They’re out here basically begging these thug men to be with them and wife them up- except they never marry these people unless she’s a criminal too. If they’re a non-Black pretend Black swag “Malibu’s Most Wanted” thug male, they’ll take ANY of them, easily, no hassle no dating requirement list. This particular one here, she isn’t into the Black version of criminals, she has standards against him and publicly claims it, but if he’s not Black, she’s all over him! However, most will take any criminals, it’s called Hybristophilia.

Right now, as we speak, OJ Simpson is in a bar somewhere, getting smothered, and not in the way he deserves to be, by very beautiful and available women, and most of you lot cannot get even 1 girl. They know who he is, they know what he did, because they looked him up, of course, but that only helped them like him more. 😳 Look here, for yourself. What these ladies feel, that tingling they’re getting for OJ Simpson, it’s the same thing that has female prison guards taking jobs in jails so they can have love stories with dangerous prisoners. There is a THING there, and most people don’t understand that it really exists, but it 100% exists and explains a lot of psychotic behavior we’ve always seen, but didn’t know how to identify. It exists in a lot of our lives, and it’s made popular, but most people don’t know what it really it. A lot of the people who go to work in jail want to have some kind of interaction with the prisoners in a sexual way. ABC did a special on this issue, a few years ago, check here and watch the video if you didn’t peep before. Yeah, in case you DIDN’T KNOW, the lovely ladies are always responsible for about 70% of sexual misconduct cases involved a jail staff member towards and inmate. Yes, this is a very true statement even today, that stat is 67% of sexual predators prison staff are female, as we speak. That’s 2/3rds of all prison staff offenders are female, taking advantage of their privileged position, which is a high and ego boost that we’ll get into shortly! You know how your girl has a “work husband” because she works around some guy all day and then ends up wanting to get sniped by him? Well this kind of women has a “jail house work husband” with the difference being the prisoners don’t have to pretend to be your girl’s best friend, and instead the jailed person is the one being hunted by your girl, so she gets paid in money and sex to work that job. I was laughing at a lady friend of mine who works with the jail system of Sweden, who are experiencing an uptick in crazy crime from the people they let immigrate there some years ago but had no economic plan to advance them. I told her she is one of the people attracted to criminals and she got serious out of nowhere, was not having that joke. She is really against criminals but she pointed out that these new people, these gangs, that’s real criminals and nobody likes them except for immigrant young people. See, violence is out of control in Sweden, but that system is not designed for such crime it faces especially since it’s BOMBINGS and GUN VIOLENCE, which is only second to ALBANIA in all of Europe, it’s extremely violent and the KIDS are fueling it!!! My male buddies were talking about moving to Sweden to find wives, and this lady was clueless as to why someone would do that because she said that Swedish women wouldn’t want them, because those European women would associate my Black friends with immigrants doing crime. 🤣 She explained that her dominant society is not infatuated with criminals, and they’re about rehabbing people in their jails, it’s less like punitive styles around the world, so there is nothing to brag about, thus the appeal is GONE. You’re not “a real man” because you’ve been to jail, unlike some Blacks, Latin and Arab populations might feel. There is nothing sexy to them about not having your life together. That lead to a conversation about a term I had never heard of but I knew was something I always knew was happening. I’ll break that down shortly, but she was getting on me (and my buddies’) cases about not being married but doing all that traveling. She accused us of being the Passport Bros, and those guys certainly are, but I’m not, and the fact that she knew about that stereotype annoyed me, mainly because she has some Black North American women friends who moved to Sweden and told her to beware of Black men traveling to find wives. One of my buddies automatically fired off “well all those women only want criminal men.” My Swedish friend didn’t understand wtf they were talking about and didn’t think that was possible that a large number of women could possibly want that class of man if she wanted a future, because it’s antithetical to her plans. I chime in that I agreed but ladies do not mainly work with logic and what they says is not what they do- she concurred, but started to think about women in the West loving dangerous men. She put that on ‘ethnic’ people, in the end, not on their pure European people. 🤣 And of course, my buddies agreed. Too late for her, they hooked her, and they were all in sync, started to see what they were saying the more they gave out examples with Twitter posts and such from their phones. This Swede was locked into their Passport Bros explanations that were nutso simplistic reductionism at best, sprinkled with some tiny truths that were enough to convince this lady that her people are superior race and these men must marry them to save their Black lives. 🤡 This is all I heard, and I was embarrassed. I’ll never travel with these idiots again! They were just as bad as the Kweens they hate, who ironically enough there are a lot of in Sweden, all looking for a European savior, while running away from each other. My Swedish friend did mention that all the Kweens kept saying all that 80% of Black men have babies, are in jail, or are LGBTQ. When she would ask about the other 20% of that bogus number of Black men, the Kweens told them, that those were underaged kids and she said they were absolutely serious and convinced. 🤣 Black people are screwing up these non Blacks with this garbage to seek their approval and savior, it’s disgusting. As you may have already guessed, I debunked the jail nonsense, which she ALREADY KNEW, but she did admit that, especially with young people, there is a thing that exists for the criminal element. Sweden, before the immigration problems, used to have such low jail rates because people know it completely ruins the inmates’ reputations and nobody will want to be with a criminal.

These ladies come crawling back to thug boyfriends all the time. If your woman had kids by some criminal, or just only dated the bad boys before you, trust she does not desire YOU. Habits are habits she will go crawling back to them.

We explained how US loves crime, death and sex, as evidenced by our shows, podcasts, books and things that people go for today. This is when she started to really agree after reviewing that many of the top podcasts and documentaries have to with SERIAL KILLERS! In many cases, if it’s a show on Netflix or something, they’ll make a sexy actress or good looking actor play the serial killer and that’s for a real reason, which she hit the nail on the head of, when she told us the reason it’s done. I’ll expound shortly. So she then gave points to my boys from saying that Western women DO love criminals, and that it’s because of a social programming, especially in the Americas, but it’s affects more people than we think if we properly examined it. She pointed immediately to rap music! 🤦🏾 I mean she was right, but I didn’t want to hear it out of her non Black mouth. She also told me that many of those Black friends of hers go for Sweden’s version of bad boys, who flirt with being mysterious and maybe have some ‘thug’ in them. She said those ladies complained about nothing but racism, and still do, but that she knows they’re really upset that they lost their Black privilege card of the USA when they moved to Sweden. All hell broke loose then, my buddies were all over that talk, and they all just downloaded, as my buddies explained everything she wondered about Black lady friends and put a lot of things into perspective for her. She said that there is a terrible narrative about Black men and it’s coming from Kweens who move to Sweden and just bash Black men, while these Kweens are pretending to be European descendants and trying to sound like them and being GOOFY race baiters everywhere they go. Kweens are going there to escape being Black people, and when they see other African descendants, they’re trying to separate themselves even further from those people, by pretending to be rich European women, which is hilarious because that’s not how Swedish women get down, so all of these Kweens are imitating European descendant women from America, is ultimately what I heard. My buddies started going crazy on the Western women after the Swede gave them the green light, and I realized that these guys were fully into the Passport Bros movement because they said all of the talking points. I hadn’t hanged with them in a LONG time and these guys were completely different people at this meetup. I hear the same talking points everywhere I travel now, when I see Black dudes so I know they’re plugged into the same channels as each other, but like so many, don’t know the proper audience to reveal this stuff to. The problem is, you can’t be telling the women you want to get with, all these things that you find terrible about the women back where you come from, because that’s not a smart thing to do to put that kind of energy out there to the new woman that you have any disdain for any women at all. All these Passport Bros do it and any women getting with you is going to be a Jeannie Mai type idiot chick who publicly agrees that she and her people also hate Blacks. That lets me know that Young Jeezy was up in there saying Passport Bros type talk to his lady, because that’s her second major offense against Black people, publicly, for her community and others to hear, that she wants Blacks to know that her people want more police to call the cops on them. You can’t go into those interracial relationships talking Passport Bros or Red Pill talk, even if true, you’re both just playing into anti-Black hate when you do because it will ultimately go from anti-Black women to anti-Black PEOPLE. These guys are trying to make the non Black women feel like they are better than all other women where the men come from, and that this is a corny way to backend compliment them, by downing the women of the USA. That’s a dangerous game to play and borderlines on European supremacy programming. You can dog them, just not to the woman you expect to lay up with, that’s trash game, but these guys can’t stop, and my boys did the same, which was annoying. HOWEVER, most of these dudes don’t know wtf they are talking about when they’re bashing the local women in the West vs those other women in 3rd world countries, although, Sweden is technically the West, although they do things VERY DIFFERENT, from even others in the West. My buddies were satisfied that they convinced her that all Kweens love criminals only, mainly using hip hop/rap culture, which cannot be denied, at this point and it’s the top selling music because it’s led by women. 🤷🏽 The problem is, as I see it, there is an issue with many modern, Western women, regardless of where they reside, and for the purposes of this piece, it has to do with criminality, which NO SANE ASIAN woman would want to be with a (former) criminal like Young Jeezy, except this old, psychotic, wanna be Black/wanna be conservative Asian Jeannie Mai, which is wild; but again, after you become Americanized, you can easily be swept up in the craziness of liking the criminal types and we are back to rap music being a bond for this type of criminal male. Why would an Asian who claims to be so strong and proud from Vietnam marry a violent hood criminal who tried to send one of his up and coming artists to kill rival rapper Gucci Mane (allegedly)? There is indeed something there that is being overlooked, and it’s not SWAG either. Why would seemingly smart and innocent women like Cassie get involved with a thug like Pdiddy for more than a decade and then suddenly make a lawsuit that he is violent and sadistic when she met him that way and knew he was because we all heard the stores for years before she got with him? There is a deeper, darker, criminal link there.

You can dress it up however you want, but you better come looking like a jail bird if you want to keep these people affected by Hybristophilia. Nobody is attracted to criminals in Sweden except minorities though and mentally ill Swedes.

The Swedish lady didn’t take too kind of the bashing of all women though, but she was interested in why so many Kweens were trying to land Swedish men throughout the years and it picked up since the pandemic. She said it looked very desperate of them, but they’re over there pretending to be rich and trying to get Swedish men to sleep with them. She said that most Swedish people think that those women are prostitutes from Nigeria because they have a huge prostitution problem in Scandinavia, because, like many laws in Europe in that sector, it’s only aimed at punishing men who pay, not women who sell sex. Women who sell sex, that’s a humanitarian effort, apparently. Nigerian criminals are all over Sweden, and there is a lot of sex workers and sex slaves all throughout Scandinavia, mainly done by Nigerians, but it’s exploiting the fact that these countries will not upset women by penalizing women for selling sex, and this is why Kweens going to these countries are getting backlash, unfairly. This is why Sweden doesn’t find criminals sexy, because they are doing an association with Africans and muslims that they hate so much, truth be told. They don’t like that an African is selling booty but the European is the only one who goes to jail. She said Swedish women would never want Black men from jail and they also associate Nigerian men for enslaving women, so if you do not present as extremely clear cut and successful Black men, you don’t stand a chance in Sweden unless you get a mentally deranged woman. And THAT is really the key to this whole thing, mentally deranged PEOPLE like criminals. That’s when I had to put her on game, gave proper examples, unlike my buddies, and it was true, that a certain population of women clearly only want thugs, and these at the ones with the loudest voices and in popular culture thus it appears that most want thugs. This lady was not trying to hear this passport bros sh!t about all the women only want thugs, but I started looking up some of the things they were saying and uhm these Passport Bros were actually on to something. But using that to try to get chicks abroad and to say that you are going to find a foreign wife because all of the women want jail birds? Does that even make sense? No, it’s lame. They just want to use any excuse to go overseas and … well.. go here or to go here in Colombia, to buy some hooker meat, and will use any excuse for this nonsense they’re doing. I’m not here to dik police, but I’m here to say these dudes are falsely representing what they’re doing, and ruining the game for people who are really trying to get out of the USA to protect their money, and their family lineage. There is a serious group of people within that Passport Bros movement, but they’re drowned out mainly by clowns going to buys foreign sex, and this group here will call them out daily! These guys can use services to pair them with women to marry, but the great majority of these guys going to Colombia are going down there NOT for this, but instead, for the women who sell sex, which is illegal. The story of planes filled with Black dudes going to Colombia, that’s a real thing, and they’re not going to find wives, they’re going down there to mix up with criminal chicks, and they’re coming out on the losing side of it too, nowadays! There is a reason they’re going for that illegal aspect with women too, there is a THING there that psychologists also know, but is not talked about a lot. So, there is a serious movement of guys who don’t like people perverting what their genuine interests overseas that is not centered on tricking, but they’re a tiny group. Passport Bros issues they raise are getting serious though, I can see that even Fox news is reporting now on the ideology of having to go elsewhere to find a wife who is respectable and worth making a family with. That’s great promo, but they didn’t get into the real issue behind it. The problem with what Fox News wrote is they made passport bros sound like a Black population problem, and it’s not, it’s a problem with Westernized women, and how decent men are not cool, nor popular men, for modern women today. This issue is beyond RACE, it’s just that only Black men were vocal about being treated like garbage and not wanting to settle for that treatment. That Kevin Samuels woke dudes up, that’s why they hated that man and laughed at his death. Many dudes were sleeping and didn’t know Kweens had such disrespect for Black men. So, we will defend Passport Bros here and there, because we see the racist slants to Black men who travel, in all around because we experience this crap and we’re not Passport Bros, and we here at DrunkPhotography.com will not allow people to slander Black and Afro Latino men who are making real moves in this world. But you can’t go out there telling the world that all the women except all Asian women only want criminals, that’s absolutely silly. You know how silly you sound to outsiders too? So, now everyone is putting this ridiculous praise on Asian ladies, any Asian lady, big, small , wide,.. doesn’t matter, and because Black guys are now doing this too, the Europeans and European descendants males are HEATED that Black dudes are trying to take their last resort in ladies, Asian women, from them. So, now, all the alt-right sites are trying to ruin ANY hopes of Black men getting Asian and European descendant women. The error of the racists is that they’re painting all Black men as criminals and thugs, and this is a flawed strategy due to exactly the point of this blog entry, and it’s driving these women to Black men. Those racists are now out here blaming Black people for the fall of relationships in the West is a popular, as part of their cock blocking strategy, and it turns out that European descendant racists are also mad that their own women who now suddenly, publicly, like criminals, and those guys are even saying the same thing as passport bros, except they’re saying their European descendant women only want Black male thugs. 😳 Are these people serious? I started to think back and oh crap, they are all on to something, although it’s not like these people are claiming, that ALL OR MOST of women want thugs, that’s ridiculous, and even worse if you’re telling the world you’re leaving the USA to find women who don’t like criminals. It is better to just lead with “women today don’t like good guys” and that is a better way to into your plight, if you’re going to take that pity route to get ladies, which even that I don’t recommend you do with a woman. There should be NO troubles in you getting dates when you talk to a prospect! Doesn’t matter what the truth is out there, you shouldn’t let the prospect know that you’re tapped into any game that ladies are running on men, you’ll fare much better when you pretend you don’t know the nonsense happening out here. I get it though, these are all men who just want to get rid of these modern women, because all kind of people are trying to trash Black men’s images in the West, but I wish these dudes would work on their talking points for WHY they’re leaving the USA to travel to get women/love/whatever. It is coming off too desperate and that’s a turn off to the women they claim they want. Some of those talking points are spot on and that’s what’s getting the Passport Bros hate. That includes Fox News or even these Kweens who are going overseas to find Black men enjoying their lives, and trying to ruin Black men’s live on vacation. Seriously, there is a woman who’s whole channel is about annoying Black men wherever they exist, and it’s a Kween doing it! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Instead of living her best life traveling like she claims, she is going around traveling to try to molest Black men who are on vacation. Guys want to get away from these Kween molesters and can’t avoid them in the USA, now they can’t avoid them out of the USA either?! We told you guys that we personally have dealt with these women, and it’s a real thing, these Kweens see Black men on vacation doing their things, then go up and quiz the men on why they are on vacation, or try to spy on Black men who are having fun without them! This is where we are today, it’s a mess out there in dating land and Passport Bros, at least the original ones, are doomed. The truth is a lot of them are good guys, at least the ones I meet mostly, and they surely can’t pull chicks, I can see that they’re too dry for these modern, fast women today. We all know that most Western women don’t want “good men.” Oh, I’m lying? Then why do we have LOVE BOMBING? Love Bombing is when you’re courting a woman and you treat her nicely, you buy her things, you show her love, and you get some sex and such out of it. These women are saying this is only for you to get sex, and so they want you to do all of this and not expect sex, or you’re sexually abused women! So yeah, point to Passport Bros, they’re right, women made being a nice man LOVE BOMBING! Criminals don’t love bomb, they just go straight to sexual and physical assaults! They SAY this, of all races, they’re mainly out here publicly saying they want guys in jail. There are a lot of ghetto Kweens that say this, but across society, that’s not a BLACK thing, MANY women say this. But there are many many many daily talking about how good guys are garbage. These Kweens don’t want good men, they say it daily to Black men, they’re on social media and major news outlets saying/proving it, so Black men are not here for the stupidity. Still, it’s not a Black problem like Fox said, but since we’re Blacks, we are speaking only from our perspectives, and we all know that we have a problem with being good men and not finding good women, because that’s not what many women are looking for today. We have a saying that we all know, “Good guys finish last” and this is not made up by Black men, it’s a Green Day song, it’s a movie, it’s a popular saying, Black men didn’t make that up! So the problem with the Fox News article is that non-Black men have been leaving the USA to go find foreign wives all the time, and that article made it look like it’s a problem with Black ladies only, which is a LIE! No matter what you feel about our ladies, you can’t put that crap solely on them, no way, be realistic. UPDATE: As of Jan 31, 2024, there are now 8 dead Passport Bros chasing risky women in risky Colombia. I knew the number would increase and they are of many different ethnicities and races! 😳 I told my buddies, Colombia has a travel warning in place to not go, set by the US Government, and they said “if you don’t know how to move smart, they you gone get got, not me tho!” and they ignored that warning, so they’re still going to buy booty down there – excuse me, “find love.” The warning level is 1 less than “you’re going to die” but they don’t care, they want women who sell sex and symbolize female empowerment because she CAN sell her sex whenever she wants, rebels! 🙄

Hybristophilia got those Asian Americans horny too. This guy was robbing her and she was so attracted to him she had his baby! Don’t count on them as your saviors. Oh man, incels are MAD at this, I got this link from them.
Colombia sex buyers
They out there in Latin America trying to buy booty from criminal chicks. They can’t get the onlyfans criminal women but they can go buy criminal sex overseas, which turns them on more. But they’re out there chasing street walkers and are turned on by criminal women who defy the law to sell dirty cooter. These are pervs! I repeat, MANY of them do NOT need to go there to pay for sex, they can easily get sex here in the US, but that illegal women activities, that hybristophilia, that’s what got a hold on most of them.

This is a problem with how women in the West are socialized and it’s only a matter of time before trends make them all NPCs and they copycat each other You know this, you know never to bring your Passport Bros wife from that foreign country to the USA for this specific reason. Look at dating apps, European descendant men do not rate their own women as the top women to date, they rate Asian women as the best women in the world! They all think Asian women are the best because they don’t like thugs and good looking men, so they think there is no competition for Asian women. 🤣 This is driven mainly by the European descendants and European people because THEY feel their women are non select women. Now, we have a bunch of weak men who think that their solution in life is to go get an Asian woman, but if she is westernized, she is going to do the same thing that all of these other women are doing out here, and that also means she too is going to be susceptible to the same issues that makes them also not want the “good guy.” These socially inept dude think they’re all “good guys” and “good men” and anyone who is taking all the women from them, those are good looking men and criminals. 🤣 Any Asian woman who is westernized will see it’s acceptable and cool to date thugs, and they’ll be the next ones copycatting all the other women. However, as I started to listen to more of these guys talk, and that conversation in Sweden about criminal love, I kind of had an epiphany. As I started to see what these Passport Bros were saying about women loving criminals, I started to see a LOT MORE of women giving love and attention to criminals, and even where you don’t expect it. I’m seeing a LOT of things from non-stereotypical people doing the modern women stuff, and you guys can’t be thinking Asian chicks are goin to save you. I mean now Asian women are getting stripper tats and twerking! Yall are putting your hope in people you should not, you need to learn to deal with your own women and get that under control. I was on those incel sites and they were there confirming what Passport Bros were saying, that all these ladies are into criminals, and they had back to back to back posts from Twitter showing this. Look below, here is an example of an Asian getting her horny on with a criminal in a psychotic way! 😳 I know, you said it doesn’t happen, it’s impossible, you’re last options would never…. The European version of Passport Bros has many graphics and memes surrounding it, bashing European descendant women in favor of Asian women and give you insights into the Asians they get with, as the recently race killer Dylan Roof showed us all that European Supremacists consider Asians to be allies in racism because they’re very racist too, according to nationalists, according to Roof and alt right people, in his manifesto. Newsflash to any of you alt-right socially inept psychos, you don’t know anything about Asian women, and you should go do your research about how their own body counts are skyrocketing after you pervs placed them on pedestals. So, this is not a Black man issue, this is a male in the West issue. You think you have respectable wives that are readily available in the USA? People think that this is a Black man issue? Fox News wants to ignore what we here at DrunkPhotography.com have said, and Dylan Roof proved, these desperate boys who are incels who can’t get women are lining up to do race wars and hurt women. Alt-Right racist incels love to pick Asians, they hate their own women, and Asian women who go for these men have a look to them! This is what Fox News is purposely not addressing, that their own women are not preferable to their own men. Because the bottom line is Good Guys Finish Last, and that is a constant theme with non Black Passport Bros too. We’ll drop a piece shortly about what we mean by this, about the intersection of European descendant nationalists and their Passport Bros intentions, with documented evidence, those boys are buggin’ and it’s funny! Grass is not greener on the other side, I’ll say that. You think it’s rosy on the European side? Nope. Then tell me why European descendant women, who are WIVES to so called perfect men, and TEACHERS by profession, are out there cheating on their husband with underaged school boys, especially in between 12 years and 14 years old! There are many stories of European descendant women cheating a lot, and divorcing a lot like this here, and look here they’re (g)raping 14 year olds but look pretty and don’t care if they have a baby son and husband. Man, I can give you hundreds of European descendant women who are wives and cheating on their husbands (g)raping little boys. These guys have no faith in their own women, so much so that they’re turning into terrorists because they can’t get one of them. These men have no faith in American women, it’s not a Black people problem, but they’re making it one, in the incel and nationalist secret forums. Their folks are falling apart and they’re blaming Black men for European descendant women, pushing the narrative that their women only want to be with criminals over these simp incel European descendant males. These guys are taking up arms to hurt Black people because of it. You make it about their women, they’ll get a lynch mob together, and this is the modern version. The Black male trope they make up contains a hatable character named “Tyrone” and the incels have many memes about their women being impregnated and beat up by VIOLENT Black men, to try to shame Black men in their nationalist agenda. Tyrone is a thug, a criminal, to them, and he is so swaggy that he is taking all the available European descendant women from the incels, forcing them to become incels, forcing them to have to go find Asians. 🤣

Those criminal thugs have them in a chokehold, sometimes literally, and they love it. He pulls her strings, any time he calls, she’s answering. You try to follow up that guy, nope, you don’t have the jailhouse rock that he has, there is something MENTAL happening that doesn’t turn her on with you, and now you know, HYBRISTOPHILIA.
Thug love
Criminal dudes will have them bowing down, making them food, getting them in line! You can’t do that, you don’t put fear in her heart, which turns her own. You’ll marry her and she still makes you make your own food every night or order you to pay for take out. She’ll cook for a thug, we’ve the videos online!

It’s rooted in their racism, since the 4chan days, WAY BEFORE PASSPORT BROS came on the scene! Those folks have ISSUES with their folks, big issues that turn into terrorism, and they need to stop blaming Passport Bros and Black men who can get women of all races, for female progressiveness. They’re trying to put a sexual condition that apparently a lot of women have, on Black men, and it’s wrong! They do note that these ladies only want thugs, but then again, it’s racists so they are likely trying to say all Black men are thugs. So, in reality, they’re saying their women would prefer a Black thus over European descendant men, and this is what they’re spreading to their people, to hope to keep their women from getting involved in interracial sexual experiences. The flaw is their women, just like a lot of women in the west, they’re turned on by the criminal bad boy. They’re actually advertising for Black males by doing this racial hate campaign when they do this. Being attracted to criminals, or someone perceived as criminally dangerous, that’s a sexual perversion and kink. It’s called Hybristophilia, and I’ll come back to this in a minute to show you why. These European beta males, and many beta Passport Bros, are run out of the USA’s dating market because of people they called “pookies and ray rays,” or “Tyrone” according to alt-right racists. 🤣 To give you a good example of a Pookie, here is an internet sage with a racially ambiguous woman slept with some homeless looking thug Pookie and made his baby, but then weaponized anti-Black male hate using this clear stereotypical baby daddy guy to say he was creating fatherlessness and deserted his family. The channel she made got her over a million followers due to the HATE for Black men like this, only to find out this guy had 6 other babies by 6 other women, and that woman with the channel KNEW, of course, and she decided she would allow herself to get pregnant by this pookie- then she went to go bond with those other baby mama women who also made babies with them to become friends. 🤦🏾 This trauma bonding over being a baby mama and then having fake female sisterhood unity is a profitable thing, because she is surely getting PAID with all those followers and all those views- accept after she disappeared from her channel for a while, she re-appeared, after all the drama, WITH THAT BABY DADDY AGAIN! It was a whole internet thing, and she basically played all of her sisterhood sponsors for idiots, and is back in the bed with the very pookie she complained about and made money off of shaming. And at the same time, there was another famous pookie who held 1 baby shower for 5 women he got pregnant all the same time, and not during group love making either. The women, and their shared dong Pookie, posed together for the Internet praise, and they were all happy to be together. No hate, but low value, low vibrational kweens control the talking space on the Internet, and they have spoken, THEY WANT THEY POOKIE YALL, it is a right of passage for “I’m so strong” kweens! While most men are sex starved and can’t get even 1 sexual partner for YEARS, and is looked at by psychiatrist and the whole world over as LOSERS for this, these pookie guys have all the sex and get all the women pregnant and then when he deserts them, they pretend they are victims and didn’t know what they were getting into. These are loser men that these loser women pro-create with and THIS is the reason by most Black men do not have kids, they illegitimate kids are by the same men these women all share, mostly! These hive mind moron kweens get social validation from having sex with the same loser because they like knowing they got a man who is in demand, a pookie thug who is not high value. None of them are thinking of marriage or even the family they create, this is how people have been since the “empowerment” age. So, if you’re the kind of man to point this out, you’re a hater of Kweens and a misogynist for calling out that girls just wanna have fun, and that’s it! 🤔 That is why people are calling Passport Bros ‘incels’ which is completely incorrect because these guys ARE out there trying to score booty actively wherever, but both the Passport Bros and the European descendant incels blame that same group of criminal Black men for taking all the women. Pookies and Ray Rays are criminals from the hood who have all the appeal to the ladies of all races in the West. He’s certainly not boring, because the women’s lives are on the line every time she is hanging out with the criminals. We read it in the new over and over and over and we can’t figure out why these seemingly nice women are going for these insane criminals, but it’s clearly Hybristophilia that you’re seeing. It’s a sickness. You know what’s another version of this? Passport Bros going to South America looking for street walking booty sellers! Yeah, people are attracted to illegal sex workers, and not regular women, because these women are sexual deviants, emotionally unavailable and it makes these men feel nasty and dirty to pay to spend money to do illegal paying for sex. You know how you now it’s sick, they come back bragging about banging hookers! 🤡 You’ll notice though, for example, in this Colombia area, you’ll see a LOT of Passport Bros taking photos and video from this specific area. Look at the scenery and compare that to the main place guys are filming at night, it’s this place, where the sex workers are, it’s the sex district. It’s why I posted that particular video with the history of the sex trade there. Look around, you’ll see a bunch of local dudes there too, and these women in these places are the foreign version of the women these Passport Bros claim they hate to much, and those women are the women these Passport Bros are claiming they’re going to marry. It’s 90% lies! They’re going right to those places and buying booty. Joe Biden put Venezuelans in NY, you can go there to buy booty from the woman you like overseas, he wants your vote that much. That’s a thriving market right now, dudes are bragging that they’re getting that cleaning lady cooter. It’s because buying booty is illegal these guys feel like a criminal adjacent. A lot of those guys going to buy booty, they don’t need to go do that, they can get local ladies, but those ladies are not criminals. The appeal of a street thot rapper is they’re attracted by the female criminal, it’s a sexual perversion. Hybristophilia affects men and women, women more, but these dudes are absolutely into dangerous chicks. This perversion is what these weak men are forced to do, because they can’t get their chicks out of the hands of Pookie and Ray Ray, aka Tyrone, which is bringing unnecessary hatred toward the rest of us Black men, from European descendant supremacists and misandrous Black Kweens alike, who both use the same talking points you’ll find in this blog entry, which means it’s all European supremacy using that dangerous Black male stereotype to harm us all. This is why Passport Bros movement exists, to escape all this nonsense and to go do their things overseas.

This is a popular meme passed around. They’re blaming European descendant women for not wanting European descendant males, and claiming they’re going to Black men, so these European men have to go to Asia to find real women, but only the good looking racists are getting the top Asian women, which creates these INCELS who can’t get European descendant or Asian women. 🤣 So these incels don’t know that they’re also sending their ladies to Black guys when they spread negative stereotypes of Black men being criminals, because their ladies LOVE criminals.

But criticism of the movement has been plentiful and experts have warned that there could be negative ramifications for this modern trend.

Weiss said some of the motivations for passport bros stem from “sexist ideas” of American women being overly independent or having excessively high standards.

“As women in the U.S. become more outspoken and emboldened to ask for what they want, some men feel that they’d prefer women in other countries who will be more unconditionally devoted to them,” she said. “Lastly, the movement actually began with Black men, so it could have to do with the way that Black men are treated in the U.S. — though it also seems that some of it is based on negative perceptions of U.S. Black women.

She stressed that it was important to note that some passport bros have been implicated in sex tourism and sex trafficking, underscoring the reality that not everyone under the moniker is simply moving to find relationships.

They’re out here dressing up the devil to make him sound like he’s the hottest thing moving. They get knocked up by him, discarded by him, dumped by him, infect each other, and learn terrible dating habits for years being with him, but it’s all they know and all they want to be with, even when they get old. There is something really going on there, in the back of their heads, something called Hybristophilia. No it’s not swag and it’s not confidence, because these men are largely IGNORANT and easy to manipulate with sex, so how can a woman RESPECT THEM? You’re wrong.

People say it’s hate speech to point out STATS that are true about Kweens in the West. Passport Bros, Black ones that is, they’re very upset that their Kweens have the lowest marriage percentage but the HIGHEST divorce percentage at well. Nobody would bet on that horse, no logical person, and THIS is not a racist or hateful thing to say, because it’s reported and tracked everywhere! So, I fully understand why they’re not wanting the stereotypical Kween we hear and see so much of, on social media, sharing baby daddies, spreading disease and then having Black Pan Africanists blame innocent Black men for not wanting to be stepdads to irresponsible Kweens and their Pookies poor decision making. We are OVER as a race and people because Pookie is taking all races of women- not hate to him, but there should be eyebrow raising towards these women! But we all know that the women who are good women who want to be wives, they’re being shamed by baby mama and infertile Kweens, and they’re called “PICK MEs”, because they don’t want to destroy men but to live in peace with men. So, we all know there are good women out there, but Passport Bros are pretending like they don’t know these women exist. 🤡 Again, the loudest voices have the most say, and those are the bad but popular woman, the baby mamas and nihilists who want to destroy the Black family even in the midst of all the attacks on Black people by European supremacists and their cohort pets. We need to also defend these women being called Pick Mes from the sisterhood nihilists because Pick Mes don’t go along with the gang, so they’re getting jumped! The Internet perverts create the definitions though, and now Pick me is considered a predator who does anything a man says to get approval- but that’s EVERY WOMAN ON INSTAGRAM by that re-definition because they’re all trying to get male attention by thirst trappin’, and none of it those thirst trappers are genuine, it’s a scam thus is predatory!! So any woman calling another woman a pick me is a pick me, by their own new definitions. How are we at an age where a woman who genuinely wants a husband is drowned out by garbage Kweens and sex starved men who pander for a chance to get sex finally, who all take cues from failure sisterhood propagandists? 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s just more tricks by Kweens to keep everyone fighting and lonely like them, but most are trying to get rich by promoting hatred, like they learned from phlegminists and news media outlets, it’s all the same technique. Kweens don’t want everyone to move on without them, they want everyone as single parents and careless idiots who destroy Black life and neighborhoods, and they’ve convince Passport Bros of the worst stereotypes of all our ladies. This is what Kweens WANTED, as part of the phlegminist agenda. Part of why they pick these non-committal pookie men is because these Kweens want to avoid real husband options, and don’t want to face the fact that they are not wife material, so they pick men who NEVER want to marry them (pookies). You can just blame pookie for all your failures, absolve yourself of all responsiblity, and everyone agrees because they all hate Black men and use the stereotype to push hate and profit. 👏🏼 Good Black men are trying to repair generational curses brought on by their entitled welfare Kween mothers who took government welfare over family values, and left the Black communities culturally, morally and financially bankrupt, in shambles, and take pride in blaming Black men they nudged out of power after it all came crashing down. So, Black men went to go build themselves to go looking for wives, and they’re told they’re not good enough after all of that work, by his own Kweens in his generation! And to the Passport Bros points, there are MANY examples of Kweens going to sleep with many criminals, despite putting those very strict dating rules on all other men, which the criminal male does NOT have to adhere to! It is unfair that but it’s illogical, and that’s how Kweens work, but I can’t hate on criminals who bed all of these women. They know what they’re doing, and playing with those criminals, is why they’re also why Kweens are out there all diseased and passing around STDs, according to them, of course, it’s sleeping with criminals that is to blame for Kweens having high STD rates (scroll down to the “Contextual Influence, “Eligible” African American Men, & STI Risk Factors” black men part, for giggles). Sharing those thugs is what they love and nobody is wearing prophylactics since they’re making all those babies. You know, the whole “there are no good Black men left” trope, that’s their excuses for banging criminals, but I’m offering you a real reason for it, this other disease they’re infected with, Hybristophilia! 🤡 Part of Kweens getting criminals is they know those bums won’t ask for marriage, so there is no pressure on any Kween to get married, which is all they’re really concerned with, not being tied down to a man. 🤦🏾 I’m with Passport Bros going to find a wife overseas if they are looking for wives in the Diaspora, 100%, because it’s part of a man’s purpose, stereotypically, to get a wife and protect his family, but to say there are ZERO women that are marriageable? Come on! Hood boogers, no, nothing is marriageable there, they’re telling you as much in videos daily, but who really wants THEM? Many of these guys want those ghetto hood boogers and that’s why they’re mad, but if you’re not her equivalent, no, she doesn’t want you, you’re not a criminal or criminal wannabe like her. Take them out of the equation and you have a lot of good options. To each his own, but I can’t respect you if you can’t get in these Kweens’ faces with good counter points and you can’t counter these misguided Kweens so you feel you need to go buy dirty sex from hookers abroad. 🤡 Really? I’ve seen the places they’re going to, personally, before they turned as terrible as they are today, and it’s a shame to see these places turn into what they are and to see the number of women come out to sell booty in these places. You ask these Passport Bros about their pursuits and 9 times out of 10 it’s a bunch of dudes talking about sexual exploits, and all they’re really saying is “I’m an ugly dude with lame communication skills, and I don’t know how to attract a woman in any way, other than to go somewhere ELSE, where I don’t need skills, all I need to do is flash a passport and US dollars.” So now, the men the Passport Bros say take all the women in the USA, have joined the Passport Bros in going overseas to buy booty and they go overseas to try to get the foreign women attracted to American thugs. Pretty much, that’s all I hear from Passport Bros, and that’s not empowering for men, it’s sad and pathetic. Everyone that the Passport Bros claim they are leaving behind is following them overseas because they’ve been opening up their stupid mouths too much, bragging about sex exploits! 🤡 If you just go and get your rocks off there, cool, but if you’re pretending you’re NOT doing but we clearly know you are buying booty only, based on the video and stories you’re telling when you get back, that is weak to use THAT as a “thumbing your nose” to delusional women in the west, which is what that Fox New article is saying. How can you feel proud about doing that as a counter to them? But you guys are buying sex in foreign countries, what’s to be proud about that? I’ve had many debates with Passport Bros whom have wrong in their travel pursuits and turned everything into sex tours every time they hit a plane up, and it’s only getting worse. They’re getting more and more thirsty, and my problem with what dudes are doing is they’re complaining about disgusting and loose Westernized women, but they’re flying to purchase one night stands with their foreign equivalents. 🤡 I know quite a few of these guys who go down there and they claimed they were there to find wives, but all I ever see them do is get street walker women in these countries, so they’re liars. They are sex starved lames and the reason they’re doing what they’re doing is they want to buy as much sex as possible and only after their money runs out, or they get a disease, only THEN will they consider taking one of the good foreign women to marry.

That thug love is not really a thing in most Latin America, but with the movement of Reggaeton, which borrows the Black music of trap music and thug vibes today, instead of Jamaican Dancehall as it was in the Boricua Guerrero/El General days, there are some places where thug admiration exists. If a woman like a thug in Latin America, you need to exit now, while you still have your life because she’s setting you up with real thugs to get robbed/killed. And there is Latinas are not that far behind Kweens for jail rates compared to European descendant women, it’s .3 lower that Kweens so don’t think they’re all that different from each other in this regard, while you’re overpraising Latinas.

That’s the real kicker, they don’t want those girls who are not loose and are NOT from the night life, they want those “dangerous’ women, they want the foreign version of the Black female gang rapper types we have in USA, like Sexxy Red and Sukihanna, they just don’t want the BLACK version of it is the problem. Yes you do, you like dangerous, criminal woman, just like this Brotha right here, and then get used! He’s turned on by her and there is a reason for this, which we’ll explain. There is something that draws mentally affected people this type of person, where the DANGER and ILLEGAL VIBE is the main motivator for trying to become associated with them, which turns people on, and there are LOT of women in jail! For Black men, it’s almost embedded in us, and that is why we have this rap music garbage that women are making today, we except this poor behavior from our ladies, and we also can’t stop them becoming criminals at high rates today, because they’re so entitled and empowered that they feel invincible and immune to the legal system. As a result, Kweens are getting proper sentencing in jail now, and the sexism that allowed them to circumvent law is being stripped away daily, in favor of EQUALITY, which women fought to have with men. But yes, that is a REAL thing, and a lot of people are very turned on by people doing illegal and dangerous things, out in the open, and these mens are conditioned to wanting to be with criminal chicks and masculine chicks, anything that is criminal adjacent. So if you wonder why this garbage rap music from women, and prostitution rap and prostitution on line is so popular with Black men, there is a direct correlation and a condition for all of this being so successful, the increase of females being sent to jail for violent crimes, and men being turned on by these super predators. This is something that rapper Cam’ron also noticed, a long time ago, and said that guys were wanting thug chicks at a point, women looking like criminals, and the anthem for the year that he was talking about was “I need a gangsta BI…CH.” I think Cam’ron was on to something there, although I was too young, there was a switch to thug chicks being sexy. I remember everyone from Aaliyah to Da Brat was out there dressing like female gang members, and it was turning dudes on. Young Black men are SOLD on tough talking, hardcore, brash, disrespectful women, especially when it comes to the over sexualization of them. This is why rap is filled with disgusting sex pervert women, and that music is leading the sales in music. That’s not just by mistake, that’s not a sudden thing, it’s ALWAYS been here. What these guys are affected by is they’re attracted to women who are doing bad girl things, yes, just like women like bad boys, and when you sexualize it, scientists know you can hook people easily with their sexual perversions. The people who have Kweens out here showing their damn near naked bodies, talking very sexually perverted and talking about doing crimes, that’s actually … a THING. Yes, it’s a thing and that means you can SELL it to someone is what behavioral scientists always knew. The only thing they needed to do was get Kweens to buy into this and not feel shame for it, which is where we are today, there is no shame in thot music. They promote disgusting sex and drug stripper rap as empowerment to be disgusting bed wenches, and it cannot be denied that this is what’s causing a lot of young girls issues, trying to become that rap image of a dangerous female criminal who drugs, rapes men and steals their money, like Cardi B, who bragged about it and everyone LOVED IT. Black guys are addicted to disgusting females no matter where they are, and this is why they’re over there in places like Colombia ONLY buying booty when there are millions of good women there they could find to marry, who are good, Christian women. Those guys claim they’re looking for the equivalent good woman in the USA and can’t find her, and I’d found that they don’t want HER and they don’t want the foreign version of her EITHER! These Passport Bros are sexually aroused by the criminal sex woman, the dirty sex woman. You could watch porn for free, but instead, perverts go waste thousands of dollars on Onlyfans strippers whom they can’t touch and cannot get, and they like that because it’s like an illegal thing they’re doing and it makes them feel good to pay for it. That’s why they like to pay for sex, it’s illegal and it makes a lot of guys feel turned on by women who are doing things we know they should not be doing, which makes them more appealing. Same guys complaining that women in the USA have high body counts are 100% attracted to foreign women who sell sex and have 1,000 bodies! Make that make sense! They will risk getting diseases, they see a woman come out of a hole in the wall place after servicing a trick, and they line up to go right in next and bang that sex woman- that guy, following up behind 30 other men that day, he is the one complaining that he hates Western women with high body counts! He loves hookers because she’s a criminal and he is a pervert. And this kind of perversion is why we have so many people on sites that are made for dating criminal specifically. It wouldn’t exist if there was not a demand, and a lot of guys are sending their money to criminals as part of this, getting sex pictures, somehow, from criminals who are not supposed to even have phones. You think I’m joking, this is serious, this is a real thing and explains why people will cheat on you with thugs and thots. Look at this list designed to get your rocks off with criminals. Passport Bros are pointing fingers at our women liking thugs but these men are clearly only wanting thots, so that’s the pot calling the kettle black! It’s true many women like the thugs, but most people don’t know why these women are doing this, and why these men themselves like the female equivalent, but it’s easy to point out what it is. We have a word for this sickness that Kweens open brag about and exhibit it all the time, and it’s REAL, it’s called Hybristophilia. Hybristophilia makes it so that a regular guy is not appealing to a woman, she is not turned on by ‘lames,’ meaning a guy is not dangerous/dark enough to get her hot and bothered. Thugs can be LAME in bed too, and you can’t tell me that every thug that exists is an excellent lover in bed, so you should know there is something else at play that makes the sex with these men seem like it’s the best thing in the world. It’s not because they all have big diks, that’s nonsense. Big diks don’t make you a great lover in bed, sorry, it doesn’t work this way. What is making them more appealing than you has to do with that sexual perversion, Hybristophilia. Let’s address Hybristophilia now, and why it’s to explain for all of this stupidity you see today, because it’s spread to the ladies yall claim are so much better than all these Black and White chicks, and yall expect to be the saviors of lame dudes with no game Pookie and Ray Ray is stilling your last hope there too. 🤣 You don’t have a chance against these jail birds, like the singer Monica chasing the failed and jailed rapper C-MURDER, who is in jail for life and STILL found a way to cheat on her, so she’s heart broken by him. 🤣 That same lady had good men but didn’t want them, she was stuck on this guy in jail, she has no respect for these free men who were sleeping with her. The Joe Budden podcast said that sex with a woman who is dating a guy in jail is extra good- this is Hybristophilia by proxy! They went on about it and it showed just how into this Black people are because even the supposedly fancy Melyssa Ford, the former video vixen, liked jail thugs and that’s also discussed. It’s a big sickness in the hood to be infatuated by anything criminal and there is sexual arousal always at the end of the plot.

In 2021, the imprisonment rate for Black women (62 per 100,000) was 1.6 times the rate of imprisonment for white women (38 per 100,000). Latinx women were imprisoned at 1.3 times the rate of white women (49 vs. 38 per 100,000).

You may not be able to make them submit, but the criminal, non-Black fake thugs, and actual dangerous dudes, who beat them up, that guy can make her submit! She’s not attracted to you other dudes, “good guys,” sorry buddy. You think it’s confidence, no, it’s arrogance that women are attracted to. If a man shows he doesn’t need or want her because he’s better than her, that’s arrogance not confidence he is displaying, and if you do this, ignoring women like this, you get her! Arrogance, not confidence, attracts.

We are all being conditioned to become turned on by Hybristophilia, it’s in marketing, it’s in our social engineering, it’s all over the place. Oh, you don’t believe that YOU men are affected by this? Then why do you celebrate and get horny for the hot female teacher who sexually molests students? You have men saying these women should NOT go to jail because they’re hot. We are now seeing the news reporting more and more sexual deviant women who are sexually molesting boys, and guys are turned on by it. The reports are not just coming from some small town, like before, they’re coming from places like NYC too! So here, we have a problem with a lot of women being lonely, proud and single or married, so they’re raping little boys! The year 2023 had a record number of female teachers sexually molesting kids, and you older guys like this stuff! You’re a pervert, and you’re conditioned to like this just like women are! Women are more affected by this mental issue of Hybristophilia because they find people like serial killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer as HOT! This is what’s driving a lot of people’s sexual desire in dangerous people, Hybristophilia. As this Kween cites about the popular Kween book out there entitled “The Love Prison Made (and Unmade): My Story by Ebony Roberts,” Kweens love felons and romanticize about men in jail! 😳 That’s MY BODY MY CHOICE if I ever heard it! They are not victims, they CHOOSE these criminals and thugs willingly because it makes them tingle downstairs. Women love BAD BOYS we all know this, enough said we have studies that prove women want felons over common men! You think it’s a game? Many women love men who are dangerous to them, and society, and it makes women “sexuoerotically turned on only by a partner who has a predatory history of outrages perpetrated on others,” read that white paper on it I kid you NOT! Men like jumping out of planes and doing Red Bull commercial craziness, but women love this sickness and love broke thugs in jail who have good sex for them. The sex is not necessarily the best sex, it’s that women are turned on MORE because of Hybristophilia for thugs, and mentally unstable men, which makes her believe his sex is greater than another other man’s sex. You see the TV shows of women who want to marry men in jail (e.g., Love After Lockup), or wondered why mass serial killers have many female fans, even the LGBT ones, and you wondered why, well now you know, they’re PERVERTS! You wonder why even Kweens with supposedly good jobs/careers and have money like thugs, they’re mentally diseased due to Hybristophilia. That’s Kweens in a nutshell, they’re very much mentally infected with a Hybristophilia perversion, and it is a perversion, because therapist suggest one go seek medical help immediately if you are a person who has sex with, procreates with, or lives in the same physical space with a physical, mental and spiritual threat. When you go and make unwanted babies and create a fatherlessness problem for yourselves, over and over again, then blame someone else, that’s time to go seek a professional for your Hybristophilia sickness! These Kweens know very well that they’re hypnotized by Hybristophilia, so much so that divestment groups of women are completely against associating with such men because they know that a good mix of them are affected by Hybristophilia. You have chicks liking what they think is the European version of negative Black stereotypes, but then they get a Chad Wheeler who beats them almost to absolute death. Let them dude go on and have it! Now, they’re trying to advertise that they are going to go find European descendant men, because he is considered SUPERIOR to Black men and not a thug, this is their method to combat Hybristophilia. I know, it sounds STUPID, but it’s true. The Kween of hate for Black men is Cynthia G, top divestor Kween form the Internet, who constantly bashes Black men to gain fame and fortune. She tells Kweens to abort any Black babies they have if they find out it’s going to be a male, and she it telling Kweens to go find European descendants and European men. But that Hybristophilia was so deep in her, so what did she go do? She slept with a thug, criminal Black guy and created a male baby by him! 🤡🤦🏽‍♀️ Cynthia G got pregnant because she doesn’t have what it takes to get this European man she praises so much. Unfortunately for Kweens, the world is seeing how negatively they behave towards all Black men, as these Kweens try to get other races and ethnicities to date them, and are not finding success because they can’t change WHO THEY ARE and have always poorly treated Black men, like the Cheesecake Factory 300lbs 6’3″ woman who sought to embarrass an innocent man of South East Asian descent to her Kweens who follow her on social media- to horrific results. Her typical Kween behavior said to record this guy she could shame for taking her to the Cheesecake factory, and it’s no different from when you try to speak to a Kween on the street, she will fully attempt to embarrass you in front of the entire public. This is what they feel empowered doing, rejecting men and being misandrists. And when you hear her in the video interview with the guy she dated and the host, she takes no accountability and blames it on her being a Kween! 😳🤦🏽‍♀️ She said she did it to encourage and empower women, that’s the problem with Kweens and now everyone is seeing how they behave and why most are single and unmarried and just baby mamas. When people cite they don’t want to date Kweens, like all things, Kweens make up excuses and call everyone racists for not picking them, when the real issue is what the world sees of them doing themselves. They saw this and they saw Jada Pinkette Smith embarrass Will Smith, for the public’s amusement, which is EXACTLY what Kweens love to do to Black men, and now everyone is seeing that whether you’re a celebrity, or an overweight giant woman from the streets, Kweens do the same thing no matter where they are in the West! Jada Pinkette Smith insults her good man and craved the thug loins of criminal Tupac Shakur because of that sex perversion, and Tupac is a Pookie and Ray Ray pretending male who got the women! He created a thug persona after he got connected with gangs who owned his record company. He was exploiting Hybristophilia, because he was a weakling, short, polite ACTOR, if you watch that Dear Mama documentary. He was an overly emotional baby mama raised male seeking to change his image to get women by exploit that gap with Hybristophilia sickness! If a ghetto chicks can’t get Hybristophilia going they will destroy any good man out there and blame HIM for her sickness, that’s what Jada Pinkette did. If you call out any of this sickness, you will be banned from all social media outlets for asking where all the women not affected by Hybristophilia are. The internet will come to destroy anyone who points out the hypocrisy of Kweens. Clearly, these Kweens love dangerous men for sex, but many claim these street guys are good men and they take care of women, like this woman in the middle in this video. That’s like going and punching a pitbull in the face and expecting it to lick you in return. They promote this thug guy as THE ONLY BLACK MAN to the world, yet that guy is a very small digit percentage of overall Black men, he’s also the one creating fatherlessness in the Black communities. They also like to continue to globally promote the negative stereotype of all Black men because it is very easy to convince European descendant authorities to shoot him on site if she decides to weaponize police, or gets judges to rule negatively against such men in court to get favorable results such as a FATHERLESSNESS problem that leads to that woman being a single mother in a single mother household and that man cannot visit his kids because he is considered “A DANGER TO HER AND HER FAMILY!” Everyone Black knows that this is what Kweens do, then turn around and get mad at European descendant women who do the same thing to them, calling those ladies “KARENS.” Kweens do the very exact thing they claim Karens are racist for doing, pure hypocrites and this is why as more and more Black men start to ignore Kweens, they’re showing how they are the true Karens more and more. Again, the whole Black community knows this is why Kweens pick criminals they can control, and the most dumb thing to happen is a lot of women who are “educated” love to pick these guys, because they’re narcissistic, egotistical, power-hungry combatants who need men they can exploit for sex, because those Kweens can’t get good men. She gets a power trip and sexually turned on at the same time! She doesn’t want good men who she cannot control, who she cannot dominate, not Kweens! So, it’s a double win for these Kweens to get criminals, they’re turned on by them and can threaten to send those guys back to jail because they know European descendants can have their supremacy chip activated against Black men who were jailbirds. THAT is what is creating fatherlessness in the Black community, Hybristophilia, again, that’s because that’s what KWEENS are up to and they control sexual access to themselves. They pick who they pick, and when they’re done with them, they can discard such men, which is why they pick this sort of man. They pick this man and then move this man in their homes, for easy sexual access, and they don’t care if they make babies with this man, he can come to visit his kids, if SHE desires, with the help of biased judges. These are perverts, you understand this, don’t you? To hide this fact, and to throw people off her sent, she’ll just vilify this man and wash her hands of all wrongdoing, using the racism and hatred for Black men against him, to get all to focus anger on that Black male she picked to lay with. You see it all day every day. You see Kweens use the hatred of Black men, globally, to tell a message of “yes, we hate him too, save us from these criminals” and they play victims, as if they don’t have their own agency and are infantilized themselves. Ok you don’t believe, let’s give some clear examples then.

The thugs just buss it down and catch the bus out of town! Leaving them begging for these dudes, chasing them forever.

Yes, that is the factor that dudes keep forgetting, that criminal link that gets the woman that they like, so hot and bothered. Yes, it sounds like the dumbest thing EVER, why in the world would any respectable woman want to be with a criminal? I mean a real criminal, like ones doing serious crimes, not some dude stealing a bag of chips from a convenience store, or cheating his taxes, real criminals. Actually, I’m starting to think that these women these guys want are attracted to dudes who don’t pay their child support and get locked up to become criminals, because these women seriously love sharing these dudes who multiple women willingly share with other women for sex. These women love these dudes with many babies, they look at another woman not being respected by the guy, being neglected by the guy, and they say “yeah, I want to be with this guy too!” That guy then has sex with ALL of those women at the same time, these women know it, and don’t care, quite frankly, they just let him juggle all of them, and then they get pregnant by that guy. These guys have a LOT of babies, I’m not kidding you, like this guy making more than 20 babies with 22 women. Who would dare get involved with such a man? Well, it goes to say that some men just have a way with women, but there is a little bit of a stereotype that goes way too far in many cases, and it’s a racial one. For starters, for Black guys, there is the stereotype of being a sexual master in the bed with a huge member, so you have a lot of women who are intrigued for this part, if you have GAME and know how to charm women. These women will let you get your tricks off to get them in the bed, but a lot of times, there is a very thin line between game and sexual harassment, mainly because your looks are too unappealing. I see a lot of Passport Bros complaining that just ANY thug dude is able to get ladies, and there is an element of truth to it, I’ve SEEN it with my own eyes. These are some UGLY bum looking dudes with zero game getting up in a chick’s face, getting phone numbers and ladies. Then you have a large section of Passport Bros complaining that this man is getting women because he is tall. Whatever the case, who cares what another man is doing? They call these guys Pookie and Ray Rays, meaning these are the thugs and criminals from the ghettos, who are unruly, unemployed, and have a sex appeal that most Passport Bros don’t have- thus the jealousy. Everyone has a lane, and if the kind of lady you like only responds to criminals, and people pretending to be criminal thugs, which is a lot of Black guys out there, then apparently, that is not the type of lady you should be going for if you’re a computer nerd, nuclear physicist, a guy with no game, or some guy who is clean cut. It’s just that simple! Just look at what these internet kid celebrity Black males are doing like Kai Cenat, he’s pretending to be in jail doing skits and he thinks it’s cool. Take a look, there are celebrity rap women who are jailbirds going on pretend dates, it’s cool to be a criminal in the Black community, and there are many fans lining up to go to jail. 👏🏼 These Passport Bros want street walker chicks and those chicks they want are built for that criminal guy, not clean-cut guys, they tell ladies over and over and over that they do not want “good guys!” Why don’t they want you? You’re LAME to them, you’re not exciting, you’re not getting her curiosity racing,… but if you keep listening to ladies, of on why they don’t like YOU, you’ll hear them start to say that you don’t present like someone who is tough, not like a guys in the streets, not like a rough neck (your mama was looking for this), etc. These ladies are telling you that you don’t present DANGER to them, that’s the excitement that is missing. You don’t SCARE HER! You present like a weak male that she can beat up, and not like a pitbull that could turn on her at any moment. What you guys are noticing, and are somewhat correct about, is a phenomenon that is a medical condition called “Hybristophilia.” What is Hybristophilia in women? Hybristophilia is a what is known as “paraphilia” which states that if you have this condition, you’re a PERVERT. These ladies today are attracted to the Pookie and Ray Ray thug dudes because MANY women in the West suffer from Hybristophilia, which is to say they’re suffering from a condition that gets them aroused to a point where they have disgustingly abnormal sexual desires for a man who is overly extreme in a dangerous way, and in particular, when it comes to someone with a criminal appeal, or simply just a criminal, that specifically is what Hybristophilia is. This is what is to blame for women who love these thug dudes, and dudes who help this lady ruin her life, they are excited and turned on in all ways by this kind of criminal dude! This is not made up, click the links, you’ll see Hybristophilia is absolutely real, and this is what is also marketed to women in the West, and most of you don’t even know it. This is the idea that the woman wants the bad boy dude! This is why the woman wants the tall guy who looks dangerous like he will snap on you, unhinged dude. This is why they like to put guys in very bad situations where the guy has to defend this lady’s honor by fighting the 10 guys, she started nonsense with, and she started throwing glasses of drinks at them and trying to fight two of the dudes – true story of a chick I took out once. These ladies like to create chaos because they’re excited by danger and violence (paraphilia) and they love to get men to do proxy violence for them that can get them sent to jail (Hybristophilia)! Oh, and in that scenario, I told her to chill out, she started insulting my manhood, and dudes just laughed at me like “control your BISH, yo!” I escorted her out, she called me a “BISH” for not fighting all 10 of them. I never talked to this lady ever again, but I had NO idea this lady is out of my league and is not the type I want- although, she is exactly who all these non-thug dudes want, a lady who presents like she’s from a corporate job, but in reality, she is a ghetto chick who really wants to get her Hybristophilia on with a thug. I wore Tshirt, expensive jeans, Jordans and had a fresh fade, so to her, I came off like a classic thug look to her, and she was turned on by that. I realized that if I dressed up like this, I could easily get ladies, and I experimented with this, over and over, and found that me dressing more “street” got me a high number of phone numbers and call backs from ladies, but when I was in formal wear, I didn’t get nearly as many ladies, I mean I’d get them, but not with the looks above a 6. A dude in street clothes trumps dudes with formal wear. THIS is why all those women laughed at all of those men in Atlanta who lines up to wear suits on social media, clowning dudes in formal wear as if they are losers.  Seriously, Kweens insulted these men who dressed up formally and wanted to show a cleaned up image of Black men, and 300 Black men showed up to present a positive image.  For anyone who thought that it was odd that Kweens laughed at them that they didn’t want to present a criminal image and wanted to show a cleaned up image, they shouldn’t be, Kweens respect the criminal look because they are mentally ill from Hybristophilia, and these ladies here, they certainly are ghetto, low vibration women that a lot of Passport Bros want, but these ladies clearly are not impressed by this non thug criminal look these 300 Black men did. that made the business that set up the event have to give a response but there is no getting through to Kweens infected by Hybristophilia, you either become a thug or you can’t get any love.

So many are loud mouthed until that dangerous alpha male gets in their faces. Then they’re bowing to him. Notice all the internet ghetto sisterhood propaganda garbage sites, for Blacks, are only talking about praising criminal thugs. They’re socially engineering all of our terminations! That’s what gets likes, this is who they PRAISE! That’s Hybristophilia. You can’t turn her on like him, sorry! He can take her to dates at GREGGS, not you, you have to please her with top rated restaurants.

This is what is missing from the women overseas, and this is what a lot of guys are surprised that women who are not from the West, and are from the East, let’s say, find more appear. This is why Asian women love wimpy, frail European descendants, and don’t really fuk with Black guys like these Black guys are pretending they do. The non-Western women have an idea of a non-criminal, of a clean cut guy who is not a danger to them, who is not too exciting, who is not going to present risk and overthinking for these non-Westernized women, they are NOT turned on by Hybristophilia. They bad boy image, it may exist in movies or something, but these non-Western women are not impressed by criminals and if you examine all the properties of Hybristophilia, you will clearly see that where a lot of these Passport Bros go to, if they don’t go to the tourist areas, these women do not suffer from Hybristophilia and if you present like a criminal, you will NOT progress with this woman. This is what a lot of Black guys are not understanding when going overseas, and how you dress will unfortunately lead to lack of success in many areas outside of tourist areas, because women who are not from the cities, are much slower in progression with men in relationships, and they are not hopping in bed with you on the first night. Black guys have a hard time with women who are not from touristy areas because those ladies who are not loose are unfortunately a little racially biased because of stereotypes of Black men, which is that Black men are jail birds and criminals, who desert their babies. Stereotypes are to blame for this, but most importantly, these ladies don’t have Hybristophilia so they’re not turned on by thugs. Unfortunately, many people, including Kweens, associate Black men with Hybristophilia, and in the West, this is COOL to women. This guy who triggers Hybristophilia in women is seen as a rebel to society, but most women from cultural background overseas, will avoid you for lack of being affected by Hybristophilia. I know this personally because I’ve been asked, COUNTLESS TIMES, if I had a criminal record. It is rude, they don’t know this, it is disrespectful, they don’t know this, and it’s racially offensive, and I’m sure they know this, but they’re not rejecting me for this, they’re trying to qualify me, and they want to make sure I’m not, so they can proceed with me. Why do they want me to not be a criminal? Because they want TO FEEL SAFE WITH ME, same thing like when any woman who doesn’t feel she can fist fight 10 men in Applebees at once would feel. Respectable women want to feel safe; they don’t want to feel like you’re putting their life on the line, they want to feel if unsafe environments come, you will defend them and yourself, but they don’t want a damn THUG in non-Western cultures. Hybristophilia is not a common thing that women suffer from, and their societies do not flaunt this guy as an attractive guy in media/movies/books, etc. There is a market for these guys, overseas though, and now you see these so called Pookie and Ray Rays starting to become Passport Bros, the war reports are in now! 😳 They’re getting rejected left and right though, they have no good approach, they’re flashing money, passports, and their fake gold chains to ladies, and trying to get them in bed with this. These guys clearly know that Hybristophilia is what works in the West, and they’re failing with this overseas. The Passport Bros, who are cleaner cut, is going to win over this kind of guy, for sure, in non-Westernized cultures. They win with ladies you pay to have sex only, from tourist areas, but they do not win with cultured women not suffering from Hybristophilia.  Black guys are going to 3rd world countries trying to see if there are women suffering from Hybristophilia so they’re trying to go down there pretending to be thugs to women overseas and they’re getting robbed and killed in places like Colombia! Pretend to be a thug, get handled by a thug! A Passport Bro Owens Gregory Stewart was a Black old guys, 59 years old, and went down dressing like a thug with his presented him, in a positive light, in a suit, looking like a regular square guy but if you watch the facebook posts on it, you will see that dude was down there acting trying to look like a thug so he could get women suffering from Hybristophilia and here you can see the video where the guy is trying to fight the attackers like he is a thug, when he is not, instead of just giving up the chain and living!  This was a senseless killing and he would have lived had he never been down there trying to pretend to be a thug.  Look at this image here, that was scrubbed from the sites to not ruins his image (minute 14:45) you will see him there getting rub down with that very chain that got stolen. What is a 59-year-old dude doing trying to fight two young attackers? Trying to pretend to be tough, and trying to defend your masculinity and thug passion against people who are probably going to buy drugs with whatever they find in your possessions. You cannot think you should be fighting people in a country where you can’t even call for backup or can’t even trust the police to properly aid you. He got carried away in thug acting and this is what happens to guys when they feel they get ladies by pretending to be thugs, these guys go ahead and continue to pretend to be a thug to a point where they ruin their lives, or just get their lives taken away completely trying to be a thug, as happened here. This is a story most Passport Bros are not trying to talk about because it’s fresh in the minds of many people and they know it represents them. They’re going to foreign countries and then they start acting like they’re rappers and thugs, trying to look like intimidating thugs most importantly, because they’re trying to score booty by thinking these women are affected by Hybristophilia, thus they think they’ll get women in bed by acting thug. Now the real thugs are down there where Passport Bros are too, and it’s not going to end well. The problem is these ladies don’t really respond to that thug stuff, unless you’re talking about loose women who are there only to have a good time or those selling booty. If that sounds like complete stupidity for a man to do, then look in your own backyard and you’ll also notice that you’re doing this domestically too. In fact, rappers today are not real thugs, they’re marketing and promotion like Drake, and this appeal gets women who are attracted to dangerous men who could go to jail, it’s all back to Hybristophilia, except butter-soft light skinned males like Drake are a safe pretend tough males and their fans who love their fake toughness are pretending to be cool women who are affected by Hybristophilia.

You dudes are affected by Hybristophilia as well! We see it all the time! These are all known criminal women and these are their MUG SHOTS!
I have MANY European descendant friends who are bad boy dudes who are players and some criminals, but all of them have the “troubled” vibe to them. This SELLS, so they bag all the Kweens because Kween are “pick me’s” for these men. Kweens worship the ground these men walk on if he is acting like a Black male stereotype to get her fix of Hybristophilia.They think a man with criminal vibe equates to strong Black man, no matter his race, these ladies will “relate” and feel comfortable.

People don’t believe that Hybristophilia is a real thing, but it clearly is and it explains the behavior you see from these Kweens out here. They get a high off of it. This is why nice guys finish last, as we say. Nobody wants a nice guy, and he is “boring.” He is boring because he doesn’t have the thug look like he beat her to a pulp if they got into an argument. Yeah, you see the memes online of Black guys, in the European supremacist chat rooms, where they like to show some Black guy beating up women or make fun of women for being victims of abuse, and it’s based on laughing at women who like men who are violent, which normally leads to those guys being sent to jail. Kweens love that kind of guy, who is physically dominating and scary, where he is unpredictable, doesn’t care about her, has no respect for her, is emotionally unavailable- complete recipe for disaster in a man, but that’s what she loves. Then when the Kweens get beat up by these psychotic men, everyone sits around and cries for the Kween as if she is innocent and didn’t know this person was a ticking time bomb, or like this Kween didn’t know this male is a cocktail of hot MESS. Those women all know these guys violent, and they have this Hybristophilia attraction to this guy. The ‘hood’ is filled with this, Kweens love these kinds of men, who treat the ladies like garbage, but the women know they can control these guys with offers of sex and threats to treat him like Karens do, the Kweens can’t wait to send these men to jail if he does not bow down to whatever she says. It’s how the hood functions and is why it’s the disgusting place it is today, filled with thugs and Kweens who are addicted to Hybristophilia, who create sons who turn into men who are highly lightly to become criminals and consider going to jail as a badge of honor. You would think that any intelligent and caring person would not want this procreate with a man who is a violent criminal, but in the hood, that’s what they love, that’s Hybristophilia. In the 90s, Female rapper MC Lyte made a song about how she wanted “roughnecks,”  who are thugs in the street and criminals. Coming off of the drug dealing epidemic, many guys were getting the ladies because they were drug dealers. If you were an ugly dude who couldn’t get ladies, you could kill 2 birds with one stone by getting paid but also getting power and ladies with your dangerous lifestyle that is surely going to lead to you getting killed, that lady with you getting killed and you going to jail. Worked like a charm, Kweens have a sickness of Hybristophilia and it’s never gone away. You’ll also remember the Beyonce made a song where she needed a criminal thug too, in her song “Soldier.” She’s not talking about someone in the military, she’s talking about the guys the ghettos hold up as the idea of masculinity, the men who do dangerous things, make all the unwanted babies, aren’t going anywhere in life, and pretty much are the guys all other Black men are judge by, CRIMINALS! This thug is the most sought after Black man, and even the European descendant women want this Black guy only. I even see the Africans, NOT FROM USA, copycatting this thug and trying to look like the thugs from USA, to get their European descendant women, copycatting the look. These are all men who know that women are big into Hybristophilia, but they don’t really understand what’s going on there because they end up falling in love with that woman, they end up being nice to that woman, then end up respecting that woman, and now, they’re suddenly a GOOD GUY and not the bad boy, so they get DUMPED! You are not dangerous to her life anymore, you’re not fitting her Hybristophilia fix, so you’re going to get dumped by her. The danger there is that when you get one of those mental dudes hyped up, and you upset him, he’s going to do damage to you or to society- which ironically enough is what she is turned on by. And this is where the power play comes into play where these women know they can manipulate this guy with threat of calling the cops on him, and if he is a Black man, the justice system will just stereotype him and come in hot, ready to shoot him for the lies the Kweens tell to try to get a power struggle that goes wrong when he exerts himself forcefully and beats her arse. If he has not gone this far yet, then she has the other manipulation tactic going on, she knows she can manipulate a jail bird, or any guy who doesn’t have financial freedom, using the promise of constant sex, which is why these Kweens are so quick to move him into her home!  She has power of using cops like a Karen, she has power of her sex, and she also has the power of the property being in her name, whether renting or owning! We have stories in the news, right now, the same time, you will see it’s mainly KWEENS, doing exactly what I said here, trying to reduce Black men to jailbirds to further an agenda, just as we always knew. One, is that lady who is a low budget actress who went and got sexually explicit with the R&B singer Usher, while her man was home tending to their baby they have together. Because that woman believes she was superior to him, because she is on is in Hollywood movies occasionally, and her man is only a fitness trainer with light skin and curly hair, this lady constantly throws her POWER in his face, just like all Kweens do today, which is why guys have just gone their own way on them nowadays. Nobody likes someone whom they cannot trust laying in their beds, so she was ready to make up lies and tell the authorities that that man physically abused her. However, the guy is not in jail, so clearly there isn’t any evidence that is proof of abuse if he is not behind bars, and she uses the cops and government to try to gain power over him, to get full custody of her child, so she does not have to pay this man child support, because she does not make money like she does. The lady has terrible “proof of domestic abuse” screenshots from video, and not actual video, of the thug boyfriend beating her up. None of the blurry snapshots show his hands on her, they show her curling up like a ball in different places, but you cannot make out who either of them really is in the video anyway. So, what, this lady and her lawyers will use the negative Black stereotype of Black men being thugs against him. Now think about it, if this guy really is being her up, this is someone who is supposedly a “superstar actor” so … why is she with such a man in the first place? He couldn’t just suddenly beat her up and if she was really scared that he would beat her up, she wouldn’t go grind up on some singer who is not the father of her baby. It just doesn’t make sense, but then again, if he is violent, yeah, it makes ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD! Why? Hybristophilia! And that’s why, although the proof looks very weak in her bogus cases right now, it’s totally also likely he was beating her to death because she is consumed with Hybristophilia. Oh, and the “evidence” this lady has about this alleged abuse, look at the evidence time stamps, it’s from last year! Who keeps such information for a year, if it’s true, to use against someone 1 year later. See, Kweens build cases and instead of really complaining when the issue came up, the woman claims this guy was abusive to her, and then AFTER that “evidence” this Kween DECIDED TO HAVE A BABY WITH THIS MAN SHE CLAIMS IS VIOLENT and she has proof? Does that make sense that someone would have a baby with a violent, woman beating man. Hybristophilia, people, that’s what they are affected by and her saving the video for the time to get rid of the guy, so she doesn’t have to pay him child support, to destroy his life, she got a restraining order against him 1 year later for the “evidence” that didn’t get this guy locked up. She is DONE with him, now it’s time to get his high-tech lynched in the court of public opinion without him ever stepping into a jail cell or court room, for domestic violence that is not PROVEN! These chicks keep playing with dangerous men and then they end up like Shakira Rucker, messing with a known violent criminal who bags many ladies like her, and then pay for it with their lives!

Let them have that, you’re liberated if they take that mess off your hands! Let the thugs have them! You can’t compare. You go find YOUR pocket, wherever that might be– just don’t PAY for it.

Again, if he was really violent, she is painting a picture that he has been violent since he first met her, but nothing after the baby was born? What she is doing is she is trying to get Kween support for her being disgusting in public rubbing up on a man who wasn’t’ her own man and she is using fake domestic violence and character assassination of a Black man to do it. No different than we always tell you Kweens do, and making a Black man a criminal, or outright picking a criminal, is an easy way for Kweens to absolve themselves of any personal responsibility for their actions and errors in life. If she is a Hollywood star, can’t she do better than the image of the man she is trying to present to the world? A lot is not right about this story. So, if this guy is the nobody she is making him out to be, a failure in life who doesn’t have his act together, why is this supposedly boss babe with such a low level man? Easy exploitation for his sex and abuse to him because she can manipulate him, that’s what Kweens do and openly brag about it. This Kween is throwing this baby daddy under the bus because she has no more need for him and wants full control of her baby, so he does not get to visit his baby, by filing for an order of protection. This way, she will not need to pay him child support as well. She’s trying to discard this man after he has served purpose in her Hybristophilia fantasies. She has all the money, the house, and the control through is kids and the government, it’s the PERFECT position that Kweens love to have, POWER! Keke Palmer is purposely creating FATHERLESSNESS, purposely not allowing the father of the child to be in the life of the child. This is proof of Kweens creating fatherlessness and this is NOT the father leaving his kids. Then there is the other case is the owners of the Turkey Leg Hut, in Houston, USA. A couple married, the woman had zero skills to hustle or make business, but the male did. The only thing is she met him as a conman, hustler and criminal. The “wife” got her Hybristophilia fix. The husband was a known criminal, but he had business skills and cooking skills, and his woman had nothing going for her and no plan in life, she was a scammer taking advantage of men making them think her birthday was when they met her, thus she was scamming them to get birthday money. This is the same thing a man in Japan was thrown in jail for doing.  What she did have over him was she was not someone who has been to jail! That’s huge in the Black community because the power is not with the male, it’s with the women who traps a man to use only for sex due to her Hybristophilia problem. Kweens know they shouldn’t be procreating with such men, but if you’re a sexual deviant, then yeah, the explanation is Hybristophilia. They are not, she would have pure power over this man if she were a wife and could take the whole business from him. Why would this “wife” try to take his business? Before success, this woman was ready to throw the business away since she could not try to run this Turkey Leg Hut in its earliest form, before it turned into what it became today. The man was in jail when he found out she was going to destroy his work that he was setting up for when he got out of jail. He got out of jail finally, and he took over everything to get it back on pace! You have to see the interview they did together, that woman was trying to promote herself like she is the person who created it  and she got everything going, and the place is a success because of her- but in the interview, he hears her lying to falsely promote what she clearly says she did not help and was ready to quit it if wasn’t for him. This guy was in jail fighting to save his business and she was failing! Then she says she couldn’t run what he turned it into, a successful franchise! So, she is not the boss babe she is trying to pretend to be, and her ego got the best of her because she could not show up her criminal BOYFRIEND/Husband. If that’s her husband, why is she so MAD at him not letting her lie about his truths and success to make her look like she did what she did not do? Look at the interview. And now, that same “wife” sees that she cannot control this jailbird boyfriend, now that he is out and he is blowing away the competition, now that everyone sees that HE is the real brains behind everything and HE is the one who was always running the show, and she was the one who was causing it to fail while he was locked up. Her ego is bruised. Oh, I said she was the “wife” because I don’t even think they’re married, she’s talking and carrying on like someone not married to a man and not giving praise to a HUSBAND who is saving them from being broke, with his business invention. What kind of wife will try to destroy such a successful thing? So here is a lady mad that this guy saved the business and now intends to destroy his business because of her ego. Look at that link there, it’s her message on social media.  Mind you, that article is in BLACK ENTERPRISE MAGAZINE and look how that Kween wife is acting to the public. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Culturally bankrupt moron is what she is, this is not how we want to be represented to the world, and he had KIDS with her, why would she try to publicly destroy him to the world and his kids? Because Hybristophilia means he’s someone society has discarded and she knows she can trash him and nobody will be sorry for him, he’s a criminal. This gives her right to abuse him, and we see this publicly. Does a WIFE go to social media to attack her husband and make some of the most self-centered comments I’ve ever heard. She has no talent, no business skills, nothing, and now she wants to take that business for herself. So, she is not claiming domestic violence, which is an easy lie to say about Black men, and she is going to suddenly get divorce, so she can STEAL the business. She was with him because of her Hybristophilia when he had no money and was not successful in business, rotting away in prison. Now that she can’t get her lies off and she can’t brag online and to her fake boss babes anymore, she wants that man GONE, and preferably back in jail. Why would she want HIM in jail and to take the business fully?

Felon coochie
There are a lot of guys now, who are infatuated with thug women who are gang members and masculine women. They’re affected by hybristophilia too because these dudes are really out here looking for violent women who out-masculine them. You wondered why so many beta men like these strong, dangerous women too. Sexxxy Red got knocked up and is doing killer music while pregnant and the men eat it up!

Because if he is not in jail, then SHE MUST PAY HIM ALIMONY, because she is claiming that SHE is the one who has full ownership of the business, which is likely because he is a convicted felon. What kind of person would be a millionaire woman and get a divorce from the person who is the brains of the operation, and then think she can have success with that business, and have to pay this guy half of the money? That’s DUMB and so is so egotistical that he is blowing up EVERYTHING but mainly to DESTROY his public image. This is the disgusting competition of Kweens today, with men they claim to love. No, she was with him for Hybristophilia and the guy turned the tables and got himself the upper hand. He has money, he has the business sense, he is a hustler, … HE DOESN’T NEED HER! That power is gone from her control, she’s back to being a regular wife, who doesn’t run the business, and that is NOT what Kweens want. They cannot be your help mate, as the bible says they should be, they must be your BOSS and if you will not be subservient to Kweens, they want to get rid of you. See, that other part of Hybristophilia is to be able to discard the dangerous man when you’re done, this is why broke thugs and criminals are picked by these women. However, this wife here, she has no proof of this domestic abuse, just character assassination, just as Kweens have done since the first days they were first coached by social worker kweens who told them to claim domestic abuse to get welfare, by the government- which needed no proof and just threw Black men under the bus to get it. Mind you, this man is the father of her children, she also had other children, and she, like that Keke Palmer idiot, is purposely creating a home without a father in it. This is another example of making sure the kids don’t have a father in the home and she’s painting him as now being dangerous to the whole family, so here we have another case of the women initiating and creating fatherlessness. You should all keep that in mind, Kweens create fatherlessness because of their disgusting egos. Now, we have their Kween leading rap music performer who leads all the young women who like criminals, Sexxxy Red, making rap songs saying free their dirty criminal baby daddy in jail, while she is pregnant. 😳🤦🏽‍♀️ Yeah, they’re doing this, this is highly insulting to Black people and I really question who is behind this. These psycho chicks like to mate with some psychotic jail birds and street dudes with low self esteem and no game. So, when the loose women decide to abandon her family she made with these dangerous men, and just discards these psychotic men, the clock is ticking on murder. These dudes already come from family-centric backgrounds, so if you sever him from his kids, he’s going to sever your head from your body! When the relationship is finished, especially if the male is a Caribbean Latino, you better be careful out there, someone’s getting bodied. The leading killers in crimes of passion, by a long shot, is always going to be a Latino. Dudes just don’t let go when the lady dumps them, and these guys are forever going to stalk that woman for the rest of their lives, and possibly take her life if that lady moves on, so that might be short time. We have a lot of killing related to dating those baby mamas because they procreate with loser men who are dangerous to her, getting her hybristophilia on. We had this one here recently, from a different guy who was a baby daddy who was sleeping around with the baby mama of a killer. That baby mama of the killer dumped her killer baby daddy, and within 8 months of separation from each other, the baby mama was right back out in those streets getting sex from dudes. One guy she gave the booty up to was a guy with swag, who himself was a baby daddy pookie (no surprise there), who was not taking her serious and was just clapping those cheeks and moving on. The killer baby daddy, who’s baby mama was back out in those streets so quick, found out his baby mama was loose in the streets after tossing him to the side, so he plotted on the new guy that baby mama was sleeping with. The killer baby daddy caught the other baby daddy lacking on day, while he was eating food in the streets, and shot him up. If she’s a baby mama, don’t even BOTHER to get with her if you detect Hybristophilia horniness in her, because that baby daddy is going to be jealous that she is moving on, and he’s going to come kill you. The wild thing was the killer staged a fake robbery to make it look like he wasn’t jealous that the pookie baby daddy was clapping his baby mama’s cheeks and spending time with the killer’s kids, as a coverup to the killing he did. He got caught QUIT! 🤦🏾 So, playing this stupid baby daddy baby mama game is stupid if these people can’t close their legs, but actively play around with this baby mama culture nonsense because these baby mamas really love these pookie street dudes and it’s all in our cultures. This is helping to drive Hybristophilia into popular culture and all of this rap today is playing on Hybristophilia, and not that pregnant degenerate female rapper is helping link baby mama-ism to their killer men. It seems like baby mamas are turned on by hybristophilia. Now, that I’ve seen this stuff these young kids are sharing with me on social media, THIS is what these Passport Bros are running away from. These are some of the worst negative Black stereotypes possible, and these idiots are willingly participating in this putting this image out there. It fuels the European supremacist ideology and the Kweens and aunties trying to get themselves European men, to escape ALL Black men, and to escape being seen like this female rapper. 🤦🏾

Hybristophilia Orange is the new Black
Baby mamas love pookie and ray ray thugs! They’re so turned on by them that they’re rather be with those criminals than to be married, with a family, and responsibilities to her offspring. They’ll do anything to have open access to sex whomever whenever and don’t care to have a stable relationship and man in the home. A man at home keeps them from doing stupid things like being in those streets thotting, so they purposely don’t want that, they’ll just take his genetic deposit of a baby. She tricks you into being a step daddy to that thug’s kids, then you date her, and he murders you and her! You have to schedule your relationship around his jail sentence, so if you know the relationship won’t last 2 years, make sure you pick a woman with a baby daddy that is in jail for selling crack or murder, that way he is not coming home any time soon.

Hybristophilia is a major problem in the Black community, and it’s advertised so much today in rap music and R&B music that now we are at a point where the young women are in many videos telling you that they want only thug criminals and it’s making the next wave of men aspire to be criminals. Here is the corniest, beta-male pretend thug I’ve ever seen, CORDAE rapping about the robberies he did and how you better kill someone if they step on your shoes. Seriously, this is in his songs, pure rap garbage, and look at him, a baby faced weakling you could snap in half with the flick of a finger! But to women, he sounds legit because he throws N-words here and there and references friends of his that do crime and he can get them to beat you up – not that he could fight you himself, but he will call someone, true alpha male he is. 🤣 But his lies about his criminal life are promoted in music, and he is so lame he probably could have really good success because he is a light skinned Black, same formula that makes Drake and Logic (biracial rappers) popular. Instead, this guy is a pretend criminal, maybe did petti crime like pick pocketing at the worst. Well, his butter-soft tough guy image attracted the attention of a former superstar tennis pro, Naomi Osaka. The pairing shocked European and European descendants, the world over, and they wrote about this pairing in their popular publications, such as PEOPLE MAGAZINE. The first piece was to point out how she is with such a loser. That’s the insult piece about how basically she should be with someone more inspiring and who won’t destroy her life, because the symbolism was that he is a Black rapper. It’s subliminal messaging in that piece aimed at “familiarizing” the European descendants and Europeans with this Black guy they have no idea about.  Then they decided to give their based people a look into HER BLACK DADDY while pretending they were talking about her parents. They don’t do this for everyone, but because the knew she’s destroy her life with that guy, they wrote MANY pieces on her, and then went back and “updated” the pieces on her because the originally outlined that right after looking into her boyfriend, they decided to look into that Black father. You’ll notice they updated the DATE to be fall of 2023, which is NOT when it first was released, it was released after investigating this Cordae clown. And then they finally were right there when the breakup happened, and they had the news before it hit the blogs even, because they were laying in wait for the event – and even that piece is recently updated to mess up their timeline of the stories they did to inquire about WHY she would dat a thug loser when they know he will leave her with a fatherless household. This is using a negative Black male stereotype to try to again show that Black men ruin women’s lives, but here you can see now that this women DUMPED HIM FLAT, he didn’t leave her. Their implied decision was that she dated a Black thug because he daddy was a Black thug-  and of course he isn’t but the link was already made so they had to go back and update the language. Naomi was affected by Hybristophilia, which she thought she was going to get from this fake thug clown. He turned out NOT to be a thug, not to be as tough as he pretended to be, and then she just DITCHED HIM. She went from calling him the most attentive man ever who dropped everything THUG for her, signaling to the public that she buck broke him, to saying he is a deadbeat dad in less than 2 years. And everyone cheered for her splitting from him, leaving with her mixed baby doll child.  👏🏼 We are at the point that these Kweens are now trying to advertise that they too are the criminals, and we now see Hybristophilia the other direction, guys infatuated with criminal women. That’s not rare, it’s also always been there and always been advertised to you, since you were kids. Look at DC Comics, they gave you Cat Woman and Harley Quinn, two criminal women with sex appeal. Marketing has been trying to get men into Hybristophilia since as long as I’ve been born. So, it’s a two-way street here, and is the appeal of rappers such as Cardi B. I can click on any Rap music channel on Instagram or Fakebook and there is guaranteed to be at something advertising about which women from jail a man wants to sleep with, like this. These thugs all know they can get any one of these so called “most educated people in all of the USA” because they know the weakness these Kweens have for Hybristophilia. All of the women are jailbirds and guys are attracted to these jailbirds, mostly thug guys from the hood who like women who are like themselves and women who are masculine, like the men they were sexually active with themselves, in jail- like women from New York City. These rap music female characters are meant to promote Hybristophilia to young men and it’s so bad that the Black thug man is all most women want to date, which is making all these fake thug boys who cannot handle themselves emotionally, act out in dangerous ways, then become real criminals acting out over women. We all know this, it’s not a made-up thing we are telling you today. Look here, it’s some thug jokes page that call out that a highly educated woman with a great career and life is going to get controlled by some Black thug. However, we know the reality of this now, it’s Hybristophilia and we know she has a mechanism to control him, ultimately, which he is too dumb to know until it’s too late, and when he does discover how he’s been played, that’s when she will find out in the worst way that you should not play games with criminals. The same is happening to the Kweens, with help of music and the only rap that is selling is female rap that is over sexualized and violent like jailbirds of rap. Many young men love violent stripper women who fight on reality TV and anywhere they hover, that’s appealing to young men, many think that’s a woman who loves them, and that’s all Hybristophilia. The Kweens like it, like a badge of honor to themselves and they are proudly going to jail and celebrating it, just like men in the crack 80-90s, like it’s a right of passage! 😳 And now you have women and men turned on by felons. 🤦🏽‍♀️ You have psychotic people who get turned on by just seeing guns, like this Kween who was held up at gunpoint by a thug. The criminal stole her phone number, and apparently her heart because while he was robbing her of her possessions, and she felt fear there, she got extra turned on when they guy decide to not (g)rape her after all of that, but the demand that she give him her phone number. Yes, he really did that, the criminal stole from her and then demanded she give him her phone number so she could date him. You think she was offended and turned off by such a rude gesture by a criminal who disrespected her, and was a man robbing a defenseless woman and who wanted to sexually exploit her? Well, the driving thing here is power, when it comes to these Kweens, and the common denominator is their egotistical, narcissistic ways,… so OF COURSE SHE EMBRACED WHAT HE WAS DOING AND SHE GAVE HIM THE PHONE NUMBER so that she could date this dangerous criminal, and that’s it in its purest form. What good man have is a problem of Hybristophilia consuming Westernized women, and this is why they can’t get these fast in the bed women, but these men seem to overlook all the women not into this garbage. These same men complaining about how women only want Pookie and Ray Ray are not looking for women who are average at best, they’re looking for the women the cool guys are all banging! So when you see the alt-right memes about their European descendant women being taken by all the Black Pookie and Ray Ray men, aka “Tyrone” to them, their constant theme in their forums, it’s saying that they are referencing Hybristophilia has consumed their women, which they are blaming of Black men because of the racist connection of Black men and jail. The point is we ALL know what Hybristophilia is but most of us have no idea that there is a word and condition for it. You also didn’t know that this is what’s being used against you Black men, to sell Black female rap music! We’re living in an age where men want to be physically dominated by such women too, taken with force and pegged from the byke by a thug woman. Nobody wants to say it but a lot of dudes loving to go to jail is because they are also turned on by other thug men, where they’re getting it from the byke too! 😳 All of this is Hybristophilia taking form, and it’s HUGE in the Black community, but needs to be eliminated. Behavioral scientists have known this for years, and it’s being used to market to us, which later spreads to the rest of the population, because other groups are boring and come to Black culture to set the vibes and gain inspiration for their own people.

This is the anti Black rhetoric we’ll discuss in a future blog entry, but THIS is what is sparking European descendant Passport Bros and is what the Fox News article on Passport Bros is speaking to. This is Nationalists blaming their women not wanting their own men, on thugs and dangerous Black men, and are pointing out their women’s Hybristophilia for the negative Black stereotype. They have no idea what kind of Black man is the father, if he’s even Black at all, and that text was added by an incel, so this plays on recruiting more Nationalist Passport Bros who are mad they can’t get women abroad or domestically. The cowardly men can’t take a look at themselves. Ever think about the high rate that women leave men, and do you think it happened here too? So, if you’re wondering why these incels are trying to mass murder Black men, this is why, these alt-right meme for European descendants who can’t get booty from their non-traditional or traditional European descendant women. If you hate Black men so much, but your prideful women would rather be with him than you, YOU are lame, clearly, she is SHOWING you that and not showing you racial solidarity, she want Black dingaling more importantly. So, your race war is fizzled, you’re just sexually frustrated. 🤡
The Becky’s out there suddenly love all these thugs. They get it from rap music and the popularity of this Black music. Same with Reggaeton, these European descendant chicks are all over these fake thugs pretending to be jail thugs, because the thugs are pretending to be criminals because in the back of their minds, they all know women are highly susceptible to hybristophilia. This is why so many are trying to imitate criminals, and even get into crime themselves, in an effort to get women!

Hybristophilia is not something to take from US, it’s not created by us, and we need to stop making this crap popular. Yes, it gets a lot of ladies if you pretend to be a violent criminal, but it’s not going to end well for you when you face a real violent criminal, as a result of you pretending. I remember when I used to get a bunch of European descendant women, back when I was in school, because there were no Blacks and Latinas around. I had to think back to why they were coming to me so much. Many were not that interested in me after they found out I was NOT a stereotypically dangerous Black male street thug, and then they would say “you’re not like other Black men I dated,” and didn’t want to continue in the relationship. They used to ask me “show me your gun” and they weren’t talking about a sexual reference either, they meant REAL GUN. All of them thought I was a thug because I was a Black boy. They didn’t know anything about my culture, they didn’t know anything about my music, they didn’t even care about WHO I was as a person, what they wanted was to have sex with a criminal. They were looking for thugs and they mistook my Black skin for me automatically being a Black stereotype, which is racial bigotry they reverted to. 👏🏼 When I see European descendant women today going for this fake thug Black guy, I know what’s involved there, it’s imagined Hybristophilia. You ask them why they like Black guys, these European descendant can’t even tell you, because they don’t want to tell you, that they think he’s a thug and she’s turned on by it. Younger and younger girls too, it’s ANNOYING. This is what the alt-right memes teach us, making joke memes to normalize racial bigotry that turns into their real life beliefs and it permeates throughout their culture and shows up in ways that are seemingly innocent, but are not. Other people are watching our culture and they’re getting sick fantasies off on us, and they’re going so far as to profit off of us too, with this addiction to wanting to bang dangerous people. So, when you see all these young European descendant women falling in love with Black guys who look like stereotypical gang members, think about what I said here and what’s in the back of their minds, and what I showed you here from these alt-right memes. Those memes are on to something, despite being wrong, but the core is Hybristophilia is big in their community like it is in our community, and this garbage is what both communities of men are trying to get away from. You hear stories of “innocent” women going to jail for drug dealing and you find out she wasn’t the dealer, it was her criminal boyfriend but she aided him because of Hybristophilia. Meanwhile, that strong, independent and educated woman making good money doesn’t want a regular guy who isn’t a criminal, this is what Passport Bros are complaining about. I’d like to say they’re lying, but they’re not, you’ve many examples given to you, so far, in this piece alone. You remember that lady that got shot up by a team of police who came to raid her home, Breonna Taylor? Lady was a nurse, doing well for herself professionally, and the cops came to arrest her criminal ex-boyfriend, whom she clearly knew was a criminal too. She most likley was with him because she could exploit since she was doing better than him, just like the other examples I gave you today where Kweens love to exploit those male felons they love to reproduce with, so much, in the Black community. That’s Hybristophilia and Breonna Taylor paid for it with her life, she’s DEAD now because of her sexual attraction to that kind of man, because the cops killed her instead of the ex-boyfriend because the current boyfriend shot at the cops. So much wrong there, and it has to stop, but it can’t stop if Kweens keep up this Hybristophilia sickness. The average guy simply cannot compete with Pookie and Ray Ray fetishes when so many women are turned on by criminal thugs. It’s more than just having GAME to get a lady, at that point when you’re dealing with someone’s sexual perversion, you just can’t turn them on unless you’re a criminal yourself. Even for me, I know my limits, and I know when I stumble upon a lady who is looking for that. You are not a real man to her, you are weak, you are not tough, you’re not a protector whom she can use to do proxy violence on behalf of her, should she have any disputes with anyone, like a man-DOG she can order to attack someone, but never do a day in jail for her involvement, as is so often the case of men going to jail doing violence on behalf of Kweens’ orders. Those guys are EASY to manipulate, that’s why they are preferred, so let them have at each other and hear about their love affairs from a safe distance, in the headlines of the newspapers. So, as far as the Passport Bros go, I’m running out of excuses to not support what the best of them are doing- getting the hell away from this madness. If I were them, I’d stop focusing on chicks who are horny for criminals and plagued with Hybristophilia, but look into people repulsed by that kind of life. They can find many ladies like this, but are they willing to deal with that woman being lame in bed, unwilling to cook him a meal, socially inept, and not feminine by default, not romantic so if you wrote a poem or sang a song, it doesn’t register to them — because that’s what the large majority of women are like, boring and average/below average– and that’s ok. However, those women affected by Hybristophilia are really uninhibited in bed though, we all know this, so, I’ll leave that there…


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