Non ADOS / FBA Blacks

They're friends actually. This guy on the right is not FBA/ADOS so it's OK to him. 🤡
(European descendant Americans) People ask why “Black People” make no progress in the fight against racism and they immediately blame other white people for this. I submit to you, that you’re blind if you think this is the only reason, and I’ll show you the MAIN REAL reason, today, which the USA exploits to spread supremacist ideology. We’ve many setbacks, mainly like THIS person in this VIDEO above. She’s so flagrant, even Twitter has to warn you. It’s because non ADOS Blacks have THIS mentality. People who “FLEE” their homeland are escaping people just like themselves, and don’t have what it takes to change their own homelands for the better, they just run away to a place with less of their own people- they hate themselves! I don’t know where all these misguided new Ninjas are getting their programming, but these are NOT the strong non ADOS Blacks we’re used to. I bet you that Nelson Mandela is a woke troublemaker, to them!These are some weak, mentally defeated people telling themselves all is fine. Some of them also see that many smart Chinese and Indians are taking over their African countries so they running from those foreigners taking their own land/resources/money away from them, and knocking them out of higher education in their countries. Who is so proud of that, to desert their countrymen and their birthright home country because they can’t make it there and those Asians taking over don’t care respect or care about African civil liberties or lives so they’re running to the arms of the former colonizers to escape? That’s what they’re proud of? That’s NOT ADOS behavior, that’s those other folks. And that video above, that clearly BLACK person says she “IS NOT BLACK” she’s HAITIAN. That person is so OFF CODE that, TWITTER marked the video as “sensitive content” and all she’s doing is TALKING. That alone should tell you how they REALLY feel about themselves, meanwhile they’re so proud to claim they’re from this country they FLEE! 🤡

and listen to this guy, who is a US Presidential candidate blatantly being offensive. Listen to his anti-Black American talk in this, listen to his CLEAR ANGER for Black Americans, he even QUIT a company he was CEO of because he hated Black people (he tells that in this video)… and ask yourself, why would a presidential candidate have the audacity to talk like this? And why is he preaching pure white supremacist talking points? Listen to him skate around being anti Latino and anti LGBTQ+ communities to target specifically call out Blacks (ADOS). 😳 Who would empower him? Who did inspire him? And his backstory, a complete omission of truth to show solidarity with white supremacists and racists by making his parents seem poor when they came (they were already wealthy, had higher education degrees, were professionals in their crafts, and were placed by the US government/corporate America into jobs as they arrived, but he compares that to history of former Black slaves as if his family just started with zero so why did’t Blacks. His mom was placed in a job white women aren’t even getting at the time, which is why feminists are so pissed today. He is on all forms of media, Jordan Peterson, Bill Maher, his presidential site, spitting racist rhetoric openly! THIS is how Hitler talk began to sweep Germany, OTHERizing ethnic minorities they claimed were an inferior race to white supremacists. Same tactics… America is unhinged and it will NOT end well, with immigrants saying this racist talk, when it was Civil Rights (WORK OF BLACKS) that helped them get to USA, with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965! He only needed to address things like cancel culture being silly- which it is, and not go racist, but he couldn’t contain himself!! Everyone is on our heads and we did NOTHING to them! Blacks need to wake up! Government went hard to import people after Blacks wouldn’t stay subservient, and they knew exactly who to target. And these morons think being an American patriot means to be ANTI-BLACK! He wants to be like his idol Suella Braverman in UK, that anti-immigration IMMIGRANT who is a supremacists who doesn’t even like her own people, and said multi-culturalism is a failure- meaning white supremacy should be the norm in the west and foreigners should not bring their culture with them. He pushes anti-Liberal garbage meanwhile he got ahead with the help of the SOROS family because that’s this “fellowship” he likes to brag about, meanwhile he’s anti-SOROS family? This guy is a RACISM INSTIGATOR stirring up racism for his own profit, he says anything to get anyone hateful to his attention, and he changes to any side he can benefit from because he is not the two race groups typically, historically involved in real racism in the USA. That’s why he’s the devil. That’s highly UN-AMERICAN to flip flop as he does. He should read a book about Benedict Arnold if he wants to truly be an American, to learn what Americans do not like. Let’s go.

“Manny Quinn”: Lot of people call themselves “Hispanic” to specifically identify as WHITE in Latin America, nodding to their Spaniard heritage (European). They do NOT use “Latino” which is most known for having Indigenous tribe and Africa heritage, as well. They only use “Latino” to rope in unsuspecting Latinos to use them for votes or exploit them, while pretending to be united under their possible link to Spain colonialism and its Eurocentric citizens, and love of the shared language of their colonizers, Spanish. Those Hispanics pretend to be white people in the USA, and put on their acts of fake patriotism, by hating Black people by default, which brings hatred for Blacks from all their mindless followers too. They’re also creating a race war they’ll sit safely in the comfort of his mansions, avoiding, though.
Jews for Blacks
These Jewish men went with a Black man, fighting for Civil Rights, and all lost their lives due to racists who intercepted them. Americans praise killers of Civil Rights/Liberties protestors- see Kyle Rittenhouse celebritized because he shot 2 Jewish protestors Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz at an anti Police violence rally. And the killer has notable ties to white supremacist group Proud Boys, and photos are online of this. Why do Republicans celebrate that guy?

A lady friend of mine- not of my ethnic background- was laughing at me about relationships in my community, and said “you ain’t got no friends left, by my observation, so you need to start dating outside your race.” She said that and sent me this video. I watched, in horror, and realized “damn, if the race war broke out today, we’re doomed!” She was on to something, actually, Black Americans have NO FRIENDS and it’s increasingly more clear, especially after the election of President Barack Obama, and now we see, due to his special efforts to target increased immigration for Africans specifically. She also referenced the Buffalo Mass Shooter, who was a white supremacist who decided to target a Black community, to kill as many people as he could. She said, when she asked Black people about this tragedy, she found some really terrible answers that came back to her, from Blacks whose families are not from the USA originally (non descendants of American slavery). She said this really worried her because these Blacks didn’t care or didn’t KNOW about the white supremacist targeting Blacks in a mass murder scheme- but noted that it could have been them targeted yet they didn’t care or weren’t concerned. She was right, that is a problem, it’s a HUGE problem in the Black community, and just because they look like so-called “African Americans,” that doesn’t make them Black, as in ‘in tune with the plight of Blacks in a white supremacist world.’ Those other Blacks deny racism/white supremacy exist, and feel you can just close your eyes and magically white supremacists will stop existing. 🤡 So while she was trying to make a point in joking-shaming fashion, it kind of hit home because WHY DO THESE NON-BLACK PEOPLE EVEN KNOW ABOUT THIS about the Black community?? The answer is, it turns out they’ve ALWAYS KNOWN that Blacks aren’t on-code, which is exactly why white supremacy is allowed to penetrate our culture like it CONSUMED some of these people who are foreign to the USA (people like the two videos to open this blog entry). Much of the hate you see today, spun out of control, in the 1970s, with all groups I’ll mention in this piece today. When I debated this lady on how feminism destroyed the Black community entirely, because poor people can’t afford to allow single parent household and any ideology that supports dividing the core Black community up, surely all could conclude that would certainly result in the current crisis in the Black communities that we see today. The US Government paid women to be single mothers, with rewards of welfare, free to cheap housing, and substituted for having a male in the home- as if it were by design to empower women. Those same women only wish to mate with lower tiered men, roughly 14% of Black men, and not men of quality primarily, and yet this terrible trend in female mating habits are all over the West, with all races today, so this is a societal problem, not a Black problem today. More than half of Black men have no kids, another 1/3 are married, and the rest, that’s the highly sought men are the responsible for all of the terrorists in the Black neighborhoods today. Black feminists used white supremacist talking point to make up a lie that most Black men are deserting their children, but this is statistically proven to be FALSE, using real stats from US Government and statements put out by the Government using their stats! Even the Government labels it white supremacist talking points from 50 years ago, and calls it out in the first line of the publication link in the last sentence. You know who was MOST negatively impacted by all of the social changes of the 60 and 70s, changes such as FEMINISM, CIVIL RIGHTS, DIVORCE/WELFARE REFORM? That answer is European descendant American males! You see, the whole White Power movement grew in the 1970s, after many white men found themselves without ability to find jobs to take care of their families, and contrary to the stereotype that Black fathers desert the home and whites don’t, white men were not able to by and large take care of their families at a rate that was just as bad as Black men, after the Vietnam War ended in 1975. All these social programs went to benefiting everyone except white men – in their minds not in reality- but the real problem is feminism happened to their poorest communities, and women took welfare benefits over any man, the same as feminists pushed on Black women in poor communities. So their families were destroyed, THEIR WOMEN got jobs due to affirmative action or they were getting welfare benefits, and to them, all Blacks were suddenly rich and living amazing lives due to Civil Rights already being passed- and they went nuts on the country with WHITE POWER complaints and retaliation. Why is this important? Because it stems for inability of these men to control their women, and to ease their women, and when they can’t get a woman, or can’t control her, they go crazy on the Government. White power is anti Government and everyone the Government assisted to give an advantage to, but it starts with inability to control and acquire white women who will be good wives and mothers. The Divorce reform of 1975 saw that man lose his woman to feminist pushes to separate from that man, and get PAID plus take the kids, which destroyed that man. Oh he was PISSED to see his uncontested power being reduced by giving others opportunity, when he came back from war, and was dumped by his white woman- and that was straw that broke the bull’s back and led to that white power movement. Why are today’s Incels mostly white power ideology obsessed? Because it’s a white supremacist loop we’re stuck in, and now those kids are the offspring of youngest from the baby boomer generation, and that European descendant American is oppressed mentality comes from this white power movement from the 1970s, sharing the same pain-point as that group, incels want to destroy the Government, women and ADOS BLACKS. If you want to know why they’re connected, that’s why. Incels also HATE WOMEN and mistakenly are associated with men who don’t want to be bothered with terrible dating practices and just want to go about their days, enjoying hobbies, exploring life, traveling, investing, building wealth and knowledge, etc. White power ideology had overcome the internet and THIS is why people have learned to identify what it is, but unfortunately, it’s also why it’s spreading to a bunch of foreigners, who should also know THEY are responsible for white power movement anger too, because America brought THEM IN TO TAKE JOBS of these very white men who were complaining, even as part of the Immigration reform of 1965! Foreigner got these rights as part of Civil Rights, but they don’t have to learn American history, so they’re all dangerously flirting with repeating white power ideology, and white supremacist ideology, although they’re not who white power people consider ‘WHITE’- and it’s going to get these non-white people killed, if they keep playing with that fire. In that same conversation with my friend (her being from Cincinnati, Ohio), she put me on to a Colombian immigrant who’s not from USA originally, who moved to Ohio from Boston, and wants to run for Republican representative. Nothing wrong there, except when you learn HOW he’s doing it, which is to pretend to be a white person! That is the basis for white supremacy, to make you believe that you cannot be yourself in their world, that you must assimilate and do what the ruling European descendant Americans, and European colonizers do, and recognize that that is the dominant culture/race, so you take a backseat to it, comply, or get punished- but to bow to it, you can get reward like being able to feed your family. This is what Suella Braverman and Vivek Ramamswamy preach, but in practice Ramaswamy is Hindi, which is MULTI-CULTURALISM in the face of American Christians/Catholics/Protestants/Baptists! So, he doesn’t practice what he preaches, and it brought him hate that he is now trying to backpedal on in his campaign to get people to have understanding and forgiveness for HIS PEOPLE ONLY, but no the other groups he ‘otherizes’ and tries to get followers to hate. Amazing. His anti Black talk works so much with the religious right that unlike other Indians in politics, who had to convert to Christianity, this guy isn’t converting anything he is in churches around the USA pretending like his religion is like Christianity. He flip flops for whatever group he is with, and the day that commemorates Black Americans being free from slavery in the USA, Juneteenth, he preaches to all white crowds that if they elect him, he will get rid of it! That is SPECIFICALLY part of his anti-Black people hate tactics. Sounds dumb, but he doubles down on the anti-Black talk so much, IT IS WORKING FOR HIM. Hate is a great manipulation tool in the USA. Many people like him believe the the slaves got a better life from being enslaved and should be thankful because they benefited from slavery., as said by ANOTHER U.S. Candidate for President of the United States! And in his state, his racism fueled mass racist-based killings like in Jacksonville, Florida. That’s what the Colombian is fully using to advance his career, step by step playbook is unfolding right before us from just about every Republican candidate, of all ethnicities, which lets you know this is an IDEOLOGY they’re all following, and they’re from many different ethnicities and races! Tim Scott is a Black MAN, and Republican and he says slavery is overblown and not the bad, that’s white supremacist programming. You can’t just go around claiming that European descendants only are white supremacists, we have the proof today! Sounds sick, but this ideology penetrates deeply into non European descendant Americans, so much so that to be American is to be anti-Black people, and to be successful in gaining acceptable in American, one must show allegiance and pledge to white supremacy. Why? Because an American Black wants to be himself, and has made his own culture despite being from enslaved Blacks stolen from Africa, and used to build America’s fortune, without reparation. White supremacy means a Black should not be acknowledged for his contributions to society, that he should be grateful that whites did not decided to kill all Blacks off (like we saw in Europe of another ethnic group), and THIS is what this Colombian guy, and many other non White conservatives, are preaching today. Along with that, to make his point, the Colombian opens with his key strategy, using an anti-Black people arguments to not give Blacks reparations for slavery, but to give reparations for European descendants Americans who fought in the civil war for what he claims is saving Blacks from slavery. 🤦🏾 That man is a Colombian immigrant, mind you, and he said, and I quote “You name a country that did that: that freed slaves, died to do that. You know, they talk about reparations. Where are the reparations for the people in the North who died to save the lives of Black people?” Well, that’s NOT why the Civil War was fought, and so he is incorrect historically he makes me want to publicly advocate for CRT, because making up your own history is BAD, but people don’t care because he is using RACISM to hook hateful non-Blacks and he isn’t even a white man but it will work. This is why white supremacists opposed Black people being included in American History classes and texts, so that this revisionist, racist ideology can continue to grow. We live in a world of fake new and Americans pretending by making their own realities up, which is highly dangerous! What, you think he is white and not Colombian? Oh you’re wrong, that’s his rhetoric TODAY, but here he is in the past, and he was pushing ahead on the back of his brother being a head of a major Colombian bank and back then he was stating he was HispanicNOT LATINO, MAKE THAT MENTAL MARK IN YOUR HEAD. Latinos include indigenous descendants and African descendants, and Hispanic does NOT, which he is talking in those articles that is his from SPAIN thus White because he’s European- although he’s Colombian, so I guess he feels he is the conquistadors directly, which is a very common thing. When I hear people say they’re HISPANIC, that’s codeword for Latin America’s version of white supremacy. Donald Trump helped blow the lid off of the people who just outright proclaim their racism, and there is no filter, and whether or not Trump was a racist is not the issue, what he was able to do playing that game opened up the floodgates, and it was DANGEROUS! So, if you want to get ahead today, you push white supremacy and bow down, and you will be allowed to earn money in USA. This is who America imports, anyone to join this mentality, of white supremacy and specifically anti-Black rhetoric! This is ramping up and it’s very dangerous for American Blacks, because America has imported people from all over the world who think this way, and on purpose. There is a LOT of historical data that that supports this, and I’ll outline is clearly, and walk it down slowly for you. You know, my family used to say “don’t go around LOOKING FOR RACISM, or you’re going to find it every step you take”. I didn’t get that meaning, at the time, but now, as an adult with eyes and ears, I’m seeing a LOT of racially motivated bigotry or proud declarations of racially insensitivity on the increase, when I was promised, that when I got older, it would be on the DECLINE because “parents don’t teach racism anymore”. Now, you can think that but then you have Chinese Americans wishing that could be considered white, and debate whether or not they are white. This is not 1 writer, there are MANY Asians being indoctrinated into white supremacy and are complaining that they have to be ASIAN, as they ponder the question “ARE WE NEXT TO BE WHITE?!” as they beg to become European descendant Americans. This is learned, defeatist behavior, and that’s what you’re taught in America, race based issues will make their way into your home and mind, whether or not you want it, due to constant programming of it. Now, many of the “anti-Asian hate” propagandists are trying to turn the issue into a BLACK VS ASIAN issue that reality and STATS don’t support. The high percentage of anti-Asian offenders are European descendant Americans (white), but Asians are trying to push a false narrative that Black people are their enemies online, to try not to call attention to fact that European descendant Americans are 75% of the perpetrators of anti-Asian hate , as highlighted by that article and official study of all current stats reveal. Why are these propagandists suddenly ignoring math and stats? Mass shootings against ASIANs, where Asians are a specific target and clearly anti-Asian hate was demonstrated by people who plotted to hurt Asians, have only been committed by European descendant Americans, and by other Asians back to back at that. Most offenses to Asian Hate bills are verbal disputes, not real crime, where they’re mouthing off to someone and get popped in the face- the same as everyone in the USA who does the same thing! The Blacks who got into fights with Asians were mentally ill people left in the streets, not people plotting on Asians, yet Asians come with anti-Black nonsenses at every turn, despite there being absolutely no proof of Blacks being the major perpetrators. The Blacks they claim are attacking them are the same crazy Blacks attacking EVERYONE ELSE too. What cause does trying to make Blacks the enemy serve? Who are they scared of? Now you have the end of Affirmative Action in schools, which was supposed to be used to help ADOS Blacks from impoverished neighborhoods, and these other Blacks who it’s not for, Latinos and other “minorities” have hijacked it and THEY were getting in using Affirmative Action. UPDATE: Asian Americans are trying to make sure that Black and Latino kids, from impoverished areas, cannot get into STEM training programs, so they’re suing NYC because Blacks and Latinos flock to STEM programs that they qualify for, since they meeting the economic criteria, to help get a better future. Why would Asians do this if there is no racial hate? It’s not just for Black and Latinos, it’s for anyone who is poor, there is NOTHING that says that STEM program is for Blacks and Latinos, it’s open to all in NY! So, they don’t want Black and Latino children in schools that they attend, and they don’t want Black and Latino kids to get into STEM, so they may get themselves out of poverty? Who does this? Racial clown acting here! 🤡 So, Asians mafias have money and they got the Supreme Court to destroy it, opting to return to “the way it was” which is the case Asians have against Harvard, where whites get in first and others last. Most hateful Asians who wanted Affirmative Action destroyed were under the impression that Blacks were taking all the admissions spots in places like Harvard, because they don’t STUDY anything, they just go with hype. The Hardvard fight was because of WHITE SUPREMACY. Harvard’s Affirmative Action admissions were some of the lowest ever amongst all colleges in USA. So Asians made a Black boogeyman because they were too scared to say openly they want to fight white supremacy. The real target of Asian hatred of Blacks, and there is a LOT OF IT TODAY, are these non ADOS Blacks, like Nigerians, who are tops in studying and passing tests. Asians, especially immigrants with a lot of money, are shutting down Affirmative Action being exploited by AFRICANS who are not ADOS. Affirmative Action is NOT hurting Asians, that is a load of garbage and there is no proof, what the supreme court is doing is destroying the way it was implemented, which was not how it was originally intended- but it does NOT hurt Asians, that’s a baseless claim Asian-hate by way of helping Black people, which is abused by non ADOS Blacks and that is 100% true! So they take up white supremacist talking points and issues, and then insert themselves in that issue, to be used as pawns of white supremacy, and that’s why Affirmative Action is dead, because of Foreigners! Also, Asians, along with white people, are getting into school without trying because of rich parents, because they are LEGACY APPLICANTS, who don’t have to try hard. Yeah, it’s not just rich white kids who get into these schools without good grades, it’s rich Asian kids too. Notice how you didn’t hear any Asians talking about Legacy applicants who skip the line, the problem is Blacks getting into schools. Asian hate! That’s why, Asians leading the charge at Black people, to overturn things to level up Black people, that’s very race based in attack approach! They will use white supremacy to advance their social standings with whites, and they will pay the price because white supremacy will go back to unfair practices it always has done. Blacks, you have NO friends here in USA! 🫵🏽 The same Asian folks are white supremacist apologists too, you see many videos of people saying American is unfair to European descendant Americans, and politically these people are going conservative to help European descendant Americans’ white supremacy stay in tact. 🤣 You say that white supremacy is harmless, but then you see people like Margie Taylor Greene, a US GOVERNMENT Republican Representative for Georgia, making excuses for the THIEF AND TRAITOR to the USA who stole and who leaked confidential, military documents for the Ukraine war via messenger apps, Jack Teixeira (that’s a Portuguese last name not American FYI). That’s a TRAITOR to the USA, someone who wants the USA to fail, and this lady said a very important thing to excuse his actions, she said she defends him publicly furiously because “WHITE, male, Christian, and anti-war” and then says because Biden supports equality, that white men are victims- sound familiar? (white power movement talking point). Why put his race in that statement that woman made? Why try to ramp up the racists when everyone knows this is signaling of racists to REACT is dangerous promotion of white supremacy that calls them to action?

Many on the side of the South and the North didn’t want slavery to end. For many, it was their golden ticket to wealth since they didn’t have tycoon skills, didn’t have tycoon connections, and didn’t come from wealthy European families. Getting rich with slave labor was yesteryears’ Bitcoin plot being foiled, so they’re mad they’re not rich.

THAT is a growing problem and common white supremacist ideology and it takes root in the heads of the weakest of people, NON WHITES, because they feel inferior already and then they act on that. So you have a GOVERNMENT representative signaling and echoing white supremacy believes and that activates racist psychotic people- it’s irresponsible and dangerous! Just walking down a street racial conflict imagery just jumps out at you, you cannot NOT see it today, even if you’re not WOKE, like I am not, and I hate a lot of WOKE nonsense because it’s done by people who are not even the people affected by the issue most times, so it’s performative arts mostly, it’s not genuine concern it’s virtue signaling and attempts to exact revenge on hate on people by “cancelling” them. When Trump told Jews they had “dual loyalty” he was playing with fire in the Jewish world, because that’s white supremacist talk against Jews that has lead to many bloody conflicts and Trump said a LOT of white supremacist talking points that were antisemitic and it led to that anti Jewish “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US” nonsense that lead to the Charlottesville riot that ironically enough ended up with a white supremacist killing a Jewish woman with his car, Heather D. Heyer. Still think not curbing White supremacy is a necessary thing? Well JEWS AREN’T PLAYING GAMES WITH WHITE SUPREMACY, due to history, and neither should BLACK PEOPLE- however, only Blacks get hate trying to protect themselves against it! Where does antisemitism, and racism against Blacks, intersect? In WHITE SUPREMACY. As a buddy highlighted to me, “how is that American went into WW2 with a narrative that they’re saving Jewish people, but Jews faced antisemitism in America and all this ‘Jews will not replace us’ talk is so big today? Who taught the kids this?” That’s a popular white supremacist teaching that, just like Blacks, they died to saved Jews. The reality is absolutely different though. That is POWERFUL. Who did teach this hate if so many Americans died to liberate Jews (as Americans like to tell that WW2 fake hero story)? Why are the kids talking to much hate today? Here are two internet famous influencers talking about how BOTH the Holocaust and American Slavery were both embellished and the guy who is the self-proclaimed white supremacist did NOT bring up the anti-Black slavery talk, it’s the lady, who exploits African and Black Caribbeans workers against ADOS Blacks who went racial there!!!! Why do people hate those who want to combat white supremacy? Why is curbing white supremacy important to American Blacks? I’ll tell you why, for the same reason Blacks admire Jews for bonding together and stamping out antisemitism wherever it’s found, because they know full well that had tremendous consequences if you let it continue- which is why moron Kanye West had to be stopped- which I AGREE with, given that history of Hitler launched his hate speech from beer halls! This is why the movement “Jews against DeSantis” exists and they tried to hurt him on stage recently. And if you think any of the points I made today, are dumb, know that that Jews are fully with their eyes on that new hit Netflix show, “Transatlantic”, is painting a white American (Varian Fry) as their savior in WW2 while completely ERASING THE JEWISH PEOPLE AND JEWISH GROUPS who actually did the real work. If you think nobody noticed how that show paints religious Jews as weak and too inferior to do anything for themselves, you’re highly mistaken. I was watching it and said… “hmm I see a really bad parallel here with this retelling of atrocities”. In that show, Jews just stood by and did nothing to stop WW2 🤔 is what that show’s premise is all about, and I was floored when I discovered that plot because it plays right into white supremacy and how White Americans died to save Jews plot is front and center. This is repeated a LOT in White Supremacy that talks about Jewish people. The Mass Killer Mauricio Garcia was a Hispanic/Latino, Neo Nazi, incel, white supremacist, which is documented, and he follows Nick Fuentes and Just Pearly Things, popular youtube and internet rightwing nuts, and he just performed a mass murder in the name of white supremacy at the Allen, Texas Mall, sighting them as his inspiration. That mass shooter of Jewish people at a Synagogue, in Pittsburgh, that guy was following that same white supremacy nonsense, and was into what they call RIGHT WING DEATH SQUAD (RWDS), which are people who wish to kill in the name of white supremacy. Oh, that’s not true you think? Well it’s what the Proud Boys, the group Donald Trump signaled in speech, is a documented white supremacist group. Well that Latino shooter in Allen, TX, he was wearing a patch that read “RWDS“! See how easy it is to be a white supremacist, to be beaten down by it or to see your “fair” skin and think you’re white- when you’re even NOT Anglo-Saxon? To operate with impunity because they are white, that is their goal, and that’s why that faction voted for Trump, and like Elon Musk, because they want to terrorize without punishment. Is this the anti-woke that Elon Musk is aspiring to encourage to get on Twitter to have freedom of speech to spread that message? Musk said it’s a political nonsense and it’s false flag to associate this guy with white supremacy, yet it’s all over this killer, literally! You can see, on the freedom of speech platform, Twitter, which is owned by Musk, that mall killer has swastikas all over his body! That ideology is dangerous and even Musk downplays it! He’s popular with white supremacists, that’s why they ran to Twitter when he took over so they could say all the racism they wanted without being banned. Musk tries to incite racist whites and asians constantly with his statements. He defended the racist outbursts of the Dilbert cartoon creator, and it was his mask finally coming off, the true Elon Musk was coming out. Remember, he posted a Nazi meme and told people to vote Republican? The Allen mall shooter was inspired by Nick Fuentes’ interview with JustPearlyThings (the fake Redpill female anti-woman youtube creator), and because youtube boosts her in the rating and shows her to everyone, this killer got to see that interview and plotted to kill everyone in that mall! Take a look here! Yeah, same woman who is promoted heavily on Youtube, who is telling people that American slavery when likening it to what the Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes said about the Holocaust being embellished, everyone around the world had slaves before so basically it was nothing to enslave people! 😳 So, people who want you to be “anti-woke” are the ones who drive the mass murdering and white supremacy, as I’ve already shown you countless times, and in the month of May 2023 alone, you’ve over 10 examples on major front pages! I’ll take the too overly woke over anti-woke anyway. The most the woke will do is throw your grocery store eggs on the floor, not shoot up the grocery store like that anti-woke mob. But what are these “minorities”, who are “anti-woke” going to do when the white supremacists target them for murder like the Buffalo massacre, and who do you think will be accept their pleas for help after knowing how they denied white supremacist terrorism- the root of white supremacy in America since its inception? These RECENT attacks are fueled by the same rhetoric being adopted, and publicly spewed, by foreigners in America, which shows you the how high of a threat white supremacy, and anti-Black sentiments, really are in the USA, AS WE SPEAK! I used to think it was not as serious, although I knew it existed, but now, it’s clear, we are under attack! These white supremacist males are killing, or plotting to kill, Blacks, although they don’t even know any Blacks, and all because these white supremacists can’t get dates, sex or marriage from white women! Yes, white women reject them, so they go full white supremacist.🤦🏾

Listen to the Tucker Carlson mashup where he denies White Supremacy even exists, over and over, while saying many racially negative things that pertain to ADOS BLACKS SPECIFICALLY, and part of him getting fired was proof of his racism over and over, along with recent texts that showed he was antisemitic. The real reason he got fired was the Jewish offenses, let’s be clear. Fox makes money on pandering to racists, which are a big faction of their audience if so many hosts have to repeat white supremacist talk. Carlson’s been saying anti Black things forever, and many Fox hosts say the same things, including Jewish hosts/guests such as Ben Shapiro. So, it was not anti-Black talk that got him fired, that’s NONSENSE. He got fired for the antisemitic talk.

ADOS John Brown
Protestants were very puritanical and believed slave owners were lazy and ungodly for not doing their own work. “To work is Godly” is from the Protestant Work Ethic, so Civli War has a religious component as well to it. Most people didn’t want to free the slaves because they felt bad for them, and but Protestants forced Abraham Lincoln to free slaves.

Tucker Carlson was fired, not because of any anti-BLACK talk, they fired him because JEWISH people with power called for his firing for constant anti-semitic preaching, like that “white replacement theory” nonsense that says that whites are being replaced by JEWS (primarily), Blacks and immigrants. That whole “jews will not replace us” talk is WHITE SUPREMACY as old as dirt, and the Anti Defamation League sees right through this, and have been calling for Tucker Carlson to be FIRED since early 2000s. The Fox news CEO and leaders said they didn’t feel Tucker was antisemitic or racist and his denial of white supremacy, so they refused to fire him because there was no CLEAR smoking gun. Well, part of the SMS messages he was fired for, were not exposed to the general news were texts that contained antisemitic statements toward Jewish leaders AT FOX, they were removed from public as part of the Dominion Case against Fox! It was so bad they had to keep them back, to not let you know, Jews got him fired, and they don’t want the public coming for Jewish people! So, Blacks take that hit with his fans, and now everyone hates Blacks for what Tucker Carlson said! THAT is why he was fired, not anti-Black talk, and someone is pretending it’s for the defense of Blacks. Spin doctors are telling us that text saying that Black men jump people when they fight and ‘It’s Not How White Men Fight’ is how he got fired, that’s all bullsh*t!!! That’s not a racist statement nor is it severe enough for Fox to cancel a man who gets more rating that a sports game in a finals!!! Tucker gets 3.5 million viewers, that’s big money, they’re not firing him for that bullsh*t text as this article claims. Jewish people do not play with antisemitism! Blacks do not have this power in the USA to get Carlson fired! Black just complain on the Internet, that’s it. Fox news doesn’t care about what Blacks thing, they’re not the core audience of Fox. Ironically enough, Fox’s Ben Shapiro hates Blacks who want to fight white supremacy, but he is 100% for things like France’s anti-Nazi law that locks you up in JAIL if you deny the Holocaust (even if you try to escape to another country), which was assisted in creation by a Jewish political group International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA)! Other European nations also adopted some of that text authored by IHRA. Would Ben Shapiro wouldn’t say that’s “WOKE”? No, he wouldn’t. He says that is the right thing to do; however, a Black shouldn’t be allowed to just ask people to try to not be white supremacists or racists?! Ben knows it leads to white supremacy that psychos act physically on if you let it grow, but only if it affects his people, which shows how disingenuous he is. They all say the same garbage white supremacy trope that a lot of prominent Asians like that presidential candidate now buy into when when getting on camera, especially in politics, which shows solidarity with white supremacists, like this clown who claims that Blacks don’t deserve reparations because European descendant Americans died to set them free and the whole Civil War happened because of Black people. That Asian guy running for president, out of Ohio, was so offensive, just like Tucker Carlson, on public TV, and yet Don Lemon (the Black guy) gets fired from a liberal station??! White supremacists revisionist history blames the whole Civil War on Black people, saying that America was in harmony but these Blacks messed up the unity of the country, because they were slaves with no say in the matter but are trying to be free which made the North sympathize with them. That’s absolutely dumb, but they believe it. The supremacists ignore that Blacks fought in the Civil War, and every war that America has had since being enslaved in the USA, and ignore that the Civil War was not fought to free slaves at the goal! That’s garbage and lies in the supremacists’ texts. President Lincoln didn’t free slaves in the North prior to the Civil War, and didn’t do it after until he got pressured by abolitionists and most importantly the Protestants, who felt slavery was only immoral because to work in godly and you should do YOUR OWN WORK, not make slaves do it. Lincoln had many in the North who did NOT want slavery abolished either, so no, the civil war was not fought to free slaves, just like WW2 was not fought to free Jews. America made an empire and they had a portion of the country trying to break way to diminish the empire’s power; thus, the Civil War. If any state tries to secede from the USA, there will be WAR with that state trying this, even today, just like back in those times. Well, the South tried to secede, that was a declaration of War, and that is why the guns came out. Initial slavery banning was only a bait and tool for Lincoln, and after defeating the South, he had to be pressured to get rid of it, which of course would help keep the South from trying to secede again. Outlawing slavery was a tool used in the war to defund states and strip voting power from the South. In fact, in the Constitution, Blacks were 3/5ths of the total count of European descendant Americans in a state for representation in Congress- no it does NOT mean 3/5the of a human, that’s incorrect. I meant that 3/5ths of the number of total slaves in a state, were to be added to the total count of European descendant Americans only (no Indigenous Americans) and used to calculate the number of congressmen that each state would be allowed to send to the House of Representatives. So that was a NUMBERS GAME for voting power. The North complained that the South was using its slaves to bolster its numbers to get more voting power by having too many delegates, and it was true, using slavery! So if Blacks were free, the congressmen count goes down because SLAVES COULDN’T VOTE, didn’t count, and if did get free, were surely not gong to be for the South. So Slavery was a tool, nobody was trying to free slaves because they felt bad for Blacks. Slaves were pawns in a sick game between dueling caucasians. And states that prohibited slavery from start, never wanted Blacks in their state at all, such as Oregon, which had a “Black Exclusion Law” to specifically prevent Blacks from ever being there. They weren’t slave friendly, mainly. Then that Asian guy said the NRA (which has always been very racist) helped Blacks get the right to bare arms to fight KKK. That’s a flat out lie and that moron doesn’t know American history and Blacks were not allowed to be armed prior to the the Civil War even. NRA had nothing to do with Blacks, it was created to help improve shooting skills for the NY National Guard after the events of the Civil War!!!! I heard all that and I was in disbelief that an Asian would say such blatantly incorrect lies! The NRA WAS CREATED BY THE NY NATIONAL GUARD not for Black people! And FYI, where he got that white supremacist nonsense, is from sites that claim that the KKK was created by Democrats, which is also a lie, it was created by Confederates! Why would they help BLACK only?!! Stupidity.

Civil Rights
Civil Rights Era included rights/laws to help give all minorities, white women and immigrants, and people with non-standard sexual orientations (at the time), a fighting chance against white supremacist ideology, hate crimes and racial/sexual discrimination, in a society that mainly benefited white men. Pendulum swings far in each direction, and someone was left out because they already had benefits baked into American society- which is the claim CRT makes so clearly it’s true.

Gun activists, and Republicans, celebrate the teenaged killer Kyle Rittenhouse (non of them care that he was just a kid who killed people and what that does for mental health when he’s made a hero for it) for driving many miles with an assault rifle to a BLM police brutality protest and then shooting 3 protestors, 2 of whom were Jewish, and DIED, and that NRA and Republicans made him a hero, like fictional movie character “John Wayne” they toted around proudly. NRA has NEVER been for the Blacks, it was a Black rally. They celebrate that guy because they were happy someone went there hoping to kill Blacks, and celebrating him is encouraging others to copy- white supremacy, like celebrating taking your son hunting and him killing his first deer, that’s how they see it. Otherwise, why would anyone celebrate a KID having 2 dead bodies on his conscience? Do they are about that boy’s mental state? No. Gun ownership is s white supremacy issue too, because many Americans have a huge problem with legal right ownership for Black people, and still don’t want to honor the second amendment for Blacks because the masses will treat a Black gun owner like a criminal. This fear of Blacks with guns lead to a heavily racist gun ownership mentality because America didn’t want Blacks to revolt, given the history of slavery, and even Freeman had limited access, because the Constitutional right didn’t apply to Blacks back then. Why? The Haitians destroyed the French, from 1791 – 1804, so the American forefathers felt it was a matter of time before American Blacks thought they could be free and have arms, so white supremacists sought to prevent Black uprisings, thus, wanted no guns in the hands of any Blacks. In fact, all the Europeans who fled Haiti to come to USA brought Haitian slaves, and America was scared they’d inspire American Blacks. White supremacist followers are just pawns to use. It’s dangerous to blindly play out white supremacy, because now that kid thinks he’s a white supremacist hero and they’ve been celebrating his ever since on Conservative media ever since. That SICK. As it relates to the Asian debating with Don Lemon, HE is why we need CRT, because many laws were racist and we just have morons with their incorrect recital of lies. That Ohio Vivek somebody Asian guy, repeated MANY white supremacist tropes that night, with Don Lemon, and he is just pawn too, white supremacists don’t care about him, he’s not white no matter how deep brown noses- pun intended. That guy is also a liar about his own life, pretending his parents came to USA with NOTHING and they were poor! It’s a lie, his parents had money and were both highly educated, with his mom and dad both working, his mom a psychologist and dad a high up in a car plant. He paints it as his father was a factory worker in his garbage flies speech to make it look like he came from the bottom it’s all a lie! HE USED THIS TO LAUNCH HIS ANTI-BLACK PEOPLE talks and how Blacks are all lazy because he had nothing just like them- which is a LIE! His family came fully educated and with money, and they are from the best of the best from India. It is not a truth he tells to compare himself to marginalized people. You can watch attack Blacks HERE in his anti-Woke movement. His family got houses in neighborhoods that Blacks were treated as subhuman and couldn’t even get houses where the immigrants got them, because of affects of lingering REDLINING and segregation, which of course, USA doesn’t its ignorant newbies to know! They can’t compare immigrants “easy time in America” to incumbent Blacks, it’s a dishonest discussion to brag because American favored his family and they came with EVERYTHING, and Blacks couldn’t even get good schooling and jobs then. Entitlements were always given to immigrants, to excel over poor Blacks. Immigrants didn’t have to fight for the right to read, to get an education, to get a home, to live where they want to live, to have basic civil rights, to not be a permanent underclass, immigrants just showed up and everything was handed to them, no struggle! They got all of this on that backs of Black accomplishment in countless struggles in the USA, just to exist- yet have no respect for that? Recently, Blacks have pulled his card, he’s a liar, not as much of ap patriot as he claimed, and is leveled by a Black woman in his interview on the Breakfast Club, where he wanted to take the anti-Black talk to Blacks on a Black show, to make them look stupid- and FAILED. Watch the coon Charlamange the God not check him, like a coon he is. He’s OFF CODE. They are so ignorant they think Blacks were just being lazy after emancipation, and are willfully ignorant of Jim Crow and segregation and the racist fabric of America’s backbone, which is hard to ignore, easy to see, and makes any deniers, white supremacists themselves. Even home loans were biased and Blacks didn’t get loans while Asians and Whites had no problems getting home loans. If Blacks weren’t so WOKE to get Civil Rights, neither her nor his family would be in the USA, right now! He is a LIAR because USA went and specifically imported specific kinds of foreigners (like the ones he learned his racism from) as part of the Civil Right reform to allow more immigrants in; however, what happened was they would only allow CERTAIN immigrants in, who fit a criteria, who would stand on the side and do what’s told if they wished to prosper in the USA, and they had to come with higher education, and money! Luckily, in some parts of USA, Asian Studies are putting that in their curriculum to learn because some Asian educators see that white supremacy has overcome their people, and they aim to correct that by educating Asians on just how many of them got here and how Blacks were instrumental in doing so, by the Asian American Education Project, which is sponsored by many Fortune 1000 companies. The attacks ONLY BLACK PEOPLE in his talk. I didn’t hear anything about ANY other ethnic group. He constantly talks openly, negatively, about Blacks, so Asians are the new anti-Black mouthpieces. It’s fine to be anti-Woke, but specifically keying in on Blacks, that’s suspicious. He also goes on to say that he hates Blacks so much, he had to step down from a company he was head of because he couldn’t stand “woke” anymore, which of course he says is Black people! Oh, did I mention he also from OHIO, just like the Colombian spewing the same things! Coincidence? Or do they know something about America? That’s white supremacist, revisionist, racist talk, and this clown here, like that man foreigners weighing in on reparations for Blacks, are not even part of the argument, yet feel so strongly against it. Why is this? Because they’re bootlickers for white supremacists and this is how they show solidarity, by being anything and everything anti-Black, including clearly telling blatant lies and saying he studied history and doing it to the face of a Black person, gas lighting that Black person, Don Lemon, which lead to Don Lemon being outraged and losing control, as planned when someone gaslights you and insults your peoples history. Blacks would not need to fake-saved if they were never enslaved by the same people this clown is claiming they own their lives to. For the record, no political party freed slaves. The NORTH’S ARMY freed the slaves and enforced it, not a political party! 🤦🏾 Oh, and if you want to know why Latinos don’t want to be Black and Hispanics want to be seen as white, it’s because Latin America operated very similarly to USA with its treatment of its Blacks and Indigenous populations. You watch this video on how Latin America erases Black people for a quick primer, or read “Born in Blood and Fire: Latin American Voices” and “Open Veins of Latin America“. Same people who were negatively impacted by that where they live, but got to start from ground zero when they came to USA now that everything is safe, can’t explain why their home countries haven’t progress for Blacks and Indigenous people since Columbus first “discovered” them in 1492. 1492 is a long way from 1619. Now you can understand why white supremacy has beaten Latinos down so much Caribbean Latinos who are clearly AFRO-Latinos or AFRO-Brasilians, don’t want to be considered Black and don’t like that “AFRO” appended to it. 🍿 Brasil is so screwed up, in this regard, that they have a whole colorism matrix called “PARDO” for how far away from Black you are with your color, which is on their Census. So they have a racial and skin color discrimination thing going on there but they lie and say there is no racism they just have colorism of a very complex systemic nature. Just like Hispanics, don’t call Brasilians “Latino” either, they’re flip out on you too!🤦🏾

CLAIM: Juneteenth is “the day Republicans freed slaves from Democrat slave owners.” Shortly after, “the NRA was formed to help Black people defend themselves against the Democrats’ Ku Klux Klan.”

AP ASSESSMENT: False. The NRA was not formed to help Black people defend themselves against the klan. Rather, it began as an organization to improve marksmanship among members of the New York National Guard after the Civil War. Slaves were freed by the Union Army, not a political party.
Anti ADOS people say this is all lies. Slavery denial is the new Holocaust denial.

And for Asians to hop on the white supremacy train, to show their infatuation for white supremacy, to boot lick, it is just amazing, I’m really floored to see it. My buddies tell me that’s how it is, but no, that’s NOT HOW IT IS IN USA! That works with their caste system and oppressive Indian culture, but that’s not going to work in the West. To watch someone like Suella Braverman, who is an Indian immigrant, in UK, parrot white supremacy anger by publicly wishing to get rid of immigrants from UK- oddly enough, it’s very anti AFRICAN in most of the things I’ve heard her say. How is she so blatantly offensive and racist and xenophobic like she is? Why are all these INDIANS (specifically) in politics saying this white supremacy angry talk so publicly, without shame, and without apology? Who empowered them to say this without punishment? Why would such a person talk like this lady and like the Vivek guy and be so brazen about it, today? She is married to a Jewish man, Rael Braverman, and still she talked like this and he doesn’t stop her for her nazi like talk? It’s interesting. But we know why, and Jews put me on to a big push of Neo Nazi teaching and spreading throughout India, especially with Hindus. India was with the Nazis in WW2, then switched sides. This connection has been studied a LOT in Israel between Hindu Nationalist and Nazism. That’s you’re seeing the new Neo Nazi Indians trying to do killings in the usa, like this guy. You used to be able to get Mein Kampf at the airport! Who do they work for? And how long until Braverman’s talking points make it to the USA and then all the anti-immigrant talk is aimed at ALL OF THE BLACK AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS WHO ARE OFF CODE IN USA?? Be careful who you side with! 🤔All these parallels to struggles of other ethnic groups, is why I constantly get questioned by a lot of friends or random white/Jewish people, who grill me about so many off code Blacks today, because they KNOW it’s dangerous to not be on code and to allow people to try to DENY the atrocities to your people and to systematically erase that wrong doing from history, with denial of things like the Holocaust and American Slavery! I tell everyone to study the Holocaust, and what Nazis did, because the same tactics are used in ALL OF WHITE SUPREMACY. For any Black to not study how Nazis behaved towards Jews, is a huge mistake, because the American playbook is looking eerily similar nowadays. So when idiot Whoopi Goldberg said the Holocaust was not about racism, she was terribly, offensively WRONG there, and she embarrassed Blacks when she said that, for being so ignorant. What is talking about though, is when given a chance to be white, in the American system, they accepted to be counted as European descendant Americans , according to the US Government’s Naturalization Act of 1790, which allowed them to be free and to own slaves and even when immigration was being blocked for Asians and Africans, Jews were allowed to continue to come to USA because they accepted “Caucasian” status to keep their white privilege. Whoopi is conflating America idea of who’s white with who Germany felt was white, and most of the world thinks like Germany did then. This is why it’s important that Blacks seriously study the Holocaust, because it CAN happen to Blacks, as much of the same things said about Jews is being said about Blacks, worldwide! Nazis were practicing WHITE SUPREMACY and Jews were an ethnic group they exercised their beliefs against. After so many came to me about such topics, I really began to see that what they were saying is not that far fetched of an idea that white supremacists could try to re-enslave Blacks or turn back to Jim Crow era times when laws on the books had to be combatted with Civil Rights in 1960s! Yeah, they’re right, the country hasn’t calmed in racism, just like antisemitism has spread to USA via Neo Nazis, so Blacks better get on code! Blacks are scared that what happened to Jews, in Germany, will happen to Blacks and being OFF CODE is a step closer to permitting it! If you listen to a lot of Conservatives, and their talking points like I’ve outlined earlier, and will outline as you go further into this piece, you’ll see similarities to what Conservatives and White Supremacists are saying and what Nazis strategies to control Jews were, and it’s eerily similar (e.g., “Spreading negative images and ideas about Jews in magazines, films, cartoons, and other media” just like Blacks in Jim Crow era times and even today, spreading the hateful ideology on right-wing TV broadcasts/Internet, organizing hate groups, burning and erasing Jewish books and history which is like blocking AP studies while publishing lies in kids’ text books and the revisionist history lies told on broadcasts). You see all of this as “NORMAL” in USA, and it’s dangerous based on what we know of white supremacy practiced in Germany, and that is why Jews constantly ask me about Blacks not being on code. It’s not WOKE to want white supremacy to stop, because there is normally physical violence that accompanies white supremacy, it’s never just TALK, that’s what even the FBI is warning against. FBI has to monitor where young white men gather, on the Internet, because the white supremacy is spreading like disease in these circles, and FBI says these white supremacists are highly likely to turn into terrorists– which we’ve historically seen already, but they’re going on the offensive aggressively with Government idiots signaling. Donald Trump signaled to the racist Proud Boys during speeches, similarly, and it’s gotten more bold to do shoutouts to white supremacist nationalists. This is NORMAL now, to openly signal for white supremacists to get active? Is it effective? Well if not, why was this 21 year old traitor to the USA constantly doing racist meme sharing and shooting guns yelling racist things? Why is he being racist when he’s only 21? Notice the last name, Portuguese, not American, but he is white in his mind, just like that Colombian mentioned earlier. There is also the subtle race-catered, benign, displays of disrespect along racial lines, like Jill Biden’s handling of a white female basketball player whose team lost the championship to a team with a Black star. Seems innocent until you realize that 2nd place LOSERS are not invited to the white house despite how much Americans loves that “innocent” white star they felt was insulted by the Black star for taunting her. Americans conveniently ignored that the white player is notorious for trash talking and when the Black opposing star player, Angel Reese, did it to the white player, in retaliation to the trash talking the white star was doing UNTIL HER TEAM WAS LOSING. In classic white supremacy fashion, America went on the offensive on that young Black girl, and ONLY DEMONIZED THE BLACK GIRL, using stereotypical views to push negative messages about her and that’s probably the only reason most people even knew the woman’s championship was happening in the first place, that attack of the Black woman for seemingly disrespecting the white girl, which America took personally. The media slammed the image of a disrespectful, unsportwoman-like Black woman and ran with that narrative, extra racy, ignoring that athletes trash talk all the time- but now it’s really offensive and “CLASSLESS” when this Black is talking trash and WINNING. Sounds DUMB, right? So why did it make national news for this race-related reason? Why did failed fake liberal, who was fired from ultra liberal propaganda machine, MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, call the Black girl “F*ckin Idiot” for doing a taunting jesture made popular by world renown white wrester John Cena? Why that animosity for doing what the white girl historically did as part of taunting many other players on many teams? Because people know this is white supremacy at work with the vilifying of Angel Reese and coddling of Caitlin Clark. Code word (e.g., thug, classless) use, and nasty attitudes by the white supremacists, only went to the Black woman. America went on hateful rants of young adult Black girls because race conflict, especially anti-Black ones, is used to sell newspapers and to get attention with marketing. Pushing negative images of an ethnicity to mentally poison a population against that ethnicity, using the media,…. hmm where have we seen this strategy before? That’s why Jewish Billionaire Robert Kraft asked multiple celebrity Black ADOS celebrities if they could participate in the STAND UP TO ANTISEMITISM campaign because the white supremacy is a huge problem spreading fast for Jews too. He also asked rapper Meek Millz to help him fight antisemitism in Poland, he debriefed the rapper, and right now Meek Millz is right now in Poland using his star power to bring attention to antisemitism that is happening over there. Why would be he doing this is white supremacy ideology wasn’t spreading rapidly, globally? Guess what, NAZI’s learn from American racist on how to do what they did. This is FACT, you can read it in many many publications, and it was how to control Black people that they studied to use on Jewish people! The history channel did a special on this, and how Jim Crow was what Nazis sought to emulate. That is how TERRIBLE AMERICA has been, so of course reparations and compensation is MANDATORY for destroying the lives of ADOS / FBA people! The worlds worst people EVER are called the Nazis, but their teachers were citizen of the United States of America!

Normal Rockwell Museum
Demeaning depictions of Blacks is part of white supremacy which existed post slavery

America HAS A RACE OBSESSION, but it’s only a problem when Black DEFEND AGAINST IT!!! That is why people need to get on code, and getting on code means everyone criticizing the dumb moves by Jill Biden, just like MANY dumb race-based moves by someone out of touch with America. HOWEVER, that’s NOT RACIST, there is no PROOF OF RACISM in what was done there, it’s just oddly peculiar from an optics standpoint and considering the many gaffs of the Bidens. Then there is the accidental, normalization of white supremacy bold moves that one can find in many areas of America. For instance, that picture in the blog’s header, I took of the guy with the Confederate Flag on his shirt, while he was just chilling in the streets, saying what it says, he is “friends” with the seemingly African American Black guy on the right. I overheard that Black guy being destroyed in jokes/insults by the guy on the right (none of it was funny either just offensive), as I was talking with a cop, and the cop and I just looked at each other completely flabbergasted as to why the two were “friends” and more importantly, why that Black allowed such racist things to be said to him, regardless of their level of friendship. As I checked that Black guy’s head shape and hairline, I realized, “oh that’s not a Black American at all. That’s an African!” which I told that cop, so I explained that those other Black are OK with racial insults because, as they would tell you, they’re “NOT BLACK!” and the white guy isn’t talking to Africans when saying what he said, he’s talking about American Blacks so they’re ok with it. Many Blacks in America don’t want to be called AFRICAN anything and want “AFRICAN AMERICAN” to be retired, like Morgan Freeman just said, because when African American was created, by European descendant Americans , it was meant as a demeaning naming because it was aimed at AFRICA, a continent that America feels is inferior. Blacks in American went with because because they thought maybe it would bring them closer to people who look like themselves, in Africa, which was a really bad mistake, and “African American” replaced “negro” and “colored people”. The cop thought that who witnessed that situation with me though it was stupid because he saw a BLACK WHO WAS OFF CODE, and he was not WOKE to see this, but he couldn’t intervene if there was no desire to stop it by the Black. He said to me, and I’ll never forget, “that’s going to be a problem one day, I promise you! Imagine 100 guys walking around with this like it’s nothing.” Now, anti-Black racism is growing globally, as many ethnic groups are copycatting white supremacist talking points and attitudes, and are doing so OPENLY today. It’s so bad that KIDS are doing racist things, little KIDS!!! Someone put a young boy up to going to a Black family’s house with a whip. Now you’re like, oh you’re reaching with the whip and slavery there, but Latino students whipped a Black girl and told her she was a slave and a monkey they could buy for $450 and the teacher let the Latino kids beat the Black girl! America is going STUPID right now, but so is the rest of the world, against people who identify as Black. Nowadays, it will be someone who isn’t even who most of you think it would be as the offender, it’s by other Blacks of the diaspora and other ethnicities!!! Blacks getting in on the white supremacy as part of their American dream, is the part that really bothers me, which we’ll address today, because there is a lot of hate aimed at Black Americans which is coming from a lot of Blacks of Africa, and other non USA countries, and many of them like to make fun of, or poke aim at, African Americans being descendants of slaves! 😳 It only got more noticeable to me because many of my non Black friends, and non Black strangers I’d meet, would point out that you never see many BLACKS in places like museums or exhibits that center on a Black theme. When I stopped and though about that, in my experience, that has ALWAYS been true as well. I went to a Hip Hop @ 50 years of age exhibit in NYC, and barely any Blacks showed up there either. So some of what the critics about Black participation in Black events is correct, but most times, it’s not in Black neighborhoods nor advertised on Black media- because many of them are really displays for non-Blacks to learn about Black life, truth be told, it’s not for Blacks to learn about Black life. At this event, there was a LGBT Black guy who was making fun of the Blacks and Latinos in the pictures that highlighted “hood life” in the hood, back in the 80s, really good photography of portraits. This Black guy made all kinds of insults about Blacks in the photos, and the white man who was with that Black guy, visibly was feeling very uncomfortable and hit the guy. He signaled that Black that someone Black was nearby, and heard it which let me know this was a common thing this Black guy was doing. Why? Because he/she/they/it immediately turned and instead of looking at the European descendant Americans around, looked right at me, 10 feet from him, looked me up and down, and rolled his eyes. He was trying to impress and bond with his European descendant Americans lover by making fun of Blacks in poverty, and Black life that he hates, to show solidarity with a group of European descendant Americans he must think they all like to hear. Well, that’s what a lot of LBGT Blacks do to get opportunities in employment, especially in the entertainment industry, they kneel to white supremacy. That guy had a little accent, it was West African. I told this story to a buddy of mine and he was like “oh yeah there is a lot of that and I saw it when I went to Africa”. He only confirmed something I already knew, from travels I did. You know what I also find funny, non Black people who contact me and make complaints about me not traveling to Africa and not writing something about that place, saying that I’m the one off code. What those critics don’t understand is that those OTHER “BLACKS ARE NOT ON CODE!“. I recently explained that I’ve been to North Africa before (and didn’t want to but a chick wanted me to take her on vacation- never again!), but never the sub-saharan Africa/Western Africa, and was wondering if I’d see any of that anti Black sentiment from North Africans that I had heard/read so much about. I learned that those Arab/Muslims there hate any Blacks, and the superiority complex goes back to when they were selling Black African slaves to the world and the West. All those first slaves sent to Sicily, Italy, were West African and Libyan slaves sold by the North African Muslims/Arabs, and were the famous gladiators we hear so much about. Arabs were ruling slavery in African for a long time. So by 16th century, West Africans got into slavery to be like their North Africans, but kept most the of slaves locally in African, until the Portuguese came along. So really, I never wanted to go anywhere in Africa, just too much conflict of self hating personalities I’ve only met from that place, so I want people to stop asking me about traveling to “the motherland”- that BS is over! There is nothing but hate waiting for me in that place, as an American Descendant of Slavery ( ADOS ), and this is the topic today, people weaponizing those personalities against ADOS, here in America, and some of the most notable places I’ve witnessed it, including in EXHIBITS. Based on what these off code non American Blacks say, that means they think Nelson Mandela is a loser who was too woke , and he is a criminal so deserved punishment and made a big issue out of nothing with Apartheid and it was over embellished like American slavery. White supremacy will have you take aim at any group who does not blow, like it did with Asians. Asians are trying to get America to consider them white (again) and are affected by America’s divide and conquer strategy to ensure minorities don’t fight white supremacy. White supremacy tells them, like all other non ADOS folks, that they are “model minorities“, which if you accept that label, you’re an acceptable person to the American society. Those groups eat that white acceptance up and love to be validated in such a way, but part of that acceptance! Being a model minority means you know your place, in white society, that you’re BENEATH, not equal, and these groups simply don’t understand what they allowed themselves to become under this moniker. It’s insulting, like you’re a pet. It’s white supremacy saying “that’s a good boy” while patting the head of a dog. Being a model minority is an “OTHER” to white nationalists.

“The way that the media is covering and the way that people are understanding anti-Asian hate at this moment, in some ways, draws attention to these long-standing anti-Asian biases in U.S. society,” Wong said. “But the racist kind of tropes that come along with it — especially that it’s predominantly Black people attacking Asian Americans who are elderly — there’s not really an empirical basis in that.
Rosie the Riveter and The Golden Rule
Rosie the Riveter and The Golden Rule
Norman Rockwell Museum

While at that Norman Rockwell Museum, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, I enjoyed the Jim Crow era exhibit and the awkward moments it created and it was running inside of the Norman Rockwell Museum. Why? Because Rockwell was a huge liberal. The main draw to it was Rockwell, of course. I planned to get there after a quest throughout New England, recently, because Norman Rockwell was someone I was heavily inspired by, because I used to be an artist who drew comics and portraits, got grants for that work too, but I liked making art that was social commentary in the background. That’s what Normal Rockwell did well, he would make satirical art about American life and a few of them racial (not in a racist way though). So, when I went to the museum, I could see why they would combine politically inspired historical and modern art in the museum, because if you look at some of the famous work on Rockwell, you can see his huge Leftist leaning. You can see this in his masterful oil paintings like the one named “Golden Rule” in 1961, which had the adults and from all ethnicities/races, such as Blacks, Whites, Asians and various religious people too, highlighting the changing country of America. Rockwell also did works like “Rosie The Riveter” in 1943, which highlighted the change power of women in society, and it was a satirical play on World War II (Hitler’s Mein Kampf is under Rosie’s feet if you check the art pieces), and she’s holding a huge riveter because white women were added to the military, in supportive roles, while men went into military. Rosie The Riveter pushed feminism and masculinity at the same time, and it was used as part of sisterhood propaganda, so you can see how much of a Leftist he was, but it opened the eyes to women being able to do jobs that normally men performed- propaganda tells you that women can do anything a man can do, but is silent when egalitarian societies clearly demonstrate that women do not want to do those masculine jobs when given the choice! This is why propagandists fail, because USA has the freedom of choice to do jobs and people choose what they want, there is no cause in the propaganda fight anymore. So that is why that piece by Rockwell was so iconic, it ended up being really powerful because when white men came back from the war, they wanted these women out of manufacturing so these men could get the jobs back– which severely pissed of feminist, and you know what came next, Civil Rights Title VII! I already told you that this is why white power movement went nuts in the 1970s after the Vietnam war, it’s all back to hatred of their white woman FIRST! So, in this case, white men DID clearly discriminate on the basis of sex (against their women), and they did kick these white women out of jobs to avoid what is happening in the Black community today, which was predicted LONG ago, which is favoring employment to women, over men, and leaving the men to fend for themselves. White men were NOT going to let their families, and culture, become undone by women taking all the jobs- thus Rosie the Riveter is an old school troll by Rockwell, and given context like I just wrote, that was the magic of his drawings. Many people don’t know this about the piece. There was code to decipher in what he was drawing, and it normally made some political, leftist statement or another and eventually, things he would illustrate would depicting Black life, or specifically “Blacks” from America, the American Descendants of Slaves, aka ADOS, aka Foundational Black Americans (FBA), the descendants of the African slaves brought to the Unites States of America. Some of those Rockwell covers would make social commentary on ADOS life in the early 1900s, but if you don’t know the context, you completely missing the entire point of the pieces he made. The Rosie the Riveter cover is on of the most astonishing covers he made, for his job, as an illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post magazine, especially if you knew the context and his nod to the good version of feminism which focused on equality of opportunity, not artificially meddling with society to create equality of outcome, but most people have no idea about that context because they don’t go research and don’t keep up with the history. The man’s work was simply remarkable, and I emulated his works, when I was in school, when I used to draw- some of which got me in trouble with my boarding school for making, because I didn’t know that they would be able to decipher what I was drawing without context.

Ruby Bridges Normal Rockwell
Ruby Bridges, escorted by US Marshals, was 6 years old, getting objects thrown at her and racial slurs yelled at her by white racists (November 14, 1960) and Rockwell highlighted it in his work “The Problem We All Live With”. America doesn’t want YOU to know how Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation protestors/racists treated her. To learn this history, parents claim “is teaching hatred”. 🤔

People thought that Normal Rockwell art we saw, at the museum, was part of the racist Jim Crow adverts we were seeing, and thought he was racist art, which is not true! He made satirical work with Black characters, but it was not racist depictions. There is a difference, and I had to correct one of the travelers with me about this difference. One of the most controversial that he painted, named “The Problem We All Live With“, was about Ruby Bridges, the 6 year old who was breaking segregation by being bussed to white schools, when it was illegal to allow Blacks in white schools. She was a 6 year old child, and what did Americans do to that little girl? They called her “nigger” and threw objects at her! That’s America in the lifetime of my parents, not 400 years ago, that was 60 years ago! Those people who did that are still alive. I didn’t learn of her from books, it wasn’t in my text books, I learned of it from that Normal Rockwell painting, sad to say. The reason American don’t want that historical turn in American history out there is they hate looking at themselves and how disgusting they were during the battle for ADOS Blacks to gain Civil Rights, to be respected at human beings. What do white supremacists do when they don’t want people to talk about their history and point fingers or allow ADOS Blacks to get social change? They do things like write textbooks for schools and teach kids that SLAVERY WAS LEGAL IMMIGRATION OF BLACKS THAT BLACKS WANTED. Rewriting history to make European descendant Americans look like angels, despite the centuries to the contrary, is white supremacy! Seriously, that’s what they’re doing in the USA, teaching that white Americans DID NOT ENSLAVE BLACKS, that Blacks were willing participants! Who would do something like this unless they were attempting to erase real history with lies to make themselves feel better? Well, what happened to Ruby Bridges highlights too much about the American mentality, and highlights just how terrible America is/was with some citizens, and for this reason, any MOVIE OR BOOK is being banned by school systems in several states like Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas. Yes, they banned the Disney Movie from being shown in schools. American parents site that they don’t want their kids to “learn hate”. Did Ruby display hatred going to school? What HATE are these people talking about? OOOOH I GET IT, they don’t want anyone to know the history of Americans, they want to suppress HISTORY that shows how poorly Americans treated ADOS Blacks. They want an America where Black History and receipts on cruelty to Blacks, is properly chronicled and highlighted for the world to see. So, America seeks to ERASE THEIR WRONGDOING by suppressing information! This is what DeSantis is rejecting the teaching of African American studies in schools in Florida, it’s an attempt by popular society to ERASE BLACK PEOPLE, and any European descendant Americans wrongdoing, and how Black people ended up in some of the bad situations that some are in currently. This is a person who is angling to be the next President of the Unites States, openly being anti-Black – although, I see the LGBTQ+ propaganda laced itinerary that is not BLACK STUDIES but it’s LGBTQ+ Black people mainly, being passed as Black History, which it’s NOT. But how does DeSantis slip by the heavy criticism? He just doubled down on the anti-Black cover for his real bias which is being anti LGBTQ+ in reality. The country was NOT in an uproar about his rejection of learning Black history, which shows that there is real progress is ERASING BLACKS FROM HISTORY by not making ADOS contributions to American history widely known. All many ADOS Blacks know is they were a bunch of slaves, nothing else, in American History that is taught, and that’s a huge disservice and anti-Black warfare to now have ADOS Black trials and tribulations absent from Black people’s knowledge, so they stay inferior because they learn they’re nobodies in life. It’s also to make sure nobody sympathizes with ADOS Blacks. Rockwell got many hate mails for creating that piece “The Problem We All Live With“, after he broke the cover in the magazine. So at the museum, people thought Rockwell’s art was racist because the museum simultaneously hosted an event based on racial images, and they were confusing the two. Rockwell was ultra liberal, and very bold before there was a such thing as woke! As I continued to tour the museum, I became increasingly aware of tomfoolery of Blacks attending the exhibit, but I did want to take the opportunity to study how multiple races/ethnicities would process such events together in the same space. One non ADOS Black asked me “what is this for?” pointing to the painting of Ruby Bridges, asking “why is this art?” I asked him “do you know who this is and what it symbolized in American history?” He admitted that he did not. I gave him a Black history lesson on “integration” and he said, and I quote “yeah but that was hundreds of years ago“. 🤡

ADOS haters say this is not true, never happened.

That is what brought me to write this piece about how not everyone you see in Black skin are real BLACKS, nor do they have pride in being Black, because that’s not something they wanted projected on them as they are not Blacks FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, American Descendants of Slaves (ADOS), aka Foundational Black Americans. They don’t even want to be seen as Black, that’s part of being indoctrinated into America, to being a “model minority”, to hate Black Americans to try to look more favorable to white society- which never works out in the end because you cannot control white supremacists. These non ADOS Blacks are used to destroy any ADOS progress, all over the country, and they are held up by all conservative and racist publications, as great examples of Blacks! 🤦🏽‍♀️ They’re strategically placed in locations and then they get in politics to derail things such as to learn Black history at part of school curriculums. This is a non ADOS Black who is saying that learning about Black History is ‘RACIST’. This non ADOS Black is being hailed as a HERO on anti-Black sites. This is what those non ADOS Blacks love to do, this is why they are put into positions, and they don’t care what they destroy because it’s not THEIR history and tales of survival, so they’re jealous and hateful that they have no American history to offer the country. It’s easy to see why anyone who hates ADOS progress would choose this kind of person to put in place to pose as a real ADOS Black, you can buy them off for “likes”. American atrocity deniers tend to flock together. So how do you think they acted when they discovered that they stumbled into a race-based advertisement from Jim Crow era in USA? Pure coonery! They never learned about Rosa Parks being erased from Black History and American History partially because the schools want to remove the fact that she is ADOS BLACK. Today, they tell it as Black feminist revisionist history, and that her fight was a WOMAN stood up to the Patriarchy and wouldn’t give up her seat, which started Civil Rights– you know this is what DeSantis was unintentionally trying to prevent, for the record. I heard this revisionist history from an AFRICAN feminist who hates Black men and wants only white men, who didn’t know that Rosa Parks was Black, yet she was an adult! This is DANGEROUS to erase ADOS from record books as white supremacists want, and the reason they want Rosa Park’s race removed was because the white supremacists don’t want their kids to know that Civil Rights was a fight lead by ADOS BLACKS to get basic human rights in the USA. How can you re-write history and remove her race? What world are they trying to build? That is how we know white supremacy is upon us and expanding, through American institutions, as has always been the case. And for the knowledge of such non ADOS people who don’t know the truth, Rosa Parks wasn’t just random woman who just decided (herself) to not give up her seat, she was a PLANT by ADOS Blacks to force the issue, as part of the Civil Rights strategy because her skin was lighter than most Blacks and they knew it would get headlines! Rosa Parks was the SECOND attempt to get attention on the issue, and before her NAACP ran they a 15 year old dark skinned girl, Claudette Colvin, through the same test, but it failed to get the eyes on it that Rosa Parks’ run got- in fact got her a jail record. This is the importance of keeping records of ADOS History, because it’s told in America in really terrible ways, like most of American History, which is the rule for most of American History: “When the legend become fact, print the legend”.

North Elba
Slavery is fake to non ADOS blacks

When looking back on achievement of ADOS Blacks, despite being enslaved in the USA, incredible strides had been made, and this is what many want to see reflected in history books when talking about America. ADOS Blacks did this without pandering to white supremacists, just by resisting it and help from others who don’t support white supremacy. ADOS Blacks will not accept being systematically erased from the history books and slavery is what built America! There are many racists who want to erase that history, and like to pretend that slavery was a not serious, it was just a phase of life and a vacation for Blacks. I expect that from a racist non Black, but what if I were to tell you that non ADOS Blacks think this way too? It’s true, and when we talk about systematic oppression of Blacks in America, these other countries that had African descendants did not go through the horrors that ADOS went through, thus they cannot relate. The sorry part of this is that non ADOS Blacks simply DON’T CARE nor respect the history of ADOS Blacks, yet pretend to be ADOS Blacks any chance they get to masquerade as ADOS Blacks, if they can benefit from it. You hear these non ADOS Blacks echo white racist tropes to the letter, and this is a problem with getting Blacks on code, these non ADOS Blacks are so envious of ADOS Blacks that they adopt anti ADOS hatred to promote themselves. They make up all kinds of dumb stereotypes such as “Black Americans are lazy”, meanwhile, these other Blacks are in the USA because their own people are not successful in their own country, which could be called MORE LAZY too, if one ignores all important context and just looked at people taking dumps in the middle of the street in those countries – which no Blacks in the USA do. The poorest countries in the world are mainly African countries, yet, these are countries with natural resources and the people are still poor. Is that not LAZY to have all those resources but poverty and lack of education is where it’s at in these countries? Where there are no African American Blacks, why do their countries suffer from the same issues of American Blacks, even in countries where it’s only those other Blacks ruling the countries? What if we all judges these other blacks by their widespread crime they are known for, and why the USA has to warn citizens about those people, and more and more Crime and SCAMS, and widespread corruption and or just the crime rate skyrocketing where these other blacks are in foreign countries they flock to and why are those countries with these non ADOS people so widely warned about in all of the Western countries? That’s all they do in most of those foreign countries, CRIME!!! Despite all of this PROOF, these kinds of blacks come to the USA and they’re the ones with the animosity towards ADOS, which is the pot calling the kettle Black in the WORST way possible. Clearly, there are MANY things wrong in these countries that help keep those people down, and one would never do simplistic reductionism and just say “ALL AFRICANS ARE LAZY”, but that’s what white supremacists and capitalists believe of them. So these non ADOS Blacks get to divert negativity aimed at them by putting that on ADOS Blacks when they come to the USA. There is nothing but those other blacks in their countries, so why are people FLEEING those blacks in those countries to come to the USA? If American Blacks are so lazy and responsible for their own demise, and should stop blaming conditions of life post slavery for the crime and ghettoes we see today, then these FLEERs need to explain the 300% increase in violent crime in the Caribbean that is so bad that USA has issued countless “no go” warnings to it, most notably, the place where the lady in that video, at the top of the blog, is from. Just like American Blacks aren’t rated by our elites, none of the immigrants here are rated any differently than what’s happening where they come from, which is to say the NORM for their people. That’s how life works. So why do those people fare no better than poor people in the USA when it’s their own country to themselves? Have they simply been LAZY since independence and no oppression from France, for more than two centuries and counting? Oh now it’s a different explanation for failure to progress although they don’t have oppression of white supremacy, feminism splitting up homes and dont’ have Black Americans there, right? Same with Africa. What’s so terrible in their proud homelands that they have to flee those place? The reality of those countries, that’s why, and the nature of those blacks there. Yet, these other blacks like to compare their “elite” who get to come to the USA, to the poorest of Blacks in the USA, because they like to punch down on ADOS Blacks, rather than comparing themselves to the sons and daughter of ADOS rich and educated classes of people! If you want a real representation of those other blacks, look at the countries they come from, look how (not) prosperous they are there, and then judge them for who they really are- and they weren’t enslaved for 400+ years! These same people come to the USA and judge ADOS people yet don’t understand the nuance of ADOS people, and immediately walk in the door with white supremacist ideology and come in with a history of disdain for anything black, evidenced by how they are in their own countries, for the century or so those places may have existed. That’s all they’ve ever done was kill other blacks since they existed, and get colonized by Europeans, which helped to form an even greater hatred of themselves, and none of this has ever been psychologically examined by these people. Look here at the map of Africa and how almost the whole continent was colonized by Europeans! At the start of World War 2, here is how much of the world was still colonized by Europe.

ADOS Timbuctoo
The non ADOS Blacks felt uncomfortable here. They didn’t want to be seen in here. They ducked in their heads in and left.

The problem we have, in America, is all these non ADOS blacks are ignorant of the racist history of the country, and how it still impacts all in the country who share the features of the people involved in slavery of the time- and they ignore all their history of being oppressed by Europeans in their homeland, as most stick their heads in the sand when it comes to addressing racism, and will do ANYTHING to get money, even sell themselves, and other blacks out, to get ahead. Everyone knows that you can exploit Africans for pennies, which is why communist China is over there pretending to be saviors, and they have a new form colonization going on there, where those countries have sold their souls and Black people out. Are they lazy because they need colonizers and occupiers to steal all their resources and can’t come together to make their own wealth? They’re sitting on trillions of dollars in wealth yet why aren’t they all rich? Now imagine Chinese companies taking over because Blacks in Africa are too lazy to do for themselves, and now you have complaints of wide spread colonial type racism by many Africans? Is their laziness why they’re back to being oppressed YET AGAIN but this time not by the West but now the East? The white supremacist backed racial stereotypes, and imagery, still stains the mind of most, and many of these images and person were used to openly diminish the value of ADOS in America, and these non ADOS blacks couldn’t care less about it, and will actually act the stereotype online, in order to become a racial MEME, hoping to go viral by acting like a negative ADOS stereotype- which is disrespectful. For reference, you can check many of the terms and imagery here, as it’s studied in many universities today, and may help you better understand this blog entry. This African in America goes around trying to get whites, latins and Asians to say “N1gger”. Only a dumb non ADOS black would purposely do this. The issue of race is so problematic with one group specifically from Africa, that other Africans HATE speaking to them about anything serious when it comes to advancing Blacks world wide, who are trying to get from out under a legacy of tyranny by Europeans and other Africans, and well orchestrated in this African article entitled “Why I’m no longer talking to Nigerians about race“. In fact, most Africans hate each other and don’t want the others in their countries, as evidenced by heavily visa checks and rejections and their double standards to travel between Africa. The hate in Africa is so bad for blacks THERE, that the whole North of Africa (Arab descendants mostly) does not want to be seen as part of Africa that has the Blacks, and will kill you over you associating you with those blacks. Now imagine THAT energy from other there coming to the USA, what kind of animosity for ADOS Blacks do you think we are receiving from a long history of that mess over there? Let that set the stage for what I’ll expound on here today, because I get asked about why these blacks are so off code, and I get it A LOT from European descendant Americans, and they make ME have to explain the differences between us all. Hey, publicly, even celebrity Africans will publicly denounce places like Nigeria, such as UFC champion Adesanya, who left Nigeria to go leave in New Zealand, saying he HATES Nigeria, took a massive dump on it saying everyone is a criminal, people who have money and go to other places are criminals, and denounced Nigeria. 🤣 Then recently, when a white African fighter claimed that the Nigeria is not a real African, but that he (the white Afrikaans person) were the real Africans, it clearly was a racial shot to Africans that they are getting their land taken and they are not superior in Africa! It made Nigeria have to issue a statement on the Nigerian that dissed them entirely, to try to fight that white supremacy back, and the Nigerian government issued a public statement to praise the very man who completely insulted his homeland and thus is in New Zealand. Why? Because in the back of their heads, they know that Africans deserting Africa is a major goal and guess who’s sweeping to take it all!? Put your heads in the sand if you want, but shots can be taken over the Internet and they still hurt if you don’t combat white supremacy wherever it sprouts its ugly head. Shameful part is UFC knew this two and tried to capitalize on that guy and the Black champion fighting each other. Racist-based fight making has existed forever because it sells! Shaming Africans (not ADOS Blacks) is big GLOBAL business too! UPDATE: Today, as I went to schedule this blog for next month, I see my prediction was right, it was a white power taunt from the white Afrikaans to the Black African with the UFC Black champion only took offense to because many Africans online got the Negro Wakeup Calls about that Afrikaans white guy coming saying foul revisionist history about Africa and how European descendant Americans are the true Africans, just like white supremacists do ADOS Blacks in the USA about history that makes non Blacks look better and superior. That African is so mad he wants to only fight that Afrikaans next, yet that is not who was scheduled next. The white Afrikaans said only HE and Cameron Saaiman are Africans (both WHITE) and the last 3 African UFC Champions, who are all Black, don’t belong in Africa and aren’t African. 🤣 It’s extra funny when you see that all 3 UFC African Blacks have white wives and girlfriends and that’s all they date too, then you get a white guy put you back in place like this, when you deny racism or white supremacy exists because some woman let you clap those cheeks. That Black UFC African champ moved to New Zealand, where there are no Blacks and that white Afrikaans guy took a jab at that too, it was really good white supremacist trolling that was EFFECTIVE, and now, he skips the whole line to get a title fight, using racism as a bait! He also made the Black UFC champion unhinged as he called the white guy a racial slur for whites. Yeah, the Black got his Negro Wakeup Call, nothing is sweet out here no matter how much money you have and a gold belt from fighting, white supremacy will interrupt your life and attack you if you do that non ADOS Black cowardly ignoring of it. You cannot avoid it, it colonizes when you are not on guard! Non ADOS Blacks are off code!

Normal Rockwell Museum

This is why so many non Blacks are questioning why these non ADOS Blacks aren’t doing a damn thing to stop the attacks against them. That’s why these non ADOS Blacks are getting clowned and cooned in CHINA, all over advertisement and TV, in racially offensive advertisement- just like Jim Crow racial clowning of Blacks. Chinese people are making fun of dirty colored skin, big crusty fat lips, monkeys, making fun of their poverty, nappy/peasy hair,… these Africans are getting destroyed in imagery that has negative effects that these people have not processed yet. You can see many reports of that HERE. Now, many ADOS KNOW this, so why aren’t those non ADOS Blacks on code with ADOS Blacks to fight this stuff? They’re mentally DESTROYED BY this stuff and want to escape it, by trying to deflect on pretend racists are talking about ADOS Blacks, and not themselves. 🤡 That’s why I wondered if seeing the Jim Crow era works triggers them about their worldwide rejection. I know that in UK, racists college Jim Crow era racist dolls and show them in their pub, to shame Blacks for a painful time if African American history. Why would a UK person do that? White supremacy is worldwide, TODAY, which borrows from horrible Jim Crow events that even in Israel they mock! When you normalize white supremacy, the average psycho white nationalist will decide to kill Blacks like the guy who went to BLM protests to kill Blacks, or Muslims if he could find some, as he admitted and then someone will come along an PARDON that very same killer who admitted that his actions were racially motivated to perform a hate-crime on Blacks because the state pardoned him because that Texas Governor Greg Abbott swore to free him immediately after regardless. If you do not FIGHT white supremacy, it GROWS like a virus! and then Black people’s lives really don’t matter and white supremacists can just go kill Blacks and it doesn’t matter, someone white will pardon them. When you normalize it, it’s a SICKNESS! So if all the non-Black people clearly see and point out when these non African American Blacks don’t do anything to stop hatred towards them, and they also clearly notice the racism in things like Ads that Asians would run that feature Africans allowing themselves to get racially insulted again, for pay of pennies, they start to call out how NUTS that is. It’s not about being WOKE, it’s about “how can someone OFFEND ON THIS LEVEL?” or “how can you (Blacks) ALLOW this (I would be furious if this happened to proud ethnicity)?” The problem with being “anti WOKE”, in many cases, is saying really offensive people are saying “shut up and let me offend you! I want to racially/sexually offensive to you without repercussion or backlash because I’m superior to you” while pretending their pushback to WOKE is they made an accidental gaffe like “hey, you’re going a little overboard with the sensitivity, I meant no harm by what I said/did”. Seriously anti-woke people just don’t want to be held accountable and now, non ADOS Blacks have latched on to the anti-woke brigade. 🤦🏽‍♀️ For those self hating Blacks, that answer is simple, “because they paid me” or “because it’s not serious” you can continue to offend all Blacks. It doesn’t register in their brains as offensive because those Blacks don’t want to be seen as African American Blacks are seen, who are proud and stand up when they’re being clearly insulted. 🤷🏽 These other Blacks are destroyed from colonial oppression and think they’re mentally fine, they’re not. What they did not do was do a study on themselves to see how affected they are, and they are affected by what Blacks in the USA used to fight white supremacy to force integration in the USA, the DOLL TEST. They don’t understand what white supremacist and anti-Black commercial and messaging does to young Blacks who grow up! Those other Blacks never had anything even close to a Civil Rights Movement, EVER, they don’t know what it means to stand and fight for your right to exist and be where you are, which IS the very foundation of the difference between African Americans and other Blacks, and THAT is causing conflict, unfortunately- and you don’t need to be WOKE to see it. Other races latch on to that when you just ‘IGNORE IT’, as Africans do, and then a stereotype is formed of AFRICANS based on that, which allows you to exploit and manipulate them for pennies. Based on how China clowns Africans, which is an multi-million dollar industry shaming Africans, shouldn’t they be on code, in solidarity with African Americans? These Chinese people have a whole industry of content creators with millions of followers specifically with anti-African racist content and make a lot of money on it! They even physically abuse Africans for racists to consume that content, as BBC reported here. Chinese are taking over AFRICA, buying everyone for pennies, spreading racist ideology, and non ADOS Blacks are just fine with it- or maybe this is what they’re ‘FLEEING’ again? Trying to go to their colonizers’ countries hoping for sympathy? The Chinese know this about Africans, have no love for them, see them as inferior and make money shaming Africans as dirty creatures, savages and such, as they said in the article and video I linked, yet you have Africans talking about you can just ignore racism and all will be fine:

“Africans are inherently savage, barbaric, you know? They only have profits in their eyes.” – 28-year-old Cheng Wei
Imprinted racial advertising throughout history

You can say, “man, that’s hatred way across to the world, and those Asians are talking about Africans way across the world so I don’t care”, as man of my friends here say, but the problem is Africans are people who look like us so if someone thinks that about them way over there, surely they will liken us to them, over here if those same people who hate abroad, make their way to America. Since Africans refuse to fight it OVER THERE, it only spreads. How often does that happen though, 1 time in 30 years? NO, it happens all day every day and that’s who America imports to the country every year, which is the problem on both ends being how do Blacks abroad, who are not concerned with racial bigotry overseas, going to help improve a very much white supremacist filled country like USA? Will they carry docile mentalities to USA and how does that impact incumbent Blacks? And now, white supremacy is so evident everywhere you go, you don’t have to look for it, it’s just there, in politics in clearly visible form- when it used to be covert and via negatively impactful policies only! Black people need to be ON CODE to combat this because white supremacy paints us as the enemy of it and living with that rule for so long destroys Black minds, keeps them docile and like slaves, which is the goal. What do you do when you have bootlicks who try to pander to white supremacy who look similar to you, fighting you about white supremacy as if they are the people who benefit from white supremacy? How do they think of you if they are beaten into submission by it? Do you know when you see this Black submission and mental slavery? 🤔 Well, recently, when I noticed some non ADOS Blacks at the Normal Rockwell Museum, I walked towards the area they were suspiciously avoiding, and realized that they were avoiding are area I was there at the museum to mainly see, a limited time, special exhibit, and I saw there some tour busses unloading many non ADOS Blacks. It was a really good exhibition on race related art/advertisements and publications from the former Jim Crow era, which was a time after US enslavement of ADOS Blacks, called “IMPRINTED: ILLUSTRATING RACE”. The exhibition contained works used in many commercials, adverts, and I saw some really crazy images that just threw my brain for a loop, because I could relate to it, based on history classes, family tales, and imagery that makes me cringe when I see it or resemblances of those times. Not only do ADOS Blacks cringe when they see such imagery, but so too do non-racist European descendant Americans. There are many non Blacks who are completely shocked by what amount of white supremacy that has existed since 1492, when Columbus came to the New World. History has been hidden from them, and the rest of us, so people who seek knowledge, and to be informed, go seek out this information. This is why it’s featured in museums and such. We can’t believe people were really so negative towards Blacks, in the history of America, and that’s mostly because America likes to lie its way out of its origins, by trying to erase how Europeans treated Native Americans and ADOS people, after the 1492 BCE. The Imprinted exhibit has expired now, because it was temporary, but if you get a chance to see such an exhibit, observe the Blacks you see and how they react to the material. These non ADOS Blacks are off code, but being on code would make them get with ADOS Blacks and say “can you see how they try to shame us? We need to combat that!” That’s not what non ADOS Blacks do though. They pretend the worldwide hate is due to how ADOS Blacks are perceived- and clearly they’re misinformed on how ADOS Blacks are perceived because the world copycats ADOS Black culture, from the West to the East!! Non ADOS Blacks are mad that the treatment of ADOS Blacks gets attention because ADOS Blacks were better at strategy to get ahead by broadcasting to the world just how bad the treatment was, such as was the strategy to get Civil Rights to be a success. This angers non ADOS Blacks that ADOS has had such success against white supremacy and is the only group to actively oppose it, world wide. That’s why many hate anything detailing Black History in America, they’re envious that ADOS Blacks got the WORLD to pay attention to how European descendant Americans were treating ADOS Blacks. ADOS Blacks are a reminder to the world, and an inspiration to the world, that you can fight oppression where you stand, despite the heavy brainwashing and signalizing white supremacist tactics to silently poison the minds of people against you! This is what was on display at the museum, open displays of how terrible America was in their mental warfare that was being waged through advertising, on ADOS Blacks. I saw many crazy images from the early years of the USA and all of it was flagrantly racist and/or illustrated the oppression of Black and Asians, in the mid-1900s, highly racially charged and controversial images, products, figurines and even books. I was completely fascinated by what I was looking at, especially because I could see people were learning things, along with me! As we walked around the exhibition, I realized that none of these negative images of ADOS Black people were created ADOS Blacks in control of how they were being portrayed in print and product, but rather the racial stereotypes, many of which live on today, were what ADOS Blacks were being defined and depicted by- which was created by the racists of America. It was basically the narratives of the lives/images of Blacks, told to European descendant Americans, about ADOS Blacks, only for the entertainment of European descendant Americans and mean to demean Blacks in white supremacist warfare. I recognized many of the figures in the images, and realized, DAMN this was hardcore from the Jim Crow era of racism in the USA, and outright psychological warfare against ADOS Blacks. Many ADOS Blacks can spot this material and it send shockwaves through our systems. The problem is I can easily spot ADOS BLACKS from other Blacks, and it really is evident when it comes to address race in America, with people who aren’t part of American history thus have no attachment nor interest to ADOS Black plights- these other Blacks were not moved in the slightest! So, that meant that much of what I was seeing was a bunch of non ADOS Blacks at the exhibit, who was running away from this racial exhibit! They don’t bond with incumbent ADOS Blacks over shared traumatic experiences through oppression that lasted in many our out lifetimes, THEY RUN FROM IT AND DENY THE AFFECTS of it. They were not interested in the exhibit at all. Many of those non ADOS Blacks, either don’t know what they’re looking at, thus have no historical context, and or are ashamed to see such things of people who share racial features as themselves, and don’t want to be mistaken for ADOS. They cannot relate to ADOS Blacks and don’t care to, so they looked incredibly awkward at the exhibit. Those exhibit works were so demeaning to ADOS Blacks, at the time, and I started to wonder if even anyone from the current younger ADOS generations would even know what any of the things I saw, meant. If I saw non ADOS Blacks, I took a step back to see if they really processed what they were seeing and taking time to really inspect what was in front of them, to see if they could GRASP the magnitude of what was in front of them. When I attempted to engage 2 non ADOS blacks, they were wildly ignorant about it and weren’t that interested either. These non ADOS blacks believe white supremacist ideology, and they feel like a holocaust denier feels, that “slavery was over exaggerated“. I know, I’m making up this stuff about innocent people, I know. I’ve never seen this before right? Well, Look at this African Somali go around trying to get European descendant Americans to say “n1gg3r”, and he succeeds in getting hateful whites to say it on camera while he pretends to be phased by it- which is dumb of them to do based on woke society today. This non ADOS person isn’t even Black, they’re Arab people, and has no attachment to ADOS history, and his fake attachment to the N-word, and is trying to get European descendant Americans to say it so they look stupid but also look at his hair like a stereotypical crackhead. He is playing with fire, for entertainment, and to put batteries in the back of hateful European descendant Americans, to aim the hate at ADOS Blacks. Somalis are not Black and don’t ever want to be seen as Black either, so why would they do such things here? The problem we have here is these folks not getting on code, and destroying progress ADOS blacks have made, due to bringing their anti-Black mentalities to the USA. Speaking of the erasing Black history, it’s been long known that the British Empire has been trying to erase their atrocities to Africans through colonialism, it was famously written in this article– same strategy USA IS PRACTICING RIGHT NOW! So why do those non ADOS Blacks not recognize this and get on code? So they don’t know their own history? Do those non ADOS Blacks not remember Britain destroyed many of the documents on their colonial crimes? Do those UK Blacks who think they’re so much better than ADOS Blacks remember with the former Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that African should shut up and don’t try to blame the problems of African on the British colonialism!?? What about when the other Tory government people say things like “all European descendant Americans should have a Black slave“? That was in April 2023! But if you talk to non ADOS Blacks in UK, there isn’t racism in UK! Those non ADOS Blacks are heavily brainwashed and with blinders on their heads, or “BLINKERED“, as they say in UK. White supremacy is right in their faces, yet they never get on code- yeah I’d bring them to replace ADOS too if I want people to never uprise, they’re perfectly sedated and docile people to exploit! You ask UK Blacks if there is racism and they says “NO!” emphatically- meanwhile, studies show racism is on the huge increase in UK. Are they just willfully ignorant ethnic people, or is the media a bunch of woke non Blacks when they publish media/studies issuing a “racism warning” and that 1/3 are facing racial abuse by UK caucasians in “workplace, education, housing and dealings with police“? These non ADOS Blacks claim there is no racism and slavery was a lie. Seriously, and in a time like now, UK can’t just suddenly become racist unless it knows it can get away with it with these people, or, more likely, it has always been racist but these people refuse to see it until now! The same people who don’t see racism in UK, are more likely people who get ahread because they have questionable foreign money from their native countries tilting the scales for them, and judge Blacks raised in the West unfairly, completely ignoring that ingesting of foreign capital to get them started in the West. Incumbent Blacks, raised in UK or USA have no such money and foreign generational wealth, by and large, because they’re stuck under the thumb of white supremacy and oppression still, due to policies that have limited progress for hundreds of years, or decades in UK. Generational wealth was hard to amass for such people, and non ADOS Blacks are BLINKERED on this front too, they like to pretend they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps when they come to USA or UK with all their money from abroad and families in tact. That is why they adopt white supremacy and look down on ADOS Blacks, because they had a better advantage from generational wealth, despite the opportunity to expand on it in USA. They don’t know the hardships it took to get to a point where ADOS Black could even begin to prosper, which is only recently. So already, you have an enemy is someone who looks like you, who looks down on you, repeating white supremacy tropes.

post slavery Black life
Africans have no respect for the ancestors brought to the new world as slaves

A LOT of non ADOS Blacks (from Africa or direct African lineage who were not enslaved and Caribbean mostly) feel slavery was exaggerated in American history, that ADOS Blacks over exaggerated how bad American slavery was for our ancestors. Seriously, and it’s white supremacist ideology these blacks believe, in order to look more favorable to European descendant Americans to hopefully get money, jobs and to be treated more favorable. This strategy will not win, for any descendant of slavery or any Blacks who were not from slaves, as the 1st Black female VP of Colombia is witnessing right now with racial hatred aimed at her for being a former descendant of Black slaves! These other Blacks better GET ON CODE, and fast, or they’re going to suffer the wrath of racists, who are world wide and freshly breeding now racists by the minute! It’s getting so bad that other descendants of Slavery, who are clearly Blacks, in Latin America, are taking notice of the growing anti-Blackness spreading today! Even if you racially insult many of these non ADOS Black men’s girlfriends, and insult their native Africans, they lack merit so much that they allow racists to do it and they don’t defend anything that makes a man a man, because they are desperate for money, like this non ADOS sellout here. Why? Because that hate must be for ADOS Blacks, not HIM, and AFRICAN FROM NIGERIA! His WHITE girlfriend was physically there, and offended, and defended against the known racist, but this non ADOS black had no smoke for that racist! And this guy’s white boss lady brought the racist on the show! 🤡 This is the integrity of such people, who feel racism doesn’t exist, for a price! This is why they think they’re model citizens, and racism doesn’t exist. These people worship caucasians so much that there is a caucasian guy who is going viral because he learned to speak some Nigerian words and now he is an ambassador for them and they Africans are so in love with him because he is Caucasian and he is paying them attention, and suddenly THEY FEEL IMPORTANT because this guy’s race validated their existence. No one questions WHY he knows this language since he doesn’t work with Nigerians in a way that would require it, and don’t see that he does it to bang Nigerian chicks because he knows how far his skin color carries him with them. 🤦🏾 Funny thing, when they ask where he is from, when he says “NY” they’re like “AHHH yes” like it suddenly all makes sense. Why? Because those Africans learned that American European descendants where the GOOD ones, they save the world, and the slavery THEY DID, ah that wasn’t that serious, those Blacks were lazy and didn’t want to do the slavery jobs they were assigned. 🤣 Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool that guys speaks that so he can bang countless Nigerian woman who are impressed and empowered that a white guy speaks their language, just like when guys know that taking Salsa dancing classes which impresses Latinas easily that a scheming white guy would learn it, because gets you sex for the same reason, but the way these people are worshipping this guy is disgusting- which these guys all KNOW! That’s why if you’re an INCEL, you’re the worst possible form of a man because if you can’t use your white skin privilege to bang all of these white skin worshiping Black and Latin mentally oppressed people, you really an absolutely loser in life- you have a cheat code to people who agree they’re inferior to you! They’re just so oppressed and easy to get, if you’re white, why are you struggling? Anyway, at that Jim Crow era exhibit, I overheard one of these non ADOS blacks say “good thing racism is over“. I looked at that moron non ADOS black with the most curious look that he knew he screwed up saying that stupidity, and he walked away. This is what really got me MORE hyped and the pieces came together for me as I clearly confirmed that these non ADOS Blacks have zero connection to ADOS Blacks, and don’t have any real clue of the plight of ADOS Blacks- nor do they care, THEY ARE OFF CODE and that is going to be a problem with ADOS progress. I could see by the reactions that these were not ADOS Blacks, and the ADOS Blacks that I did meet at the exhibit, they were ADOS Blacks raised in single mother households, so it’s been studied that these people do not retain “Black History” or ADOS Black culture, as it’s not passed down, and they also don’t care for it- as family is not important due to sisterhood propaganda that infiltrated ADOS communities. This too makes newer ADOS Blacks reject such images and history in the USA, as they seek to be unattached to the negativity of the results of slavery, and the feeling of being a second class citizen, belittled by w even today! It’s hard to be a showoff pretend rapper who is fake rich, or a PHD woman who is on her woman empowerment agenda, when you have such negative imagery of slavery bringing you down. So young ADOS Blacks reject the racist history of America too, they’re ashamed of the Blacks for being oppressed, and outnumbered, and completely ignore that Blacks didn’t have generational wealth, didn’t have education, didn’t have land (or it was stolen), and DIDN’T HAVE AN ARMY. Everyone is trying to escape their negative perception of themselves, put on them by white supremacy and instead of hating white supremacy, they hate their BLACK-SELVES!! The imagery of the Jim Crow era impacted how Blacks saw of themselves constantly, and treatment of ADOS Blacks such as was mental warfare to destroy our minds. At the Norman Rockwell Museum, I had a conversation with a dude who was ADOS, and he was sharing this with me, and it made a LOT of sense, because he said that’s how HE felt being a younger ADOS, which was why he drove all the way to the place to see the exhibit- his mother and sisters did not want to go even though he offered to pay for the fee to the museum. 🤦🏽‍♀️ We noticed that non-Black people were ALSO looking and seeing these other blacks avoiding the Jim Crow era works, racing through the exhibit without interest. We were laughing because the non Black people were making faces looking at these guys like “why aren’t THEY really taking in the scene like I am?”. The non Black people were gasping for air at what they were seeing on display, covering their mouths in surprise and shaking their heads in disbelief, with faces full of sorrow, while going through the exhibit- you can HEAR a few of them saying this while looking over my shoulder, while I was filming a few things in the museum (see the youtube clips below). They said this stuff out loud because they are signalizing the they understand that was wrong. It’s a subconscious thing we do, as humans, and they just kept blurting it out around me. They’re not WOKE, they’re just connecting with the point of the exhibit. So it looks STRANGE to to non Blacks that Blacks don’t even care to inspect these things, and that’s what was highly visible at this place. I felt like I was in the twilight zone watching this. You think the non ADOS blacks reacted the same? NOPE! It was so wild that it became laughable and I could look and predict the behavior of these ADOS Blacks avoiding looking deeper into the racially motivated works, and at one point, one white lady started chatting me up and pointed towards a Latino couple and whispered to me “do you think they understand any of the displays and the history behind them?” It was a good question, but they spent so much time at each display that they were fully taking it in- which was more than you could say for those Africans in attendance. Apparently, this non Black lady KNEW the difference between the many forms of Blacks out there, and she was really into the works. She made me look completely ignorant with her EXPERT-level knowledge of all this Jim Crow era work that I was ignorant to. She said she listened to their comments and they “just didn’t get it”. This lady had me paying MORE attention because she was saying she was wondering about if anyone really understood this- and of course she was virtue signaling by telling me all this, but I let her get her thing off because she was very knowledgeable and committed to what she knew, as opposed to all the non ADOS blacks she and I noticed. She made me really start observing because it was funny to see if anyone non ADOS was seeing this stuff, but I clearly conformed that non ADOS Blacks were indeed ducking the Jim Crow themed exhibition! I guess I didn’t realize how BADLY Africans and other descendants of slaves didn’t want to be Black, until I noticed how it’s so bad that non-Black could see it too, and have been saying things to me, like this, for a long time indicating that they understood this divide- although, to most, there is no difference between any of us and they don’t like any Blacks. 🤣 I continued to talk to this lady and she let me know that many European descendant Americans notice this and it’s awkward to address American racial things with a black person who doesn’t understand any of the context. That was wild to hear, and this is what annoyed me the most, that it was this obvious to non Black onlookers.

I posted this clip, and it has more hates than likes. I can promise you, it’s from non ADOS Blacks.

Saturday Evening Post covers were amazing satire

Jim Crow was a time that was anti-Black, and it ensured that European descendant Americans were racially superior and had all advantages in the society, and nobody else was considered important in the USA, especially not ADOS Blacks. Americans made ADOS Blacks their direct targets of hate, as every other minority group had already been kicked out of USA, defeated by USA or not owned by the USA. Because ADOS Blacks wouldn’t bow to white supremacy, unlike other groups, this made ADOS the target of pure hatred because they gained their freedom from Slavery! Jim Crow was a period to ensure domination of former ADOS Blacks, by any means, to give white Americans advantages just for being white. This means that racial superiority messages would be ingrained in the American culture that was uncontested by almost 400 years before the end of slavery, which originally was part of Americans’ plans, they began to eradicate Indigenous people, even paying bounties to do so, and they were killed or banished to Reservations, where they would not be seen by Settlers, so their lands could be stolen. The racial warfare campaigns were so strong it was embedded in culture as just “the thing to do at the time” and no one thought it was racist since it was common practice to be racist. Blacks are not alone in this, racists have forever done this kind of branding, like in the sports teams we loved so much mocking Native Americans and they were recipients of many racist imagery too, which lasted into modern times! Why wouldn’t today’s Blacks not want to see images of this terrible time period, to learn? Hell, I went to Ireland and I wanted to know of its history that impacted how people lived currently, although I’m not Irish nor any kind of white person. I naturally want to know the history of people, when I am in their country. When you’re foreign, you immediately try to get all the popular information on that country to fit in and be understanding, but this is NOT what non ADOS blacks do with ADOS history and they have a really bad bias towards ADOS Blacks. Well, we have quite a few reasons for that, and if you’ve been in Latin America, Europe, Africa and USA, you’ll quickly learn that NOT ALL BLACKS ARE THE SAME. I know, wild for non-Blacks to understand that, because we’re all the same to them, and although each type of African descendant has faced their own versions of white colonialism and oppression by Europeans, none like those in America, which as the worst form of slavery in the Americas, as it was BRUTAL to slaves. These other Blacks never had “Civil Rights” movements, so they don’t have have the kind of moral victory that Civil Rights represented, where they came from, they either couldn’t gain enough power to force it, didn’t have the numbers to support a counter movement, or after colonial powers took them out, they were abandoned after colonials stole all the resources from the countries. Some of the non ADOS Blacks hate ADOS Blacks because of the accomplishment UNDER the oppressive group that formed America, and the pain that was attached to breaking from this. 400 years of physical and mental torture, and yet ADOS is still standing, that is achievement and perseverance that many people cannot rival, and many more people are pissed off about, apparently. Many of these non ADOS try to hide their histories as slaves, and want to be so far removed from that history that they hate that ADOS Blacks use that history as a strength to remind themselves ‘NEVER AGAIN’, and to use that progression since slavery, to push forward, to become the most progressive of all African descendants on the planet, and the only group that had racist systems designed to ensure ADOS don’t become equal or better than whites. This history of ADOS is not to be forgotten, and this is what other non ADOS really hate the most, it’s a form of admiration and jealousy, and many non ADOS are not even thankful for the progress they are able to have, here in the USA, as a result of many ADOS who died to give us all Civil Rights. Had ADOS not done this, nobody but whites would have anything in this country, and slavery might still be legal in the USA. So you’d think the non ADOS Blacks would show respect, given that, but you’re wrong. This is because of the psychological warfare that created American racism in the first place, as being a “model minority” means demonizing ADOS Blacks and praising white Americans, as part of indoctrination to American citizenship. Most white Americans are not rich, and are living in poverty, but you’ll never hear non ADOS people speaking down of those folks, ironically enough. Non ADOS Blacks look down on ADOS Blacks, and blame all failures in ghettos of America, on the ADOS people who live there. In order for those non ADOS to hold their views true, so they can feel better about themselves, and so they don’t have to be thankful to ADOS, these people purposely ignore slavery and Jim Crow era history and its impact on ADOS Blacks, and just called ADOS Blacks “lazy” for not just walking out of slavery and oppression. Knowing this fact is why I could spot the non ADOS blacks and explains why they don’t care about ADOS history. USA is flooded with these other Blacks who are not on code, and they’re actively being used to destroy American history involving Blacks, because of their buy-in to white supremacy and suppression of any movements that support ADOS Blacks in America. THIS is what I get the MOST questions from European descendant Americans about, “why is {insert off code non ADOS black politician/newscaster/podcaster here} so against reparations for African Americans and justice for African Americans?” What they’re asking is “why is this black skinned person so forcefully against anything African American?” and I have to explain to them, “we are not ALL the same and these people have NO TIES to ADOS Blacks, nor care about our history here in the USA. They’re here to sabotage anything ADOS, to advance themselves”. I know, I’m making it up, right? Well see for yourself. Watch this non ADOS black talk to ADOS Blacks from all over the diaspora telling them to get over slavery. There are MANY like him all over the Internet. Just get over 400 years of abuse because you can change your future in 24 hours! When Blacks tried to gain power and build for themselves, white supremacists destroyed ADOS economies and areas, and when ADOS Blacks tried to mobilize, the FBI went on the offensive to prevent a Black figure who would help Blacks rise out from oppression, in their program COINTELPRO which was designed to “prevent a rise of a Black Messiah” so they aimed to stop people like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. It is by DESIGN of white supremacy to keep ADOS Blacks down, and this is in our parents’ lifetimes! White supremacy is REAL and government enforced!. non ADOS blacks are ignorant of all of this. They don’t even know how the American government and its policies aim to keep ADOS Blacks down, they don’t know about Redlining, they don’t know about welfare programs aimed to help white families that aren’t offered to Blacks- nor will these ignorant non ADOS Blacks care. That is what makes them dangerous and untrustworthy, unfortunately, purposely trying to not understand history so that one does not repeat it- which will end poorly for them, I promise you, because we look like each other.

post slavery Black life
non ADOS blacks say this is all fake news. Americans faked killing each other, and their family members, in the civil war, because the issue of slavery was vastly embellished, yeah right morons…

I recently had a discussion about actors that someone thinks is an ADOS Black from American and how many of these people pretending to be ADOS Blacks from America are NOT actually ADOS Blacks, but are from other countries, and how not all Blacks are the same, with non Black people. They didn’t understand so I had to make a point using the HBO show “The Last of US” and how there was white outrage because the main characters are not white Americans. People can TELL you’re not them! Most shows on HBO don’t have Americans as the main people in them actually! That’s what HBO does, regardless of race, but people are pissed when these Non-American whites are posing as American whites. Guy playing Joel is from Chile, Ellie is from UK, Tommy is from Mexico, Tess is from Australia, and even throw away roles like the Blacks in episode 5, Henry (Black) is from Canada. None of these people are American but they’re all playing American roles and there was HELL when the show was first announced, as white gamers were PISSED at these people pretending to be Americans! MANY people also don’t like that Ellie is supposed to look like Ellen Page, and instead looks like a real-life Japanese Nintendo cartoon character from UK, thus is pissed LOT of gamers off for this live action remake. White Americans KNOW what looks like a White American and what does not, and the person hired to play the role of the person in the video game is clearly British with that non-American head of hers. And, everyone pointed out that the other characters CLEARLY were not white Americans– yet these same people magically don’t know what I’m talking about when I say these Blacks are not ADOS Blacks! It’s a lot more complicated than a video game, but I could immediately relate when I heard that news that people were pissed at the Last of Us on HBO, because I saw those people are immediately said “those are not European descendant Americans from America”. People don’t like other people pretending to be them. It would be nice if people who are cloning ADOS Blacks would be on code about ADOS issues, and not try to steal our likeness and culture to try to enrich themselves. This is a major issue for ADOS Blacks, people acting like Skrulls, profiting off our likeness and being used by white supremacists to destroy ADOS agendas. For ADOS Blacks, for example, it’s like the family of Emmett Till wanting the living KILLER (Carolyn Bryant) arrested for the atrocity that lead to the start of the Civil Rights, in current day times, and American Government hiring non ADOS Blacks, to pretend to be ADOS Blacks, and putting them in key government positions specifically to make sure that the liar in this famous case, that lead to the death of Till, never got locked up. So they won’t prosecute that woman who started that whole Till situation for her lies, but here these Blacks and Joe Biden come with a law called the “H.R.55 – Emmett Till Antilynching Act“, symbolic stupidity to compensate for lynching, in 2023, but refused to throw that woman who lied and set the country on fire with that case. 👏🏼 The government put in a token Black, non ADOS Black, Kristen Clarke, to dismiss the case of racial injustice to not jail Carolyn Bryant, the person who caused that whole issue of racial outrage that sparked the Civil Rights movement. Well, if you put these non ADOS Blacks into position for controversial racial issues, you can kill it for most people without having to resolve the racial injustice. Someone who lied about details related to a murder goes to jail, but not this white woman, for some reason. Why not? Because she’s old? It’s because she is white and to put her in jail would be a victory for ADOS Blacks, and admitting publicly that America has done terrible things to ADOS Blacks. That’s not justice, that’s not fair, but the Black Clarke was hired to dismiss this so a Black is responsible for dismissing this racial injustice. Turned out though, it was not needed, as this week, that lady has passed. Non ADOS Blacks in these positions help reduce racial tensions (for non Blacks) by pretending racial injustice does not exist, that’s what they are brought to the USA to do, deny racism exists because they could be completely impoverished back where they came from, but America has allowed them opportunity to have a life. Their loyalty is to the government, not to other Black people, and that helps them feel superior as Blacks, because they get to come to America without the history, and get to come here with education and money, in most cases. ADOS people (or at least men) know not to trust the government, just like most people around the world don’t trust governments. In their minds, they are better than ADOS because white Americans tell them so. White supremacists know they can EASILY exploit non ADOS Blacks, this has been know for centuries, which is why they colonized those Blacks in place where they stood. This is something that is a sickness in Africa, which lead to many African on African atrocities, such as the genocide in Rwanda, because Africans are susceptible to such racial war-games that the Belgians and Germans played on them– they only had to tell one Black group that the other group of identical Blacks from another tribe, are a bunch of “lazy” Blacks, a bunch of inyenzi (cockroaches) or inzoka (snakes), and it became part of their culture to hate each other, which began prior to independence. They learned to OTHERIZE each other, and that white supremacy warfare is simple to execute on Africans, so what did they do? They murdered each other like dogs in the street in 1994 all because they were programmed to hate each other and lived under Belgian racial superiority programming. When it’s all said and done, the history books will just say that it’s a bunch of savages fighting because they hate each other, completely ignoring the impact of white supremacy via colonization, because people deny white supremacy exists and that you can learn hatred of yourself by oppression. This same exact mentality is very much active today with Africans, and then they take that same learned hatred for other Blacks and bring it to America, and this is what I was seeing at the museum. The US CONSERVATIVES actively import people they know are susceptible to such programming, and tells those non ADOS Blacks that they’re being told that they’re better than ADOS Blacks, and many Africans will tell you so, willingly. Here is a good writeup on it, and how conservatives tell a really sneaky LIE about the best of the BEST from Africa being imported to USA, which they compare to the poorest of the poor ADOS Blacks. The US Government knows who’s ADOS and who’d family has no American blood what so ever, they have files on them, they have the paperwork, so why do they put non ADOS people in place to address Blacks? Think of all I said so far, using Skrulls to pretend to be ADOS, how opportunistic these non ADOS Blacks are for any money or fame, and then see how they are used in classic divide and conquer. You know who is the number 1 skrull used to wage this war, right now? It’s KAMALA HARRIS, who pretends to be Black while identifying as “Asian” so she only gets Asian agendas pushed through but never anything for Blacks. Just like Barack Obama before her (African), who also is not an ADOS Black thus did NOTHING for ADOS Blacks, but he made a lot of progress for Africans though just like George Bush before him because Republics are smarter, they know these kinds of Africans they import will be CONSERVATIVES, based on their anti-ADOS Black mentalities, and Conservatives are highly accurate in that assessment, and Liberals are DUMB and clueless, as always. Obama got his Black votes because ADOS Blacks were ON CODE, feeling his image would create bette opportunities for Blacks- which it did NOT. Kamala’s father is not ADOS Black (just like Obama), so she doesn’t speak for ADOS Blacks, she’s a Skrull, pretending to be ADOS Blacks but she’s made to speak on ADOS Black issues though she has no family who are ADOS and no history as ADOS and the government KNOWS THIS so it’s intentional disrespect to ADOS. 🤡 The political Black token non ADOS Blacks are Skrulls who do anything for a job- look at other Democratic party Black hires and you’ll see what I mean, just like Kristen Clarke! They have been assigned their missions, their disruption of unity of ADOS and non ADOS Blacks unity tasks, and this is what ADOS people are constantly on the lookout for and many of us know when a Skrull has been put in place to do the slave masters’ bidding. Apparently, people, like the Biden administration, know that non ADOS Blacks are NOT for the ADOS plight and will happily sabotage it if it will get these other Blacks closer to being accepted by whites, and more importantly, to get them to not be seen as many negatively see ADOS Blacks. Kamala Harris will NOT give a real answer on reparations because she isn’t ADOS and she doesn’t speak for ADOS and doesn’t want non ADOS Blacks, and other groups- but she knows white supremacy will NOT give reparations to former slaves. She’s not trying to piss of non Blacks. She says all that should happen is to “study” the idea of reparations. Kamala is not on code and is used to actively work against ADOS progress but promotes the propaganda or agendas of other groups happily. And today, she’s being used as the face of pushing LGBTQ+ demands on Black countries (AFRICA mainly), threatening to not give them any financial AID if they don’t support LGBTQ+ rights and feminist agendas- meanwhile the world is on the verge of WW3! These African anti-LGBTQ+ LAWS were put in place by European descendant Americans not by African Blacks!!!! But, when you like to pretend white supremacy doesn’t exist, and want to close your eyes to history, the victors get to re-write history and now it looks like Africans are all anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-Women and none of them will admit just where they learned that from and that Europeans put that on them, so they accept the stereotype wholeheartedly and call it their culture today. Read that last link from BBC there, it’s proof that it was not native to Africa to have all that LGBTQ and women hatred they’re know for today, it was British who put in the anti-LGBTQ+ laws in most places, and Blacks just go along to get along, as always, then call it “my culture” that they refuse to change. Watch a Nobel Peace Prize Winner former president of Liberia say she likes her “culture the way it is”, in front of the former British Prime Minister who didn’t say a damn thing against it. Kamala Harris is an INDIAN directly, and not African directly so, ask yourself, why is this INDIAN woman not in INDIA telling Indians to stop being anti-LGBTQ+ despite India openly opposing LGBTQ+ rights?? Why isn’t she in those Arab countries demonizing them for being anti-LGBTQ and even in North Africa? You get the death penalty in many Arab/Muslim countries like Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen but also in northern Nigeria. Why? Because it’s easy to vilify BLACKS on a public stage, for anti LGBTQ+ culture that was forced on all African Nations by EUROPEAN WHITES who colonized them!!! Just Blame some Blacks, everyone will accept and agree. Kamala Harris is complicit in spreading anti-Black sentiments to LGBT and feminists with her efforts, so the ones who disagree with those lifestyles, they come to American and immediately, they are Conservative, don’t approve of baby mama culture, don’t like diminished important of men supported by government, etc – which is a fail for Harris and Democrats.

Saturday Evening Post has many digs at society

With that in mind, see, these non ADOS Blacks who ran away from the Jim Crow era exhibit, were looking like they were ashamed to be there, dragged there against their partners, wanted to completely avoid exhibit area, didn’t want to be seen as associated with that history, or they were not impressed by the works that we saw. A few of them were there with non Blacks, so likely the non Blacks dragged them there and they went to appease the non Blacks. I saw that those non Blacks didn’t realize that those blacks had no connection to this history we were watching. I would hear questioning of these blacks and the blacks had no answer for the white person and answered like “wtf are you asking me for?!” type responses, it was FUNNY to watch. They do NOT know ADOS Black history, they’re clueless, and they don’t care to know it either. While I was going through the exhibits, I then noticed non Blacks looking at ME like I was out of place too, just like I witnessed in many other exhibits I have previously going to with racial themes, and I knew they were checking my interest level so they can appear to be more virtuous than me. They were there to get their WOKE points. Placement of a lot of these exhibits are for woke points. LOL It’s all good though because it’s shared American history, not just Black History. You’ll find more non Blacks at many events/exhibits of Black History or American History with ADOS themes than you will find Blacks at the same events, anywhere they are held- it’s a shame. I was talking about this with that woke non Black lady, but I made the point that it’s because these exhibits popping up are not where Blacks live, much like the Normal Rockwell museum wasn’t, so of course there will be more non Blacks there. I also reminded her that it’s not just Black History, it’s AMERICAN history, so it’s history of white Americans too, so people want to know what folks were doing back then. It’s wild that the treatment of ADOS Blacks is called Black History and not just American history. When you find popups like this with this theme though, it tends to be because of virtue signaling, and that’s when I get weird looks for being there. When I picked up on this, I was like “WTF are they looking at me like I’m not appreciating the effort to educate popular society on the plight of some of the earlier Blacks and images they saw that influenced life”. It’s a funny thing, ask a Black you know about this, when they go to such places, they’ll chuckle and confirm. After careful consideration, I noticed who they were really looking at, those interracial couples with the European descendant Americans much more involved in the scenery than the black they dragged to the exhibit. I saw these Blacks that weren’t even looking at the text writeup texts to the art pieces, and were lazily browsing serious work, and then I said (to myself) “OOOOH THESE Blacks, the ones who don’t want to be seen as associated with the images of American Blacks, Black History, and the Black people who brought them Civil Rights in the USA”. I started to notice these non-ADOS Blacks leaving really fast out of spaces when we saw Blackface imagery, for example, and they were looking around worried about European descendant Americans looking at them, next to the images. They were uncomfortable in the African American racial depictions, and it was clear. They did not want to be seen in the light of the ADOS Blacks who were historically shamed and oppressed with demeaning images of Black life in the Jim Crow era, which was clearly seen in the art and advertisement pieces. Even ADOS Blacks are VERY uncomfortable with this past, and this is my problem with my people, and I get why so many create alternate history to make themselves look and sound better, to try to escape the shame of how we were treated by popular society. Why be ashamed when WE didn’t do this to ourselves, it was forced on us, we were stolen and brought to the new land, many of us were enslaved, so popular society should be ashamed, not us. This is something you cannot talk to these non ADOS Blacks about. Those African BLACKS whose ancestors sold the ADOS Blacks to off to European nations to use for slavery, they should also be ashamed, but apparently the descendants of those African Blacks who sold other Blacks, they are not ashamed. Karma reigned down on them though, because those same people they sold slaves to turned around and colonized them and stole all of their resources and set them against each other to kill and hate themselves ever since. You get back the hate you give. I’ll give you more examples of this, shortly. The Blacks enslaved in places like the Caribbean or Brasil, at least those colonizers left to go back to their own country. The USA has invaders steal the USA, commit genocide to take the land, and stayed in place, bringing the slaves to be a permanent underclass per laws/policies of the US! This was not experienced by the other Blacks other than some in South America, whom are almost all killed off or erased from stats, like Colombia does to its Blacks- like that time the erased the Black president from their history books! THIS is what white supremacy does, and yes, many Colombians fancy themselves as white if they site they’re Hispanic, because their nod is to Spaniards, who are white Europeans. Colombia purposely erases Blacks from census to underreport how many they have, so they don’t have to serve these communities. That’s white supremacy in the Latin world, the same nonsense that Ohio bum Bernie Moreno (by way of Boston), the Colombian imperialist is pushing when he calls himself “white” calling other white supremacists to cause havoc in the USA by pushing propaganda to hurt Blacks getting reparations and that guy is not even a white American! What does HE KNOW about people in that state that makes him so sure this racist strategy will work, considering that he is not even originally from Ohio? 🤔 White supremacy! Make sense to you yet? And why does he say that same revisionist history involving slaves that all other foreign Conservative people trying to break into politics does, by signaling that they are against Blacks, just like the Asian guy trying to be president of something somewhere. Similar to him, there is another Asian guy who is the former Governor in Louisiana and you can hear his wishes that he was a white person when he is anti-Muslim and speaks about places in Europe that WHITE NATIONS leave Muslims in peace and don’t push their colonial powers on them, called no-go Zones. His message to Muslims is basically BOW DOWN TO WHITE SUPREMACY AND ASSIMILATE. He’s not playing with his butt kissing white supremacy. 😳 Seriously if you don’t copycat European descendant Americans, like he does, you’re not approved. A funny issue popped up when other people noticed how much of a white supremacist wannabe white man that someone gave him a painting of himself where he is a white man in it. 🤣MANY people are on to these brainwashed guys. You can be Asian, you can be Conservative and not repeat white supremacist nonsense, and this guy went anti-Muslim when Trump and other people were insulting Muslims. Why? To get support of white supremacists. They know that if they elect him, he will ensure that European descendant Americans are not hurt, and more importantly, anything for Blacks, will be denied! Oh, and yes, Indians were listening to this clown until they realized that after he got their vote, based on his ethnicity and pretending, he dumped them entirely and many of them didn’t like his pretending to be white, so much that were puzzled why he doesn’t want to be called “Indian-American” after he got his win. They label him a sell out to Indians, and even some of his former biggest supporters hate his white supremacy pandering. That guys doesn’t care, he has all the support from European descendant Americans, he doesn’t need any Indians, Blacks, Muslims or anyone else. He was the template for all of the new Asians copying him today, but they all miss the mark, as more knowledgable Asians point out about he and Nikki Haley pretending to be European descendant Americans, and pushing white supremacy ideology hurts Indians who wish to retain their unique and rich culture, while also enjoying America. She ticks “white” and not “asian” on voter registrations, like many Asians do, because they don’t want to be Asian they want to be European descendant Americans. She is ANTI-IMMIGRATION for Blacks and Latinos, mind you, and wanted to deport a Black American, who’s family was here since 17th century, the Georgian Senator. However, Jindal is not flagrant like these new people who copied his blueprint though, which is why he lasted so long, but he’s much more strategic in his bias. Still, just like Muslims who won’t adopt white supremacy, Jindal does not approve of Indians not dumping their Indian roots to be white and says you will not be successful unless you do – which is a lie, because most Indians stick together and go into business together, thus, they don’t need to pander to popular society! They keep this up, it’s going to be bad for them, overall too. But to have people with money and/or power to be so racist, that’s not a good sign for America’s future, because you really don’t have to be Anglo-Saxon to be a white supremacist.

I posted this clip, and it has more hates than likes. I can promise you, it’s from non ADOS Blacks.

America got ahead on backs of Blacks they held down, and systematically held them down to artificially inflate popular society’s power.

Unfortunately, I know why ADOS Blacks are ashamed of the past that we didn’t put ourselves in, it’s because today, these very people are full of themselves and their egos, so they’re encouraged to be “Self absorbed” which they brand as “Self Care” today. They are their own egoistical islands, and being Black destroys their image to be seen as equal to European descendant Americans, which is their life long quest, along with gaining acceptance by whites. They will not build their own Black infrastructure of successful Blacks like themselves, they need to feel validated by white people in order to be successful and to do that, you have to bow to white supremacy. That’s why many will disassociate themselves with Blackness, which they also equate to the negative stereotypes of Blacks. ON top of that, they’re mad that Blacks were prohibited from ever forming generational wealth, until post Civil Rights, so that deflate the power of ADOS Blacks, and quite frankly, that infuriates me too, but I’m not going to hate myself for things I didn’t control prior to becoming an adult. Those shamed ADOS Black are ashamed/upset that they are not European descendant Americans, that they are not the winners of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, so they feel embarrassed to be descendants of the losers of slavery, the actual slaves. These are people who see themselves as very proud people today, equal to or greater than whites, and if they acknowledge the history of ADOS people in the Americas, that’s admitting being from an inferior people, in their minds. They HATE that they’re descendants of Slaves and side with racists to banish this history from American History books, because they want to pretend they magically existed in the Americas out of thin air- rather than deal with the reality that most of us are products of mass reproduction on slave breeding farms (after slavery was made illegal) and rape by European descendant Americans. Many of them claim they got here on their own with boats, so they were not enslaved and I’m wondering how they figured white slave owners honored this Black just walking around freely without an owner- didn’t happen! Alternative history is what they like. Sad, but true, and we can’t erase it just by omitting it from history books. It’s Blacks like this who help racists BAN the teaching of America’s hand in slavery, READ THIS HERE, all Republic red states, of course! This really hurts many of my people, and so they will make up all kinds of fake history, like blaming Black men for our own poverty in the USA, world-wide, and for being enslaved in the first place, completely ignoring the whole point of Civil Rights, like it was for no reason, and they were just a bunch of complainers at the time for no reason, which is key thinking in sisterhood propaganda. We have a lot of self-hating ADOS and non ADOS Black in this world, and it comes from years of white supremacy domination convincing these people they are inferior. It also comes from people being pacified with welfare and diversity hiring at jobs, and that pacification leads many to think that racism is over, and that the Black community does not need to heal, it’s perfectly ok now that some of our people are getting jobs, but our neighborhoods have not improved since their empowerment after Civil Rights. That right there made it a TOP ADOS negative stereotype, to be on welfare, and America ran with that narrative as if only Blacks are on welfare. The reality is that it’s mostly white people on welfare, especially after Bill Clinton kicked poor ADOS off of welfare, while allowing welfare for white families to continue to flourish- which even affluent white families abuse with scandals to even get things like private colleges paid for. You think a non ADOS Black will say this to white people, that they’re all lazy and on welfare? Of course not, they’re too scared to, however, they non ADOS Blacks believe ALL of the negative stereotypes of welfare recipients. Have read here, I promise you, non ADOS have this opinion. White people get free college, relationship counseling, and more with WELFARE MONEY whether or not they’re poor!! It’s people in places with almost no Blacks, like Oklahoma, who lead the USA in scams that use welfare money. TANF money is also generated by authorities pursuing baby daddies of single mothers, to get child support, which funds TANF because each state can deep the reimbursements! So that’s exploiting single mothers (many of whom are Black/Latin) to pay for welfare for white families, a plague that Democrats helped create to keep poor Blacks dependent on them indefinitely. Why? If you become successful, it’s more likely you’ll switch to Conservative because you want to keep your money and not pay for programs to help people who are poor like you used to be. See, these non Blacks abuse welfare and make the claim that it helps prevent broken families and poverty, and they even pay for couples counseling with TANF, but it doesn’t guarantee anything, it’s just an excuse to get free money as a family, meanwhile, the Blacks are encouraged to be baby mamas due to sisterhood propaganda from the left! So TANF welfare money is benefiting mostly non Blacks and that’s who’s mostly using welfare, not ADOS Blacks; yet, ADOS Blacks are stuck with the welfare dependent and abuser stereotype, due to white supremacy teachings, to keep people from casting negative views on the rest of America! This is white supremacy. Hell, where Blacks live, you can’t get welfare for the whole family, only for single mother homes that encourage women to leave men to make 100 babies to win cash prizes from the government! These Blacks are taught to reject capable Black men, by feminist Black females, which destroys the Black family and generational wealth, and white supremacy pokes its head in because these Blacks hate themselves so much as to go and publicly claim that getting with the non Black will solve their problems in life and they praise any woman who goes and gets a non Black male- which is not “preference” in this case, it’s clearly racial bias based on negative Black stereotypes (e.g., Black men are all poor, Black men are not good fathers, Black men have bad credit), and not preference because they like white skin, or their hair. So, non ADOS Blacks are taking antiquated and inaccurate negative ADOS stereotypes and talking points that racist whites use to direct attention away from themselves, and they use it to make themselves feel better than ADOS Blacks too! The other problem we have is all these people who are Black in skin color, who have no idea WTF ever happened in US history, as it relates to Blacks, but they’re here in the USA, eating off of the backs of the Black who died to give up these liberties, yet don’t want to tip their hat to the Blacks who dies for us all to have the freedoms we have in the USA. This is pretty much all minorities, and protected groups today, but foreign Blacks don’t even care about the Black history and if you show them any of this stuff I saw, they look at it as “so what?!” It’s not their history and they don’t care that is how non-ADOS Blacks treat ADOS history, but conversely, AMERICAN BLACKS make it their mission to go all around the world to study how other Blacks live/lived, like these American women HERE and HERE, going around having sex with non American Blacks from to Caribbean, to get racial healing from slavery by giving them American Black women sex – I honesty don’t know how that’s achieving anything but they claim it’s the heal Blacks so… That love and favor is not returned by these other Blacks of ADOS life and history, and that’s the rub to ADOS. ADOS Blacks spend millions of dollars trying to be more in touch with Africa, and Africans, only to have those folks spit in the face of ADOS Blacks. When it comes to Africans, they don’t care because they were not part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, they were back in their countries being colonized by Europeans, which they feel happy for because they will rejoice “at least we were not enslaved” when trying to insult ADOS Blacks. They feel, as long as the slave away at a job, that makes them better than other people. Africans do this to each other, in Africa, and hate each other despite similar fates of oppression and won’t come together for a cause, and those people bring that hatred of other Blacks to America, when arriving in the USA. Young ADOS Blacks don’t know that this is happening, but they’re starting to learn as we start to see more public displays over the Internet, clearly pointing to everything I’ve said here. When white people start asking ME “what’s up with your mans?!” type questions, it’s time to address these non ADOS Blacks. I had that recently, when a white buddy told me that he disagreed with Cardi B and her ignorant non ADOS ways. Cardi B. the disgusting, former-prostitute, stripper, gang member, rapist, classless female rapper, went on anti ADOS Black rant about how she hates that ADOS Blacks won’t get over and just ignore white supremacy driven negative Black images because it’s preventing non ADOS Blacks from using the negative images to openly mock ADOS blacks, in attempts to get fame and money on social media, using their likeness to ADOS as a cover. See, non ADOS Blacks never had to fight for freedom anywhere, so they don’t know about selling out. She wants Skrulls to be able to shame ADOS history in peace, in hopes of getting people to view their garbage social media content. Cardi B says that taking a stand against such blatant disrespect is limiting the financial grown of any Blacks if they can’t shame themselves and perform self hatred acts for the amusement of trouble non Blacks who want to laugh at Black misery. Seriously, she said that, which you can find here. She is a Skrull moron, who also said that dark skinned Blacks are cockroaches, her message is so dangerous that many family-friendly McDonalds franchises doesn’t want to sell her product in their stores. So, when your white buddies can point this out, and can tell you that someone who shares your features is a sell out, you know we are at a breaking point.

Watermelon and chicken Black caricatures of the past

Another friend was joking about me being Pan African (formerly), which meant I support Black people all over the world, wherever we are. Pan Africanism was a failed fantasy dream by Marcus Garvey, a Jamaica (Descendant of Slavery) who was 99.9999% ON CODE as a Black! What he didn’t anticipate was that Africans would reject ADOS and other Black slavery descendants, like himself! He created a pride for going to bond with Africans, much like Jewish people who feel Jews should return to Israel from all around the world, but it was a failed experiment to get ADOS/DOS to go back to Africa! Africans wanted no part of it and many American Blacks carried on like morons, praising undeserving Africans. I learned the hard way, Pan Africanism is trash because ADOS finds themselves in a 1 way respect TO Africans, and it’s not reciprocated. Today, most so called “African Americans” (ADOS or FBA today) don’t want to hear that vibe, and think it’s garbage, due to how African American Blacks are treated and seen by Africans who come to the USA. Here is a testimonial from an ADOS Black highly educated doctor who thought she was doing something for other Blacks in Africa, only to learn, they HATE US and are NOT ON CODE with Blacks in this world. She is an old ADOS educated woman who thought an male ADOS wasn’t good enough, apparently, and went over to Africa, and got EXPLOITED by men over there. 🤦🏽‍♀️ America used to DENY Africans right to come to the USA and only allowed European whites and Asians to come, but ADOS protested to get AFRICAN immigrants in the USA, and they betrayed AFRICAN AMERICANS! Those African don’t give a damn about being BLACK, as a force to build together, and ADOS should stop trying to go to Africa trying to bond over being Black with people who would willingly like to get slavery treatment if they could only get some pennies for it. There is a big negative perception on people who are former slaves, that being African Americans, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Caribbeans, mainly. Africans look down on us from the Americas, because Africans (present day Nigeria) sold us to European colonizers, who took our ancestors to the “New World” in the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. Now, you would think that Africans would be smart about this situation, and side with people from the diaspora, but you’d be incorrect. Africans, think they’re better than those who were enslaved as part of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. Did you know this? Meanwhile, ADOS popular rappers go to Africa and try to promote BLACKNESS IN AFRICA, showing love, like Meek Mills did, like Kendrick Lamar did in Ghana, like Dave Chapelle, like Oprah Winfrey and her schools in Africa where she gave them education but local African men sexually abused the girls there and a slaughtered baby was found one of the girls’ knapsack. ADOS Blacks keep showing Africans love and only get back HATE! So that friend of mine, who joked about Pan Africanism, she sent me this clip in WhatsApp, with a comment “oh, this is who you’re trying to make a wife and kids with? You race traitors”. I clicked on it and I was APPALLED!  There is a Nigerian woman insulting an African American male saying that very sentiment I just mentioned, about African thinking they’re better that African descendants who were because they were “never a slave”. You hear that lady say MANY of the things African commonly say about African Americans, and its self-hatred rhetoric that many African hurls at descendants of slavery. There are a lot of these non ADOS Blacks on TikTok, for example, making fun of Black stereotypes that whites used to make fun of, but these Africans have the same features as Blacks, so they’re shamefully really making fun of themselves – like this morons here. These are the people I just told you that Cardi B says we need to support, despite them pushing negative stereotypes we want to see GONE! Read the comments, ADOS Blacks are not amused. Non ADOS Blacks are making fun of something that became a stereotype that hurt Blacks, meanwhile, everyone else at watermelon too. It’s just the cartoonish nature of this event, that that portrayed Blacks as animals, eating watermelon. The event WAS A COMPETITION TO EAT WATERMELON, AND IT TURNED INTO A MEME of the old days, and it will remain a racial stereotype forever now. Blacks used to be farmers who profited heavily on watermelon crops, and that hustle was destroyed post-slavery, and turned into mocked characters like you see in the pictures from the minstrel shows with big black lips from eating watermelons. This is why descendants of Slaves don’t want to give racist whites that image to dig back up that ugly past.  These other Blacks don’t know this, nor care, and there is the rub. These Africans are doing coon behavior to get likes on TikTok and are too dumb to care how it makes us all look, but as long as they get white likes on their videos, these Blacks are happy. Look at this, look at that guy being a coon there. She goes on about how she actually knows who her grandfather and great grandfathers, which is a dig at African descendants who were ripped away from their families and herded around like cattle during slavery. Yes, Africans make fun of ADOS for being enslaved! Another part to her rant was about how she didn’t eat the food the African American mentioned, which was Sweet Potatoes, because she says “That’s Slave Food”. Soul Food, which does have a base in slavery, is a style of food perfected by African Americans in the South of the USA, but many of its components come from slavery times, when Blacks were given scraps to eat that the master enslavers didn’t want. This is common in descendants of Slaves’ stereotypical food, like Salt Fish for Jamaicans. This woman in the video perfectly highlights what I hear a lot, especially from female Africans, because every time I’ve heard such things, it’s MAINLY been from female Africans. You have to wonder, what kind of education these people are getting, but by the voice and this one’s mannerisms, she’s copycatting stereotypical ghetto African American mannerism and accent- the very people she hates so much, she is imitating, yet insult African Americans and ADOS history- then when someone is racist towards that non-ADOS Blacks, they’re the first ones running to the ADOS community cry-babying about racism was done to the and want support from the very people they deny racism happened to prior. Morons! I’ve seen THIS a lot too. Cardi B is a mix of two different Caribbean types of people, one conquered by Brits, the other by Spaniards, who both deserted those countries and left those slaves without structure, and went back to their native countries, which is not the fate for ADOS Blacks, in America, so they never had to experience anything CLOSE to what ADOS Black experienced- so, of course many non ADOS don’t care, they’re just here to get money. Remember, Africans believe white people are Gods! Just like all Christian Blacks there pray to a white Jesus.

Blacks ADOS
Jackie Ormes was the 1st black female cartoonist who made Patty Jo cartoon and dolls

The dumb thing about the non ADOS Blacks is these racial stereotypes exist for them too, in ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, the MUSLIM WORLD, and beyond, and it applies specifically to them oversea (outside of USA), and these Blacks like to pretend that it’s funny and like they’re making fun of American Blacks. This is what annoys the ADOS community, that these other Blacks are not on code given THEIR own histories and battles with people who hate them just for their African features. They close their eyes when it happened/happens back in their own countries! Look at it demonstrated on Irish TV, against those African Blacks. These non-African American Blacks are clowned the world over, and allow themselves to be racially shamed in colonial countries, this is why they cannot relate to ADOS struggle, they are openly mocked in the West, outside of America, because they’re not built like ADOS Blacks- and they’re MAD they are not feared like ADOS blacks are and don’t have the same levels of fight. African American fighting spirit even inspired whites from Ireland in their conflicts to force civil rights, and also Black Panther inspired Jews in Israel. That ADOS spirit is known the world over, yet nobody notes anything about any Blacks the world over and them gaining their freedom from enslavers and colonizers. This is because after colonizers raped the Africans the world over of all their resources and money, they colonizers just dumped these nations, from Brasil, to Haiti to Africa, the colonial powers deserted those places flat. If not for pressure by ADOS blacks and our progress, many of these Black nations would still be oppressed by colonizers! Why? Those non ADOS Blacks never hard courage to fight back. I realized that they are too afraid of anyone White, which is how we got us all into Slavery in the first place, but it still continues. That’s how you can have a video like that listing the stereotypes of Blacks from Africa that eat people, they’re so black nobody can see them at night, big black penis, they have no nutrition, etc., things we descendants of Slavery would NOT let fly! Here is what Whites in Europe and Africa think of Blacks in Africa, from their mouths. Again, why would these Blacks come here with their ignorance? You’d think they’d learn their lesson but no. When descendants of Slavery hear these stereotypes, we cringe, because we can relate, as Blacks, to how offensive this is- this respect does not happen, the other way around though, thus the problem. It’s gotten so bad that these Blacks are getting rich off of exploiting the negative stereotypes of Blacks, and pushing that back on the descendants of Slaves, for profit. Things like ShadeRoom, and other Black women gossip sites filled with garbage and destruction to ADOS Black life, are owned and pushed by non ADOS Blacks, who constantly push out negative ADOS stereotypes, powered and fueled mostly by ADOS females inappropriate, stereotypical behavior, unfortunately! Due to sisterhood propaganda blindness, these ADOS sheep think the owners of the anti-Black websites are themselves, and they’re not, so when they’re propagating and perpetuating negative Black stereotypes, they’re pushing negative African American stereotypes to the world, and getting rich in the process. It’s a secret invasion by Skrulls who are screwing up the progress of ADOS people and are making it so that white supremacy can return, because all of these Blacks are not on code, by not getting their Blackness on code! You cannot come to America and not be on code, as a Black, or you’ll get your “negro wake up call” quickly, by an American. You need to be on code, as Blacks, when you come to America, or you will find yourself left out to dry because the ADOS political power will not come your aid if you’re not on code. Those negroes need to go read “HOW EUROPE UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA” and get a goddamn clue!

Here is one non ADOS Black who is a descendant of slavery (Jamaican from UK). He used to talk poorly about African Americans until his white woman boss exploited him and gave him his Negro Wakeup Call! You see him now, he is FORCED to get on code, because he got played and exploited and embarrassed worldwide.

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Damn these folks were FOUL back then. White people in Blackface

The other stupid thing about that Nigerian woman in the video earlier, who listed sweet potatoes as slave food, is that Nigerians eat Sweet Potatoes too, it’s called “Sweet Potato Pottage”, my Nigerian ex ladies, and even buddies, have given me this, and that African woman doesn’t know this because she’s Americanized, thus doesn’t know anything about the people she claims she is from either. 🤦🏽‍♀️ She doesn’t have respect for ANYTHING BLACK, not even her own claimed heritage. When you’re modern Blacks, you don’t have to respect history, ADOS and non ADOS, just like I was seeing while in this exhibit, and you can make up revisionist history to feel better about yourself, to make your ego less hurt. True, she was not a slave sent over from Africa to serve white people, but her family remained enslaved in their own land, as her country, just like all the countries in sub-Saharan Africa, were colonized by the non-American White people! That’s the main problem, the Skrulls love to ignore history, because they want to envision a world where European descendants love them for a change, and always have loved them, so they make up revisionist history as a coping mechanism. That Nigerian lady from the video is clearly ignorant of how Nigeria was colonized by Europeans, and even today you have their non ADOS Blacks there bleaching their skins to try to be white and now wear fake hair wishing to be Europeans. ADOS Blacks don’t hate themselves, and praise white people so much, that we go and try to BLEACH OUR SKINS TO BE WHITER. Ask yourself, why aren’t most ADOS bleaching their skins when they were the only ones oppressed for 400 years by the worst European descendants, yet these proud people who are better that ADOS blacks, are bleaching their skins with no shame? WHERE IS THEIR PRIDE they claim to have so much of? This is the backbone of the problem ADOS have with them, where is their pride for being Blacks? These people from all around the world, that had a minor brush with colonization or occupation by Europeans, love and openly promote trying to get white skin, by any means necessary, like in India. Or like all through Asian, they’re trying to cut their eyes out to try to look more like white people. They didn’t go through slavery by Europeans and they all fall easily! Nobody is inspired by these groups, due to this. ADOS is the only group who still fight against this mental warfare to bow down to white supremacy, which is why we are hated and admired the world over, as I shared in the articles earlier, AND we don’t need to resort to terrorism with bombs to make a point either! That makes these other people HATE ADOS and any signs pointing out ADOS resilience to hate, for more than 4 centuries, is what these people hate seeing and hearing about, them not being ADOS Blacks and having zero American History contribution. For so many who pride themselves on not being former slaves, some folks didn’t decide to declare themselves independent of British rule until 1960, also inspired by ADOS civil rights movements! EVERYONE’S MOVEMENTS in current days is inspired by ADOS Civil Rights. Non ADOS Blacks are so off code they don’t even bother to do their research to know that even Africans were involved in US Civil Rights, because they knew we are in the same boat when you get to USA soil! ADOS Blacks went to African after the 1930s to influence Blacks to get away from British rule. YES, you’d not have the independence from Europeans if not for inspiration and influence from ADOS Blacks on Africans. It’s documented! This was ALL OVER AFRICA too! MLK inspired Ghana to get free in 1957, and the world had eyes on American since 1954, the start of Civil Rights. ADOS influence did this! So for all those slow non ADOS Blacks, as soon as slavery was over in the USA, Britain, who was trying to get everyone out of the slave trade, decides to heavily focus on enslaving those African nations right where they stood. Slavery in the USA was over in 1865, and Britain took over Nigeria in 1851 then annexed it in 1865! For almost 100 years, British ruled Nigeria and a less than 1 year later, after declaring independence, Nigerians went on a slaughtering spree of each other in Nigeria, in classic ethnic cleansing form of the Hausas vs the Ibgo Blacks of Nigeria that lead to a million people be killed in that 3 year Civil War, right after gaining their “freedom” from Europeans. The irony here is that these were the same Blacks who sold other Blacks into slavery, the Dahomey, THEY WERE NIGERIAN (in today’s geography)! This group copycatted the Arabs/Muslims who were capturing and selling Blacks into slavery before them, for centuries. These West Africans didn’t see any shame in selling slaves to the Portuguese which kicked off the Trans Atlantic Slave trade, as they had zero pride, they only cared about money. The country has had a lot of self hate history that continued well into the 90s and it shaped a lot of people, and many rejected being “Black”. So this Nigerian woman is bragging that her family were never slaves, so she’s proud her people got to do the selling of their own people to White people, but conveniently forgot how they were colonized and turned on each other and have a lot of self hate for that history. Africans have been scattered all about Africa so many of them also don’t know their grand parents and great grandparents thanks to displacement by Europeans. This same issue was duplicated in almost every African country with Blacks in it, and that’s why Arabs hate being associated with sub-saharan Blacks, the negative stereotypes those African Blacks have is worldwide- and THIS is what most of them are trying to run from! Now you can understand that when Kevin Hart, the comedian, went to Egypt, Africa, and tried to associate himself with them under the banner of shared African heritage- which those Egyptians immediately rejected when Hart called them “BLACK”. 🤡 Hart is a typical ignorant ADOS Black who doesn’t understand that hatred that most Africans have for ADOS and African Blacks!!!! Those people don’t want to be called BLACK they HATE Blacks due to the Blacks they know if Africa! They hate anything Black. So much so they wanted to kill and cancel Kevin Hart, in that order, just for calling them BLACK. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤡 You can get KILLED in Africa for calling someone a Black person, so put that into perspective when referring to Skrulls and their behavior. It is an OFFENSE to be seen as those people south of them, in the same continent! They’re so mad that Egypt is banning and suing Netflix for putting some half Black actress to play Cleopatra because they claim she is supposed to be “light skinned” and “not Black”. They have a completely different definition of what being light skinned means because the lady playing the role IS light skinned to us in the USA. What the Egyptians really mean is they want a WHITE Cleopatra, not a tanned skinned woman to play her, or at least someone racially ambiguous enough that you can’t tell they’re Black. This issue angers many in that world, as the story is even reported in Greek Websites. 🤣 They do not want to be associated with anything BLACK of African south of them!! Africans, all over Africa, hate BLACKS and/or hate being BLACK and feel superior to Blacks, similar to what they think it means to be Eurocentric. There are many articles of Africans trying to imitate white people and pretend to be white people, and to do that, they must hate Blacks are part of their main mission, as documented here with anti-Blackness. Many clear events of oppression happened to Africans, but they like to pretend none of it happened, because these people don’t want to be seen as inferior to white people, despite being oppressed in their own countries, by many of the European nations! THIS is why they hate being “Black” so much. Many of those non ADOS Blacks from Africa also seem to forget that Africa had Apartheid from 1948 to 1994, and many African Americans put pressure on AMERICAN COMPANIES to get out of there and stop support those places, in the first CANCELATIONS that were effective back then! Black RAP had a whole run paying homage to Africa and look how they do us today. See, short memory spans when it’s convenient. USA didn’t care! So African Americans had to step in to get change when Ronald Regan said he didn’t care, and conscious rap took up the cause to bring awareness to educate African Americans on the atrocities in Africa. Rap had a whole Pro African vibe, until they started seeing how Africans were behaving towards African Americans, and that support dried up QUICK! ADOS Blacks started to notice a lack of willingness to be associated with ADOS Blacks! That’s why you have people like British Blacks invading Hollywood, coming to America and complaining that they only get roles where they’re Black characters, as these actors are African, making these complaints in the USA! Black Brits don’t want to be seen as Black because they’re all from the African nations I just mentioned. They hate remembering what was done to them, by Europeans and hate hot the Arabs hate them for being Black, so these Blacks hate being labeled BLACK! Now you can understand why that clown Idris Elba says he hates that people don’t want to accept that he doesn’t want anyone associating him with being Black. Now, you can understand why those non African Americans, those non ADOS Blacks, don’t care for the American Black history and its significance here in America, which was on display in the Normal Rockwell museum! Those non ADOS people are too busy trying to escape how they’re seen worldwide, and bring that animosity to USA with them- which is why they’re being brought to USA, to help with racism denial and erasure of America’s brutal history towards minorities. Why are these folks not on code today? Because you can be bought without the need for an auction block. Oh and Britain’s Prime Minister is Asian and you can hear him here, telling Blacks that they will NOT get any reparations and Britain will not apologize for slavery and colonization, when asked by a UK Black. And right behind him, nodding her head in his denial of an apology, was some other UK Black nodding very hard and in compliance with him and fellow Indian, Suella Braverman, looking very disgusted at the talk. Non ADOS BLACKS ARE OFF CODE! Ask those UK Blacks she wants to deport if it’s getting through to their thick skulls yet! If you don’t stop white supremacy, they will go get more reinforcements from people you thought were on your side like ADOS through YOU non ADOS Blacks were on theirs. You will see that racist Vivek Ramaswamy and Suella Braverman are reading from the EXACT same playbooks of white supremacy even though they’re from different countries. How is that POSSIBLE unless they’re trained in it and benefit from being puppets who parrot racist talking points? Both are claiming to push be more forceful against people they don’t like and as Vivek guy claims, go further than Trump ever did with his hate! Knowing he isn’t going to win, why push this hateful message publicly? 😳 The quote below summarize Braverman:

“In a way, that allows her to say what some Conservative MPs would think of as the unsayable.”

Braverman has railed against what she calls an “invasion” of migrants, holding “values which are at odds with our country” – and suggested she would break international law to deport them from Britain.

And she is an equally furious culture warrior, borrowing rhetoric from the American right when lambasting “woke” culture, transgender rights and climate protesters.

“She’s recognized that in the current political climate, her way of creating an impact… (is) positioning herself as a Trump tribute act,” migration policy expert and campaigner Zoe Gardner told CNN.
Cream of wheat ADOS
Cream of Wheat

To highlight that point I just made, look at TV and Movies. White people own all the Hollywood and are in key positions to determine what/who gets on TV. So, when there needs to be a Black actor to portray some role, today, they keep going and get just any old negro with dark skin and really AFRICAN looking features. Now that’ cool, until you hear these non ADOS Blacks get off code, and they’re used to substitute ADOS Blacks, but ADOS black are looking at these other Blacks and we can SEE they’re not us. We’re all just Blacks to everyone else, but we see this swap out and don’t like it when people are not ON CODE. What do I mean? Watch “your Honor” on Showtime, they have some African guy pretending to be a Louisiana Thug and he doesn’t have the lingo and the guy is using a fake 1970s Black man deep voice. Nobody talks like that today! And half those Blacks are also not from the USA, including that same Black Brit they put in The Last of US TV Show. 🤦🏾 British actors like Daniel Kaluuya hate that they only get roles designed for Black people, he said as much. Recently, now we have Idris Elba complaining that he hates being seen as a Black actor. These are both BRITISH Blacks, who have a completely different existence and must come to the USA because Brits don’t allow them to be successful where they came from, in UK!! If their skin color didn’t matter, why aren’t they successful where they were? Why are they HERE in the USA now saying they want to not be Black? These are ungrateful Blacks who have all this opportunity and are not happy because they’re getting jobs like ADOS Blacks get. They’re mad that America is treating them like the ADOS Blacks they believe they’re better than. 🤣 Why not go to UK and tell them stop treating them like BLACKS, and to give them jobs OVER THERE, or are they running from a problem in UK that they don’t want to face there? 🤔 Why don’t they know it’s WORSE in the USA and why come here if you’re going to complain that you want to opt out of racism when that’s America’s favorite sport? Why come to the USA and start talking that stupidity, and think they’re better than ADOS people, more importantly? That’s the part that gets me, lack of solidarity and lack of being on code and trying to pretend like they don’t see racism, meanwhile they’re mad at ADOS Blacks because many white people hate everyone who looks Black in general. It must be how I felt when I went to northern Africa and got hate for being mistaken for being a sub saharan Black African- which I didn’t like. I didn’t like being hated because those Africans hated the Blacks in Africa. See, these new Blacks coming to the USA, who don’t respect this country, don’t understand that we have a CENSUS BUREAU, and it requires RACE as a field. Race is baked into the American system, the country was founded on race and it’s not going to go away despite the attempts to being in all these new Blacks to erase history because the American government knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about here, today!  This is a strategy! And what I’m going to say here is something we here, descendants of Slaves, know of these other Blacks who come here and don’t care to get a lay of the land. Samuel L. Jackson made the comment about British actors getting all these race baiting film jobs but said they even understand the gravity of the issues being presented in the movies they are in. Jackson said “I tend to wonder what Get Out would have been with an American brother who really feels that.” Jackson has a huge point that many ADOS Blacks know and only say privately, but it needs to be a discussion out in the forefront. Personally, I’ve see many forms of these other Blacks not getting the point of what’s going on in USA, and in fact, they don’t care! In fact, Kaluuya is famous for getting mad that he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into stereotypical “BLACK” roles and how everything has to keep being about RACE when he takes roles that were made for African Americans. So why would such a person, who doesn’t want to talk about race, have the best work he’s done to date, all about RACE (e.g., Get Out, Jesus and the Judas, Queen and Slim, Black Panther)???? These new Negros, boy, I’ll tell you. It’s hard to get roles as it is, they come and take all the roles they keep whining about having to play that Americans will easily take, and they’re mad that they’re not getting race-agnostic roles, which white control casting for largely. They take the roles of stereotypical NEGROES and then get mad when that’s all they’re getting jobs for- yes DUMMY, same issue ADOS Blacks complain about which is why these non-ADOS Blacks are getting the jobs, to NOT HEAR THEM COMPLAIN ABOUT THE STEREOTYPICAL BLACK ROLES!!! So now, here you have these non-ADOS Blacks making the same complaints about the characters they’re portraying??! What a bunch of goddamn CLOWNS! 🤡 Luckily, John Boyega, another African Brit (young) also taking all the jobs, at least addressed Elba and set him straight.  See, Boyega was someone who wasn’t afraid to speak on exactly what I am saying here, which is that Hollywood pays these other Blacks to shut up and act, so they stay silent and continue to get used for why they were brought in, in the first place. He is a REAL BLACK, who knows to get on code when you come to the USA, and it’s likely why nobody will complain when they replace the last American Black like Jonathan Majors in all films, after his latest hangup. Speaking of Majors, he’s accused of physically abusing a woman, and is losing his career due to it; however, Ezra Miller is white and abused many people with his proven, yet he isn’t losing his career and studios still back him. Johnny Dept is white and abused Amber Heard, allegedly, he’s back to work and loved again, why isn’t his career over? Trump has MANY SEXUAL allegations and court cases, including (g)rape of a minor, and yet he can still run for President and is immune to worse assaults on women. How is this possible without white supremacy? How are white people outraged to destroy the Black actor but not anyone white with worse cases against them? How else can you explain this except for white supremacy!? To allow Trump to get away with alleged (g)rape of a child? These feminists are SILENT? The news isn’t doing a great job covering this? Jonathan Majors’ case got constant attention and he’s only acting in a movie, pretending to be a psychopath who wants to be the leader of the free world and is not actually the psychopath who was and wants to be the leader of the free world (Trump). 🤔 The other problems is Blacks are not on code and should have pointed this out publicly, but they’re too scared to or don’t care. This is a huge violation of Majors, who lost everything before he was even convicted, yet these others continue on like nothing ever happened and nobody is pulling any opportunities away from them! Blacks should have been on code to express outrage, and it did not happen, which means the next time, white supremacy will execute another Black, as they did Majors, and there will not be outrage. That was a major FAIL, why, because hollywood is going to go get one of those Black Brits to replace him- watch, it will happen! Boyega knows that if you get on code, you will get all the Blacks and the woke white people on your side, and make ZERO enemies, and ride that to the best possible success. It’s amazing to see YOUNG Africans Brits understanding what they’re up against when they come here, as opposed to these older Africans and African Brits. They all claimed they didn’t have that in Britain, and that shows how ignorant many of them are because racism 100% exists in Britain. The Blacks there just accept it like it’s every day happening. 🤦🏾 Newsflash, you dumb morons, the United Nations even recognizes that UK is just as racist and has racism BUILT into its structure. It’s in many publications, it was published in 2023, it’s CURRENT! How is it that these non ADOS blacks are able to pretend like it does exist though? That’s the problem I’m talking about, and that is why they are a huge problem to racial progress in America, especially when they’re in full denial of all mentioned in that UN writeup- oh, the UNITED NATIONS doesn’t know about racism in the UK, right? Right. It’s clear hate these non ADOS have for ADOS that is making them do this, who will do anything to get money and be in good graces with white people. That’s never gotten anyone respect, but let them keep trying. They think they’re escaping it in UK by coming to USA. 🤡 And about the US Census and race, they’re now considering getting more specific about the types of BLACKS and they too want ADOS Blacks to be separated from the other Blacks, as the US Census is considering adding a specific identifier to the Census to have people state whether they are an American Descendant of Slavery or not! You can read that HERE. Yes, RACE is a HUGE deal in the USA and the US needs to know who is who to target for whatever future endeavors! Personally, it’s good for ADOS because it will help for any claims for reparations!

Blacks ADOS
Egbert Austin “Bert” Williams was a black putting on Blackface acts

It used to be that when there is a race agnostic role, or a re-imagined white role, it normally goes to a Black British Actor, 90% of the time, which is an observation that seasoned Black Actors mentioned. Now, they take all the ADOS roles too, which they’re not connected to historically. ADOS hates seeing these actors speak their real accents in interviews only to find out they’re not ADOS Black, it’s a smack in the face. In fact, most of the Black actors you see in all of the Disney leads, and HBO, they’re Brits doing American Blacks imposter acting. All those overly progressive companies are the worst people for ADOS Blacks! 12 Years a Slave, that’s staring a Black Brit! So, the connection to the role, that’s what we here, the descendants of Slaves, are checking for, while we watch these other Blacks act masterfully, we wonder, why do this when there is no connection to the role, it’s not your people’s history! This is why Chadwick Boseman got so many roles and did so well, he was American and the audience wanting to know the story is mainly American Blacks! I think that only American Blacks in anything Marvel… IS Anthony Mackey, and the other Black, Chadwick Boseman, died! The rest are all Britain’s Blacks, and what happens in USA? Hollywood gets some weak mixed race or weak ADOS token to put out nothing but thug and slavery shows/movies, and the same non ADOS blacks who are tired of having to play ADOS Blacks, are the first ones taking the acting jobs in all these re-imagination of slavery acting jobs. The same people against all this retelling of ADOS struggles are the same ones taking all these acting jobs with people profit from peddling RACE-BASED stupidity, like that from Jordan Peele! Real Black people don’t want our history lied about or joked about, but a skrull doesn’t care and will take any job like this, because they don’t care about Black History being falsely interpreted to lighten the reality of slavery – which is why people say all the time that “slavery is so embellished” because they see it watered down on stupid TV shows and think TV is the true retelling of slavery. I refuse to see “Slave movies” because all they do is embellish slavery to be lighter than it was and with white saviors.” So, if you have exhibits like this Jim Crow era, idiots cannot process that reality that happened, and would rather go with the fake news from Hollywood to not criminalize the oppressors of the time. Nobody is here to play games romanticizing garbage for such a terrible period in American history for ADOS Blacks! You think anyone would allow this stupidity to tell stories about the Holocaust? NEVER! When someone else tells your Black narratives, you’re all just a bunch of throwaway NINJAS to them so they don’t give a damn where you come from. 90% of the shows on HBO, DISNEY and SHOWTIME are with Blacks from Britain pretending to be Blacks from the USA! Where are their own stories? Did they or do they not do anything worthy of a show? That’s what pisses non ADOS Blacks off, that they don’t have anything people from USA want to watch and they have to pretend to be ADOS Blacks to get any notoriety. Hollywood likes to get any old NINJAS who will do when the narrative is told by non-Blacks writers/directors, using substitute Blacks so that they don’t get any “woke” pushback from these blacks. It works most times though, but not with ADOS Blacks. That’s like Americans used to do when non-Asians used to play stereotypical Asians in movies, which STILL happens to Asians and they are only now learning and getting pissed, because the young are more aware than old people who are likely to hide from polite society and just taking the daily insults- which is why they’re getting violated right now, because people think they won’t complaint if violated! However, if you let yourself be seen in negative lights in TV and Media, then citizens watching it will be copying that, and will disrespect you like the directors, producers and writers are delivering as the message, using these non ADOS Blacks are tokens and using their image as fake ADOS co-signing of those stupid messages they put out. Even back in the days, Gone With The Wind creators decided that they should remove the explicitly racist pro-slavery scenes from the movie, and the purely romanticized part that we all know of, that’s all we got to see. The ORIGINAL did have many blatant realities of slavery written into it, it was proven using the original script and those scenes were cut out! People felt a certain way about this portrayal and it just didn’t get the kind of Blacks they wanted to watch. They did this with WATCHMEN too, annoying, another thing with non-Black creators trying to empower Blacks, especially Black females, with a backdrop of racism! That’s NOT the way you empower people, it uses hate to empower people- then you wonder why SO MANY young Black women keep bursting out into racial tirades in public just like Karens. Lovecraft featured Jonathan Majors romanticizing Jim Crow slavery while praising a KNOWN RACISTS’ WORK – yes, LOVECRAFT COUNTRY is created by the know racist and anti-semite, H.P. Lovecraft. Who would green-light this garbage? No wonder it was canceled, after people realized this was making the estate of a racist really rich while having dumb ADOS Blacks think they’re acting in a Black empowering show that kills racists. DUMB!!! So America will just get non ADOS to play these roles and expect no pushback, but the whole time, that show was playing ADOS like dummies. Woke people found out about that show and wanted it canceled. Non ADOS blacks don’t like to watch such shows. They don’t want to see anything slavery related and think slavery is over blown. They hate ADOS people demanding reparations for slavery too! Why? Because they aren’t getting any money if is given out. These non ADOS Blacks side with white racists who feel that America does now owe ADOS Blacks reparations! See, they’re not on code, and they are undoing all progress ADOS has made. Except now, all of those same people are lining up for free reparations money now that people are talking about reparations by UK, ONLY because they hear American descendants of slaves talking about getting reparations and those people are waking up realizing “oh wait, that is a history of racism that profited off of my people’s demise”.  I thought we were supposed to get over slavery and oppression since “the past is the past, let’s forget it and move on”. So why are these non ADOS Blacks hating on ADOS Blacks about reparations when they’re demanding reparations over in Africa now too? Pot calling the kettle Black. So will they call those Africans back in Africa lazy for asking for reparations?🤦🏾

Blacks ADOS
Non-African Americans saw this sign and did a “U” turn.

There is a lot of Blacks hiding from, or avoid of, having to see/hear anything about American Blacks’ histories, in our communities. That’s why I was inspecting all of the Blacks I saw looking around in this exhibit at the Normal Rockwell Museum, to see if they would even go into the damn exhibit, keep in mind, this was a limited time event, and it changes all the time. I was talking to one of my (white) acquaintances, outside of the exhibit entrance, waiting for another to join me. I took a phone call while waiting, and walked a few feet away, and then began to do some texting while I sat on the bench. My buddy was there standing at the entrance still, so I guess he looked alone. He was approached by a father of an African family- I recognized the Western African accent. The African male starts “hey, can you tell me what this is all about” flailing his hand/arm gesturing towards the exhibit poster and entrance, as if to say, “this garbage”. He was trying to show solidarity with what he thinks all white people are, racists. Seriously, they do this all the time to white people and my friends HATE when these non ADOS Black say some anti-Black stupidity in order to try to bond with white people, because my friends are not racists! They do that and try to highlight how they are harder workers than ADOS Blacks. That’s all they do all day to try to promote themselves and it’s offensive to white people. So, my buddy tells him it’s about “artwork, and adverts used in commercials, and how racialized a lot of American adverts and comics were, in the Jim Crow era, primarily”.  I’ll never forget what this African said…  “the what? Who is Jim Crow?” My white buddy explains what it is and the African goes “Why is everything race with… these people? We just want to work! Why do they have to keep bringing up race ever time? There is no racism, it is over why keep talking about it, go get a job. I don’t care for this. Work harder!” My white friend turned to look at me, to see if I heard that, then back at like guy in complete disbelief. I could see my white friend’s head about to explode in confusion (he’s an old guy) and before he said something dumb like “but you’re Black” which I know he wanted to say, but realized that would be wrong, he goes “But … wait,…” {pause, composed, reframed} “you think…” {pause, composed, reframed} “…these people?” making no send while questioning the African to find out who he is referencing when saying “these people”. It was hilarious to hear! That AFRICAN SAYS “the Blacks. They always complain about racism, they create the racism and are lazy!” The African went back to his family, said something in their language and they were all disgusted, so they turned around and went to another part of the museum. My buddy asked what that guy’s deal was, and I let him know we are not the same and they cannot relate to American History. He was offended by that bonding attempt by the African, coming in with an anti ADOS Black approach. This white guy couldn’t believe that non ADOS Blacks wouldn’t want to see such things in the museum, when he himself came from the mid-west and wanted to see this stuff, although he isn’t Black. He though all Blacks in the country should want to see this to understand the country and relate better, but he didn’t understand that many other foreigners don’t care either so these people shouldn’t been required to know it either. He was just thinking it would be advantageous to know Black History and bond to strengthen the Black position in USA, and I get that, but he didn’t understand non ADOS Blacks at all! I had to break the truth to him, that I knew those people weren’t interested, and slaves are beneath these Africans, and they surely don’t want to be mistaken for African American in any way possible, so they skipped it because the images of Blacks in the exhibit, more resemble AFRICANS that actual African Americans you see today, as most African Americans you see today have been cross-bred with whites and others and we don’t look exactly like Africans- which most white people can’t tell the difference about anyway. Blacks, we know! We see it in the shows, like I mentioned earlier, and hate when others can’t see the different. I guess that’s how when Asians get mad when you mistake one group for another Asian group. I guess, like Asians, these non ADOS black folks are going to get their rude awakening soon though.

Blacks ADOS
Norman Rockwell Museum ADOS
This was in a safe, modern Black art area, so Blacks ran to this area to be relieved from the torture of Jim Crow era adverts. Black women posed here with their kids.

I continued to go through the exhibit, and to observe the other Blacks, to see how uncomfortable they were with the exhibit, and I was floored when I saw how uncomfortable these other Blacks were, with what they were seeing, versus how Whites were taking in the information, because I could tell when Blacks were embarrassed, as opposed to appalled by what they were looking at. These Blacks were ALL embarrassed, uncomfortable, or detached. They didn’t even bother to read the write-ups on the posters and adverts, when they would see whites’ approach, they would quickly leave that section they were in. I saw them only interested when they went to observe what all the white people were looking at and discussing. 🤦🏾 I was going around trying to record this so other could see how they were acting, these Blacks were very nervous to be seen in the same light as the images being cast back at them, in the form of adverts that the Blacks of the past has to see daily. That to me, that highlighted, perfectly, the SHAME people of the past must have felt, seeing themselves depicted in cartoonishly buffoon fashion in most of the things seen there. I mean just about every negative stereotype of Blacks, in advertisement from those 1800s to 1900s, was represented in print/physical form, and these new Blacks could not handle seeing it and seeing white people looking at them while viewing it. The non-ADOS Blacks ALL got the hell out of there when white people came near them while they were looking at negative caricatures of Blacks. It was funny, but it was extremely shameful to see them cut and run. If no white people were uncomfortable, then no Blacks should have been either, but you can’t tell that to Blacks today, coming in from all over the world posing as African Americans. So, when I did spot the African Americans, you know my tell-tale sign that they were African Americans, Afro-Latins, Afro-Caribbeans? They didn’t RUN when white people came around and engaged me in talk. That’s pretty much when I jotted down that I need to write a blog entry about this, because I joked with them about what I was seeing and then they started seeing it themselves and we laughed! One Black guy I met there (Simon) was all the way on the other side of the museum and came back to me laughing off that he saw 2 couples doing that. We laughed so much, and he told me that he saw a lot of solo Black women doing exactly that, running away when white people came so that whites wouldn’t equate these Blacks to the Blacks being depicted as slaves and servants/subservient people. They didn’t want to be seen as an inferior woman who couldn’t afford expensive handbags with a credit card. There were MANY “mammy” images of Black women, and one could see how demeaning it would be for a woman who has no idea about ADOS history, to see that stuff for the first time and not know how to process it. This is what we were seeing, people seeing this information and not knowing how to process it other than with shame, and maybe a little confused hate. Simon and I were happy so many white people came to see it, because that showed that people were coming to grips with the history and processed it like it is supposed to be, historic context we have moved past but is something that helps you recognize the progress we’ve made, as a society. To process it outside of this context would be to miss the point of it being in an exhibit in the first place. It’s history and unfortunately, American’s history is marred by racism, brutality and colonialism that was much more harsh than other European nations. The same Black woman who ran from the Jim Crow era work, she was all up on the modern art pieces in a different area he just came from, taking selfies with the “safe” Black art depictions. 🤣 Simon initially couldn’t piece together what he was seeing until I pointed it out, but then we stood in an area where we could see the entrance to the area that people were ashamed of but also the area to where the modern Black art was, and we observed how people acted. The Blacks had to come into the entrance where the uncomfortable post-slavery art was, in order to make it to where the modern art was, and we noticed the huge change in mannerisms. Most Blacks rushed through the post-slavery advert art that was racially motivated, as quickly as possible, just like I said they would, and when they got to the modern art, which was about empowerment, and George Floyd and all that stuff, then you see they were more at ease, didn’t run from white people in the area, that art, they were comfortable seeing seen around. These Blacks were proud to stand around the artwork to celebrate a dead drug addict thief who robbed Latina in an armed robbery, but who died (unfairly) at the hands of cops; a guy who was a mascot for the Black sisterhood propaganda to profits for themselves only. 👏🏼 We noticed no Blacks were taking pics of anything in the Jim Crow area of the museum, that they just flew through quickly, but they surely had the cameras and phones out in the George Floyd and Black women empowerment art area, they weren’t going to miss that. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Lil Sambo ADOS
Little Black Sambo was first an Indian publication made by a Scottish woman that went viral. In USA it was racist.

I mentioned that many of these non-ADOS Blacks spent decades talking crap about how African Americans are hung upon race and slavery and they want to hear no more of it. You want to tell me why all of these same non-African American Blacks are all piling on to UK to try to force them to pay reparations to them now? Isn’t the Blacks calling the kettle Blacks? Are they lazy like ADOS Blacks, or do they want their reparations like other ethnic groups got? US gave reparations to Japanese just for putting them in jail, but won’t give marginalized ADOS reparations? Colonizers should pay reparations for exploiting slaves because Slavery was disgusting. Of course, if you have privilege in the USA and it stems from racist origins on the country, you will not want to have that information get out about how your family was disgusting and racist, so they want to be Slavery Deniers. That’s what’s happening today, spreading of Slavery Denial by people who don’t want their family’s, or America’s, history to be harmed by the real history of the USA and the harsh reality for Slaves. As Blacks progress in the USA, many of them are chasing behind white people so much that they don’t want white people to seem them as former slaves either, and they are ADOS! Unfortunately, for Blacks, as we progress, as people, you’re just going to find more and more of these people who hate looking back at our history because they were not the winners of slavery. Their current egos can’t stand that the ancestors of current white people they date, marry, befriend, admire, could be slave owners- like Benedict Cumberbatch, or Ben Affleck, who tried to apply star power to suppress the news getting out that his family got rich off of slavery, although he went on a show to learn his history. Some people found they weren’t as white as they originally thought and are descendants of slaves, Joe Manganiello, from True Blood, who is white! I know he isn’t too pleased about that but will be lining up claiming to be African American, when reparations are handed out, trust that. The slave masters were raping slaves left and right, and we need to come to grips with this. It was sad to go through this place and see so many white people discussing how bad the times were, and talking about the history, but I tried to test some of these Blacks out by talking to them about what we were seeing and mostly dudes who came solo talked with me. The women (of color) I saw there, they didn’t want to converse about any of it, except for one Asian woman, when we were looking at the Asian racially offensive comics together. I didn’t know that had racist depictions of Asians in the exhibit, until she motioned me to check it out with her calling. She asked me “Can you believe this shyte?” I just said “What? ‘Never meet your heroes’ is finally sinking in with you now?” She was really pissed at the depictions. I shared with a few things from the Pacific Northwest and racism towards Asians, from other exhibits and tours I did out there, and she had no idea that Asians were the target of racial hatred by European descendants, EVER! They don’t teach their people this, so they don’t understand what’s going on today with Asian Hate, or how Harvard is being sued by Asians for discrimination, etc. It’s admitting that if you let Americans make you bow down to their supremacy, they WILL try to permanently put you in that role, because you allowed it. I started to observe that same thing I said about Blacks, with Asians. I stood back and watched to see if Asians would avoid the negative depictions of Asians at the exhibit, and most looked at the racist cartoons and quickly ran away too, putting their heads down as they scuffled away. They didn’t want to look at that, mostly older Asians, and these are people who don’t want to see themselves depicted this way because it represented a painful time for Asians and White relations and busts the myth that they are the most “model citizens” by polite society. The more I watched Asians in that exhibition section, I saw angry/confused/embarrassed faces, and then they got the hell out of there. They were looking the work of another art satirist named Rea Irvin, who was born in the 1800s and lived up to 1970s. The art tried to depict an Asian having to deal with a stereotypical fat American cowboy, the but depiction would be called racist, in today’s time. In fact, I’ll challenge you to find it online today, you will not, despite it not being created to offend. The Asian lady told me that they believe that racism for Asians only existed in the 1800s. 😣 We also saw the origin of the “Little Black Sambo” story which originated from a Scottish woman making a story about Indians from India, in a book, and that went worldwide as people copied her work and ultimately, a white person in the USA make Little Black Sambo out of the Indian black skinned character, and made it really racist. That book was on display there too! I pointed to how a lot of people were involved in Blackface, like Jews, who made it very profitable to do Blackface and took it around the world. Then I showed her how BLACK people were working for Jewish Blackface minstrel companies that were specializing in Blackface minstrel shows, and the Blacks would paint their faces in Blackface too, like Bert Williams, who deserted college as a Civil Engineer to go do Blackface. She was FLOORED! I pointed out to her how the non-ADOS Blacks were doing the same and BAM we watched it. Lol We talked about the origin of offensive racial words for all kinds of races, including Asians, because she asked me, and I told her because it was there in the art/commercials. She had NO IDEA! At least she didn’t run from what she was learning about how their people were done and was inspired to learn more. I piqued her interest after I told her about how a Critical Race Theory class would expose to her how USA did make many laws that were racially motivated, thus the system is influenced by race; and her people, Chinese people, who came in 1800s originally, would have been impacted by the racist US Government policy like the Chinese Exclusion Act which was an extension of the US Government racist policy the Geary Act. I sent her packing with some homework assignments, and took that number, we still chat currently- and her current man, he doesn’t want to hear ANY of that history or anything that America did to THEIR people. Hell, that white cop who broke into a Haitian’s apartment, drunk, and shot that Haitian because she thought he was robbing her in her apartment. She murdered him and what does that Haitian’s family do? They hug her in court, because they’re scared of white backlash in Texas. Muslims and Arabs don’t see racism either, then the get violated by even a President of the USA, and don’t know how to respond, because they were deniers. Indians, same thi ng, until they get VIOLATED by USA people! They need to get their folks ON CODE.
This foreign lady tries to STEAL a bike this Black youth purchased with his credit card. She then tried to use white supremacy and sisterhood propaganda power to scream for help to someone who would… LOOK OVER AND SEE A WHITE PERSON FROM SLAVIC COUNTRY SURROUNDED BY A BUNCH OF BLACK YOUTH. She was trying to use the optics of racism and bias to her favor, trying to use white supremacy to her favor, to get some MALE to come and force the Black off of the bike that SHE is trying to steal from the guy who paid and is taking the bike out now. This lady did not PAY and would not move to the AVAILABLE bike so she could pay, instead, because she’s BROKE, she tried to steal his bike he just paid and checked out. She signaled for the white guy to come over, he comes and tries to (carefully) get the Blacks to give her the bike the guy paid for! Amazing. He doesn’t tell that lady to get her OWN bike, and demands that Black guys give up their bike to this white slavic person. White supremacy! Then he tells the Blacks to reject the charge so this lady can get the bike she is trying to steal, when there are PLENTY OF AVAILABLE BIKES TO THE SIDE right to her left actually, which is DUMB! The Blacks don’t have any rights next to anyone white, that’s the implicit bias that so many act on, which made that guy say all he said. If the Black guys didn’t record this, they’d be in a MOUND of trouble! Also, you will see her suddenly fake crying and suddenly stop when she is caught red handed. This is DANGEROUS!
Chinese ADOS
Chinese depiction in art by Rea Irvin that you can’t find today anywhere likely because of wokeness

Let’s put some historical context to being off code, which is a genetic flaw that originate from Africa, and all African descendants are victims of, which is the “Crabs in a Barrel” mentality. I’ll give you the non ADOS Caribbean version of it, in famous moments that should have defined those Blacks, but white supremacy prevailed in the end due to crabs in a barrel disease of Blacks. During times of slavery, Jamaica had runaway slaves, called Maroons, some Muslims taken from Spain when Spain held Jamaica before British took over, and some were runaway British owned Slaves after British colonized, in 1655. So Jamaicans went from 1 colonizer to another These runaways escaped to mountains and mounted strong defense so they couldn’t be recaptured, and defeated Brits at every chance to recapture them. This was stuff of legends. Know why nobody wants to see a movie on them or talk about them today? See, the Maroons, after they established their freedom by escape and battle victories, decided that they couldn’t be beat by the Brits, and wouldn’t be recaptures, the decided to sign the treaty of 1739 with the British, which said if they found newly escaped slaves who tried to gain freedom by joining the brotherhood of the Maroons, that the Maroons WOULD RETURN THEM TO THE BRITISH ENSLAVERS. In many cases, their Maroon leader Kwadwo (Cudjoe) would even kill the runaway slaves! Maroons would not let those newly escaped slaves be protected and got so used to their free life that they didn’t want any other Blacks to be free like them! They were free, eating fresh food, doing whatever they wanted, and said to hell with those other Blacks who are enslaved! Jamaicans tell the story of these Maroons like they’re heroes to be praised, and they’re not, they’re COWARDS who should be burned! The reason they’re presented like heroes is because Jamaicans betray their own left and right, like crabs in a barrel, and if you are one of the few who makes it to success, it’s ok for you to abandon your own and now look down on them, letting them fend for themselves in the wilderness. They could have built up a really strong resistance, taken the Island back, and set up their own government. So what was the Maroons’ plan next? Well, to continue with their colonized mentality, of course, let the Brits continue their enslavement as long as they didn’t bother the Maroons. Real Jamaican pride there! So, that kind of stuff did not sit well with a couple of Blacks put in charge of other Blacks to work the lands, as in Jamaica, an overseer was a Jamaican put in place to sort the slaves, in a divide and conquer fashion. Brits has much more confidence in their slavery tactics of slaves, and gave them many more freedoms than did the Americans. Well, a famous overseer named TACKY had enough! Tacky was a Jamaican/African overseer who betrayed the British and mobilized enslaved Africans to fight the British, such as in the most notable 1760 Easter uprisings, known as Tacky’s War. TACKY IS THE JAMAICAN NAT TURNER! He went plantation to plantation murdering white slave masters and overseers and conquered Fort Haldane! Tacky wanted to make Jamaica the first Black Independent Nation, and didn’t like Blacks secluded and restricted to the mountains as were the Maroons, like Native Americans in the USA who couldn’t leave the reservation or they’d be killed. Those Maroons knew they were not free to roam Jamaica, despite bowing down to white supremacy as they did. Tacky took on the Brits in war, and was succeeding over and over, he knew military strategy like he was possessed by GOD or something, they could not beat this guy. So why was Jamaica still under British rule for 300 years and only got its liberation from Brits in 1962? Because the Maroons HELPED Jamaica stay status quo. The Maroons, just like Tacky, had the Brits beat and despite this, Maroons went and begged the white supremacists to have a treaty, rather than remove them from Jamaica, which was a full nod of the inferiority mindset to white supremacy! Also, Jamaica COULD have gone on the record for being the first independent Black nation, because Haiti didn’t claim that title until January 1, 1804, but instead of that, considering that that Maroons couldn’t leave their version of an Native American reservation, they wanted to get in good favor with white people to get more wiggle room. The Maroons turned out to be a bunch of crabs in a barrel traitors to enslaved Africans by siding with the British to go hunt down Tacky and kill anyone associated with him, to stop any duplicates from popping up after. They got Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe and 3-Finger Jack too, all resistance heroes. They beheaded Tacky to intimidate any slaves who dared repeat this. If you go to Jamaica, you’ll know of “Tacky’s Cave” aka “Tacky’s Fall,it’s a nod to the chase of his crew by Maroons! Jamaicans celebrates MAROONS not Tacky! Why? White supremacy mindsets by default, and this habit persists today! Maroons would have been free if they let Tacky continue to defeat Brits, and the treaty would have been nullified immediately. So they could have just stayed out of it if they were if they wanted to, but no, they were still slaves mentally so they joined Brits! Oh and Haiti, speaking of them, same thing. Jean-Jacques Dessalines had liberated Dominican Republic and Haiti from French white supremacist colonial powers, but the slave mentality white supremacy loving Blacks of that time didn’t want to be free and didn’t want to work to establish their country. Dessalines created the first economy for them and could have lead to a completely different fate for Haiti. So what happened? Jealous negroes Alexandre Pétion and Henri Christophe set him up and assassinated him. Then what? Haiti had and continues to have, ZERO SUCCESS as a country. First Independent Black nation that did, zero. 👏🏼 CRABS IN A BARREL and the Caribbean is FILLED with such failure throughout history because they and engrained with slave mentality and white supremacy, and America swore to ensure that Haiti starved to death as all the presidents wished for Haiti’s destruction- despite the fact that if it wasn’t for Haiti defeating Napoleon, American would be FRENCH CANADA right now. These folks will do anything to look good to white people, especially destroy all chances to help Blacks progress and it’s historic, it’s cultural norm, it’s current day habits we all see clearly in the USA. Non ADOS Black countries don’t do well because they hate themselves and crabs in a barrel mentality is why all of them are in the conditions they are in today.

So, today, it’s become one of my favorite activities to do, to go to things like museums and look to see which Blacks are avoiding ADOS history exhibits. I just came from a Hip Hop exhibit in NYC, celebrating Black and Latinos back in the 80s, who were all under the banner of Hip Hop. I could see who was ADOS or Latino who was from the USA and who was not. I saw quite a few Blacks looking and quickly skating through the exhibit not even looking at pictures of people from the 80s-90s. They can’t relate and don’t come from the lineage of people on display, in the exhibit! They just went because the white people with them dragged them there. The Blacks at that place didn’t care to be there, they were ashamed looking at the poor blacks, because everyone looks poor in the 80s, and people are too ashamed of how Blacks from American looked/dressed back then. And as always, the white people there were very interested in what they were seeing, they never knew what it looked like back then. I talked to one Black woman I saw, and did the experiment with her, because she was old enough to remember the 80s, and was born in the 80s, so she had a tie to it. She was a Jamaican who was born in the USA, her family was part of this experience! We saw many Caribbean Latinos come through, and they loved it, why? Many Puerto Ricans were in those pictures on display in the 80s Hip Hop scene! We saw 3 more Blacks who clearly didn’t like the depictions of Blacks back then, because it showed Blacks with busted down buildings in the backgrounds and everything, flipping on dirty mattresses- It was really poor back then, and these people ran when they saw white people coming to the exhibit, AGAIN!!!!  You at home, test this out next time you’re at a Black exhibit, you’ll see white people really into what they’re seeing, and you’ll see Blacks running when whites appear, so they don’t get associated with the poverty and images of the 80s. These new Blacks don’t respect ANYTHING about our history here in the Americas. That was never more so on display than with the Blacks at the Norman Rockwell museum, I never saw it so bad as I saw it during that trip, and those were some painful images to look at, because they clowned Blacks like crazy with big cartoon lips and weird poses. I have a beef with people trying to be willfully ignorant of issues that we all face, and yet these Blacks want to pretend that history hasn’t happened here, in the USA, and when they see/hear anything related to the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, these Blacks tune out immediately, and they don’t want to be associated with anything related to us descendants of Slaves, through the Americas. The exhibit was a huge hit for the city, and it was packed with non-Black people when I went there.

Normal Rockwell Museum
The top pic you can’t find anywhere. It was anti-Asian comics depicting manipulating an stereotypical Asian back in the 1800s with gunshots making them dance

Going to shows/events/museums like this will easily display what I’ve mentioned here today, where you’ll see many African descendants who also don’t want to be associated with Slavery, or the history of ADOS post slavery. They don’t know what Jim Crow is, they think that after slavery, slaves were just lazy. Never mind the fact that Blacks couldn’t even read or right because that was illegal until slavery was abolished, and they couldn’t get jobs, didn’t get the 40 acres and mule that they were proposed/promised, which would have brought economic prosperity and generational wealth. The Slavery Deniers claim that ADOS Blacks are lazy and what they regurgitate is American racist ideology, yet these are BLACK PEOPLE repeating the ignorance. There is a LOT of this today, and as more and more skrulls pose as ADOS, they repeat racist tropes to get a more favorable look by popular society. This is why these folks don’t know anything about American History that pertains to Blacks. You talk basic historical things like Civil Rights, and they don’t know what the hell I was talking about, because, as one Black woman told me, “that was those people’s fight back then, not us today so I don’t need to know about that!” An African American told me this, and I’ve heard quite a few other progressive Blacks, mostly women, say they don’t want to be associated with African American history. I’m not kidding, and you don’t have to be someone who goes and dates some white person to think like this. An example of this is THIS GUY, who says he doesn’t identify as Black even because race doesn’t exist to him! Kmele is an intelligent Jamaican American (non American descendents of slavery) raised by a single mother with a dad who was a playa and wasn’t around, and Kmele is married to a Black woman. He claims anything for ADOS is WOKE- just like Fox News talking points, which is why they invite him on that network so much, to say what white people cannot say without sounding racist. He is used for his Black skin to oppose anything ADOS, that’s how he makes all of his money. After listening to him for a while, I realized “oh yeah, he’s against anything Black liberal, on levels that anti-Black people are”. If you make ANY case for African Americans benefiting in ANY way, any way that even sounds liberal, this guy is AGAINST it immediately and will insult it. So, people think he is African American making his hateful comments against American Blacks’ issues in America, yet he is not qualified to speak on these issues as he doesn’t have a dog in the fight and no historic connection to African Americans and the issues!  So, why does he think he can say what he says against African Americans, why not just mind his business since he is NOT ADOS Black? Why do people who don’t like Blacks they can’t tame, like to use him to make anti-African American statements? Because, like Hollywood, any Black token you can get to push your racist message is good enough, because all Blacks are the same to these people and it’s not pushing white supremacy if you can get Blacks to say it for you. These people use the works of ADOS BLACK Thomas Sowell against Blacks (he was conservative), just like white supremacists do- and a lot of Sowell’s work has been debunked badly because a strictly economist view is disingenuous teaching such as there isn’t any discrimination behind Blacks not getting loans because if you have good credit/education/no jail record, they’ll just give you loan– but it’s proven many times this not true and immigrants can get loans for stores/homes without education and history. He claims America only reviews merit, which is dumb and makes excuses for white supremacy. Banks were sued and they LOST for clear and purpose discriminating on the basis of race against Blacks and Latinos! Sowell would say there is no discrimination in real estate, but there is a lot of racial discrimination proven and by independent studiers without any political leaning. The fact that Blacks get their home devalued when selling because of discrimination, Sowell’s theories are WRONG about completely as well. The thing racists key in on is saying Blacks copied many bad habits from degenerate whites. There is a lot of truth to SMALL POCKETS of people, who were stuck with white enslavers, but Blacks and whites were not hanging out enough for all Blacks to live like this, and if not all of America were slave owners, how could that propagate to all Blacks- more importantly, why didn’t Black crime like we know it only exist in recent time? So, a lot of his work is EASY to debunk, and any white supremacist who use his works clearly didn’t read his works, BECAUSE HE BLAMES WHITE PEOPLE FOR TERRIBLE BLACK CULTURAL HABITS- when really, the bad habits today are due to government intervention to destroyed the Black communities, and 1 of his top things I agree with it is just that, government intervention to rectify social ills causing unintended consequences- so he contradicts himself on two of the points that are his biggest talking points. Crime and divorce/lack of marriage only went crazy after the Civil Rights times in the 1960s!!! Black Marriage was the highest rate in the country, that completely fell off AFTER the 1960s, and when employment was a problem for Blacks. The consequence of unemployment, the world over, is crime! When government promoted baby mama culture, crime increased, you can see the reason for that HERE (and the only thing Sowell is right about is THAT Government intervention destroying things) which is why a lot of frustrated ADOS Black men latch on to Sowell, because baby mama culture critique is why they love Sowell, but they don’t know any other point he makes, and they don’t care, they just have proof for their hatred of Black women! Meanwhile, Sowell attacked the LEFT for destruction of marriage and family, which is true, but somehow, he just OMITS the Blacks are victims of this because again, he contradicts his white supremacy talking points. Even in the same period of time he says societal values decreased, which explains Blacks having a bad fate, he OMITS it on purpose, but Black culture behavior taking a hit. That’s 🤡 work by him! That’s NEW BEHAVIOR not something copied from Scottish/Irish/English poor people – which do these Nationalities support him when he is insulting their cultures? That they ignore but they key in on his other biggest FLAW in theory, that Blacks are to blame for their own poverty, that whites and racism and a racist infrastructure (which he says is real) is NOT to blame. Again, contradictory theories by this guy! To him, anyone and everyone can get out of poverty, which is not true and he’s dishonest. Sowell is flat out WRONG on his biggest point, and that’s not new data so he purposely mislead people there! So, we know today, he is flat out wrong about a lot, just like he was back 30 years ago, but today, non Black ADOS and white supremacists BOTH use Sowell’s talking points to push hatred about ADOS Blacks, and that’s why so many say “slavery was embellished” which is something they take from HIM. So they’re saying they’re not racist, they’re just repeating misinterpretations of Thomas Sowell, a BLACK who supported white supremacist talking points to get paid- get why they use him now, blame it on a Black who told them this? If people feel Dr. Umar Johnson is a race peddler for Black people, then so too is Thomas Sowell, for white people. What do those impoverished Africans and non ADOS descendants of Slaves from Caribbean, who copycat his words, have to say about themselves, in their own countries, with widespread poverty, murder, crime and corruption? Oh, suddenly his words don’t apply to them? Are they not lazy and incompetent? They don’t get WELFARE from the LEFT, so why do they have WORSE results than Black Americans? See, Sowell makes zero sense! Colonialism has long been over, what’s THEIR excuses?! Sowell had a quest to destroy ADOS Blacks to enrich himself, just like Kmele today, who also peddles disingenuous Sowell talking points. Kmele says “I don’t have Blacks, my wife is Black” but what he is preying on white people not knowing the divide between on ADOS Blacks and the other Blacks. It’s easy to put someone like Kmele in place being a Jamaican, a Haitian or just like it is to put an African in place to be anti ADOS and the white viewers will be non the wiser because they’re speaking like ADOS, dressing like ADOS, prospering on the progress of ADOS, they mimic ADOS like Skrulls when they’re in front of a Mic presenting themselves. There is a moron Canadian-Jamaican singer named Daniel Caesar who makes copycat ADOS Black music for a living (not Jamaican music), who tells ADOS Blacks to get over what angry whites have done to Blacks and let it go and to stop being LAZY. First, he defends a racist white lady who has a history of copycatting Black people but love to offend Blacks, especially Black women. The final proof, and straw that broke the bull’s back, was when went too far and posted, to social media, a shirt with wording “niggas lie a lot” and asked if she can wear it to a festival where there will be a bunch of Blacks in attendance. 😳 Now, any sane person would say that was a bad idea, even in jest most would not even SAY, but not Daniel Caesar. He defended that racist troll then says “Why are we being so mean to Julz? Why are we being so mean to white people right now? That’s a serious question. Why is it that we’re allowed to be disrespectful and rude to everybody else and when anybody returns any type of energy to us. That’s not equality. I don’t wanna be treated like I can’t take a joke”. Who makes jokes like that? Why not turn to her and tell her “don’t do that again!?” which he DID NOT DO AS A BLACK MALE!!! He is not ADOS and that’s he doesn’t stand up against racism, like most non ADOS Blacks don’t, which is why they have to try to come where ADOS Blacks have made racial progress to somewhat curb white supremacy, in order to find a life, since they can’t find it in their own countries where there isn’t any racism. Isn’t that ironic? What’s called BEING OFF CODE! That white lady wanted to gaslight Blacks, and here is another quote from this Black on allowing that white lady to do dumb white supremacy:

White people have been mean to us in the past, yeah, but what are you going to do about it? Tell me what you’re going to do about that? There’s no answer, other than creating and understanding and keeping it moving. You have to bridge that gap.

Canadian Jamaican Daniel Caesar –

You can read the full article HERE. Mind you, this guy is supposed to be a descendant of slavery from the Caribbean, but as you can see, as highlighted in this piece, he shows their mentality, as opposed to an ADOS Black’s mentality. Non ADOS Blacks think that you cannot check racists and shouldn’t let them know that what they’re doing is not respectful, and that you can’t do anything about it because you’re helpless, as a Black person, so you have to just laugh at it like a coon to “bridge the gap”. He doesn’t understand that telling white people to stop being racist is tell THEM how to bridge the gap with Blacks, instead, whites being racist is Blacks’ faults for responding to the racism and not ignoring it. 👏🏼 He perfectly highlights non ADOS Blacks’ mentalities and why white supremacy needs him and anyone like him! Coming from a non ADOS Black, that’s a NO NO- so much so that people came for his head and nobody wants to support his music, which is hurting his career still, as it should! He was NOT ON CODE and was thinking he would get more white supporters if he did this, and he FAILED, so much so that now is apologizing. Why is he apologizing? Because the DARED BLACK PEOPLE TO CANCEL HIM AFTER HIS SAID THIS, trying to show Blacks his dominance over them- so they did cancel him! You can’t make this stuff up! Oh, and he is only here apologizing because he is trying to sell a new album. Canceling him is ON CODE and more of it should happen! 🤡 He and Kmele have the same descendant of slavery history from the same Caribbean island, and it’s not mistake they think the same way, it’s what Blacks not from USA think! These clowns are trying their hardest to ignore racism, and history and Kmele does a really hard job trying to convince you that he is against being called Black, but he shares many many MANY stories related to how whites treated him like he is inferior because he was BLACK! Really smart guy, Kmele is, I like some of his work, but even his two white coworkers, who all go on Bill Maher’s show a lot, laugh at his anti-Black rhetoric, uncomfortably, because they don’t want to be cancelled. It’s not comical, it’s disrespectful because he’s not African American! He is NOT ADOS! Candace Owens, same things, race peddlers for white supremacy. Many like him make money being opposed to ADOS Blacks publicly, and all the conservative outlets allow him to speak against ADOS Blacks. That’s how being ANTI ADOS is big business and is mainstream. Can Black professional lawmakers ignore the racism when people are threatening to murder them with racist sentiments attached to the death threats? Do they just ignore the racists and don’t worry? Asians ignored racism and then white supremacy denies them access to higher education so that caucasian students can get in instead of them, despite Asians doing better academically. See what happens to you when you just IGNORE white supremacy? Then they know who is weak and who can be run over! When you don’t fight it, you will have COPS enforcing white supremacy to Blacks, like clearly proven here. The studies have been done, ADOS Blacks and other descendants of slaves students, who identify as BLACK, have low self esteem and white supremacy is hurting them. And now, right wing anti-Black talking points are infiltrating the Hip Hop community via non ADOS Blacks like Jamaican internet gaslighter Akademiks. It’s funny, how just like Marcus Garvey, also a Jamaica, Akademiks admires white supremacists. Just like Marcus Garvey, that’s going to have a catastrophic fate for him, ask Kanye West.

George Floyd ADOS
This was in a safe, modern Black art area, so Blacks ran to this area to be relieved from the torture of Jim Crow era adverts. Non ADOS Blacks stared at this for a while, but didn’t run, for some reason.

Garbage like Akademiks is too popular today. This is a programming that is spreading in American, it’s a white supremacy ideology that is continuing to spread but using non ADOS Blacks to spread the hatred- classic colonizer strategy as I mentioned with that non Black lady who is destroying the “Black ManosFEAR” pitting African Blacks against ADOS Blacks by telling them they’re better than ADOS Blacks, using that to empower those Africans. What Blacks would follow a white woman as their leader on how to be strong Black men? Well, that woman has convinced many Black boys that they should follow her. Why would anyone bow to her? It’s these non ADOS Blacks! That’s how colonizers work, use and empower the minority with this to rule over the majority and keep them from uniting, just like Germany and Belgium did the Tutsi minority over the Hutu’s and had them murder each other in typical African self hatred fashion as mentioned earlier. So all the non ADOS Blacks side with that lady to tell Black women that they are terrible, inferior women. Who does that? Another problem is people claiming to be ADOS Blacks, because their 1 Black parent ( normally some horny Black man) impregnated a non Black person, and then they get in show business. What do these mixed-race people do? They start insulting ADOS too. DojaCat is a fake ADOS rapper who made a song mocking ADOS victims of police brutality. There is proof of this! Another proof, she likes to hang out in alt-right racists which is also on video. She made anti Dark Skin Black comments too. She is a South African Black mixed with white person and thinks she gets a pass- but again non ADOS fake Blacks pretending to be ADOS, copycatting ADOS culture and then disrespect the ADOS experience! That’s what they do. Sabrina Claudio, a Cuban and Puerto Rican, made fake social media accounts with N1GGER in the name, to go around insulting ADOS Blacks with racist comments, on social media. The most famous mixed race ADOS Skrull today is Canadian rapper DRAKE, who’s father is a Jamaican, can be seen mocking ADOS people with Blackface! The Jim Crow mocking clothing Drake is wearing is by another non ADOS Canadian Black with a company called “TOO BLACK GUYS“. Canada has no history with ADOS Black history, so why are they poking fun at this? Canada has a huge racial problem and this is what those Blacks from there are focusing on, mocking racism towards ADOS? And popular mainstream bi-racial rapper Logic, went to get bring his fake-Black father on camera for marketing purposes to make a claim that he is Black, which is part of his marketing scheme, so he gets to hurl n-words at people. Then he brings his looking 90 year old father on video and drops n-words for him. How much respect was that to show his daddy, if his daddy was so much of a real Black? Disrespectful, but his Black father is a racial prop so that Logic can say n-word, and it’s shameful to exploit racial issues for profile like this but this is what these young morons are on today. That’s how DUMB these non ADOS Blacks are. White people in the USA wouldn’t even do this stuff non ADOS Blacks are doing, so why are they doing this? And why are they copycatting ADOS culture to make a living and doing this? Always getting by on ADOS achievements and yet hate. These are people indoctrinated into white supremacy and it’s a norm for them, around the world. That’s how bad white supremacy messaging is, it enables moron Blacks to enable it with the use of a white person pulling their strings, like this non ADOS Black male and his white wife, who created slavery themed wedding photos to mimic her being a white slave owner and him being an ADOS slave in 1842. Who wouldn’t think that was a STUPID idea? Only those who feel slavery “was over exaggerated” and “not as serious as it’s made seem”, as white supremacists believe. That white wife posted the capture with the photos “1842. Days passed and everything changed, our love got stronger and stronger, he was no longer a slave, he was part of the family,” 🤦🏾 This is the danger of these non ADOS Blacks not getting ON CODE, they’re normalizing white supremacy by making a mockery of ADOS ancestors during a mortifying era in American History! Knowing this, many people purposely market to create outrage to make sales, like the people and actors who participates in a slavery sex fetish play called “SLAVE PLAY“. What is the race and ethnicity of the creators who think this is funny? Someone more dedicated to his positively promoting his LGBTQ+ agenda than defending his Blacks ancestors, yeah it was a BLACK GUY selling his people out to get mainstream attention with a slavery sex fetish work, like all of this nasty man work that evolves around sex. Sell outs! Just like anyone who backed this garbage, and ironically enough, it was Black LGBTQ media outlets that were on standby to defend his garbage. ADOS Blacks were not pleased and wen to to get it shut down for it’s disgusting depiction of Black over-sexuality with a slavery theme, to the delight of mainly white audiences, night after night. The play was considered a huge success, by the way! 🤔 Yes, LGBT Blacks are also used in a tool against ADOS Blacks and there is great reward in do so! Many ADOS Blacks were NOT enthused. This is a common strategy LGBT Blacks do to get jobs in entertainment, like this guy, who proclaims his hate for Black people because he was teased in HS trying to make it look like it’s a common ADOS Black thing to do is be homophobic. This liar throws Black people under the bus for things that happen world wide and in the white community, but he decides to go tell his community his is most faithful to (LBGT whites) that Blacks are anti LGBT. 🤦🏽‍♀️ He gets attention towards him by saying “America is racist” but when he gets the attention on him, by white people, then he hits you with the REAL MESSAGE, and I quote from his words, was to bring attention to “The murders of Black trans women by Black men since 2016 have helped drive the most violent period for LGBTQ+ people on record. Just this past week, during the riots, during the peaceful protests,….by a gang of Black men while trying to peacefully protest for our rights.” While that is a horrible event, I don’t like that THIS is what he decided to make the CENTER of his hatred for Black men in general, but misdirected the audiences by making it look like he was combating some imaginary white people. Why did he have to even say that Black people did this, or white people did that? What he is doing, and has done, was to outline why he hates Black people, every time this clown speaks. He also LIED that that person got beat up in a protest, because that did not happen. This person was in a car accident, got into a fight, and got jumped by a gang- just like anyone else who this would have happened to by a gang if you get into beef with one of them. Why would this LGBT Black guy be OFF CODE like this to throw Black men under the bus? That’s a disservice to the LGBT people who were harmed, to use them to profit. He is an AGENT of white supremacy and his not brave enough to go into white communities and tell them about themselves, he is not against it. He’s hedging his bets on hate to see which profits him most. What he is doing is stealing from the Black Female LGBT strategist do, by using INTERSECTIONALITY to get white guilt (profit) for himself by casting hate on white society and heterosexual Black men, so he can profit from saying he is under attack by white people for being a Black and he is under attack by Blacks for being gay. He’s making up nonsense and the Black community is NOT anti-LGBT! He uses white supremacy pandering to target heterosexual Black men specifically, whom he knows is the direct target of white supremacy. His people were, and that’s wrong of him to go tell white people that Blacks are all a bunch of anti LGBT people so he can make money! OFF CODE! THIS is why that young Black LGBT guy, at the Hip Hop photo event who was there with his white partner, has the pattern of Black hate he loves to express freely to white people, because of people like Billy Porter telling them to hate heterosexual Blacks, pushing white supremacy self hate to Blacks! Imagine what happens when Blacks not under the monitor of cameras in a museum would do to him if they heard this kind of hate from someone like himself, for offending them. My family, and most families I knew, were not anti LGBT, and we have family who are from that lifestyle, nobody hated them, so I take offense to these LBGT off code Blacks pushing their nonsense message about Blacks, to white people and other LBGT Blacks. His target with this is to hook other Black LGBT men into this propaganda, meanwhile he didn’t even date other LBGT Black men! If you’re married to a white guy, I don’t want to hear you spearheading anti white sentiment at all! That’s how you KNOW he’s fake. This is why Don Lemon was fired from CNN, he is just like Porter, says the same things, and the liberals had enough of it, especially when they pull the race card! Someone had it out for Don Lemon, and didn’t like that he was correcting that Asian guest who was gaslighting him saying offensively, purposefully incorrect statements about racial history, and then making fun of Don Lemon saying he doesn’t know history of Civil War and Blacks. Well, they got him. Don’s shtick wasn’t combating white supremacy, he’s just used to say a bunch of disrespectful things to various white people, women, whoever he wanted, which is not the same thing. I can tell you, feminists wanted his head for saying a 51 year old Asian politician was ‘past her prime’, because it was in all the papers as the most inflammatory thing he could do ever, and only a feminist would make that issue so huge and say it’s misogyny. You know what though? Nobody said it was misandry when that same woman went around giving speeches that Trump and Biden were too old to be president though, few months ago too! Double Standard eh? THAT has a lot to do with his firing! He thought that LGBT protection works for him like his does for non Black people, and was hiding behind his LGBT protected status, but even that has white supremacy in tied to. So CNN canned Lemon for defending his ADOS Black history. That’s a negro wake up call if I ever heard of one. 🤦🏾 You don’t have any friends in white supremacy, it doesn’t matter what your sexual activities are, because you’re still BLACK.

Back in the days ADOS
Fotografiska: Hip Hop @ 50. The non ADOS Blacks, and LGBTQ Blacks in attendance were not interested, making fun of the people’s lives depicted in the photos, and really, they were being dragged by some non Black person who was fully interested in it.
Mammy ADOS
Mammy images were common to depict Black women

When Blacks are not on code, we call that “cooning”. Even when I worked with such people, other folks thought it was odd that other Blacks avoided me or I avoided them. I’ve seen it a LOT in my life, and I’d have non-Blacks who ask me “hey, you’re not friends with {insert that Black’s name here}? I never see you talk with them? What’s that all about?” when I’m at work, or at a function or on vacation. White people can’t understand we are not the same but notice the other Blacks aren’t on code. I find that I rarely connect to these pseudo successful Blacks, because they’re trying their HARDEST to not be associated with anything ADOS, for fear that non-Blacks will associate them with negative ADOS stereotypes, which would hurt their egos. In short, you have people who want to obscure/omit their Black skin, if they can, but since they can’t, the best they can do is to try to get White people to consider them as “the GOOD Blacks”, meaning that African Americans are the BAD Blacks. They do this a lot, and the problem is that you have annoying administrations like Biden’s admiration, putting these Blacks in positions they should not be in, because they have no connection nor shared agenda with African Americans, yet are being substituted in like they’re the Blacks that build the USA – and they’re NOT! A prime example of this is Vice-Garbage, Kamala Harris, who gets to pretend she’s Black, meanwhile she identifies as ASIAN on all her paperwork. After the dumb Blacks fell for voting for this so called Black, they quickly learned that she is not Black, she has many many many other agendas, that have nothing to do with Blacks and anything Black she doesn’t relate to. It’s mostly only the lovely ladies who fell for this garbage, and when they realized that they can play the sisterhood propaganda Blacks card, there was a mass exodus of Blacks from the Biden administration aka BLAXIT! Now, Kamala Harris is in Africa trying to combat Russia and Chinese influence over the country, and instead of offering them aide to help them economically, she’s telling them you better put more women and LGBTQ+ people into government. US didn’t care anything about those Blacks prior, but now are over there using the Skrull to control Blacks. She really hooked them by going to a “SLAVE CASTLE” there, to try to hook them with fake shared history of slavery, and to remind them that their forgotten ancestors were likely slaves, sold slaves, or relocated to Ghana from USA as former slaves. Kamal Harris has done NOTHING for American Blacks, so why would Africans follow her and the agenda? She knows they’ll do whatever she says if they want money. They know it’s effective to send a Black to manipulate them and if they want to come to the USA, they better bow to the agenda! The white house’s mission is “United States would provide more than $100 million to support stabilization in Ghana, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, and Togo, including at least $86 million over the next three years in support of the 10-year plan for implementing the U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability“- and by “U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability” that means those countries better empower women and LGBTQ+, as she mentions/eludes to, in her speeches there. She’s telling them, you better act right or we’ll let you starve, you’re not suitable. She’s copying the last fake Black token Skrull, President Obama, trying to rope them in playing up slavery as a shared history. The USA has a huge problem with immigration strategies of these non ADOS Blacks! You can’t import a bunch of people when the USA cares mainly about LGBTQ+ communities! So Kamala Harris has to go convert those non ADOS Blacks to tell them to be nicer to everyone except fellow Blacks! Now you know the reason USA is giving your tax money to Africans who don’t benefit the USA in any way with any foreign policy what so ever! They’re trying to replace ADOS Blacks with subservient non ADOS Blacks. See, one of the hidden secrets that ADOS knows is how behind in the times many non ADOS people are, about sexuality and gender, and that WILL be a losing strategy for Democrats pushing this in Africa, because it’s a really bad gamble not knowing that African cultures would more so align to Republican ideology (including the racist parts oddly enough) than Democratic policies. I can say, ADOS doesn’t want to be mistaken for people who make bills that make same sex relationships and ILLEGAL activity country wide, which is common in many African countries (such as Nigeria) to be anti LGBTQ+, and don’t want to be associated and seen as people who kidnap and (g)rape women, and don’t want to be internationally associated with scammers to steal old people’s money or scam people desperate for love, and places so terrible the US GOVERNMENT warns the world against going there, and a bunch of people who haven’t properly addressed being colonized by Europeans so they destroy their country and women. There is a LOT OF RAPE of women, in those countries, which is why Kamala is leading with better treatment of women if those Africans want American tax dollars. They know they can’t import people with those mentalities into the USA, that’s harmful! ADOS Blacks don’t want to be seen at all resembling anything non ADOS Blacks from Africa are doing today, because we have the Internet now, we KNOW what’s going on in those places. Most importantly, ADOS Blacks don’t want beef with the other “protected groups” such as women and LGBTQ+ after all the progress all groups have made, and this will derail all progress- along with other weirdo history by non ADOS Blacks like that video below. Question is, is trying to force them to change their ways, worth all the American tax dollars freely being given, in the crusade to erase African America/ADOS voting power?

This guy is my neighbor’s brother. He captured babies in Liberia’s civil wars, cut their backs open, and ate their hearts to intimidate the enemy, as to empower himself- he also fought BUTT NAKED ala his name, General Buttnaked. I’ll deal with Chicago drug dealers rather than THIS!
Norman Rockwell Museum ADOS
Non ADOS Blacks rolled their eyes at this picture and moved on. For some reason, they were not pleased with it.

At the Normal Rockwell Museum, I couldn’t believe that I saw so many non ADOS Blacks not being on code, so much that I got others to see it and laugh in amazement and shock!!! I spotted them, multiple of them, hiding in Black skin, coming around the corners, sneaking around. I caught this one lady looking me up and down, closely, trying to size me up to see what kind of Black I was- yes we do that to each other- for you non-Blacks reading this. She kept staring at me, really awkwardly too, like I was other worldly. I motioned for her to go ahead of me, as in move past me and stop looking at me, being polite, and then she rudely stood right in front of me after I was polite, blocking my view of an exhibit by a modern day painter. She wanted attention, what kind? I don’t know but I wasn’t going to give it, but it was after she saw me talking with that Asian girl. I watched her skip all the Jim Crow stuff, giving looks like she was rolling her eyes, as she proceeded to the female empowerment modern paintings, so I was turned off. Otherwise, I would have addressed her. Yes, she also avoided anything depicting Black women in mammy and stereotypical images and I spotted it because I almost accidentally took a picture of her near that mammy section of the exhibit and when she spotted me, she looked at me in a mean way briefly and she got the hell out of the way quick. LOL. I only first noticed her because she was taking pictures and laughing (posting them somewhere online) in another area, which I didn’t think was funny, and I KNEW she wasn’t ADOS. She was making fun of the ADOS Black men depicted as servants or being made fun of in the Jim Crow era exhibit, but she did NOT do that with depictions of Black women in negative light, she ran away so I figured she thought I was recording her doing it and got out of there in case I was making content on her. She didn’t want to be compared to the negative Jim Crow era Aunt Jemima figurines, she was ashamed of that and didn’t want to be in a picture with them- although I wasn’t taking pics of her or that at the time. Then I saw her dodging certain portions of the exhibit again any time that white people came near her, and that’s because 1 lady looked at her with disgust and annoyance after spotting her doing what I noted, making TikTok videos laughing at ADOS suffering. She was making gorilla actions and noises when I saw the white people flabbergasted after seeing her making a fool of herself laughing at Black male images. I’m sure she thought that was going to get her extra likes- but od you think she’s aiming to get likes from ADOS Blacks? No, she’d doing what these non ADOS Black idiots do, make fun of ADOS suffering hoping to get notoriety for shaming ADOS. She is likely a Divester, female Blacks who hates Black males! They call the ghettos of the USA “Blakistan” and they make fun of impoverished Blacks, even if they come from there themselves or come from impoverished shacks in their own country. Now, they get to pretend like they’re rich because they have a credit card and tons of debt. These new ninja Blacks, they are revisionist history Blacks and they make up all kinds of lies about American History related to Blacks, like internet entertainer with a big following of these new Blacks, B.Simone, says that Martin Luther King is not a GREAT MAN, because she claims he cheated on his wife. There is no proof, this is a rumor started by FBI to make dumb Blacks believe and discredit MLK but these Blacks, they believe whatever a white supremacist says, so she insults MLK despite the fact that he is who got her Civil Rights, as a Black and a WOMAN! These new ninja Blacks are ignorant ingrates, and they sit there and regurgitate anti-Black sentiment for hoping to advance their social statuses from this. She’s infected by the sisterhood propaganda; thus, she is paid to spread white supremacist talk and insult her half black side of her family- oh and she touts the Black side so she can say n-word bombs left and right, again, these mixed kids in entertainment. 🤦🏽‍♀️ These Blacks also have full spheres of sisterhood propaganda like this one who is promoting the killing of babies when a Black mother finds out she is pregnant with a Black male baby and that lady in that link there is often invited on major publications that are run by Blacks, to continue to spread the message of against ADOS Black males. As you can see, you just don’t know who’s WHO when it comes to Black empowerment, there are just too many enemies who look like you. It helped me understand that some of the people I would invite to go to events for Blacks, they didn’t want to go because it involved history on descendants of Slaves, and they didn’t want to be seen as a part of that! It’s pretty much why most of the Afro-Latinos refuse to call themselves Blacks, because they hate that their ancestors were enslaved and don’t want to be Blacks. I dated an Afro Latina who told me that she thought I wanted her to be Black, and that was one of her complaints on me- because I knew a lot of Black History, in addition to a lot of other history, and she did NOT. I took her to a few AFRO LATINO events, and she didn’t like ANY of them. She wants to be seen as a white person, but unfortunately, she has too many African-centric features. These people are running from being seen as ADOS. So, we have a problem with our community now that we’ve been invaded, because identity means everything in the USA, regardless of whether or not you want to be consumed with it. These other Blacks come to the USA and have no concept about racism, so when they occupy the Black American space, ignorant as they because they don’t know the history of Blacks in the Western Hemisphere, these Blacks derail progress, unfortunately, because they do not contribute to the Black collective at large. In fact, when we see many of them trying to get famous on social media, while simultaneously trying to insult descendants of Slavery, making fun of other Blacks with some of the same racial features as themselves, mimicking negative Black stereotypical images that were in the racist art works I shared from the museum, like it’s a joke. These other Blacks open mock the struggles of ADOS, which is not going to end well for these non ADOS Blacks, if that kind of stupidity continues in America.

Norman Rockwell Museum ADOS
This was in a safe, modern Black art area, so Blacks ran to this area to be relieved from the torture of Jim Crow era adverts. Black women took many selfies here.
Why is this ADOS representative dressed like a Black Dynamite blaxploitation character? Cooning is off code!

We should be able to use our collective experiences, from wherever we come from, to get where we need to go, like other racial/ethnic groups who come together from all over the world and make their communities off of ADOS backs. However, that’s not going to happen, with ADOS Blacks, because these other non ADOS Blacks refuse to understand Black history of ADOS people and don’t want to because they don’t have comparable stories of overcoming great the great challenge of having ancestors who overcame Slavery! They come from places that Trump likes to laugh at where they claim they didn’t have slavery, yet didn’t fare better than descendants of slavery. They don’t understand nor can they relate to such ADOS progress, in the face of adversity, because they don’t have it where they come from, which makes them very angry, you can ask them this, they’ll tell you honestly what I said, as they told me this. A good debate on “Blackness” can be found here, with several really excellent Black minds discussing the topic, some of whom hate even the capitalization of the “B” in Black.  Listen to that talk and you’ll see how these hidden and masquerading Blacks don’t understand what they’re doing, when they’re coming here to the USA, because they mar racial progress while thumbing their noses at it, while simultaneously benefiting from racial progress already made. Many of these people don’t even believe that racism exists. These people will get a very rude awakening, doing what they’re doing, because they all come running back to descendants to African Slaves for help, when polite society comes to show them, what racism is all about. When you go to a museum and White people can spot who is not the descendant of Slavery based on how little respect they are showing to the exhibits, it is highly telling that these non ADOS Blacks are anti-Black in reality, and the secret invasion is real. Watch them line up to get money when reparations are passed out, claiming to be African American. All of Africa has been consumed by European occupation, just about all but Ethiopia was colonized, historically- which means it didn’t have anything Europeans wanted. In reality, given all mentioned here, and how Africa is seen around the world, being racially inferior, mentally inferior and easy exploit because of those two traits, it’s easy to why so many non ADOS blacks try to divert attention from themselves by buying into negative stereotypes of ADOS Blacks, they’re tired of fighting racism without acknowledging racism directly, praying it would all just go away. They think hatred for Blacks, worldwide, – but the evidence against them is world wide reported, we don’t need stereotypes to make up about these non ADOS Blacks. They need to point the fingers at themselves and ask how does all their cooning impact themselves, world wide. And, for the record, they have all these new Ninjas who are ADOS offspring off code things too, like this dummy Justin Pearson saying he was expelled from Tennessee representatives roles because of “THE PARTIARCHY“, rather than blatantly says he was a victim of RACISM, considering that only he and another Skrull were expelled, meanwhile a white female representative, Gloria Johnson, was allowed to stay. First, this dumb ass Ninja is dressed up like Black Dynamite, a cooning moron ADOS buffoon looking like a Blaxpoitation action hero, and he’s in his 20s. 🤦🏾 Who picked these coons? and why do Black MEN care about the PATRIARCHY at their defense to this expulsion? Any these idiots were not up there pushing ADOS Black issues, they were pushing issues that don’t affect Black people. Gun rights is not a Black issue, guns people in the hood are killed with are illegal guns. Kids getting killed in schools, that’s happening not in Black schools, so they got expelled for talking about GUN RIGHTS, not Black issues, so how is this racist????- and you can’t take white people’s guns!!!! That makes ZERO SENSE, THEY’RE MEN!! Here are the stupid things his guy is for, it doesn’t line up with ADOS objectives specifically JUSTIN PEARSON’S LIST OF ISSUES HE STANDS FOR. Same thing with his other coward cohort who was expelled, Justin Jones, same thing, scared to say RACISM got them booted. Look at the White Lady say white supremacy is why she wasn’t expelled but only these two Blacks were expelled, but THEY WILL NOT SAY THAT This is coonery! And he makes a speech changing his accent to pretend to be Martin Luther King, seriously, he puts on a fake accent like a deep southern preacher, this is OFF CODE!!!!— Oh wait, Justin Jones is really named Justin BAUTISTA Jones- he’s a Filipino! He tried to get Indians to side with discriminated against ASIANs, and is too dumb to know that most Asians don’t care for RACISM claims, in America, they never saw racism and never faced racism, if you ask them. THAT is why “Bautista” was booted, trying to get Asians to be woke, you can’t DO THAT in America and no ADOS would ever tell you to do that, that’s new Ninjas stupidity! 🤡 Asians don’t want to hear that woke stuff or anything associated with ADOS trials and tribulations. They’ve bought into supremacy, there are no issues, just get their money, keep their heads down, is how they operate. They’re also AGAINST Reparations for ADOS, although they have nothing to do with American history past 1960s. They’ve chosen a side, largely, ADOS knows this, but not these 2 Democratic Skrull dummy hires. They’re “model citizens”, they don’t see racism, never been called a racial slur, and don’t have these issues that ADOS have, if you ask them, so they say it’s all lies that ADOS Blacks make up. Non ADOS minorities are already bought off, and trying to get them on code with ADOS objectives is DUMB and only an ADOS Black would already know that, and not try to get Asians on some racial justice movement! Asians don’t care unless they have conflict with Blacks, and will ignore racism when a non Black does it. But these new Ninjas, these fake new ADOS Blacks are not on code, and we need to make these dummies check in with ADOS. These two dummies get expelled and asked in multiple interviews about racism and they’re scared to call out RACISM, when asked DIRECTLY, but they were running their woke mouths making ADOS look stupid. Suddenly there was racism when they got expelled, to get attention and get ADOS in trouble, and if you notice, just like Jussie Smell-it race lying, ADOS doesn’t just come running in yelling RACISM! This is what Dave Chappelle joked about the LGBTQ+ community complaining that ADOS Blacks didn’t defend Jussie’s fake racism claims– because ADOS KNEW!!! Jussie was OFF CODE and is a new Ninja. After people off code lose in something that has nothing to do with race, but thought they were approved by popular society as special, or part of some other protected group, after they get NO SUPPORT from those other people, they IMMEDIATELY use the RACE card. 🤦🏾ADOS Blacks know that racial currency can’t be wasted on nonsense, for fear of BOY WHO CRIED WOLF happening. Black Lives Matter was set up by the same people who made these ADOS Blacks here, it’s LGBTQ Blacks pushing their agenda behind pretending to be Black issues. We already know this play. The Justin Jones is not ADOS but is acting like it and removed “Bautista” from his name nowadays to look ADOS BLACK to the public while faking like he is pushing ADOS Black issues, meanwhile is pushing feminism and LGBTQ+ agendas- same thing like DeSantis rejected BLACK AP STUDIES for, being WOKE but not being about substance! Why did I say that? Because Justin Jones isn’t for ADOS Blacks, he’s for everyone ELSE and other woke nonsense! Here is what his web site says he is about: JUSTIN JONES’ LIST OF ISSUES HE STANDS FOR. ADOS cares about ADOS issues, which aren’t being addressed, ADOS are not talking about refugees and LGBTQ or anyone else, respectfully, like those groups don’t give a damn about ADOS Blacks, which is all good. Everyone has a lane they need to stay in. ADOS wants ADOS needs met before trying to assist anyone else. You see any Asians trying to get Blacks reparations? Not! That doesn’t help their social standings with white supremacists, so they all say NO to reparations for Blacks, even descendants of Japanese who got reparations from US government for putting them in concentration camps. Japanese Americans got reparations in 1992, because they admitted racial prejudice was done in those 4 years the US government locked them up due to World War 2, so why can’t ADOS Blacks get reparations for 400 years of slavery and another 100 of Jim Crow! Japanese used the Civil Rights Movement’s progress that ADOS BLACKS achieved, to get themselves the anti-Asian policies removed and to get reparations talks going in what was called the “Redress Movement“. What would that progress be WITHOUT the Civil Rights Era ADOS Blacks? All minorities only prosper in the USA due to the progress of ADOS Blacks! But nobody is here to support the ADOS Blacks getting reparations? Yeah, we nave no friends, so nobody wants to hear Black and Brown anything. Everyone go get their share of the pot themselves and stop riding the coat tails of ADOS Blacks.

Normal Rockwell Museum
This imagery was harmful to the brain because they couldn’t stop white supremacy in public. Now, you can, so act like it!

Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposed reparations, she was pro-feminism, pro-LGBTQ, pro-everyone else but not Blacks, and he is Jewish, and Jewish people got reparations in our time so you’d think she’s be for that for Blacks, NOPE! Nobody else cares about ADOS issues, and they don’t have to because THEY’RE NOT ADOS or BLACK!!!! Mong Asians sat back and let many racially biased police assaults happen to them, in the same place George Floyd was killed, years before he was killed, and they did NOTHING and said NOTHING, like good “model minorities” should. They couldn’t get Asian support for the wrong doings by cops, like in this case here, so they went to the ADOS Black community to beg for help to get justice for the Mong, because their people see no racism or were too scared to speak out. This is why that Mong cop who was there when Floyd was killed faces so much public shame, it wasn’t just because he’s Asians – Asians don’t care about Blacks so that’s not why people were shaming him, it’s because Blacks came to support Mongs previously and then Blacks learned, you have no friends! Why do I know this, because that community complained that nobody cared when their kin folk got killed by cops, after learning how much attention George Floyd got- they were jealous that a drug addict, felon got that attention and they didn’t. Well, Asians don’t care about racism so if they wanted the attention the should have organized against it, not be mad because Blacks decide to do what they are not willing to do! And the 1 or two Immigrants who do want to support ADOS, they know better than to support because white supremacy WILL come for them, as PBS perfectly highlights in this piece. ADOS knows this and ADOS representatives talk STRICTLY ADOS issues, not anyone else’s issues and don’t expect anyone’s help but ADOS and other Blacks who are on code. America is starting to sniff out these new Ninjas REALLY EASILY now, I’m not so sure I’ quickly run to saying everyone is RACIST after seeing how 2 Skrulls operate because many ADOS would EASILY agree to get rid of them too- THEY’RE OFF CODE! You see the change in America’s Blacks? They’re SCARED to say that “RACISM” is a problem and will avoid it at all costs and yeah, they SHOULD BE EXPELLED! They’re ALL OFF CODE! If you are Black, and you’re not on code in the USA, you WILL get your NEGRO WAKE UP CALL like OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, etc, or you will suffer American’s wrath– and receive no ADOS sympathy. Oh, and Ron DeSantis, and his team, don’t know what WOKE actually is, which when asked, they said “it would be the belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them”. So, society is NOT supposed to become more fair, it’s supposed to stay the way it is to benefit “popular society”, which is what most people today think is WOKE. That is white supremacy equating real WOKE GARBAGE with life saving CIVIL RIGHTS, which is to desensitize people to issues of Civil Rights for Blacks and other protected groups. DeSantis passed legislature to make sure that anything referencing Civil Rights is banned from being taught in school, with his STOP WOKISM ACT! And this is the guy America wants as the face of it, to run America? Why? You know why! Americans (whites) want to be able to practice white supremacy as freely as they want to, without penalty. This is why Twitter’s use of N-word spiked after learning that Elon Musk (white South Afrikaans) announced ownership and it’s why that guy had that confederate flag on his shirt in public in the photo above. It helped TRUMP WIN and the Cambridge Analytica whistleblowing proved it was going to use white supremacist ideology to get him victory! This is why many people cited that they voted for Trump, to say racist things without repercussion. So to hear a LOT of non ADOS Blacks using WOKE as DeSantis’ people use it, equating it to anything to advance ADOS Blacks, along with other groups, this is a huge problem for ADOS Blacks, which is why ADOS needs to do what these other Blacks do, and every chance ADOS gets, announce that they’re ADOS specifically, just like everyone else is so proud to tell you that they are from some foreign nations every time they get a chance, instead of declaring they’re Black and or Americans! If they’re going to rinse and repeat and copy-paste white supremacist tropes like WOKE, it’s time to separate and let them fend for themselves against what they’re helping to spread, and see how they fair without ADOS Blacks. Anyone on code with ADOS Black is FAMILY, but anyone against the ADOS agenda is lining themselves up with white supremacist ideology, begging for slavery to come back so they can be the new slaves. Although non ADOS and DOS Blacks were not enslaved, you really have to question why they’re the ones who are running from their own people that they hate and can’t live anymore, who can’t create economic prosperity where their own countries although they claim they’re all so much smarter there, are allowing themselves to get pushed out of their own countries and neo-colonialized by Asian nationalists who are reportedly spreading anti-African racism in Africa. Sounds to me like we have found the smoking gun of why they’re bowing down to white supremacy, because they’re looking for white saviors to save them from the destruction they’ve allowed in their home countries they are so proud of. But such people are also purposely TARGETING young Blacks with social media influence, who exploit ADOS Black culture like Skrulls, such as DJ Akademiks, who is not even a DJ, just is just copying a non Black culture vulture DJ VLAD, and is not even a musician, he is just a guy who profits off of ADOS death and creating fights between Blacks. So of COURSE the conservative propaganda site Rumble taps Akademiks to be on their platform, despite them being a white supremacist tool, they need Blacks who have no allegiance to ADOS Blacks and who can be bought like the new slaves, which DJ Akademiks is, and he is a non ADOS Black! He goes on culture vulture sites that also feed of off exploiting Black culture, just like he does, and signals to people that he is NOT like ADOS, he is is 100% for Trump, and all about conservatives- but everything about him is GHETTO and disrespectful just like the democrat-brainwashed Blacks he criticizes for profit, so he is fake. He, like many of the fake ADOS garbage media (Mediatakeout, shade room reality Tv on vh1) are getting paid to promote negative imagery of ADOS Blacks. Rumble knows who to pick, they picked a NON ADOS BLACK who is a coward and who talks like most of the incels like telling women “HE IS THE PRIZE” while threatening his girlfriend like a coward. Real insecure boy there, so HE is a good target to be a Black incel and incels are mostly who run to Rumble because their hate is banned on all other platforms. They don’t care about Black peoples’ image, they only care about themselves and getting paid. THAT is the problem with BLACKS, everyone around the world knows how to locate and exploit these weak Blacks. It’s a known conservative DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy as old as time that they’re doing with Nigerians in America! Akademiks has enough money and following to make his OWN platform, and all he does is be a shill on these platforms, when he could be a billionaire doing his own thing- another flaw in Black people’s logic, always a slave even when they have full freedom! First you saw KANYE WEST go Off code and attack JEWS, then demand ADOS Blacks back him, which didn’t happen. And now the white supremacists are luring BLACKS into their Rumble platform to make them enrich why continuing to put out content harmful to Blacks, but made by Black Skrulls. The problem is young Black men get garbage negative ADOS stereotypes propagated from Akademiks (non ADOS Black) and women get negative ADOS stereotypes propagated from MANY non ADOS Black women and NONE of those propagandists EVER talk down about their own non ADOS Black community, oddly enough. Interesting, right, to exclude their community’s bad behavior and not report for their own non ADOS communities? That’s very ODD to not make content for their own people, but then again, as I’ve said in this piece a lot, ADOS SUFFERING IS THEIR ENJOYMENT, which is why it’s their product that their own non ADOS Black communities consume.

Critical Race Theory ADOS
His confederate buddy heavily insulted this non ADOS Black nonstop, in front of the kid too, who will grow up to learn racial insults. This Black guy was just smiling and happy to be insulted, and then told the kid don’t listen to his confederate father. These kind of Blacks enable and normalize white supremacy.

Nobody is safe, we’re being sold out by people who betray the Black agenda. If you’re not going to get on code, you will get slaughtered by the many practicers of white supremacy, while others will just stand by and watch you die, in accomplishment. Blacks are being used to kill off other Blacks, for pay, and THAT is off code and one of the first things those people go to is “there is no racism” or “money trumps racism”! That’s cool, play that game, but like that African who got killed by his white girlfriend, the next time, nobody is going to care next time and the killer will get off the hook. It’s only because ADOS Blacks called attention to it, after the woman tried to use his Blackness against him to have herself appear innocent, said he battered her a lot, because she KNEW she had white privilege and female privilege because she stabbed him before and committed other domestic abuse against that African, and yet, HE WOULD NOT LEAVE HER, despite the many audio recordings he made where she was demonstrating her racist behavior with slurs over and over to him, and lost his life for having such low self worth in the first place. Non ADOS Blacks didn’t do ANYTHING for this guy, it was all the ADOS publications and media outlets who called attention to this, and she was getting away with this initially because he was Black and she was white. She was going to be sent just to the mental ward, not to jail! Somalis are mainly off code when they come to the USA, then get they violated by non Blacks and immediately seek protection, which is only due to the racial progress ADOS Blacks made- ironically enough, the same situation Somalis thought they would never face. They came to places like OHIO, and the poor non Blacks haven’t treated them like humans since! It’s so bad, a Somali buddy of mine sent me programs they use to try to de-program kids to racism, which is almost like a CRT type thing– so apparently, they realized they screwed up by not getting ON CODE! Opposing the ADOS agenda is not going to work for ANY minority of this country. No minorities would have a damn thing in the USA, without ADOS struggle, so it only make sense to get behind the next move. People who refuse to get on code are the real slaves, in the end. These non ADOS Blacks quote Sowell because it helps them feel about white supremacy’s war on ADOS Blacks, because ADOS Black continue to fight against it, and these non ADOS Blacks don’t know American history. The non ADOS Black don’t have any points of reference and are too lazy to do any research, which is available in multiple government sites and officially documented sites on the Internet, and in encyclopedias if you want to go old school, and in many HISTORICAL books. For people claim they are so educated and in college and study so much, clearly, this is something that they refuse to learn, so they just blindly accept what Sowell says because it makes them feel better that other Blacks- which is why we got the many African genocides due to these people letting non Blacks tell them to hate other Blacks. That’s all these other countries do with Blacks who are easy to manipulate, and that’s exactly who is being used to wage war on ADOS Blacks, these ignorant non ADOS Blacks who blindly follow white supremacist talking points because they have a superiority complex. They’re bringing disgusting, learned behavior, to the USA, which is historically documented and we currently see it, which is going to hurt all Blacks in the USA, just like it did their home countries, where they have long histories of genocide to their own people. They’re only trained to destroy other Blacks and that’s what white supremacists are counting on. You can’t fix mentally defeated people who try to use any handicap possible to try to appear better than another person, and the Internet is full of these mentally ill people filled with rage to be the “acceptable Blacks”, which US specifically targets Nigeria for a reason, because it brings the most who are anti ADOS and who help erase Black progress- mind you, Africans immigrants also blame Martin Luther King for destroying Blacks lives for suggesting Civil Rights for Blacks. Seriously, that’s white supremacy babble that I’ve heard MANY Africans say. 🤦🏾 These non ADOS Blacks are rife with misinformation and create disinformation campaigns online to try to spread white supremacy, and they’re Black in skin color. 🤡 It’s not going to work and the result is 16 year old Ralph Yarl, a non ADOS Black, being shot in the head and body for going to a white man’s door by mistake. There is no AFRICAN outpour for justice, there is no JAMAICAN outpour for justice, only ADOS BLACKS CARED for someone who looks like them, although is clearly non ADOS Black, and that’s the only reason this story is getting attention. Meanwhile, Africans are online talking about Hollywood stars protesting for answers are “just being woke” until they found out that he was an AFRICAN. 🤡 His African aunt is known for promoting interracial marriage, and I mean over the top with it like worship of that caucasian that looks unhealthy because everything she has on social media is a praise for him not being any kind of Black male and not being African especially, and it’s always about how white HIS skin is, or how white their kids skins are. If you’re a white guy, no matter how you look, and you can’t get chicks, you can get ANY of those non ADOS Blacks. You’re white skin is like being a billionaire to them. It’s unhealthy and mental when you see that lady’s obsession with her man’s whiteness. It’s one thing to love your mate, it’s another thing to do what she does like he is a savior. Well, if white supremacists see this, they’ll hurt you and it maybe that the guy who shot him had that in mind after seeing so much of that! These non ADOS Blacks don’t understand that but they’re going to learn the real America and they’re going to see their man can’t do a damn thing to console. I hope that supremacist didn’t hurt this boy because of how that lady carries on where they live. That poor boy was smart, in school, going to visit Africa next year before going to college and look what happened to him, not from being in a Black ghetto or hanging around ADOS Blacks, but from visiting the wrong house of a white supremacist, as confirmed by his own family. They don’t live near ADOS Blacks, many Africans make that a point when they come to America, to move to areas where white people live, but they’re moving to very RED STATE parts of America with a lot of hatred still left over since the Civil War. Asians do the same thing, and they are putting themselves in really bad areas for when the race war pops off. I have many friends in places like this, who are African and Asian, and they think it’s all sweet, but in reality they fear for their lives some times but all they wanted was to not be around ADOS Blacks. They each say they just ignore the racism. You watch that aunt’s lady’s channel and she ask her husband what he learned form being with an African woman and he lists things about “Black panther” the marvel movie, about a fake place in Africa. I thought he would say something DEEP, NOPE! 🤣 He said he learned that Liberian good fish with the head on. She said she want to go live in Africa he said nah my home is USA, but he will move for her, LIES. NO man is going to move to Africa when his life is perfect in the USA. He just took a dump on her seriousness and clearly doesn’t match her obsession levels. She fulfilled a need fetish. 🤣 She surely doesn’t want ADOS men because, like many, Africans don’t think that ADOS Blacks can afford to move to Africa that’s how poor he says Blacks are. 🤣 Nobody ADOS claims family in Africa and pan Africanism is DEAD and dies with Baby Boomers! Everyone else is on to the hate ADOS gets from over there, and we all have newspapers. 🤣 We see that white supremacy still rules African like how Zimbabwe just took all the land from Blacks and gave it to white former farmers, just because they said so, and that was with a Black president of that country! No ADOS want to be in Africa, they know Africans can’t support themselves so who’s going to stop those racists and haters from taking you ADOS property in Africa? Nobody is trying to move there unless they’re already broke because there is NOTHING word trading America for in Africa. There is a lot of that in Africa and those people doing it don’t have any mercy for Blacks nor care for social media justice warriors complaining about racism they’re dishing out on Africans! THAT is why they’re all ‘FLEEING’ their countries to get a new brand of white supremacy, one they are lucky ADOS Blacks have helped to reduce somewhat, due to the efforts of ADOS Blacks during the Civil Rights Era- you know that era those non ADOS Blacks disrespect and say destroyed the race relations. They know they can’t count on those Black back home, they don’t have any Black solidarity over there, which is what’s being capitalized on. White supremacy will destroy you if you do not have a base and real support and that’s what overrun Africa! Candace Owens is anti ADOS, but she used a major ADOS Black organization to help her win a lot of money in a racial situation settlement when she was growing up, which made her family upper middle class, and now, look at her, with her savior hating ADOS Blacks. She denies racism, denies that incident ever happened to her, yet it did, and it’s because she sells anti-ADOS rhetoric for a living and is married to a non Black. She had to go to BLACKS because her community of non ADOS Blacks were not doing anything to defend her, so her family came to ADOS Blacks for support, and it’s ironic she now claims that didn’t happen and racism doesn’t exist, but of course she says that, considering her choice of husband and her profession (race peddler). All of this that I’ve said has culminated in Americans being desensitized to Black death so people don’t care. This is white supremacist programming permeating brains of people who are trying to convince “America” that they are being model citizens and to do that, those people have to take issue with ADOS Blacks wishing for America to honor the rules of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, so why is that a problem for these people? What’s wrong with holding America accountable for not adhering to it’s own CONSTITUTION that is support it’s citizens, especially since the eradication of US slavery. To a white supremacist, ADOS has no right to demand fair treatment and equal rights under the law, which is proof, those non ADOS Blacks support white supremacy, and will ignore all proof of it, as long as it makes them look better to white supremacists and they get a pay check for their loyalty. Ultimately, what these non ADOS Blacks, and other non-white haters are doing is actually disrespectful to white people who are not racists and are not white supremacists and who don’t care for any of that. So when these people are pretending to be white, and pretending to chime in on conversations that they think ALL WHITE PEOPLE want to discuss or think like, they’re trying to say that all white people are racists and white supremacists! This is what I see, back to back, even as starters to conversations, from Asians and Africans to white people, as I’ve outlined in galleries I went to. Seriously, this is what America has shown them is NORMAL, thus they are repeating what they have been taught and what they’re read. That’s the nasty white people stereotype being shown back at America in a mirror, when you see Africans using white supremacist insults toward ADOS Blacks! I think it’s time for a fresh examination of how they’re coming off too to the world too! When I see Africans brag that they were never enslaved, call ADOS/FBA Blacks “AKATAs” (a former slaves), it’s clear THEY THEMSELVES have only ever been slaves, and continue to be, mentally. It’s better to take a knee than to get on both kneesif you know you know.

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