Start to our Photoblog – to a NEW DAY and Acting a Fool
It’ a beautiful day

Start to the photoblog

Time to start a quick photoblog / travel blog to track my travels, and help me remember some of the great scenery, or people, I’ve come across, while out and about.  Here’s to a new start, as I learn how this photography thing works, but more importantly, use it as a method of relaxation and meditation. I reflect back on the photos, and odd situations I ended up in (like having to hitchhike back 30 miles because a woman of the night, who was a “little person” had to have pickpocketed me). As I look back on these scenes, sometimes the images fade, so this blog will help me keep tabs on the things, and also on my quest for information in areas I feel like I wish to be. I wish I had the sense to do this years ago, when I really did too much traveling in a run-n-gun no sleep for 3 days in a row style, but maybe now, as I slow down a bit, I can actually sit back and PROCESS, mentally and photographically, what I’ve been looking at.

I’ve decided to make this page so I can have fun and get back to doing some sharing, but also some writing, keeping this form of a journal online.  People ask me things, about my travels, because they know I’m going to have an alternate view on the subject. People often say “wait I’ve been THERE and I didn’t see that, I need to go back there again”, and I like when I hear something like that. It lets me know I’m doing something right, I got the person to think about a place, in a different light and they’re curious again. Often I end up repeating the same things over and over to people, but sometimes I wish I could throw in the visual for them to go with what I’m explaining to the people.  I end up trying to explain things, showing people examples on my mobile, but that’s annoying and time-consuming. It was time to actually make a site and direct people to that so that I don’t have to repeat myself.  So here’s the start of Come fuss with me.

Any finished pics from these travels will be thrown up, for consumption, on the parent site: