Behind The Photo(BTP): Mediterranean Sunset

Sunsets on the Beach
Mediterranean Sunsets on the Beach

If you’ve ever been to a beach in the Mediterranean you’d know that it’s absolutely breathtaking to witness, as I was about to take in my first Mediterranean Sunset. This particular one was set in Israel, which faces out towards the Mediterranean Sea. During my many stays in Israel, I noticed that this day was like no other sunset so far, and it appears that in Israel, no 2 sunsets ever seem alike. You can go to the very same spot, 2 days in a row, and still not be able to take the same exact shots from the same exact location, at the same exact time. I know because I tried. And where you think that sun is at a given hour, it did not set exactly the same location the next day, which was cool to see. I went back the following day to try to recreate the same thing but the background moved and it wasn’t the same shot at that point, so yeah, the people of Israel are right, no 2 sunsets will be the same! LOL Here is the shot from my Instagram.