Marriage is oppression of MEN by the Patriarchy!

fall in love

All over New England you will see seating for 2 set up, for beautiful scenes. They KNOW what soaks the ladies.

Please stop blaming EDUCATED Black men, who have great careers, for failure in desire to marry the modern women from our communities. 53% of Black Men neither have ever been married nor have had kids, 34% of us are married- you’re stereotyping us by action of a small minority of prettyboy/playboys who play the matriarchy game of sleeping around and making unwanted babies who contribute to destruction of our social fabric. Listen to the testimony of an Educator about what an 8th grade Black female shared about her mentality towards Black men, marriage and being a baby mama, then understand how the propaganda destroyed Black love and marriage, since the 1970s, and who is the real culprit- …the Patriarchy???🤔

…and listen to the biggest propagandist (ever) go tell very respectful, cultural, and prideful Indian women, that those Indian women don’t have a choice to NOT marry, unlike herself, who is her own women (has money, education, career) so she doesn’t need to have culture or pride because that’s for slaves who have no choice, like the people in the audience. It’s INSULTING! This is the problem with Black marriage, this disgusting character being promoted today with addition of twerking/selling booty for money. That accomplished woman doesn’t want/need marriage, right? That’s what’s promoted today in Black culture. Get a degree and flee. But poor women who try to live like these rich women have done what with their communities? Ruined them! This is a rich woman’s game. 🤦🏽‍♂️

And here watch the propaganda spreading to Diana Ross’ daughter at her conference to indoctrinate more educated, well-off Black women to go get money and career, think negatively about women who want to be mothers/wives, think negatively about less fortunate women, and learn how empowerment means turning your back on your community (they do NOTHING for the Black community with all this money and fame). They can get married to any race whenever they want at whatever age – they think – but the message is to NEVER BE A WIFE IF YOU’RE AN EMPOWERED WOMAN! I support everyone’s choices, but I hate these people also pushing the false narrative that Black men don’t commit when the real issue has always been progressive women from the first place! Now they’re exposed, THEY ARE REJECTING MARRIAGE and shaming any woman who dares do it. Who’s there left to commit to but these propagandists, onlyfans booty sellers, IG surgically enhanced strippers or Black feminists or women who hate men because their mothers told them and their mothers’ bedroom habits? They’re all empowered!? There is NOBODY LEFT! So, please, stop harassing men of color about blackity black nonsense and the Black family, when THIS propaganda has consumed my people and has destroyed my culture since the 1960s, enforced by Government incentives to do so as well, at the expense of BLACK MEN! Who would dare force this and endorse this? SICK PEOPLE, THAT’S WHO. Let’s GO!
Anywhere I go, I don’t see my people, because our women don’t like things that aren’t great to show off with on instagram. Why can’t my people see the beauty of earth like other civilized human beings. This is my complaint today! We’re NEVER in these places because we’re acting like un-American people with no identity, only acting behind propaganda and being stereotypes.

This is the Black man that most women are going for and complaining about, thug-rappers negative Black male stereotypes, sex-addict long pipe slingers; yet, most women want that dummy, including 80 year old CHER, 70 year old Madonna, and 50 year old Thandy Newton, and not a free-thinking mature, masculine male. Stop blaming the rest of us, who have morals and family values, for these idiots’ choice in men and their lack of interest in Marriage!

fking clown
Women in BEIGE trench coats in fall is dead giveaway to IG posers who go to see foliage only to get IG shots. This one was PISSED at all the people ruining her photo op by walking in/out of the HOTEL that THEY PAID to stay in but she did NOT PAY to stay in. 🤡

It was leaf peeping time again, so I put out the normal yearly feelers to see who, of my people, wanted to take a little road trip, and surprise, surprise, city-born people didn’t want to “go look at any F#$king trees. I got trees in my backyard F#@K I need to go somewhere to see trees? What kind of people go look at trees”. While that might seem like an typical answer, and it truly is, “what kind of people go look at trees?” part stood out to me. One lady told me, “that’s just for girls to take IG photos of herself and pretend she likes to be alone in nature for likes”. That person who said that is partially right. If I see unmarried women out in the places I go, they are doing Instagram photos with a photographer they paid for. In fall, you can spot them in a BEIGE TRENCH COAT, NORMALLY WITH A HUGE HAT to match. I saw this a LOT, it’s people copycatting someone they saw on the gram doing it. And I saw a LOT of it, White and Asian girls mainly, and if they didn’t hire the photographer, they dragged some poor schmuck along on this trip to make that man take the pics (simp boyfriend). I saw one get really angry on this last trip trying stage a scene at a famous hotel that had too much traffic in/out. She gave me the DEATH STARE when I lined up to take a shot of the scene. She didn’t pay to stay there and was mad all the people who paid were walking in and out of her photo op. LOL 😚 Goddamn 🤡 But my people are nowhere to be found at such a joyous time, that’s why our mental health is off. Such firm rejection of seeing nature is alarming, to me, when I hear it. You hear such talk and you hear the over aggression of the words and immediately assume it’s men saying “F#$k trees” but of the people I asked if they wanted to get out and shoot, a bunch of WOMEN of color were the ones talking like this. The boys simply politely declined the offer. Most of my male friend who would like to go are dedicated to marriage, so they could not get away for a week to enjoy themselves in nature. To be fair, a couple of dudes wanted to go but only to go find all the single chicks with beige trench coats- this is how I realized what they were saying was true about ladies in beige trench coats, and went to go check my photos for verification. They’re matching the “earth tones” of the scenery. As least they’re leaning into their feminine sides and know it’s time to get out there to see foliage during fall! I like that much, until their aggressive side comes out because they can’t get their IG shots of their faces without people in them (this one lost the hat so you could see her face more). LOL Until recently, I hadn’t really inspected how women of color talked, by and large, and their mannerisms, especially ones from the big city. The ones who were hating on foliage told me “this motherf$#cking N#gga wants to be white so bad! Like Kanye West.” By the same token, this is also women who call their baby daddies and boyfriends “BRO!” and not “baby”, “honey”, “boo”. Those days are GONE! And they’re so not feminine that guys are responding to them calling them “BRO!” That’s disgusting but there is a deeper, darker, criminal link here. My people’s women are trying to be MEN. What Black men are having to grapple with is the overwhelming number of Black females who are acting masculine, and are exhibiting a sickness that Sigmund Freud called “PENIS ENVY“. People acting like that are not good candidates for marriage. Bro is short for BROTHER, so why are we recognizing and acknowledging our women of color as men? You want marriage to someone who calls you “Bro”? How can you be romantic and offer up romantic ideas, such as going to see fall colors, with women who want to be MEN and who reject romance- unless you’re a man who likes men or who likes to feel effeminate in your relationship with a woman. Well, I can see now, many of them are very manly and don’t have many feminine traits, and many say they’ll act feminine AFTER a man offers her marriage.🤡 These are just average, heterosexual women from the big cities of NY and Florida, today, and this got me thinking, as I was quizzed 1000 ways under the sun, over this last trip taken to see foliage. I found myself having to defend Black men along the lines of lack of desire for marriage, and Black feminist garbage that has pervaded and perverted popular media. It’s bad and GHETTO that Black feminists are complaining that a doctor telling his Black female patient to lose weight is body shaming! Yes, you read that right, that’s what Black female propaganda is doing today, telling Black women that when the doctor does a physical on you and tell you bad news, and warns you that you need to be more healthy or else it’s not going to be good for you, BLACK FEMINISTS want their drones to believe that the DOCTOR IS BODY SHAMING HER! Meanwhile, popular society is bad mouthing ME for not wanting marriage with someone who believes this crap? Really? Personally, I’ve shared on this site about taking bigger chicks on walks or hikes, it doesn’t work, they’re knees can’t take it, their health fails, they have asthma attacks- it’s not good for marriage because you can’t take them with you.

My folks think that this place is boring and only care about gunshots, reality tv and hook-up culture.
seating for 2
New England understands that foliage time is for couples! Smart establishments will cater to this and make great sales creating romantic scenes. Popular society knows but not ghetto people.

While comical to hear the retorts to going to see foliage, it is probably why I’ve never found real success in dating with a woman from a big city. Of the people I dated, the best/longest relationships were with women who were not from the inner cities, although they were still women of color. The shortest, worst relationship I ever had was with a NY resident, who was educated, a woman of color with a good job specializing in pushing poisonous ideas to society. I’ll expound later, but that is her downfall and make believe spirit/lies to make herself feel better about all the wrong she did. And it says a lot, when I reflect back on that, of myself and of them. People not from a big city tend to like PEACE, and quiet, tend to respect and protect family, tend to have morals. People from the big cities are rude, obnoxious, impatient, disrespectful, narcissistic, over-confident for no reason, and have no shame- someone was shaking her sloppy butt cheeks in my face while I ate a steak at Smith & Wollensky’s. I asked her to angle so I’m not in the video she was making for TikTok and she began to insult me heavily. GHETTO. That was it, she was GHETTO. And being GHETTO is what my people love to do today, especially if from a big city. And this is the problem, going to see foliage is not GHETTO, of course they have no interested. There are no trees in the ghetto, unless you’re referring to marijuana. One of my friends said she hates going to places where there is nothing but quiet, she said it creepy and annoying and boring and is only for white people. When I look at her dating life, I see that she is a loud mouth, jealous type, always ready to fight someone, loves drama with a man, loves makeup sex, etc. These are traits that are what we call “GHETTO” and quite frankly, I don’t do GHETTO, although I did live in many ghettos. Being GHETTO is something entirely different, it’s a mindset that many people proudly wear as a badge of honor, having no shame and not considering consequence because there is no consequence. It is doubling down on ignorance that has penetrated the Black culture, such as proudly making rap songs about how many drugs you sold, or how many Black men you murdered, your gang recruitment numbers, or well that’s what most people know of GHETTO. There is the female side of GHETTO too, which nobody likes to talk about, but is highly rewarded on society, by liberal media. That is always being pregnant by some guy who has no family values, getting pregnant because you like unprotected sex with men you know are non-committal to marriage and will never offer marriage, pretending you have merit when you’re always getting free money/help from a source then bragging about how better you are than someone else who didn’t get that assistance, using abortion instead of contraception as the main method to not get pregnant, always wanting to argue and not keep the peace, and not knowing/wanting how to cook for a man. There are many many more in the list of being GHETTO, and while as Blacks and Latins we always recognized these things as ghetto, it has never been more clear, than in recent times, that there is a direct correlation to how we got his way, and democratic policies that helped shape us all, and quite frankly, it stems for liberal ideology that minimalized the importance of MEN in homes and in our communities. It directly explains why we men don’t want to be in marriage. Marriage isn’t for us because marriage isn’t coming to mind when we look at these counterparts of our who are manly, rude, and have penis envy. Marriage is something you offer a feminine woman. Marriage is something you offer someone you want to be with for the rest of your life. Marriage is something you offer someone you want to have your own family with, where the kids you two have are from biology of you and your wife only. You don’t get that today, not with these women of color out here today. Most of them are single mothers who had a good time in their youth and made unwanted/unplanned babies with their cutie pie man who just wanted a good time, not a baby with HER. We will attack why this is prevalent, and why men of color avoid marriage to such people, in today’s time. I will present that information because I got a lot of negative Black male stereotyping, on this last trip, and it’s because of things people with white guilt are reading in publications that incorrectly and unfairly pillory Black men, to make Black women look good. They’re blaming failure of marriage on Black men. Marriage is a two way thing, how can liberal media dump this on Black men? Because liberals have a HUGE HAND in the failure of Black marriage, and all marriage, in the West to be honest. There has been an attack men on since the 1960 in the USA, and a promotion of women solely. This social engineering morphed into negative stereotypes of my people, since the 60s, and these stereotypes are especially terrible when it comes to negative opinions of Black men- especially surrounding our roles in marriage or reluctance to enter marriage, and were weaponized to make us look inferior, especially by Republican minded folks and racists. Everyone piles on Black men for the inner cities being GHETTO, but don’t understand why everyone is so GHETTO, which is not created by Black men, but progressive and manipulative societies and along with that, a parallel to decline in marriage in the Black community. It’s created by liberal/progressive ideologies, which I’ll walk down slow today, but came to light in the trip I just came back from (I’m writing this in the airport due to a very long wait to until my flight). You see, Black people world wide are having the same problems with ideas of marriage, even though they’re not from the USA, so people need to stop blaming Black men for the rate of marriage being on the decline, and not just with Black people but with world over. Black women in the UK are saying the same things as Black women in the USA and each had entirely different histories in separate societies, yet have the same results and mentalities today. You cannot blame this on Black men, this is progressive ideology at work, which run counter to marriage, especially as women get money and education. You have idiots out here who believe in negative Black stereotypes destroying marriage, and completely ignore that the whole world is rejecting marriage more and more, even in countries with arranged marriage. In India, they IMMEDIATELY go right to the problem and call it out, but we want to dance around it in the West. That article there is what’s wrong with marriage today. Even a place as serious about marriage as India is in chaos with this disease that is destroying marriage and centuries of tradition. Tradition brought us ORDER, and not it’s a crime to people. Why is marriage on my mind (chill-pause- not like that)? Because I was bombarded with it on this recent trip I took, it was everywhere, like marriage-porn or something. YUCK. See, since, I couldn’t get my people to stop being ghetto, I decided (again) to just go leaf peep on my own, and in doing that, I bumped into a lot of people who wanted to know (without being rude), WHERE ARE ALL THE BLACK PEOPLE AND WHY DO BLACK MEN AVOID MARRIAGE? I plotted my course to leaf peep then hit many walls, as place after place, 1 after the other, hotel after hotel was fully BOOKED and had no empty rooms! I underestimated people, they were out in force this year, since end of July things were booked! I started to panic because I plotted a course earlier in the year, complete with scenic routes, only to find that no hotel anywhere near the damn places had vacancy!  

Not one of my people here, Indians from India are here being Americans, but not my people.
My people
When ask my people if they want to see foliage, they block it out mentally like this. LOL

Because I couldn’t find lodging, I started to panic, as time was running out to find alternative options so I could get to leaf peep and see the most area for the least of amount of pain (hours and hours of transportation, gas, food, lodging, fares). People do leaf peeping and give up after 2 days because nobody feel likes driving to all these places. Fall is one of the most jolly times if you grew up in New England, you’d know that if you just went once and saw that number of families out in the nature, leaf peeping. No way I was going to miss it, so I had to figure out another way to do this. I called up a buddy and she told me to just jump on a foliage tour! WTF didn’t I think of that? Actually, I didn’t know that even existed. I keep going to these places myself, going all over the damn place, planning the stays, and that cost me the same price as the foliage tours that I saw, and food was covered in those tours plus transportation. What the hell!!! 😒 I figured, certainly, those tours go to the same places and you stay in hotels that were booked solid! Man, I added myself to one of those tours so fast, I booked in 10 minutes, closed the computer, and went right back to living life. No worries necessary. I just couldn’t believe all the places couldn’t fit any more people. Living in such a negative city like NYC, I completely forgot there are, in reality, a lot more fellow leaf peepers out there, if we consider the rest of the country, and Canada even. So much so that when I finally joined the tour, I saw scores and scores of other tour buses filled to the gills with people doing the same damn thing, leaf peeping. I had never even seen Bar Harbor, Maine as filled with as many people as I saw when I went on this tour, especially not that late in the leap peeping season. Really odd. Typically, people are gone by Columbus day, but in general, September to October is a hard time to find places to stay near places where there is great foliage turning colors, and because I started going more during the time of the pandemic (and yes I was out there in the trees in October 2020 during the pandemic, and 2021), I got used to nobody being around when I went out there. Now that the PANDEMIC IS OVER (per Biden), I’m outside! Well, all that alone time was over this year, people were back out there fully ready to see some “F#$king trees”. 🤣 Another thing I keep forgetting is that I did a stint in New England when I was young, for school, which molded me in a way where I like being outdoors, but also something else I apparently forgot, a lot of couples used to flood those areas when I was young. It was always a really romantic thing to go see foliage. I knew this but I didn’t remember how big it was for couples. I guess that’s why, last year, a “friend” got a little too romantic for my liking when she tried to kiss me while doing photography of foliage. Such scenes are powerful to be in nature and to see such beauty, it can really overcome you. Another thing I remembered was that people would remind you of the tone, here and there if you kept an eye out for it. You could see things I commonly saw like 2 chairs only, sat out in a staged location Ironically enough, any time I had taken someone to these places, they were ghetto people and they didn’t appreciate it, and those relationships didn’t last. Some people just aren’t like the REST OF AMERICA, and that rest of the America has nothing to do with race, it has to do with things a lot of the rest of us are tapped into, making the most of the seasons and spirit of people during the seasonal changes. Ghetto people aren’t tapped into this, never have been, never going to be… and I just stopped asking people to try to enjoy the rest of Americans do. My friends are just happy to existing their gentrified ghetto neighborhoods drinking in Starbucks in the hood where they drink Pumpkin Spice lattes to get in the mood of the spirit- not knowing that that all comes from upstate NY and the beautiful scenes they don’t want to go to! 🤦🏽‍♂️NY people are FAKE! I’m from where they drink Apple and Pumpkin Ciders at this time of the year. Things like waking up in the morning to see light frost on the hills, seeing bears, seeing deer and real trees that grow where other trees grow freely and not just trees boxed in on a cement sidewalk in front of a skyscraper. Waking up and looking out the windows to see FOG. Yeah, to wake up and see FOG and nothing more in front of you… I was nostalgic going back to those areas that I hadn’t been to in more than a few decades! These NY people wake up to dead bodies they step over while they film themselves on Tiktok heading to that gentrified Starbucks. As I was telling this “waking up to…” list-joke to someone from that tour, a person interjected with “waking up to a wife!!”. I looked at them like, disgusted like WTF ARE YOU SAYING?! BE GONE! 🙄Marriage? Get out of here. Of course, I didn’t SAY that, because I learned this week that I should not express my views of marriage in front of just anyone, in person, because some people still take it deadly seriously and they are completely ignorant of what modern men have to deal with today, and thus don’t understand why a man with his life together would want NOTHING to do with that today. I simply indicated that it was not my thing, and that 1 comment ended up bringing me more questioning than I wanted on the subject of marriage. The funny thing is these people from this tour probably thought I was ghetto, initiatially, based on that answer- actually, some things said to me, even in jest, suggested so, due to people hearing my opinions on relationships today.

Old couple having fun, my people nowhere around doing similar.

Because this is foliage time, I didn’t keep in mind that it’s COUPLES TIME, and that this would apply to the group that came on the tour. I was surrounded by up to 50 different people, from all around the western hemisphere, and I already knew most would NOT look like me, or be from my background, considering that I can’t get people like me out to go leaf peep, even when you show them how to do it for free! On this particular trip, this was very interesting, just about all of the people there were married people, who were all about 30+ years my seniors! You would think that me, being from depths of hell in NYC, would not be able to relate to any of these older people, many of them from the mid-west and the south of the USA, and Canada, but you would be so far from the truth! I had a blast with these older folks! It was also on this trip that I came to the realization that I am officially OLD! It was a person from this older group who completed the end of my sentence I spoke about earlier of “waking up to a wife”. And when that person said that to me, that person was testing me to see the answer I would give, genuinely interested in hearing what my answer was going to be. That man was hanging on for the answer, his wife peeked over waiting for the answer, and I just laughed. Why were they probing here? These older people were clearly 100% for marriage because they were all married for MANY decades, and yet, they were all very receptive of me despite me being so different than themselves, at least physically and culturally.  The more I hung out with them, the more I admired how they moved in life and the more I watched them operate normally, I was really happy for them, …and for marriage, for THEM! While I don’t think marriage is a good fit for any man in my generation and younger, for men who have life going well for them, this older bunch of couples seemed impervious to the stupidity that most of us younger, established men today have to deal with from mates. They made me feel almost ashamed to tell them that I don’t believe in marriage for myself, out of respect for my elders, and clearly since they believe in it and made it work. I was mostly afraid of looking like a negative Black male stereotype to those non-Black people. As a Black, we (should) be aware of our surroundings and how we are perceived. You never know how you’ll be interpreted, so one should always be ready to do damage control. This is the part I didn’t understand when I was younger, I thought I was seen as equal to everyone I spoke to wherever I was, until I saw the true THEM, in circles with people who don’t look like me. So here, where I didn’t get a sense that I didn’t belong at all, from start, I was very conscious about being judged as a negative stereotype of Blacks and marriage, when I told people that I don’t do marriage. Especially since there are many Black lesbian feminist hit pieces out there today, on major media publications and TV stations, which all attack Black men for the destruction of Black families, and making women not want to be married. Why? Because I heard a few things said, and even was asked a few things by people to probe how Black people thought today – these people don’t know any Blacks or Latins. Historically, when people would ask me immediate follow up questions, they were probing to see if I was a Black male stereotype, and here was no different. Pretty much they were asking questions to confirm things they may think they understand based on TV or something they read. It’s harmless though, so I indulge them, to clear up people’s opinions of my peoples- that’s why I’m conscious of how my people are perceived. I started to probe them back about all the things I HATE about relationships with people my age and younger, and I saw blank stares because from where they’re from, people want to get married and want to have families and want to depend on each other in marriage. These people are from another world entirely, so I learned that I should tread lightly with introducing them to my valueless East Coast folks with cultural bankruptcy problems. After observing them for a week, I realized that after I saw how easy they made marriage look, and how the men weren’t being emasculated, and the women weren’t being beaten by the husbands, and it made me a little jealous of them, that they likely don’t have to worry about threats of divorce, at their ages. Even my idea of marriage is a little skewed due to being in the ghetto too long, despite me being around both sets of grandparents who were married and died married. But the generation from my mother on? Completely culturally bankrupt. That liberal ideology made that generation after my grandparents reject Black love, reject Black men leading the households, rejected traditional roles of women,… meanwhile, by comparison, those old people had homes, businesses, marriage, kids, grand-kids, and didn’t crybaby about how hard it was to do all of that, all the wives were master cooks, the men sacrificed their times and bodies to provide for their families, and their wives also worked (which is not what current 4th wave feminism garbage tells people exists in those traditional marriages). Well, this is not the 1960s, where their ideas and traditions are from, and some of them didn’t understand how vastly different people are today! The people who did understand the undertone of what I was saying, they chopped that up to city folks living, but today’s stats show that’s actually not true, that’s happening all over the country, and the world, at that. We are 60 years past what they last knew of courting women for marriage. They didn’t even understand that these so-called independent women will not go on a second date if you don’t pay for their entire meal and if you suggested that they go “dutch” to pay their half of the bill! Unfathomable to this population of people, because they aren’t out here with these modern folks. As I started to crack some of their mentals with some of the things I mentioned, some of them started to have “AHA” moments and shared the failures in marriage of even their own kids, mostly, the suffering of their sons at the hands of today’s wives. And when I started to hear more stories like this, I let them know they can’t blame city culture on what they clearly didn’t understand about how women have changed and traditional things of the West are frowned upon. They didn’t even know that many ladies today blame “THE PATRIARCHY” on everything wrong in life and hate most men who didn’t do anything to them. When describing what this attack on the patriarchy is about, these older people were offended, because it is attacking their way of life, is what they confessed. This is when some people understood that there is a war on traditional culture of the West, and it’s not MEN doing this.

Everyone of all races (except mine) were out there everywhere enjoying that foliage. Beige trench coat with the accompanying big hat again- except her Asian man refused to be the photographer!

Quite a few of the older folks made mention of going on many trips and seeing a bunch of older people with them on these trips, but never had they ever seen a man go solo on a trip. They told me they were very curious why I would do that and thought I was, if anything, divorced. They assumed the worst. One guy apologized for “getting in my business” when he was seeking details, but a few of them were a little weirded out by me rolling solo, loving it and letting them know that’s what I promote for men today. In speaking to the husbands of these marriages, they seemed completely clueless about why I would promote going on a trip by yourself (as a man) to places that clearly many other people love to vacation at. 🤔 They were ok with seeing women going alone to trips, women with other women going to trips, men with other men going to trips, but they couldn’t wrap their heads around a man going to trips solo. I let many of the people know what I tell many of you guys, all the time, MY PEOPLE, don’t go to enjoy things that we were all enjoying real-time. I pointed around and told them to find someone like me, or a couple with my features, and they actually tried to take me to task multiple times on that. 🤣 They saw some Indians, from India, and I said “uhm no, even they are out here more than my people, that’s how my people have love for what millions of people do every year”. The one time they found a Black guy, I’d stop that person and said “hey, buddy, that’s someone who works here in the restaurant, that’s not a tourist”. 🤣But multiple people kept an eye out for things I was saying to them, they were seriously trying to crack this nut that is me. I could see they wanted to ask me further questions that would challenge some culture/racial information they may feel they know, but they didn’t want to broach that topic for fear of appearing maybe racist or something. Some people would preface a question with “please forgive my ignorance but…” before asking going into a certain topic to ask something about non-White culture, because they liked my transparency. After time, some of these people asked me if I was opposed to going and getting me a small-town white woman, flat out. 🤣 That’s clearly not the answer, because based on numbers, and based on any articles you read, we have INCELS because those white girls aren’t showing guys any love either. I don’t believe hype, I get data and stats to move! But some of them asked things and said some things that could be seen as a little ignorant, and 1 lady said she agreed that Black men want marriage but it’s the Black women who do not, from what she hears from people and what she reads on CNN’s site. She asked me what the deal with minority women was in wanting to be baby mamas and not wives. I saw her husband kind of cringe, but I answered “well Natalie Portman is no Black and she openly promoted being a single mother, and back in your days, the TV show Murphy Brown was a political target for being a single mother. Demi Moore, .. That is not a Black thing, that’s a women empowerment thing!”. They did NOT get it! One answered something like “why does having a job have to do with woman not wanting to get involved in marriage? I worked, we all worked, they’re no different than me” and she didn’t understand that she is NOT like these women today. I quickly realized, “oh, I’m going to have to counter the negative Black man and woman stereotype”. It wasn’t a malicious question, these folks are OLD, so they wanted to know what happened to the breakdown of the Black family or female progression since the 1960s. One lady blurted out in a group “you seem like a polite, educated, handsome guy, so why are you not married by now? Those are normally red flags” putting me on the spot, but they were saying that they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t in a marriage because I was not like the many people (not a stereotypical Black guy thug). I saw they were really saying to me “HEY, I SEE YOU AS SOMEONE NO DIFFERENT THAN US! WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE MARRIAGE TO SOMEONE???” None of it was from malice, I promise you.

I didn’t want to further explain today’s dynamics to them, they wouldn’t get it. I told these folks that most people today can’t even last 6 months as a couple, you think they can survive a marriage?! This lot was genuinely curious about my marriage history though, and just about ALL of them asked me the following questions, in this order, which I get asked a lot:

  • What do you do for a living?
  • Are you married? / Have you ever been married?
  • Do you have any kids?
  • WHY are YOU not married?
That’s what couples do, they go out to watch foliage, couples of all ages… except my people, of course.

Normally, when I am asked “What do you do for a living?“, it’s by people who are trying to figure out how to categorize me, so they can know how to know whether or not they should respect me, based on my profession and the amount of money they think I earn in that profession, so they can pocket watch/hate me. They want to know how I could affort to go to places they were in. That’s normally what that question is about. 90% of my encounters with strangers, when I get that question, it’s exactly what I just wrote there. This group was completely different, they saw that I liked things they liked and considered me just like that. They were shocked, and a little disappointed, to hear my views of marriage, and why I didn’t make my own family, because they considered me a candidate to be a good husband to a woman, and provider, and leader. A few even said as much. I would answer that I was not married, never was married and didn’t have any children- which made them springboard into the final question “WHY ARE YOU NOT MARRIED?” In complete disbelief, and I could see they felt bad for me- something I don’t like. Here is where I had to defend Black men, and even cultured Black women, because I wanted them to know how progression of females in the world and the liberal philosophy drives some of that; thus, many women don’t feel they need to be married/attached to some man today, because they have jobs now! They don’t understand that part of current-day propaganda is that many modern women do not want to be married unless a man makes exponentially more money than she does, and he must be much taller than she is, spend more time in the mirror than she does, and he must be more educated than she is, but she does not want someone man who is going to be a leader that they can submit to, that’s offensive to women. And I let them know that a man better not expect a woman to cook, that’s offensive to women and women history. They don’t understand that these ladies today will submit to an employer, but not to some man. They kept referring to women dream from a little girl that they will be married, and I told them to go guy a Disney subscription because they only know fantasy too. They didn’t believe me that the reality is women are the reason marriage is down not men, and those dumb stereotypes the liberal media has put out there about men, demonizing men, is what infantilizes women and makes people think women don’t have their own brains and rights to decide that THEY don’t want to be in traditional marriage roles. They’re not trying to get married in their young years today. They’re out here catching bodies, popping out babies before hoping someone marries them at 40. This much the older ladies didn’t like about how women move, but they were rereferring to what they see in popular Black music, such as Meg the Stallion or Cardi B and thot culture. These are stereotypes and all they know is what they see, these stereotypes of Black women.

This TV show is popular because it’s so rare for it to be possible. “Imprinted” exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

What didn’t do was expound on how these stereotypes came to be. I didn’t update them on what the real deals are about how my people go their brains twisted to be as screwed up as the rest of society- but I was quick to let them know that what my people are doing today is NOT Black culture, but what we are copying from polite society, and how Black people are a sub-culture. When we started to integrate more with polite society, everything changed, and now our culture has been destroyed. This is the cost of assimilation when we didn’t come to the western world with our culture, willingly. We came as second class citizens, from first not even being officially being citizens. So today, to show we are over slavery, we go above and beyond to appeal to polite society by copycatting what they do, to get their approval- sadly. So today, when it comes to Blacks, we lead all numbers in least likely to be married, yet have a bunch of babies and no family, abort the most babies, and are more than double the percentage of other races, because we like to carry and never marry (real data from PEW)- and we get celebrated by feminists/liberals of such terrible things. It says that many Black women will do anything to not be tied down with babies or men. They want to be free from responsibilities when they’re in their primes and ripe for the picking. Up until 1970s, Black women were more married than even White women, in the USA. If you look at the Census information, facts will inform you how true that is. Black women started to assimilate, and they copied polite society’s brainwashing to turn against building up family and generational wealth, to buck the patriarchy- something Blacks are not responsible for and were victims of, yet our ladies eat that garbage up. After gaining Civil Rights, what changed was This (the pill and Feminism) and This (Black Feminism of The Combahee River Collective (1974-1980)) and THIS (welfare reform) and This mostly (race driven Drug war) and the nail in the coffin was DEMOCRATS BILL CLINTON and JOE BIDEN and their ’94 CRIME BILL with Clinton going full GOP kicking Queens off welfare. Democrats killed hopes for Black families with his war on drugs in 94 and then 2 years later kicking people off welfare without a clear path forward- just go get a job was his response, which he did to please Republicans, despite warnings from Daniel Patrick Moynihan that it will decimate the Black community. However, Clinton did change things to get women free college if they have babies and helped push EEO in Corporate America, so education and work solidified not lookin back and was a huge factor that brought women away from families which is still the current issue. What do you learn on campus today? Liberalism and misandry. And after EEO started giving more and more Black women, SPECIFICALLY, economic opportunities, we ended up with a new attitude that now they really don’t need and actually feel superior to Black men. What opportunities? Opportunities like this from Goldman Sachs, WHO PROMISED 10 BILLION DOLLARS TO ENSURNG THAT BLACK WOMEN SUCCEED, GET MENTORED TO CREATE BUSINESSES AND GET PLUGGED INTO NETWORKS. Goldman Sach is also huge on hiring Black women as DIVERSITY HIRES, don’t believe, let this Black woman tell you. Nobody but Black women, no black men, no Latinas, no Asian women, no white women, only Black women! While I’m happy/proud for them, I personally watched someone into an egotistical AHOLE due to her getting these special benefits when she wasn’t good at her job or pretty much anything really, including being a mother to her kid, but suddenly had a superiority complex because someone gave her a job to meet EEO stats of a company. I watched it develop into self importance and false confidence, and later, she dumped me because her career was picking up. With the opportunities to just get money because you’re a woman and Black, we now see the attitude of the previous decades come back (just like when welfare money was given to ditch responsibilities to men), but with ego, arrogance and pride thumbing their noses at Black men who have been largely kept out of economic opportunities since the 1960s.

This picture is corny to today’s women. That guy is broke in their mind. “Imprinted” exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

There are no democratic policies that benefited Black men, just as famous NY politicians pointed out since the 70s. Now, the average blue color worker isn’t good enough to date, let alone marry, to the average looking women today. The middle class is where marriage used to thrive, now, you’re a loser male if you don’t make over $100k at 18 years of age, as a male, according to these women today – which is highly RARE. Men are not given anything just for being MEN. Nobody is given men a job just for being men, the same is not true for the other side of the aisle. Here is an example of what most Black men have to hear today and she demands a lot of things, you’re not a man if you’re not TALL or are SKINNY and you MUST make over $300k a year to even look at her. She is a Blogger, divorce who has 2 kids- 1 other kid died (the first one she had at 17. 2 different daddies for these kids). She is looking for a new man and 1 month from this show, she got divorced. Not someone anyone serious would consider for marriage. 🤡 That woman is the NORM for Black women today, unfortunately, and she’s in SEATTLE where there aren’t many Black men. Still, look how disgustingly unrealistic she is, and that show she is on is famous because that’s all that call into that show. Also, she said a KEY piece in that, she is ok with him having other women, but she wants to be number 1 and he cannot have younger kids, and she has to be more important that his kids- she has 2 kids. Everything she hates in men, she IS! Also, if a woman does make good money, she is not for hypergamy where they have to marry down to a man who makes less than her, so they’re full of themselves, but blame Black men for not knowing how to deal with a woman who makes more than them. Black women, like most women today, are progressing and getting better jobs, and they don’t want to be moms and wives and workers, today, point black PERIOD. They don’t want to depend on men, and don’t want to look stupid to polite society for being uncooperative and anti-marriage, so they tell the lies the Black men don’t want marriage, to misdirect on-lookers from the real issue of Black women not wanting marriage because they don’t want to be dependent on any man! Black women traded Black culture for feminist propaganda, simple as that. This is why Oprah refused to marry too, and many copied Oprah. The Roe vs. Wade debate hit home for a lot of educated Black women because they were at the forefront saying that they can’t get ahead if they can’t kill their own babies whenever they feel like, as the articles I posted said. They let themselves be the face of Roe vs. Wade and that was a DUMMY move from being too overly invested in feminist propaganda. If I were a Black women, I’d put that right back on polite society, to hell with that. But not our women, they let polite society say that we need Roe vs Wade for Black women’s’ sake. 🤦🏽‍♀️They’ve (again) traded in culture for money. Many of us men grew up watching this from the 80s to 90s, we are not pleased to see this new version in front of us. The media of polite society has everyone rolling with the feminist trope that Black women are going to be back in extreme poverty, but that’s garbage because companies are giving them too many opportunities and make up most of the diversity hires we have in the work force. They’re going to be just fine! But the media is saying the women have to abort the babies because she has to make money at a job and kids stop her from succeeding in life. When you let someone else control the narrative like this, you’re out here looking stupid to society. Polite society has the old people also believing that Black women are overly sexualized sexpots who want abortion to make sure she can have unprotected sex that will create a baby that will hold her back from her career. That’s feminist propaganda telling women you can’t be a mother and have a job, so just abort your kids! So our ladies don’t believe in marriage because of feminist propaganda that gets them to blame Black men for oppressing Black women in marriage. THIS is why Black women are not interested in marriage. Check the CENSUS trends, from copycatting what our ladies THINK polite society is doing, vs what they’re doing when they get patted on the back for executing feminist ideology blindly, which polite society isn’t even doing!!!!! Look at this chart!

Fk is wrong with our Queens? They think this is what it means to assimilate and please polite society; however, polite society sold Black women lies that they themselves don’t do, by and large. Numbers don’t lie, to get married, the state has to know, which means the data is ACCURATE.
There were so many great stops on the trip, so much room to walk and observe married people enjoying the scenery

Our ladies let polite society poison their brains without considering any fact. Our ladies are very emotional and that is manipulated by women who aren’t sexually attracted to MEN. Imagine me taking life advice to cut out all women, just because a man who likes men told me to do so. See how dumb that sounds? The Roe vs Wade reversal talking points that Black women are using are told to them by polite society, without any consideration. I thought that “Roe vs Wade is racist” wouldn’t influence my Queens, I heard 1,000 Liberal news outlets make up excuses for why my Queens exponentially lead all races in getting abortion and turned them into HELPLESS VICTIMS who have unprotected sex because they’re careless and can’t help themselves. This is INSULTING to my people. This is how the liberal media painted our Queens when they put out campaigns to say that our women are the worse affected by reversal of Roe vs Wade. The propaganda machine latched on to put the fake RACISM narrative and made Joe Biden promise to reverse the reversal to Roe vs Wade because Black women are his main base. Why did our ladies take that bait? Roe vs Wade was racial in it’s inception, but not like YOU might think. The “ROE” in the Roe vs Wade is someone who got to use a fake name in court, under the guise of being a rape victim, who got pregnant due to being raped by a Black man. Her real name is Norma McCorvey, a White woman, who was in them streets giving it up despite not having financial means to raise a child– so she made up a racial lie that would get her an abortion, using the hatred of Blacks by Whites in America as her support system. 🤦🏽‍♂️ That galvanized the racists who then supported abortion for her, in a state where it was illegal already, because she knew that her people hated Black men and would believe the stereotypes that stats didn’t support. She was a LIAR and a BIGOT doing what she did, she had no shame, and this is what Roe vs Wade really represents. America, not wanting the country to hate her if the truth got out then, made up lies that RACE was not the VICTORY despite millions of abortions they denied prior, that this 1 special woman was so special that RACE was not a factor in her case. WTF EVER! 🙄What Queens would support such a law given that history??? So why let America put abortion on Black people like that? I mean, my people have the highest maternal mortality rate who why risk even her OWN LIFE to be on those streets giving up cheeks? And there it was, the lady they praise so much wanted to kill her kid because she wanted to get a good job one day. I’m not talking about being pro-choice or not here, who cares what you think on that issue, I’m talking about people who don’t want to be serious about a man in their best years, who believe marriage is so bad they have to never have a husband controlling them, who doesn’t want to develop herself to be a wife, nor was raised to be a wife and have no inspirations on this, who just wants sex so bad, that instead of contraception, they’ll go as far as to kill their own kid? On top of that, they only want to get married when they’re OLD LADIES. This is why 1 in 4 men are marrying into sexless marriage! Why would a man want to get with some woman who wants to trap him in a sexless marriage because she’s burned out from being in those streets all through her 20s and 30s and who gave her best years to bums, so her ability to pair bond doesn’t exist from high body count? Studies have always shown that if you get with some woman who has had more that 10 sexual partners (high body count), the likelihood of divorce is very high. What man wants to go into a marriage where he has a high likelihood of divorce? This is what’s wrong with people today and why I don’t want marriage. Our ladies are not our ladies anymore, they’re clones of popular society, they’re not recognizable anymore, they’ve copycatted silly propaganda and nobody wants to marry into that. So when someone tells me to go find a white girl instead of Black women, that person sounds STUPID to me. Actually, one of the old people asked me if I wouldn’t date a white girl because of the history of White and Black people in this country. That’s not it, I’ve dated interracially before. My hesitance was exactly what I said here, Black women didn’t create the propaganda so many so blindly follow because they’re trying to be men today. This is a terrible consequence of being mindless followers for pursuit of power, which is a very unattractive trait that no men want. Polite society is not doing better than the Black population in marriage. Yes, Black women are the most baby mamas out there, but comparable to polite society getting married and then divorced, it is the same result, just without the loss of huge amounts of money being lost by a Black man. These people are not STAYING married as long as these older people I met, so I’m not going to fare better just because I switched up the race. Stats don’t lie. However, though, I know I can go to pleased like to leaf peep with a lady from one of those small towns, but not the same type of lady if she lives in NYC. Just know that. Black women didn’t make a scathing declaration “THE END OF MEN“, polite society did!

I showed this to my Queens, they said “so what, looks boring”.

When it comes to ALL MEN in the West, the American Dream is based on marriage, to have a spouse, 2 kids, a house, white picket fence, dog… that’s RARE today, so why are Black men getting blamed for the failure of marriage? Since more men are single, than women today, and men are having sex exponentially less than women, the American Dream is DEAD for most men today, regardless of race, because of many evil forces out there ensuring that straight men, of good intention, who desire a traditional family with values, will not find suitable wives for marriage. No wives, no marriages, no American Dream! Men understand this simple issue. Female empowerment says they can have sex with whomever they want, without judgement, and without consequence because they can always just go kill their baby without consideration of the father of the kid. Also, it teaches them that men are not important, so you can procreate with just any many, quality of a man is not required because an empowered woman can get a job or just go on Onlyfans to sell booty. 👏🏽 There is no repercussion for failure (again) for such ladies, so they don’t have to pick carefully anymore, unlike in the past, and these old people didn’t understand this. These old people pointed out that most women don’t make more than $40k, and they’re correct, but you can’t tell our Queens that their jobs and that money doesn’t make them so empowered that they don’t need to rely on a family. Trying to explain this to people who depended on each other to get through in life, and love each other because they had to do this together, is just futile. These old people were right about something they said that be considered insensitive- they said Black women want to be baby mamas because it’s cool. I had to think about that a second because well.. that’s what the media has put out as a story too. See, a lot of these older people were liberals and whatever CNN and MSNBC tells them, they believe. They have some sort of GUILT or something, that’s why they believe Black women are all victims. Black women don’t want marriage and haven’t since progressive movements and the propaganda, just like the stereotypes, blame Black men- and make it look like as a consequence, Black women have to be, should be proud to be, baby mamas??? Crazy! My grandmother would never believe like these old peoples don’t, and would not approve of me bringing home a lady consumed with trying to show up me, be men, not be feminine, not know how to be a nurturer for her family, etc. Black men don’t want to NOT be in the home, don’t want to NOT be important to a family, to raise their kids and to protect their homes. Black men don’t want to be baby daddies! When you say this to people, they don’t believe you, unfortunately, so let’s walk through FACTs about this. I had a similar discussion with a young lady I was chatting up while in New England recently. She was not Black but we talked about my marriage/children status, and I was offended when she wouldn’t believe that I did not have children, because of how she was saying it. She believed stereotypes because she has Black female friends. She told me she reads a lot of posts by Black women that says they’re being deserted by Black men. I asked this girl if she dated Black men and she said no, but admitted that stereotypes prevented her from dating interracially, especially after reading all the posts by angry black FEMINISTS. I asked her to describe the men her Black friends procreated with, and she had nothing to say but bad things. When I asked her if she would ever see herself dating these men, as a white lady or a Black woman and she said ‘HELL NO!!!!!!!!’. DUH, STUPID! So she refused to see that all of her friends pick the moron with swag who isn’t serious and has many red flags in being a real man who would take care of his responsibilities. So she blamed all Black men for these loser, cool dudes that women know better than to stay with but love to lay with. These were the bad boys. I got the number of another lady, on the same trip, but this time a Black woman at my hotel, who also didn’t believe I wasn’t a baby daddy. That was a very frustrating trip, but clearly outlined the Black men have a very bad image out here! I had to point out to these women, a number of things that I outlined here, because I have these conversations a lot, in defense of Black men who have no kids, earn decent livings, and haven’t done anyone wrong in life to themselves or anyone else. I find myself combating negative stereotypes of Black men, a lot, lately, and apparently not NEW ones, they’re all OLD stereotypes. As I told more and more of these older, married people that I never participated in marriage, I could somewhat feel judgement in some of that questioning. None of it was malicious in intent, but I know that stereotypes are what they are for a reason, and unfortunately, what a lot of people don’t understand is that things that were historically a negative stereotype of Black and Latino/Hispanic men, is very COMMON for most other modern men in the West. Feminist propaganda has penetrated society in the worst ways, because it’s on a 4th wave that the first feminists do not agree with. It’s do dee that one of the greatest modern day scams was pulled off by feminists. What I wished I could explain to the traditional, older folks, is that even something like this Black Lives Matter movement was filled with anti-marriage propaganda and was blamed on Black men. There is NOTHING BLM is talking about that benefits Black men!!! They used the death of Black men being killed by police to blind everyone to the real propaganda that does not benefit Black men, which is why it broke up. People saw through it and deserted it because it was only there to promote LGBTQ+ agendas. To use Black suffering to do this is disrespectful. I had to look up who created this movement and it was LGBTQ+ Black women and men! Did you know this? It matches the mission statement though, but it was a scam from the beginning. Those leaders stole MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to have luxury parties and to buy mansions in Beverly hills, on the back of dead Black men that nobody cares about. The original Black Lives Matter mission statement never sat right with me when I first read it, which is why I never supported it, it exploited dead Black men who are not the real focus. Take a look at the language of the mission statement from Black Lives Matter (BLM MISSION STATEMENT), which has since been removed from the BLM site but was captured in many writeups supporting BLM like the one by University of Central Arkansas: 

What does BLM have to do with building Black families/Marriage? It says it wants to END THE NUCLEAR FAMILY! BLM only cares about LGBTQ+, women and children, not heterosexual men! BLM supports destroying the Black family because that’s the “Patriarchy”. Amazing…
They were glue to each other watching the beauty and hearing the waves crash.

Ask yourself, what straight Black man, is calling for the abolishment of the nuclear Black family. What Black man wants this? What Black man doesn’t want to have a family where he is important in it? Who wants to participate in a traditional custom of marriage, with someone who rejects everything about tradition and is overconsumed with agendas that don’t benefit he or his woman? What does that have to do with police brutality on Black men? Black Lives Matter promotes single motherhood and elimination of Black fathers in the home! Black Lives Matter doesn’t support Black husbands to Black women, who raise strong Black families! BLM supports baby mama creation! Black men don’t support this garbage messaging. They want FAMILIES. This is why I oppose marriage today, because the only condition for modern women to marry a man is to use him and dump him when they’re done with him, take everything he owns, take his kids from him, and then they can return to be single mothers who go into old age by themselves. This propaganda is actually feminist ideology and Black Lives Matter took that rhetoric from there. BLM is Anti-Black Family and Anti-Black Marriage involving a heterosexual man, and this poison has propagated to the Black community. How can you be with a woman who supports BLM given this, given the scamming and using straight men’s death to put their agenda in secret? That’s disgusting. So this feminist, socialist and liberal ideology, while great for the groups it focuses on, destroyed the Black family, and the government KNEW THIS. Let’s start with a very key study performed by Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Moynihan was our Democratic politician in New York from 1977 until 2001. Democrats commissioned him to study why the Black family was failing despite the social engineering the country was performing on them to “better” us, which is known widely as THE MOYNIHAN REPORT. Moynihan came back with an honest review that said “our Democratic policies, and other liberal ideology, are destroying Black families and ensure that the Black males fail and while Black males are doing better, I can’t explain why all these Black women are getting on welfare in droves despite this…” to paraphrase and summarize the report. He said this in 1965, all of which came true in today’s time- thanks Feminism and Democrats! Moynihan said that Black male unemployment was lowering but couldn’t explain why Black women were increasingly getting on welfare when a family wouldn’t need welfare when they have employment increasing. This contradictory finding is called the “Moynihan Scissors”.   Democrats destroyed Moynihan for pointing out the progressive ideology continuously destroy Black families with their policies that only favor Black women, and Democrats DOUBLED DOWN on the social manipulation of the Black community, getting women to trade family for government sponsorship to not have a family that includes a Black male. Other propaganda groups began to say that Black men were destroying the families and that more women should be without a man, just to make babies and get paid by the welfare system. Those groups wanted Black women to be victims, to beg the government for welfare. The welfare system was originally designed to pay women whose husbands had to go off to work a long way away from home, for long periods of time, and thus could be considered a WIDOWs. Well, if women historically wanted welfare, they’d have to claim to be a widow, which meant they were to prove there was no man in her house with her kids and herself. That is the policy, which carried over to today. Fast-forward, Black women were coached by social workers to claim to be abandoned by Black men, and this old widow clause would be applied to them to get that welfare money. That same woman cannot tell the state what else she was doing like how she had a good time one night with a stranger and that’s why she was a single mother, or that she liked tall playas with swag and had their babies without commitment, or that she was tired of the dad of the kids in her home and wanted to switch him out for a new man, or that she just wanted to be a single mother, etc- so on paper, the stereotype that stuck to all Black men was that “Black men desert their families” and that “Black men are physically abusive to all Black women”. What if you want to get in on the welfare scam and need a good story to tell in order to get welfare without being questioned or denied, in addition to receiving free shelter, what will you do? LIE! That’s what you’ll do, LIE on Black men. Police reports didn’t even corroborate these dumb claims that Black women were being abused like they claimed. It was all scam to get welfare, and people were coached by other scammers and even social workers to say this. They didn’t care HOW that made Black men look. In fact, if you want to talk about how’s doing all the domestic violence, go look up the stats. The top 10 states with high domestic abuse rates are ALL RED STATES, states that do not have big Black populations. But this propaganda against Black men carried over from these bogus complaints about lazy people desperate to get free welfare money. 

Sunrise when the fog clears out

Then, the other problem with people being slaves to welfare money was welfare abuse was happening. This is what Ronald Regan was inaccurately pointing to when he was attacking welfare queens. Due to that Widow clause, if Black women wanted that free welfare money, she could NOT HAVE A MAN LIVING IN HER HOUSEHOLD! This is key to the destruction of the Black family. The government welfare case worker agents actually used to go to Black women’s’ homes to do physical walk throughs to ensure there was no man living in the homes to ensure that Black families didn’t get any welfare aid, only Black women with a pile of kids allowed to get that free money. This is widely known as the man in the house” rule of social welfare programs, which included rejection of housing benefits for women if they had a man living with them! It is clear how women traded Black men and Black family for welfare money and it was government supported! This is what explained the Moynihan Scissors, along with other popular propagandas that tell women to hate men, and to reject roles of being wives! Black women abandoned the idea of family in the last 60s, in reality, this is backed by study, statistics this is FACT! This became our culture, welfare mother culture, as the Black household is still today a matriarchy and has been for more than 5 decades in the USA, with women claiming they don’t need a man! The worse part, these women are largely convinced that they would be better off as unwed baby mamas than to be wives! In fact, they want to change the narrative to be looked at more favorably as unwed moms so the Black men deserting the family is a bullshit narrative when female progressive propagandas are instructing women to desire to be unwed mothers. In fact, Black men don’t respect this culture of baby mama propaganda and want WIVES/FAMILIES, so much so that Black men do not even want to give their sperm for women to get IVFs, and there is a Black male sperm donor shortage, because most Black men don’t want their babies out there if they cannot tend to them. Mind you, the sperm banks (aka Cryobanks) pay $500 a pop and STILL Black men don’t want to donate sperm to make kids they cannot tend to. The sperm banks are going on college campuses trying to recruit young boys to give sperm, this is how bad this situation is. Black men weren’t abandoning Black women, and families that they made, in numbers that matched the stereotypes, even today with all the hookup culture and disfunctions in dating. Today, census numbers will show that 53% of Black Men neither have ever been married nor have had kids, which is the highest percentage of men in the country. 34% of Black men are married, most of them to Black women. That’s 87% of Black men who are not responsible for making all of these single Black mothers, and 70% of Black women are single mothers in 2022. That means 13% of men, Black and other races, are responsible for creating 70% of these single Black mothers, yet the stereotype of all Black men is we are deserters? The numbers do not add up to make this stereotype true for most Black men being deserters! Also, the women getting artificial insemination like crazy today, and investing in freezing their eggs, which also accounts for the rise in single Black mothers!!! They’re debating now going to non-Black sperm donors, this issue is widely known and reported. These women have been cultured to desert making a family with a Black man, or just many men today. Is anyone focusing on these women bowing out of marriage to be baby mommas and spending tens of thousands of dollars to back this unwillingness to be wives or coupled with a man? The lies that most Black men are making all of this ghetto madness is sickening and I hate this stereotype being applied to me. We have the data, we have the numbers, women are doing this to themselves, and due to their own choices to not marry before they carry, or deciding to go at it alone willingly, bucking traditional roles of women and rejecting marriage themselves! Freedom of choice is what they are exercising, it is fully their rights to do so, feminism helped support this, and it is time to put to rest this bullshit stereotype of Black men deserting Black women and their children. Those worthless pretty-boys they meet at the club, who have many women pregnant, that 13% of men that all the women want in those dating apps, THAT is who they’re freely choosing to pro-create with, and they’re willing to share that guy despite his repeat impregnator history and him being involved with other women simultaneously. Women want men that other women want, it’s a very disgusting flaw. It’s one thing that the best guys get the best catches, that’s life, but that women just want to get this guy for his looks before other women can, or while other women have him and don’t care, that’s nasty. These women want those guys and not the majority of Black men who are not acting cool and irresponsible in life. Personal choice!

This lady was out with dude flying drones! She’s cool. My people don’t care. They’re attracted to scammers, dealers, rappers and basketball players.

I just had to put his out there because I hear the garbage about how Black men are terrible in relationships, are against making families, all this garbage and people don’t understand how our families were destroyed due to US Government policies, and also liberal ideology, the PROOF is out there and has always been out there. That Black women at the hotel didn’t want to hear me and the proof. She asked me for the proof, I showed her a video on the Moynihan report, and she said she doesn’t believe it. She completely ignores that whole point of the Moynihan Report, in fact she didn’t even know what that was until I showed her, but you know what she did believe? FEMINIST PROPAGANDA THAT EMPOWERS HER. She doesn’t care about Black family and generational wealth. She thinks her job will make her rich and her kid will be able to inherit millions one day, that a father isn’t necessarily important AND she thinks that some man with money is going to come along, marry her, and willingly be a step dad. People without kids, who are younger, are barely marrying, but not wanting to admit that this lady screwed up her life with a bum dude, this lady doesn’t understand anything about how men think, and especially Black men. This is the problem, they follow the feminist propaganda but do not know see that there is no climax to their pursuits other than being alone and lonely. That lady was 38, it’s too late to talk about how she is so hot at 38, almost 180lbs, 5’4″. Disillusioned. And the problem with marriage is this lady is exactly what so many of us have to hear brag about how great they are and how much money she has. Nobody wants this kind of terrible catch. Then they have to deal with the bum guy who is the baby daddy too? No way. This lady didn’t want to hear ANY thing that is counter to the nonsense she believes, nothing that can take away her false empowerment. This lady said all Black women were getting physically abused and get on welfare, ALL OF THEM on welfare had this happen. She said all Black men were jobless so Black women couldn’t depend on them and had to go their own way- completely ignoring how Blacks were destroyed under Slavery to Jim Crow and didn’t get options until much later after Civil Rights. These Black women are revisionist historians. They are blaming Black men for not being rich right after Civil Rights has to FORCE America to give equal rights to Black people. People like her believe change happens over night and suddenly Blacks with inferior finances and schooling would suddenly be in corporate America or be entrepreneurial in mindset, after years of being made to be inferior. What race traitors we have in our midst’s and we’ve known this since forever and blaming Black men for poverty is disgusting. This lady was single because she doesn’t want to be lead, she doesn’t want to be submissive, she only wants to settle with a man who has money so that if the relationship fails, she and her kid by some other man will be financially well off for her failure to secure the marriage from divorce. She knew that man she made babies with was untamable; she knew he was with other women; she knew he would cheat over and over, and knew he wouldn’t be a good father, still she chose but want to blame more men. She continues the curse of our people, yet blames all men for the failures to secure men who simply refuse to own their responsibilities. This plague has been with us for a very long time, and many news papers explained what was happening since even 1991, in women’s’ own words (Washington Post).

Sunsets hit different in New England. Nobody but me and old people think that’s cool. Last of the 6pm sunsets.

THIS is why I am not for marriage; this person was not marriage minded and was completely comfortable with being a baby mama and was empowered to be one. Why would I want to give up travel, having fun where I want, when I want, to be taking care of the child of some loser man and poor choices in life? I don’t reward bad behavior; I don’t support the welfare system out of my pockets! The American Dream is dead for most men, and I want more guys to get away from that garbage if there isn’t someone trying to submit to them, someone being feminine in their presence, and most importantly, for guys to get their money together and go travel! Why would anyone want complete loss of all assets, children and sanity when the other half just decides they want to leave, which his 70% of divorces are brought by women, and among only educated ladies, 90% of that group bring divorce to a man, and INFIDELITY is not anywhere close to the top reason. In fact, women are just as much likely to cheat on a man as a man on a woman.😒 After people reading all that Black feminist propaganda on good Black men, which is actively being promoted in all top news publications today, the demonization of the majority of Black men who are just minding their businesses and don’t care to participate in marriage, is crazy. I cannot defeat stereotypes that have been with Americans for half a century when you have your own people actively promoting the propaganda against you. Why would any man with means want to be somewhere he is not respected, where his fortune will not go to his offspring and WIFE but to some unwanted child of another man, and a woman who deserted the father of that child? Who wants to pay for Democrat policies that destroy Black families that began in 1975, as an attempt to get government reimbursement for the free welfare money they were giving out to baby mamas as a result of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children welfare program. Child support is mostly paid by men and it’s a scam by the government to ensure that men pay money and if not, they’re going to jail and will lose their employment/careers. States like California are clear that they keep large chunks of that child support money so it’s always been scheme to get paid for poor decisions. Texas collect $9 in child support for every $1 spent in aid!  So your child would not even get all of that money! The anger this lady had stems from her father paying child support and she not receiving enough to buy Mercedes Benzes when she was young. Well, maybe her mother should have chosen better? Maybe a man should not be considered just a good time or a paycheck, and this is coming from someone who is NOT conservative in the slightest! The promotion and celebration of fatherlessness is a disease in the West.  I’m not a parent because I understand the dangers of a single parent home which is well documented . We men also understand that although this silly propaganda is affecting our Black queens, the realities of telling women to go be baby mamas while also working a fulltime job is psychotic and could only have been dreamed up by someone who doesn’t have kids! No sane person would CHOOSE such a life. And now, we have a lot of moms crashing out of life, getting high micro-dosing on drugs because they can’t handle being a parent and working.

My people are nowhere in sight! WTF, bro!?
There were 100s of couples everywhere, that’s all that was out there, couples on couples. Not one couple contained my people, only the workers here were my people.

Given all of this, would you want to be complicit in this nonsense and to be blamed for this because of your race, or would you rather jet set around the world? Tough decision, right? Would you want to be judged and avoided in dating for marriage because someone believes the negative Black stereotypes of 1960? What needs to be known is that Black men and women have their own agencies, and each has the freedom and brains to choose whatever paths they want to go in life. Today, it is very clear that women have very different mentalities with regards to marriage, and the Disney fairytales that people used to believe decades ago are largely gone. Today’s women are wanting to be sexual promiscuous and then when they’re 40 years old, want to start to look for marriage. Good luck with that. 🤦🏽‍♀️Most women in the West are statistically going at motherhood alone, many proudly, some marketing it as a CHOICE, because it is a choice, THEIR CHOICES- but most are mistakes from sexual promiscuity, thus the whole outcry about abortion rights. As said earlier, many want to do IVF to be a single mom rather than be shacked up with a man. It proves the point that men don’t just leave these ladies and responsibilities, women are the ones leaving primarily. Women leave for BS reasons mostly, and likely have “grass is greener on the other side syndrome”! Today, we call it the “HUSBAND STORE“. We have “No fault divorce” just because a person, mostly initiated by women, should just be able to walk out the door just because they feel like it on a given day, despite making vows and not being violated by their spouse. The fact of the matter is that Black men, even myself, would rather be more like these older folks I recently met, than to be like the majority of my friends who are divorced and ruined entirely, or those who are not getting gray divorced by their old woman who wants to leave them broke at 70. Black men would rather be out there traveling with their wives or families, and the numbers clearly support this claim. However, Black men cannot shake the false stereotypes that are shown to use at every turn, especially now using Black women’s’ anger via social media propaganda and networks like Fox Soul. So yes, Black women are complicit in creating the negative stereotypes of Black men, and I heard this from non-Black people, who got it from publications with works written by Black feminists. That woman at the hotel, she should not have echoed the stereotypes, because wasn’t the classic chick for the streets, so that really surprised me that she was using the same silly talking points of the feminists. She also threw out another new narrative that Black women don’t want to marry Black men because most black men are broke and have no jobs, also false, which the department of labor stats prove. So the general consensus is that Black men are not marriage material and cannot support having a family. Well, if Black men are not marriage material and Black women don’t want to marry them because the men can’t sustain a family, then why are 70% of Black women making babies with those 13% of men who don’t want to commit to them? This is the dumbest things I’ve heard ever heard. Why would anyone make a baby that couldn’t be taken care of by these guys they claim are so broke that Black women would never marry them? This is why I want Black men to get away from all this negativity, go to see the world, go build with likeminded people, and don’t bow down to pressures from society to make us conform to negative stereotypes. Not many people care to understand Black men, even Black women themselves, and that’s fine, we just want the stereotypes to END given the data freeing us of the stereotypes. As I get older, as I admitted, I started to become envious of these strong, older couples that were traveling at the same time. There should be more Black men out there doing all these things that all the other men of the world are able to do, with women of their own races as well. There is a certain power in doing that and pride, that we too are part of this civilized world.

Mystic River
Rich people’s fall view
Believing propaganda is limiting possibilities to have family time line this. Dad drives the boat!

Alas, I’m quickly brough relief by the fact that, well, men of other races, my generation and younger, are ALSO not out there with wives doing what these older married couples were doing either. Oh and just so you know, most of my Black male friends don’t agree with my stance, they want to be in stable marriages and are mad that there are not many suitable candidates to dedicate their lives to. I think they need to just let it go. You cannot support marriage in a society that promotes the emasculation of men, while demanding strong, traditionalism of men to provide protection, while continuing to push the narratives that men are useless and highly necessary because you’re so vulnerable without them. Anyone with the belief that the patriarchy needs to be dismantled, is also talking about dismantling the male as the head of a household, which is why people who believe this do not want a man in the household and would rather promote a fatherless home. You see how that worked out for Black people? You see this gang culture from women not picking proper men to procreate with? You see all these good Black men with great income today and still these Black females don’t want that guy they STILL want the same knuckleheaded morons who are the bad boys/cool idiots? You think this is a new trend of ladies? No. This is Western women, modern women, this is how they behave and it only leads to destruction of family, due to lack of family and cultural values, which marriage used to help guard against. You take the importance of men out of the equation and you have the chaos you see today. These women, and their bonehead selection of men to procreate with, are why we have high crime in cities and my innocent people are getting killed and robbed by the offspring of these culturally bankrupt morons and their carelessness in family planning. These people aren’t their reproductive failures are why my people still have these negative stereotypes still lingering today, despite most other races and ethnicities doing the same activities. Blacks do it worse, because it has more fatal consequences, so the stereotypes stick. These advanced women have jobs and degrees, so that means that Black families should be rich by now because she can go get a good Black man with equal stats, but she will not! She will make up propaganda that there are no good men left. 🤦🏽‍♂️Anything to not be married to a man who demands respect from his wife, and more importantly, anything than to be in a role where she would be held accountable for her actions and inactions. It’s the same welfare queens mentality evolved, they want to keep the money all for themselves, they sell out culture all for their own advancement, and this is the feminist propaganda come true, using Black women as the dummies to execute the tests first before applying to the rest of society. These people believe children do not need a father, only a mother, and that stats prove that the crime rates soar, murderers increase in numbers and socially inept boys who cannot navigate society exponentially increase in numbers, due to mother-led homes because a women cannot raise a boy into a man. She makes him effeminate to go pander to women when he grows up, then he gets destroyed by women, realizes his mother set him up to fail, and then gets Red Pilled. She doesn’t know how to raise a man so she lets the streets and school or hard knocks have at her boys. Anyone who will never have respect for a man, does not respect him in the manliest position a man can take, as a husband, a father and a provider, does not deserve marriage and should never be offered it. Being a man is not causing other harm, protecting what you love, building your family and community up, and this MAN is being called “toxic” in today’s time. These women are raising men not fit for marriage, just to be dominated like girls, and the men they need for marriage, they’re avoiding until they can use him like a guard dog, use him so she doesn’t look so pathetic by herself, or for his finances. Well, most of men with means have awaken today, and don’t care for marriage with today’s women in the West, which is why so many are going outside of the country to find a foreign women not from the West- or just avoid women altogether. This is why Asian women are the top preference in dating apps where White women are the most numerous on the apps! Think about that for a minute. With marriage to modern women, what do you get for your sacrifice of your life from people who refuse to even take your last name? When you have issues in your relationship, as a man, you know what never happens? Nobody gathers around and tells you that it’s OK to leave your family because that wife does not give you the tingles anymore. Nobody tells you, as a man, that because she isn’t making $200k a year, you should leave her. Nobody tells you that because she reached menopause, she’s not as good as an 18 year old, so you should leave her. There is nothing but shame for a man to desert his duties to the family and the marriage. You have to stay and deal with it and suck it up. No man tells another man to go divorce that lady. On the other side of things, when a woman doesn’t feel good, all her friends and online consultants on social media tell her to IMMEDIATELY LEAVE that marriage, first thing they suggest is this, because they’re all miserable and want you to destroy your lives like theirs. You tell me, who is more serious about marriage given that reality. That is why men today are not even considering marriage, men are too serious about marriage, we have too much to lose, and too much responsibility to some person who doesn’t respect us and never will. We don’t want to be prisoners of marriage and it’s just another institution that transfers wealth away from serious people to people who just sit back and expect hand outs, just like all other forms of welfare! 🤷🏽‍♂️  They belong to the streets!

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