER. This has always existed, as long as I’ve been alive, even back to 1970s commercials from General Mills about mothers who traveled and banged international sleezeball men in cafes. You don’t remember these commercials and MadTV laughing at it too? It was HUGE about ladies taking sex travels. That’s what wealthy women did in the 70s, do sex travel. Go watch when Haiti was used by popular society women, as a sex slave vacation hotspot in the 70s, in the movie Heading South. Women have been doing SEX TOURISM MUCH LONGER THAN YOU THINK. PERVS!!!! Going to foreign countries to pay for sex from impoverished men who have no choice but the take the money and easy sex. Exploiting poor Black men for sex tourism is HUGE and has always been by females! I told you that they are the KINGS OF TRAVEL because they romanticize it for themselves, then come back and give you monkeypox! 😉 We know they’re going and doing nasty business when they travel, so if a woman is putting all that information on her DATING PROFILE, we automatically know someone doing nasty sex acts abroad!!! Ladies have been bragging about doing sex tourism forever and nobody shamed them. NO MAN WANTS THAT NASTY BODY COUNT! So these are women learning that there is true POWER in traveling, and then coming back bragging about your ability to travel. So, splurging and showing off with travel/sex travel is not new for ladies to do to each other to shine on each other, but to use it like they think men are attracted to that catty nonsense? SMH I noticed this in a very hyperbolic manner by watching a LGBT+ actor mimic the same attitudes and behavior about travel, and laughed to much because he perfectly highlights what I’m talking about. Just so extra in show off because he’s going to space. Because he got selected to go, he is travel bragging like he learned from the ladies. lol But not all women can travel because they have kids and are single mothers without a lot of resources, and some ethnic groups actively promote this single motherhood and really lean into not having a husband, even try to rebrand “single” of the mother brand, in a more favorable manner. This group, is very negatively affected by this travel war on less financially stable females, and this is the quiet war that many people don’t recognize. So, when you look at a majority of the profiles doing all this travel bragging, you will find the rebuttal from lower income ladies due to them having credit cards, and therefor DEBT. They’re trying to level up, to avoid shame by women with money, and now you see this garbage on the dating apps to tell me why they are better than another woman who went to less fancy destinations. This group is doing a LOT OF SEX TOURISM so they can brag about all the dingaling they get abroad- well they’re broke so what else do they have to brag about? Many of the ladies, who are punching down on the less fortunate ladies who are single mothers, are also more independent and educated women, whom do not have children, are unwed/never married, and tend to be late 30 to late 40s in age!!! This is a majority of my female buddies. And most of my lady friends are doing travel and getting banged overseas calling it FEMINISM! This is pretty much the premise for every American female on the shows like 90 Day Fiancé. They traveled to a foreign country, banged and exploited some local guy who is impoverished, got pregnant by that impoverished man, now… the expect him to make 100k USD and take care of his kid when she brings him to America (he has no green card so cannot work, they’re not married yet so cannot get citizenship yet). 🤣 Here is Emily getting knocked up in China after a 1 night stand with an African underwear model . And here is Ari, who got knocked up by an African playboy dancer in Ethiopia after only 3 months of dating, while running away from a failed marriage she had with an Argentine man previously. Kara, met her baby-boy Venezuelan toy-slave victim in Dominican Republic. All races of women are doing it, all AGES of women are going overseas for sex, even Black women, going to Dominican Republic to get a man to manipulate. All of the ones who brought men back to the USA only proceeded to abuse them no different than they would an American man, making the claims of passport bros very clear, in video. Just watch that show, don’t have hate, just watch the proof. And these ladies go so far as to MARRY these guys who have no money, something that they would NOT do with a man in the USA? Huh??? Dumb logic.

2 complete strangers who are each solo travelers, pull up and share the space to appreciate nature. Dude on the right I brought here. Dude was floored and finally put his camera to use after spending so much on it.

These ladies are indeed punching down at younger women who made completely different life choices with men/children, and it’s dirty. Also, this group of older women are punching down because the younger women are more desirable in the dating market and the Sexual Marketplace Value for older folks significantly drops as you get older, especially females. I don’t make this up, it’s reality. To overcompensate for this, they try to show off about how much money they have which is not what men care about when it comes to women. Now, dudes are getting used: used in this travel war on the less fortunate, to get one lady to level up on another, to make a lady not look lonely while on trips and to boost her social media pretending/fantasy. Guys, you need to read those profile better. My lady friends are extremely correct, the dating profiles are TELLING YOU what YOU will be used for! The never-married women, with no kids, also cite that “simps“, like my friends, are idiots because they are not even the fathers of the babies these ladies have, my buddies are the ones with all the money, not the cool/idiots that these ladies chose to procreate with, nor are they married to these women that they’re paying travel for, thus deserve what happens to them. OUCH!! …but, I couldn’t agree more. So the guys trying to splurge on travel to overcompensate for past men in these ladies’ lives, you’re wasting valuable time and money. You are not going to out-do their badboys / playboys/ certified lover boys. You’re NOT! You’re carrying the jock straps for the repeat impregnators of the world, the top 10% of men ladies find desirable and all share the bed with. They love these guys so much, they embarrass themselves globally for these guys, you just can’t out-do this guy in her mental rolodex because they go all out to the point of ruin for these bums, and even give him the greatest privilege a woman can give a man, A BABY!!! You don’t believe me? Look how far a women went by hiring a professional photographers to make a fake wedding, to post publicly online, in hope of making a bad boy ex boyfriend jealous for dumping her – and that same energy is NOT kept for SIMPS. That bad boy answered her and said he doesn’t care, he’s on to new chicks. DOH! SIMPS are used to pay for all the terrible pasts the ladies had, so the demands on dating apps are to get weak men to compensate for her life of failure for decades! RUN!!! Are you this kind of lady? You can check your standards here, ladies.

Lady solo travel, according to online dating apps, is empty and sad. Someone should tell them to get offline, they’re WRONG! Ladies are the KINGS of SOLO TRAVEL! Billion dollar industry around that fact!

Most of my lady friends are the educated, over 35 years of age, women with great jobs ($100k+ earners) and no kids. They have the money for travel, and I used to hang with many of them for travel, so I know how they really are about that life! I got to hear all the issues of ladies due to travel and it was really disturbing. That which I’m putting you on to is the real deal in the travel war, because my friends are real haters! Sorry ladies, I love you, but you’re all bitter. One lady friend pointed out something that really got me thinking though, because you need their logic to see clearly sometimes. If all of these single moms are all about travel, then who did they dump their kids on during all of that lengthy travel to Bali? By the same token, if they’re doing all of this travel, what kinds of jobs do they have that are giving them all of this vacation time off to be able to do travel for such lengths of time it takes to get all of the pics they’re taking, in all these locations? You’ve lost 4 days on travel alone to/from Bali. Forget money for the trips, for now, we know who is financing many of these trips already, my male buddies, are. LOL But my hateful lady friends raise important questions guys need to ask: How are they finding all of this time away from their jobs and away from their own kids to do all this traveling? You’d need like 2 months to travel like they claim they’re doing; what jobs are allowing 2 months -worth of time off per year? They can’t possibly be doing all that travel as a normal human being. If you want to be respected, as a woman today, you have to come back from travel and brag that you went to some country, mostly European, or Morocco, with photos copying some popular lady you’re jealous of on Fakebook, or IG, to level up and look wealthy/worldly too. Am I speaking propaganda? NO. Why? Because the facts are already shown. Studies already showed the girls, in particular, are destroyed by the nonsense that goes on, on IG. That whole FEAR OF MISSING OUT (F.O.M.O.) issue is a huge problem for those who don’t have the resources and it extends to travel they can’t take because they don’t really have the money/time to do this, so they’ll go into debt just for travel. You (men) are considered a loser to other women if you can’t show off too, right? So you can see that shaming via fancy travel is a hidden travel war. You have double pressure to have money for expensive travel now, as a male! Guys have to stay out of this kind of sickness because we already have many famous cases of women going into debt because of empty travel pursuits to look popular on other social media platforms, and now there are a bunch of profitable sites with strategies to help you take vacations despite your huge debt. WTF??

She begged her son to take a picture of her and make it look like she was on vacation with the photo in the back. LOL
This is a warning sign, but most profiles don’t clearly say what this King has said so honestly to us men “I don’t have anything else to do in life so I take expensive trips all the time”. Wasting all money on shopping is outdated. LOL

Pure insanity over travel pics. This pressure these ladies place on young women now makes THEM demand that my male buddies take them on trips so they can compete like these old ladies 30 to 45! The older women on BUMble, who are IG travel bragging, took this issue to far today and have morphed it into disgusting proportions. This is nuts to have happen, on top of a real problem with women not taking vacations, as studies suggested years ago. Health wise, there is an eight times higher risk of heart attack and death among women who vacations like every 6 years as opposed to ones taking vacations annually up to every 5 years. This brings heavy depression to a lot of people so now you add the social media pressure to go to expensive, exotic locations to the mix, whew, that’s serious pressure to many women adding stress to men going with them. So they’re clearly proving that travel is not being used properly and are created added stress due to travel. They’re trying to be petty to each other, using travel. This is sad that women have to do this to each other to make less fortunate women feel bad that they do not have the resources and/or free time to travel. I think it’s disgusting, actually, and a lot of young women are being destroyed by this. If you don’t have vacation pictures to prove something, you’re a loser on IG, that’s the mentality that is destroying our young people. So that’s young and under privileged people can’t afford all this travel who are required to be cool on social media and they have to resort to scamming dudes to get on these trips. Then you have the more mature women making travel demands by indicating they have a lot of money and use it to travel, which is not attractive to men. Someone needs to tell this clueless women this. Men don’t care how much money you have, and if he does, he’s out to take it. Most men don’t mind hypergamy, and like women marrying up, so trying to show off about how much money one woman has over another is futile. The general consensus, which many female Youtube channels will tell you, is that many of these older women avoided serious relationships in their younger years, they went and married their jobs, they went to bury themselves in schools, and they avoided getting serious with men while they were in the prime of their youth, in their 20s- thus they go overseas and pay for sex now and point fingers at men doing the same thing, to keep the attention off of themselves doing it. It’s like in college how all the ladies banged dudes from off campus left and right, so that on campus, they can maintain their pristine image since these guys were not from on campus, to keep their 304 life out of sight. This is just the same thing expanded globally as adult females. Some just caught many bodies and were unemotionally attached, and now they are incredibly lonely. In my community, this fear mongering of males is done by their mothers and mentally destroyed a lot of these people. Now, they come to the dating market as completely dating inept and are so awkward in dealing with men, because none of them have relationship muscles, that these travel demands of men are very blatantly displaying. Men already have to be supermen just to get looks from ladies here, if they’re just average in looks, or short, or fat, or poor, and now this travel requirement from people who wouldn’t have given you a second look in their youth, but are willing to now, now that their sexual market value price has plummeted? Using travel as a requirement on a dating site is another clever way of saying “you better have money!” It’s also a threat that if you don’t go, she’s catching BODIES over there. The interactions with said people is comparable to dating someone in their 30s or 40s, but only have relationship skills of kids in high school. They have arrested development in this area. They’re losing that travel war, according to men, that’s for sure. Guys are going to avoid this lady, I can promise you, unless he is desperate to impress or score. Guys simply don’t love travel with ladies that damn much to endure this garbage. The ladies are rather disrespectful and now it’s just too obvious, which makes men go their own way.

Take your boys with you and ditch the baggage whenever you land with unwilling participants. This is how a MAN’S BUDDY TRIP looks! It’s very different from what you dudes are signing up for with these dating apps, getting dragged around to be a personal photographer! These two came from Bulgaria to USA and almost slipped to death here, but we did make it!
Broke chick signs. EUROPE is big, diverse, many countries. WHERE in Europe? She has no clue is just saying “Europe” to sound fancy.

That last reason, that I’ll expound on now, about why guys HATE going on vacation with their female partners/friends, is what I mentioned earlier, getting used to be the photographer of this lady and to make it look like that lady went by herself. You have to see some of the things these kids do today to prove they were there on a trip. I watched countless women going into the cars or buildings, at popular photo locations, changing outfits, just to match the background they wanted to take selfies in. I saw a lady that I thought was taking a dump in the woods, turned out she was changing outfits, while her man was roadside waiting for her to return. I walked by him, on the way back to the road, and said “my bad bro, didn’t know your lady was on the trail doing that” and he told me that it was all good, sighed, put his head down and shook it in disapproval. I’ve seen this time and time again, many annoyed dudes getting dragged around like kids and personal photographers for these ladies, but they don’t say anything. Who would want to be the man in that situation after paying $5k for a trip? You are trying to vacation and this person is not letting you do any sort of unwinding, they’re trying to get the best photos of themselves, and not in a photography sense, which helps you relax and unwind with the elements as you take pics with no care about time or cellphones and GPS cutting out on you, and brings smiles and calm when you revisit the pictures later. I watched a group of ladies argue about taking pics and one lady was taking too long as a boat went by, then went berserk on her friend for not taking the pic in time. It almost turned in to a huge right and the girl threw the phone on the ground (her phone so WTF). Wow who would dare go on vacation with that monster? These people are monsters on vacation and bothersome to everyone. They’re only goal is to take social media pictures, and showed first hand that it’s a lot of pressure to perform on The Gram. They go to vacation and do not disconnect!!! That’s completely unproductive. You’re not making money on anything you took, so why are you stressing like that? This is why I like to do vacations when nobody will be around and there is nobody to ruin my enjoyment while I’m out and about. I my see so much nonsense during vacation season.

cloudy days
Take a trip to clear the air together! That’s a dream vacay! If you find her, she’s a keeper, most likely a dedicated leaf peeper!

I almost witnessed a fist fight from two pairs of groups of ladies because one group was taking too long at a statue, doing poses, going 1 by 1 taking too long posting, while the other group waited almost 20 minutes. I was eating at a nearby table watching it unfold, laughing at the pressure to perform during travel. Men are not doing such stupidity but they participate in it like dummies who are personal photographers for their girlfriends. I was checking out a view in Bar Harbor talking to a dude who was waiting for his girlfriend to come up the hill. He was chilling at the top, taking in the view, while I was taking pictures and we were chatting about really cool things about the scenery that I didn’t know nor did I know to check for, which he knew. He was super excited. Then I hear someone screaming something, and I could see he was purposely ignoring it, and walked out of view a few feet. I realized it was a woman calling for HIM, and I mentioned, “yo, she is calling you” and he said “whatever, she keeps bothering me to take pictures of her! It’s getting old”. I told him to get her a 360 cam and send her on her way, sure enough, when she came up, this guy told her that and said “then I don’t have to be there, you can get everything on film and bring it back”. I even showed her how it works, using my 360 cam and my phone and then his lady looked up, pissed at him, because she realized that he was saying “I’m tired of doing trips with you”. LOL From ooops to ops! I went to do some tree-canopy obstacle courses, this dude completely abandoned his girl, finished the course and left her way in the back, because clearly she didn’t want to do it and had difficulty, but couldn’t turn back. I had to walk her through it because she was holding me up in line. After the course, I heard them arguing and it turned out that she didn’t want to do this fun obstacle course/exercise thing MEN like to do. So he went on doing all the obstacles and left her behind. Me and my travel mate were shocked by this but that was a guy who was about doing travel HIS way and that lady decided she wanted to tag along, but didn’t want to do physically challenging things men like doing on vacations!!! I think of some of the challenging hikes/bikes or remote areas I go, you might have to get up a hill or two to experience something like it should be, but are these travel partners even healthy enough to tag along for such travel? I can SHAME my male buddies into doing physically challenging events, I cannot shame female travelers the same, they’ll get highly offended if try to force them to walk 2 miles uphill even. So clearly, we need to stop this couples nonsense, because nobody truly likes it! Each should go their own separate way. Guys, you need to avoid traveling with the types of people mentioned today, at all cost, at ZERO COST actually, save your money! They’re ruining travel for you because you keep taking people you don’t want to vacation with, in places you don’t want to be, paying costs you don’t want to pay. You’re doing all of it just so you can have some steady coitus, and you look stupid because you’re stressing yourself and your pockets trying to satiate the sickness of a social media dope-fiends in the form of the lady that you’re dating. You have to stop this, men, you’re enabling mental instability of these ladies and yourself. You’re also making yourselves mentally unstable and you’re making yourselves all WILD CRIME like, like a bunch of dumb doofs! Go solo travel or go with your boys and stop the madness.

Partners in crime are hard to find when you need a partner in CLIMB! If you find her, keep and protect her at all cost!

In closing, you should really look a little closer at these dating profile demands of ladies, whether online or offline. I hear so many of the ladies from my backgrounds talk about they will go cross over to men from popular society because they feel that these men will want to go to all these Eurocentric vacations that our ladies want to go to, but they are assuming a lot of these men, and now they reveal that they know NOTHING of men, universally. That is to assume these men are easy prey and simps who will spend all the money to travel and not travel like they want to. I can show you countless friends, from that side of life, who do NOT want to do that, are not doing that travel, and surely isn’t going to do that because he decides to play in the interracial space. Dudes, regardless of their background, don’t want to be dragged along to vacation just like they hate being dragged through the mall while shopping with their ladies. These are classic behaviors of men that we all know, so why does any man want to spend $10k on travel where they cannot wild out and do any and everything they want to do on vacation? A dude will jump out of a helicopter or kayak from dropping off a ledge into water below on vacation, but ladies are not doing to do that wildness, so this means guys are not going to enjoy vacations like they want, and for all that money, I’d be livid if I couldn’t. Surely, ladies have other objectives on travel and we just don’t align most times so I’m not really for couples travel unless it’s in a role where it’s a gift and that person is a fiancé or wife type scenario, giving her the dream vacay. Other than that, hell no, time and money are very very important. You guys need to get back to solo travel. The reason you hate “travel”, overall, is because you’re getting dragged along on these vacations like a mom yelling at her son, and you hate to travel because of this. So my buddies, who come on trips with me, who are newly divorced or separated from their relationships, they cannot believe how just simple things like FISHING, for hours, make them so happy in life. If you are that kind of guy, who has taken more couples travel vacations over solo travel trips, then you’re a pawn who has been molded in the worst way, most likely as a result of what we have mentioned here today. You need to reprogram yourselves, get from under the thumb of your desperation for coitus, and start living like a real man, starting with guilt-free travel for yourself, to please yourself.

Sinking Society on the Rise!

Oh… and before I end,.. I want to make this last remark. I mentioned that these “Travel Bros” or “Passport Bros” are going overseas and getting women, for play or for marriage. This has picked up recently with minority men in the USA, such as sentiments shared by men like this. May be a little over the top, for subscriptions, but he is making his point. And psychologists and the likes are blaming “loneliness” in men on women having “healthy relationship” standards in dating (original piece here). LAUGHABLE! It’s a “hit piece” pandering to 3rd/4th wave feminist propaganda against the innocent population of men, but the reality is they should be reporting on why WOMEN ARE SO LONELY, and why they are taking the hot boys online but aren’t getting proposed to although they’re hooking up with them left and right? That they’re even going overseas for empty sex. Maybe women want to be ALONE and independent so don’t care for relationships anymore, they are telling men they don’t need them since they have jobs now!?? Heard of that and polyamory, promotion of same-sex relationship and other popular trends, Psychologists??? The piece blames men who don’t learn relationship skills from their family. What family? You mean the ever growing mother-led households that are on the rise? So the mothers aren’t teaching the boys how to be good for women? Are you saying this? Are you saying women are sending their boys out broken and making them disrespectful to women? What family is these psychologist complaining about? Have you seen the average list of demands/requirements that a man must meet to satisfy most women? What’s so “healthy relationship” about him having to be 6’2″+ in height, have a 6-pack abs, make more than 100k USD financially each year, which according to all dating apps, and women themselves, is the bare minimum? Even female-based websites claim that ONLY 14% of men would meet the physical requirements most women have today. 86% of men don’t meet the physical requirements of women, so how much less make over 100k a year? That’s a very small pool of “acceptable” men for this “healthy relationship” that’s supposed to be lacking. 🤣 And who is making these demands of men? What do those ladies look like physically? Well, the average AMERICAN FEMALE is a size 16 – 18!!! That is 38 inches (97 cm) to 40 inches (102) in waist size. The average weight and height of American women is 180lb (82kg) at 5’4″ (152cm). Their waist size is 67% the length of their height! This is real data, which you can read here from a female-based site reviewing the current CDC data. So,… look at the data, not emotional damage, and ask yourself, why can’t people be FAIR and judge themselves first, before others, or maybe why can’t people have standards for themselves that they themselves match up to? Wouldn’t that help find better matches of people on their levels?

The Boy Crisis: Who’s raising these boys to be as bad as propagandists claim? Who is parenting and creating this problem? hmm

The psychology today article was designed to pander to lonely women to blame men for themselves being lonely, and anger men, to get more clicks. Men are going their own way and saying “whatever”, which means they are ALONE, but ALONE doesn’t mean “LONELY”. Alone is a physical state of being, lonely is an emotional state, they’re not the same thing. Also, the “men” in this study are not properly evaluated by people regurgitating the original article. Another failure of that hit piece was adequately laid out, using REAL DATA and not whatever that psychology today propagandist outlined, shows that there are big differences when it comes to racial lines, which is a major issue that is overlooked. BLACK MEN are the less lonely than Black Women, for instance (Pew Research data is here). That is very true, and these women are writing about this a lot lately, but passing it off as being powerful. Men are demonized for doing such things by women of color, looking for love overseas, and it’s just so hypocritical that it’s laughable. As I’ve been saying for a VERY LONG TIME, that Women are the KINGS OF TRAVEL. The difference is men are saying they cannot find realistic, down to earth, quality ladies but the ladies are traveling to fulfill a telenovela movie fantasy they copied from polite society, as they seek to mimic them. These are terrible double standards and hypocrisy by shaming the Travel Bros / Passport Bros community. Why? Because WOMEN HAVE BEEN TRAVELING THE WORLD LOOKING FOR MARRIAGE FOR YEARS!!!! Not only marriage though.. mostly they’re going for some DONG. It is such a movement that the New York Times reported on it a few years ago. I saw a video from a lady who was talking about going to Africa looking for a husband to bring back and enslave here in the USA but most are just going to places like Africa to exploit poor men for sex and paying them $5. They’re over there renting men for sex in Africa, Jamaica and Sanky Panky’s in Dominican Republic. They’re sexually objectifying and exploiting Black men, out of sight, without judgement, but they want to block men from doing the same thing now or shame men for traveling “to find love”. Then they’re going overseas and getting men who don’t qualify for their laundry list of demands in the Western world, and suddenly none of those requirements exist for those impoverished men in those countries. 😉 Amazing. But that they can shame men for copying this, today, is why they are truly, THE KINGS OF TRAVEL!

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