Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

You've HIT the WALL!

Oh now you’ve come, to the end of the road / you have no where to go… the signs were there, but you’ve been burying it. Yall not ready, neither is Taraji.

One of the hottest actresses/actors in Hollywood Is none other than Taraji P. Henson. You’re laughing because I’m infatuated with her? Well, right here is all that’s available, in real life, from my community, trying to shame me by telling me I’m not a real man because I refuse to marry/lay down every night and close my eyes with THAT in my bed. You decided which is healthier for your brain, literally. 🤣 MLK wanted to get Blacks reparations, and his detractor and informant from the FBI who helped get MLK killed, was a sisterhood propagandist name JULIA CLARICE BROWN! The sisterhood propagandists have been trying to DESTROY BLACK PROGRESS SINCE THE 1960s, doing the bidding of white supremacists! This lady’s sole objective was to ensure that Martin Luther King did NOT get Blacks Civil Rights, which she confesses to in her tell-all book about her time as an spy against Black people for the FBI! And also alternatively to Taraji, are the pretend to be faithful brands, like Megan Good, who are just for the streets no matter how much pretending and makeup they wear. I used to like Meagan Good until I realized she is another mindless minion bowing down to sisterhood propaganda that destroys the Black community, and she took relationship advice from the racist, baby axer, antisemite/perpetual mocker of Jewish people, perpetually single, sisterhood propagandist, Whoopi Goldberg. I can hear you saying “no way would Goldberg and Megan Good EVER be friends” but you are wrong, you are SO WRONG. Whoopi was coaching Meagan Good and that Megan said that coaching is what made her abandon and divorce her faithful, Pastor husband, at at 40, like sisterhood clockwork, and because a classic family deserter that our folks are known for being today. Why the hell would someone as hot as Meagan take Goldberg’s advice, and why would Meagan publicly admit that Goldberg has “instrumental” in her divorce? Because Meagan Good thought she had all the answers, and reached 41 years old, so she self imploded and now is indoctrinated into the sisterhood propaganda. Sisterhood propaganda has become a NORM in the Black community, as coping mechanism and excuse for high rates of single motherhood, and excuse to abandon family values, which has lead to lack of marriage in the Black community. Meagan is trying to save face for being a failure in marriage, because she’s not marriageable, and when you’re like that, you go join the sisterhood propagandists to make excuses for your bad behavior. Remember when Goldberg professed hatred for Black men and went to go shack up with Ted Danson, who wore Blackface and made fun of Blacks in front of her? Why would a strong Black person take that person’s advice? Clearly she hates her own race, as do most sisterhood propagandists, meanwhile, they’ll all profess they’re the strongest pro-Black people around. People think Goldberg is not married because Black men think she’s ugly, which is the common garbage their propaganda has spread for years, but the truth is, she’s a huge sisterhood propagandist, and Black men don’t care for any of that hateful talk, thus she is undesirable. The problem of the sisterhood propaganda taking over the Black community is a really big problem, because in polite society, people from that side of aisle don’t believe in that garbage, by and large, it’s a fringe thing because rights of women have long been established and the fight in the West has been won, rightfully so! Sisterhood propaganda is a 4th wave version of that fight, with imaginary foes, and one of those foes, is now BLACK MEN, who didn’t do anything to anyone, are now part of “The Patriarchy”. The problem is, we can all spot the clown show people, and polite society casts those people to the side and acknowledge that they’re crazy. Black community does not do this, unfortunately, thus we have our problems. We noticed this in the 2016 election when 98% of ladies from our group backed Hilary Clinton, in classic sisterhood propagandist fashion because this is what was marketed to them by Clinton. Polite society got the same marketing, and yet they knew Clinton was a scoundrel, all of her life, and sisterhood propaganda did NOT prevail, because, in the end, they did not want the destruction of their men, which Clinton represented for them. It also let us know that sisterhood propaganda is NOT their schtick anymore- so they voted only 45% for Clinton, while 8% of them decided “hell no!” to Clinton and Trump (rightfully). The Liberal paper, The New York Times, also noticed that Black women were a little too extreme with their sisterhood propaganda professing, and did several writes-up on this, one after the election in 2016 entitled “White Women Helped Elect Donald Trump” and one in 2021, when sisterhood propaganda was showing to be highly destructive, entitled “How White Feminism Threw Its Black Counterpart Under the Bus“. The former, of the NYT articles shared, highlight that White propagandists don’t really believe in it, by and large, because they know that women have high privileges already, especially after the Civil Rights Title VII addition. That is to say that these women see that society is falling apart, and they don’t want to see it further ruin, because they have a vested interest in keeping it whole. They also know and admit that 3rd and 4th waves of propagandists are taking aim at their WHITE MEN, vilifying all of them, who didn’t create this “Patriarchy” thing so many are infatuated with, but facts don’t matter to today’s sisterhood propagandist. The part to that 2016 article masks hatred of white men (who they represent with use of Donald Trump’s name) by taking aim at WHITE WOMEN, placing blame for Hillary Clinton’s propaganda-laced loss on racism of ALL WHITE PEOPLE! So, the latter of the two NYT articles, the one from 2021, squarely attacks White women now, showing that the sisterhood propaganda was not as whole as the fanatics thought, because the earlier version was reasonable and any male who didn’t support it could CLEARLY be seen as anti-female. The problem with this false prophet, Lorde, is her hatred of Black men is wild considering that she married an LGBT man (Edwin Rollins) in 1962, then had his two mixed-raced babies, in Harlem- so why the RACISM when your husband was white, your kids are white and you dated white women???? Walking contradiction and propagandist!!! In her work “SCRATCHING THE SURFACE: SOME NOTES ON BARRIERS TO WOMEN AND LOVING“, she is complaining with an overall message of ‘where all the white womens at??!!!’, as she attacks straight all Black men and women, of all sexual orientations, for not letting her get at white LGBT ladies. Seriously, go read it, she’s mad she can’t swirl in peace after convincing militant sisterhood propagandists to hate all white people. 🤡 Many of her followers didn’t understand that she was an immigrant, so she didn’t really relate to African American women, thus when she was off getting sexual with white people, she confused EVERYONE. The sisterhood propagandists are so negative and detrimental to the West, on an INCEL level, that waves of ladies before 3rd and 4th waves want NOTHING to do with the radicalized sisterhood propagandists. The sisterhood was created by white women, and its message became perverted by people like violent Black LGBT propagandists like Audre Lorde, who was a major propagandist in the 70s who was so violent, she would constantly domestically abuse all of her LGBT lovers of all races (she was also a swirler of men and women). She was all about destroying Black men and all white people, and the only people who mattered, were Black women who converted to sisterhood, aka being SELFISH! The accounts were highly detailed in the book “Warrior Poet“, written by fellow Black propagandist Alexis De Veaux, so it’s an accurate account of how domestically violent that Black propagandist Audre Lorde was to many innocent, LGBTQ women, in fact, she was very perverted and made many sexually unwanted advances, which you can also read in that book. She was very well known for tricking women to get into the sisterhood propaganda and then she went into full female philanderer mode! She would indoctrinate a woman and then try to sex her, just as Sista Souljah claimed this group tried to do. The book highlights the point of NEVER MEET YOUR HEROES excellently, proving how much of a NET NEGATIVE Lorde was due to her who she was in reality completely negating her sisterhood propagandist rhetoric lip service. One of her most famous quotes for the sisterhood propaganda was about being female separatists who are selfish and don’t care about anyone but themselves. The “Warrior” in warrior poet is a nod to who she admired, the Amazons of DAHOMEY Africans who sold all the descendants of slaves of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to Europeans. There is no coincidence that the movie “The Woman King” was created, it’s all throughout this woman Lorde’s praise, inspiration in 1972 for “The Black Unicorn“. Problem with Lorde, she went beserk, in the 70s, after having contracted cancer and also having to have a mastectomy. She hit the wall, physically, and it was all downhill from there with anger. That was a Black sisterhood propaganda movie by design. She pioneered propaganda that an ex of mine is stuck of, one which Taraji P. Henson and countless women of color are stuck on, BEING SELFISH equating to their empowerment. You know how HUMANS response to selfish people, don’t you? You know how selfish people respond to other selfish people? The destroy each other, then themselves, and THAT is what this blog entry is about, adopting sisterhood propaganda from domestically violent Black female propagandist who is RACIST and doesn’t care about the Black men/community, only cares to get all benefits and gifts for themselves – such as you see today in Kimberly Crenshaw’s (another Agent Smith) Intersectionality sisterhood propaganda, to horde all government welfare and philanthropy funds only for women, while they let the rest of the Black community rot- you know, using the sisterhood propagandists “caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare” against BLACK MEN AND CHILDREN. If you go look that quote up, it’s one the most quotes sisterhood propaganda quotes ever, and you can buy the quote in print all over the Internet, if you’re mentally weak and need stickers and posters to remind you to be an upstanding citizen of the world, since you clearly haven’t committed it to your brain and don’t practice such things. This mentality of selfishness is how my community got destroyed. It went from this lady, to Oprah (who constantly pushed that propaganda and Lorde books), to actresses, to lady rappers and now it’s all over the community. Do you see our neighborhoods after this selfishness led by such people, with all of these unplanned pregnancies that led to all these gangbangers, dealers, sex sellers, etc? People took all the free money and opportunity and look what they did with our areas, we are gentrified, drugged out and gang occupied thanks to selfishness principles. Do you see where Taraji P. Henson is, now that she has practiced Selfishness for the past decade? Does that “self-care” and “all by myself” nonsense really work for and satiate women? I learned a lot in my college “women’s studies” course, and Lorde was a topic I had to present on. Her works were masterful (I still have them from class), but she was psychotic and all over the place and didn’t know WHO she was trying to attack or unite with, causing more disruption than unity, despite her speeches in places like Harvard, for Malcom X weekend, where she clearly tried to instruct sisterhood propagandists to not hate Black men- she said too many contradictory things in that speech that day, highlighting that her efforts lost control and Taraji P. Henson would later have to lack of understanding of sisterhood propaganda, which if you understand now why I use “sisterhood propaganda”. Lorde was one of the more interesting female figures that I learned about, and ever since, I started to realize “sisterhood” garbage is a false bonding that makes people seek social validation, and derails Blacks who try to copycat what their white counterparts do/have. Lorde predicted, accurately, that Blacks sisterhood propagandists will FAIL miserably, falling flat on their faces, for believing sisterhood propaganda, as it is detrimental to less fortunate women, such as Blacks. One the most classic lines that Audre Lorde ever said, illustrating this point, was from “Age, Race, Class and Sex: Women Redefining Difference“, which she penned just before she turned 50, and had a revelation (I quote) “there is a pretense to a homogeneity of experience covered by the word sisterhood, that does not in fact exist“. I use “sisterhood propaganda” as name because I got it from Lorde, not because I’m a hater! Lorde learned many crucial lessons, after becoming a fan of Malcolm X, and anyone following her extremist days, completely want to omit all of those teachings, where she told Black sisterhood propagandists to cut the BS. Lorde pulled a Malcolm X, after being cast of the Nation of Islam, and did a 180- which IS why she was fascinated with Malcolm X, as he came together with Civil Rights leaders instead of fighting them, in the end, realizing the errors of his previous ways. Think they listen to Lorde’s warnings afterward? Let’s see if Taraji listened, by the time she reached 50.

Very violent, racist propagandist rhetoric has fractured the sisterhood, and takes aim at the very race of people who created it in the first place. It’s Agent Smith propagandists destroying the Matrix being packaged as NEO.

Oh, they bit the apple again, and it continues to destroy the Black community through people liberals turned it over to, and gave all the opportunities and welfare money to, due to their Robin D’Angelo described “WHITE GUILT“, which one of our brilliant minds, John McWhorter, rips to shreds. They tossed aside men, and in sisterhood propaganda, it teaches our women to dump a man because they think they can do better without a man. That’s GREAT for rich women, but it’s detrimental for poor people copying celebs who false lead them, and these people do destructing things to their lives going their own way with kids, because life is EXPENSIVE NOW, this is not 1975 anymore. And now, you have sisterhood propagandists like Ashley Shackleford getting paid to have white people attend seminars to be chastised into guilt-ransom about just how racist they are and how they’re ALL DEMONS. Who would attend such a disrespectful lashing but a 🤡??? More importantly, who would PAY to attend such a thing, then lobby to get that propagandist MORE MONEY to fix all those items she put on the board (see inset picture). No Black man is crybabying over all of those issues on the board, in 2023, because it’s not getting us anything, because nobody feels sorry for us- they feel we deserve the bad things that happen to Black men, not the same for our other half. If these people did not get welfare assistance, like those in Europe, then women will turn back to habits they had prior to welfare reform, killing themselves and kids. Talk is cheap, but rent is high, and it is irresponsible for celebrities and propagandists to mislead poor women into thinking life is going to be OK, and someone will be there to save you even if you deserting family. These lies recently drove this woman to kill herself and her daughter because she was behind on bills. The woman had several programs available to her to give her free money, but what happens when it’s not enough? This happened. Sisterhood propagandists cause this then go scream at white people that they caused it, they tell women to be irresponsible and not think of consequences of deserting the family structure. The family structure is how most of the world survives poverty, and the sisterhood tells people to go hurt themselves financially, which can lead to physically. They get PAID to hold white guilt ransom, it doesn’t lead to MERIT- but caring about that is a MALE trait only. Complaining about those issues to white people directly, no Black male would do unless he’s advocating for a female base, like Taladega Nights Coates and Inebriated X Kendi, who are racism-peddlers for profit. Those points on the board are sisterhood propaganda talking points, points that I heard 3 ladies I met, on a recent trip all say, and it was annoying, just empty talking points with no fact. I found myself defending racists, that’s how DUMB their talking points were, it’s just regurgitate baseless garbage with not fact just feeling, but they’re full in on it at 40! Each one went on about self care and self preservation rants, more talking points from 70s sisterhood propagandist, meaning, they’d like to be seen as separate from Black men, to white people. What benefit is that to their well being, or to Blacks as a whole? These women were complaining about the racism in America, and hardships that only those women receive, and I was like “does this person even acknowledge Black men, or see a clearly Black man is right in front of them?” No! ONLY THEY DEAL WITH RACISM. I was blown away by these women, Black people don’t face the hardships, oppression, police brutality, and all that stuff on that board picture above, ONLY BLACK WOMEN DO! THAT is the problem with sisterhood propaganda, it creates drama-laden separatists, and racists people with flat talking points, and it’s dangerous. Wanting to be seen as their own people is just them always seeking DRAMA and ATTENTION, but also to beg for handouts from white people, using the same white guilt strategies of Black men like Coates and Kendi- which no real man will respect, because it’s all about seeing yourself as a VICTIM. That victimhood garbage is what these 3 women, I met in Alaska, kept spewing, and it was annoying because they’re saying they’re so strong too! They’re so proud and “I’m so strong” nonsense spews from their mouths, so they never will ever be submissive to a Black male, but it’s perfectly acceptable to them, to beg/guilt white people into giving them free money and advancement? 🤣 I’m Black, not conservative, and I’m telling YOU this is a problem, you better understand that it’s much bigger than even YOU know! How are you a victim, but you’re oh so strong? Sound so GOOFY! I started to pay attention to goofiness in the news, along the same lines. When you see people turning 40, like Meagan Good, tell you she’s joining forces with the likes of a 70s angry sisterhood propagandist like Whoopi Goldberg, know that all the younger generations of our ladies are being indoctrinated with this hateful rhetoric from the sisterhood propaganda, like clockwork. All these popular women of color are joining the sisterhood propaganda, when the other side of aisle don’t subscribe to that craziness. WTF is wrong with our people then? No one, and I mean NO ONE, thought of Taraji P. Hanson ever being swept up in this propaganda group, because she carried herself so beautifully, all of these years, not showing any signs of the sisterhood propaganda, for so long… until now. Just like Meagan is starting, at age 41, Taraji has been showing us, for more than a decade, when she turned 40, and we all saw it right in front of our eyes, but had NO IDEA that this was the sisterhood propaganda poison, masquerading as genuine empowerment struggle. Just like Oprah’s core target audience was 40 year olds, there is pee in the pool! When these people turn 40, CLEAR OUT, they’re going nuclear and moving in very unfaithful ways, spewing all kinds of sisterhood propaganda that is DANGEROUS! When you get old, it just pours out as one falls apart. They’ll ultimately approach Eartha Kitt levels of psycho! The OGs tried to tell me they saw this WAY long ago with EARTHA KIT, and I looked up an interview perfectly illustrating the fall of old women in the sisterhood propaganda, which all of them will be, if they don’t know it off. I hope Taraji can escape this fate, she doesn’t deserve it! She deserves to be by MY SIDE, as my WIFE… even if she’s 52 now! Even as Taraji P. Henson aged, she kept herself in shape, she never ran out of employment, she is always a highly in demand woman. Would you be mad at me if I told you I have a picture with her when she filmed in NY… and that I tried to get her phone number enough though I was with a girlfriend at the time? Talk about trying to hit a lick! 🤣 I mean that woman is GORGEOUS and talented, stop hating! I loved her as detective Carter in Person of Interest, the show about the sentient people-spying AI, although most who follower her don’t know that she did that show. She’s highly versatile and she was my celebrity crush when I watched a lot of TV, back then, yes, I said it, I was in LOVE WITH TARAJI P. HENSON and I wanted to have her baby! The other women I was wildly in love with, was Sanaa Lathan, I’ll do part 2 of this piece to address her, with reference to the broke versions of both of them, all of whom I met on a recent solo trip I took. Sadly, I fell out with Taraji, after hearing her adopt a type of language that has never been beneficial to the Black and Latin communities, and it was a separatist, false narrative sort of speech, that was under a flag of our female empowerment that said they don’t need Black men, and that Black men are worthless to our culture, unless they have money to give. This is a sisterhood propaganda that has ravaged the Black community on the level of slavery in American, but it is our women bowing down to supremacist ideology, to kill Black love and our Black communities. I told you HOW it was done, in this blog entry, and now I’ll put the cherry on top of that by drilling in on the effects of propaganda, on good people who never wanted to succumb to it, but destroyed their lives to be popular to other women, promoting that sisterhood propaganda. Taraji had a public meltdown, on an interview, and turned her back on the sisterhood propaganda! Did you see it? You need to watch it HERE  . I was really startled when I saw Taraji P. Henson talking to Angie Martinez, about problems that Black and Latinas are having bowing down to the sisterhood propaganda! They’re sitting there Kee-kee-ing (giggling) when a serious issue came up and were too full of themselves, or too cowardly, to get serious on it, and to put a name on that bullet they were sending back to sisterhood propagandists. Both are old, successful, minority ladies, but they admit they have a lot of mental problems, and they don’t solve it but every few years they’ll go on solo trips. None of them talk about HOW they solve issues with solo travel, they only say they would go on a solo trip. They do a bunch of dancing around the subject before Taraji just flat out says she has suicidal thoughts and that the sisterhood propaganda has FAILED HER, and it’s all garbage. I’ll show you later in this entry, that she’s been doing this since she turned 50, because she’s old now and sees that the sisterhood propaganda has destroyed her life. That interview was perfect timing considering this recent trip I took, and for a blog entry I wanted to share about one of the most depressing trips I ever took, related to the women destroyed by the sisterhood propaganda. It wasn’t depressing because of anything I was doing or feeling, but from what others I met were doing or feeling. Taraji spoke VOLUMES about the failure of our old women who believe they’re so great and powerful, thus don’t need our community, because they have some kind of job or money, which in their minds, they equate to not needed to have a man husband or significant other, to help strengthen the Black community, now that such women have such riches. To each her own, but I respectfully disagree, from a community standpoint. We need each other, or we will perish and we’ve been on the decline because these people have mismanaged all the free money given to our community yet nothing has improved there, so clearly, we need each other! Instead, the sisterhood propaganda teaches our women, who can’t afford to subscribe to such ideology, to destroy their families in favor of being selfish, arrogant and undesirable showoffs. Taraji helps highlight the current problem in the Black community, and it just screams FAILURE from the mountain top, for all mimickers to see, despite the millions of dollars she has acquired. Black people are really good at pretending they are not hurt and are masters of handing you a visual distraction while they’re telling you of suffering. It’s how the Outkast song “Hey Ya!” is so genius. We have become masters of masking real pain so you can’t see the truly SAD truth because we are all flash and not enough listening, which is why sisterhood propaganda hits so hard in my community. Those folks are broken and hatred/inefficiency bonds them together, and they use media to carry their hateful propaganda, but many were not listening to what they were saying, as that talk has become MAINSTREAM in the Black community. That’s BAD, for the whole community! 🤦🏽‍♀️ And I’ve been hearing a lot of this, as of late, from Taraji, but it’s said with a whimper and but this time, in more troubling, drowning voice, that someone BETTER START PAYING ATTENTION TO! Taraji is drowning in her masking of her problems, all these years, along with most of the sisterhood of traveling hot pants, as they try to hide their failure/pain by just celebrating and shaking their asses like there is nothing to worry about so you won’t catch on that there is something very wrong going on with them- then go crybaby about “I had to be hard, MEN made me hard”. They made their lives hard because they followed the sisterhood and welfare propaganda and with the freedom obtained, THAT IS WHAT THEY CHOSE! 🤡. OH, the old propagandists are aging out of the fight, hard! Remember I told you before about TRACEE ELLIS ROSS bragging with Oprah about how she doesn’t need a man, doesn’t need babies and men are lame, in 2020? Well here is that same woman, in 2023, ALSO NOW 50 years old, like Taraji, and NOW, HERE SHE IS PUBLICLY REGRETTING THAT SHE NEVER GOT MARRIED AND HAD KIDS, complaining in the top Black Sisterhood propagandist outlet, ESSENCE magazine. These people are sick in the head, they can’t make up their minds, and now they’ve aged out of the market, or as we say on the Internet, she has HIT THE WALL. 🫵🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🤡

Some stereotypes are consistent. Some don’t know when they’re being used to do all the stereotypical loud mouthed barking, thinking they’re bonding to others who are quietly regretting being associated.

Normally, I beg my community’s women to never take cues from celebrities, or polite society, because they don’t live our normal lives; but in this case, my community of women better learn from Taraji, who is SCREAMING out a message about OLD AGE and the propaganda machine. In saying that, let’s tie in some women I met on this recent December-January trip I just took (not sure when this will go out). I spoke to these ladies and wow, it’s clear that nobody can reach our old women who are solo travelers, due to the deeply rooted, but highly ignored, troubling reasons for them doing solo travel in the first place, which is how Taraji was just publicly announcing she was going to use solo travel, which is DANGEROUS to do! For years, our women were taking group trips while doing things like going to Hedonism, to “self heal” and “gain self awareness”. Go look at that link, and you’ll see what’s our lady travelers use to heal, comparable to Passport Bros. Many of them realized, that’s a FAILED thing to do, coming back with diseases and pregnant by guys they sexed on those trips. A lot of ladies want to get away from those other women, and realized traveling in a pack of horny people, is BAD- so they want to solo travel. That last part is a positive, in the end, so when I though they were getting it together, Taraji highlighted that they DON’T have it together, as I observed in this recent back of women travelers I hung out with! Taraji is sending off all kinds of alarms and cries for help, in that video interview, thus, it is important to take heed to the words of this woman, because she has more money that most people will every acquire in life, and is STILL crying for help, but trying to save face by … saying she is going to disappear from society, using solo travel to do. 🤦🏽‍♀️ That is NOT what one should use solo travel for, and it’s clear to see how it’s being misinterpreted and used to make MORE sad travelers who never heal, as they think they’re going to do. Taraji is also talking about using her solo travel to take a shot as her echo chamber in the sisterhood, who she is clearly saying are sucking the life out of her and don’t do anything for her! She is NOT TALKING ABOUT ANY BLACK MEN when she is taking those shots in the video, and clearly goes into that in the diatribe!!! So, she is threatening to go on solo travel for a full month, to hurt them, to take their problem-solver away from them, make them learn to stop bothering/leaning because they’re not there for her when she needs them! When you hear people talking about, how they’re going to remove themselves from society, that’s talk you hear from people suffering from mental health issues who have SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. There is a train of thought that suicide is a selfish act, which is because the person affected tries to weaponize disappearing from people’s lives, to try to send people a message, and it just so happens that there are numerous times that Taraji mentioned suicide and self-harm in that same video!!! It’s a cry for HELP, and she’s using solo travel to send a message like this, to her people. That’s not healthy and is not the way to handle solo travel, not is a time to do solo travel when you start talking like that! Taraji is saying all of this, and Angie Martinez is a classic echo chamber, and is too much of a moron to come in with meaningful talk to get Taraji to expound, and instead tries cuts Taraji off from speaking about something she is trouble with about the sisterhood, which angers Taraji, you can see visibly, as he rolls her eyes in frustration. Angie is one of those annoying friends! Angie CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE TARAJI REACH OUT TO STOP THE SISTERHOOD, it would hurt Angie’s bottom line! Remember I told you our people like to pretend all is good publicly? Taraji has had ENOUGH OF THIS BS! She wants to talk and wants you all to know that what she’s done is no working and the sisterhood is garbage. Angie has no answer for Taraji, NONE WHAT SO EVER, because Angie is in the same boat but is only the echo chamber so she will not tell that she is also in pain like Taraji. This was a nightmare for the sisterhood propaganda campaign, Taraji took too many shots at it, publicly, and in other interview too, it seems. That right there, that helped me confirm that the sisterhood propaganda is garbage. Angie makes money off of the promoting the lies of the sisterhood, that’s her core fanbase, people who blindingly follow it to feel better about themselves, so Angie has no interest in that talk, and derails Taraji at many turns. Sisterhood propaganda affects women quickly, as admitted to by one of the female authors who was pushing the same garbage so heavy in mainstream media, via Cosmopolitan Magazine, by writer Sue Ellen Browder . Browder admitted that she constantly wrote LIES to promote false female empowerment as a marketing strategy only, knowing it was destructive, and today she looks at it all and feels she genuinely betrayed all women! She admits to stirring up lies to promote 3rd wave sisterhood propaganda for profit! In my community, while the creators of it have done and ‘about face’ to that propaganda, my community is finding out BAD that they’re aging out of the propaganda and it’s destroyed our ladies, as Taraji is publicly struggling with.

Knik Glacier
1 lady I met called the helicopter tour and they told her she’d have to pay $150 more due to her exceeding the chopper weight limit,… so she called them RACISTS!
Nobody shoveled any snow from ANYWHERE even eateries, so these people didn’t want to high step it through 2-3 feed of snow EVERYWHERE and stayed in hotel rooms. Yall not ready.

If you noticed on this site, I stopped bothering to try to reach out to females about solo travel, because they’re just doing it all wrong, mainly because they’re going off and cry babying in the destinations they’re going to while pretending they’re healing, meanwhile we all see they’re hurting but they’re too proud to be vulnerable enough to receive love and attention. The people that women normally turn to, in this situation, are their MEN, whom the sisterhood propaganda tell innocent women are the devil and the cause for all of their suffering. So why are all of these women suffering when they don’t have a man around? Taraji is surrounded by all these propagandists and none of them have any answers for her, so they desert her since they also know they’re fuck of shyte and so is their propaganda. That is what she is complaining about. She’s too busy trying to fake for the sisterhood, and be their speaker, and she doesn’t even believe it, nor have their real support. For me, that showed me that this movement is all garbage! It’s filled with a bunch of coddlers and enablers who aren’t there to help my baby, Taraji. 😪 I’m just proud of her that she knows and sees it, albeit, too late for herself! In the past 5 years, I’ve only encountered some messed up females who have tried to do solo travel, and even if they slide the digits, I don’t keep in touch, because they’re beyond saving or reproach when they’re wrong about anything. I try to mostly avoid these women, when I see them, because they’re also trying to make statements towards me, when I see them out and about, solo, on travel, and I’ll get into that today, because that’s the focus on this blog entry. I’ve never seen it worse than on this last trip! We have a bunch of women of color, mainly, who are running and hiding from problems and using solo travel as their cover for their failed experiment with the sisterhood propaganda. You cannot have such mentally impacted people go off and be by themselves, without proper guidance and a POINT to going off by themselves. If you lock a prisoner in solitary confinement, they go INSANE! That’s why now, when I hear our women saying they’re going to do solo travel, it sets off an alarm to me, as a cry for help. That is why, when I saw that Taraji interview, unlike demonic people who hate ladies, I looked at that interview and became sad, because she, like many other successful Black and Latin women, lead the way in inspiring young Black and Latin women to not be serious about relationships, or mental health, and teach them to be miserable like these failed old ladies are, while posing like they’re so happy being lonely. Being alone is not necessarily being lonely, but if you cannot master being alone, you’re going to get destroyed when you’re found out to be lonely. There is an art to being alone, and only a person who has mastered this, should be alone. Taraji was an only child, so she should be the perfect candidate to handle being alone, but the needy sisterhood propagandists ruined that for her, along with a woman’s need to BELONG. Women can’t handle being alone, no matter how much garbage they try to use to mask their misery, and now the old women have young girls poisoned! They’re ruining the youth like Baby Boomer and older Gen X women ruined Gen Y!!! Taraji’s baby daddy, who was in the streets, got stabbed to death, but the propagandists tell the story as that guy was a deadbeat dad who left her as a single mother. The spun this guy into a demon! No, he died, and she hasn’t healed from that tragic event! So the new guy who comes, he can’t build with her so it’s a huge smack in the face for such a guy, when someone like Taraji lures him in with promise to build together but dumps him due to her mental health issues she doesn’t want him to see. It ruins the perfect image the sisterhood tells them all to pretend to have, while making the man think she would be wife material in the near future. This gets everyone’s hope up, only to have these women desert the man WILLING to marry and commit to them! All these women’s’ acting is screwing up Black and Latin love and our communities. I myself, was a victim of such psychotic behavior by women, except I watched it coming in, and got out ahead of it, when I spotted the problems- circle get smaller, everybody can’t go! When you let them know, you understand and will not judge them, but work with them to help get through it, the sisterhood propaganda tells them to REJECT male support because that’s weak, and that’s a trap to get her to cook home cooked meals for him, so these women should instead go suffer and cry by themselves, alone somewhere- and to go be alone and do solo travel as an alternative. Now, dudes aren’t taking these women seriously, know these women will desert the family and you can’t trust them to make families with, so who does this Taraji copycat have to help her deal with loneliness? Taraji already told you that the sisterhood propagandists don’t help you with anything but feeling more miserable and doubling down on stupidity, but they don’t help you! My community ate up the sisterhood nonsense and destroyed our relationships, and now men have no faith in today’s women to stick around as the stats back that up. You can read some of that HERE and you’ll understand that this post is not as random as you think, this is personal to me, and it’s negatively impacted my life, in my relationships and in my family. It’s all related, our women of color a mentally tapping out pretending to be so STRONG, like Taraji, and refusing support from their MEN, because they’ve sold their souls to the sisterhood propaganda.

They were too out of shape to complete the hike so had to be scooped up in the wagon and carried back. Too Goofy Footed for the journey, got to desert them since all they do is indulge in dessert. Yall not ready!
frozen wilds
They couldn’t handle this walk, the ones who went or the ones I proposed it to. Not Instagramable so they said ‘PASS’. Lady damn near DIED that day on the trail.

Taraji P. Henson has been dropping hints of severe sadness, for more than 1 decade, to date, but you’d not know this because she takes acting jobs that like to hyper promote women empowerment, to make money. The supremacy KNOWS our ladies are weak to propaganda, and they know who they can exploit that to make money off of them, which Taraji is constantly in demand to play roles that help them accomplish that task (e.g., The Color Purple, Hidden Colors, No Good Deed, Empire). Don’t believe me? I know, I know. Why don’t you READ THEM SAY IT THEMSELVES in this article entitledTaraji P Henson’s Hidden Figures is the intersectional feminist movie we need right now” by a BRITISH MAGAZINE! Why are BRIT magazines celebrating Taraji promoting sisterhood propaganda? WHYYYY??? Oh, to infect British women of color, for profit. 🤔 Anyone indoctrinated into that will not listen. Anyone having a breakdown in your face is NOT the one you should be taking advice from about this “I’m so strong woman” nonsense, and she did MANY INTERVIEWS WITH OUR WOMEN’S PUBLICATIONS, to try to get the word out that she was hurting and failing. Did anyone listen? No! 🤡. I know you clowns don’t believe it, so why don’t you go do some homework and bookmark this article from sisterhood propagandist central, Essence Magazine, entitled “Taraji P. Henson On Why The ‘Strong Black Woman’ Identity Damages Us”. Our women are SPEAKING! It’s time for YOU WOMEN to start listen to them, rather than telling us MEN that we need to listen! It’s in the title, and they still don’t listen. She only realized this FULLY when she hit 50 years of age, in 2020, and is now telling you that our women are failing due to the sisterhood propaganda. During that trip I took to the Pacific Northwest and then up through Alaska, recently, I met 6 women who were traveling without a group, without a man, thus can be considered solo travelers- and another lady had a baby son with her but was begging to get rid of that kid, so she could go enjoy herself. She thought she was cute constantly joking she wished he left him home, but of course, she HAD NOBODY to leave the kid with. 🤡 She wasn’t someone down with the sisterhood propaganda, she was just s single mom who really regrets being a mom so young, and she can’t do like the other white ladies showing off in Europe on IG and fakebook. That lady wishes she could do solo travel, but her kid is holding her back, and nobody wants to watch her kid for her, not even his father! She wants to solo trael to ESCAPE HER KID!!!! 🤡 Of the other women, 4 were solo minority travel ladies, age ranges of 30s – 50s. My brain thought “Black/Latin females in the freezing cold of Alaska, where it’s dark outside for almost 18 hours of the day, in Winter? How’s the possible?” That didn’t make any sense, it’s freezing and there was too much snow, so nobody’s going to want to walk around in that unless they’re used to it. All of these women I met, were filled with sisterhood propaganda talking points, and 2 of them didn’t even KNOW they were sisterhood propaganda talking points. That garbage has infiltrated the Black community so much that it’s become a way of life for Black women and that is NOT going to work against Black men, and they’re going to get no love from dudes. Nonetheless, these women each were prideful with their repetition of talking points from the very-flawed 4th wave sisterhood propaganda and government sponsored baby mama-ism, which has destroyed our naturally gregarious Black community, and has replaced it with separatists who have done too much damage to reverse, causing Black men to fantasize about going overseas to find women to marry* or go their own way, because they’re being told since birth that Black men are worthless. A racist has never been as effective in destroying a Black man’s pride, than his own woman follows the sisterhood propaganda! I’m telling those men, and men of all backgrounds, YOU WILL FAIL if you marry/associate with anyone down that sisterhood propaganda path that centers on HATRED OF MEN, misandry, and if you proceed with them, you’re signing your death warrant because you can’t change them after the age of 35. SIMP if you wish, but at least fortify yourself, against failure, and hell, play their game, let them make more money thank you and DARE THEM TO DIVORCE YOU! Take all these proud women’s sh!t in divorce! That’s why they all claim they want a man to make more than them, because if she decides to leave, like 70% of them do, she gets paid. If she makes more than the man, she has to pay HIM. Many of our women who make more than the man do NOT want a Black guy because they would rather pay some incel looking dude instead and marry him! Too much pride to be with a Black man!

“I have a job, I don’t need you!” Pushing supremacy is changing the little bit of them that’s left. You almost can’t recognize them today, they’re almost fully turned.

In fact, it has already been predicted that 45% of women are going to be single and childless by 2030, due to the flaw in their sisterhood ideology, but also, as women make more money, they don’t want to marry someone because they’re trying to AVOID PAYING ALIMONY TO MEN! They’ll make up a lie saying that men can’t handle it, and while some many not, most Black men are from single mother homes, so a woman running the show is what they’re used to. Hell, that’s the reason why Black men are doing so poorly, and all the stats prove it. They just make up excuses, but with the power they have, they now have responsibility, and that m,ean they may be the breadwinners. Not sure if THAT is what they wanted, but that’s what they got, and now that they are in a small percentage of people, pay-wise, there is a smaller dating pool due to their terrible mate selection habits that carry with them forever. Seriously, and I’m not sure that’s what women are really striving for, to be single and childless in 8 years- this pride thing worth that fate? These people are terrible planners of the future, contrary to popular belief, clearly! There are many men who don’t want to be homeless, and have their fortune, homes, cars and children stripped from them, as a result of a failed relationships, but why are all these women wanting to be single when they mostly don’t face that problem? That’s a serious problem and it shows you how GOOFY these ladies are moving. I’ve already told you that 52% of Black men have never been married and are childless CURRENTLY, so we have already BEEN past this rate of being single and childless, as Black men, and society is destroying us publicly, with the help of sisterhood propaganda, which has infiltrated men’s talking points too. They’re  calling ALL OF US men who are perpetually single, ‘incels’ , calling all single men losers if they can’t find love, calling single men porn addicted weaklings, when most men cannot even get a damn DATE if they tried, and aren’t even that picky with women. What are they calling THESE WOMEN who don’t want to be with men, who nobody wants to marry, who don’t have babies? Are they incels and misandrists by default? Would anyone dare call them that? Why aren’t the sisterhood propagandists considered part of hate groups yet, they’re the same thing as these men they call incels! That’s a HATE GROUP, preaching the END OF MEN. They hate men and want to see men destroyed and the government is right in line with this now. Hell, did you know that you need a government ID to look at porn, in Louisiana? That guy is considered an INCEL now, government TRACKED incel for going to a porn site! THIS IS A LAW IN A USA STATE!!!!!!  There is a WAR ON MEN, clearly, and many of these men, they want to avoid the lopsided country we live in that destroys men’s lives, in favor of the rest of society. Let’s take it further, the US Government has made Homeland Security infiltrate all video gaming communities, to identify incels and any men who want to go their own way, and are cataloging these men as ‘threats to the American society’. Rap music and gang culture, not a threat to society, but you wanking off, THREAT TO HUMANITY! 🤡 So what about these women who wish to destroy men and yank off? And now that the government is in line with the sisterhood propagandists, they’re weaponized to hurt men on behalf of the sisterhood propaganda, to further the agenda. Taraji has claimed, this has gone too far, and too much power made them sick believing that entitlement and privilege, and she’s spoken against it already, but couldn’t take her own advice, early on. Taraji knows, her actions have hurt her SON, because she’s produced thousands of women, who HATE HER SON, and haven’t even met him!

Empowered baddies had no interest in the Anchorage museum, they wanted to shop at the mall instead, or to get banged in the hotel room. They’re built like bears wanting you to pounce like a bear. Nah chill. Yall not ready.

What Taraji was trying to say was that she was going her own way, the female version. She tried to get herself that self-care by dumping her solid fiancé when she turned 50 years old, and she was celebrated for abandoning him by doing a sisterhood propagandist trip with a bunch of sisterhood enablers, while posting sexualized thirst trap pictures pretending that being an over sexualized Black woman is empowerment and healing. FAIL 🤦🏽‍♀️ Oh that’s not a fail? And I’m making this up? Ok, why don’t you listen to Taraji P Henson tell you “MY HEART IS WEAK”, detailing that her mental is dying and she can’t maintain putting up that “I’m so strong” front… aaaaaaaaaand then she goes and posts her butt and body for all to be distracted by, to mask her sadness. 🤦🏽‍♀️ She’s trying to get likes posting her butt cheeks to feel better about her failed sisterhood journey, and she does this half naked stuff for her friends to try to signal that she is cool and happy- she’s not happy! Now, she’s saying she is disappearing on the same ladies who encourage her to take her clothes off and shake her butt like Meg Da Stupid rapper for female validation and social validation- and you get praise for blowing up your stable relationships. That’s what the sisterhood does, encourage you to destroy your relationships with family and men, and then they desert you after you have no body to lean on, and have no answers for you after you’re isolated yourself. Great support group, ladies! Taraji has it right, these so-called strong ladies don’t want to see you break code and will abandon you entirely if you crack like Taraji did and become WEAK. Taraji can’t break free of the sisterhood or they’ll destroy her career, and shame her by calling her a PICK ME, if she dared to try to go her own way. Well, if you’re a man and you want to go your own way, the GOVERNMENT gets involved, to prevent that. You even had Senator Josh Hawley attack men who wants to force men to bothering with entitled chicks with unreasonable standards with shaming tactics. So understand, LIBERALS and TRADCON CONSERVATIVES are attacking any men who want to go their own way, but no such hate will ever go to women who go their own way. Anyone calling women losers and publicly shaming them for deserting men? You want to avoid being the man who gets manipulated by a mentally unstable old lady who decides to dump you because she’s blaming you for herself not being happy, as if happiness should be created by a man, well you’re an incel and you’re a threat to the US GOVERNMENT, according to the government. 2 of these women I recently met, called me an incel, and I asked them why they mentioned that they had sex toys on vacation with them, and how disgusting they are to mention that to me, but also bring one. I asked them how are they better than an incel just because they decided to buy a sex toy and can’t get a real man? lol Seriously though, how come nobody is shaming women who claim they can replace men with buzzer beaters (female sex toys) thus don’t want to be moms and wives and not productive members of society? How come that’s not seen as hatred by women? Is the government going to ban vibrators because women are not productive to society?  Most women have them, are they losers? Are they desperate? Why did I mention this, this was all subjects of discussion on this trip. 2 of the 3 of our women I met, in Alaska, called me an incel as part of their insulting ME when they couldn’t successfully argue their points, because I showed their hypocrisy and I bested them on their weak talking points. In one talk, I had 2 ladies together and they were asking me about masturbation, trying to shame me if I did beat off. I bet them that those two ladies came to vacation with vibrators/dildos in their luggage- and they both had them! So why are they trafficking sex toys but think they’re cool and can make fun if a man beat off? This is mental sickness! They have them in case they can’t get a hookup! Most single women travel with sex toys and are PERVERTS!!! PERVERTS!!!!!! Will the government require identification to catalog all women who buy vibrators and require a bottle of lube because they’re old and dead inside? Will the government shame these women and put them in a database so men can know who to avoid? Will anyone start to shame women who take solo vacations with sex toys so they can go jerk off in hotels rooms all around the world and who go traveling to have sex? They’ve been traveling and being PERVERTS for decades!!!

Knik Glacier
Don’t waste your time trying to ‘take the breath away’ of someone who can’t do this because they’re always out of breath. Yall not ready!
Hitting the wall, is a dead end, uphill battle. Yall not ready!

45% of women wanting to go their own way, by 2030, that should send shockwaves to society, but instead, it all comes down to blaming MEN for all of this, for the choices of entitled and empowered women, because everyone is so woke they’re scared to tell women that they’re screwing up. Amazing. We need to stop and listen to women, because too many are crying in plain sight, but because they cry ‘wolf’ so much, no one is watching these meltdowns and bad decisions with warning signs about these peoples’ mental health. While it’s ok to not want kids, for whatever reason, it is men, who have to deal with rejection since pre-teenage years, who learn hardships at a very early age, and are more equipped to handle being solo- thus here, we promote solo travel mainly to men who have come to reality with it and are ok with it. Women?? They are NOT prepared for being solo, and I’m seeing this issues in terrible ways during their solo travel endeavors. Most women are OLD when they first learn real rejection, of not being picked and not getting attention for their looks/sexuality, and they’re using solo travel to handle NOT being as hot/pretty/young/relevant, as they once where, when their sexual marketplace value was high, in their teens through 20s. Now, many women are seeing the chickens come home to roost, they cannot handle being single and ALONE and NOT catered to by men anymore as their value is non-existent to men anymore! This is that main reason for solo travel of women today, loneliness. That’s why companies advertise FEMALE ONLY trips organized as “solo travel” for female, to get together with other solo travelers, because business knows that these women are aging out of the sexual marketplace and cannot handle loneliness, thus know women will pay ANYTHING to try to get sexual market value back or will pay to pretend their sadness will go away if they are addicted to travel. Solo travel tours that are only for women, that’s research backed that shows that women need an echo chamber because many thing with hive-minds, so surrounding them with other like them helps them cope with traveling. These are not LGBT tours, it’s tours for women who need echo chambers which means no men can be on such tours. That’s a tour for a mental case! Sisterhood propagandists support such tours! The sisterhood propagandists and tour companies have tapped into a weakness of women, that I spoke about here. There is big business in manipulating women. Nobody is listening to other women at all though, and that’s why they don’t tell women to go see a psychologist! When a woman is not mentally in a good place, it falls on deaf ears and women aren’t listening to their own “friends”. Even the sisterhood propaganda sites, who are all about getting paid to falsely inflate egos of our women, made the mistake of reporting that Taraji is not happy, despite have a great career, despite her being filthy rich, despite her being hot, despite her having constant employment and being a public role model to millions of our women she led down the hole of our female separatism from Black men. That runs counter to their marketing scheme, but they reported it by mistake, because nobody was listening to Taraji because they don’t even care- she’s just a propaganda figure they’re trying to sell an image of to broke chicks. However, someone over there must have also been genuinely concerned and broke sister-code, because they read into the things she said, just as I did. It highlighted that these our women, chasing their money/career only, trying to mimic the Taraji blueprint, as a regular civilian non-celebrity, are going to fail even worse! The article says “Many think because of the glitz and glam that celebrities have nothing to worry about. Since celebrities have wealth, fame and access to almost everything they want, there’s an assumption that they are happy. This isn’t true, just ask Taraji P. Henson.” Yeah, your career, education, money and all this empowerment power up stuff, that’s all about you, but means nothing when you make yourself lonely in order to achieve it. Nobody cares about that crap, in the end, and now look at you, mentally deranged.

I went here with a TRUE female solo traveler. Had a BLAST doing helicopters to glaciers!!! That’s how you roll! She’ ready!

How does this relate to the multiple solo traveling females that I met? Well, it was not more evident than with this lot, that they were mostly dealing with issues, but I could see that the women of color were motivated by a deeper, darker, criminal link. There was propaganda behind their solo travel, which brought this all home for me, while out in Alaska. I saw them all as faulty, broken people, in many ways, saying defensive things to make sure nobody could discover that they were hurting, while simultaneously crying out to everyone that they were hurting. Really confused people, really hurt people, and that really made me sad to see them continue to act like nobody can see this. While on different legs of the trips, I met 6 individual females, in total, who don’t know each other, outside of introductions I made between 3 of them, which ended up being a failed experiment, due to some of the bad traits these individuals had. Some of them have logged some serious mileage on previous trips, and were travel pros, but most of them, they were a hot mess in life, which shouldn’t show up on vacation! If anything, you can be a hot mess at home, but on vacation, none of that should even exist, and THAT is why I knew these were not people doing solo travel properly- then again, everywhere YOU go, you take YOU with YOU so… When every two words out of your mouth is about your job or your money you have or your house you own, you’re doing everything wrong, especially when trying to converse with a man. We don’t care for this flexing. Do you ever listen to white women talk , when they first meet? Do you hear them bragging about their jobs, money and houses they own? Our ladies through, are GOOFY as hell and don’t know how to converse with people. You want to talk about your job, then go back to work, you idiot, but while on vacation, you shouldn’t be bragging or stressing about your work. These women were doing that all with PRIDE, and that was saddening to witness, over and over, from women of all backgrounds, from all over this country, from different socio-economic backgrounds- although on the women or color were bragging that they are rich* (I don’t believe any of them). And despite all of their hang-ups, during talks with them, they all said it was weird that a man would do solo travel, because that’s really suspicious, creepy and makes someone wonder what’s wrong that guy. You think they thought the same of women who solo travel? NOPE! 🤡  2 of the 5 women I met, I had to proceed with caution when broaching the topic of solo travel for women, and issues related to it, and knew to NOT give these ladies my socials, because these women were too far down dark rabbit holes for reasonable discussion. They were purposely trying to be masculine, in hopes of intimidating me into not expressing disagreement with their aggression, and they failed, so they resorted to being childish, immature, old ladies. Unfortunately, the pattern that stood out was that the most troubled women were from my group of people, which doesn’t make sense that you can’t discuss stuff with your own people, but that’s where my people are today. You must be careful with extracting sensitive information or having solid counter arguments to my people’s women, especially when they are older than 35, because they’re failing at anecdotal stupidity that has not paid off for them, since 1970s! They hate when I counter and stump them with logic, and they start to insult me like calling me incels, and 2 called me a “Passport Bro”. 🤦🏽‍♀️

How much tall must a man be, or how much money must a man make, to get a woman to accompany him to a scene like this? If that sounds stupid then revisit the logic of some people’s dating requirements, today. Yall not ready.

I tried my best to avoid any of my talking points with such people, and that still didn’t prevent me from being the subject of misandry by my people’s women. However, I welcomed the vitriol this time, to prove my point, and further the research on these topics. For these people, all I did was LISTEN and see that these women were doing bad in life, personally, hiding behind some salary they claim they make, which nobody asked them about, and would only go on the offensive if they started attacking so bad that they had to be corrected or stopped. When some women of color start talking how great they are because of their salaries and how men are intimidated by that, rather than seeing how disgusting ANYONE they encounter thinks they are, just walk away, you’ll not get a stable person to correspond with. You’re getting someone ready to blab to you about sisterhood propaganda talking points, and that’s all I got! 2 of them blamed their failures to secure a man, and to be happy, on Black men, ALL BLACK MEN. I’ll get into that later. They both said all men are intimidated by their money, but in reality, who wants to hear anyone brag about how they’re better than everyone around them because they claim they make more money than you? And who are the intimidated men finding out about how much pretend money these ladies have anyway? How? They’re just meeting these men and disqualifying them on dates, so HOW WOULD MEN BE INTIMIDATED BY THEIR MONEY? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that… these women lead conversations bragging about how much (pretend) money they have and that’s how these men learn this and are intimidated? Who wants to hear that all day when having a conversation over bonding? These socially inept idiots don’t know how to converse. That’s why so many women are NOW getting robbed for bragging about how much money they get, just like men have always been, bragging about how much money they get. This past trip really showed me how flat and devoid of life these modern showoffs, and men aren’t attracted to boastful women. The part that really infuriated me, and is the only reason I was sad, because these were 3 BLACK WOMEN, and 1 Afro-Latina (who I’ll talk to about in another piece as it’s unique to this), and that truly hurt my heart to hear the things they said, over and over, and how they lived, especially since it was the holiday season and the spewed HATE mostly! It was supposed to be joyous, and these bats were miserable. They were between the ages of 30-60. Why it hurt my heart to hear these women talk like they did, was that we would enter the deep conversation phase where I would learn about WHY they did solo travel, and how they tried their best to avoid talking about the WHY or couldn’t properly explain the WHY. That was weird, to have so much to say but can’t explain yourself outside of canned propaganda talking points is socially awkward. These so called “strong women” have set themselves up for huge failure, especially the two oldest ones. 2 of the women were just too far down the rabbit hole, and only 1 of the 3 of our women, I could have an honest conversation with, although, she admits that the Taraji P. Henson empowerment is strong in her. That lady, the youngest, was the most open to talk, and is in her 30s, thus, she has time to save herself. However, she has a high likelihood of turning out just as miserable as these other ladies because she was talking that Taraji P. Henson garbage too much, in all areas of her life- or maybe not after an encounter I set up, which I’ll explain in a second. All 3 of these women were I’m so strong women are getting away from toxic men, with their solo travel. Going your own way is supposed to be YOUR IDEA, it should not be something you do to avoid someone else and therefore it’s forced on you by someone else. You’re doing it all wrong! These folks, they’re running from reality, much different than a true pro at going your own way would do, and thus it’s sad to see executed so poorly. They’re pulling away because they’re hurt and miserable and committed too much to being alone, all of a sudden, in their old age, because they feel FORCED INTO BEING ALONE, it’s failing and there is nothing going for them, especially the empty nester women in her 50s- and their coping mechanism and way to explain their miserable lives is to say “I have money”. 🫵🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🤡 This was very hard to stomach, talking to them, because periodically, things I’d ask, they would deflect and use to start insulting me, as a Black man, rather than answer the question honestly. The same mentality that is destroying Black marriage and our communities, with separatist, “Divestor” mentalities is what is bringing these ladies to travel today, due to their belief in propaganda, which is a mental illness to avoid dealing with their very real problems. Unfortunately, Taraji is a part of representing what these women incorrectly associate with this movement by our women, and now, they’re scratching their heads due to that interview by Taraji, where she is publicly telling them, “I screwed up my life following this ideology” without trying to say it, while she had a meltdown for the world to see. Well, what if you’re fat, ugly, broke and don’t have the kind of appeal that Taraji has? What’s your hope for happiness? That’s the problem with worshiping these fake Gods, they’re just flawed humans, in the end. Oh, and I asked these women who are supposed to have so much money, if they think they deserve the level of man Taraji can get, and they said “YES!”. Delusion is real, and to be clear, they would be competing for the same man Taraji would be trying to date. Or if not, then these women will be going overseas to buy sex from impoverished Black men, to call that EMPOWERMENT, against some impoverished man who struggles to support their wives and kids, thus have to have sex for money to feed their kids. They learned that they should go do that in THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

They said seeing a moose was boring, “show me a bear”. Me: “it’s winter, bears are hibernating”, Them:”not ALL bears”. 🤦🏾

Normally, I’d write about how women are the KINGS OF TRAVEL, and they remain this in my mind, but I also wrote that women like to get on dating apps to brag about their travel which is not attractive to men, which started to help me see that they’re not all out here traveling like my past heroes of travel. These ladies I met on this trip, they FAILED the rule and were not doing real solo travel to heal or experience things that could inspire the next adventure. These ladies today are traveling only to SHOWING OFF to mask real problems and issues in their lives, under the guise of empowerment of females through solo travel. That’s what we see with all these women talking about travel today, who have no hobbies in life and only work a job and travel. They’re boring, they’re uneventful, nobody cares what they think, including their “trusted” friends and no man wants to be around such uninspiring people, especially if you’re OLD. They’re NOT doing solo travel to step back from themselves and breaking away from the regular life so that they can spot what’s wrong about themselves and their habitats, that are screwing them up. They just throw a lot of money at vacation and hope that vacation to places others will marvel at, will make them feel better or at least look better, so they can feel better. That’s a recipe for disaster. Some of them are so miserable in life, they can’t deal with even solo travel, so they PAY FOR VACATIONS FOR THEIR ‘FRIENDS’, which I didn’t know our women were doing so much of, but apparently that’s a thing to pay for all your friends’ vacations, because you don’t want to be alone. That was done in the case of the poor Shanquella Robinson, who paid for her friendships and paid her for the vacations of her ‘friends’, so that she didn’t have to be lonely. The same female friends recorded beating her up, put the video on social media for the world to see, then robbed her of an additional 10k USD, after we learned those lady friends left her to DIE in Mexico. Taraji also paid to bring friends on vacation, so that’s common, I didn’t know how many chicks were broke! When I asked these women I met in Alaska, about this Shanquella situation, they ALL said they don’t truly trust the sisterhood propaganda when it comes to vacations and THAT was another motivating factor for these our women to take solo vacations, to avoid having to be with other women of color that they knew! When they’re together, they all lie to each other about how pretty everyone is, how sexy they all are, how in shape every one of them are, but none of them can stand being around each other??? Does that make sense? It’s GOOFY and they know sisterhood propaganda is all lies and delusion. Sure enough, the interview has Taraji and Angie agreeing to this point! Listen to women, they will tell you the truth, eventually, when they break sisterhood propaganda code. These ladies admitted that they were sending shots back at the sisterhood, when taking solo trips and vacations to luxurious locations too. So, they admit that they need to make other people feel jealous of them, in order for these women to feel happy about themselves. That’s mental illness and that is not doing solo travel right! Ask women if they’re showing off to other women, when they take vacations, and 90% of them will say “HELL YEAH”. They’re paying 10s of thousands of dollars, per trip, to take shots at other women, back home. SICKNESS! 🤮 All these owmen do is flex on people with their travel, which shows seasoned travelers who uses it properly. Men will do something like Ludacris did here, trying to get dudes who look like HIM, to get out of their stereotypical shells, to go travel/do things you don’t normally do. Most women are not doing that with their travel, and that is what I wanted to challenge myself to do, in -25 degree F weather, in Alaska. I never went against that kind of weather, and even attempted photography in such grueling conditions on that trip, stepping over crotch-high snow for MILES!!!! The body was aching, and then I did it many days in a row. The challenge was AMAZING. The flex of that? Means NOTHING to anyone, because they don’t care. That challenge was PERSONAL, as it should be, but I only shared it with others to see if they would do something as challenging. Only one of the three of our women did something like this, but she’s old military, and I knew she took Vicodin pills, to numb her out before and after every event. STILL, she did it. She was risking her life to do activities her body couldn’t handle, but she was proud of herself. She says that women are stronger than men and wanted to prove it, by getting zooted on Vicodin to number herself, of course, like this article says. 🧏🏿‍♀️

bark at the moon” in American English
to protest in vain”
Telling her that she’s misinformed is just barking at the moon

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Taraji is a woman who mirrors these women, or rather, these women were trying to copy the idea of her, Nia Long, and all those angry beings on Fox Soul such as Vivica Fox, or The Real or The Blab or any one of those misandrists talk shows with angry women in quartets, who hate men because all the bad boys banged them and wouldn’t marry them, now they’re old and alone. Most of them were all the hot women of yesteryears, but their standards have always been so high (physically and financially of men) that they’re just baby mamas and not wives to anyone, they aged out of relevance.  2 of these traveling women cited Oprah and Taraji as their inspirations. Why? Because they’re strong figures all our female media put forward as people to copycat, who are strong women who don’t need a man. It’s these Taraji copycats that are the angry pack leaders that are instructing other women to be miserable, like them, and just like Taraji, they have too much pride to admit to the followers, who are failing miserably like them, that this female separatist thing is not for women and women do not desire to copy what a MGTOW dude would do. Is it healthy to falsely promote to WOMEN, than they should be LONELY, in order to obtain happiness? Men don’t do this to their friends! Being SELFISH, being a deserter of your responsibilities, is marketing garbage for that is acceptable for women ONLY today, and I even personally heard that from an old broad I used to deal with. Another thing that men don’t do, we don’t tell other men to desert their families they made! Women ALWAYS tell women to leave their relationships, like Meagan Good was told to leave her marriage, by Whoopi Goldberg, the antisemite. Our women get applause from the world when they desert their family responsibilities, like Tia Mowry did, when she dumped her husband to get more “self love”, but people pushing that on us, mostly don’t have kids, don’t have a husband and most DO NOT DO THE THINGS THEY CELEBRATE OUR WOMEN DOING, yet tell them to do it. This lady Mowry said marriage is phase she is over with, that’s a closed chapter, NEXT. She said her marriage-divorce was a “success”, and a “graduation”, “celebration” and it was no different that a college “curriculum”. She talked disgustingly about marriage, yet she is supposed so innocent, CHURCH GOER/GOD LOVER, and happy normally, then BLASTED off about marriage in the most negative way. If you listen to that, she is saying she can’t WAIT to be single! She said “LIFE IS SHORT” so she left! She hasn’t made it to 50, she’s in her 40s, and she is a big representation of most of these solo traveling women I met on this last trip. YOU SIGNED UP FOR A FAMILY, SHUTUP AND DO YOUR JOB, or do the respectable thing and be like the women who purposely don’t make families and don’t make kids, because they don’t care for any of that. Deserter women lose respect from men, that’s why nobody wants old deserter women, and marriage is down. Too many guys see this woman and don’t want anything to do with her, because she’s affected by the sisterhood of propaganda and will leave these men high and dry, and broke, in their old age. Men want to grow old with their women. Men look at these self-care selfish people as deserters and ruiners of family/society/social-fabric. That’s also how we see Taraji P. Henson, and all these women do is surround themselves with miserable people who support/encourage them deserting their responsibilities to be alone. Can you imagine a bunch of men sitting around rooting for other men to be absentee dads? These sisterhood propagandists force women into echo chambers and keep them mentally disturbed and to travel with other mentally screwed up people. These women avoid psychologists because they will point out flaws, so these women go to LIFE COACHES, who tell them to go pay for expensive vacations. I was dating a woman who was told to go to do, and this chick was mental and yet this LIFE COACH didn’t address this. Something was suspicious about this, when the ex told me this. Do you think a real psychiatrist would tell a woman to go be by herself knowing they can’t handle being alone? That’s when I realized that my ex lied to me about her going to a psychologist, and found out she only to a life coach, WHO COSTS THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY AS A PSYCHOLOGIST!!!! These people don’t want to hear the truth from licensed professionals, so they go to “spiritual healers” or “life coaches” instead, to hear only what they want to hear, and pay these fake advice givers to placate to them. These “I’m so strong” women refuse to acknowledge that other areas of their lives that SUCK. Even Taraji doesn’t tell women to go see psychiatrists and won’t let on that SHE NEEDS ONE! Instead, she’s going to take vacation. FAIL! Taraji dumped her stable relationship, to go shake her butt on a boat with her echo chamber idiot friends and signaled that her responsibly to that relationship and A BLACK MAN, was causing her grief. No man is walking around telling a woman that he has to get rid of her because she is the source of his happiness, but that is what Taraji told her ex man, or so that’s what she stated in interviews. GOOFY. She just wanted and excuse to dump a good Black man and not look like a lonely moron when she can’t get someone better, and she still hasn’t! Blame some made up Black guy and then nobody can point a finger back at you. Because the Black man is so hated due to racism, our ladies tell ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN THAT BLACK MEN ARE CAUSING ALL OF THE PROBLEM, and but white women would never believe anyone from their team who would blame their poor decision making on arbitrary white men. NEVER! It’s GOOFY and it looks goofy to anyone over there. Those women I spoke to, in Alaska, they were all for blaming some man for their reasons they need to go travel. One of my channels I follow is Pink Book Lessons, a Black woman who is very self-aware and gets these issues I’m talking about, RIGHT. Since you don’t want to hear this, and think I’m lady bashing, listen to a Black woman tell you what I was seeing.

Beautiful hills
Such views inspire great thought and writing opportunities, they wanted to go buy shop in JC Penny’s and didn’t care for such scenery.

Taraji P. Henson is a woman who dumped her ex-fiancé, but she is also a top Black single mother advocate who tell our women to be proud to be independent of Black men, even as baby mamas. You have to listen to HER tell you about her standards, in this video with Steve Harvey. I saw that she was going to fail when I first saw that video, and that was about a decade ago, when she reached her 40s! She was peak sisterhood propagandist at that time. She is constantly held up as an example of our women with money, which to them means they don’t need a man- basically, equating men to need for money, which is NOT how men who are MGTOW think about women. They’re not thinking that they already have money so they don’t need women, they’re seeking mental peace, and if women would state THAT as their primary reason for not needing a man, I think this would be a pill everyone could swallow, as we could likely all understand each other. But if you do this, like Tia Mowry, after committing to a man and kids, you get no sympathy from men, as we know you pick that role and it’s not honorable to back out like a coward- which women don’t see the same way, and that’s the rub. Both Taraji and Tia had good men, who don’t cheat, and who aren’t beating them up, but these women are so full of themselves for the money they make, that the man isn’t good enough for them anymore- so they left these men. NOW, they’re OLD. Both of these women got back out there on social media to show their sex off after leaving these men. SMH. This is the downfall of our people, miserable old ladies instructing young women to follow them into ruin. They promote modern our women being proud of creating broken homes, and to not be wives and other things that destroy society, as long as it avoids them having to partner with a man. To each her own, but to have anger for men and reduce them to money, child support payments and semen depositors, is misandry mentality that is hateful. Every one of these our women from this trip went right into hatred of Black men, and this linked into WHY they each are solo travelers, and that is pathetic, quite honestly. They each used the same talking points of these women, almost verbatim like Non-Playable-Characters (NPCs) in a video game, or agents in movies like the Matrix. Taking solo travel because you HATE MEN, and hate your family, and hate that you made poor decisions in your live? Really? How are you going to get fulfilling travel this way? All of the women I met, who were our women, in Alaska, were trying to be Taraji, pretending to be strong women who set the rules, and tell people what to do to look strong, and in the end, nobody cares what you think, all have deserted them, and the way you know they don’t really agree is that nobody is there for these strong women, in the end. These women I met, they don’t have “FRIENDS”, they have female acquaintances they don’t trust, just like Taraji. They’re doing solo travel because NOBODY WANTS TO BE AROUND THEM, vice versa, and that’s what Taraji clearly says in this video. Taraji talks about suicidal thoughts when she said “suicidal ideation is real” in that video, and Angie didn’t even bat and eye, didn’t blink, didn’t address that, she just went into echo chamber enabler mode. Same with the ladies I talked to, I only talked to them because they sounded sad to me, but their friend don’t give a DAMN about them, nor do their families, because these other people have lives and HUSBANDS. Taraji going all the way to Bali to get a back massages in mud, to heal. And it’s not that you need to go get a MAN to be happy, surely that’s not going to fix your mental issues, but if you look up Taraji and turning 50, every publication will sneak a diss in there, and mention the man she dumped (Kelvin Hayden ), while posting pictures of her showing off her butt, at 50, in front of the sisterhood propagandists who are equally miserable and lonely. That’s taking a shot at her, like I’m mentioning here, that her plan isn’t as sophisticated as she likes to think. Here is an example of how People magazine subbed dissed her. The celeb ladies I mentioned her, they left their good men because those men did not make as much money as Taraji and Tia Mowry, and that has since come out as being true. So, what man is going to be with them? How’s the going Tia Mowry, on you’re getting drunk in clubs and being a respectable woman? She’d rather do that than go be a mom or wife. Sisterhood propaganda.

Coming home to a house with these modern folks looks like this in mind! Yall not ready!

Of the 3 of our women, the 30-year-old, was the coolest, most relatable. I tread very lightly and did not hit most of my talking points, because she was staying with me in the inn (a house with many big rooms converted to an ‘inn’ at some point). She and I had the whole Inn to ourselves for the whole week, due to that bad weather and airlines fiasco for the holidays.  The other guests did not show up until the week after, so at that point, we had to occupy the common area of the inn, ourselves, because it’s pretty much 1 house with rooms we took and a really warm scene there. So, we sat down, ate at the dining room table and had really deep conversations, put on the old school jams, and reminisced about the past times. Fam, I spent Christmas eve with her, and I notice that this lady was very sad, and that made me really sad. She said her peers try to get her to group travel to go bang foreign guys or to bang American guys who travel to the same places she does, which she isn’t interested in. You know what she was avoiding? She was avoiding things like a lot of pervert women of color do, go to HEDONISM in Jamaica (see to minute 1:30 and watch what our Kweens are out there doing). So, she chose solo travel to get away from disgusting friends of hers that are miserable Passport Heaux. She admitted that her lady friends, if you’ll call them that, got her to think she must be masculine and take solo trips to boss up, which only caused her more problems with traditional people of her community and family. A few years ago, she lost her relationship trying to look wild out in those streets so her ex-man ditched her for this strong woman nonsense that Taraji used to preach for decades. She claims she was over him, and so she decided that she should go do solo travel since that year they split. She would travel during her birthday and during the holiday season specifically. Solo travel, however, she said she feels it’s more for sulkers, people who go to cry away from everyone, if anything. I agree with her for these kinds of ladies, especially after talking to these ladies I met while in Alaska, but that she could turn that around and should travel to AIM to do that. So why do you need to go pay so much money to go cry about your problems in a remote location? And why aren’t they coming back healed? We laughed about this and how dumb it is if you’re not doing solo travel and doing things that take your mind off of stupidity and fill your brain with NEW ideas and experiences that can help inspire you when you get back to replace the bad with the new good that you were exposed to. She told me, “I never thought about it like that” but said in Black circles, taking a solo trip is about confirming that you’re a BOSS BABE today, where nobody sees you crying yourself to sleep every night, LOL. I asked her if anyone checked on her when she does solo travel and she said NO! She also said she doesn’t write people first, because that would look like she’s bored and not really bossing up. WTF That’s why I say, these ladies are not doing solo travel for the right reasons and I’m tired of talking to women about this issue, because they’re not learning, they’re succumbing to that Taraji P. Henson stupidity echo chamber of people who are not listening to their friends crying out for help! It hurts, man. I’m not going to even lie to you, because I have lady friends who are headed in this direction too, as they approach 40 years old. That 30-year-old chick turned out to be such a great person, though. I found the real reason she has been doing solo travel. She was talking about herself CRYING out of sight of people who know her! This 30-year-old admitted didn’t want to look at her family and friends’ social media pictures during the holidays. I didn’t understand why until I realized that she was jealous of their photos where women would display how happy their whole families was on their pages- especially those with the man, kids and husband posing in pajamas before the Xmas tree. That really made me sad to hear. She also told me she doesn’t want to look at married people’s photos specifically because of a guy that she used to date in her earlier 20s, whom this lady didn’t want back then because he didn’t earn enough money at the time thus, she didn’t think he would make a good husband. That ex man is now a successful business owner making 6 figure and is married with 2 kids- TO ONE OF HER LADY’S CHILDHOOD FRIENDS. SMH OOOOOOOOUCH! 😣 Ok, I wasn’t so sad for her after that, I won’t lie though, she did this to herself. LOL Ah man, she and I talked forever about everything under the sun but ultimately, she kept confessing that she takes solo trips to FAKE LIKE SHE IS SOMETHING SHE IS NOT, TO SEND A MESSAGE TO ONLOOKERS AT HOME AND ON INTERNET! She is the one who referenced Taraji and trying to copycat that, and I asked her ‘if Taraji is rich and has an excellent job, why is she not happy since sisterhood propaganda has reached its goal for her?’ We agreed, our ladies blame failure to be happy in life, on men, which is crazy, and she was doing that. She truthfully told me, she HATED that Alaska trip, and just wanted to go back home. Ultimately, she ended her trip earlier than expected, by one week, because she realized she was wasting money she didn’t want to spend and wasn’t even interested in the blistering cold, didn’t care for things like dog sledding, or anything ‘Winter’ that Alaska had to offer. She was trying to be UNIQUE, to her friends, by picking Alaska, but clearly overlooked the amount of SNOW that Alaska gets. I told her to go in SUMMER, because it’s a completely different place, and to try again then. She realized that, ultimately, she was spending most of the time in the inn and sat around thinking about all the drama back home and things she didn’t like about her life but wasn’t using that time to reflect. She got caught in that Taraji type propaganda to make a scene with solo travel. She had nothing to show off in her Alaska trip- proving my point that she doesn’t know how to do solo travel properly. She is almost too far down the matrix, but her going home early, that’s a GOOD THING, cutting her fake solo trip short, realizing it’s not for her and it’s not what she is really after in the first place. I tried to encourage her to do some local things, and I tried to connect her with another lady, so that she could get in the spirit of her trip. I figured, maybe she can’t stand to be alone, but maybe she could stand to have another lady I met, and they could bond. Hell if I was going to waste my time hanging with her doing NOTHING with my time.

Taraji and me
Nice cozy mood in a place that I was called ‘BROKE’ for staying in.
Taraji and me
The Inn is a converted house, really cool, better than a hotel room, in my opinion. Met cool people here.

I tried to get her inspired to try a few things in Alaska, to open her eyes to things, showing her some additional activities to do, but she was not interested. I tried to connect her to another Black female, a 40 year old, to maybe see if they could link and make the most of their times. I invited the 40-year-old, whom I met first, to hang with us, so they didn’t feel lonely that holiday season. They believed the same Taraji solo travel belief, I heard it from each of them, so how could that go wrong? Bad idea. LOL They did not get along, although they believe the same exact Taraji sisterhood propaganda, Audre Lorde “self-care” garbage about solo travel. Outside of that, they each (later) told me they didn’t care for the other. LOL GO FIGURE! The best part, the 30-year-old said that the 40-year-old sounded bitter and like she was hiding from dealing with her life, pretty much like she and I were discussing about these people who think like Taraji. That’s when it was really coming together for me, that I was seeing all those ladies I met, in Alaska, because they were mostly running from something. This was not a bunch of strong single women who don’t want kids or husband and just want to truly be free. The 40-year-old would be the next step in life to the 30-year-old who continues the sisterhood propaganda, to be a divorcee with no kids in the future, out in these streets with all kinds of men from any race, looking for sexual fantasies wherever she could get it, especially ON SOLO TRAVEL, so nobody knows she’s a perv. This 40 year old started to try to convince the 30 year old to go do sex travel too, which was the turning point in the conversation we had, the 30 year old doesn’t want to grow up to be a PERV. The 40-year-old was solo traveling to obtain Self-Care, looking to have sex if it came up with some stud, and shopping or trying to pretend to do boss babe actions, and she was very LOUD AND PROUD of this. As the 40 year old spoke, she made the 30 year old apprehensive and uncomfortable, noticeably, so she got attacked with jokes by this 40 year old. It was very disrespectful, and careless. I just sat back and watched the chaos. 🍿 And that, folks, is why women really don’t like to vacation with each other, another point Taraji P. Henson makes in that very same video I referenced! They didn’t like each other because they each represented someone the other did not want to be, in the past for the 40-year-old, and in the future for the 30-year-old. The 40-year-old is officially lost in the matrix, there is no coming back, she thinks she is a boss babe buying trips around the world to pose and pay for her happiness, and don’t need no man. This 40-year-old was all flash, and full of herself, for sure. She bragged about her job and how much money she makes all the time, to anyone who would listen. I even heard a little fake British accent around white people, it was very funny. The 40-year-old was trying to show off first to the 30-year-old, to establish money dominance, and then to me, and nobody was talking about any goddamn money! All that I would normally say that you read in this blog, this 40-year-old was EVERY bad thing, and the 30-year-old was seeing it, real time, and didn’t like the optics. Unfortunately, it was this encounter that likely made her decide to pack it in and get out of Alaska. When we asked the 40-year-old why she was out there during the holiday season, she SNAPPED on us! She got defensive and asked why WE were out there, she didn’t want to divulge at first, that was telling. Oh, and who did we find out that the 40-year-old was running from, ultimately? She gave up child custody to her ex-husband, and went to California to start a new life with a new dude, and where she was living wasn’t so safe, so she agreed to give over her son to the father, so she could get her career together and to make sure her son would not be a thug in the street- apparently the ex-husband was an honorable man, just too old fashioned for her new Taraji P. Henson progressiveness. She got her career together, got her money together, and doesn’t pay any child support because the father always wanted custody, so they “co-parent”. He also paid her more than 60% of his money, in alimony. Just like the other divorcee, a majority of these women’s money came from the money they got from divorce. There is a 50 year old I’ll get into later, but the 40 and 50 year olds STILL getting paid alimony from the ex-husbands too! The 40 year old kept sneak dissing me and the 30 year old, trying to make awkward sexual comments about me and the 30 year old getting down and dirty in the bed, and wouldn’t STOP! She was so upset that she ended up letting us know that she HAS NO FRIENDS and hates her personal life, so she is traveling to get away from who she is, but there she was, being HERSELF in front of two strangers, who don’t like her EITHER- which she could clearly pick up on and made her double down. She was pretty much insulting me and the 30-year-old by talking about travel places neither of us went to, and I personally don’t care about, such as Italy or Germany. Then she called both of us BROKE, and bragged about how she didn’t do tours but paid and doesn’t care to get refunds because she doesn’t need the money. Oh if she did marry again, she would go get a young boy from Africa or the Islands, and referenced, HOW STELLA GOT HER GROVE BACK. I asked, her, “oh so you going to come back spreading STDs and come back with a LGBT husband too?” Oh I started to let the jokes FLY and the 30 year old was crying in laughter, but the 40 year old was PISSED. This 40 year old talked RACISM toward foreign Latinas and insulted men in the Islands saying she was going to bring one back to us just to use for sex, since men can’t do anything for women like her. The world is listening and responding to these racists too! Basically, people like this have zero respect for impoverished men they can’t sexualize. That’s really disrespectful. That’s very common mentality with these traveling disgusting women, like you can see here in this vide where the woman is taunting a poor man that if he doesn’t eat her vajajay, she won’t bring him to USA to get a greencard. PERVERTS are going to Jamaica to force men to give these women pervs oral sex! I knew that I had to pass this 40 year old off to a 50 year old I also met out there, and maybe they could be friends. I was going to just abandon that 40 year old but she called me dinner a few nights, but I already had plans. When you see these women say they are going to Jamaica to get LIME RUBS on rafts? This is what is seen in advertisements all over internet, like this other “travel photography” page on FB, which is SEXUAL. And if you want PROOF it’s sexual, look HERE ON TWITTER! Did you hear this lady tell that random Jamaican to go get a plastic bag to put his dong in her? She was trying to get SEX, that dirty pervert! So I had to pass her off to the 50 year. old woman. Oh the 50 year old was the WORST of all of them.

Navigating by yourself is COLD, but you being cold too will not convince anyone to give you a WARM reception. You’re cast out in the cold! Yall not ready.

These older 2 women though, wow, they HATED men, and understandably, considering who they picked to dedicate most of their time to, in dating/marriage, but each admitted they knew the signs of a bad relationship were always there, but they proceeded anyway. However, as always, these women were perfect in their relationships, never did anything wrong every in any relationship, blah blah blah typical spiel, but each one has been traveling hard core after the divorce. Each one started do to 2-3 trips a year that cost them a minimum of 10k USD a trip, so that’s like 30k a year on travel. That’s NUTS! This type of travel is always a red flag to men, when they learn that women do this too much, as pointed out in this entry about travel bragging on social media. But why Alaska? To solo travel for Self Care (looking for sex). These two ladies bonded over their trip they took to BALI. Then they started to 1-up each other trying to rich flex on each other, trying to establish dominance of who has more money. It was PATHETIC to watch! They went back and forth and I was going to try to sneak out while they did this, because I think they forgot I was there at a point. Each claimed that Bali was the best place for SELF-CARE. Taraji P. Henson said the same thing, because our ladies all think they’re boss babes if you go to do self care in, BALI. What did they do there? NOTHING but lay around. Nothing, but get a massage in a hut after 24-hour flight and at least 15k in expenses? 🤡 And Taraji talks about this trip and takes it back immediately saying she doesn’t want to fly 24 hours just for that, if you heard that line. Lol Confused!!!! Taraji, like the ladies I mentioned, said they need to escape for 1 month to a remote location, which is running away from something! Someone mentally unstable should NEVER runaway solo, and surely not for 1 month. She knows most of her friends cannot afford to go to that place for that period of time, she is hiding with her money, as well. That’s not how to use solo travel, to run away from problems and also show off to people. These two women over 40 were doing the same, that’s why they were trying to outshine each other on how much money they paid on trips, and how most of their friends, AND MEN, can’t afford the trips they take. 🤦🏽‍♀️ You go to solo travel to have space to address issues, to figure some things out, to explore and improve your view, to find something that you might want to add to your life by looking at life with a different lens. These ladies, they just wanted to go to some exclusive resorts, and hide from who they are, pretend to be rich or signal to other people that they’re important- which will fail because she has to return to her life in the end and nothing will have changed. You can do solo travel for environment escapism, to get a break from the bad environments, or busy schedule, but that’s escaping problems. These women I met, were the leaders of their hate groups and the fire starters of their friends’ networks, they were the Top B strong woman for their groups, but like Taraji said, none of those followers are going to be there to support you when you’re in need! Taraji was right, that sisterhood is garbage, in the end. And just like Taraji, all of three of these women I met, in Alaska, abandoned their men (like most women do today), and are still struggling with that now that they’re OLD and can’t do better than that last guy! So they use their ignorance as a coping mechanism, to adopt that strong women nonsense, only to all tend up like Taraji. The 40 year old and the 50 year old did not continue to see each other, the 40 year old called me the following day, to check what I was up to, and she wanted to ditch the 50 year old because she was an “angry Gorilla!” She wanted to meet up and said she liked my vibe and how I didn’t back down, and she would like to connect. I NEVER saw her again, mainly because I was having fun elsewhere, but MAN, she read right through that 50 year old, who I found out was on a few tours I had lined up the next days. The 50 year old is a man’s worst nightmare! Here is what she looked like and sounds like in this video here of a sisterhood-infected human being. Her idea of herself is just way out of the hemisphere! That 50 year old is from Texas just like that one in the video, fake hair, ashy skin, overweight, angry… The 50-year-old Black woman, when I first met her, immediately came at me with insults as the first thing out of her mouth by saying “who are you out here cheating with?” She embarrassed me in front of a bunch of people, with that stereotype! I wasn’t even TALKING to this lady, nor planning on talking to her, because she was so intrusive that she was bothering just about anyone she saw, until she got around to annoying me, and right out the gate, insults. The strong woman will INSULT you as a playful way to start a conversation, because they’re socially inept!!! That’s not how a woman should behave, that’s how a boy in pre-school acts. She was MEAN for no reason – well clearly that had to be a reason, her terrible life she is pretending is so great but isn’t!!! I saw her first in the airport when waiting for a cab, then I saw her on the streets, then in events- I couldn’t avoid her so I tried to be friendly, and not like I was avoiding her. This woman was a very loud mouthed, stereotype from the South, and I mean she was LOUD – cartoonishly loud, like negro slave narrative Black such as Shannon Sharpe in classic koon speech mode. I was ashamed when white people were looking at us, because you could hear her from across the street, and those people were across the street, were turning to spot us after hearing her- which she claimed was because they were racist. 🤡 So unaware of her footprint (bigfoot footprints at that) and just flagrant for no reason. She would impose herself where not needed, like towards a bunch of Asian women on vacation from China. She kept telling them that they “don’t need no man” because it was two sets of families of mother and daughter groups. This troll lady asked them why there are no men with them, and the women looked back at her, puzzled, but trying to be polite. I saw that as my opportunity to separate from her, but I could hear her from across the valley because it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop there.  She assumed that Asian women were taking this trip like they were baby mamas, and tried to relate to them on that level, which was met with the Asian women whispering a lot talking in their native language while looking her direction. She picked up on it, too, and said she heard them saying “n1gga” about her. She was ready to get IN on these Asian women for what she thought was racism, and wanted ME to join her in being racist towards them- NO FKING WAY! That was HILARIOUS because the Chinese word for “that”, in Mandarin Chinese is nàgè (那个), which orally is “neìgè”.  It is like a filler word also, just like I just used “like” there, or when someone utters “uhhmmm” between words in sentences, which is why you tend to hear that word a lot in Chinese. I had to show this lady the Internet, so she could prevent herself from getting ghetto on the Asian women. I didn’t want an “Asian Hate” case just because of that loud mouthed idiot. She was UNSTABLE!!! One Asian woman decided to check her, realizing what was going on, and said something like “our husbands are at work right now, in Alaska, so we are seeing the sights. They paid for the excursions so we wouldn’t be bored. You need a husband!” What did this woman say to that? “Well, I don’t need no man to pay for anything, I’m independent. Been there, done that, no thank you.” It was such a funny comment by the Asian woman that I laughed and immediately realized that I messed up, I was going to get attacked for that. Sure enough, on the way back from the event, the 50-yer old told me that she was disappointed in me that I didn’t defend her when the Asian lady snapped back at her, and that is when SHE hit me with the sisterhood propaganda about how “black men don’t protect black women”. BRILLIANT! 🤦🏾 Previously, she was bossing them around on where to stand/walk, insisted on being in pictures with them, told them where they should stand to take photos, just doing too much. She was posing them in bad positions that would miss out on key things to would serve as good backgrounds and keeping them from seeing the beauty. The guide mentioned things that tried to hint to this lady to stop bothering the others, and to let them enjoy, but she didn’t get it! She was practicing SELF CARE, which was Selfishness at its finest. She was too hardheaded and she was self important.

Look at the body language, they want distance from her but she’s being her normal overbearing monstrosity self, in people’s faces, before politely being told to F-off. Posing people the wrong direction, opposite of where the attraction is, which is behind her. I got away from that mess. I heard her 200 meters away. 🫵🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🤡

Next day, the tour picks me up for a long ride out, and she is there, in the van already because she was on that tour too, and another tour after with me. GREAT!  🤦🏽‍♀️I pretended to be sleepy and put my headsets on again. She immediately started asking me about my job, where I lived, what kind of car I drove, the house I own… she was trying to size up my pockets and not because she was “interested in me” (YUCK) but because she was comparing it to herself! If such women were really wealthy, they would not be trying to find out how much money a man made and shouldn’t even care since nobody is trying to get with her. This is why no man likes her, she’s immediately trying to make herself look better than you due to her career, money or education, CONSTANTLY, and nobody asked them about any of this. Just like the 40 year old one I met, and almost like the 30 year old one- who realized I was not interested in hearing about any money she claimed to have although it didn’t stop her from initially trying that pitch. This is what most of our old women do, trying to “flex” as we say, and it’s a disgusting trait that men don’t like. How MISERABLE can you be to try this during the holiday time? She did this in 2 other places we ate at together, and called me broke for eating local specialty food, instead of the most expensive on the menu- yet we went to a seafood spot she picked and … SHE ORDERED A BURGER! 🫵🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🤡 It was important to show me that she can spend money frivolously and didn’t even finish or like what he ordered. She also called me “BROKE” for having salmon chowder, which was a rare thing that I wanted to try. 🤷🏽 She was a divorcee, has a son in his late 20s and was already out of the house, so she IS ALONE but she “don’t need no man” and has her own money, she has her own car, she has her own house, she has a job – you know, like any adult may have but she is special. It was all defensive crap to put up a wall that wasn’t needed. Truth was, like most of the propagandists who are over 40, she spends most of her money on travel because her life is empty, she travels during her birthday and holiday season mainly, and it’s all to throw money at her problem of men, and now she is feeling the effects of her own choices and empty nest syndrome. I tried to see through this, which is the only reason I accompanied her, it was the holiday season and she kept sulking for attention. I had to simp-listen to her problems in life, and felt bad because she’s my elder and there is a sense of responsibility to my community still, because of her age. However, this lady caused just about EVERY problem she has in life, with her poor, UNINFORMED, emotion-based decision making. The most important thing she said, was what Taraji pointed out about sisterhood propaganda, that if you’re the ALPHA female, none of the dumb minions who need you/your resources, are every around when you fall yourself. I let her know, Alphas, in the female world, are actually not really respected, in fact, they’re always abandoned and other women can’t wait to see them fail due to pettiness being a lady trait. She agreed, but I let her know THAT is why people abandoned her, they couldn’t WAIT to see her fail after all the flashing and flossing she does to everyone, and it’s disgusting. I also asked her why she didn’t show off at all like that, in front of white people on our tours, and she had no answer, always flossing to Asians and Blacks, but never in the face of whites, because she likely believes they’re richer than her. 🤡 who believes in white supremacist programming. I let her know, straight shooter, that it was not attractive and nobody likes it, so they’ll respond by abandoning you when you’re in need, mostly because people in the Black community are jealous and scheme on the Alphas, which is why her sisterhood propagandists take down Black men at ever turn, begging to be the Alpha lead for the Black community – which they were already made to be, by the government, to destabilize our communities all across American as they’re matriarchies. She thought that over, but didn’t respond. I let her know about herself, that the money flossing and saying I’m broke was uncalled for, but more importantly, SHE NEVER ASKED ME WHAT I DID PROFESSIONALLY, formally, so why does she think she’s so rich and I’m broke? She hit me with the propaganda, BLACK WOMEN MAKE MORE MONEY THAN BLACK MEN. That’s what propaganda teaches them today, and they’re proud to throw it in in a Black man’s face- FORTUNATELY, sisterhood propaganda on this subject, like most they spew, IS NOT TRUE, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even with all the Black guys in jail, paying alimony/child support, men not getting government welfare, not getting diversity hire jobs, and underreporting/response from Black men (the flaw the study accounts for in the article), Black men still out-earn and have more employment than Black women, despite having the highest unemployment rate at 9.4%. Because nobody is giving us jobs, we have to go GET or CREATE the jobs, is what we learn! We have been abandoned, as the Alphas, and that’s perfectly fine with us. There is pride in not having to beg white people for jobs and guilt them into giving us free money/opportunities. We’re built differently, and we’d never go back and wave money in our women’s faces, which the opposite is not true. All this lady’s failure in life, she brought on herself, per her decisions, ideology she follows, and empty nest syndrome. Who does she have to spend her old age with? NOBODY, unless she can pay for someone. She’s not a true loner, she’s forcing herself to be one, thinking someone cares, when they don’t, especially when you’re a mean, old, washed woman. Taraji madness got to her and ruined her life. Her core problem is bad relationship with her month, a father who was a SIMP and she hates him for that because he didn’t oppress her mother, he babied her mother and created the ultimately entitled female, which the 50 year old hates, and finally, a son who has moved on and is married to a Latina (she was saying crazy racist things about Latinas, holy moly, all because a Latina took her son).

Non-Team Players don’t understand that a helicopter can’t be steered by 2 pilots at once.
Who’s going to play the role of the rescue dog now that Winter’s arrived? SIMPS ONLY.

Women who can’t get a man, and copy masculine behavior, turn into a man like a pig you leave in the wilderness turns into something similar to a wild boar, in under 30 days! That’s these strong women, they’re willingly turning themselves in to miserable men who can’t buy love or happiness. 🤡  Who the hell wants to be a miserable man? That’s just it, these people have not been socialized like men. We learn to work in teams and to move as a team, with key figures leading. We learn from school to be on basketball/baseball/soccer/football team, as a member. We play in ball in the park, as a member of a team to win, we go join the police/military/firemen as a team of men to protect, serve and provide. We know how to be on a TEAM, but a team is in disarray if it does not have good leaders, and THIS is a key element to being a man, that copycats don’t understand when trying to imitate us. THEY never learn to be on a team of anything, and it’s rare they serve in any of these groups I just mentioned, so they don’t know how to lead nor how to behave as part of a team effort to accomplish a goal- but you think people like this naturally know how to do either of these roles out of nowhere? Just like the male who didn’t do any 1 of these, the female who never did any of these is equally GOOFY! So, when real mean see either of these two groups of goofies operate, the way ladies hear Andrew Tate and are disgusted, is the same that real men hear you fake Taraji/Oprah/Lorde clones operate, like a bunch of goofy dummies with no real world experience in being on a team, and you don’t know how to play right. They’re NON-TEAM PLAYERS, or NTPs for short. They can’t lead nor take instruction, thus, are outcasts to all sides. If you cannot find a mate/friend, who knows how to be on a team, GET RID OF THEM IMMEDIATELY. They don’t know the art of reciprocation, don’t know how to check in on people they should care about, don’t know how move as a unit for the greater good, they’re USELESS to you who want to make you team, in the form of a family. People like this cannot teach a family to be a family, and sisterhood propaganda teaches them to destroy any hopes of making the TEAM FAMILY, as if they can do it all themselves, in classic selfish, self preservation fashion, which is the destruction of anything related to a TEAM, and you lose. If your people desert you, you’re not the leader you think you are, and you surely did not create team leadership. If you’re a leader, you know how to boost up the ones who are underperforming, and you now when to chop off from the team, because they’re underperforming. This lady, is 50, acting like a spoiled teenager, because she failed to cultivate a family unit, fighting for control as the Alpha in the unit, throwing away the husband, destroying his image as a weak male, and now the son does not respect what he clearly sees she did. This is sisterhood propaganda, poisoning people to make them think they all can lead, and most cannot, never did, never had any proof they can, but because of overconfidence and ego, they all think they can. The ghettos of USA is proof that sisterhood propaganda produces people who can’t lead, and most males who come from it are taught to fail by sisterhood propaganda false leaders of households- whom today, all the women are taking a piss on because they also agree these men raised by sisterhood propagandists are failures, but blame the men who are the result of this sisterhood propaganda problem. This 50 year old wants to gloss over her clear failure, which she didn’t know I was setting her up to admit to me, about how she blew up her family because it was clear she failed, so now, she prefers to wallow in the mud of sisterhood propaganda, in classic “woe is me” crybabying because her drama falls on deaf ears after they realize that SHE caused her own misery. 🫵🏽🤦🏽‍♀️🤡 And how does she cope? When I finally deserted her, she purchased more than $200 in post cards, to write to various people who don’t like her. Serious, she bought them to flex to them about her trip, to show off again, to people she told me over 2 days of crybabying, didn’t respect her, or she hated them, or admitted she was solo traveling to get away from. She had terrible family relations in all directions, and that’s why I decided to pair the 40 year old and 50 year old propagandists together, to see how that dynamic would work out, to see if they’d get along and I could ditch both without looking too bad. I noticed, they BOTH avoided getting to the secrets I got from them separately, because they didn’t want to look stupid to each other by exposing why they were doing solo travel, especially when they each knew how I questioned this kind of travel. These two were sisterhood propagandists that did not see eye to eye at all! They were saying and believing in the same propaganda, but didn’t agree that it was the same propaganda despite both having the exact same talking points. It was WEIRD! When I disappeared on them, they were arguing about which one of the two had racism the worst, who made more money, who took the more lavish trips, who had the most trips lined for 2023… it was DISGUSTING to watch/listen to, so I pretended to be drunk and told them I had to go sleep. 🤣 In closing, I’ll say this, before of the sisterhood propagandist who travels, because they’re mental! All 3 of these women were thinking they were magically find whatever it was that they were looking for, on these trips. The ones over 40 admitted that they mostly saw sights and had 1 night stands on most trips they took. Does that sound like solo travel for Self Care? Each said that they went to take trips to mentally heal and all they did was shop in malls, eat food they normally would eat at home, stay in a hotel room… this is not how to use solo travel. They failed! They did not travel to heal themselves, each traveled to show off to someone back home, and to throw money at travel to try to hide how sad and depressed they were. The sisterhood propaganda has no place in solo travel. Solo travel is for people trying to experience TRUE SELF EXPLORATION and expansion of the mind, furthering quests in life, improving oneself, not escaping who you are at home because where you go you’re taking YOU with YOU. There people are running away to places where nobody knows how gross of a person they are. And if you are approaching 30, and you haven’t gotten your situation together with a partner, but pass that age and haven’t grown up yet, you’re going to be these women, high likelihood, just as Meagan Good is learning. If you’re in your 30s, an old sisterhood propagandist will indoctrinate you to infect others, through using you, as Whoopi Goldberg has done to Meagan. If you’re smart, you’ll realize, by 40 years of age, that this is not the life YOU want, but the life the sisterhood propaganda wants, which they pretend is what the Patriarchy wants of you, and it’s all lies. The minute you dump your man after 30 years of age, eyes are on you, and the clock is ticking on your expiration of access to any quality men. If you’re really about being alone, good for you, you’re going to be alone and you understand this- but most are not able to do this and only learn, like Taraji, at 50 years of age!!!! You want to be on the dating market at 50 years of age because your ego told you to dump a stable relationship? You really want to spend your 30-50 hoping from cock to cock? Seriously? What mature person wants that, to pretend to be 20 again? It’s admitting that you screwed up all your life after your 20s, and your ego makes you think that 20-30 years later, you can redeem yourself- which you cannot. Sisterhood propaganda tells them to go sexualize themselves, when they get old, since that’s all they have to offer someone, but get a little boy, who is naive and you can exploit for sex. That’s the basis because the popularity of old women having sex with young boys on TV shows that are popular right now. This show is a collection of sisterhood propagandists, who are perverts, who turn on each other because there is no such thing as sisterhood to them. This is not a reality, and most women don’t look in shape like these women, don’t have the money for all of the SURGERIES these plastic old ladies have had, and if you’re big and burly, you’re not these women on these shows- but sisterhood propagandists tell you, you are equivalent to these MILFs on these shows. Look at the faces of these women, and they’re in their 40s looking 90! YUCK! They look like MEN in the face from years of being with younger men they could dominate, while these women were masculine to them. I gave you that example of the feral pig turning into a boar-like person. Those old ladies are TRAIN WRECKS on that show, consistent with the point, over 40, you’re getting psycho people!!!! And the old ladies complain that they have to CHASE the young men and demand the boys chance THEM – delusional, COUGARS who don’t want to chase??! All they talk all day is SEX. And just like the 30, 40, and 50 year olds I met, these old people on the show also said that they don’t get what they want because they’re waiting for “GOD TO SEND THEM SOMEONE” or “whatever is in God’s plan”. When asked “what do you have to teach men, that you claim is so unique” and they answer “I don’t think I can say that on TV (sex)”. What kind of sex can some old lady do that a young woman today can’t do? How full of yourself, as an OLD WOMAN that you think you have something on some young modern women when your old knees, back and hips hurt after 2 minutes of getting busy? 🤣 Perverted old ladies show demonstrating everything said here. At that point, you have to be like these ladies, and double down on the ignorance of coping mechanisms for failure, and attempts to hide their mental instability. Are you insane if you convince a bunch of over the hill sexpots who also can’t secure a marriage, to go slut around for empowerment and to feel good? A No, not if you have echo chambers filled with the exact same people with your levels of delusion and failure to produce results, other than how much money you make and what job you have. PATHETIC! And don’t get it twisted, we know most women aren’t the size of the old women on these reality shows banging their sons’ friends, and the sisterhood propagandists really don’t have any answer for these women, other than to tell them to go away to a foreign country somewhere and buy some penis and hope you find happiness in that. They really brought me down on my recent trip- not really though. They’re not Taraji P. Henson, they’re just old ladies who hit the wall- and now go around looking for sex from horny boys with mommy issues and/or who can’t get girls their own age! 🤡

Sisterhood propaganda warning signs to get away from as soon as you see them:

  • She feels she’s entitled to you paying for everything, but can’t tell you what you are entitled to from her, as a man
  • Constantly brags/reminds men that she has a lot of money/possessions
  • Claims to have money but is terrible with finances and has lots of debt
  • Is filled with propaganda and refuses to see real facts that bust their bubbles
  • Believes sisterhood run her life and propaganda dictates life
  • Is highly racist/sexist if someone not on her team CLEARLY debunks sisterhood propaganda
  • Has a poor relationship with her father
  • Has a poor relationship with her mother
  • Has a poor relationship with her kids
  • Over 45 years of age
  • Approaching 40 or just crossing 40 years of age
  • Older than 30 but hasn’t had mature, relationships
  • Is older than 30 but does not have kids
  • Is older than 30 and has never been married
  • is older than 30, has never been married, never had kids (RED FLAG)
  • Is older than 30 talking sisterhood propaganda (will desert you by 40 take your money)
  • Is older than 30 but is entitled/spoiled like a child under 10
  • Has never has relationships last longer than 2 years
  • Has been single for more than 1 year
  • Has deserted more than 2 relationships (habitual deserter)
  • DivorceHas been single for more than 2 years after having bee
  • Is not honest about her health/mental record (they LIE a lot about health: get STD panel and diabetes/heart problem reports on them)
  • Is easily impressionable to sisterhood propaganda but doesn’t take instruction from a man
  • Has an echo chamber of people who are exactly like her and nobody is a positive example to follow
  • Her greatest accomplishments are a job and not something in her person life
  • Has no work-life balance
  • Has no work-life balance but has no kids (ULTRA RED FLAG)
  • Has kids but is a terrible nurturer and leader (lets kids eat chocolate cake for breakfast true-story)