The most famous COLLECTION OF JUNK by the Guinness Book’s Record holder for most PENCILS

Museo Granja Arenas

How can you write with half of this

1, Departamento de Colonia, Uruguay

What if you could make money with all the junk you’ve ever collect, that’s what this museum has done. How neat do you think you could actually keep that collection? I’ve seen the show Hoarders, it’s never a pretty scene.

Museo Granja Arenas
LOL This is a headache medecine maker’s ‘mascot’ with nails in his head

While working in Uruguay, South America, I took some time to go to the province of Colonia. Along the way, I stopped at a museum that collects a lot of odd little things, it’s like hoarder on steroids. Imagine your child’s junk all neatly organized to line the walls of every room in your house, that is the look and feel of the Granja Arenas museum. I actually didn’t know what to expect, initially, I just saw a sign that it was a museum, and it’s an interesting collection of junk, to put it politely.  The museum was started by a man name Emilio Arenas, who is a hoarder and has been since a young child. Everything given to him by family, friends, school, he kept, especially pencils and keychains. He had been collecting these things for 60 something years.

Through exchanges and donations, Emilio has managed to amass 4 rooms filled with:

Museo Granja Arenas
Donated trash cans
Museo Granja Arenas
Has many ash trays from around the world on display
Museo Granja Arenas
this was used to enlarge photos. WTF is that doing here?
  • 36000 different keychains
  • 19940 black graphite writing pencils, this collection is currently the largest in the World declared by Guinness World Records 
  • 4800 ashtrays,
  • 3600 bottles of perfume
  • 10,000 matchboxes
  • Small collections of cans of soda and beer, pins, phone cards, miniature bottles and quantity of antiques such as plates, mortars, cash registers, phonographs, andenolas….
  • These collections have been honored 5 times by the Guinness Book of Records.
Museo Granja Arenas
Hall of junk

That’s a pretty impressive collection!  Emilio is so well known for this pencil collection that he was even invited to go to other countries, where he was gifted by owners of the company, with special pencils to add to his collection. Yes, this is what I do with my time, I go see weird things. 🙂   OH, and when you finish your tour, you can go and have some… jam.. or preservatives.

Museo Granja Arenas
Strange preserves tasting in the end, but delish

This was truly an ODD, WTF trip I took, an odd moment in time that I stepped into, and I fully enjoyed it!

Museo Granja Arenas
Guinness Book of World Records holder in pencils

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