Fatherlessness fallacy of Black Men

The long road ahead to dispelling fatherlessness lies WORLDWIDE!

I was abroad in Europe when I had a “disagreement” with a British Eurocentric male, about someone his mistook for a male he mistook for someone who was talking to his ugly girlfriend. He approached me with me, with two of his buddies, and he started mouthing off about why I disrespected his girlfriend. I had no idea what he was talking about, I didn’t even see a woman from the angle I was coming into the bar, and then I see one guy coming from the rear, and I adjusted so I could see he and 1 guy coming to his aid from his back and the 1 coming from the rear. My backup was finding parking while I was to secure a spot to eat/drink, so it was about to be me vs 3 for no fking reason what so ever. The guy coming from the back was coming in hot so he was the guy I was ready to roundhouse kick FIRST, BUT, he came in screaming “whoa whoa whoa and forearm blocked his man” because he was listening to this guy and things didn’t match up, because I came into the bar BEHIND that guy breaking it up, so I couldn’t have been the person this guy was looking for. Before quashing that situation with his dumb arse moron buddy, his buddy got off a few “BLACK FATHER fatherlessness comments,” about how I’m trying to make leave her with “1 of your 1000 babies.” 🤦🏾 I just looked at his buddy confused, that guy apologized for his drunk friend, and then my backup arrived. Everything was over by then, but the guy got off maybe 10 fatherlessness comments and I couldn’t understand WHY THAT TOPIC??? I couldn’t believe this Black stereotype still existed of Black men, in Europe of all places, but HE knew this stereotype. This was a guy in his early 30s, and Brit, so why would he know such an old Black male negative stereotypes? Well, such a stereotype came from American Black Kweens, who constantly tell complete LIES to European descendants and Europeans, spreading the lies so they themselves can be seen in a favorable light, praying that the European descendant men marry those Kweens and give them happy lives without Black men. Seriously, it’s a thing, they’ve done it since the 1960s! Kweens spread misandry as a bonding method with Europeans and European descendants and win cash prizes for doing so, just like all foreigners who arrive in the USA do to appear loyal to the dominant society. Kweens constantly push negative Black male stereotypes, and they did it to get European descendant to feel heavily guilty, and then convert that GUILT into profit only for Kweens. It’s one of the biggest grifts this world has ever seen! These stereotypes will never go away because the stereotype are coming directly out of the mouths of Black Kweens and European descendants equally, in today’s time, mainly by way of social media. I was so confused that Europeans thought this too, because this is an American Black stereotype, so how could it jump the ocean? There are a couple of reasons, most notably, as proven in many official studies, most people with hatred of Black people really hate only Black men, and it’s more of an issue with intimidation or FEAR of Black men, that makes people act so racist and bigoted towards Black men. Black men, not Black women, are considered intimidating and to be feared, when people have implicit bias reactions to Black men, and this made its way into many political policies in the West, to ensure that Black men are ruined, just like empowering Kweens over Black men, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan (Democrat representative for New York 1977-2001) exposed that his Democrats were doing, in his report to his government peers, destroying Black men to destroy the Black family. This famous report he made is called the Moynihan Report, and it perfectly predicted how US would destroy the Black man. Since the Black man is a target of the world, and US Government turned Kweens against Black men, this gave license to publicly destroy Black men and have the Kweens and racists in the West to freely attack the image of Black men, and no one would defend him since they already turned the Kweens against Black men. Such Kweens then try to further emasculate men, calling any Black man who will not bow down to them homosexual. Ever noticed why it’s such a big thing when a Black man is being accused of being homosexual, as opposed to any other race? Ever notice who leads such rumors, it’s mostly Kweens doing it, and it’s destroys the Black man’s brand, like when this Kween did this to Will Smith. A Black man pops up on the Internet and does not curse at women, but has an honest talk to tell them what men are really thinking and saying, and then you have celebrity Kweens on Kween media, on big platforms, celebrating his DEATH, for exposing how Black men are being abused and how the Black male’s image is being exploited globally. The world over took note of how Kweens do Black men, and many are now watching them, but emasculating, shaming, denying Black men equal access to opportunities given to Kweens instead, there is a war on Black men and Kweens are willing participants, who help the hate spread globally. This because part of culture in the West, but I couldn’t figure out how younger people would even KNOW such stereotypes when they clearly don’t even make sense today. When I researched and found that this fatherlessness stereotype is not only still around but it turned out it’s HUGE on the Internet right now, and this is keeping the fatherlessness Black male stereotype alive, and THIS Is where these young European descendants, TODAY, get it from! Also, so many non-Black men are doing exactly what the stereotype claims only of Blacks, so, that makes others want you to NOT focus on them, but to focus on Black men. Serious, do a google search for “Black Father Memes” and you will see that Black men being deserters of their offspring is a huge theme of European descendant power and talking points and laughter. Right along with those posts, was a post by LARRY ELDER, a Black conservative, and the European descendants were using his talking points! This burned me up inside, being a man who DOES NOT HAVE KIDS and knowing that most Black men do not have kids or are married, and I’m also not one of the many fathers who are not married but living with his woman and kids… so how is fatherlessness an epidemic? I’ve overheard a lot of this, growing up, but I’ve never heard as must of this crap as I’ve heard in recent times, but contrasting this talk is just about every guy I know, who has kids, is in his kids’ lives whether with the woman or not! So, how could such stereotypes still exist? Like YOU, I thought this was purely European supremacy making this up, but no, it originated with Black Kweens! Yeah, I said it, they get it from Kweens, because that’s who spread the lies that made it to popular society, who were ignorant of what occurred in Black communities until Kweens made it public for them to profit off of slandering the Black male’s image– but to do that, the message has to go mainstream to compliment European descendant supremacist ideology, or just play on repeat using social media to destroy Black males’ images. Enter this person here, it’s the most successful sisterhood propagandist, Oprah, Kween, who spend decades painting negative images of Black men to European descendant American and Kweens, to make tons of money, and she is the MOTHER of misandry online for profit, which is on every Kween publication and media outlet that exists today. This, ultimately, has lead to the current day people who took over for Oprah, spreading misandry via YOUTUBE. Examples of this can be seen everywhere, like sisterhood propagandists Kweens like YouTube sensation Cynthia G, who took Oprah’s anti-Black male-for-profit blueprint and became very popular for telling Kweens to continue to destroy the Black community, to go abandon Black men to find European descendant saviors, but more importantly, she told all Kweens to abort their babies as soon as they realized the baby will be a male. Cynthia G is a Kween with a lot of connections, and she is even on other channels and TV SHOWS that are followed by millions of Kweens, which demonstrates that many Kweens also want black baby boys to be aborted and want the death of Black males. This continued for YEARS and Black men were unable to shut her down because Kweens backed and supported the hate speech of Cynthia G, Fox Soul had her on their shows, she was unstoppable and got rich from this hatred, using Youtube. It took European descendant women to see that Kweens were indeed allowed to violate Youtube policies in the worst ways and get extremely rich off of it. The person who shut down Cynthia G wrote an article that called specifically to question multiple videos that Cynthia G created which YouTube made millions of dollars off of, and it contributes the the fallacy of “fatherlessness,” but created by our own Kweens. The article describes how horrified the European descendant author was when she viewed Cynthia G’s article:

The video that YouTube removed was titled “If Aborting Black Males Isn’t The Solution, What Is?” It was posted in November 2021 and, as of last week, still qualified for ad monetization. In the video, Cynthia G said that “a lot of people” considered the “solution” to be “something horrible that is genocidal” and provided a racist justification, saying that the only way to counter Black male violence is to “eliminate” Black men.

You’ve been sent up the river with decades of sisterhood propaganda and YT supremacist stereotypes!

Meanwhile, the government has tracked Black male performance and the positive numbers do not match the negative racist stereotypes, and for other groups to prosper, it seems many need to keep negative images of Black men alive, which is why Black men have to constantly fight back against these stereotypes because it affects out employment and ability to curate families, as these haunting stereotypes and racist ideology has people doing implicit and explicit bias hurts good Black men and our efforts to succeed in these societies where we are not the majority. Educated, Black people, and married Black people, are very aware of our own Kweens spreading nasty narratives against Black men, to make themselves look better, but fatherlessness is a nasty narrative that is the number 1 tactic used by Kweens. The problem here, is like many Black men, if you happened to be someone doing well for yourself but ended up with a Kween who is using your kids to destroy you, those Kweens know you are powerless at that point. They will threaten to get the US LAW after you to ruin your life, for example, tell the cops you beat her up and you get sent to jail and your career in wall street is now over! It’s scared many men into acting right because cops nor law care about your Black male life, they’ll rule against you because US courts are sexist and vilify fathers by default. If you want to see your child, TODAY, you can’t just go see your child, she can have you locked up in jail for visiting. She can get a restraining order against you, then you’ll NEVER see your child again! Thugs use guns to kill Black men; Kweens use the U.S. JUSTICE SYSTEM to kill Black men. This is real, and this will help you understand what we’ll get into today because we Black and Latino (mostly only Black though) are pushing back HARD on all morons tarnishing our images that our baby boomer fathers and uncles were too B1TCH-made to stand up to women and put an end to. That right there alone should let you know the nature of Black men, that if we were these evil people beating all the women like sisterhood propagandists claimed, then why were we so submissive and complete pushovers to anything women say even when they destroy us– up until now? Those baby boomer Black men were wastes of life, pushovers, were too scared to have the cops weaponized against them by Kweens. Think about this, it doesn’t add up to the stereotype! Well, this is a new day and we’ve picked up some allies along the way, and we should embrace them, because we’re going to need it to beat the propaganda machine that is coming at us big business, U.S. Government and Kweens! This is why we will take any allies possible in the fight against people trying to ruin our images to get an advancement themselves, most notably, Kweens, Kweens who in fact make their LIVING on perpetuation of hatred and pure misandry on Black men, most notably that Cythia G character. Black men couldn’t get YouTube, or Fox Soul, to stop paying that misandrist lady, for YEARS, then in walks some random European descendant woman who snaps her fingers, and all the wishes of Black men come true with regards to removing the profits that Cynthia G has done , but not without hesitation, of course. I’m still not understanding HOW this person did it, but I don’t care how she did it, ding dong the witch is dead! YouTube did not remove other videos flagged by Ars on the same topic, initially, so they tried to find the most flagrant videos they could, to get them flagged and removed, which brought them to the most racist content on YouTube that they could find, Cynthia G‘s content 🤣 – who is NOT a European, she is a Black.

One video—titled “Do Black Women Benefit From Birthing Black Males?“—directs hate at Black male children, “because they turn into Black male adults, which equals the enemy of Black women” and advocates for Black women to abort male fetuses, because “if we don’t give birth to them, then they don’t exist.” Another video—titled “Should We Continue To Give Birth To Them?“—similarly suggests the best path to “eliminate” Black men is for Black women to “eliminate them through your womb.


Youtube REFUSED to remove Cynthia G prior, despite many many Black men complaining about this, because she makes Youtube money when people pay Cynthia G! It wasn’t removed because it generates millions of dollars for YouTube and it’s followed by the sisterhood propagandist and European supremacists equally. They share talking points, so why would a supremacist risk getting banned when he can just reference Cynthia G’s anti Black male content, which, mind you, is exactly what you find in alt-right memes and this is where they’re getting this stuff from, and they go scouring the internet to find European descendant women who have mixed race babies and say “see, told you those Blacks leave women with fatherlessness problems.” Cythia G has started several GoFundMe drives and people with hate for Black men is so strong, they keep paying her bills monthly bills, over there. Ars Technical easily found many other similar videos by Kweens, and was shocked that this was such a huge movement of Kweens, who are OPENLY promoting the extermination of all Black men, especially those who are offspring of men who Kweens were sloppy in the sex with and didn’t have commitments from, a problem created by Kweens who thought they were so powerful because they were getting welfare money from the government that fathers were not important, the root of fatherlessness. Kweens are taught to promote fatherlessness, it equals empowerment and gives Kweens bragging rights to be able to raise a poor, struggling family, without being married or having a male present to raise his kids. What does Youtube care about Black men getting killed when they make money from this? I know that fanatics talking about killing Israelis are removed by the second, after the start of the latest Israel-Palestinian war, so why not the same level of respect for Black men when perceived enemies are calling for Black men’s extermination? This is what the Arse Technica article is wondering. Many content creators get demonetized just for calling women bad names, but a movement of people calling for the death of Black men, that’s not worth removing content of? You have no friends, Black man. YouTube didn’t care that Cynthia G was destroying the Black man’s image, until that Ars Technical article came out and shined a light on Youtube’s garbage of allowing Kweens to promote the death of Black men, celebrating Black men when they’re shot by police and telling Black women to abort the babies when they find out the sex is male. This is all action that Cynthia G got rich promoting on her Youtube channel, and death of Black men is a profitable product in all of America, from rap music to TV shows to Youtube, Black male death is entertaining, but it teaches people to otherize Black men and to have zero sympathy for our deaths, because it’s NORMALIZED. Most horrific about this is it teaches Black men to hate themselves, and it always has, because the grew up in homes where their Kween mothers propagated hate throughout the Black community. In fact, Kween mothers never promoted and taught their daughters how to find good men and how to be good wives because their mothers were never good women, dated disgusting and irresponsible men themselves, thus, all they had to teach their daughters was repetition of terrible habits to Kweens, while also teach Black boys to hate the men they came from while turning them into the very men the Kweens’ mom were! The Kweens’ moms were taught by Oprah, just like Cynthia G, and hatred for Black men means they purposely destroyed their sons, and created strong and independent women like Cynthia G, who call for the death of all Black men. That is female empowerment today, that is taught in Kween version of sisterhood propaganda with millions of women who feel the same way as Cynthia G does, who wants the annihilation of Black males to empower themselves. Yet, that is not what their European descendant sisterhood propagandists advocate for their men, so the perversion of sisterhood propaganda is what we needed a European descendant woman to get Cynthia G taken down because Black mens voices do not count because the media centers around Black women, and when a Black male tries to have his own media and point out problems, they are removed from social media immediately! 🤦🏾 You non-Blacks are probably asking yourselves “why didn’t any of your Kweens, your own people, take this woman down?!” Well, because they are all infected with sisterhood propaganda, they learn in from Kween mothers who are hateful of their failed love lives, because they promote fatherlessness and of course those women wouldn’t come to defend Black mens’ images. Black men have no allies, and certainly nor our own women because none of them wanted to help take Cyntia G down. You think this is a lie? Then you tell me Cynthia G was allowed to be on a major network’s show to empower Kweens, that stars 4-5 hateful Kweens who have no husbands, most have no kids, and they also promote hatred of Black men daily! American media profits off of promoting European supremacist hatred via Kweens, and because Kweens tune in to watch and support the hatred of Black men, they’re all guilty in spreading hate for not taking down Cynthia G. That is your proof, Black men cannot go on defending and supporting people who continuously stab us in the back to feel “empowered.” Even as we speak, Cynthia G is telling her Kween army that Black men are responsible for getting her taken off of Youtube, although we ALL now this European descendant did it. Cythnia G will NOT go at the European descendant because she’s promoted European descendants as the saviors of Kweens, and here their masters have taken them out! We’ll take help wherever we can get it, but think about this, people like Cynthia G were anti Black men, like she is for fatherlessness and for the creation of baby mamas. See, Cynthia G is a baby mama, who was a sex pot who was getting meaningless sex from a thug on the street, she left that thug, wanted nothing to do with him, and she created fatherlessness in her own home. She doesn’t take accountability for her actions at all, and because she, like all the Kweens’ mothers, then turned to destruction of Black men as their agenda, to spread the word to younger generations of Kweens. The worst part of this, the baby she made with that Black man she abandoned is a Black BOY! 😳 Yes, that is proof of my claim that Kweens actively promote the death of Black men and don’t care anything about their Black boys even if they birthed them! This is no different from most of the Kweens who took welfare money and threat Black men out of the homes. Cynthia G felt she would be successful with her campaign because Kweens lead the whole world in abortions since abortion was made legal in the USA. She knew that Kweens don’t think twice about aborting babies. Take a look at the stats by race on abortions, the numbers are abhorrent, and these statistics is what Cynthia G built her business model on, the argument that Black babies stand in the way of female progress, which is something taught in sisterhood propaganda, and that is what is used to justify abortions by Kweens. Notice, that liberal states with the most Kweens that will not give those numbers up in the studies, because it’s off the meter and unable to track! Know also, that numbers are much higher because these are legal procedures to abort, and not the illegal and drug induced version of abortion, which is the most common way of doing it, which mean this stats are much worse for Kweens, in reality, but we know that Kweens are 4 times more likely to have abortions than European descendants! Cythia G’s son will grow up to be the next wave of angry male, destroyed by his mother and her sisterhood propaganda, and will not have learned how to address emotions are a BOY, who will not know how to handle being overly emotional, which women are and teach, and this is why is who is doing all the crime, overly emotional boys and girls who are taught to hate themselves, taught to hate other Blacks, and therefor see no value in Black life, just like Cythia G taught them!

This is from a FRIEND of European descendant, comedian Bill Burr, who wrote this scathing message after Bill’s wife blocked him on Twitter. All of his Opie and Anthony good times means nothing now that he married a Kween because he lost many fans and friends defending wokeness, because his jokes were European male jokes back in the days, and they thought him to be a racist like them. But look at what these European descendants are saying in the comments. The are referencing the actions of Kweens, and they’re keeping score (Jada Pinkette treatment of Will Smith) of how Kweens do Black men and can’t believe a European men would sign up for that crap. So, if you’re thinking of divesting to get to European descendant males, to save you from fatherlessness lies you tell about Black men, trust, it’s only a matter of time before more of the word gets out about Kweens. They’re already using negative stereotypes of Black men to hate their European descendant women, now, it’s clear, they’re using negative Black stereotypes against Kweens to attack European descendant males! They’re monitoring how you’re behaving online and they’re all waiting for your downfall due to how they see Kweens acting, and it’s going viral! There will be even LESS divestment options soon, due to the pressure on European descendant males. You better stop this misandry against Black men, you’ve no friends left out there Kweens. These guys will try to bankrupt your European descendant husband for being a turncoat! 😳 Original Post Source: https://twitter.com/AnthonyCumia/status/1723875719573332196?t=o-RiEBTlSWm4x05hb5u6XQ&s=03 Tangent Post Source: https://twitter.com/pearlythingz/status/1723767845044044216
When you’re not at popular locations, they’re busy destroying your image. Be present. When they see baby mamas, they assume you deserted her due to her acting like she doesn’t need you so much in stereotypes.

Oprah paved the way for the current day Black misandrists, who learned from her heroes before her from the 1960s, the creators of Kween sisterhood propagandism that is a perverted version of a movement to ensure that European descendant women would own and trade slaves and run business just as European descendant males did in the West. This perverted movement was ever further perverted in a form that would cast the sins of European enslavers and colonialists on the males whom they historically oppressed, Black men, to make a false narrative that these Black men beat and oppress Kweens, what they call intersectionality- which means then that all things worse trickle down and Kweens are at the bottom of the social ladder so the Government must compensate by ignoring addressing suffering of all Black men and give any forms or relief only to Kweens. Kweens then take all the money and opportunity given to them to brag and throw it in the face of Black men that Kweens are better than Black men because they are empowered by European descendants over Black men, which bring us to common day misandry towards Black men. However, anyone buying that garbage, is going to end up like the European descendant comedian, Gary Owen, who married a Kween and now hiw life is completely destroyed. Gary Owen is looking like a Black male stereotype, right now, complete with his ex wife Kween taking his business to society to proclaim to the public that he is a deadbeat father, and man who created fatherlessness for his kids, when SHE divorced him! 😳 He married a Kween and she divorced him, leaving him so destroyed that he couldn’t be around his own kids for 3 years, and he tells a horrific story of having to be away from them to let them heal, to not disturb his family he was kicked out of by the Kween, and he goes to visit his kids without them knowing. 😳 This Kween of his turned his kids against him, she destroyed him image to them, and cast him out, made him an outsider, made him a loser to his own kids, to prop up her power in the failed relationship, to be right, and to ensure that his kids hate him forever, even though whatever made her divorce him is between she and he. THAT is what Kweens do, that is one of the many terrible culturally bankrupt things that is replicated form generation to generation, friend to friend, family to family when it comes to Kweens. So, when you think of the negative Black male stereotype, look at what happened to Gary Owen, a European descendant, not a Black man, who married a Kween that no Black man wanted. OH, the kicker, GARY OWEN’S KIDS ARE BOTH ADULTS! 🤣 His Kween called him a deadbeat dad and his kids are all grown, and he’s been in their lives 20 years prior, minimum! See how she is trying to DESTROY that European descendant’s image and money, and she will try to remove you from the children!? That is what Kweens do, separate the father from the offspring and poisoned that man’s kids and she did it HERE too! So, she FORCED him to make that confessional to the Internet, to save his reputation. Those are not baby children and he is not a deadbeat, but when you let Kweens control your image, they speak with such vitriol that it’s echoed around the world. Same for European descendant Joshua Jackson, who married a Kween then got DUMPED, publicly made to look unfit for marriage and his Kween from Queen and Slim movie said he made an “unhealthy marriage” that made her depressed, taking subliminal shots at that European descendant male “as i embark on another new year, I can’t help but meditate on love and it’s many manifestations….love is not some lofty unattainable thing. love is a gesture, a look, an intention. love is community. love is showing up.” That Kween told the hold world that this guy is emotionally unavailable and made her feel unloved, and they have a 3 year old baby girl as a result of this great epiphany she had. 👏🏼 How about “marriage was to that man was only a look for you,” Kween? What about that European descendant male Jeremy “JR” Robinson, who met Tamar Braxton on a reality show called… wait for it… QUEENS COURT🤡 – Just a thought, maybe stop messing with people who call themselves Queens? This clown believed he was saving her from years of failure with BLACK MEN, and she would get on all the reality shows complaining about Black men, and then this guy asked for her hand in marriage. She was on all these Kween shows talking about high standards for Black men and how Black men are not good of enough for them, how Black men have all these kids by all these women, and how Black men are dusty. Well, the man she wanted to marry has 5 kids by 4 women, and is a European descendant. 🤣 He bangs nothing but Kweens and knocks them up, then leaves them! He knows that game, he knows how weak these Kweens are and easy to bed if you just pretend to be the upgrade to Black men. 🤣 They fought a lot,… so HE dumped her. Listen to him tell you why, which is basically “she’s a ghetto and an unstable Kween.I can bet you that this guy is definitely a player wannabe “White Knight” for sure, literally, his fortunate came from being a “pro father” lawyer,🤡 and after hearing so much anti-Black men claims from Kweens, he swooped in to take advantage Kweens, 4 times playing savior, only to make 4 baby mama out of Kweens! You know, he respected them that much! Easy box for him, I can’t hate. 🤣 Just like Gary Owen, this Kween came to destroy JR’s image using social media and Kween publications. These non Black guys don’t know WHAT to do with themselves after getting this Kween treatment that Black men are normally the subject of, you don’t see established European descendant women hitting up social media to trash their established men. That’s Kween antics, and it’s why Black men don’t want any parts to do with them. Yall others keep it up, end up like this destroyed men, become European descendant male who is reduced to a negative Black male stereotype, by way of Kweens. Not so proud as when she first pitched to you better than Black men, eh? 👍🏼 Anyone signing up for that stupidity deserves what they get, unfortunately, and many people thinking they’re going to literally be “white knights” are in for a huge rude awakening, because Kweens perfected how to destroy a man’s soul, through is kids! Intersectionality is an scam and attack tool used to masquerade as victimhood to guilt-ridden European descendants who just throw money at that victimhood nonsense, but ONLY for Kweens. It’s a scam and I’ll point out later how this intersectionality scam was coupled with negative Black male stereotypes about rape, domestic violence economic inferiority by/of Black men was bundled together to benefit Kweens. You have to know, this has been going on since the 1960s and has never slowed down and is the reason for the disdain towards Black men by Black women and European descendant society. Core to this lynching of Black men was falsehood created by Kweens that they were all being deserted by Black men after they had babies with Kweens, and this is where fatherlessness came to be synonymous with Black men, as it is today, in Internet memes created by racists and Incel European descendants, along with Kweens too. As long as it’s on mainstream media and social media but it destroys the Black male, someone seen as a threat to European descendant males, then it is allowed to be propagated to the masses, because it destroys Black families. This is exactly what Nazis did in Germany, to hurt the image of the Jewish population there, prior to the Holocaust, to otherize them and make it easy to run the campaign of hate against someone the society was convinced was inferior, not needed, and the source of the problems in the society. Is this NOT what Black men are considered when you turn on Fox new of Fox Soul or watch a Tyler Perry movie? They can’t all be wrong, but the trick is they’re all talking about the same Black male profile today, the popular Black womanizing thug that all the women who like Black men seem to want to procreate with, the bottom minority of Black men and the majority of Black men. These males get all the attention, and remaining 86% of Black men are invisible to the conversations on Black men, despite the majority not contributing to society’s problem! This is why the narrative must be taken back, and anyone against correcting this is to be considered an enemy who is trying to keep the stereotype this way for some kind of gain of their own. Kweens stand the most to profit by not correcting the falsehoods about Black men, so they will NOT listen to the facts, and they will NOT change their minds despite knowing full well they are completely complicit it blanking out the 86% of Black men who are not doing any offenses to them. So when Oprah and Bell Hooks and those nihilists to Western society passed their sisterhood propaganda down, you ended up with organizations such as Black Lives Matter, and that is also based on exploiting Black men to the profit of Kweens, literally, the founders are from the same sloth of Bell Hooks and Oprah. The core to prosperity of Kweens means her goal IS to spread negative Black stereotypes of Black men, and I remember hearing one big one that Oprah used to constantly spread, that 72% of Kween mothers were single mothers (unwed), which led that people feeling sorry for Kweens because they immediately go to the hatred she, and sisterhood propagandists, spread about Black men, which was rooted in European descendant supremacist stereotypes cast on the Black man. Even back then, Oprah put no accountability on KWEENS for their own actions. Kweens convinced their sons to hate themselves for the actions of the mother and her choice of women, along with convincing all female offspring that they did not need Black men, and that they could be like Oprah, who was a symbol of proof that you don’t need Black men, just a bunch of European descendants backing you, as was the only reason Oprah succeeded, using anti-Black male programming. Oprah knew many ladies who didn’t want to be mothers, MAINLY HERSELF, but refused to tell the truth about even her own life and many sisterhood propagandists like herself, that they reject being a wife and a mother and that many actively don’t want serious Black men for marriage and family. Instead, to take the negative heat away from herself by society, she cast the blame on Black men, yet she herself had some long time boyfriend “stedmon” who she would never marry but would stay silent and in the background to her. So why didn’t she say that she and sisterhood feminists wanted more women to not have kids and not be married? Because that would lose her all ratings and money then, so she used victimhood nonsense against Black men, to propel her career. Making Kweens into ‘victims’ gets social approval for them, and vilification of Black men simultaneously. Oprah helped “otherize” Black men so she and Kweens could look more favorable socially. She is the blueprint for Kween success, she’s always been, and the key was to play European descendant American and Kweens against Black men for profit, rather than take accountability. You can’t be someone claiming you hate a Candace Owens, if you love Oprah, because it’s the same formula of vilifying Blacks using nationalist European American supremacist talking points to get European descendants’ likes and money to boost ones career! 🤣 Jokes of you, liberals, there is no Candace Owens without Oprah and because she’s a Kween, get gets away with insulting everything Black, for profit! Right now Candace is saying a slew of anti-semitic statements, and unlike any man, she is not back-peddling nor is canceled, because she’s a KWEEN, she he privilege no male has in the West! So, I laugh at a program of Oprah talking to 100 fathers revealing that she was wrong, but she doesn’t ever say she is wrong, she said “according to a study” – by the CDC mind you! These are not loyal people! The audience of Oprah was primarily European descendant women, and they ate that up, it confirmed their racial stereotypes, but it also falsely got the narrative moving that Black men were deserters of their offspring and families, and it has stuck with us even today. OPRAH DID THIS all through the 80s-90s, and helped usher in disdain for Black men, from Kweens and profited! That’s a race traitor if I ever saw one. Go find me a Conservative, White, Black or indifferent, who was this detrimental to the Black community, I’ll wait. (reminder, I’m not a conservative). Oprah did NOT correct her nonsense until that video up top, which is after Covid struck the world, and that’s 4 decades she’s spread misinformation to the Black community, and helped create themes of fatherlessness any time someone mentioned Black men. Oprah laid the blueprint for terrible relationship information being spread by someone who is destructive to Black relationships, but she showed Kweens that you can make money scamming other Kweens, just by vilifying Black men.

The comments though, really racist stuff from these alt-right people, mixed in with humor and hate for Black men and their European descendant women who mate with Blacks. All you need to know about them, is their hatred of Black men, in 1 picture. The poster says “burn the coal… pay the toll” as in you mess with Blacks, you get death attached– which is dumb, because US wouldn’t function without coal, it’s how we get electricity we all need. These sh1theads from the hills are pretty dumb. 🤣There are other sites saying a Black father did it, but the proof is all going back to HER per the investigators -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiEY-6Wtyz4 . 😳 They’re pointing her vile actions back to what they believe is a Black male father who made those kids with her, which these guys are jealous/mad about, and then the commenters are happy the kids are dead. This is class incel posting, hatred for their European descendant woman via the Black man. This is what they teach their young European boys, it makes young European boys believe a Black father abandoned her and his kids and drove her to do this. Why? This woman is a baby mama by 2 different men of color, one of these baby daddies is already dead, and the other has never been a part of his kid’s life, so society says she’s a victim because of Black men who ruined her life by making babies with her. They do not call out how terrible this woman is for killing her kids. The news is pointing to double fatherlessness issue by 2 presumed Black men,which is why I only heard of this story from white nationalist posts making fun of fatherlessness by two Pookie and Ray Ray thugs and 2 different ones weren’t in the lives of their kids ever. Those supremacists should be more focused on why their own women would rather be with those Blacks than her own men, IMO. Yes, that lady banged thugs, which we’ll talk about in a different post as to why it happens. Original Source: https://twitter.com/Hammerhand12/status/1724393582973354131?t=ZNs7hGqsadEF70bcyoCIdw&s=03
These are all over twitter and incel YT supremacist sites. This is how they see you, including Kweens. Kweens will NOT stop the lies told because then it looks like she is not personably accountable for her own poor decisions. She has no interest to dispelling myths of black fatherlessness.

That is what the Singer/Actor Tyrese’s former ex wife Kween is now doing, after she deserted him with their 1 year old baby, while he was out working, coming back on a plane. She literally deserted him, no complaints about how he treated her, just she was ready to leave because he married her and she scammed him for alimony and child support! Now, that same woman is using the Oprah blueprint to talk stupidity about Black men in a scammer dating show she has created, where she too is now giving relationship advice to Kweens. 🤡 🤦🏽‍♀️ This person who abandoned a man who treated her extremely well, by his and her own words, who took his kid away from him, and she deserted the marriage, this person goes on to become a successful relationships expert on youtube? Tyrese called her out! Destroying Black families, and then glorifying it, destroying the life and love of the good Black fathers, that is what Kweens love to do. It’s Kween entertainment to do so, and this is what his wife, and Oprah, helped usher into the Black community, and that is why misandry is a staple of the Black community, because it’s profitable. So I wanted to discuss this topics, as it’s dear to my heart, it’s a topic about being a father (I’m not one, fk no!), and how it affects the Black man, or really any man, but since I’m Black, I can only speak from this experience. I’ve had countless discussions with many people, most bothering me about why I don’t have children, and normally, it’s from someone complaining that they know too many Black men without kids, personally. Trust that when you hear this, it’s a good thing. Yes, it’s not good that Black men are not to reproduce with the filth that is out here today, but that’s also a very good thing. It’s a very good thing because that means there are many other men like myself, who are doing well for themselves and don’t feel like participating in the game that has been established by the ghetto sisterhood, which entraps Black men into a system that can use white supremacy and the government, to vilify a Black man so much that he has no power, the moment he either married a woman, or makes a baby with her. Black men with control of their futures, Black men with discipline, Black men who wish to be in stable relationships or marriage, to bring children into stable households to produce generational wealth, have already gathered and spread the word about how Kweens are working with European descendant supremacist to push racial stereotypes against Black men. This is the modern Kween movement, online, but thankfully, there are no stats to support what these Kweens are trying to teach the new Blacks who grow up under them, especially the one that affects me the most, that I keep hearing so much about, Black fathers not being in the home and deserting their kids, what is known as “fatherlessness.” If you ask the average Kween, or European descendant, they’ll tell you that fatherlessness is a huge problem in the Black community, and, for any male who is under the control of sisterhood propaganda because he is trying to scam to bed these women, they’ll agree. Everyone knows this stereotype, and the responsibility is on Black men, the ones who have no kids, the ones who are married with kids, the ones are not married but are living with their family, to put and end to that particular stereotype. The problem with trying to stop this stereotype, is the biggest adversary to the Black man is his Kween, who is the face of the all out assault of Black men, and it’s time to fight these ghetto terrorists with our own Distributed Denial by Stereotypes (DDoS), where all of these men come together to point out the harms these Kweens are doing now, and all they’ve done since the late 1960s, to destroy the Black community, and how they blame Black men for their own failures and refusal for Kweens to accept responsibility for their disgusting tactics that exploit hatred for Black men, in order to secure resources from European descendants to better Kweens only. The data is all here, the data has always been here, and the data and history points all the problems of fatherlessness squarely on the broad shoulders of these Kweens today, and even the government has this stats, because it’s their job to control the stats. Despite the clear stats that dispel the lies and stereotypes of Black men, by European descendant supremacists and Black sisterhood propagandists together, Black men, by a large majority, are not contributing to fatherlessness, and in fact, that is what you’re seeing when you see so many Black men who are now Passport Bros, Men Going Their Own Way, Save Yourself Black Men, etc and other mentalities of men who want to escape being seen next to Kweens. If you’re a Black man who is not contributing to fatherlessness, then it if your DUTY to combat that and stop any Kween in her place, for spreading this.

Using hatred of Black men and fatherlessness as a weapon to attack liberal woman is the alt-right thing to do. The “mother” is the conservative woman, and the one with the… “black” baby is a liberal woman that they are mad had a Black baby. This is the new face of who’s spreading fatherlessness lies, alt-right boys who can’t get ladies.
fatherlessness memes
This is the LIGHT hate black men get online in jokes about creating fatherlessness. These are created by Kweens and YT supremacists they sleep with. Even Asians who have no black friends or ties to Black community blindly repeat things they learned from YT supremacists, ignoring facts because it makes them look better to repeat lies.

Why? That same woman complaining about how all Black men are terrible, is a woman who is loose in her drawers and she’s all over the streets being a bed wench, and after being burned in that street, not able to secure the irresponsible man (of all races) who is good in the bed, she gets very upset and attacks ALL BLACK MEN. They like men like THIS with 23 babies by 22 different women. They all know he is a father to many different babies so why do they lay in bed with such a man? This man who beds and discards her, that is a the small percentage of men who is responsible for all the unwanted Black children in the ghetto, and these Kweens are responsible for preaching to their very own SONS that these boys are useless, that they should hate themselves, that society hates them and that they should not respect ANY Black men, because Kweens have spread European descendant supremacy in these boys’ and girls’ brains. These boys hate themselves and hate all men older than them, and these Kweens created this divide to keep the boys from pointing the finger of fatherlessness on the real culprits, their dirty drawers Kween mother, who was getting banged around all over the streets — instead of that “I’m never wrong” Kween settling down with a good man, that same ones they ignored in college, the same ones they felt were corny because those men went to college, the same ones who were not any of the Black stereotypes the destroyed the Black community. No one wants to address why these Kweens don’t want these men who are not the stereotypes, WHY? Because those Kweens are lead by their genitals and sexual desire to exploit some man, to obtain the upper hand on a man, with her sex, and through the use of procreating with that male, to use the American Government to help elevate her over that man. These men Kweens pick to mate with already let those women know they will NOT be fathers, and expect those women to go get abortions like they always do to get rid of unwanted kids, so they can go to college and get good jobs and be stand-out Kweens who will be 40 years old without kids and then turn around and start attacking Black men because she was loose in the drawers all through her 20s-30s. Now, she leads all groups of people in STDs. How can Kweens be so innocent yet have all that disease they’re spreading? As the CDC says in that link “Infection rates were high even among African American women who had few lifetime sexual partners. The infection rate for African Americans who had only one or two sexual partners during their lifetime was 29.7 percent, compared to 12.9 percent for all other racial groups with one or two lifetime partners.” Kweens are highly sexually active all their lives, but the majority of men are not even able to have sex, because they’re not “cool” enough, and that’s a GOOD THING. So, instead of Kweens making the leaderboard high score for STDs and rising crime, why are these Kweens not actively seeking these non-stereotypical men? Why are they not pursuing the greatest percentage of Black men, the more than 50% of available men without children? The answer is these men are invisible to the egotistical Kweens out there, these men are not good enough for these women, and these women largely claim that fatherlessness is another issue they want to avoid, and they identify these men with contributing to fatherlessness, which like a lot of the sisterhood says, is factually inaccurate, and it’s not even close to the truth about Black men. The Kweens lie that all Black men are in jail because that’s the only population of Black men they recognize as MEN, the ones who are sex starved and have been to jail, which both these Kweens and these men think is a badge of honor and symbol of manhood! 🤦🏾 Meanwhile, Black men in jail has reduced significantly and Kweens have been increasing the incarceration rate where they are 5.5% more likely to go to jail that even a European descendant male! 😳 The TRUTH is here, people, time to turn those fingers around! Ask Kweens, they’ll tell you that these felons have the best sex! This is why they’re with them, not because there are no Black men available. These Kweens are led by their genitals and sexual desire to be loose, it’s empowerment to be disgusting and to sleep around, that’s what sisterhood propaganda and their rap music is promoting openly. Think about it, if Kweens unanimously hated negative Kween stereotypes, why are they not protesting how they’re being viewed in the things they control like Rap Music where it’s all about being sexual and giving out STDs? Why are they not teaching little kweens better? You see NO PROTESTS from other Kweens ever, because if they did, it would cease tomorrow. Another lot tell the European descendant community to find victim Kweens, and or tell this victimhood scam to other Kweens to get them to go find non-Black men, because that’s how European descendant supremacy has infected these Kweens at the rate of the HPV-2 that has consumed them. Look at this one get mad at Black men who want to date outside of the race, and pillory any Black man who wants to do it, and then look at that lady today and who SHE is married to, a European descendant male. 🤡 That’s what sisterhood propaganda does when it borrows from European supremacy, and when those forces buy out Black publications, like BLACK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK, they push messages like THIS to Kweens specifically- look at the consistent theme. Same people vilifying Black men for dating outside of the race all are enthralled by Black Kweens with European men themselves, but the hatred gets applies to Black men while the “freedom” and “true love” and “white supremacy” gets full expressed when Kweens do it. 🤣 Who they marry is not the problem, the nonsense Kweens put on Black men, and yet they themselves don’t even adhere to their own standards, shaming, rhetoric, and chastisement, that’s the problem! When you point out how wrong Kweens are about Black men, and give them stats, they say that CDC and the US Government, are liars in their stats and start to blame all Black men. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤡 Look at that medical examinations where they interview all Kweens after the tests, and instead of taking accountability for their own actions, the women told the STD examiners the same stupid stereotypical nonsense about Black men:

Specifically, we test the effects of perceptions about the availability of African American males, five partner characteristics, and drug history. At the bivariate-level, women with an STI diagnosis were significantly more likely to have dated a man who was married, older, had sex with another man, involved in concurrent partnerships, and had been incarcerated. About half of the participants stated it was difficult to find an eligible African American male and attributed the limited pool of same-race partners to drug trafficking, a lack of monogamy, and high rates of incarceration. Multivariate analyses revealed having dated a man who had concurrent sexual partnerships or had been incarcerated, as well as drug use during sex were positively associated with ever having an STI. Individual and contextual implications are addressed.


We’ll combat ALL of that crap in that quote today, because these Kweens are LIARS and who won’t take accountability for their actions, and those points highlighted are exactly what needs to be combated with real numbers! It’s so bad, that you Black men out there, you need to stop these lies spread about us, it is FATAL, because we had a guy running for president and his key issue was “fatherlessness” and the Kweens hate his conservative stance so much that they all PRETENDED that fatherlessness was not a thing in the Black community. 😳. I will prove to you, today, that most Kweens DO feel fatherlessness is a problem in the Black community, because it’s all they spread in sisterhood propaganda about Black men, so how was the presidential candidate vilified for saying exactly what these women have been saying since 1970s! The problem with trying to stop the stereotypes of Black men, such as fatherlessness, is on social media, someone is working against us to make sure we CANNOT defend ourselves against this garbage. Allow me to demonstrate how I got shut down on social media for proving that fatherlessness is NOT a real issue for Blacks, and any attempts to stop the negative racial and sisterhood misandry towards Black men will result in getting banned on social media, as dispelling lies is equal to offending the liars, and the liars have all the power on social media.

power dynamic lies
Kweens angle to get dominant society favoritism at your expense, and did so by destroying your image so she could get free shyt. Now look at the hood, it’s all led by her decision to be “I’m so skrong n independent.”

I recently got banned for claiming there was no such thing as “fatherlessness,” on IG, and I couldn’t figure out why. Simple statement, on a channel that also claimed there was no such thing as fatherlessness, and IG labeled this claim “SPAM.” That meant someone was able to get IG to agree that fatherlessness, in the Black community, is a REAL ISSUE- despite the fact that the big channel that posted the content also feels that fatherlessness is not real. I realized that this fatherlessness claim is not just a right wing racial stereotype of Blacks, but that there are Blacks who agree that this is a true issue in the community who are NOT right wing (the channel that I posted to is far left). Fatherlessness is a mixed message topic, and people don’t know what it means, but use in it a blanket manner that is so as to take shots at Black men, and yes, as I said, the Left does believe this is an issue, they just don’t like a Conservative saying it because it’s normally a supremacist talking point against Blacks. So, if left leaning people don’t agree it’s true, then why do so many CLAIM it’s true online, every time they want to shame Black men? Do you know what fatherless is? Do you know why it’s important to tackle the problem of fatherlessness? It’s important to tackle the problem mainly for being an imaginary problem associated with Black men but stats prove it’s not true, which if this stupid stereotype does not die, it’s going to continue to be used by left and the right to continue to wrongfully destroy the Black male’s image. Unfortunately, Black men did not speak up when our own people were allowed to tell false narratives about us, to popular society, in order for our own people to secure employment, welfare, grants and favoritism under the grift of sisterhood propaganda, and now, fatherlessness is a huge problem for Black men specifically, since it’s not a true issue. After Larry Elder came out and said that he was running on a platform that is against “fatherlessness in the Black community,” it made my scrunch my face when I realized the definitions that I started to see online, that showed me that no two people had the same idea of what fatherlessness meant.  It also let me know, that after seeing so many news outlets take aim at the Black community, that I would see a flood of attacks against Black men, by our own women, as they also continue to push a false narrative to use fatherlessness to attack the character of Black men, which in turn results in economic opportunities, grants, scholarships and welfare for Kweens, due to liberal guilt. Yes, that’s what happens, Black men are vilified and pilloried by our own for racist stereotypes and incorrect information about Black men, and Blacks in general, and some go as far as to use blatant lies to make our women look like victims to the dominant society, who then enrich our women, and then those women come back to Black outlets and then punch down on Black men who did not get an welfare handouts. Black men don’t take hand-outs, there is nothing to be proud about being beggars who need handouts, in 2023. Black men certainly would not get free handouts and then turn to Kweens and gloat because only Black men received benefits, which of course, Black men NEVER get any benefits from the plight of the Black people, only our women do. Let’s talk about how fatherlessness is used as a technique of people who are racists, but also is used by our own women, to benefit our women, and everyone is in on this scam. I want to start with what happened when I went to look up the definition for fatherlessness, and this Newsweek article came up. Newsweek, a liberal publication that is well known, said some interesting things about the Black family, you would think they would do a better jobs and screening writers, but in this case, they let the writer put out an “opinion piece” about fatherlessness, that included the following sentence “Nearly 70 percent of black kids today enter the world without a father in the home married to the mother—up from 24 percent back in 1965.” I thought that was a pretty terrible statement, and it’s close to something that I’ve personally said, about that 70% percentage; however, what the author is referencing is HIGHLY INCORRECT and is not what I’ve been saying. This author was WRONG in what he was quoting, in terms of stats, and I was so furious that I quickly went to research who the writer of this article was, and it found it was none other than LARRY ELDER himself. 😳 Why the hell would Newsweek allow Larry Elder to write that comment when it was so factually incorrect? Do you know what Larry is talking about? What he messed up was that that 70% of Black moms are SINGLE MOTHERS and he screwed up by throwing in there the typical white supremacist talking point that 70% of Black kids are born without a family in the home. SINGLE MOTHERS and BLACK KIDS WITHOUT A FATHER are not the same thing, not necessarily, and here lies the problem that allows multiple scams to be perpetuated against Black people, and Black men specifically. Here’s what I mean, to be a “Single Mother” means to be a mother who has made a baby and did so out of wedlock. That’s all that means. That does not mean anything about her dating status, the does not mean that she is a “skrong-n-independent struggle hound,” it simply means she is a woman who decided to make a baby without being married to SOMEONE. The problem is the grift begins with the definition of a “single mother” or a “Single Parent” in the general sense, because it conflates the definition on how stats are calculated for who is a single mother.  The definition that all know is this “A single parent is simply that one parent raises a child in their household without a partner living with them. The single-parent family definition is similar, stating that a single-parent family is one unmarried adult and all of their legal dependents under the age of 18.” So, when you gather a bunch of Kweens together and have them yap away about their poor decisions to leave men, you’ll hear multiple women discribe how they’re single moms, but they’re not even the same circumstances, so you can hear they don’t even themselves what being a “single mom” means and the stereotypes associated with single moms are reserved for baby mama, not women who were married and their dating statuses are listed as “single” on Plenty of Fish.com.

Here, they’re taking a Kween stereotype and putting it on their own European descendant women and are claiming that Black men desert their women and make their women into “strong and single” aka “strong and independent” baby mamas. That’s coming at Black PEOPLE and their own woman. Those incels and alt-right, look at the dates, these are current and popular memes.
fatherlessness Södermalm
Take your kids back from these people and be seen. Too many of you are working in the shadows, this helps the fatherlessness lies because women get your kids in 90% of couple splits today.

By that definition, that is what’s driving the scam of single moms, because it’s some parent who is living alone to be a “single parent” and a “single parent family” is where the parent is unmarried with kids living there under the age of 18. The problem is, most Blacks are not married, but MANY are cohabitating although not married. Yes, dummy, that happens, and you KNOW it happens, because you see it on TV/Media all the time like these famous people. So if you are like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, then you made Wyatt Russell (their offspring) and Goldie Hawn in therefore NOT considered a single mother, nor was her household a sinlge parent family. Why? Because Kurt Russell lived with her the whole time but was NEVER MARRIED TO HER! You know who else cohabitates like this and makes children? Most Foundational Black Americans in the USA, that’s who. Yes, most unwed, Black homes, where there is a baby, but the couple is not married, they are homes with a mother who has a child by a man she is not married to; however, the father is living with her and the kid(s) in the same living space. Oh, I know, you can’t believe it, that’s not true, I know, because you are part of the racist stereotype spreaders and/or race scammers out there that think Blacks can’t live like Goldie and Kurt and make babies without marrying but stay together. I gave that obvious but ridiculous example because that Goldie and Kurt are doing IS how most unwed Black couples proceed in life, they are shacked up and not married but have kids. The grift is perfectly outlined on this sisterhood propaganda site right here, which write propaganda like “Even if a single mother is able to work, her earning power still lags significantly compared with men’s, about 83¢ to a $1 for the same job — leaving a wage gap of 17¢ on the dollar.” This, of course, is a well debunked sisterhood propaganda LIE, that does not add up and is the basis for people’s belief systems, and they know it’s a lie, but as long as they get free welfare and economic opportunities, they continue to support the lie to pretend to be victims. That lie they wrote it the WAGE GAP MYTH, which is highly debunked. Just look at the quoted sentence, they’re comparing wages of men who go to work, and haven’t had off from work, versus a woman who took off time from work to have babies. How is that an equal comparison? So, what? Would it be fair is the man who went to work was paid the same as the woman who did not go to work and instead chose to have babies? All would say NO and would say that the WOMAN should be paid equal to the man, by an employer even though she is not working for the employer. What logical sense can that possibly make in our universe? Although the site states “However, only half were employed full-time all year long, about one in five (20.8%) were jobless the entire year. 41% were employed in low-wage jobs,” which shows that women work less than men, why a woman would therefore make less than men when the numbers are crunched for all people, shows the lack of adult logic and reasoning by sister propagandists. You work, you get paid, what is so hard to understand? If more men are at work, then compared to women, yes it looks like men make more, but they’re not PAID MORE just for being men. All things equal, there is no pay gap. So, a mother should be paid equal to any man just because she is mother, THAT is sisterhood propaganda logic. This is how psychotic scam artists work, and then they say stupidity like WNBA players should be paid what NBA players get paid.  So, the WNBA doesn’t have the attendance, merchandising selling power, revenue generation, nor talent to match the NBA, but they “feel” they should receive the same salaries as NBA players. These articles are written by simpleton idiots who don’t know how to read and are sisterhood propagandist scammers who falsely interpreted the data from PEW. Are you saying that a CEO should be paid what a cleaning lady makes? Sisterhood propaganda would say YES and start scamming to say that CEOs are racist and sexist and that’s why the cleaning lady isn’t paid the same and isn’t CEO. The truth of the Wage Gap is that “When salaries for men and women are controlled for job title, experience, industry and hours worked, the gap nearly disappears.” The scam is, if anyone can get you to believe the lie, you HAVE to falsely employ and promote women to try to compensate, and you overpay women, and make diversity hires, all for this fake issue that does not exist. This is a SCAM, a sisterhood propaganda SCAM, and scamming is how they advance unfairly, and this is the same play used to push fatherlessness in the Black community. There is no fatherlessness issue, it’s not true, but what happens when you can play the sympathy card while vilifying men, using fatherlessness as the tool. Do you think someone could enrich themselves with that fatherless scam the same way as the wage gap scam was run? Let’s continue.

Some of them are funny, but most of them are the same theme stereotype of Black man beating up a European woman and leaving her with a mixed Black child.
gamle stan
When they see you. Be present!

The WAGE GAP IS A LIE, SCAMMERS USE IT TO BENEFIT and LIBERALS ARE NOTORIOUS FOR BLINDLY CREATING POLICIES THAT DESTROY US ALL BECAUSE OF THESE GRIFTERS just like they did with the 1994 Crime Bill (Joe Biden/Bill Clinton) and the 1996 Welfare Bill (Clinton). Despite the many setbacks, Black people’s level of poverty is at an all time low! And, despite what sisterhood propagandists have to say, Kweens have a free ride with many diversity programs that ensure they get jobs over everyone else in the nations, plus the free schooling, funding and scholarships, while Black men have to do everything by ourselves and for ourselves with no help but maybe if you got a basketball scholarship or you’re an foreigner getting a free ride off of American Black progress, which is always the case! There are more Black women that Black men, so when they’re comparing numbers in employment, they’re not understanding that it’s not equal numbers in equations on economic progress, so people should understand that, but also consider that Black men have progressed despite the European descendants on our backs, intimidated by us, and KKKeisha working with that man to destroy us so Kweens can take all the jobs. Nonetheless, Black men are right in there without help, and without scams to get European descendant guilt to get freebies in life. We have self respect and dignity, and that hard work will carry when this Affirmative Action garbage is struck down, because it’s clear that this DEI nonsense is not benefiting Black men. Corporations hire Kweens, it gets them points for hiring women and points for hiring Blacks, and this comes in forms of incentives. Now, Biden is going to help women get destroyed with his PRO act, and women have won big in the “gig economy” and that is going to CEASE for women, because government is just as dumb as the grifters who fooled them into making policy that negatively impacted the Black community! Then when Kweens got kicked off of welfare, the government made all these EEO/DEI programs to force companies to take unqualified workers, and a normal employees fee, taking jobs from people who are good at that work. This made 2 decades of people who don’t do an honest day’s work, grifters. Now, after Biden passes this new policy, Kweens are again going to have to WORK TO EARN THEIR SPOT and those flexible schedules they conned everyone to get will be gone after unionization! 🤡 Kweens don’t believe in meritocracy, they don’t believe in competition, they only believe in unfair advantages that only they can have. They destroy Black life without thinking. These lies they are fed are idiots falling victims to scamming that sisterhood propagandists use to falsely progress when they have no merit nor dignity, as Obama’s wife used to make him a mark for their scam when he created the Equal Pay Act based on nonsense and hasn’t benefited ANYONE. Yeah, read the reasoning behind the act being created, it’s the WAGE GAP MYTH. The fact of the matter is that people are a bunch of morons who don’t know how to read the data they are making LIFE ALTERING POLICIES based on. And guess what, Kweens, you’re infantilization of yourselves is your downfall because government welfare ruins all, like family leave reduces women’s pay, and back when they created the laws, the dominant society didn’t even think anything of you as you’re absent from the review. Seriously, we all know this is a lie and a grift, this whole sisterhood propaganda nonsense, and that is why even Time Magazine called to cut the BS as two known, educated 1st wave feminists already repudiated the wage gap and many other BS grifter lies, saying “The figure was made up by someone working at the UN because it seemed to her to represent the scale of gender-based inequality at the time.” Also, sisterhood propagandists made up the lie that most women in the emergency room are there for domestic abuse by men, and that is also a lie, as it was proven that only 1% of women were in the emergency room for domestic violence. Men are privileged and women are not, that’s also in this article, and you ask yourself, “why would TIME MAGAZINE” write something like this against this 4th wave sisterhood propaganda? Well, because it’s LIES and GRIFTS that is destroying people’s lives, that’s why. It’s a GRIFT, and European descendant women were caught red handed. Look at those grifts that the article pointed out and then take a look at the Black community and the LIES said about Black men, and you will see they are eerily similar to what sisterhood propagandist Kweens say, which is plagiarizing the scams of their European descendant counterparts. So, when you see it, you can’t UNSEE IT, this is what is used to vilify Black men, in the Black community. All of what I just said here, that’s what our Black Kweens are saying RIGHT NOW and they’re getting ahead, just like their European descendant counterparts have always used to cheat the system, with scams, because they’re taking these talking points to European descendant scammer sisterhood propagandists, who take it to their higher ups and say “SEE, SISTERHOOD PROPAGANDA IS REAL.” All they’re doing is making up LIES that are regurgitated, just as the article says. And FATHERLESSNESS is the new one that, the scammer Kweens have all used to get money and opportunities that the European descendants can’t get. At least the European descendants have their Republicans to dismantle their nonsense, but what do Black men have? Black men have NOTHING because they are mostly DEMOCRATS themselves, despite Democrats historically, destroying Black men’s lives over and over. And the wage gap % is even WORSE for Kweens only, but all you ever hear them parrot is the wage gape number that includes non-Kweens, which is a disservice to themselves. They’re too lazy to put their own percent up to make their cases in the grift, because they need European descendant buy-in to win, so they parrot the 83 cents on the dollar line in the name of unified sisterhood, which historically and currently excludes Kweens in their overall movement. And if companies are no longer getting incentives to be racist and discriminatory in their hiring, which currently favors Kweens, LGBTQ and European descendent female mainly, then the companies will RUSH to DUMP all of them like they did the minute they realized that Affirmative Action was going to get dismantled and that mainstream society doesn’t have racial guilt anymore, just like they started in 2020 and a bulk of those covid firings and layoff were DEI diversity hires, which is why Kweens were most impacted during those layoff, and recently companies started killing DEI programs because unbeknownst to many, some states ALREADY BANNED AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN JOBS, which brought in more European descendant male hires! The dominant society will take care of its own as a first order of business and it’s written everywhere that they can expect to have more European descendant men come back to work, which is a crisis right now because work is too politically correct for these men to want to go physically to work and they cannot function beside women. No Black guys are getting affirmative action jobs and they surely won’t be who will be receiving any when Affirmative Action is removed entirely. You didn’t think that all of those guys would get chased away from jobs and the pendulum would not swing the complete opposite way, in their favor this time, at some point? Then you’ll see real nationalism come in, under the guise of being “anti-woke.”

You have to know by now, you’re at war. Your image is being destroyed by cowards who are trying to program all these mentally unstable stans of theirs into harming Black people, by taking aim at Black men doing negative things toward European women. They have a lot of death postings, but I’m not sharing those, they’re not funny at all, but these are used to make European descendant race soldiers, using their hatred of their women with the hatred of Black men with the frustration of not being able to get a European wife for themselves. Cocktail of crazy but it works to make race soldiers who want to harm Blacks and they use the stereotype of FATHERLESSNESS as a tool!
fatherlessness Frederiksborg castle
We need a worldwide change of view.

I had to give you that context so I could put it into perspective, Kweens get by in life with SCAMS. Black Lives Matter was a SCAM ushered in by the creators, Kweens! All the lies that the old grifters from the dominant society tried, and Republicans stepped in to help stop, successfully and often unsuccessfully, the grifters of the Black community are also now using and are getting PAID with it. They’re using all the old sisterhood propagandist grifts to damage the Black man’s credibility and image, and they do not care if they’re of the same race as Black men, the Kweens want their economic empowerment, divestment and welfare so they can achieve separation from Black men, and Black stereotypes, thus they’re throwing Black men under the bus to accomplish the grift. Most of the grifts are based in racial stereotypes of Black men, and Kweens, but primarily, to make Kweens look like victims, they lie to the dominant society of sisterhood propagandists and claim that the enemy of all people is the Black male. They tell the dominant society that these men are physical abusers of Kweens, tell everyone that they hate to depend on a Black man, tell them that they’d desert Black men if they got some help, and they’d have better lives in the ghetto if they did get that help from the dominant society in the form of any grants, welfare and DEI programs possible. This grift, in agreeing to supremacist ideology, is paying off big for Kweens, but MORE SO FOR THOSE WITHOUT KIDS THAN THOSE WITH KIDS. This is because the ones with kids can barely compete with the ones without kids, yet they’re all grouped under the bucket, so the ones without kids take all the funding even from the ones with kids, throwing THEM under the bus too, while both groups blame all their misfortunate on Black men. The grift, to be successful, required NOBODY to inspect why the two groups have the misfortune with these villainous Black males, for instance, the Kween without kids, she’s not a victim of any Black male, yet always has some nonsense story about abuse with no proof of court cases – which she says she never reports because she loves Black men so much. 🤣 This is a lie because we know they call cops of Black men as normal reflex to control him, especially since they mainly LIVE TOGETHER. And that is the problem with this whole thing, a LOT of Kweens LIVE WITH THEIR MEN, especially those who have babies by these men. Yall done fked up now! People are going to have to examine this fatherlessness claim and when they do, they’re going to find out that the Kweens with no man or kids are the ones speaking on behalf of women who do have kids, but are living happily with their men, pretending that the effected women are wild, in the streets Kweens with 5 baby daddies. This is the grift! Anyone associated with a Black male who is doing his job as a father, is being left out of the Kween debate about how life with Black men really is, and when you get reports of fatherlessness, you’re clearly not talking to all of the Black women who were asked BY THE CENSUS BUREAU “are Black men good fathers?” The overwhelming majority of Black women said that Black men were good fathers, even at a time when Black prosperity wasn’t necessarily as good as it is today. This is echoed in official government documents, based on surveys of all races in the USA, that determined that Black fathers are the most PRESENT fathers in America. How can Black fathers be the best fathers is fatherlessness if a problem, and if all the Kweens are getting their money and scholarships based on claims of fatherlessness? Republican/Democrat supremacists and sisterhood propagandists all claim that fatherlessness is a problem, because they want to vilify the Black male, except most people don’t understand that sisterhood propagandists have run the grift on the dominant society, playing into negative Black stereotypes of Black men. How can Black fathers be the most involved fathers, but the surveys are based on what Black women were saying themselves, but there is fatherlessness? That’s because, unlike the respect the Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn get for their living situation, Black people do not get the same grace of being unwed with offspring, living together. When the CENSUS counts single mothers, they’re counting ANY woman who made babies while she was not married, and that is the rate that 70% of the Kweens are single mothers – the stat Elder screwed up over and over. Like when he was asked to define it, on this show here, which he refused to do. At minute 1:15:14 of this video you can hear him screw up, after the other Blacks twisted his words and fed them back to him, and you hear the point I’m making, disappear. He went from his 1940 stats criteria to current day incorrect stats, and WITHOUT the same criteria, that is children without a father in the home. He omits this because he doesn’t know that Black women are with these men in the same households, by and large, when they have these babies. Married and unmarried, that’s a big percentage of Blacks parents living together with their kids. So, this group of Blacks don’t acknowledge there is no fatherlessness problem, but they don’t just say “I don’t believe in it” so he can answer their question about his definition of it. That’s because these 2 bums don’t know anything about how to defend the claim of fatherlessness with real information and data and history! They should have done their jobs, humored him, and then dismantled his talking point, if they could, except they COULDN’T because they’re gynocentric buffoons who don’t know how to defend men because they’re told to take losses and destroy themselves for the benefit of the Kween only. Since they couldn’t hang with him, they did not want to continue to talk with him and just dismissed him. True intellects there. 👏🏼 That’s not the way you have an interview!

Expose your kids to the world. While your ex is taking sexual fantasy girls trips, take your kids to culturally explore the world.

When Larry Elder went on the Breakfast Club, to talk about fatherlessness, he did not get swatted down by the extra aggressive Kween who guest appeared on the show, when he mentioned fatherlessness. Go to minute 3:40 of this video. What Larry Elder is talking about is the start of the Democratic social engineering that destroyed the Black family, the “War on Poverty” by Lyndon B Johnson (was on the desk of JFK when he died to be fair) in 1964. You can watch some of the material in the documentary about it. What you will see is there is an author, Michael Harrington, who authored a book “the Other America” and this was done 2 year prior to the War on Poverty, but was an inspiration for it. The Democrats ate this up, and started DOING THEIR PLAYING-GOD LAW MAKING again, based on that book. Harrington was a staunch SOCIALIST, and dedicated member of the Socialist Party. A lot of programs we know of even today, in the hood, they were birthed by Johnson and that’s why you have “Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps aka SNAP, Head Start, Job Corps, VISTA and Title I.” This is the start to the modern welfare you see today, which Nixon came along and destroyed a lot of the programs or shuffled them to other agencies to handle, and Reagan and Clinton after removed a lot of funding from the remaining programs, except for those that benefit women specifically. It was so big that it made everyone dependent on the Government, just like it wanted in the first place. All of this was predicted by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, in his Moynihan report,  and he knew Democrats were screwing up the Black family. So, when many people heard about “illegitimate children in the black community” the first heard it was from him. Illegitimate means “out of wedlock births” in today’s time. He pointed out that the Black family was OVER, and removing the Black male’s ability to make a living was destroying the family. Later, giving the welfare money directly to the woman, casting the Black male aside while not allowing him to compete fairly, rather, he just has to figure out how to survive on his own, THAT is what allowed the power dynamic to destroy the Black family, because the woman was paid by the government with welfare, and the male, he was nothing and locked out of many opportunities. So, that Kween “didn’t need no man” due to the free money, entitlement and propping up by the government, the first betray of many, by Kweens, of the Black man. And back then, even Moynihan and all the democrats, along with the NAACP, were talking about this goddamn fatherlessness nonsense, because the blame was being put on Black men, calling them all deserters of Kweens instead of looking at Kweens behavior and calling Kweens culturally bankrupt and disloyal. It’s easy to just Blame a Black man, but without him, the Black community is dead, which is why it is where it is today, lead by people who can’t lead but their falsely inflated egos tell them they can. Larry is wrong just like sisterhood propagandists are wrong about Black men not being in the homes. Larry Elder was able to get that lie about Black men out there, about fatherlessness, and none of the imbecilic morons on that show stopped to correct him about the LIE, not that mouthy, angry Kween nor Charlemagne the GOOF. Morons couldn’t even describe the issues and injustices facing Black men to Larry. 🤡 Absolutely coonery! In fact, Charlemagne the Goon says, at minute 5:10, “I agree with the family part, I’m a Black man who is a father to his children and I’m a happily married Black man to a Black woman, so I’m never going to argue that part.” 🤡 That moron didn’t challenge the fatherlessness claim, nor did DJ Envy, nor did the mouthy Kween on the screen. Everyone was SILENT and let the lie pass because THEY BELIEVE IN FATHERLESSNESS because sisterhood propaganda filth has permeated throughout the Black community since the 1960s. This is a CLEAR example of Blacks who believe that fatherlessness is a true epidemic and destruction of the Black community, right there for you to see as a clear example. So, that lie that Black people don’t believe that fatherlessness if a Black community problem is BS, Black people, Black MEN and Black WOMEN both believe that fatherlessness is a Black problem and Charlamagne agreed on a national broadcast with Larry Elder on this fatherlessness nonsense! DJ Envy, also silent, didn’t agree because these are Black and Black variant men who agree with sisterhood propaganda nonsense because they look better than other Black men and virtuous, because they are married with children. More importantly, they get the approval of Kweens to pander, while doing men a huge disservice. None of the Blacks in that video (3 males, 1 female) spoke up for Black men, this is laughable.

Ensure that your Kweens aren’t the only ones seen with your kids. Take those kids OUTSIDE.

They don’t CARE that the lie is being passed off as true because they don’t look like they’re contributing to the fake problem that they all in that room agree is a problem. That’s the betrayal of Blacks, by Blacks, and the stupidity of these Black men is that all of those Black men in that room were raised by 2 parent homes that included Black men. So, if Black men were so absent, from the average Blacks’ lives, why did they each have a Black father present in their homes, growing up? These are men from all walks of life and completely different geographical regions in the USA, so how did they each grow up with fathers in the home if fatherlessness is a problem? Elder excluded, you have Blacks 40 years and younger, in that room, 2 confirmed had their dads IN THE HOME, and still didn’t disagree. If 52% of Black men are unmarried nor have kids, and 34% of Black men are married, that leaves 14% of any race/ethnicity/IVF of man who is making babies that are contributing to the 70% of mother Kweens being single mothers. That’s STATS, that’s real numbers, that’s facts! Of that 14% you have the non-Black fathers, IVF donors, foreign men banged on vacation, 1-night stands in the club that don’t know they’re dads, too many 1-night stands so the woman doesn’t know which man the baby daddy is, guys leaving a chick because the baby is not his biological child (high rate), baby daddies that just wanted to smash and told her to kill the baby, but she didn’t to try to keep him around, break-babies had with a new slide while temporarily broken up with ex you return to, side chick babies from married men, etc. Earlier, I told you that that Kween and Slim movie actor Jodie Turner got divorced from European descendent actor Joshua Jackson, well, that was one of those 1 night stand interracial sexcapades that got her knocked and then she had his baby and married him. Let HER tell you, now that she’s reduced his name to garbage or may be not so reduced to garbage since he’s zaddy, since he’s out here banging the next Kween, Lupita, despite what the last one said about him and Jodie is now LGBTQ with a LATINA. 🤣 Kweens are mental! All that BAD behavior of Kweens exists in the 14% of the men making them pregnant, but of this list, there are still more men living in the homes with these women, than the more disgusting part of this list, and THOSE WOMEN along with married women, are responsible for the study finding that Black men are the most present fathers in the USA, according to BLACK WOMEN. If Black women said this in writing, then how are Black men these vile creatures creating fatherlessness? Nothing adds up! The stereotypes are LIES, it’s proven. The problem with why I know you don’t believe that study is because you’re likely so filled with self hatred and failure that you don’t want to acknowledge truth. The sad reality is that many Kweens have 2 or more babies and those babies are by multiple men, not 1 man, and those multiple men have babies with other women. It’s the same pool of men making all of the babies, and there are no lies told to these ladies, they’re getting involved with men who are clearly not living with 1 woman if he is actively living with another. Even in those sloppy, ghetto situations, that father is still going to see his kids- that is, unless this mother and the US government decided that they support the woman so much, that the courts support sisterhood propaganda and fatherlessness and grant that woman the right to deny access to the kid, of the daddy! Yes, that happens a LOT in the ghetto, and that is where the black stereotypes of fatherlessness originate, with scored baby mamas who follow sisterhood propaganda and decide their kids don’t need to have a father present, then get the US court system to enforce this. This decision is out of the hands of that male, at this point, and that guy may decide to just disappear. And, if the court doesn’t grant her wish to deny access to the kids, of the father, then the woman will take it upon herself to deny the father access, calling the cops when that man comes to see his kids, and he goes to JAILyes, Kweens weaponize the cops against Black men, just like supremacy taught them to. Like this one here, on social media telling the world that she has this guy’s life in her hands and she is calling the cops to get him put in jail, because he is already in trouble with the law- oh and that guy is the father of her newborn baby. This is the same guy who left her after he made a baby with her to go back to his ex girlfriend, someone he already has 2 kids with and says he wants to marry. Is THAT a guy anyone should procreate with? It’s Hybristophilia! However, regardless, that guy sees his new kid, is in his kid’s life, and she is calling the cops on this guy for him spending time with his kid. 🤦🏾 Still, no matter how bad that relationship, which is how a lot of ghetto relationships are, that father is present in his kids’ life, and THAT IS NOT FATHERLESSNESS! That’s a single mother epidemic, from an unmarried mother, and that guy has already made 2 different women single mothers, which is consistent with stats that 14% of the guys are making all of these women single mothers and bragging about it! Meanwhile the other woman who had his baby, she didn’t want him to attend the BIRTH of his own baby, which is her right in the operating room, and she bragged about this. This is Kweens and their men they pick to procreate with, and these irresponsible idiots lead the Black narrative, which needs to STOP! Most Black guys are NOT getting sex like these guys, they’re considered non select lames with no game and little dik energy, according to Kweens. Kweens know they are sharing this select guy in the 14%, the Kweens don’t care!!!! They’re weaponizing the Government and it’s authorities, against Black men, is what Kweens love doing, to demonstrate their privilege in society, which is why fatherlessness MUST remain a scam they all play a part in, if they are to maintain this privilege. If you take away ability to weaponize kids against fathers, there can’t be any fatherlessness claims, because those men will be present, it’s proven! Then all the lack of accountability and lack of responsibility will be clearly highlighted in who is really at fault and who has always been at fault, those Kweens. That’s why fatherlessness is a scam, to debunk the stereotypical lies creates powerlessness of Kweens, and they’re no longer “victims” they’re willing participants in only wanting to be co-parents who don’t desire to marry before they sire. And Kweens need therapy because they’re destroying their kids, psychologically and removing fathers from the home, on purpose, which is by design for Kweens trying to pretend to be strong to the world like a badge of honor, are psychotic and this damages kids by promoting fatherlessness. The hatred society has of Black men is caused by Kweens who don’t defend Black men, they only perpetuate the stereotype against Black men so that Kweens never have to be accountable for their own “my body my choice” decisions they’ve made since 15. Your body your choice then YOUR FAULT!

Get those kids outside of the house. They should know what the world outside of your neighborhood looks like.

I, and 3 other contributors here, represent single men who are not fathers and 2 were never married, nobody’s been to jail, nobody has STDs, these lies Kweens tell are crazy. Just like those INFECTED Kweens who told the medical examiners who were studying how they’re leading all the world in STDs that it’s Black men’s fault, and said all the men are from jail. It’s laughable. There are only 1.9 million AMERICANS in total in jail. Black people are 42 million people in the USA. There are 770k total Blacks in the jail system which includes on probation not in jail. That is a ridiculously LOW number of people in jail, this is a ridiculous LIE that these infected kweens are using for the excuse for why they have STDs are and infecting the Black community. These are real numbers from the prisons from the peopel who maintain stats from prisons, there is no lying here, the headcount is accurate. How is that possible if there is a fatherlessness problem if statistically it’s not even true with us, and we come from all different walks of life? It’s because it’s not true that fatherlessness exists, and it is a grift by sisterhood propagandists Kweens, who latched on to conservative lies/talking points about fatherlessness, and then use that to present to liberals, so Kweens can get all the funding and reinstatement of welfare programs for themselves, and all they have to do is pillory Black men. Kweens pledge to European descendant supremacy and say “yes Black men are the problem of America’s poverty” and say we’re domestically abusing them, say we are creating fatherlessness, say we are exactly what white supremacists say, and that’s instant money and economic advancement for them, because they tell the dominant society, and the world, that Black men oppress them, when the economists and Census say that opposite! This helps justify police violence against Black men, because Kweens are the informants and a wing of supremacists. Even the domestic abuse claims, these are claims that are not backed by police reports, and in fact, more women are going to jail because men got smart and as soon as the woman hits him,  he has been reporting it to police, so that he does not go to jail for a lie, which is what Kweens do, weaponize the police against Black men, using white supremacy hate against Black men! Kweens have always done that to Black men due to their pledge to Kween sisterhood propaganda which created scorned hags like Bell Hooks, who said this of the “Exonerated Five” after the Central Park Jogger case of the 1989. Sisterhood propagandist Kweens tried to use the negative Black stereotype of Black men all being from jail, to push negative hatred on innocent little boys, in that case. That Bell Hooks race traitor in part of the wave of villains who vilified Black men and pushed European supremacy stereotypes on Black men TO THE EUROCENTRIC PRESS to co-sign that European descendant hatred of Black men is warranted! If you doubt this, you should see the efforts of sisterhood propagandist, including Bell Hooks, and their influence in sending those Black and Latino kids to jail! Meanwhile, there were a bunch of those sisterhood propagandists pretending they were for both sides, like the scammer who made up “intersectionality,” Kimberle Crenshaw. Mind you, the Central Park 5 was a combination of Black and Puerto Ricans, but all this was reduced to them being Black Gang members, and Black sisterhood propagandists, along with racists, sent those kids to jail for perception of HATRED for Black men because there was no sympathy for the otherized group. You can see this come together in the Netflix movie, WHEN THEY SEE US, because it was very clear how these forces worked to allow these kids to be manipulated into confessing to crime the DNA tests didn’t corroborate to produce clear evidence-based guilt verdicts. Vilified Black men is all they saw, and there was lack of Kween support to protect these Black boys, so they went to jail! That’s what Black sisterhood propagandists do! Does that sound like that phlegminist Kween was loyal to Black people and Black boys, despite lack of evidence against them and the police tactics used to make them confess to the crime they did not do? Or does that sound like someone blindly siding with European descendant racists in order to get a check and funding for her anti-Black male causes and pro Kweens only progression scam? Bell Hooks promoted hateful speech that sides with popular society’s vitriol of Black men, despite shotty police work that was contradicted by evidence. Did anyone apologize to them, after? People complain that Trump took out an ad in the newspaper against these boys, but they conveniently overlook Bell Hooks, the Kween who used that misfortune to promote herself to the dominant society as a loyal Black who was hateful toward Black men and sided with racists against the Central Park 5, which is also documented. This is what Kweens do, and have done, forever, use white supremacy to advance their Black agendas for Kweens only, that’s their shtick and then play victims to the dominant society while in reality, they’re playing strong and are allowed to dominate the Black communities, using white supremacy to eliminate Black men at any turn. This is the grift that has continued for far too long, and they don’t care because much like their mothers who took welfare and kicked the men out of the homes, to get the welfare, the new grift is throwing the men away to get grants, scholarships, loans, mentoring programs, welfare, etc. ONLY FOR KWEENS, not Black men! Think about this, how can a woman kick a man out of the home so she can get welfare? Who could MAKE her do that? The government came up with the NO MAN IN THE HOUSE RULEand the Kween saw the grift and took it! Simple as that. She’s not an infant, she’s a human with equal rights and her own facilities, thus she knowingly did this! She is to blame!

family ties in gamla stan fatherlessness
Walk the path that so many walk but no one gives you credit for making the journey through.

People think this is a lie that the government made a rule that many states adopted, especially those Democratic states like NY, that had many Black men in the state, where if a man was in the home, that woman could not receive welfare. That’s the Government ENFORCING FATHERLESSNESS!!!! The reason the other states didn’t want this rule was because they had mostly European descendant Americans in their state, so they would never think to destroy the family like this, and said that would destroy families, so they rejected that rule. Not the Democratic states, they welcomed it with open arms, and this is how you know the policy was meant to destroy family. Other states clearly knew what it did and rejected it, so, you can’t claim that all the other states just didn’t know and that America didn’t do it intentionally.  🤦🏾 The Supreme Court ruled against doing this nationally, but states with Black people KEPT THIS. EVERYONE KNEW WHAT IT WOULD DO, there is your proof! In fact, those states that wanted fatherlessness would have welfare agents go visit homes to make sure there were no signs of men there, like depicted in the 70s classic “Claudine.” They didn’t do this but in Black neighborhoods, and as shown in the interview above, some mothers and fathers agreed that the man should leave the home, so she may receive welfare for herself and the kids.  When the government found this out, they sent the agents to the Black homes, because many people were clearly violating this, demonstrating that the Black man was still in the house, while they were trying to cheat the welfare system together. Both were in on the grift then, and the father was still in the home, while he was likely working and using welfare as extra money for the family so they could make out. In fact, I knew many like this, and this is how they made it to middle class. After a while, the generation to follow would dump the man all together, plan to not ever have a man in the home and get paid for it, get more money as they made more unwanted kids, and just all around creating of unwanted babies with carelessness in sexual activities. The man in the house rule also assumed that if you were married, you don’t need welfare because your combined income with the father should be enough to get by on, and greedy kweens didn’t want to marry after this point, there was no incentive to marry. The kweens scammed the system, yet again, and then claimed fatherlessness because they were getting caught in the door-to-door investigations to ensure that no men lived in the homes! Kweens just started banging dudes and stacking up babies in the apartments that they were living almost rent-free in, thanks to the government as well! The government created a police state for Black families with this tactic. You don’t want to lose your place of residence so you make sure no men live there, and you surely don’t get married because you can’t get welfare and independence that way either. The government was the employer and the bill payer for the rent, it replaced the traditional Black man’s role! How is that NOT a directly attack on the Black family by eliminating the Black man from it? People used to have pride to say they didn’t take welfare, but not Kweens, they bragged about it. Here is more proof, the states with mainly European descendant Americans in them, they also reformed their welfare programs to ensure that father stayed in the homes, and that’s why you have TANF and others who did not enforce any of the restrictions put in place where Blacks lived. It was RACIST! Now you know, it was always a racist policy and kweens were right there to take advantage of it, at the expense of the Black man. Just like their lord and saviors, European descendant women, absolve themselves of any involvement with slavery of Black people and they are victims who deserved Title VII, the Black Kween absolves herself of any wrongdoing in the destruction of the Black family, both groups blaming the men of their races for everything! 🤣 See how easy those people can wash their hands of their responsibility and have no accountability? That’s what they do. Proof can’t be denied, this is about real facts, not sisterhood propaganda or anyone’s misguided feelings. All this loyalty to the government came with a price, because the government was giving out free money and housing and the Black man could not find employment, especially after coming back from the wars, in which both of my grandfathers and my father fought in at least one of the major wars during this period. They came back to segregation, and post-segregation lack of progress for the Black community. Kweens looked down on Black men for not being privileged like the dominant society, kweens hated Black men for being oppressed and not taking over the country, from the dominant society magically, for not inventing the internet back in the 1960s and magically creating gig economy jobs back then- I mean the vitriol towards Black men at that time for not having employment was unjustified, unlike today’s lot of men, who have almost unlimited ways to make money as more industry exists today. It’s unfair to use old days and historic times to blame Black men who were oppressed and grew up through Jim Crow until the 1969s, but Kweens are liars, scammers, and revisionist historians, thus, they ignore the struggle of Black people until the 70s, and after. They throw the Black man under the bus despite the struggle together, until this point and THIS is the continued destruction of the Black family. We also know, because it was studied, that when the Black man gained employment, Kweens wouldn’t get off of welfare, but other groups of women immediately got off of welfare. This proved that Kweens loved the freedom of unlimited creampies from various men without having to commit to them, and the residue of those disgusting lustfilled bushy crotch sex capades, the unwanted babies, would result in free money and housing. Of course entitled, spoiled people want free things and not responsibility of being wives. This was known as the Moynihan Scissors. Couldn’t get Kweens off of welfare by any method possible. They don’t need no man now. The kweens are too infected with sisterhood propaganda and any scheme that they can pull off to enrich only themselves, as they’ve only ever done since 1960s to today- and it’s even more offensive to know that they did this just as soon as Civil Rights was passed. Why? Because that was the launch of sisterhood propaganda and Title VII, which make sisterhood propaganda a privileged class in addition to race, allowing for double privilege of protected class due to intersectionality, and the Kweens begged and sided with, European descendant women, who created sisterhood propaganda for themselves only. Anytime something wrong happens to Kweens, her are zero European descendant women there to back up these Kweens, why? Because they don’t give a damn about Kweens and the sisterhood propaganda engine was not for Kweens and the ideology does not even line up right with Black community history or issues. Kweens try to make Black men look like European descendant males and fantasize of a day where they can be seen and recognized as equal to who they idolize, the European descendant woman. The sisterhood propaganda uses Kweens to destroy themselves, pushing terrible, uncouth images of females, for the world to see, which makes Black people look like disgusting animals on the world stage; and instead of Kweens recognizing how damaging is it to our community, their dedication for wishing they were equal to European descendants, has them so consumed with greed and power hungry pursuits, that they are only hurting the Black communities across the world, as many Kweens across the world are copycatting Kweens from America. The problem with this movement is that it’s anti-Black male, being spread around the world, and now you have countries that had no single mother epidemic starting to see this change to baby-mamaism. The sisterhood is creating more single mothers than ever before, even in traditional countries like in Africa, because kweens are popularizing it in media, movies, and music, primarily. Same things as weaves and wigs and clip on hair trying to pretend to be European descendants has spread around the world, like a sickness, the sisterhood propaganda spread along with it. This hate for Black men is a 55+ years of hatred towards Black men from Kweens, which is supremacist talking points and anti-European descendant male hate, catered, and falsely applied to Black men. Let’s talk about a big issue taking center stage, paternity fraud and lies attached to it, which is something plaguing Black community, and is a huge contributor to fatherlessness stereotypes, and reveals the real culprits in fatherlessness.

Vidden Trail fatherlessness
Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no image low enough, to keep you sunsetting a negative past look.

At the same time this business with Larry Elder was going on, running parallel to this was another theme of fatherlessness, with a known church singer named Kirk Franklin. He drew up “without a father” and here is where Kweens and the Black community acknowledge that there IS a fatherlessness problem, in their opinions that is. Franklin did not grow up knowing his biological father, so Kweens will not tell how they were disgusting and will lie to offspring to protect the Kween image but destroy the Black male’s image. The world cries for her, Franklin thanked his adopted mother year after year in award ceremonies and during his shows. Everything he has ever done in life he credits his “mother” for helping him become. This is a major selling point for him to the Black community, because it’s a whole theme about the “skrong and independent” Kweens and that brings the bulk of his audience. The submission and subservience to the mother, the matriarchy, that GUILT is what the Black community is built on. It’s based on guilting men into bowing down to the women because the women perpetuate LIES about Black men who came before these children’s time. Vilifying the Black man has allowed Kweens to prosper in life, due to all the free handouts they get from vilifying Black men. If you cannot vilify a Black man, then you’re just plain lazy and entitled, and then you’d be vilified instead, so, the Kweens just go along with the supremacist lies about Black men. Franklin’s mother is no different I turned out. Recently, a man named Rick Hubbard met a friend of Franklin at a funeral and confessed that he was the BIOLOGICAL father of Franklin, and that as a teen, he made that Franklin with Franklin’s biological mother. Knowing that the Black community is filled with lies and hatred towards the Black male to promote Kweens, Franklin knew NOT to inform his biological mother about this without talking to the man and verifying with not 1 but 2 DNA tests. They did not have DNA tests 53 years ago, so there was no way to prove anyone’s paternity, but it turned out that Franklin’s mother was a loose woman in the streets and bedded MANY different men, even as a teen. Who the father could have been could have been many different men, and his biological mother was a child herself when she birthed him. Franklin said of this adopted mother “She was a widow and did the best she could when I was young. She got on government aid and would find money to pay for my piano lessons. But by 12 or 13, I felt abandoned by her because I could tell I became more of an irritant. I wanted to date and go out and I always felt like I was inconveniencing her. It just added to the feeling of displacement.” This adopted mother was more than a random woman adopting Franklin, it turned out this woman was the great aunt of Kirk Franklin, his biological mother was RELATED to her, and his biological mother abandoned Kirk Franklin when he was 3 years old. This is the true story. His adopted mother was married but the husband died, and the adopted mother was left a widow. The Kweens all knew the true story of his father though, they all kept silent and refused to tell him the truth all of his life. So, that’s three Kweens that failed this man in life, and let them think that Kweens run the show in the ghettos and men are not needed. Franklin ended up meeting his biological mother when he was a youth, so he did get to meet her as he grew up and met her at 6 years of age. So, since he knew his real mother, and the adopted mother was aware of this whole connection, Franklin approached his biological mother for the truth since none of those Kweens wouldn’t tell him the truth! After confirming paternity, Franklin confronted his mother and asked her to tell him the truth about who his father really is and his mother, and his aunt (her sister) LIED! Both of them lied in his face and that adds to the lies about fatherlessness of Black men. His mother refused to admit that Hubbard was Kirk Franklin’s father. Why? Because all of the ladies lied to him and told him that the parent who adopted him was the father. After a lot of pressing and telling her he took 2 different DNA tests confirming this, the mother and her sister still kept lying to Kirk Franklin! He begged her and begged her. After 53 years of age, his mother finally admitted that she LIED to him about his father. Parallel to this story about how Kweens are so perfect and proud to be single mothers, Franklin always admitted that he suffered, as a male, and it all goes back to his loose biological mother! His biological mother didn’t believe Hubbard was the father, she straight up denied it, because she was sleeping around a lot with several men as a teen. 🤦🏽‍♀️ These people who adopted him were OLD people 3 generations older than him, they couldn’t contend with the threats from the 80s and 90s! They both died when he turned 17 and Frankin was doing street stupidity after that. The streets’ was his father! Franklin said of his upbringing, “My life before I had a career was horrific. I lived being bullied as a kid. I had a learning disorder, I failed out of high school. I got a young lady pregnant when I was 17 and the church crucified me for it. It’s like I never had anybody take up for me or who had my back.

Yall praise the founding fathers but you don’t praise your own father. Ride for your dads!

This is a reason the fatherlessness stereotype exists in the Black community, and it does not necessarily mean the man just up and left, it can be just like this, which is many situations I know of, the woman was loose with many different men and nobody knows who the real father is. Kweens with high body counts cause this fatherlessness problem, because they don’t know WHO the father is. We have TV shows based on Black fatherlessness as a stereotype and how much Kweens lie about their body counts and who is the real father, which was the point of the Maury show. We even have a popular pop culture catchline “you are NOT the father” that everyone knows the show it came from in today’s time, the Maury Show! Do you see all those Black men there, do you see how hard those Kweens try to convince and lie to everyone that those men are the fathers? How could these men falsely be the fathers if that woman wasn’t being loose in the streets running up the body count? THIS is what causes fatherlessness. Maury pays for the paternity tests, but outside of this, do you think these Kweens are looking for the real fathers of these kids? These are cheaters and 1 night stand Kweens, that’s what Maury’s show SHOWS us! There is a woman who brought in 19 different men to find the fathers of her two kids, she is the champion of false paternity claims but there is a list of who has had the most false claims over and over on the show. The champion of baby mama false paternity claims is Sholanda, a Kween, with her 19 claims. She was able to find 2 fathers of her 3, but why did she have so many tests? That means there were at LEAST 19 bodies, she slept with. Fatherlessness is caused by men being cheated on by women like this, and the leave kids that are not theirs, or the real father she doesn’t want to have around, so she PRETENDS the father left her, and gets money and sympathy and the Black man gets the hate from the community for the bad behavior of Kweens! This is the majority of fatherlessness problems, loose women with high body counts. There are endless cases, just go watch Maury if you’re not from the Black community. And just like Sholonda, most of those Kweens have multiple babies by multiple men who have multiple baby mamas. Today, men are going to get paternity tests and finding out they are not the fathers. Even porn stars who are masters of sex, they can’t stop their ladies from cheating on them and Jason Luv was lied to about the kid he thought was his, and turns out was not his, so he left yet he has literal Big Dik Energy and still couldn’t satiate the mentally diseased. Rapper Tupac’s mother is another person just like this. She lied to him about who his father was, and told another man that he was the father, she lied to 3 men there, including Tupac Shakur! Tupac’s mother was sleeping around and loose in the streets! She had multiple baby daddies! Tupac’s mom lied and told Tupac his father was dead! This is a HUGE problem in the Black community, and Kweens go with the supremacist ideology that vilified Black men to make themselves look better, and that is unfair to Black men but they DO NOT CARE! Kweens have no empathy for Black men whatsoever, and clearly no dedication for men who take them seriously. Paternity fraud is big in the Black community because of sex craved Kweens. Look here and here like thousands of men out there who MARRIED these Kweens! This fatherlessness nonsense needs to be transferred to the real culprits, the Kweens, who could have prevented ALL of this but have zero accountability in life! Most of these men who are the biological fathers have no idea they are the father. We have a terrible Kween culture that is the root of all of this fatherlessness nonsense and the men who are leaving the women and disassociating with the kids are not the biological kids, in most cases. This is how the CDC report on Black men being the most present is possible, because the men who do know they are the fathers are mainly in the lives of the kids, even if they’re not with the women. This is why fatherlessness is NOT a Black man issue, it’s a Kween issues, and just like Kirk Franklin’s mother does to him in his documentary, the sisterhood propaganda keeps all of this hidden from the males and from the government. Nobody has faith in Kweens which is why marriage is down in the Black community. Sisterhood propaganda will not tell Kweens to stop this disgusting behavior, because if they do, then there is no more privilege that lifts up Kweens over Black men. Gone will be the internet garbage talking points that Kweens are doing so much better than all the Black men, because all that free money would be GONE over night after the lies come clear, and this is what is behind the pursuits of the people trying to erase Affirmative Action. They’re coming in with the real information, and Kweens are about to get their backs kicked in very soon for throwing Black men under the bus all these years, with their lies! So in the case of Franklin, it helped chisel away at fatherlessness stereotypes that Larry Elder was pushing. Now, it’s time to have real conversations about behavior and accountability. Franklin refused to talk to his biological mother until she told the truth and it took a lot of arm twisting. Kirk Franklin’s church going Kweens all lied to each other, the sisterhood lies and covers for each others’ lies! His mother said to him, she swore on her dead mother’s grave that she did not lie to him, which was a lie!!!  This is a church going Kween and she lied on GOD after minute 2:30 in the video!!!  God did that to Kirk Franklin, according to him. What was the lesson? Maybe a snoop dog quote. Franklin himself made a young woman pregnant when he was young, and he repeated the cycle of not knowing his worth nor how to be a father, which all goes back to how his Kweens robbed him of this opportunity to learn to be a father, or to help him deal with pain as a Black male, which a Kween cannot do but they all are narcissists so they think they can. This is highly destructive to a male’s development. This destroyed the bond that Franklin also had with his own son, because he had nobody to teach him how to be a father. This is a cycle of garbage that plagues the Black community, and this is because Kweens don’t want fathers in the home and because they’re narcissists, they destroy Black men, since they are kids, and have no answers nor methods to properly raise a Black male, and he is left to try to figure out life by himself. Horrible mothering. His mother didn’t have his back, his mother had no answers for him ever, she just lied to him, just like she likes in life, being lied to not address reality, narcissistic traits that plagues Kweens, narcissistic traits that they teach the next generation of Kweens to be single mothers. All Kweens lied to this man all his life to protect the saint image of Kweens, which is all just lies. It sounds so noble when everyone gets to blame Black men for this fake fatherlessness problem, until you realize this is a chosen strategy by Kweens and it’s not just about a Black man deserting his family. These fathers many times do not even know they have kids.

You need to start smacking these people up like Vikings did, take heads if you need!

We know couples break up all the time, but something people who claim there is a fatherlessness problem seem to like to play ignorant of, is the fact that women leave men all the time, all day, every day. This is why 70% – 80% of divorces are brought by women and it’s lead by women feeling they are not made to feel superior in the relationship, and are not treated like royalty, like when they were in high school or like the many men in their DMs are talking to these ladies. Just like when women leave a man in marriage, there are women leaving men in relationships without marriage, and the point of fatherlessness is that the kids involved would need to completely be disowned by the fathers, in either situation, for fatherlessness to be true. This is how you know fatherlessness myth is a nonsensical, untruth because what is happening is Kweens are re-imagining what fatherlessness means, like they always do, to make their images look better than they really are. What they do is they lie and say fatherlessness is a problem, when in reality, what they’re doing is they actively promote single mother households. What they’re trying to do is hide the fact that they willingly create problems of broken families because they use the destruction of the nuclear family as a badge of honor, almost as a rite of passage for Kweens, much like thugs in the street use being a drug dealer and felon as a bad of honor and rite of passage to manhood, in the Black communities. Kweens think they’re strong and independent, and they cannot be this curated, hardened and perfect image when their actions speak opposite to this because they cannot stay faithful to the construct of a nuclear family, actively seek to destroy the family to create that strong and independent image, and all of that destroys the concept of family, with or without marriage. The Kween has to be the sole focus of the Black family for her own ego, and if there is a male present in the family, he will likely dominate, which Kweens do not want, which is then why she picks weak men who are easy to manipulate and discard. So, women dump men are high rates when not married to them, and if they made a baby with that man, they well the world that there is a fatherlessness problem instead of saying that there is no man in her home because she prefers it that way and her ego needs it to be that way, and so too does her dating life, so she can have sexual access to as many men as she desires, aside from the father of her children, which explains the STD statistics with Kweens, and the excuses they gave the examiners in all of those studies, where they consistently blamed Black men as the fall guys, to escape her own accountability and damage to her strong and independent image. To accept accountability would be to accept that she is to blame for an misfortune she has, since she chooses to lay with low vibration men, she chooses not to be a wife to a serious man, she chooses to be in the beds of multiple men daily, this is all “my body my choice” decision making that only SHE is in control of, as she willingly causes her own misfortunes. This is why they are saying fatherlessness is a problem, while they clearly know it’s not a problem, because we are zeroing in on the real culprit in Black issues in the home, it’s Kweens’ direct actions and attitudes. They only agree with fatherlessness by mouth, and online, but when the stats are taken, Kweens say the opposite because they’re living real time with father of the kids, in many cases, regardless of marriage, OR even though she is split from the father, the father is still present in his kids’ lives, which today they like to call “co-parenting.” You see, there is no fatherlessness problem because they’re mostly co-parenting after the woman splits from the man to pursue her sexual, educational and economic desires independent of the male she spread her legs for and gave him the greatest honor a woman could get a male, offspring, prior to deserting him and the concept of family, for her own selfish desires- aka “being selfish” as sisterhood propaganda calls it. Uneducated Kweens are purposely conflating fatherlessness with single mother household choice because fatherlessness suggests that blame lies with the Black man, suggesting that the male purposely deserted the woman and his kids, which caused the single mother household. However, to take that stance is only to hide the real truth, backed by too much data and Kween confessions since the 1960s, that strong, independent Kweens PREFER to be in, and actively create, single mother households, to appear powerful and get advantages of welfare and other handouts, per sisterhood propaganda brainwashing. Let’s also not forget, they get to circumvent accountability if all blame goes to men, and not herself, in these single mother households, because there is no man to tell her what she is doing wrong as a mother. We have a single mother household problem, not a fatherlessness problem, and the two are not the same, but cowards who will not call out single mother households, because it will get them crushed, will also instead put Black men in their stats as the leaders of fatherlessness, which they all define incorrectly, exactly in line with what Kweens like to say to escape accountability for their actions. That’s the problem. Kweens repeat European supremacist talking points all day, like this garbage for a site fathers dot com, which states THIS as THEIR definition of fatherlessness:

More than 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. Millions more have dads who are physically present, but emotionally absent. If it were classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic worthy of attention as a national emergency.

57.6% of black children, 31.2% of Hispanic children, and 20.7% of white children are living absent their biological fathers.

Society is not warm to how involved Black fathers are, because it highlights how lame everyone else is.

The site, just like Kweens, purposely conflate single mother households with fatherlessness, and it’s purposely done to discredit Black men when the problem rests entirely with Kweens’ decisions, except this site is made by conservative European descendants to continue to vilify Black and Latino males. Kweens know these supremacists are liars, but the Kweens don’t care, anything to save their images. They claim as the first text that fatherlessness is “children live in a home without the physical presence of a father” which is not fatherlessness, it’s single mother households, which is a goal of sisterhood propaganda. Fatherlessness means the biological father has made a choice to abandon the kids entirely, or was thrown out by the woman with the help of the US government and authorities, and there is NOTHING on that site that dictates this is really happening, they purposely say the nonsense in contrast to European descendants to make their own people look superior. Single mother households means the woman mainly chose to live without a man present, in cases where a man has not abandoned the family, or has died, which is in small percentages. Why did that site BOLD the text about Black men and Latinos in comparison to European descendants and exclude ASIANS? To put other humans who also exists in America, such as Asians, in that study, would negatively reflect on European descendants stats and make them look as bad as the Blacks and Latinos they are putting in the bold-text sentence, because Asians have LOW numbers of single mother households and tend to stay married! Western people have a single mother household problem. That’s supremacist tricks, to not put Asians in there to show a comparison, would make supremacist look just as terrible as the men they vilify. This is why you don’t see Asians reflected in many stats on race, to make European descendants look like SAINTS! There is no reason to ignore Asians other than this. There is also a reason that site chose stale and outdated information, because they didn’t know how to read stats on cohabitation and penalize people who are living together but are not married, something a lot of Blacks do. Even PEW researches have had to correct numbers because they false reported without considering this crucial variable to stats, when it comes to marriage/unmarried households. This site is poorly written and improperly using stats, by people who don’t know how most relationships work in the USA, which is why I know a conservative wrote it, and does not account for women who are strong and independent who moved on and broke up with the man, and took her kids with her, but that man still has joint custody, or visits his kid whenever he wants, or whenever the courts allow him. The site is also so poor in data that it tries to site numbers for single parent households, which also include ones where MEN ARE THE SINGLE PARENT, and they did not isolate by sex. That would be a man who is living not in the home, but is still tending to his kid, which is not fatherlessness! So, the creators of that site are insipid morons who are detached from society, who don’t even factor in men who were granted rights to see their kids after divorce, or any man who is co-parenting! 🤦🏾 This is what I’m talking about being the European descendant supremacy nonsense that is splattered all over this page, with picture of crying Black babies on the front page, videos of men going to jail on the page, this is all the nonsense that Black men have to deal with, from the dominant society, which is being echoed falsely by his own women. This is clear defamation of Black men by action of Kweens, and it’s being highlighted by European descendants to tell falsehoods about Black men, and this is what you find in so many internet memes, which further perpetuates the negative Black male stereotype. How such nonsense sources can completely ignore that a divorcee male would create a fatherlessness problem, per their definition, is out of this world stupid. That’s why they’re stats are not correct, and it’s also why their stats are more than one decade old- because the accurate definition and numbers have been corrected in modern times, and this story this site is telling is European descendant disinformation to spread its supremacist ideology. That site incorrectly cites the 2012 Census single mother households as fatherlessness, but if you look (for comparative purposes) at the data from that same year, maintained by health department/CDC, it has clearly said that fatherlessness is NOT a Black problem since 2013 they’ve actively saying this. So the US government knows the difference between fatherlessness and single mother households, so why don’t the European descendant supremacists? Black men have been betrayed by Kweens at every turn, well past my lifetime; how much more can the Black man take from ingrates?  I’ll tell you now, Black men, the good one, the 86% of Black men who are not responsible for all the unwanted offspring that is terrorizing the streets and thotting it up in the streets, fighting in the airports, hitting men and then getting knocked out by men, cursing at authority, those Black men are turning their backs of Kweens. Kweens can continue to pro-create with the men who create the problems for Black communities with the terrorism they spread with gang violence and looting and such, this is something that single mother homes create, which the sisterhood propaganda does everything in its power to ensure continues. So, sisterhood propaganda is directly responsible for “fatherlessness,” but since the majority of Black men are deserting those losers in life, it can logically be concluded that fatherlessness is NOT a Black man’s issue. It’s an issue for Kweens and the 14% of all other races of men Kweens are having unprotected sex with, men who don’t even respect these women enough to claim them as wife, combined with women not fit to be wives, and Black men officially wash our hands of this “fatherlessness” myth! That’s a problem for Kweens, who know everything, and you can’t tell them better, so let THEM solve that fatherlessness issue they claim is plaguing them, by acting like better people and going to learn what culture means. Yes, that one podcast said there is no fatherlessness, but they didn’t cite what I’m saying here, they just dismiss the issues spoken here, because they don’t want to upset sisterhood propagandists, but in the end, that ideology openly promotes fatherlessness and destruction of Black communities. This is the only reason Black Lives Matter was successful was because the Black community is a matriarchy, led by sisterhood propagandists preaching Marxism, something most Blacks have ZERO IDEA ABOUT, and their mission statements specifically said they are about the destruction of the nuclear family (2 parents and kids). All the social welfare, corporate sponsors, free education, free grants, loans, all that privilege would CEASE SUDDENLY if Kweens were to act respectful of the concept of family, and actually had SHAME; however, they do not have shame, they have no respect, and they do not want any of these benefits that Kweens only get, to ever stop. This is why fatherlessness will forever remain a Kween problem, they need it to push their “woe is me” agenda of victimhood to get free prizes from society. If they go with the concept of family, and loyalty to the good Black men, then now, they must act responsible, be wives and mothers, and sisterhood propaganda teaches laziness and selfishness that runs opposite of responsibility and accountability. It’s taught Kweens to be the opposite of morals of Western society family structure, and to destroy that is their mission, which means to destroy the American dream is their mission, thus, fatherlessness must continue to grow, and they will do whatever it takes to keep that going. I don’t ever again want to hear about fatherlessness and how it’s a Black man’s problem ever again, it has nothing to do with us and is antithetical to Black male progress. Fatherlessness is a sisterhood propaganda SCAM to advance Kweens economically, while they continue to falsely promote a negative stereotype of Black people, with attempts to vilify Black men solely, and it’s FAILING. Why? Because they only create more poverty in Black communities, for the few Kweens to profit. Betrayers of Black people are these modern day Kweens, but if you eliminate the fatherlessness LIE and SCAM, you will effectively bankrupt a major portion of the sisterhood propaganda! Let’s eliminate FATHERLESSNESS, it’s best for everyone, and it will set the Black community free from lies, putting the accountability solely on those who are responsible, Kweens and fk boys they all share with other women! You have to stop letting all those baby mamas been seen with the kids all the time, because that’s another view that they use to make themselves look more holy and family oriented than yourself, and when YOU are not present there, you’re automatically HATED because that woman is automatically a victim, by popular perception. Being SEEN is how you help counter the narrative, get out there with your kids, it’s the only way to stop this fatherlessness garbage. Stay tuned for a follow up piece on WHY these women are picking these specific men that lead to this fatherlessness issue FOR THEM, and not for Black people as a whole.

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