The Breakers

Gilded Slave Tours

Are you here in Newport for architecture, antiques, or are you here to look at the SLAVES’ living space? Most people envision that slaves worked there, and they did not. Paid servants lived and worked there. A Servant Family Childhood story is told at this very location.

Happy Black History Month. I want to shed some light on something, because I got into a heated argument with a lady friend sisterhood propagandist who attended Brown University, in Rhode Island, and it was about REPARATIONS. The only Black person who has ever made sense, associated with that college, is Glenn Loury, and you REALLY must hear his opinions on the state of our affairs, because it’s really good, and he’s the legit Black OG Economist! He and the other Black OG with brains, John McWhorter, you’ve likely seen on the Bill Maher show, and they can be heard at The Glenn Show, on Substack. My sisterhood propagandist lady friend was saying that it would be stupid for Rhode Island to have to pay reparations to Blacks since there are no Blacks in the state anyway. I heard that, took that in with amazement, looked at this genius square between the eyes and asked her “do you know the history of Rhode Island and it’s growth due to Slavery?” She denied all of this, but as you’ll see in a piece I’ll drop shortly after this, we have these Skrulls who have invaded our Black population, and these new Ninjas, who are infiltrated the American landscape, and arrived here completely uninformed on Black History, yet have all the benefits of being Black, due to the Civil Rights Era. This college educated Skrull didn’t know that bit of history of slavery in the North of America, and denied that any Slaves were in the North, unless they escaped from the South and were Freedmen. She also claimed that the only enslavers were Southerners, which I’ll also show you today, that is false. The problem is, that’s how MOST OF US learned American History, which demonizes the Southern Whites ONLY, when it comes to Slavery, thus the North looks like angels. When you see people protesting to tear down statues of former southern slavers, notice how liberals don’t talk about any figures from the North who were enriched themselves with use of Slavery, like ones I’ll mention here today. Oh, the North has many dirty secrets they don’t want to get out, because they’ll look at bad as they painted White Southerners! I have to tip my hate to my Jewish Bros from the South, who put me on to a few things I’ll mention here, because they keep receipts, and the dish the goods even on their own people! So, since I’d be visiting Rhode Island, I figured I’d scheduled to hang with the Skrull chick, when I got to town, but decided against it because she was so far gone with sisterhood propaganda that I couldn’t stand to hear her speak anymore. She thinks she’s white so bad, she’s now dating an incel looking dude. I mean shout out to swirlers, no hate, but you can’t get yourself a Chris Evans or Brad Pitt type dude? Her and her man look and talk like this. And she and her dude were on social media bragging they went to SLAVE PLAY, a play where interracial couples sexually role play with a Slavery theme, suggested by her Incel man. Clap it up for the woman who brags she makes over $100k USD, who during the pandemic didn’t need a man, but who can’t afford rent so had to get an incel guy! 👏🏼 I know why she is broke though, reports are in, most 100k earners in USA are broke and that she is in massive debt in false pursuit of education in areas that don’t amount to getting paid well, so there return on investment is not worth the debt taken- of which, women owe a whopping $929 BILLION of the school debt and they’re wasting it on garbage degrees and don’t even complete college! DON’T HATE ME, I’M ONLY REPORTING REALITY, NOT YOUR DUMB FEELINGS. You have to get someone who looks like he’s going to murder you in a few months, like all the Black females who died during the pandemic dating that way? Anyway, I told her that at some point, Rhode Island would have to cut a check to Blacks, for their role in slavery, which of course, she said would never happen. 2 months passed and what do we have here? News that Rhode Island has entered into the talks for payment of Slave reparations. This lady is a racism and Black history denier, like a Holocaust denier but the Black people version. Just before this new came out, I landed in Newport (Rhode Island, USA), which has significance, not just as the much-joked-about favorite cigarettes of Blacks all over the USA, at one point in time anyway (Newport cigarettes), for its strong, death-smelling menthol nose penetration.  Yes, that’s a thing, if you didn’t know. I wrote this entry, and never finished it, but I’ll finish it now and post this for Black History month, and I’m going to tie this in with pop culture overlooking Blacks, and our History, to paint a different, sick twist on the post-slavery era in America. See, it appears that Downton Abbey, which is a story based in Britain, has created a demand white popular society to have stories written about their lives as oppressed people in the USA. Since Britain didn’t have the same type of slavery and integration of Blacks into their society as the USA, that USA cannot be compared to anything Britain did, especially since they got out slavery in 1833, which was 32 years before the USA ended slavery- a generation. Britain owned colonies, so they could keep Blacks where they were, in the native countries of African, meanwhile, American imported slaves from all over Africa and the Caribbean by the second, ironically enough, having to be forced out of slavery with guilt, by Britain. The other irony, many European settlers came to the USA to escape British rule, and then fought war to not be under the thumb of the British, only to turn out to be enslavers of Africans- and then did Slavery-lite to other European descendants.

Front entrance to the Breakers. This place was PACKED to the gills.
This is the view that faces out to the ocean from The Breakers.

That’s American history, hypocrisy and irony. If you see it today, know it’s always been this way since the founding of the country. Spending some of my growing years in New England, I always avoided Rhode Island because it just seemed so useless; but this year, I went, and took in the view and history, and when in Newport, I didn’t see more information about its huge past as a major slave port in New England. Hmm, and I wanted to see more information about how all the money was made to build Newport, Rhode Island, with slave money. No such hint of this stuff was found anywhere, unless you did some strong research beforehand. Part of that is because Newport is known as a rich person’s town, especially after all the richest families in the north east USA used to have summer homes in Newport, which they jokingly called “cottages”. These homes were MANSIONS. The interesting thing that I thought, while doing a mansion tour, after hearing some European descendant of popular society say, “oh those poor people, they suffered so much living as servants”. I thought this lady was really in her feelings about Black, former slaves, or something. Then I heard another lady say that servants’ families were living in the mansions, in the downstairs/basement. I was gettin really excited to go see what these people were talking about because I surely didn’t find anything of worth that was talking about the slavery the Rhode Island has in its history! I was a little confused as to why such Liberals of the time would have slaves in their homes, during Reconstruction era, though, that didn’t sound right. As I started to hear more of this white guilt, something wasn’t exactly adding up for me, about these Slaves. It just wasn’t what I ever read about former slaves, where the whole family lived with the rich person in the mansion. I didn’t see how Newport would even sustain a Slave population. What I later came to learn, was that Newport heavily policed and monitor the slaves, to make sure they did not breed unless white people wanted them to breed. This was an attempt to control the population of slaves and to ensure white power so that Blacks would not outnumber them and end up taking over. Rhode Island wasn’t playing with anyone trying to make breeding farms anywhere near there, so official did not allow slavers to even breed the slaves they owned either! They wanted to not get to a point where there would be a Black population, thus, would never let a Black family live as servants in a mansion! Some lady was talking about the best part of seeing Newport was some basements, and that sounded to me like some slavers type thing to do. Indeed, the basement floors were reserved for the servants and their families, I learned, still, something wasn’t adding up to me, in relation to Black people being those servants, or Blacks’ presence in Newport at all, during this special time that is celebrated by the presence of modern day Newport, Rhode Island. Newport has a complete MAKEOVER, apparently!

Despite the age of the mansion, it’s well maintained
Gated community
The whole area is a gated community that is open to the public for touring.

I was scratching my head after I arrived in that place and thought “wait, shouldn’t this place be FILLED to the gills with Blacks, considering its slave port history?” I was in Newport, Rhode Island, but if you go, you’ll see NOTHING to remind you of the terrible history of this place, which was created entirely due to slavery! Most people became rich, due to the slave trade, and I’ll demonstrate how we were all lied to, in American History class, until now. First, if you ever go to Rhode Island, there isn’t much to Rhode Island, the smallest state in the USA, but if you do go there, you can probably see all you need to see, in under 4 hours, all concentrated in the area of Newport, Rhode Island. Sure, you can go to other wharfs and waterfront places all up and down the state, but none draws as many people as Newport. That’s the place to be. If you do go there, you will notice that the place is packed with people, everywhere you go. It was packed all during the start of Covid and more, people didn’t care, they wanted to be out there. Now that Covid is over, it’s even more packed than I last remembered it being there. Why is it packed? Because there really isn’t much to do there but to eat, mainly. If you are in town, most of the focus will be on going to see mansions and crying to yourself about how you cannot afford anything close to it, then realizing that your life sucks because you’re in a 1-bedroom apartment in public housing. If this is you, you should probably not go on one of the heavily promoted mansion tours there. They take you around and point out where all the famous people’s mansions are, mainly up and down Bellevue Ave, to gawk at Jay Leno’s mansion (pray for him, his body is burned up recently), and some secret society’s mansions. Seriously, going to look at people’s mansions is probably one of the most important things to do as it is suggested to you in every single guide to Rhode Island that there is. Now, I’m not against THAT, for the right mansion, and the right mansion to do a tour in, which is completely worth it, visually, is to go to the mansion called “THE BREAKERS”. The Breakers? You mean like the BUCK BREAKERS who trained Black slaves? What kind of name is this? If you are familiar with American history, the Gilded Age (TV show was made about this period, on HBO) is a period where America was trying to get itself together, after huge losses after the end of Slavery / the Civil War (1865), and after almost complete demolishing and entrapping Native Americans in welfare/reservations after the intrusion into the Black Hillls (1874). Of course, that show is for people who are fans of Downton Abbey, that great life of European descendants during this time, and the Gilded Age is the American version of when Americans’ ancestors began to flourish heavily, in the USA. The Gold Rush was over, Americans betrayed Native Americans by infiltrating their territories to find gold, they couldn’t make money on Slavery anymore,… the USA was DESPERATE for money and economic collapse was on the doorstep! This was also during a time of reshaping America to accomplish goals of Reconstruction by 1877, and the 30-year+ stretch from 1870 to 1900+ is known as the Gilded Age.

never understood why people needed this fold-out privacy wall in a 1 bedroom, but it’s here too

That name “Gilded Age” came from a Mark Twain book and gilded means applying a decorative gold finish to something, or to make something look golden on the outside, which people were doing to their mansions to show off- like Newport shedding it’s slavery history somehow, that like gilding its history. lol You can see some of the pics here, with gold plating, that’s gilding, to show that you’re not suffering from that economic downturn of the past, you’re showing off to your guest and neighbors!  Newport, Rhode Island, was popping in the slavery times, and Newport was a powerhouse in New England during the times of slavery. So, by the time the Gilded Age came about, all those enslavers in Newport were ultra-rich, in addition to legitimately rich tycoons in multiple industries; however, most people who made money were just the classic slavers who got rich off of slavery, not industry tycoons. The town prices went too high so a lot of people with money only could be there, thus you started to people who weren’t able to show off, kind of get priced out the area. You could count the number of industry tycoons on 1 hand back then, so many of the people who took that town over were from out of town in classic gentrification style. The Gilded Age meant a whole new change from terrible optics and practices of the past (Slavery, oppression, cheating each other, stealing Indigenous lands, chasing off Mexicans), replacing that with attempts signs of progress, and that advertisement screamed “Slavery is so 1865!” like it was out of style. In essence, the Gilded Age is American history’s “What slavery???!??”🙄 slavery-denial period. Seriously, that’s what this period was all about, re-branding of American narratives. In this period, many entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, tycoons and former enslavers were prospering to gain enormous wealth, but everyone else in the country was LOSING! For those who won, they won BIG, like the names you hear like Rockefellers and Vanderbilts. The Settlers who stole America, came from Europe to overtake land, were given free land and opportunities to live new lives, by the US Government, and ability to be invested in slavery/railroads/shipping; but mostly, as the industrial age came to be, people were increasingly becoming lower class workers for the budding industries in the USA, and USA began to gain superiority over Europe, economically. Of course, someone has to do the grunt work with all these people striving to be rich out there, so but who would they get? Many didn’t want to hire Blacks post slavery unless it was the mammy of the house, and jobs went to whites, by default, as Blacks still were not considered to be humans until 1965, 1 century after the end of Slavery. You needed some NEW SLAVES, and America was now taking applications for some new people to work to death. In the Gilded Age, the top families you still hear about today, this is when they rose to prominence, and middle class whites also improved their incomes. Everyone was prospering in American – everyone but former slaves and Native Americans that is- but those filthy rich people needed ways to show off, visibly, so, they started making huge gilded mansions. So today, when someone thinks of Gilded Ages, they immediately know that Newport is the gem of Rhode Island, specifically for its collection of Gilded Age mansions. Since I was going to be in Rhode Island, I had to go see these special mansions. The one I went to is called, THE BREAKERS.

I heard you could play pool here, but you can’t! The table is encased.

The Breakers mansion has 70-rooms and was built in 1895, 30 years after slavery ended. Due to the tycoons making money, hand over fist, one such dynasty was the Vanderbilt family, who made their fortune in railroad and steamship industries that dealt with shipping of goods. Cornelius Vanderbilt was the patriarch of this family, and is touted as a “self-made man” who bought all the railroads on the east coast to become an iconic tycoon. Self-made as in American history likes to ignore the fact that he had several slave plantations that also made him a lot of money prior, which is omitted, in favor of stories that makes that family look better, like his conquest of east coast railroads happened with him being a broke man first, which happened in the 1860s. He was already rich from slavery! But when you’re the winners of history, you get to re-write the storybooks, to erase your history of slavery. As history was explored, we found that Vanderbilt, aka “the Commodore” founded Vanderbilt University, which he chose to put in the antebellum South, in Nashville, Tennessee, and due to where he put it, it inherited that pro-Slavery mentality in all ways. That’s why people wanted all slavery and confederacy ties removed from it. Vanderbilt was from New York, and was for the Union, not Confederates, but wanted to expand into the South, so he built that school and allowed it to become overcome with Southern racist ideology that it’s still known for? Vanderbilt is synonymous with Southern racist pride and Vanderbilt associated with many anti-Semites such as Henry Foote, who lived at the university and was an elected representative from Tennessee in the Confederate Congress. Vanderbilt continued to finance the place and made no reforms, none of the family did either. So just because someone was supporting the Union in the Civil War, that doesn’t mean they were anti-slavery, specially not this family that enriched the rest of the family with slavery money! All of these big families made money on slavery. After his passing, Cornelius Vanderbilt II was the grandson (not the son despite the name II) of a railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt, and The Breakers was built for the grandson, who was running the railroad by this point.  The Breakers is part of the Newport area that is known as the “Bellevue Avenue Historic District.” All the mansions in that area all have enormous value, due to being in this location, facing out to the ocean and goes back to where all the rich people had their summer home mansions there, which was also where right before these came, were “cottages” that were the mansions of the time for slave owners from Newport. Yes, you read that right.  The location of Newport made it ideal for importing of Slaves from Africa, so despite what you think you know about the North of the USA, and the lie that “the North was against slavery”, that was all a lie, and I just gave you 2 clear examples right there. People are only NOW learning that Newport was a major slave port! In Newport, more than 1/3 of all families owned at least 1 slave! People like to lie and say that the South had all the slaves and the people in the North were completely against it, thus, the slaves has to escape to the North, where they would have an amazing life. LIES! Newport was a major hub for getting Slaves into New England!!! At the height of slavery there, 1 in 5 people was a slave in Newport. What was so wild about life in Newport was that one could be a regular craftsman blue collar worker, and STILL had an African slave, in Newport! As a matter of fact, Newport was so big on slavery that enslavers took slaves from the Caribbean, not just from Africa, who were a little more skilled for labor, because many were trained by Brits to do manual labor. Rhode Island was full on pro slavery and there is too much proof for it to ever be denied and disputed, yet it was in “the North”

The Breakers
Typical Bathroom setup.

The people of Rhode Island were getting paid bigtime off slave labor and prided themselves in getting the best slaves who were better than the ones who were taken to the South. 🤦🏽‍♀️You want to know how the average person got funds to buy slaves? There was a lot of incentive to get involved in the arts of how New Englanders made money at the time. If a Rhode Island person could produce 100 barrels of rum, that was all he needed to buy a slave. Seriously. So via a slave merchant, rum would be traded for a slave directly from Africa or Caribbean. Anyone who can do this could get a slave or buy one from the auction. How do you make rum? You need only molasses, and how to get molasses? You need sugar, which many people were in the business of extracting from sugarcane, or sugar beets in New England. Then you have the merchant trade the rum with greedy Africans who traded Black people for LIQUOR. In fact, African and Europeans had been slave trading together for centuries before the trans-Atlantic slave trade, but not to the level of slavery in USA. But ANYONE could get slaves in many ways, as highlighted here. The goddamn butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker had slaves who lived in the quarters, same as in all the mansions, in Newport. This was so popular, and was such a thing of pride, that Rhode Island maintained a list of top enslavers! Here’s a list of the top slavers in Rhode Island, at the time, quite a few of seemingly of Spanish descent, like this curious fellow, Aaron Lopez. Aaron Lopez was the richest man in Rhode Island at the height of slavery at the time. He helped usher in slaves to the North East, and I know, like me, you learned that all slaves got to the North East by escaping the oppressive South! Well, that’s not fully true. This guy Aaron Lopez had Newport as a very busy slave port and helped put Newport, Rhode Island on the map, officially. In New England, Newport is where the people who got rich off of slave labor Blacks, started to move to, or were living at, at the height of slavery! By the way, years ago, I originally learned of Aaron Lopez because I was fact checking something that Farrakhan was claiming about who exactly was involved in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, because I felt what he was saying was completely false, due to my extensive knowledge of African American studies and history. It was through trying to prove that Farrakhan was wrong, and was just being antisemitic or something, that I found out that he was completely correct. I ended up learning that this Aaron Lopez character was a bigger deal than I thought. It was another realization that American History is taught in schools like complete GARBAGE because a lot of information is purposely omitted to keep people demonizing ONLY White Southerners whom we stereotype as the only racists in American then. Now, if you look this guy up on in religious sites, you see what Jewish people have to say about this slaver who set up slave porting routes out of Newport, Rhode Island, Aaron Lopez. You check how they refer to him, and his role in American history, you will see a very different version of Aaron Lopez, a very favorable one, respectable one, in fact. They’ll point out that he was a victim of religious bigotry in New England, did you know that this poor man suffered during this time? I didn’t find additional text about him, on those sites, only very high praise for him making a lot of money. For some reason, they completely omit the fact that he was THE TOP ENSLAVER OF SLAVES in Rhode Island, which he is most known for in History. Odd that I couldn’t find this on those sites. What about that SLAVERY BIGOTRY he was doing and how immoral was slavery to the faith? Interesting question I’d like to have the answer to but all I read on the sites that support him is below:

Likewise when the British troops occupied Newport, Rhode Island, merchant Aaron Lopez relocated to Leicester, Massachusetts, to a state whose Puritan founders prohibited Jewish residency. Amid strangers, the Lopez family maintained “their peculiar forms of faith and worship.” He wrote about the lack of kosher food, surviving on “chocolate and coffee.”

History is incredible. US history is just filled goodies that were purposely omitted from our history books, all up until recently, now that we have the Internet and places like Renegade University uncovering all of the dirty secrets of the country with historical data that’s been there the whole time. This is why Americans are very ignorant to our own history, the victors get to re-write history to make themselves look better than they really were. So our history books blame the South for all the slavery, but we have too much proof that this was a lie. We know that all of those earlier Presidents had slaves, even the ones from the Union, but we didn’t learn this in the MANY history course I had. I saw a lot of this American history re-writing to hide truths, in a hilarious show, I loved years ago, called “Assume the Position with Robert Wuhl” (watch the full 2 episodes here). If you have HBO Max, you can watch them still too. The show says “When the legend become fact, print the legend”, meaning we are to ignore truth about history, and whatever sounds best to make someone look more favorable, that’s what’s to be written in our history books as the facts. That’s exactly how American history has always been taught, a string of LEGENDS, not truths. That show came in 2 parts and it caused me to start looking for the real history on a lot of things I learned in school about US history. In the show, Wuhl has all kinds of stars in this admitting they didn’t learn real history, they learned American history as goddamn folk tales of morality, including a young Tucker Carlson. I’ll give you another example of this folk story nonsense that made it to History books, using someone everyone knows of Paul Revere. The history books say that Paul Revere road all over all the way from Boston to Philly to warn that the British where coming, all along the route. The problem is EVERYONE on the ground was British too, so he would not have said his famous lines we hear in the history books “The British are coming, the British are coming!”. That’s dumb, he did not say this. Another thing that is WRONG about that history is Paul Revere rode less than 20 miles on horse, to warn people of UK forces coming inbound.

This is the room for the jam session! They hosted parties so it makes sense. They also played the music themselves too.
Now we’re talking, the best bathroom from back in the days.

The real person who did the most work was a man named Israel Bissell, who rode 345 miles in four days and six hours and is the real person who should have been in the legend that made it to the history books. In fact, there were FIVE RIDERS who did the riding to warn US forces, not just Paul Revere! Bissel rode from Boston through Massachusetts, through Rhode Island, through New York, through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania to get to Philadelphia! But pop culture legend dictates American history, as I said, and that’s why we never learn of Bissell in America history. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a soap opera romance novel poet kind of writer who picked Paul Revere to be the hero because his name just sounded better than Samuel Prescott, Israel Bissell, William Dawes and Sybil Ludington (the other riders who did the warning on horseback). Longfellow wrote the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” and that became American history. These poets were like the rappers of those days, telling tales of the cool people of the time. Here is an example from a major source of History in the USA, THE HISTORY CHANNEL, and their write up on that night of April 18th, 1775, when the riders all went out to do their famous rides. History Channel at least mentioned Prescott and Dawes but omits Bissel and Ludington. How?! These two were mail carriers so them making this ride was to not cause suspicion if Brit forces saw them, making their missions much more difficult. Hell Bissell went the furthest and Revere didn’t know where he was going there needed Dawes with him to navigate, so where is even Dawes in the stories? What does Revere have the statue in Quincy Market? Oh, and it’s easy to tell why Ludington didn’t get any press, because Ludington was a WOMAN! 🤦🏽‍♀️In true, 18th century drill rap style, a man named Clay Perry put out his diss track (poem) to Paul Revere’s Ride, calling his poem “Israel Bissell’s Ride” and tried to get Bissell more notoriety, saying to hell with Paul Revere, and to let the people know he’s a FAKE RIDER, and that BISSELL was a literal Rough Rider since he rode 345 miles! Seriously, Perry did that, check this here and just like drill music, you need a translator of the cryptic poet of Perry so it’s on this page. He raps better than most people from the South in USA today. Still, Bissell, was omitted from all History books taught in school. HATE!

I don’t see any Israel Bissell statues in Quincy Market, I do see Paul Revere though!

Excerpt from “Israel Bissell’s Ride” by Clay Perry
Listen, my children, to my epistle
Of the long, long ride of Israel Bissell,
Who outrode Paul by miles and time
But didn’t rate a poet’s rhyme.
A postman was this Israel Bissell.
Who on his horse, sped like a missile
On April nineteenth, seventy-five,
And few there are who are now alive
Who’ve read of that ride with the “Call to Arms”
Which summoned men with war’s alarms.

That’s why polite society does not want to have discussions on SLAVERY in America, because it ruins all the lies and tall tales about great American heroes, and it helps to hide the atrocities by the European descendants who conquered/pillaged the USA, such as the almost complete extermination of Native Americans, and enslavement of African descendants. Newport, Rhode Island is one of those places that has a covered up history, as is the case for a LOT OF NEW ENGLAND, because where are all the stories of Native American killings and stealing of all their lands, in our history books? All you see is towns named after the various Native American tribes, but you have no context to history. You see renaming of their areas and butchering of names of things, to be more anglicized, but you can largely see that when a European Settler stole the area back, they put THEIR names on things and remove the indigenous name, and that is also part of rebranding efforts to clean up image, with their supremacy agenda. So if my annoying propagandist buddy doesn’t know about New England’s history of slavery, where would one find the news of the history of slavery in Newport and how it was a major slave port? As posted in that article above, it’s young people who are now taking the information, which has long existed, to examine this to bring to the table, and they’re saying “OH THIS TOWN WAS A SLAVE PORT TOWN!” Instead, we have the legends of American history like this Aaron Lopez. And speaking of this guy Aaron Lopez, he became the most well-known slave trader, shipper, but his backstory is that he escaped the injustices of the Inquisition, which hit his area during 1752, coming as a religious refugee to America, to avoid punishment, death or indentured servitude. You know why he had to escape that place and to not be made a slave himself under the Inquisition, or to be killed? Why would he have to escape the Inquisition? Because AARON LOPEZ was a Jewish man! I know, I didn’t believe that either, so had to 1000 check that. So, he escapes the atrocities of the Catholic Church’s Inquisition… only to come to the USA and become a major African enslaver, supporter and financer of the trans-continental slave trade, a man who help put Newport on the map? WHAAAAAAAAA??  This is what people don’t want you to know about REAL HISTORY. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Aaron Lopez was a Jewish shopkeeper who brought slaves over directly and he is responsible for building up Newport seaports, and ships to import slaves and make his fortune. It’s confirmed in many sources, Lopez was the top man of Newport for slave dealing, the go to man in fact. I love the irony and morality. Point being, everyone tries to re-write history to do slavery denial, but all kinds of people were enslavers, including Jewish and including the Black Africans who were selling these slaves from Africa itself!!!! If we ever talk reparations, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE have to pay up reparations- which is why it will never happen.

The Breakers
This was a hot design, back in the days. Bed looks like it hurts!

What’s wild is I planned to go to visit an orthodox buddy of mine, from New Orleans, and he told me that a new Jewish Museum (with a twist) popped up during the Pandemic, and he really wanted me to come check it out when I visit he and the family. Now that the PANDEMIC IS OVER (per Biden) I’m definitely heading down there. He is one of my mentors so I knew this must be something really odd, because he knows I love things with an interesting spin on them. I checked this museum out, online, and that museum is bugging out. It’s a Jewish museum that puts an eye on Jewish involvement in the slave trade in the USA!? I had to go get that from a REPUTABLE SOURCE, not anti-Semitic propaganda, not some alternate history site, and that’s from HAAERTZ, a Pro-Israel, Israeli-owned, real Jewish site which I have a subscription to (that article is free), that’s as credible as it gets. 🤔 In US history, nobody is NOT guilty in slavery, damn! This guy wants me to go to the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience. While I didn’t know all this was happening during Slavery, my mentor knew, but it’s a secret that his community doesn’t want to get out for fear of repercussion by the Black community. So that really puzzled me about why would Jewish people want to put that data out there, via this museum. Did you know Jewish people were so instrumental in the US slave trade? I never knew this, and I had a lot of History courses in Liberal Arts schools. This should have come up somewhere. I only heard something similar when I heard those guys who would preach on street corners in Harlem, who were members of the Farrakhan associated Muslims, Nation of Islam. Since it came from this group, many people in American quickly dismiss it, and write it off as anti-Semitism, myself included, I won’t lie there, and Black people have written this kind of talk off, for YEARS. Today, everyone is getting a second look for their involvement in slavery, just like going back into the history and people wanting confederate flags removed removed and statues of confederate leaders removed. So I hit my mentor with a little bit of trade secrets too, and let him know that Black people, who were former slaves, turned out to be slave owners themselves! There were Black slave owners, in the USA, like Anthony Johnson, who ironically, like Aaron Lopez, came from Portugal to the USA.The first in, and last out, of enslaving Blacks, were…. the Portuguese.

Cozy rooms all over the place.

However, if you let the revisionist historians tell the story, Conservatives that is, Johnson is used to say “see, slavery in USA wasn’t racist because he did it”, which led to stories on social media saying that this Black man was the first person to ever enslave someone in the USA. Or course, real history tells the real story. In the revisionist history, Johnson is photographed with fake news saying he was the first enslaver in the USA ever, which inspired European descendants to get into slavery. Serious, a Dominican from my group chat has posted this garbage several times, all of the things he thought he knew, he got from Conservative revisionist history sites, all of which are in that link I put under Johnson’s name a few sentences back. Yes, that Dominican said EVERYTHING in that post, which is all debunked. Nonetheless, it is true, Johnson, and a handful of Black freedmen, who bought their freedom, turned around and put Blacks in indentured servitude (not Slavery), or just perpetual slavery for 1 escaped Black person who tried to run away from Johnson. The INTERNET is the new pop culture that creates legend that re-writes history. I also told my mentor that Africans were selling off slaves for as little as rum, which made it possible for Newport to get rich in its early days. If you saw the movie “The Woman King“, that’s the backdrop of that story with the lead African slave traders from 1680 to mid 1700s, in West Africa, DAHOMEY. Now why would Hollywood try to promote strong Black women by getting a bunch of I’m so proud to be a Black woman actresses, like Viola Davis, to have pride in bringing a story about the African people who betrayed their own people and sold many African descendants into slavery, most likely Viola Davis’ family too? Who would sign on to make or act in such a movie like this, just to hijack the story for a Black feminist pride in a group that should be shamed (Dahomey) and hurt Blacks overall? What kind of Black woman would act in such a movie? No wonder the backlash since the writers and directors are not even Black people. Blacks and Whites love when non-Blacks feed Blacks back their re-imagined history of Blacks. I think Blacks need to start making movies where they are re-writing history about other ethnicities and races, see how they like it. Nobody was innocent in American slavery, when we go to the history books and stop with the folk talks and people trying to cover their hands in slavery. How do you think so many non-religious people ended up with Jewish last names? That is because slaves got renamed to the last name of the slave owners and were stripped of their names from Africa!

Gilded Age
This is the “GILDED” part of the Gilded Age. Lining up your walls and home to give it a highlighted golden look.

Rhode Island is an old slave money state, combined with money of the tycoons of the 1800s. History has been re-written to mask all of this. All of this is possible due to the period AFTER American Slavery ended, which I’ll touch on now with relation to Newport. This is what’s so annoying about learning American history, or especially when I learned it, in the Northeast of the USA. They taught me that the SOUTH was responsible for all slavery, and all the slaves had to escape to the North for freedom, but reality is that New England is equally as guilty in import of slaves – but when you look for Black populations post-slavery, you don’t find all these Black populations in the north like you find in the south. That’s due to gentrification of the times, racism to chase Blacks off, and lack of employment is why you don’t see whole pockets of Blacks in the North like there is in the South. This is the real deal with Newport, and a lot isn’t said about this place, but the run of mansions has a lot to do with Slavery, removing Native Americans from their lands taking it all from them, and thriving of industry of people who got ultra-rich due during and post-slavery. So the TV show, the Gilded Age will do for American fantasy of themselves being enslaved, what Downton Abbey did to Europeans who loves the European descendants were the live-in servants of rich people. That’s the point of Downton Abbey, the paid hardship of European descendants from Ireland and Scotland especially, as hired hands of rich Brits. You don’t know what I’m talking about? That is because Irish and Scots were treated like lower class citizens historically, to British people- but nothing to the level of African descendants, but the folk stories told sure make it sound equivalent. That’s what these stories do, to the point where it become fact, to someone. After overhearing some of those visitors in Newport talk about mansions, they were talking about touring all mansions that had servants’ quarters, and apparently that was some sick fetish of these people to put themselves in the shoes of the servants and have pity.

Downton Abbey in the USA fetish of Neo Nazis. And who would be to blame if it were true??🤔

Here look at this, here, they kept the records of such the immigrant workers, and it is SURELY PART OF THESE TOURS as run by the mansion tourism board (that’s their video)! They know like I’m saying, Downton Abbey, the USA version, is a thing! That show, Gilded Age, seeks to make the AMERICAN EQUIVALENT of Downtown Abbey in the USA, using the immigrant workers, in the 1870s to early 1900s mainly but in terms of major events, end of slavery to start of World War I. However, people today are imagining these immigrant workers are slaves, which they were NOT. Blacks were slaves, these immigrants were not, they willingly came to the USA. When you hear people say that white people were enslaved in USA, that’s the sickness of oppression obsession, wishing to be oppressed so people can cry in victimhood. The people in these period pieces are not slaves and are not even indentured servants, they’re PAID WORKERS DOING MANUAL LABOR in the USA, which is NOT slavery. What these nationalist buffoons are mistakingly referencing is what the BRITISH did to the real IRISH people of Ireland, during the rule of Oliver Cromwell, and he was taking POLITICAL PRISONERS and shipping them off to British Colonies, to do work on plantations to produce Sugar. They did not ensure the same situations as African Americans, there were not women sent there, there were not women bred like cattle for the next genreation of slaves born on slave farm for Irish people. I dug into that history when I went to Ireland and got the real scoop from real people who are the real Irish and not these revisionists historians who use what happened to Irish in the 1600s to justify their racism towards Black people, who didn’t enslave any Irish people. 🧐 Seriously, that’s what the European descendant nationalists of Irish descent do here, with that bit of BRITISH history and mistreatment of Irish people, instead of lending empathy towards Blacks for such an experience. 1619 African slaves were official in USA, and even the earliest accounts of sending Irish criminals to work in British Caribbean was 1625 under James II and then again under the Cromwell timelines 1650 – 1660s. This was INDENTURED SERVITUDE where you work off your jail sentence. Brits were known to export European prisoners to do manual labor, that’s how you got Australia’s European descendant population. This is what they did to the Irish when they sent them to other British colonies, and those convicts from from England and Ireland, as well, in the 1788 and 1868 they had 162k criminals now repatriated as Australians, and they were forced to do labor to build that colony like Irish were sent to the Caribbean in 1600s. Notice how nobody complains Australians were Irish slaves, although there were clearly many Irish taking from Ireland to Australia! They farmed and then got to settle there after their indentured servitude was up. Not all “slavery” is the same, and it was indentured servitude that these criminals were doing, it wasn’t race based like that which happened to Blacks. There was also the Transportation Act of 1717, which again, Brits sent criminals to Americas to fuel their capitalism and indentured servitude sentences. Again, NOT SLAVERY and most of them weren’t Irish either. These folks tell revisionist history. That was the groundwork for what would become the American penal system we see today, to jail criminals and make them do labor for corporations. It clearly states how British used to transport their criminals to do INDENTURED SERVITUDE, for either 7 years or 14 years depending on the crime committed, and was an alternative to straight up killing them. This is not Black slavery where you’re a slave FOREVER unless someone was kind enough to buy your freedom. Only 50,000 criminals were sent to Americas before the American Revolution, that’s nothing compared to Black slaves and the minute American won the war, the British laws and rule were over, so the indentured servant criminals were free to now to buy Black slaves, but slavery for Black people was not over!!!! If you want to fetishize over poor non-Blacks, at least get your villains right in your stories, Americans didn’t enslave any Irish people! American was open for Irish and the reason the “Irish slavery” stories are almost completely forgotten is because the accounting of what happened is never accurate from scholar to scholar, and the proof is absent in most locations other than stories being shared by writers, nothing of actual real documentation, like the so called Virginia breeding farms for Irish people, in USA. Didn’t happen. What DID happen, that’s what happened in the Caribbean, by British people to Irish people, that’s the true part, but even those numbers are greatly debated and less than 50,000 political prisoner indentured servants were Irish, and Brits mostly did this to Catholics, not Protestants too, so it’s not like they took any and all Irish people to enslave them. It’s not remotely comparable to enslavement of Africans, but what they did with the Irish workers, that’s what helped Britain decide they’re not be part of the slave trade, ultimately, when they banned transporting slaves from Africa. Everyone wants to be a victim who fantasizes about their lives being oppressed, so we have to make up oppression stories to contribute to the oppression olympics, that’s SICK!!! It’s a sick re-imagining of history to make these European descendant immigrants to look like slaves, which is a term known as White Slavery” in America as if they were being plucked out of their homes and enslaved for perpetuity , which did not happen. If racist nationalists want to hand their heads on that talking point, then ok, why are they racists towards Blacks when Blacks did nothing to them? So dumb. And the timeline of the PAID services in places like Newport doesn’t fit the slavery of Irish narrative, and SCOTTISH people were excluded from the exportation to US as Criminals, as part of the Transportation Act of 1717 but the people working those Newport mansions were there by choice, as American working citizen didn’t want to be associated with the show off time so they would not take those jobs that immigrants took, it was too close to looking like Black slaves to them, they were too fancy to do that servant work, so other European immigrants did it. Newport, and any other place during that Guilded Age thrived on immigrant labor but none of it was slavery, at most, it’s rich people showing off classism, but the racists’ timeline’s off a by 180 years to do this Irish slave narrative. 🤦🏾 They’re mad that they couldn’t get rich from owning Black slaves by the time slavery ended, that much we know is why many hated Blacks, because Blacks were awarded freedom from slavery in 1865. This has been a longstanding fascination of wanting to get in on the “victim olympics”, to re-imagine themselves as having been enslaved. It got so out of hand, in the USA, that people had to be calmed from this fake news of the say that whites were enslaved or were next to be enslaved that a law had to be created to calm white people down. See, many wanted to be rich from slavery, and when slavery ended, it ruined the hopes of a lot of poor white people, thus the racial hatred you see today, by them specifically, towards Blacks, in the USA, which is when the idea that they’d be next to be enslaved came from, since Blacks were no longer allowed to be enslaved. People were panicking behind this silly propaganda that still persists TODAY in the South. So, the USA made a law to protect the white immigrants from this (the MANN Act). Seriously, but it made no sense because there was no such thing as enslavement of white people, in the USA, but the law passed with no hiccups and no whites were ever enslaved. See, Americans knew that Americans were disgusting people at the time, so they figured that if they imported European immigrants, disgusting Americans would start to enslave white immigrants, since everyone wanted to get rich. Maybe it was a good thing that they created the Mann Act, actually, I wouldn’t trust desperate people of those times either. That’s why its original name is of the act was hidden from history, which was called the “White-Slave Traffic Act“, seriously. 🤦🏾However, it has only historically been used not for its original purpose, but for SEX TRAFFICKING but ONLY as it related to whites being victims. Now, the MANN Act is going to be re-imagined and used on those Passport Bros next, watch, to stop them from abandoning the control of the Patriarchy and going out getting ladies who are really a man in Thailand (Lady Boys). Guess what America did with that law since it had no basis and people were fantasizing this happened? They prosecuted nobody but a famous Black boxer, Jack Johnson, who took his White girlfriend to another state on a trip, thus is violated the law – NOT! It had nothing to do with why the act was created, but that’s how America gets to do Blacks, just like all these RICO cases we see now in Rap, that were created for the Mob. All they did was use this law to criminalize interracial relationships involving Black men and white women, never did they use it on White men who raped/dated Black women! These people are sick! The most popular fantasizing of white people as slaves in the USA is folklore and legend all over social media and it states that “the first slaves imported into the American colonies were 100 White children in 1619, four months before the arrival of the first shipment of Black slaves“. This NEVER happened and this is a lie. The slaves were AFRICAN!!! That’s 1 of 1,000 reputable sources that debunked this crap slavery fantasy of Europeans– but that’s what TV is capitalizing on, people who think this way.🤦🏽‍♂️ The Southern Poverty Law Center tracked this “Irish slave in America” propaganda, in common days, to… WHITE SUPREMACIST NEO NAZIS. What message are they pushing? That fantasy of White people being slaves in the past and slaves now, to Jewish owners. Seriously, go look at the site, these people are out of their minds, but the fascination with being White slaves is a money maker today! 🤷🏽‍♂️

Call center
There was a whole call center/operator type system in this place to communicate with the other servants throughout the mansion.
There is a lot of antique silverware, copperware and such all about in the servant’s quarters.

For the record, Downton Abbey is the end of the Victorian age, when Queen Victoria died and King Edward VII rules from 1901 to 1910, the Edwardian Age. All of this I’ve mentioned, coincides with each other, with competing ideas of how people wanted to be seen and how they would reimagine themselves socially. White slavery fantasy was something that the Gilded Age flirted with a lot, mainly with the appeal of immigrant workers being the oppressed people on the outside, looking IN on the society they are cast out of because they couldn’t be rich. This is on so many shows right now, it’s annoying, but this is what the show Downtown Abbey is all about and it’s what the show-writers said from jump, and the writers referenced that this white slavery fantasy is what is responsible for this things like you see in Newport, where mansion owners (who don’t live there anymore) creates tours of the mansions but the things everyone wants to see his how the white slaves lived. Previously, the mansion tours only showed the actual gilded rooms and fancy rich setup, but they got a hard demand to open up the servants’ quarters, because that’s what people really want to see the most. Look at any advert for the mansion tours, you’ll see a whole section on the servants quarters as a main attraction. These jobs went to a lot of immigrants from Europe, it turned out, not to Blacks or to whites already citizens, in the USA, thus the fantasy that those immigrants were white slaves. It’s not like those immigrants were actual SLAVES on that TV show either, they were live-in servants of rich people, not working like slaves picking cotton, but this is what this period gets to do for Americans, ignoring Slavery entirely, and there is no more slavery after 1865, it’s the NEW America, the Gilded Age – REBRAND!! It’s a great way to romanticize the re-birth of American and to be blind to its history of genocide and slavery to steal America and enslave African descendants- all of which don’t exist when the Gilded Age is imagined- Black slaves are replaced with poor Europeans who were given work and a place to live. The Gilded Age was a period to re-write history of America, nobody made money on slavery, nobody had slaves, everyone was paid to do work and all tycoon heroes made their money solely on industries in the Gilded Age- if you believe folk lore. Gilded Age is gilding American’s history of violence and oppression. Now if we want to talk about treatment of these folks in EUROPE, then we can talk some really bad treatment of these folks, by the British, which is why they came HERE TO THE USA- to escape British tyranny. 🤔

Really tiny bedroom, no room to move. Who decorated this? yeeesh!
Got lucky to take this shot without anyone getting in the way. This place was packed.

Largely, Britain didn’t have the same experience as the USA post-Slavery, so their African descendant integration is not as it was in the USA, so the re-imagining of shows from these time periods is disgusting to see without context of slavery. Britain stopped participating in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, and instead went to the countries to enslave the people of the countries, IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY WHERE THEY WERE, which we just call “colonization” today – REBRAND!!! Well, not so fast because after the Queen died, those colonized nations decided they wanted reparations, and it’s a hot topic today! So, when you hear the stories of the Gilded Age, these stories of these great American tycoons hiring poor people to clean a house, as to beating and raping Slaves that they didn’t pay, is THAT really worth the amount of sympathy it gets? YOU don’t think so, but Americans say “YES!” The servants lived in mansions and couldn’t afford mansions themselves, which is sad, and the poor women wanted to be with a rich male of the rich family, but society would not let their love transcend white slavery! Of course that gets sympathy. Who do you think worked in those mansions in Newport? As you go through the place, you can see some tiny quarters, for the “help”, and the design was to make the help not seen at all, but magically have all things looking sparkling about The Breakers. Just like I hear the show runners of the TV shows about the period mentioned, part of the mansion tour, I went on, will take you to the rooms the “servants” were, who are mostly descendant of former slavers 40+ years prior and others. By the time the mansion was finished, in 1895, Newport had 2,229 servants, and if you believe the new history, none of them were Blacks despite being a slave port!? More than half the whites living in Newport, at that time, were from Europe and part of the Gilded Society. Part of The Breakers that highlights the servant quarters, and the kitchen, will have audio playing that tells some stories of the servants. That Gilded Age show on HBO will have a portion centering about families from New York to Pennsylvania, but they apparently highlight the “servants’” pain, as I mentioned, being oppressed in the mansions of Newport, and how the rich were so out of touch with the people living in their “summer homes”. When I got to the servants quarters tour, I heard all the old ladies moaning ‘oh it is so small compared to the Vanderbilt’s rooms. It’s so unfair‘. The funniest moment is what a woman said to her husband ‘I watched it on a video on facebook! This is where they kept the SLAVES! The slaves here were ALL Irish slaves, the did not use any Black people. ‘ as I watched her dramatize her expressions of sadness. As she finished that last sentence, she quickly looked around, looked me in my eyes, and quickly scurried out of the room. 🤣🤡 She knew that was garbage. These dummies can’t understand that if you’re the help, you don’t get bedrooms that are equal to the actual owners of the mansion? That there would not be gilded bedposts in the workers’ bedrooms?? How dumb of these people, but I heard person by person (old people) say that the slaves were either Irish or Scottish. I know you think I’m shytting you, I’m not. That’s what you do in Newport now, you take mansion tours to see “The Servants’ Lives“. Click that link, it’s a real thing and they’re not talking about any Blacks either! So the Blacks just disappeared, maybe the mansion owners didn’t trust Blacks in their homes like that, since they weren’t from Newport, but just like the Blacks who disappeared, so too did the Vanderbilts’ fortunes, when the slavery money ran out and the industries they ruled became obsolete, they ran out of ideas to rule the world. The mansions are now controlled by the board that preserved them and runs the tours to them, not any Vanderbilt offspring.

Slaves cooking area
The actual kitchen the “white slaves” worked in, is wonderfully maintained.

The way the tours sell it, there were no Blacks, just European workers, which is odd because the population of Blacks in Rhode Island was just under 20%, almost all descendants of slaves. Seriously, we KNOW that slavery was over by the Gilded Age, and whites couldn’t be slaves due to the MANN Act, so who were the slaves that are referenced by New York time? If you see the clickbait of NYT, you’ll see the article “House Museums Put New Emphasis on Servants and Slaves” to pull on the heartstrings of Liberals, and start the piece off talking about The Breakers. You can see why they mention in the clickbait title, on Google (changed in the title in the actual page oddly enough), this advertisement I’m talking about, the hidden/secret lives of these ignored people! Mansion owners of Newton didn’t want any of this servants life touring to happen at all, initially, but ultimately, money wins, and after the Welcome Centers are created, it was an unstoppable trend with excellent returns all season round. Opening up the history of the mansions would make curious people do some history lookups and rich people don’t want that. Well, that’s just what happened, and when that happened, the servants’ quarters were open to display, and trust that’s a main selling point for the mansion tours, the “oppression of Irish and Scottish immigrants”. It’s all anyone talked about, even the people who were with me on the tour. It’s a thing. After I heard so much of it, I understood the fascination with white slavery. I overheard a name, a couple of times, so I have to go Google it, to the best of my ability. After some time, I finally figured out that the person I kept hearing referenced by many people, was a person by the name of “Helen Bjurberg”, who was a servant’s child, and they all referenced her story, being oppressed, wishing to be rich. The people on the tour were so overcome with how she must have felt, how sad it must have been to come to the USA and the first thing that happens to an immigrant, as soon as their feet touched the USA soul, was that they got a paid job working for the richest families in the world, lived and ate in their mansions and didn’t have to pay for room and board in some crime-ridden ghetto, unlike other immigrants. I heard so my crybaby nonsense about how the servants couldn’t hang out with the owners of the mansions, and were to not be seen when parties or events were held in the mansions. I just looked at the dummies like “they’re the help, the help doesn’t hang out with the owners and don’t get on the dance floor and start eating the food”. These people through the servants were supposed to eat with the owners and just mix it up with them whenever they wanted These people were so delusional. There were pathways to make sure that servants were not seen too, there is even an underground tour in the Breakers. These people were mad that the help wasn’t treated like the owners or like guests of the mansions. That was oppression! These people were MAD on the tour, OUTRAGED! I thought a lady was going to slap the shyt out of me just for standing next to her while she was saying this stuff. 🤣 Boy, they love that gilded version of American history! I especially loved the looks I got from people like “WTF is this guy doing here?! This isn’t for HIM” after seeing them sympathize/romanticize the white slavery, and halfway ready to cry for the servants of the mansions’ imagined lives. Can’t a brother get some descendant-of-the-first-servants-in-the-Americas love?! 🤣

The Breakers

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