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DISCLAIMER: This blog entry is in no way an indictment of any of the people in the Philippines– all of whom I sincerely LOVE! This is a slice of life in American dating, which includes touching on a common area of dating globally, and the Philippines also has a lot of people on the same dating apps as people in the West. Every day, men, and especially Black men, are told that Asia is the answer to finding a decent woman to make a family with. Even as we speak, someone is trying to convince me that the key to serious dating is getting myself a Filipina– not realizing that I have hundreds of Filipino friends that I grew up with and know today, thus I have a more intimate into real life there– as opposed to nonsense the Internet and weak men have to share about dating a modern Filipina. People who keep recommending Filipinas to Black men are getting mad when a Black man pushes back on the suggestion and doesn’t want it, and I’m going to share the reasons why a Black man who isn’t som bum out here, is not going to fall head over heels for the idea of a Filipina in her 30s who can’t get a Filipino man but has a good job and education and has ‘dedicated herself to her career’ as her excuse for not being chosen by any man as she reaches geriatric pregnancy years. Yeah, that’s a sickness in Philippines now, so I’ll educate all of you so you’re not offended the next time a Black man says ‘NO THANK YOU!!!’ when you offer up these modern Filipinas who have good jobs at a corporation, so you don’t think he’s being a racist towards your ladies. I get this comment almost on the daily “you’re a good man, you should get a Filinpina/Chinese wife.” As I age, people are constantly bothering me about how I’m such a great person and it’s a shame to not have a wife…. blah blah blah nonsense, as if getting one of them magicially means you’re getting some woman who addresses your needs and concerns, as a man. I, like many men I know, are not looking for slaves and servants, we’re looking for understanding, peace, culture, intellectual exchange, care, thoughtfulness and femininity from a women, but these people suggesting these ladies seem to be stuck on thinking dudes want subserviant maids, or people who can treat like an underclass, like they get when they date European descendant men. Black men don’t want that from their women. If you are going to learn about our culture, we will want you know all about your culture too– which is not what’s happening in the European descendant side, you learn Eurocentric ways and they don’t care anything about your Asian cultures. Everyone today though, when they approach me, and my team, with Asian family creation speeches, they’re approaching trying to sell us on Asia as being the answer, and I feel there is too much pedestalizing people/cultures in the East that none of these men know well, nor do they even care about the cultures of the East, and they’re mainly sounding to me like they’re just banging loose women overseas and paying for seggs slaves. I feel this is highly disrespectful to those cultures of the East, so this disclaimer is to combat those horny, disrespectful people who tell me to go to Asia to have a good life, when all they’re really selling men in the West is sex tourism and using your US dollar as a power dynamic to control a woman. So, keep THAT in mind when you read this, because there is nothing but GARBAGE involved in courting ladies from the East, today, electronically, and specially, this entry is about being sold the dream in Philippines as the answer to not being a lonely old man, when one gets older. I have people in my family whom have done this specific journey with a woman from the East, then went to live in the east for more than 2 decades, WAY before any Passport Bros officially existed, and specifically in the Philippines, but today is NOT what those older generations of dating Filipinas is about and everyone trying to convince me of this mess is OLD and has an older relationship with a non-Filipino male, it’s nobody doing anything in a NEW relationship, because the game has changed severely. So, this is not to be disrespectful to Philippines, rather, to expose what’s really going on today, and whether or not this is even worth exploring. Why am I writing this? Because I also thought to go live in Asia, but NOT to find a family, just to live on the opposite side of the globe and start over. And recently, I was in the Philippines, talking up some Brothas who were in Philippines pursuing love* 🙄 and also talking with various native Filipinos I was working with, taking in life and mulling over a scenario-based moves to Philippines. It wasn’t my initial idea to do so, but these people were trying to convince me to move there considering that I don’t have any headaches in USA that hold me back. This piece is to get you to understand I see many of the same headaches right there in the Philippines! The Brothas were talking all the typical Passport Bros talking points of how they can’t find a Kween so they go overseas with hopes of finding a new bride, but some of them really did act on it! They were all talking about giving up US citizenship to move to the Philippines, and I was just looking at these guys like they were nuts, just for the simple fact that weather was 24 Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) and the humidity was 110%. I couldn’t stand that mugginess down in Philippines, and all I could think was “who the hell would move down here???!!” That humidity is brutal, so much so that you can die if you skip a meal! I felt like I was going to die because I normally skip breakfast. Your metabolism races crazy in humidity, and it forced me to be hungry at the worst times, and — according to my buddies– I had nobody to make me a meal, so I needed to get a Filipina! 🤦🏾 It was a brutal start to the trip, when I met most of these guys, and I just couldn’t see myself down there, doing half of the things they do, on a permanent basis. I thought about it though, what if I were to move down to the Philippines, like so many of those Passport Bros claim is paradise. Of the Brothas I met down there, curious as to what I was doing down there, I met some cool people, and 1 not so cool, from this lot. One guy was already married, another in between chicks, another a complete HO of a man, but all were talking about leaving America to go live in Philippines- the married guy is between US and Philippines, so he does live there. These guys were part of the infamous Passport Bros, guys who go overseas to find love and life. Right on schedule, they each cited, one by one, that they were unwelcome by America’s “polite society,” but MAINLY by Black American women, all of their lives. We discussed the trending topics about our Sistas today, and it’s NOT A GOOD LOOK with what’s going on with them, in America, because these women threw Black men– like these men– under the bus for government checks and DEI-based pretend-it-is-based-on-merit programs. Now, America is throwing minority ladies to the trash, and Kweens are losing their benefactor and the one who gave them all these advantages, so I was telling these men to give up Philippines dreams and stay put in the USA because all those women will get a rude awakening and get humbled BADLY. The government is forcing conservatism,whether or not you like it, trying to go far right copycatting Europe, and this is NOT going to end well for loose Kweens, and it will force some to want to be wives, for survival. We discussed ALL of these issues I will go over, below, because we were all in sync and all affected by the constant bombardment of European descendant supremacist narratives that Kweens pushed on our communities, for decades, destroying Black men, to society, to show solidarity with supremacists in hopes of getting some of that DEI and handout money that all Judases are promised- despite clear stats and historical events clearly refuting their negative stereotypical claims about Black men. Black men have clearly had enough, and our women are turncoats today, so yes, there are many Black men out there looking to Asia for the solution to the competent wife crises that the West faces. Still, I told those Passport Bros to chill out, and hold the line because these American women are going to have to fall back after all these recent conservative-based rollbacks that will hurt the female bad behavior! Well, America is ready to turn a really bad corner, and the future is going to be very grim for Kweens who deserted Black men, and the Black family, for supremacist poisoning and government trade-ins, for all those corporate jobs that were being given out just for them being women, mothers, LGBTQ+ and of course, BLACK. The humbling is going to bring things even, or else, women are going to start dropping like flies just like men who work their whole lives! Is Asia the answer to this?

I have to go all the way to South East Asia to eat and enjoy fried chicken without fear of people laughing at me for old negative Black stereotypes. Folks out there were devouring chicken like they were the Black stereotype. It was good to see.

Let’s first address the elephant in the room- why people keep pressing me about getting some woman and how all these available Kweens can’t find decent men, and I’m a decent man, blah blah blah nonsense! I don’t subscribe to hype, I follow numbers and logic to know that Black men, who are doing well in life, we have a huge problem connecting our reality to much internet-hype about our female counterparts who can’t find men to be with. This is absolutely NONSENSE, these people are not victims and have plenty of decent Black men to choose from, and all are liars when they say they’re alone because they are LOYAL TO BLACK MEN ONLY. As the boot, The Dating Divide points out, along with all studies from the dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, Black women have been trying to find NON-BLACK MEN more so than trying to find any other race of men!!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT, it’s nonsense and lies when Black women tell you they can’t find a good man because they’re race loyal and only want Black men– which suggests that all the good men are not in the Black race and that Black women ONLY want Black men. All lies, we have proof!!! This is European supremacist language that has overtaken Black brains, making this woman spew Black inferiority as a way of her life, while covering up the reality that NONE OF THESE NON-BLACK MEN WANT THESE BLACK WOMEN, which is why they’re failing at online dating unless they get a Black man. That is the reality, they’re not getting other races/ethnicities of men because those men don’t want them, not because Black women are not trying– and yet they ware trying by the minute to get non-Black men, all documented! These Kweens are not out there trying to marry the 52% of Black men who are not married and don’t have children. The numbers are in their favor, the logic is in their favor, to have many good Black male shoices, but the reality is not what the Internet tells you is true about these women, the reality is they don’t want the 52% of these available Black men because they’re not ballers, not players with STDs and jail records/swag. Kweens are affected by Hybristophilia and are turned on by chaos and destruction by way of terrible men so they want a negative Black male stereotype who can seggually satisfy them but also can be used as a punching bag to say she’s better than him when repeating European supremacy tropes to feel the Kweens are superior to Black men they raised and destroyed. Most of this is because a lot of these men, which I happen to be a part of statistically, are not considered “cool” to the outward appearance (e.g., no flashy, not a show off, not splurging money on useless women). Many of these men are like most of the world, they’ve gotten ahead in life because they have done the right things in life to avoid the typical traps in life, and for all that hard work and not succumbing to stereotypical pitfalls, you get to be a lonely man. 👏🏼 A good chunk of this 52% of men are not physically appealing to the female counterpart, don’t make enough money to satiate these ladies (<$500k), don’t have educational levels that these women demand (debatable),etc. If you ask any police investigator, or anyone who deals with negotiations and determining true motives of people are, you’ll know that someone stacking EXCUSES upon EXCUSES up, put forward an explanation of why they’re not succeeding despite being show evidence to the contrary that complete refutes their claims/excuses, you’d know that you’re dealing with people who are purposely lying to you to cover up a greater issue or plot. Look at this excuse, they’re TOO BLACK IN SKIN TO GET MARRIED. Really? Bullsh!t, but it gets published in major publications like the Guardian, and then people vilify all Black men for being colorist and call European descendant men a bunch a RACISTS— because these women don’t want to be feminine and pleasant to men. 🤦🏾 What our counterparts are covering up, making making up all these excuses for them not being married to a Black man, is either that they’re not fit (in all senses) to get a man to want to marry them, or simply, the more common one as women progress professionally, THESE WOMEN DON’T WANT TO BE WIVES. The former is a big issue for the West, because people easily throw out cultural value for any kind of money, even in a menial job, anything to be seen as “independent,” from a man. This is not a bad thing, overall, to each his/her own– but to blatantly LIE to people, making up excuses because you’re an old, unwanted, socially inept person who has hit the wall thus cannot get a man to notice you, that’s what most are covering up— that’s just wrong. Women can attract men of all walks of live with many tools, and yet these women mysteriously can’t get anyone? Not logical. Many women who could be well suited for marriage have focused on their JOBS, which equals money, and these women do not want to say clearly “I’m selfish and I only care about money (my job) so I’m going to be alone (while having a lot of questionable sex) and keep working in my job until a billionaire comes along and is suitable to me.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ It really is like this, they’ll all tell you, excuses, excuses. Luckily for our counterparts, the US Government has given them a lot of freebies just for being their race and their sex, greater than any other group in the USA, including Black men. With this advantage, many have make great lives for themselves, and with their opportunities that only they get, they don’t reach back to help ANYONE but themselves, or other women of our race- they help themselves, in very selfish manners as they hoard all the riches/opportunities for themselves. Well, this strategy is what we are seeing fail a LOT now, because the US Government is changing, and as they change, so too will all these corporations that gave all these women these freebies. Now that Asians, Jewish and other European descendants have combined to abolish Affirmative Action in college, although, they did a clear misdirection campaign to purposely not attack those rich people who get their underperforming kids into college by paying money who have the highest rate of “legacy admissions”, did you really think the US Government was going to stop there? For our ladies who have betrayed us in for pennies, their crutches are getting swept out from under them, and if this happens, what’s going to happen to dating dynamics then? So many are so proud of themselves so much that they claim “I don’t need no man” but that’s because of all the freebies given. What’s going to happen when that’s cut off? Can they come back to Black men NOW, after all the slander of the good Black men in national publications and Tv shows? Will they go be a baby mama by all means like this woman’s public example to get more women to be single mothers, or will they be these women who wasted all their lives and now at 60 want to try to find someone to be serious with? That one who did IVF to being a single mother, I wonder if she kllled multiple babies when she learned the kid was a boy child, before she got this girl child the kept. 🍿 What’s going to happen when our women have to compete for everything that was a freebie before, with the rest of the world? The workplace is next to have Affirmative Action abolished, and the minute the Supreme Court struck down Affirmative Action in schools, corporations started firing diversity hire program leads, mainly our women, left and right! Why? Because our women abused it in their positions as Diversity Officers, just like Affirmative Action in colleges was abused to give free rides to Asians, Latinos and Africans from Africa! Clarence Thomas, an American Black who it was designed for, pointed out how descendants of American slavery are not even the people being admitted under Affirmative Action, he was right, it was abused and everyone but Foundational Black Americans, or American Descendants of Slaves, were getting the scholarships to schools and those other Black people HATE BLACK AMERICANS  – LET IT BURN, I agree! So, what happens with POWER if all the false empowerment strategies are removed? Well, according to Black Passport Bros, they’re still not looking back for these Kweens, they’re still going to look to Asian wives regardless, and not just any Asian wifes, they’re citing Filipinas are the key to finally putting the nail in the coffin on the dating saga and betrayal by Kweens. It appears, there is no shortage of Filipinas who are willing to lend a hand too, because Kweens made MANY Filipinas angered with their racially-embarassing ways, as of late, so these women are more than happy to take a Black man. Hell, Japan put out a Request For Pen1s so Black men can go there too to get women knocked up. It’s UP for FBA Black men, in Asiathey do NOT want Black men from Africa, let that be clear, it is not for African men and the countries are listed!

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So, Black women don’t want to come to the table? Fine, Black men are going to be OK, because we’ve mostly managed to secure economic employment WITHOUT getting free anything from polite society, and many are these Passport Bros who have discretionary income, and no babies to waste their money on- couple with many not getting dates so frequently so they save a LOT of money. When you see ‘digital nomads wanted,’ yes, that includes Black men from the West. Black men have to get it out the mud to succeed, it has made a harder man of them, because they’ve actually had to work hard to get anything acquired so far, and now, they’re not wasting time or resources on people who don’t appreciate them- although I find this is a lie when outside of the USA, and I witnessed it in the Philippines that exposed the Passport Bros hypocrisy to me. Still, that’s why I told these dudes to hold tight in the USA, because ladies are going to have to knock it off and play by the Black men’s rules, ultimately, because only the men are disciplined and these ladies are going to have to play right, or die. If all the unfair advantages will be gone for ladies, this creates more options for Passport Bros to get ladies that they claim ignore them because they have to if they want to survive alone. The only problem with that is, and these Brothas in the Philippines also confirmed, many Brothas with means don’t give a damn about these American, “I don’t need no man” women, they’re COMPLETELY OFF of them, thus the purposes for the Black men being in the Philippines, and other countries. I couldn’t convince any of these dudes that they should return to our women, they’re done! They wouldn’t even date our women who are down there living in the Philippines!!! This is a response to what Black sisterhood propagandists have been doing since the 1960s after their lady movement, and rejecting of traditional family and family values and complete destruction of the Black male image. This is due to punishing today’s men for mental blocks the ladies have about old fairytales of beatings suffered by their grandmothers, all information they didn’t get from their actual grandmothers but from stories of sisterhood propagandist talking point charts that nobody could prove, and all of them can only cite “The Color Purple” movie as their only proof this abuse was wide spread- yeah a sisterhood propagandist fictional movie by a self-hating Black Phlegmenist who married a European descendant male. Is it any surprise that Kweens who hate Black men so much always seek to marry a European descendant male to make a statement? Remember the LGBTQ Kween who used the Mayor of NY then divorced him after he was useless to her goals. 👏🏼 🤡 Sisterhood propagandists empower themselves, and others, by making up horrible lies about Black men, and the claims these people make are in stats and logic which proves most of their talking point wrong– nonetheless, it’s empowerment so it’s a fad everyone is on, to the detriment of the Black family- but as long as these women get money from their victimhood mentalities, they will willingly toss a Black man to the side, and any other man they used the lies on after their burn notice has been called. This was taught to kweens by old hags. Old, Black male morons from the Baby Boomer generation failed to check these women at the gate, and just allowed these women to destroy our images, using white supremacist talking points, and now the rest of us have to inherit this in the generation since. What does that have to do with Passport Bros? Why are they searching for love outside of the Black race? These guys are the hard working people of the Black community, who don’t get free anything in life, so because they have to work hard to obtain what they get, they don’t want to destroy their lives on people who don’t help their lives in any way, and certainly aren’t about giving out free rides to anyone! Because, since the 1960s, our ladies have been brainwashed with sisterhood propagandists, and have been separatists, pretending that Black men didn’t want to marry them, when the reality was proven in “The Vanishing Family“- where Kweens by and large didn’t want marriage, reject it, just to be baby mamas getting free things from society from loser men who are less than 15% of all Black men. They call marriage “SLAVERY” and aggressively reject it, which is fine; however, they pretend like they’re victims, to get free opportunities, which rewards them for being nihilists, as long as they destroy the Black male image publicly. They get on TV if they destroy the Black male image, they get record deals, book deals, get on Real Housewives shows even if they’re not even wives of any Black male, as long as they put down Black men, they’re rewarded at every turn. There is no reward for these ladies staying quite, enjoying their success quietly, going under the radar- no, they have to shame Black men who don’t get all the freebies in life, and then go lie about Black men mistreating them, to remain perpetual victims with a boogeyman Black man who does not exist. This kind of talk is standard for sisterhood propagandists, and it’s the default learning program for kween NPCs. They don’t even know what they’re saying most times, but they have all of the sisterhood propaganda talking points, taught by their scorned mothers, since 8 years old. Well, these Passport Bros are the male children and grandchildren of the vilified men, so by inheritance, these newer Black men have all the negative stereotypes placed on them from birth, and many of them are raised by the same women spewing the hatred about Black men- punished for the sins of the father these terrible mothers chose to mate with. Nobody wants to say it, but many Passport Bros are victims of their mothers’ hatred toward Black men, thus their mothers RUINED these guys and the idea of even wanting to be associated with Kweens, romantically! They see their terrible mothers in many of the women that exist today, because sisterhood propaganda, victimhood/welfare mentality plagues the Black community, and these men do NOT want to reproduce the cycle of garbage their mothers creates. Guess what though, nobody wants to also say that you have so many unwed Kweens who don’t have kids because they ALSO HATE THE SAME MOTHER who made that terrible environment the kids grew up under! That’s the common denominator, that terrible mother who championed single mother households as empowerment. They either don’t want to BE her or BE WITH her, in their own adult lives. This was depicted in the 1970s, in the movie “Claudine” about a welfare kween baby mama, and her son “Charles”, played by Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, wanted a VASECTOMY because he didn’t ever want to be any man who would be in a relationship with a woman like his mother, with her 100 babies and loose street habits with men. It foreshadowed all of this, he reject the Black family because he learned how terrible it was, due to the way his mother carried herself, waiting for a step-daddy to come pay for her and all her kids by other men. Hell no! And THAT is why these Passport Bros Black men are always finding interracial marriage, and now, are trying to leave the USA, to get the families they deserve, in places like the Philippines! Enough is enough for these guys and I don’t blame them. It starts in the home, people! Women rejecting motherhood and marriage, they are equally negatively affected by the same mother, they also learn that Black family is garbage, from that same sisterhood propaganda activist single mother. Quite frankly, I don’t blame Black men or woman for not wanting to reproduce after being raised with that kind of mother! Passport Bros are the worst impacted by this single mother household though, because their mothers are highly misandrist and the boys are not getting the attention they need, to succeed, so the mothers just let them organically live in the streets and see what they make of themselves, while the daughters are funneled into educational programs and mentoring programs to get ahead and succeed. You think those mothers would fight for their male children to get equal freebies? Nope! That is what Passport Bros are trying to avoid in any way possible, any association or replication of that abusive cycle! They know that kweens are poisoned by the freebies they get in the USA, which is by extension of the freebies given to Westernized European descendant females, thus he has to look to the East, to escape all women in the West, to escape his inevitable demise, or so Passport Bros feel. Passport Bros don’t understand that the changing tides will force these ladies out of their psychotic bubbles in the West, which will put these guys in a better position going forward. That’s why I am telling these dudes to hold the line, the ladies will need to negotiate with these men, transferring normal brain cells and thinking back to society. The striking down of Affirmative Action in school is a wakeup START and was a landmark ruling, because Affirmative Action, overall, was to counter systematic racism in the USA, which has not stopped and likely never will. So, rolling back Civil Rights Era decisions is effectively putting America BACK where it was prior to Civil Rights, which is to say to roll back protections that were put to counter Jim Crow segregation laws, which is systematic oppression written into law and many of those laws still exist, it’s just that Civil Rights helps protect non-European descendant men from discrimination – of which, European descendant women are the number 1 beneficiaries of Affirmative Action, not Black people, FYI! However, I knew of many Black, Latina and Asian women who got ahead because of Affirmative Action, and I have YET to meet a Black male who got a job because of diversity hiring. If a man is not good in any job, it’s immediately pointed out and he is GONE, so that’s not benefiting men who are non-white! This is not how it happens for women, at all, and when companies are forced to maintain EEO stats to show diversity, companies favored women, because they get points for doing so, especially where intersectionality exists, but also knew women are good ‘workers’ due to NECESSITY to maintain those corporate jobs to maintain their strong positions in the matriarchy that is America, as many embrace being single mothers and therefore heavily rely on those corporate checks to feed their kids, alimony and child support, after fun time with the baby batter donator is over. The end of Affirmative Action in schools has spread to the workplace and the number 1 group who will be negatively impacted is Kweens, and in particular, those “I don’t need no man” types, who are the number 1 group that gets these jobs, behind European descendant women, of course– although many opposed it and didn’t know they benefited most due to conservative spin doctors. Kweens only get advancement from guilty European descendant people, and behind the coattails of European descendant females, who for some reason, manage to escape the fact that she was right there besides European descendant males, allowed to also be the enslavers of Blacks, but she is a protected minority after all of this? Kweens copycatted sisterhood propagandists to destroy Black men, and gaslight Black men, because they have only ever been giving free everything from wypipo, since slavery. Well, America is going back to being more and more racist, and I don’t know where these ladies think they’re going to find protectors after all this destroying of Black men and Black men who have gone elsewhere. America is caving in. When European descendants’ kindness runs out, and it is by the second, and freebies are not given out anymore, that’s the end of the power of our female counterparts! Copying sisterhood propaganda works for who originally created it, not for Kweens. And now, I’m seeing some new people copycatting sisterhood propaganda, and I saw too much of it in Asia to say to myself “hmm m’kay, NO THANKS!” to them too!

The “Taho” is a great local treat. Mix of silken tofu, sago pearls, and arnibal. I like taking it “local” when I travel, not touristy. I appreciate the culture!

You even had companies like Goldman Sachs forcing equity through many DEI programs faking like they’re promoting Kweens, but really, they’re ensuring European descendants’ women prosper and Kweens are just so happy to ride their coat tails. Take a look, the end of diversity programs hurts European descendant women more, they’ve progressed the most. Goldman Sachs won’t take a company public unless WOMEN are on the board– not Black people, but “WOMEN” which means European descendant females. So, the scraps Kweens have achieved, the privilege- and it is privilege- has gone to their heads, which they turn around gaslight Black men by then saying “pick yourself up by your boot straps, Black men losers, you’re not as efficient as European descendant males”. This was the start is the destruction and otherizing of Black men, by his own Kweens. All of this was predicted, in the 70s by Robert Staples, in his piece “The Myth of the Black Matriarchy.” This was the start of making hardworking Black men non-select, by being given favor by European descendant, after all the Black men died in Civil Rights rights to secure equality for all minorities in the USA, one of those things being Affirmative Action, the thing thrown in Black mens’ faces and they don’t benefit from. Now, it’s only a matter of time before Affirmative Action in work is gone. Jokes on you, ladies, it’s going to get really tough out here if all these special interest groups get all protections rolled back, and trust me, EVERYONE is on the chopping block at that point. That I’m so strong nonsense, it has no place in the cultures that are financially poor, people cannot afford this stance, and I’ll talk about that nonsense in Philippines, shortly, because it’s now widespread and annoying to hear/see. Also, now that abortion is illegal federally, we started seeing people getting charged for violating abortion laws recently, the people who claim they want small government (CONSERVATIVES) are surely doing a lot to impose government on the lives of everyday individuals, aren’t they? I don’t care what European descendant females are doing though, I do care what Latinas and Kweens are doing, and they followed those other women over a cliff they could not afford to go over, and now, it’s coming back to bite them tremendously. The pendulum swings both ways, at some point, and this one is sharp as an ax, because abortion being struck down also cuts into Kweens’ careers because they can’t get rid of the kid so easily! All of this directly impacts the Kweens, the same Kweens who deserted these Passport Bros for jobs. Now what’s going to happen between the ladies who have to fight like everyone else for jobs when diversity hires are GONE!? History will repeat and just like Passport Bros were thrown under the bus by Kweens, the European descendant women will again throw the Kweens under the bus, as they did from the start with sisterhood propaganda, to save themselves. Then who’s going to support those women who threw Black men under the bus? Black men are tired of getting the short end of the stick, and since 62% of Black men are in the middle class or greater (it was 57% since 2018, so it’s a steady increase!), they’re in a position to go elsewhere, since his own women has rejected him for her own vanity, and that brings us to Passport Bros mentalities, because many of them are among this 62% of Black men who are economically empowered, thus are opting to take their talents elsewhere. Black men are about making families they take care of, and are robbed of this opportunity, after fighting hard to make it to middle class and above. What is it all worth if you’re not occupied with a family? Most men grapple with this question and that frustrates them- not me tho. 52% of Black men have never been married nor have offspring, and Black men don’t even want to give their sperm to the sperm banks because Black men don’t want babies out there that they don’t support and protect. Good Black men don’t need pennies for their sperm thus will not donate it because we know our worth and we will NOT allow someone to bypass our importance and our genetic legacy to unworthy women! It begs the questions, where did Eboni K Williams get her IVF sperm from? Must be from a European descendant man like the one who dumped her and didn’t want to marry her so called the engagement off. These are the same people claiming to be the most race-loyal women, all following this women trying to get Kweens to get away from Black men. Yeah, uh huh. We know the nonsense and if this scam artist woman is selling so much today, then many are trying to emulate her path. This is Kweens FAILING! They need random sperm from a factory to be legitimized as women. Wow! Black men are WINNING! The facts are the facts, the numbers are the numbers, Black men are not sloppy with their baby making, by and large and it makes sense that Black men would go look for a wife overseas- not talking about those dudes who just go to buy hookers and pretend like they’re looking for love, which is most of the Passport Bros. Even of the Black guys I met down in Philippines, they originally said they all went down to find wives and just turned into heaux for the first years, banging everything. The same Black men economically improving steadily, these Kweens are labeling them non-select? These Kweens are mostly obese women who want men who are good looking gym addicts who are the top 10% of good lookers, and those Kweens don’t want to work out to try to be the physical equal of even those men they chase! Look at this highlighted in this video by Kweens on a pro-Kweens channel. The men they want, these women largely don’t qualify for, so if they can’t get that man, they will not go for an average man who is her physical or economic equivalent though, these women are so full of themselves they think they deserve the best good looking men available, and then they make an excuse that this is why they have to focus on their jobs and money, because all men reject them. That video link I just posted, that perfectly highlight Kweens and their bafoonish behavior in mate selection and desire. Because they cannot get the hot guys in the 10% of desired men, they punish the 90% of non-select men. Passport Bros don’t deserve this trash Kween so I’m proud of them for going elsewhere. Passport Bros don’t want these ladies so much that they won’t even donate their sperm to these ladies to let them make kids with their DNA. Dudes are not playing with these out of control Kweens!!! To make it worse, that same woman is now out here reducing Black men to just sperm donors, and they spread misandrous messages that continue to destroy the Black population. Big mistake, because women of all economic backgrounds are available to be the wives of Black men, since we’re doing so much better! This is why you see so many turning conservative, because he has zero benefits from liberals and he doesn’t care to try to secure MORE money for Kweens women who have no loyalty to him and aren’t making his babies! It is THESE dudes who are leaving the USA because they’re tired of being belittled by the very women American is giving a huge NEGRESS WAKEUP CALL to as we speak, but she isn’t getting the message to get on-code! The world asks why can’t these women who have good jobs and education get with their male equivalents, but the egos of Kweens is so artificially inflated from all the free things given to them that the men equivalent to them are not preferred to these women still. You don’t have this in other races and ethnicities, the egos of Kweens is through the roof, and they created these Passport Bros too. The whole world is giving Kweens their negro wakeup calls! They cannot do what Passport Bros do, they cannot just up and leave because that loud mouth sisterhood propaganda nonsense that is allowed in the USA, that won’t fly in most countries, and that’s why these women are increasingly getting jailed in foreign countries. So yeah, I can see what these guys are wishing to get away from, but these are the most popular of women, but these are not the ONLY women out there. I couldn’t get through to the Brothas in Asia though, they’re stuck on Philippines and aren’t coming back to USA! They’re giving no more choices to any Kweens. 🤷🏽 But is that being fair to these women? And do you think the solution for Black mens’ misery is in the Philippines? I listened to several Philippines dudes tell me that their situation with women is turning out to be exactly like Passport Bros are talking about! WTF are the Passport Bros talking about Philippines being this pure lady factory when local Filipino dudes are citing the same silliness that Passport Bros face is popping up in the Philippines? Let’s walk through this for a second.

Are you down for some BALUT?!
Philippines Treats
Pure carbs everywhere, can’t avoid them from the rice cakes on the left and donuts on the right.

The “I don’t need no man” sisterhood propaganda protections don’t work for Blacks/Latinas like it does for European descendants, anywhere, never did, they were just used as pawns in a western game, and NOBODY is coming to help them as diversity hires are going to get thrown out as part of eradicating Affirmative Action from companies, crippling Kweens who don’t need no man. Prices are HIGH on everything in life, inflation is sky high, do you think they really can keep that nonsense up when they have to complete for everything in life, and then nothing is going is going to be free anymore and easy life is gone!? They will have to need a man or go munch on each other, thus have to change, so dudes just have to sit back and wait that collapse out. There are changes in child support and permanent alimony that are changing for the better too, so the mens rights movements are pushing back and are not just cry-babying in meetings and then banging each after the meetings are over, in the back of cars – true story. At first, diversity hires losing their jobs was quiet, but the sisterhood propagandists are connected over internet, they have a vested interested in things being lopsided for them, so as soon as 1 loses a job, she puts it out there for the news and internet to know, and signal to the world about, and they all bond together. This is how it’s now being reported on that so many Kweens are being fired because of fake jobs they were getting for being Kweens and nothing more. Now, all the Black female news outlets are going nuts about it all these Kweens losing their jobs, same people throwing their privilege of having backing of government and corporations behind their prosperity- and now both are turning their backs on Kweens. Notice how no Black male publications even give a damn about this whole Affirmative Action. Know why? Black men NEVER benefited from any government welfare programs and aid given direction to any Kweens, with exception of a few admissions via Affirmative Action in college. Most of those admissions go right to Kweens, over Black men, due to sisterhood propaganda and intersectionality. A lot of those guys who can’t profit from Affirmative Action are Passport Bros and folks like myself, who can get by with other means and will work hard to get to the goals! The Kweens news outlets, they’re going to all burn because they led these “I don’t need no man” Black and Latinas over a terrible cliff they will NOT be able to get back from, because these women claimed they were so high and mighty because they had these diversity jobs and diversity officers who would hire mainly only WOMEN in positions, and LGBTQ+ men. Ask any Black man going for a job, HR is brutal on Black male hires, and I personally had to talk sense into a Kweens HR head to get my very good friend a job, as he is a top talent in the NY IT space, and she wouldn’t give him a job. I was his top reference, and I pointed out how his work history is spotless, worked for major companies so I couldn’t see her reservations. She was negatively BIASED towards Black men, good Black men, and that one has a wife and kids he is dedicated to! Hell, I even dated someone who was in charge of heading up diversity hire programs under a different name, for a company, and I pointed out that’s what she was hired there to do. She is also an ‘I don’t need no man’ type, although SHE CHOSE ME to get ME to talk to her, when we dated. She is useless to a man with ihs act together because he can spot all her flaws very easily and see she’s not as put together as she pretends to be and needs fake praise and lies to feel good about herself, by the minute, literally, she uses those meme generators to inspire herself all day with DEI encouragement quotes like “this company would go out of business if not for women” type quotes sent to her phone. Female supremacy nonsense. Go figure. The point is, it’s going to be painful for sisterhood propagandists like all these ones I mentioned, and it will be very easy to prove that diversity hires are extremely bias towards men of ethnic backgrounds, so I expect that to be toppled next. With that out of the way, what are sisterhood propagandists going to do when the masters they served, their JOBS, have betrayed them? Will they suddenly try to go find Black men to help maintain bills? Will they all get on Onlyfans? I joke but it’s already happening, and unfortunately but fortunately, Black dudes have checked out on Kweens, and also on American-born Latinas. They could talk a tough game because of their jobs giving them $100k salaries just for being women of color, but if you think companies are firing all those diversities hire women for race, you’re sadly mistaken, they’re firing them because they’re overpaid and biased in hiring practices. I had this discussion, and more, with a Black dude in the airport in the Philippines, who was ready to move to the Philippines to marry some woman, or two, I don’t know what this guy was doing but he was with so many options, I couldn’t keep up. He too was trying to escape Kweens, damn! If these Black guys, who earn money like this guy (and I checked his connect we had in common, he’s a solid dude) are proper gents, continue to leave Kweens alone, due to being non-select Black men these women never wanted, then it’s BEEF CURTAINS for Kweens, and they’re going to find it very difficult to compete for men and for jobs! They should NEVER have turned their backs on Black men like him, that dude is RICH and that’s a shame that his wealth will be going to Asia and not the Black community in the USA. Kweens always complain about things like Kobe Bryant’s money all went to a non-Kweens, so they cheered when he died, but they’re not trying to rope in rich guys like this Passport Bro!? WTF DR Umar Johnson is always going on about Black men’s money going to other races, but never blame his core audience, the Kween, who isn’t trying to settle for these men on the rise. I spoke to 4 different Passport Bros Black guys, who came and yapped with me, quizzing me to see if I was down there like they were, for the women. I was not in the Philippines for any of that, I was in the Philippines on business. I wasn’t thinking anything of those women, because I’m not a Passport Bro. But it got me thinking about MANY guys who expressed that they wanted to go to the Philippines for a wife, or talked about moving there, even one decades ago, in my own family.

Philippines Crabs
Fresh crabs locally caught and cooked. The life to have fresh food. There are never veggies with any food out here!

Many, many moon ago, more than 20+ years ago, I had a cousin who met a Pinay (lady from Philippines) in college, in New York, and they agreed to leave the USA to go back to the Philippines. He was a blue-collar worker, but he was a smart guy, extremely frugal, kept to himself, wasn’t out in the streets. I was completely perplexed by him picking this Asian woman, and secondly that he would want to go to Philippines, considering that at that time, there was not that many opportunities for advancement then, and Philippines was no place for a Black guy, I felt, then. I knew the guy could get ladies, but he just wasn’t impressed by the chicks at the time, because, well, THIS WAS THEM BACK THEN, BEING NASTY ON THE STREETS. He was technically a Passport Bro, I guess, before there was such a thing, although, he had never travelled outside of the USA until he met her – he didn’t have to travel to the Philippines to find her, either. He was a tall, healthy, good-looking guy, and she was basically a brainiac model looking Asian chick who didn’t know her full potential, physically, so she didn’t know how good looking she was thus didn’t get corrupted, because this was way before Instagram and egoistical chicks you see from the Internet age. My cousin, he was NOT a swaggy guy, I almost never saw him dating any chicks, although he had them here and there, but he was always working hard and wasn’t about being in the streets- unlike my brother, the playboy with hundreds of women. He was the average Passport Bros kind of guy, mild mannered and reserved but clearly non-select by most city chicks. My cousin didn’t hate Kweens, didn’t hate Latin woman, or any other women, but he was very reserved in dating because he didn’t like hood rats, loud mouths, “I’m so strong” broads, etc. He knew the kind of women that would last in a relationship, and he looked around but didn’t see women who would stick around in a relationship, thick and thin, and he didn’t see women who were very cultural and proud to be a wife in all the traditional senses of the word- until he met his wife, who was straight from the Philippines. He did have template for what marriage could/should be, our grandparents, but we were surrounded by modern women, most with careers and I don’t need no man pre-built mentalities, so I’m sure that made him pick this lady from the Philippines. This guy couldn’t believe that women could be so polite, nice, respectful of men, dedicated to the family, had a sense of loyalty and duty to a family she would make, etc., it just didn’t exist in the Black community outside of really spiritual women, and perhaps some wealthy Africans we knew. Hook line and sinker, he fell for this lady, he married her in less than a year, by my count, and they left the USA, for the Philippines, after he sold his house and they graduated from college. This is WAY before anyone talked about Passport Bros doing anything of the sort, he knew he wasn’t the one for Kweens, so he moved to Philippines and started a family. He wanted to avoid all scrutiny for doing so too, so just up and left! I saw what he was escaping THEN, but I didn’t know how hard it was growing up surrounded by ‘I don’t need no man’ women, and he was surrounded by it all day every day, and he had enough 20 years ago. There are many former military men who did exactly the same things, 20+ years ago too, I meet them all the time, with their Asian wives. They knew we were heading for the current times and got out while it was best to do so, and all are married still, to this day. Kweens saw this Black man success overseas and tried to copycat it though. Yes, Kweens are attempting to copycat and they’re not getting good results, they’re going to foreign jails a lot in their pursuits. 🤣 Oh, you didn’t know? So, now, when I travel, I make note of all of the Kweens mad at me because I’m traveling. They give evil stares when they see Black men abroad, and they check to see if Asian wives and girlfriends are with them. Never fails, I see them scanning all the time for who I’m with, and they FOLLOW ME even, in airports or malls, overseas, to see who I’m with. They’re haters who can’t do the same as Black men. These Passport Bros shared similar stories of not being able to get away overseas because Kweens follow them overseas, and make us all look bad globally, as they’re constantly getting into physical altercations and screaming matches, in Europe and Asia, then get LOCKED UP. Remember Kween Britney Griner smoking weed in Russia and ignoring laws because she thought she was above the law? Remember Shacari Richardson ignoring the international olympics laws, also doing drugs, then cry-babying that they disqualified her so she claimed RACISM? These are stories and memories these foreign women are collecting and saying “oh yes, I can take their men because there is no competition!” This put a big spotlight on Black people traveling, in particular Kweens, and now there is a lot of heat on us, overseas. Passport Bros go overseas to find a wife, have fun, enjoy scenery in peace, but our counterparts go overseas to fight people and act ghetto like this one who refused to follow train conductor orders to take her dog out of the dining/rooms area on a train, in Bulgaria, back-talking random MEN who got aggressive back with her, and they manhandled her! She was violating their train rules for dogs in spaces of humans, so she got violated, then claimed racism! There, she thought she could start talking like a loud mouth sisterhood propagandist, and clearly didn’t do her homework on Bulgaria. Even her attack-dog took a look at that situation and decided that he would not bite or bark at her aggressor who spit in her face and handled her! If your own dog won’t back you up, sheesh! That Kween is over in European spaces trying to get herself a European husband, because she wants to imitate European descendant females, so if she can do that without scrutiny, and is applauded for doing so, then surely, we have to give the green light to Passport Bros to do the same in non-Eurocentrics part of the globe. That’s why I now support the Passport Bros who go to find a wife, I get it now. An Asian wife prospect, that someone had a surprise meeting for me to talk to, was going off on Black chicks in the news, and while I like to make fun of them, that’s not her place to do so, but she’s met so many Passport Bros, she felt like saying those hateful things to bond with me over that hatred of Kweens. It didn’t work with me because I don’t hate Kweens, I just don’t like how most of them move out here, today, but since my life is not impacted by any of them, because I use condoms, I am not consumed with anger for them. However, I do agree, they don’t know how to behave overseas but it makes the foreign women see what we are escaping and speaks VOLUMES heard around the world, which Kweens don’t seem to understand. It’s not America, these people don’t have ANY respect for Kweens, they don’t have American European descendant guilt either, it’s futile to fight non-American European descendants. That Kween moved to Bulgaria, to escape American racism, and is an English teacher there, only to know she’s in a place where nobody likes Blacks and she has no protection. 🤡🤦🏽‍♀️ That’s the problem, that’s what Filipinas know of Kweens!!!! They know these stories well, and know many of these stories. I got some of these stories from Filipinas I know of, and they’re keeping score of Kweens’ screw ups! They’re doing this because they’re trying to relate to Black men they expect to be with. They not know WHY so many are trying to find wives, as opposed to them not knowing at all why European descendant men are trying to get Asian wives for other than seggs slaves and caretakers. In Filipines, they’re trying to gain like they see feminists gain! This is the rub. They don’t want to be these Kweens they despise but Filipinas are trying to be these European descendant women that European descendant men are escaping. Filipinas know they’re hustling the same way women in the West are, just not Black women! These Asian women are making pointing out Black women fails part of their internet entertainment, and while bad, it is highlighting that they know full well how to be appealing to Black men, just do the opposite of what Kweens are doing and he will be easy for the taking.

Horse and carriage ride Philippines
Ready for a ride around Intramuros.

Fortunately, those Passport Bros are not going overseas and acting dumb like the Passport Heauz, because they know they’re going to get international shame and mess it up for others who are seeking arrangements oversea. The ones going to buy booty are going to the buy booty sections of the countries they go to anyway, and if the countries wanted to arrest they would, but it was destroy their tourism businesses, so they at least know those man heaux will be in a contained placed and know to act right because it could cost them their lives. Filipinas are very aware of this group of thirsty dudes and WILL test you to know if you know the places they buy booty at, because if you do, they know you’re a man heaux too and will dub you, as they should! If a woman knows you go to those areas and she still takes you, she’s planning a stickup on you and is only with you for payments because she knows you’re a lame and doesn’t respect you. Most Passport Bros know to behave themselves to not misrepresent Black men, because it’s going to mess it up for all others who seek to do the same thing! And if they mess up the plays overseas, then they will be FORCED to be with these Kweens in the USA. 🤣 No matter what the dudes are doing, they are not the ones I’m hearing all the Filipinos laughing at, they’re laughing at the Kweens making headlines for not behaving while traveling, which again, it’s meant to help the case for Black men who want Asian wives. They told me about this Kween who decided to protest against Spirit Air and pissed in the aisle of the plane instead of the bathroom. Just like other one, a world wide scammer woman, Mary Jane Byarm, here who pretends she’s a world traveler but thinks she’s invincible and without reproach in foreign countries (Italy), as she is in America. In Italy, she was violating the laws of the hotel in Italy, which like most hotels, do NOT allow you to bring food in the hotels and proudly bragged that she constantly violated their rules. Kweens don’t respect the cultures and the people of any countries they go to, and it’s important that Passport Bros not repeat these ladies, so they don’t because news travels quick in Philippines and your rep means a lot there. Don’t go to Asia acting like a pookie moron! Kweens do disgusting behavior that has been allowed to fester, in Black communities, because Black men are silenced and jailed if they even attempt to stop this behavior, in our communities and the Asian ladies know this. It’s a virus that has been allowed to spread and you can’t put that genie back in the bottle, it’s out of control and what you’re seeing in the news, this is why the Black community is destroyed, because the Black communities are matriarchies! If that chick in the Italian hotel was cultured, and well traveled, like she is pretending to be, she’d know that her behavior was unacceptable and a violation, and would know that most of the 4 and 5 star hotels impose fines on you if you do what she did. Then it turned out she was a LIAR, it was proven, and she was forced to remove that original video from her youtube video she made against the Italian hotel, to hide her shame, but they humbled her big time, catch the play by play here! 🤣 These people are out of control, I see what the Passport Bros are complaining about wanting to escape, it’s the same sentiment my cousin clearly felt but would not dare share! Filipinas will see if you are the male equivalent to these ladies, and they have quite a few tests to check. Passport Bros know that place is NOT America, so you have to move carefully when traveling abroad, but our female counterparts are used to being in America, were they are supreme over everyone because they scream at people. Same week, a woman thinks the sisterhood works globally, where Blacks are not respected, and woman goes full ghetto on people of Dubai, violates people over there, and get manhandled! Other people are only now starting to see why these Passport Bros are escaping, they have to deal with these people for decades and Black men are vilified for putting them in check, but when you don’t check them, they do things like go to non-Black spaces and act up there, trying to bully their way over wypipo too as they get ignorant with the rest of the world and it makes the news- and stereotypes are produced! Yeah, I get it now, everyone needs to GET AWAY from them! I saw one screaming at a Black man, in the Philippines, this week, it was disgusting to see! She was imposing herself on him like she does in the ghettos of USA, and wanted all to know that man is powerless to react because all people are watching them, displaying her power over him with emasculation. All of those clips was this week alone!!! Oh you want more? Look at these lovely ladies getting into a full on brawl that forced the plane to land, this week! Do you see that this is reported by BRITISH NEWSPAPERS???? This means the fking world is watching us!!! uhhhhh 🤦🏾More reports are coming in, daily, and I see a bunch of Indian-based site loving to promote this stuff too, and people overseas are talking to me about these women, they’re making us look terrible internationally. These Passport Bros mentioned that the ladies in Asia are clued into all the failures of Kweens because it’s reported everywhere on the Internet now, and these Asian women are feeling very good at their chances of landing a quality Black man because she doesn’t have to complete with a whole race of women for that Passport Bro. People see Kweens getting on the planes and start to roll their eyes! This is not good. My cousin was aware of this way too early, but now, I get it. Get away, Passport Bros! Just watch how you tell them about these Kweens because it can come back to bite you bad, so don’t let the slander get TOO out of hand, because it can reveal a little hate for all Blacks. Be careful when dog piling Kweens with outsiders.

Outside of Intramuros… is a golf course? 🤣

I was a baby back when my cousin deserted the USA, so I couldn’t understand what my cousin was doing, he was way too old for me to understand, but now that we have the Passport Bros out here, and you get to hear and see their stories, it made me revisit this whole “go overseas to find a wife” argument. Actually, I remember when Master P, the rapper and mogul, made a purposeful statement that he felt Filipinas were the best women ever to make a family with, for Black men.  I didn’t know what he was talking about then either, but I see now. Also, when I was down in the Philippines, clients and strangers were constantly bringing up that Filipinas are the best to marry and that many foreigners move down there because of women. They were telling me to start over down there and interracially date. One guy said, and I caught it, “the situation doesn’t look good for you in your neighborhood, from where I stand.” He was talking about these broads! They heard about these stories because anywhere Blacks go, we make noise with just the slightest behavior, but in cases like this, it can be an international incident. The also brought up that anti-Asian hate of Kweens, which was a few months ago when Kweens started insulting Filipinas because they expressed desire to have Kweens go the Philippines to find a wife. Kweens all say they don’t want to date the non-select Black men who aren’t cool, so when those men opt to seek love in the Philippines, Kweens took to the Internet to insult Philippines people, saying the Filipina women are uneducated and poor and lower than Kweens. That wasn’t taken kindly, and the Filipinas clapped back HARD with a message to Kweens! So now, in Philippines, they have a hate for Kweens, nowadays, and they come to Black male spaces, especially where Passport Bros are, and they let those guys know that Philippines is a safe haven for these guys. What was wild is one of the ladies I got to know, from the work I was doing out there, asked me if it’s really true that Black men get shamed by Kweens for being with Asian women. They are very aware of what’s going on in our communities, because it’s on the internet everywhere! They know that Passport Bros are shamed to death by Kweens, for traveling and hoping to find love, and that one lady asked “but aren’t those women bragging that they go overseas and sleep with men?” 🤔 I was floored when she made that statement in her question, I was shocked how in tune she was, but it truly confirmed, the world is watching Blacks. Filipinas feel that most Kweens don’t know what a good man is, so they’ll gladly take the non-select Black men with potential or who the ones actually doing great things but aren’t considered popular. This is the stereotype of Kweens that burns the most, because I’ve heard that worldwide, many many many times– that and how Kweens are a bunch of baby mamas who hate family structure. Now, if these Filipina women really want to be partners to serious Black men, then they need to say “NO TO SINGLE MOTHERHOOD,” or they’re just like the women who insulted them! It seems like a lot of ladies want to be baby mamas over there in Philippines too now. Philippines is already giving out the welfare and also making corporations give special treatment to single mothers to prioritize their employment, as part of the welfare reform, so it’s only a matter of time before they become entitled and start saying “I don’t need no man” themselves- although, they only get $20 USD a month from the government, currently, it will grow. Oh you didn’t know? 95% of the total 15 million single parents, in the Philippines, is FEMALE! These are official stats! Single parent means making a baby without being married, it does not mean your dating status is you’re single and a parent. 500 girls, aged between 10 and 19, give birth every day -yes, age 10 they are having babies over there! These crazy stats are real, which is why the new welfare reform HAD to be put in! You see the screenshots I posted, there are many many many baby mamas out there, and then the guy moves on and finds a decent woman to marry, who is NOT that baby mama, and then leaves that woman in the dust many times, and his kids! The Filipina woman he moves on to wants him to NOT take care of his kids with a previous woman, she encourages that guy to only focus on herself, their new family and keep his wealth to her new family with that guy. This is why those guys don’t take care of two households and the newer woman doesn’t want him dealing with that old girl, for fear they’ll spark something romantic again and he will make more babies with that ex chick he abandoned. It’s mess, and you Passport Bros want to go to Philippines to take that mess on when you can just go to your local hood and get a double dose of that, if that’s what’s attracting you to the Philippines. Why don’t you go to Atlanta, at that point. You’re messing with baby mamas down there is a big problem, there is a lot of mental damage over being a baby mama down there, and for the rest of your life, you’ll be stuck with her trying to wrestle with her hatred for that guy, and trust me, it NEVER STOPS. These ladies are really bitter towards their own men and want a new race/ethnicity of men- sound familiar, gentlemen? hmm Look at all those DATING PROFILES aimed at the baby daddy, complaining about the guy who left them with a kid. I couldn’t get these chicks to stop talking about these guys when just conversing to them. They’re setting up to be the next baby mama nation hating their own men, like Kweens in the USA, at this rate! This is why I put the earlier portion in there about Passport Bros running from Kweens, earlier in the piece. Philippines is heading the same way with their ladies! The oppressive laws they complain about, are to try to keep them from going that way, but nobody asked these ladies to open their legs to their boyfriends and not marry before you carry. Nobody wants to talk about that in the Philippines, so the man gets the blame on all these profiles because all the ladies are victims there now- sound familiar? The former President, Duterte, made the fact that child pregnancies were so common in the Philippines, a national problem that was disrupting the fabric of the country. This is not slander, this is REALITY that is documented. One lady told me that all the guys, local and foreign, keep asking if they can record the seggs with them, to take back with them abroad or to keep in phone, to remember the lady by, every time he thinks of her, then they end up on the websites. I didn’t know what she was talking about, at first, but then I realized, OOOOH you’re talking about Pr0nhub, the popular adult entertainment site. Yeah, it makes sense, they’re no different than another other woman in the world, trying to imitate modern women by doing sex like a porn star with some dude who isn’t worth sh!t. This is why most of these women are so pissed at the local and foreign dudes, because these dudes are getting off porn fantasies on these women, just like Passport Bros, and they’re not wearing rubbers. Then, when the guy is done with her, he just moves on and all this woman has is the memories of all the seggual deviant things he convinced her to do with him, all of which he’s now doing with a new woman. 🤣 This is what they’re really pissed about, getting used. Well, fkboys are everywhere, even down there, and if you don’t learn to close your legs, you find out what the nation is pushing against, thots, because the nation knows and acknowledges that the chicks are getting a little too carried away too young, breaking traditional views and values of women, and want it to stop. Former president Duterte, and the people of the Philippines, were basically saying that the Philippines was turning into the West, when it comes to women being promiscuous, trying to copycat thot culture having seggs like crazy out there. Western culture and women wanting to break from the family oriented lifestyle constraints, is creating baby mama-ism. Female empowerment is thotting it up, even in the Philippines now. Great job sisterhood propaganda, the images these kids see on Internet and media is teaching them, and being locked on the Island, further limits their abilities to see beyond the local trends and thought processes! This leaves parents paralyzed in combating the changing tied for women there, and tradition is eroding – so sisterhood propaganda teaches them to go to get a job, that will fix everything, and to keep them from being moms, but the other side of the sisterhood tells them to go thot it up, and these Filipinas are confused! Then, when it’s all said and done, they’re mimicking a declining West, pushing degenerate culture as you can look at how it’s working in the West, those ladies are all saying the same things. It’s not going to end well for a respectable nation like Philippines, if the women think thot culture is empowerment and the answer to men having ability to compartmentalize sex. It seems like all the Filipinas want to do is counter what they perceive fk boys doing. They’re not pre-occupied with what the good, morally solid, standup citizen Filipinos are doing, they want to get revenge on fkboy players, as empowerment. Goofy sisterhood propaganda nonsense- and I heard LOADS OF IT. I heard so many below average women talking about “all Filipino men…” this and that, all bad, when they were really describing a very small minority of men, the fkboys mainly, and not the greater society of men, respectable and honorable men- SOUND FAMILIAR??? I listened to a 4 out of 10 chick tell me that this kind of talk, and how some dudes were lame because they basically had no swag. I immediately saw the parallel happening there, and how a foreign European descendant equivalent guy would be a prize though, but the local Filipino is not. Well, the fkboys with swag are leaving them pregnant and making baby mama culture a huge problem there, so now they need that welfare money. So much for sisterhood empowerment there. It’s only going to make them end up like these same women embarrassing us Black men. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Philippines José Rizal Monument
Checking out the history of Philippines, finding about the heroes on all sides.

How silly of our women to embarrass us internationally like this! Well, that made it to the people I linked up with, and they asked me about this situation, so I let them know the deal. They told me they saw a lot of Black men in Philippines and finally investigated it to learn about Passport Bros – funny how when all the European descendant men were doing its, decades before and currently, they didn’t take notice of this but ok… They wanted me to get the hell away from those American women too! These Filipino buddies are cultured men of means, of value, telling me that the Philippines is where I need to be too, not just some Passport Bros and other outsiders, they were welcoming me, and telling me to go be a part of their culture and help strengthen it- more on that funny stuff later. Non-select men of the West are bailing on American women, isn’t this basically what my cousin did, just that he didn’t have to go to the Philippines because a native from Philippines was already in the USA, but he chose to leave USA with her? When my cousin left, decades ago, we all looked at this guy like he was a nutjob, back then, but in my opinion, the way he discovered this woman who was so great for creating a family and life with, is directly linked to how his mother bought fully into single mother (she was married to his dad though before he split), I’m so strong, make your own money, have boy toys until you die type lifestyle. His choice was diametrically opposed to his mother! I looked at that mother-son dynamic and realized she picked a loser man (his dad) to marry, and then from her shot selection of men after her divorce, nothing but loser dudes and dudes who didn’t make as much money as she did, it affected by cousin seeing how she moved. His mother must have POWER in all of her relationships, dudes she could toss aside when done, and clearly, she rejected the power dynamic of her parents, her mom, a stay-at-home mother under a sole provider father – a sole provider father who had 3 fully paid off homes, was a marine, and had his money together, mind you. That’s not the kind of man his mother wanted to marry, she married a bum dude and only dated bum dudes! 🤦🏽‍♀️ My cousin’s play to get a Philippines woman, and move there, was because that wife wanted to leave USA and he felt she was worth keeping so much, he bounced without a second thought. He was a guy with many things going for him, no kids, money in the bank, investments out the wazoo before it was popular with many of this tech companies- this dude, TODAY, is loaded in financials because he was in on ALL of the tech companies like Apple and Microsoft. He would never tell you that he doesn’t want a woman like his mother (a career woman), and he never had conflict with his mother, but he would NEVER date any woman like his mother, or a ghetto chick, and the natural choice is who he married from the Philippines. He 100% wouldn’t want his son to be subjected to the treatment of the Black men, in his own community, by the women he dies to protect daily, so he took his wealth and wisdom elsewhere, to Philippines. And now that the US military is going heavy in Philippines, readying for war with China, expect more military baby mixes with Filipinas. I met a few half Black chicks there, and of course their fathers were the Black parent (African or Black American), and whether they are aware they have a kid in Philippines or not is anyone’s guess, these women HATED their dads, who are not in their lives currently. One lady stopped talking to me entirely after I saw her pictures, clearly realized she was Black, and asked her this. She didn’t want to tell me! After I realized it was a sore spot for her, she answered with 1 liner and never spoke to me again! 🤣 Why? She is crying about her abandoned mother, so there is a negative stigma towards dating a Black man down there, if he isn’t moving you to America or moving you to an affluent area of the Philippines- although, there are many more non-Blacks dumping DNA into the Philippines and leaving babies behind, but they don’t care about that if they leave half-European looking babies. So the more pronounced deat-beat dad situation is if he was a Black, so you Passport Bros better keep that in mind. Most time, when I see a Passport Bro with a Filipina, it’s with one who is a little more ‘loose,’ and not the traditional kinds. It’s normally an asian chick showing off her body, wearing tons of makeup, trying to imitate a loose American woman. When I see wives, I know the kind of man HE IS and how he got her, and the loose ones don’t care, they just want a ticket out of Philippines, or a social status boost in the Philippines- which is mostly likely with a white guy. Guys need to take a step back and examine any ladies that anyone puts on pedestals, like Passport Bros are doing with Asian and Latinas today. I immediately question why someone is putting any kind of woman on a pedestal, while denouncing 99% of the rest of the female population, then I see their women imitating Western women in every way!

Bumble Passport Bros
There are hundreds of profiles with babies on all the pages. Anyone finding this attractive wants to diddle the kids.

All we (cousins, siblings, friends) had, were examples of ‘strong’ women, growing up, like his strong mother, or ghetto broads where we were, and there was no Internet like today. So, when people say Passport Bros hate women, and in particular Kweens, it should not be implied that they’re going to find a wife overseas because they hate all women. If they hated all women, why would they be going to find a wife? These guys know how comfortable AMERICAN women are with destroying the family structure because she is “not happy” in a marriage, and she will destroy it without batting an eye because she gets government awarded money, welfare, all the kids and assets without doing anything but kicking out the man. You cannot divorce in Philippines, which makes it attractive to many men who are cultural. Of course, these women in the West don’t need a man, the government is their daddy when they fail in relationships- but that run is just about to be OVER, just like what Israel is doing to push to be more conservative– killing anything related to Liberalism! There you never thought you’d see this conservative push, it’s here now! What right wingers consider degenerate behavior, is going clamped down on, WORLD WIDE! My cousin’s wife was conservative by default, without propaganda, Catholic and respectful of men, so of course he fell for her- but he couldn’t keep her in US or she’d rot. And as we say this, Philippines is breaking down going LIBERAL because of all these women doing very Western seggual behavior, which is splitting the country in opinion because thot culture is creating social issues! These Passport Bros also know that you should NOT be bringing any women back from overseas to the USA because those women will turn into American women, whom they wanted to avoid in the first place! My cousin knew this 100% and to keep his marriage and family, he kept it away from America, until his son became a man. And just like that, after conversation with some clients I visited the Philippines for the first time, this week. I quickly realized why my cousin jumped on the opportunity to marry that great wife, and his decision to move to the Philippines- it has great promise if one wants to make their money last longer! I was not thinking anything of any women, I wanted to see the town, the culture, the food, the people, the history. When I finally got over to the Philippines, I turned on my phone, received cell service, and out of nowhere Bumble app started rolling in messages that day, and on– although I clearly put it in incognito last time, I checked so wtf Bumble?! I was getting a lot of pings, too many, didn’t feel right so many so quickly. I’ll tell you what I didn’t like about what I saw, in contrast, or in confirmation, with what I learned from several locals, whether corporate, blue collar or student. I saw MANY red flags about Philippines women, and I really caution Black dudes, in particular, about what exactly they’re going to find in Philippines. I think they’re going to find a really rude awakening when they get boots on the ground, if they didn’t do their homework or don’t have the connect when they get to the Philippines, especially when it comes to picking women. You can just look on a dating app, when you get there, and you can get a healthy mix of what’s waiting for you, in the dating market, but that is NOT all of the life that is down there, so if you’re going down for ladies only, you probably should thoroughly inspect the ladies available to you. You’re not getting anything you didn’t have in the USA. Sisterhood propaganda is there, big time, and it has a negative effect, and those ladies on apps are FILLED WITH IT. Remember, if she’s on an app, she is someone who can’t get a guy locally, or she’s there to maximize efforts/profit. You have to ask yourself, “why doesn’t any man want this woman if all women of the Philippines are loyal, obedient, respectful and able to take care of a home?” – like the myth is in all Catholic nations. Most of these women are what the Chinese call “Sheng NU” or “Leftover women” and these women are trying to overcompensate with money they earn. If China has too many men, and not enough women, then what’s so bad about these women who are left over, that no men want? 🤔 Same with the Philippines!!!! There are many good looking women in Philippines that NOBODY WANTS SERIOUSLY. So ‘I don’t need no man’ / baby mama nonsense is growing along with leftover women! 🤦🏾 As a Black male, this is not what I want to see because I went through decades of watching this destroy my community, and to watch it unfolding now, in Asia, I can already see this as a bad thing, and I’m clearly not the only Black guy who notices this. This is what the Passport Bros are claiming they are going overseas to escape, yet there it is, right in their faces in their destination of the Philippines. Nobody wants to go from one bad situation to another. After talking to many people, in person, from the Philippines, it was clear that what I was seeing in the dating apps (next paragraph) was very a accurate snapshot of that public, as a whole. I showed some profiles to the local dudes and asked how accurate was my opinion of what I was seeing, and they said it was spot on and they were surprised how I could “guess” that. I wasn’t guessing, I was telling them that it’s exactly like the USA, just that the women on the apps are only STARTING to get into sisterhood propaganda, except their ladies are stuck in limbo because it’s not a natural thing to go into unless you’re full in, living in a bubble, and the general public goes along with it. The general public is not with the sisterhood propaganda, and that’s left a lot of women hanging because they don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, but most of those were over 30, and it’s written in ALL of those dating app profiles. I’m about to say some things that should in no way be seen as an indictment of all Pinay, but did represent 90% of the ladies who interacted with me while down there. A woman is a woman, regardless of where you go. If she is with a responsible man, she is going to have to be responsible herself, she must conform to societal duties, which is boring to her, and creates too much social pressure for herself, so she bails on that, like many bailed on traditional roles and Catholic traditions of being family oriented with eyes on your performance 24/7. Instead, when a woman is with an irresponsible man, placing herself in irresponsible situations she highly FAVORS, like all the badboys and fkboys she loved to date for 10 years + of her dating history, then she can be irresponsible, just like him, and the pressure is all gone. She can always turn around and blame HIM for herself being irresponsible, “he made me do it” or “it’s Jermaine’s fault” nonsense is what they do. It’s always Jermaine’s fault, apparently, and Jermaine is Filipino too now? 🤷🏽 🤣 No, they want to be irresponsible so they have zero accountability for their own actions/futures, as they ruin their lives with unwanted kids from men that never wanted them, which they both knew- and it’s no different in the Philippines. It’s even WORSE if they wasted their lives and didn’t trick that guy to make a baby, because then it’s clear that SHE is alone holding her blame! Babies help women escape excuses, that’s why they have them with this loser men, you can just blame HIM for everything only then! There are MANY who also have no babies after all that fooling around with dude(s), and are past 30 years of age, still complaining about some man she dumped, who moved on and MARRIED and had kids- THEY’RE ON THE DATING APPS WRITING THIS!!! Or they start talking about drama in their dating lives and current guys trying to bang them on these apps. It’s like talking to children. 🤡 Observe.

Philippines duds
WOMAN IS A WOMAN: The first wave came when I landed, and I just looked through a few, when I was taking a dump or was temporarily bored. I took a look a the a few profiles and YUK! Even after all the writing that whole time there, there were 2 really cool people who were sane, based in reality, and didn’t try scams and schemes.
Sisterhood propaganda bumble
There are many filled with Sisterhood Propaganda where it does not fit. The I’m so strong, I don’t need no man, “take it or leave it” body positivity bullying of men, all red flag Western sisterhood propagandist clones.

The first thing to know is most of the ladies I know are very shy, so I’d be alarmed if a woman were to be bold and allow you to easily get a few lines off as you try to get her number, in public. Many of the young ladies are very shy, the ones in the 20s, so you may not just be able to walk up and talk to them. You try to get in their faces and you could find yourself in JAIL or just rejected. You cannot go there acting like you do in the USA, you need an intro by a mutual party or you can meet them online, if you want a successful interaction with a woman who is serious about relationships. Sure, I did entertain myself, with responding to the dating app and conversing with them by video and Viber (they made me download that crap app), but I didn’t initially want to, nor planned to, meet any of those chicks in person because I was not there for that. Too many from the apps were so LOST without a male to lead them, and most of them were broken because a man DID leave them. I saw them as exactly like USA women waiting on someone to change their lives- not necessarily to bring money to their lives but to give them something to do in life. I saw the same flaws in Western women, down there, even worse because those women were not as rich as US women (they are not impoverished as online Kweens say). Money cannot buy you happiness, and if you cannot make the family you want, as a Catholic society, it weights on you to be the only woman without marriage and a happy family, and then people turn to sisterhood propaganda as a coping mechanism for lack of ability to secure a man. The problem is there are too many dabbling in pseudo sisterhood propaganda and the result is they’re unwed and unwanted by the good men of the Philippines! So, why would I go way over to Philippines for the very same bad personalities that exists in the USA? There was just too much negative energy coming from women with failed relationships there, and many of the ladies were LEFT by the men! The ones that felt so prideful, they ditched their husbands and boyfriends and then got stuck with the babies, but they don’t have welfare programs (YET) like USA entitled women, so this is a wildly failed strategy many of those women have in Philippines. The ladies who were groomed by married women are highly likely to be married or be marriage material, and the ones who are not, they are in this category. A woman is a woman wherever you go, and if you go to the Philippines to get the same woman you have in the USA, YOU’RE DUMB. In fact, your only advantage is you keep her there in Philippines, and you go there because many are looking to come to the USA and obtain sisterhood propaganda rights and entitlement. I have seen a lot of gold diggers (one even said as much), sugar babies, prostitutes, women telling you they’re too busy to fk with you but they’re still on the app, profiles filled with babies, proud single mothers, lots of hook up chicks, etc. It’s all the same anywhere, and it was boring. People trying to hook me up with Filipinas were putting me with ‘I don’t need no man’ chicks who only care about their education and careers, and don’t know the first thing about pleasing a man. A lot of them have no experience in real dating, so why would I want them? All over them were just at 35 years old or older too. Nah! It was the same as all the profiles on dating apps. I could easily see, based on the energy on those profiles, who was what kind of women. If you’re thinking the ladies are just all angels, you are WRONG as well, Passport Bros keep saying this stuff and they’re silly. There are many chicks there who get passed around left and right, and they say they’re tired of it on their pages. You can tell who the bad boys have run through, left and right, with their cries about they’re tired of being cheated on, and tired of just getting banged. A lot of the messages are NOT for local men, they’re for foreigners, and it’s clear. You see every woman on these apps talking about they like to travel a lot, and if that’s true, where are they getting the money to do this from?? They don’t make enough money to play games with money like that, there. So, you have a bunch of boring women who only travel for hobby and do nothing that is even remotely interesting to men. I told this to a person trying to hook me up with their sister, and she is only a job and education, and travel– nothing else, like 80% of the dating profiles. Oh, and every “married” women on the apps claim that they were married to broke men and these women paid for everything in the family. How likely is that these women are always the breadwinners if all of them claim the patriarchy is so dominant? Another thing I thought was odd, but I know now what they’re doing, is they’re IN the Philippines but they put on “travel mode” to look like they’re in another country, when clearly they’re not. They’re doing that to pretend like they have money for travel, primarily. Every profile in the Philippines says that woman travels and eats a lot of food. That’s IT! Oh and shopping. They don’t do shlt else apparently- sound familiar? It was annoying to see every single profile exactly the same thing, nothing different, travel bragging and talking about how much food they like to eat. Seriously, SOUND FAMILIAR??? Just a sea of the same exact person, profile after profile reaching out to me, all saying the same thing, and talking to them they literally all said the same thing, like a bunch of clones with a script at a coochie call center. It was so annoying. This one lady was in travel mode, told me to come hang out, but I checked her profile better to free style some things to say, beforehand, and it said she was in ENGLAND travel mode. When she then asked me to come out for a coffee, I asked “how is that possible, you’re in England!” So, the other oddity I noticed is people like her use travel mode for another hidden reason. She told me that she just puts that travel mode on since she can’t travel, and she imagines she is someone else, somewhere else. That’s a STUPID excuse, and a TERRIBLE LIE, so already we were off to a bad start, and the real reason these women are in travel mode is these women are ACTIVELY looking for men in other countries to trap, which is why they’re on Bumble and Tinder in the first place, to make the first move, and they use travel mode to search for men in those areas. Then guys will fly them out and bang them, that’s how these ladies are traveling. If you see a lot of travel in her profile, but she is a store clerk or has no job, you have a heaux on your hands! They’re so dumb they don’t even know they’re telling on themselves, in their profiles. So, when you see a woman in travel mode, ABORT! 6 out of 10 women were in travel mode, they’re out looking for dudes to come visit, actively. I know when women are lining up clientele, and these ladies are lining up clientele, pretending to be innocent and shy. Talking to a few of those Black dudes, they were flying these chicks to Spain and then meeting them there. So, if you wonder how these women are traveling so much, these simps are flying these chicks out, giving them thousands of dollars to talk to them, and some of flying them to meet them and take them traveling with them. Oh, and check their occupations, most of them are LIARS. They don’t work in the job titles they write. You see a lot of ladies have “officer” in their title, they’re not an officer in some company, look at the clothing they have on, they have fast food restaurant attire on half the time. The pattern I see, the lighter her skin and more the more of a con artist she is. I find the “Morenas”, the brown skinned Filipinas, to be more down to earth, more real, relatable, and are probably the only ones I’d go with, if I had to pick from chicks down there. Ones I knew, and spoke to, they are on this flavor and are the ones I find more attractive anyway, so it works out for me. Those others, the fair skinned ones, nope, too wannabe white chick for me. They were the most chill, the more religious, the most seemingly reserved and the least likely to have huge egos. Those fair skinned ones, do not bother, they’re thots! They’re scam artists trying to look better than they really are, then the give away is they all say they don’t want to have to think, work or do anything in a relationship except be respected by a man and pampered. Who are they looking for? SIMPS! OH, and anyone claiming to be in “finance” on their profile, they are NOT in finance, they’re scammers looking for SIMPS. The act is to pretend to be a woman with money who demands a high quality of life, so YOU SIMP on them and guy them things. They try to convince you that they’re high maintenance and you need to spend to be with them. SCAMMERS! They are very in tune with Andrew Tate messaging, and losers in the Red Pill who exploit weak men, so trust that they’re using the things that that moron is saying, in the dating profiles, and they’re trying to snag you in crime rings, or get you to take some women back to USA. Wake up, idiots. Serious, I’ve heard back to back to back Andrew Tate quotables from chicks, that is NOT lady-like, they’re all frauds.

Bumble Passport Bros.
They’re looking for simps and easy marks to pray upon. They have all the same heaux tactics that every other country has, you cannot outsmart them, they know how to spot weak men / SIMPS.

One of these Black men I spoke with had chicks in many countries and flew them out to him while he worked remotely. He was set up in Ireland, doing remote work, and flew ladies in from Thailand and Philippines because the white girls wanted serious relationships in Ireland. He’s the one who put me on to the “Travel Mode” trick these chicks do! Meeting these Black Passport Bros exposed me to reading all of those profiles. I showed them the ladies who contacted me, some of them were the same ladies!!!!! These chicks are posting that they expect you to pay for their travel and take them around, and if you see it on the profile, it’s because she’s been flew’d out many times by foreigners. Why is a shy chick in travel mode but not traveling? Why would any chick be in travel mode unless she’s looking for a hookup. Oh, anyone saying they’re not looking for a hookup, they’re looking for a hookup! Oh single moms? There are way too many of them on these apps, and it’s like in USA, there are a lot of single mothers out there in Philippines, which shocked me. There are a LOT of single moms, making demands just like single women. They’re mostly old women but there are a lot of them, and they put up like 4 of 5 photos of those kids. I’m not sure WHO is into that, but I thought that was wild. Then you see the I’m so strong women out there too, and MOST of those were single mothers and women bragging that they have jobs so don’t bother them and waste their times since they don’t have time for you, the guy. Who’s supposed to get a chubby to this old lady with wide shoulders and huge belly? I don’t know, but that’s a little flagrant out there, and THAT is a copycat of women in the West. I don’t like that nonsense. Nothing against any single mothers, but there were too many talking nonsense about how important they are in their job so they don’t have time. If you don’t have time, why are you on an app to get banged? Idiot stuff right there, it’s all there, just like the West. I don’t want to hear a damn thing from Passport Bros about how unique women are anywhere. I saw, and heard, enough to know that it’s the same game of another name. The problem is many of them don’t get to leave the Island much, and for the MANY who brag they did, I just want to know, WHERE IS THE MONEY TO DO ALL THAT TRAVEL COMING FROM???? Those ones on the dating apps, I don’t know, I’d not take 90% of the seriously. The good thing is you can take most of these ladies out for coffee and don’t have to go in your pockets for a first date. Something as simple as that, a coffee date, that’s acceptable down there. No need to go for big steak dinners and fancy dance clubs to impress women there. That is a major advantage of guys, and also, the fact that it is a patriarchal society, there are many waiting for a man to be a leader. The advantage of the Philippines is you don’t have to double down on redpill nonsense, you don’t need macho man nonsense, you just have to be YOURSELF and be a man of your word in a place like the Philippines. You’re respected if you’re a real man, and when I learned this, that’s when I started to see that this place could be the type of place I would leave to go to, if I had to bounce from the USA. If you’re a natural leader, you can find only a few handful of places, in the world, where you could be accepted without being called a misogynist. These are the places where real men are supposed to be, not simps who are ripe for the slaughter. You will get played if you go down there simping because many women are seeking to gain power by any means necessary, and they will come by using you as a symbol against local men who reject them. I saw this and heard a lot about this, and I know for a fact these ladies throw their simp nation foreign men they’ve acquired, in the faces of ex boyfriends and family members who took notice about how single that lady is all the time. She will use you to make a point and drain your wallet trying to buy expensive things to cover up the fact that she has failed with many men prior. You are the come up, dummy! I saw countless foreign dweebs in the mall, following behind some demanding, bossy Pinay and making him buy things. They were flexing their power over that man, to all onlookers, same as many women do in the USA. If they cannot get a good man, then they’ll dominate one and shame him. The problem is, most of the women I saw doing this, were OLD, for sure, so why those guys picked them is because they’re SIMPs. One of those Black guys I met there, he is with a woman who has kids, but he refuses to date some Kweens in the USA who has kids. Women with kids is a highly complicated problem in Philippines, you should avoid them because baby mama drama is a whole different ballgame there!

Philippines Crazies
PARALLEL DIMENSION DUMMIES: She hates men for her mother getting dumped by her dad. She also is a single mother but she has a job so there is no shame to any of her actions. Here is the common relationship today: gets knocked up before marriage, marries, quickly “divorces” aka she leaves the man (separated), and then gets mad the man finds a new lady and makes new kids. Then is a proud baby mama, doesn’t accept his child support and says she will do it all herself, due doesn’t go see his kid. Sound familiar??? Every woman on BUMble claims she lives in a patriarchal society that oppresses women, but in their posts claim they make more money than men and don’t need men. 🤡 If they were so oppressed, how are they out-earning these men? Sound familiar???
Passport Bros
Mothers who don’t have time for you but you are expected to take care of kids that are not yours. You are going overseas to play fake step dad? You can do that in USA!

Seriously, they are cool with just coffee dates. If you like chicks who eat a lot, these ladies eat a LOT a lot. That may lead to them being fat or “chubby” as they say, but there is a lot of that and also a lot of skinny chicks. Many chicks eat a lot of food there, especially since it’s crazy humid and metabolism is off the chain down there. You can find all types there, but I see most are chubby on the apps, and many explicitly tell you they’re likely going to be fatter when you see them in person. Black dudes are going to go for the fat ones, I just know it, it’s just a genetic predisposition. 🤣 That doesn’t mean that fat is ugly, because their fat is not a USA fat, like super obese, they’re not that down there. They’re chubby after 25 years old, so if you’re looking for bony chicks, you have to stay below 25. You want to know something wild? The most beautiful and thin ladies I’ve met, they were the most agreeable and nice, and amazing women in Philippines! I only had problems with sloppy, long back, flat butt/chest chicks, and it’s like bizarro world there. The hottest ladies will make themselves available for chat, for talk about a possible future, will be up front with what they would like to have, and compromise. So if you’re a chubby chaser, good luck to you, because you have to go through a lot of nonsense to get that woman to be respectful, especially if she has a corporate job. If they have a corporate job, they think they’re superior to everyone in Philippines, even YOU the foreigner, and it’s worse if she has a college or graduate degree. I spoke with one of them, she was cool until she wasn’t. She got mad that she wasn’t right in her terrible opinions she had towards less fortunate people in Philippines not having value/morals, and then she unraveled because she was WRONG, then went on a sisterhood propaganda rant. She’s the bomb but she’s on EVERY DATING APP POSSIBLE, her words. Her big problem, she’s not a mother and nobody wants to make her one, not even to make her a baby mama, NOBODY LOCAL OR FOREIGN want to make her an honest woman. She went off on baby mamas worse than the worst conservative, damn. lol Being a mother means a lot there, so if you see someone past her prime, off in the fringe, leave them for dead. That means nobody, on any apps have wanted her in more than a decade, thus she went to focus more on money. Even the Filipinos who were established warned me against this lot, and that’s why so many of them on on dating apps, nobody wants them- not for their size, but because their attitudes are terrible. I showed them her profile, and like 10 more, and texts of them reaching out to ME, I didn’t contact THEM, and they told me delete all of them. 🤣 She’s worse than an American, so I ask you dude, WTF are you down there looking for that for? The guys told me that Black dudes are always spotted with those ladies for some reason. 😣 I know the reason, it’s because chicks like that mouthy always right chick is exactly like an American, and this is what American men are used to so they gravitate towards that annoying sass! She’ll die lonely and she’s fat so Europeans don’t want her and she doesn’t like Blacks, which ultimately is what I realized when she started to insult poor people of USA although she never went there nor knew anyone in this lot. You should also properly scan those dating app profile bubbles with status like “have and don’t want more” with a graphic of a baby bottle, in their profile. I saw quite a few young women, like in low 20s in age, writing things like this. There are many women looking for you to take care of offspring from some local guy she was not serious with and now that this is over, she demands you be serious with HER, but she doesn’t want to make babies with you! Red flag supreme! If it does not say “Want some day” specifically, in that baby bottle field, leave it alone. In fact, put that as your filter. This is the best sign you’ll get a more serious chick, but beware, because just like in the USA, most of those are close to 35 years of age, and OLDER! Red Flag, geriatric pregnancy is not cool. This is likely a career focused woman who just like in USA, thinks that after late 30s is the best time to find a man and try to have a family, like a moron, knowing that there is a new, young, sexy, 20 year old made every second of the day that opens up as an option. I saw a LOT of women who hit the wall, online and offline, and they were following the sisterhood propaganda. They have a chance to get out of this state, but the further they go down the rabbit-hole of sisterhood propaganda, they’re going to be MISERABLE out there. Philippines is a family oriented place, and if you’re not making families there, what use are you to society? It was no different that in the USA and that, friends, is pathetic. People are following Westernized women off of a cliff. The entitlement and self importance of such people causes them to be so full of themselves, because they think so little of men and so much of themselves, that they can just uproot and leave a relationship to get what the feel they deserve, a fantasy life that never comes. They’ll completely desert a perfectly good relationship because they feel they’re worth something better that they don’t know of, never had, but are sure is out there for them- which never comes. I’ve never had a blow up, fists out, screaming match end of any relationship I’ve ever been in. I’ve had long, loving, relationships that most times ended with a woman deciding to leave for reasons she can’t even properly describe to me, but were 100% in her own head about her value or her idea of herself in a future that never came. Never did they tell me I was doing so much wrong that it drove them to dump me, the just decided they needed to move on- and I am like “cool”. Why? Because that WALL, it comes for ALL of of them hard. Those ladies move on and get their inner thot on, and I’ve seen 2 of them on dating app profiles being shown to me by the damn dating app I met them on (awkward). They’re never better off, they’re always worse than I left them. So, when I saw and heard the very same exact writings, personality, empty faces and personalities, in Filipinas, I was saddened. I could recognize all of the signs of failure and hurt and that was not a good look for them, in my mind, especially after all this Passport Bros praise of them. That’s why local dudes hate Passport Bros, they’re overvaluing and rewarding bad behavior and terrible personalities that the Philippines doesn’t accept. Ladies can be really off-code if they get a foreign guy, and that brings a lot of heat to local guys because now their culture is negatively impacted by you SIMPing down there. The society there is very patriarchal, because naturally the men built the country. Women do not have equal rights as men, in some areas of life, because certain areas are carved out for men, but also, women are not built to be aggressive and go take over a corporate job or go compete with men. Many don’t want to compete with men and have no desire to upstage a man, so they fall in line with gender roles. You’re not going to find many of these women on the apps, sorry! That apps are loaded with sisterhood propagandists who failed, and continue to fail, and they are fast approaching 40 years of age with no results, so they’re jealous of their friends and family who are married. They have to join the dark side of sisterhood propaganda to deal with the rejection by society. Everything they argue to you, to justify their bad behavior and position in their society, is anecdotal, and it’s really sad because they’re let down by sisterhood propaganda that does not work in the East.

Passport Bros
Old chicks thinking they have infinite time but hit the wall!

They’re not any different from any other women, despite being South Eastern Asian. And you surely don’t want to be in a Catholic society and be an unwed, old woman, that’s a level of pain most women are not ready to deal with, and the nagging by family and friends for you being so miserable looking? It’s just not what anyone raised Catholic wants to hear every time they visit their grandmother or parents- and I was hearing it from people I worked with, who just met me. 🤣 The way I tried to limit this crowd out of searches, is to try to hack the algorithm a little. If you want to try to get some ladies who are damaged but maybe have some life left, add “SZA” to your streaming music service, play the album once, then add it to your dating app, and you’ll get a wild selection of ladies to review (look at some of the dating app graphics, these are mostly matches saying “you both like SZA” and they tend to be younger, but not too kiddy. They’re unfortunately BROKEN chicks, like SZA, or whoever she portrays to be, in songs, but then are no as dry as many of the other women on these apps, I find. I know many of them would snap out of this sisterhood nonsense destructive path, if men just stepped in an became leaders. This is key, I’ll get back to that later. Still, even there, there are MANY ladies there who have hit the wall BAD and the profiles are confessionals. The wall is UNDEFEATED, EVEN OVER IN PHILIPPINES! You know, ESPECIALLY in the Philippines, because it’s still a religious and Eastern culture, despite copying many Western habits, and they have an uphill battle copycatting women in USA, which is making these chicks undesirable to locals- sound familiar? You see so many unwed women because the Philippines BANS DIVORCE!!!! Women can’t do “no fault divorce” just because she isn’t happy in life and doesn’t have hobbies and thinks she is worth getting a Hollywood stud, despite her have 3 babies by 30 years of age. 🤣 The delusion is AMAZING in Philippines, and again, mostly from those white skinned ones down there, who are over 30 years of age, it’s astronomically off the chain! What are you going to do with this woman? She can’t get out of marriage down there, so you have to bring this woman, and all 3 of her kids, to the USA- and guess what, European descendant folks are DOING THIS! The guy is taking her, and all her kids to the USA, or worse, these ladies are leaving her kids behind in Philippines with relatives while she strives for her personal best life, as a housewife of some mediocre American man. No shame, and many do it. They have to ESCAPE the Philippines to get re-married, and they are still legally married down there, so I don’t know how that works out legally if you try to return with her to Philippines. By law, that’s punishable! Sisterhood propagandists HATE this, and many baby mamas there, as I confirmed, were sisterhood propagandists and many young ones are going this way, or rejecting marriage all together because they can’t get out of marriages. Look on the profiles and you will see something that says “NAYTAY” here and there, or “MA-PA“. That’s someone proud to be both the mother and the father to their kids, that’s “I’m so strong I’m a proud single mother”- basicaly it means proud BABY MAMA– sound familiar?! Almost every person on the dating apps, from Rizal/Laguna, was a baby mama. 15 million baby mamas exist in Philippines and now it’s a growing health concern that the government needs to now solve. Oh, and those young ones are on these apps looking for sugar daddies and guys to trick off on the, in that Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the world. There are many people expecting you to buy them all kind of things. They love to frequent the mall. I saw so many foreign men with big bags of expensive things in the Mall of Asia, and the sucker was carrying all the expensive stuff for the women he rented for the time he was in Philippines. How are you guys going all the way down to the Philippines, and paying American prices in fancy malls, for women who act just like Americans when you could have just stayed right at home and paid for some local chick. You guys make no goddamn sense to me! And, if this is not happening, then the same kinds of ladies are expecting you to fly them around the world! They TELL YOU that you better do it! SIMPS will comply and that’s why they write this stuff in the profiles. I talked to one lady, named Sandy, who was 36, STILL MARRIED and was trying to get a come up on me. Since she can’t divorce, she is separated from the husband, but she doesn’t have her kids. The husband took the kids because that woman is not a good mother, and Philippines will not reward bad behavior, by default. Her whole profile was crying about her kids and how she can’t see them as she wants. So, she gets on Bumble to get banged by random dudes, and the real reason she’s in her state is because she cheated and got caught, so she is paying the penalty! There are quite a few legally married women in the Philippines, who need you to cheat because a local guy is not going to take that chance. I’ve been warned about this happening a lot down there and to not fall victim to it. So much for all women being so innocent women thing down there, you can cheat with divorcees in the USA, why do you need to go to the Philippines to do that? When I asked her how she can be divorced, and active on a dating app, but divorce is illegal down there, she ended the chat immediately. 🤣 9 of 10 women are “separated,” meaning they can’t get out of divorce so you can’t marry her EITHER! You really need to think about that, Passport Bros. You and the local guys are fighting for the very FEW women who are not married, not separated, not baby mamas, and the pools of these imaginary pure women is highly limited. You stand a better chance with these Kweens in the USA!! 2 of those Blacks I met down there, trying to get Filipinas, are with women who had kids already! Fk you want to move to Philippines for a baby mama- or worse, separate that kid from its FATHER in the Philippines, by brining her back to the West so you can marry her in USA? Bigamy is what you’re trying to commit and that’s illegal in all states– however, as this is the female supremacy capital of the world, the USA will allow her to go find a no-fault divorce filing that will go uncontested by the man in the Philippines, of course, and on paper, that woman would be divorced, thus now would be able to marry in the USA. This is what most Filipinas are trying to do when they want a foreign man after they screwed up their lives marrying some dude back in Philippines and but are separated. Now you know why so many HAVE to leave the Island to be legitimized, and they have to do this scam of no-fault divorce to file “inreconcileable differences” so they can marry in USA only. They all know this hustle, they’re Americanized in weaponizing female supremacy loopholes of the West especially related to getting mail ordered brides for European descendant men! USCIS will recognize your divorce for US Immigration purposes, US-based European descendant men have been stealing foreign men’s wives for more than 1 century with this marriage loophole! This is not your local baby mama in US or UK, that you can just bang and toss, you’re uprooting a whole family by you coming into their family circle, so you should really think about what you’re doing if you’re a man trying to marry and already married woman, and what that means when you go BACK to the Philippines, where that marriage will NEVER be validated. Think about this, not just the easy seggs you think you’re going to get! 🤡 What are your benefits, young man? What do YOU get out of this?

look at this level of entitlement
Baby mamas are proud to be broke and not taking money from the ex men for child support. You would NOT suspect these ladies are multi baby mamas by looking at them. They reject marriage, think they have all the goddamn answers, but have zero solutions. Who is she thinking is going to SAVE her and enter this mess? She’s wanting you to take her kids to usa. They think guys are ready and waiting to join this mess. It’s not looking for your money, they want you to remove take care of them and ALL their kids. Dudes are just going to smash and leave, who is this lady kidding?
Philippines Bumble Passport Bros
They can travel because dudes are paying and laying!

Dudes fly these chicks out all the time to their foreign nation, from the Philippines! If you see a chick with a lot of mileage, know that she has a stack of bodies and a lot of mileage on that cooter too! If you spot “new in {insert whatever European country here}” in the dating profile, she’s out there thotting it up. Red Flag! Also, you’ll notice THESE are the ones with the IG handles in their BIOs, so they’re out there with IG as their dating platform, so they’re out there receiving “donations” from dudes left and right. I know from IG who has been doing this for the past 5 years, and she does “reveals” of packages sent to her by horny men who want to reserve her time when they land in the Philippines. She is an over the hill street chick from Philippines and You dudes are fking LAME paying her to do NOTHING for you! You’re not even getting anything from them and you’re tricking off of them, morons! Lastly, there is a lot of self deprecation in those profiles, it was sad to see and sad to HEAR when I talked to various ladies. Unlike the USA, who will pretend like all is fine when they’re mentally suffering, in Philippines, they’ll let you know if you ask, or just slip up and say some really self-defeating stuff like it’s nothing. Some of it is to get you to play pretend superman, but most of it is seriously, they’re depressed. Of all of these, the “I’m so strong” sisterhood propagandists were the most annoying. Philippines dudes who are their top 30% of looks/desirability are running through ALL of them, looking for sugar mamas apparently, it’s a big deal down there and clearly they have the same issues as the USA, you’re not seeing anything you haven’t seen or heard from USA people! You think you are the only one getting at these available women? You think Philippines doesn’t have playboys and fk boys? Clearly they do like any other country in the world. You think the woman are so innocent there but not in the USA? You should ask your girl how many foreigners she’s dated, she’ll tell you, more than local dudes. They have infidelity laws in the Philippines because married women cheated too much. They’re not playing over there, the laws are not American laws, you’re not just going to go wild down there! Only the sisterhood propagandist want to get rid of the law, ironically enough! Food for thought! The fact that there are so many single moms (women who had babies out of wedlock), lets you know that the ladies aren’t all 100% about marriage from start. You see the photos, you see the bright colored hair, you see the piercings, you see the bold claims, you see many many profiles of people not dating with intent, the writing is on the wall. When you talk to younger women, you hear that air of disdain for the patriarchy! You hear they don’t want to be oppressed, you hear the cries to be separate from dudes. I saw lots of women eating in packs, by themselves, hanging out in packs, by themselves and I met and spoke with many who are without hobbies, have no purpose, but they’re just happy they don’t have do be under some man from the Philippines. That was NOT good to hear. That meant the Philippines is losing the fight against sisterhood propagandists but the women are becoming more and more depressed. That is why so many women are 100% dedicated to their jobs and have zero life outside of their jobs- and many cite that their hobby is traveling. Sounds familiar? Yeah, it’s what every boring woman says when she is only an employee at a job and has no hobbies. That’s sad, not empowering, because without money, that means this person feels more oppressed and more like a victim, because their only happiness comes from buying things like vacation, shopping in the mall, eating at restaurants (the only things every profile and lady talked about down there). Sad! I should post some of these conversations because these ladies were so immature. It was like talking to teenagers who were mostly over 30 years of age. Like dealing with many who have arrested development. They talk like a strong woman, but they fail in so many areas to be the stereotype they’re pretending to be. Most ladies left their man, for various reasons but most were petty or based in sisterhood propaganda, and then they get mad that the man has a girlfriend now but they chased him away. I had a few who deserted the man because they made more money than the man, and then is bad that the dude has a new girlfriend and is taking care of her, doing all the things he was doing for that woman, but with the new lady. All of them had this situation and were mad that the man can get a lady but they can’t get a new man- unless he’s foreign. I don’t know WTF you Passport Bros are looking for there, but Philippines is NOT IT! Not these modern chicks there now. I felt like I was talking to 16 year olds in the USA, it was annoying to have conversations with pretend sisterhood propagandists who contradict everything they say with the next sentence, trying to sound “advanced” or Westernized. I could also tell that some of those accounts are not women, they’re men, and not the trans type either, it’s a male pretending to be a woman using stolen photos of a real woman. The answers that I was getting while probing them, they were things no women would ever say, they are not in tune with how women act and there is just information any woman would know because it’s “women business” but many of these fake profiles didn’t know. Beware, there are MANY fake profiles. If there are only 2 photos on the profiles. However, most are real profiles, and they say that darnedest things, and most of it was like you’re talking to immature girls, even if they were in their late 20s and early 30s. The entitlement, the demands, the delusion, the ignorance of how the world works, that’s not native to Filipino culture. This is a bunch of people imitating pop culture struggle situations they get from pop culture songs. These women are learning to be in relationships from RnB songs and Lana Del Ray and SZA. Seriously, this is who it teaching these people how to be women to be women, social media and pop culture and it’s just disgusting to see! Imagine someone impoverished talking like she is strong because she doesn’t get married and has a bunch of babies by multiple men but she claims she doesn’t need the man nor his money to raise the family she is now stuck with, and she tells you she is high in Emotional Intelligence, and she will be rich one day from business, real estate and will have a rich husband who will take her and all her babies by all these men, to make her a housewife so she doesn’t have to work anymore… exhausting to listen to this GOOFY nonsense! Most of them, on these apps and so eager to talk to you, are baby mamas so I hope you know what you’re getting into, because you claim you don’t want this in USA so why do you want to go around the world to get that? They’re women pretending to be in a power positions, pretending to be rich, pretending like they have favorable positions in life, which apparently many Passport Bros want, but these are the kind of annoying ladies that Passport Bros are trying to flee from in the USA- and STILL the Passport Bros (the non-Black ones anyway) WANT THIS!!! 🤡 That’s why these guys get insulted by their own men, for ditching their European descendant ladies for this Asian ladies. We Blacks, who see our own doing this stupidity, should also clown these Passport Bros who go to do this.

Philippines Bumble Passport Bros
Easy booty like every country, no different. Sisterhood propaganda is destroying the whole point of finding brides in the Philippines.That’s its goal!

Marriages are down heavy, and it’s was thought that it was because of the pandemic, and part of that was true, as the stats show, but marriage is coming back, although at an all time low. The side that nobody realized is that common-law marriage is on the rise, not official marriages, and thus the increase of baby mamas on these sites after breakups. This is also driven by efforts of sisterhood propagandists promising that the future is going to produce welfare for all baby mamas in the Philippines, just like they see in America, and if the woman never gets married, she is saving herself for a foreigner likely, if she’s a baby mama, so she can get married to him without problem. Problem is, local dudes aren’t trying to marry any baby mamas by other dudes! That’s seriously the agenda, it’s in the top sisterhood propaganda’s accomplishment list that got them the “Republic Act No. 11861: Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act” as part of the “Republic Act 8972: Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000“. After you reward bad behavior of people, you cannot think you’re going to seriously be able to uphold a society any better than the USA is, and it’s in shambles. You’re going to have the same problems the West has because people are inherently lazy and terrible, so they’ll go to terrible habits that destroy the fabric of their society. These acts are why baby mamas are on the rise, and the sisterhood propagandists will frame it as “female progress.” Sisterhood propaganda is not for poor people, it doesn’t work. This breakdown in the cultural values opens the doors for foreigners though, but it also lessens the values that the Philippines is known for if you’re getting a non-culture woman who is as entitled as women in the West. It nullifies the whole point in getting a Filipina bride in the first place! That being said, it’s kind of the last frontier for a long lasting marriage, if you find someone who is still with tradition, who knows a sense of duty to family and can withstand the pressure of sisterhood propagandists- although, I’m going to tell you now, anyone listening to SZA is not likely traditional, she’s more on the convenient for a foreigner side of the fence. This is why the modern woman there is open to dating the many foreign men who arrive there, but is also why a local man will respect an alpha who marries a woman there, and keeps the lady from siding with sisterhood propaganda, to put emphasis back on family. When you look at dating profiles, you can easily tell who is searching for that foreign guy, but you can also tell who is looking for a SIMP, so she can run sisterhood propaganda emasculation all over him. All in all, if you are looking to play your hand in the Philippines, a profile that is 100% written in English, that’s meant for YOU, and all others who speak English. If you see she’s “looking for something casual”, she’s also open for “play”, but it’s not going to be promising in the long run. If you see the local language mixed in there, it’s more for someone looking to have a local, but they’ll break that “standard” for a European descendant guy and they’re open to it, I’ve many accounts of this. This is not to bomb on any of the ladies down there, of course, there are many more nice women in the Philippines, but if you think you’re coming down to run “game” on them, think again, they’re well aware of your shenanigans. There is constant pen1s flow to them down there, they don’t need you like some begging 3rd word stereotype you have in your dumb brain, many are NOT looking for marriage and they’re on American sisterhood propaganda time, and even though most are Catholic, many are doing very un-Catholic things in their day to day lives that some of the more conservative men are NOT going to like, when they peel back the onion of the actress, after she’s been exposed. Men with values don’t want this kind of woman! The woman you pick means a lot in social circles too, so you’re going to need to pick very wisely down there! Point being, it’s no different from USA in terms of the female archetypes today, and what you Passport Bros claim you hate so much about American women, the point of that section above is to show you, it’s no different down there with younger women because a woman is a woman today as long as they subscribe to western philosophy, and under 30 year old women of the Philippines clearly do- while the oldest of them hit the wall BADLY.

Bumble Passport Bros
The non-select women will never get it right and have no takers.
I chat with an entitled princess who talks like a thot from USA but is broke, does nothing for a man, but thinks she gets to call the shots. Meanwhile, she perfectly details how she FAILS with men, over and over, trying to run simp trapping game.

If you’re wise enough, you can see through all this hot garbage being served up by the local ladies in Philippines, especially when it’s not sincere. If you’re some loser who has never heard REAL GAME from a real hustling woman, you won’t know the difference down here either, even though it’s not as good as real hustling broads out in this world. There are some serious ones, look at the ones that keep victimizing these rappers, over and over again, like the simp morons those men are. There are various levels of thot traps working in the Philippines, but the top one for sure are not very different from the American hustles that so many Passport Bros claim they see through immediately when a Kween is running in on them, but for some reason don’t see it at all, when they’re looking at non-Kweens running the same play. Red Pill morons, Fresh-n-Fit, had one of their guys who talks a lot of crap about how rich and powerful he is, fell victim to an Asian woman, from China, who ran complete game on him, let him hit it without condoms after just meeting and got pregnant, so is now demanding millions of dollars. 🤡 Typical clown dude who thinking Asian women aren’t like women in the West at all, and thought his salvation was over in Asia. She played him WELL! He is the typical moron Black guy who thinks only Black women, are the conniving, but he got scammed by an Asian from China. If you’re a lame here, you’re a lame anywhere and you better know the score because you’re underestimating Asian women, believing dumb stereotypes. I know a few dudes with women they can’t marry from Philippines, who have kids by other men, and these dudes have good money and so many options, but chose the women they chose. Those women are nice people, but most of them mainly serve a seggual need or they’re kind of like servants to these various European descendant men. These are clearly transactional relationships. I know a few more guys who are with ladies who are with them for the social status mainly, but these women are not feminine or loving to the man, so these guys are in basically loveless, transactional relationships. If you’re an old guy, you have a great chance of getting an I’m so strong woman who needs to legitimize herself with your status, but won’t deliver on the fun side of women. I knew quite a few like this and they’re extremely boring and not that attentive to their men. Guys know this, so they’re trying to avoid this lot by getting loose and fast women on the apps. Like I said, I didn’t use the dating apps to do anything serious down there, if I want the connect, my established, Catholic men, or my cousin, will point out a stable woman with her sh!t together for me, and because of social pressure to have a good life, family, with a stable man, that lady is going to stay in line. That’s not sexist, that’s not misogynistic, it’s how the world has been since it was created. Without social shame, and/or social stigma to deter a woman, you cannot keep a lady on the right path of being a family woman, and you can look at the West as a clear example of this. It’s just life, sorry folks. Women don’t have a sense of duty to the family, maybe to the kid she makes only, but not to a man, unless it’s instilled by parents, which is NOT happening in the West. You have a good chance of getting a good woman, but she is not going to come from those dating apps, I promise you, in Philippines or in the USA. You’ll get these transactional relationships mainly. People are on the apps to pretend to be what they really are not, and they’re hoping to run game of you. The Filipina’s game is heavy in the dating apps, and they know what to look for in their marks. I have a look to me that many cannot tell if I’m going to simp, because I have a very serious look to me, so most think not to try me. However, I do have a suit in some of my profile pics, mostly because I was in a place for work, and it had a nice background. That is MEAT for the chicks looking for SIMPs, I learned. They saw those photos and those fotos moved to top in my profile. It got me a bunch of women who were trying to do 1 of 2 top techniques: 1) pretending like she is a business woman who wants a serious man because local men can’t keep up with her as they are all jealous and broke; or, 2) She tells me sob stories of how men don’t treat her right, and she needs a white-knight to come save her from the terrible men before she has to go back on the dating market and become a victim of them again. Seriously, it’s mainly these 2. So like I said, I’m on the apps to entertain myself, and confirm with the local men that what I suspected about these women is true, and 100% it turned out to be true, so I entertain myself by asking them in the chat features of the app, and they’re so dumb they’ll set themselves up with error after error. I was talking to maybe 10 different I’m so strong, I’m so independent women, and the way through that nonsense is to have her break down what her businesses are, talk about how lucrative her businesses are as if I could come along and invest in them, but need to know what the financials look like. When you do this, they immediately SHRINK! They’ll cave in, they suddenly don’t have successful businesses, they’re suddenly struggling to make ends meet, and they’re likely on the app because they’ll willingly trade some of their end’s MEAT to get a change to get out of poverty with a business man. 🤣 I saw quite a few profiles talking about they want a man to help them grow their businesses. This is a very good hustle, and it’s meant for the loser men who are not men who can compete in a real world with other men. This is a hustle for poindexter weak beta males who may be good at business and this is what they feel manly about, this is how they feel greater than other men for being, and he will WILLINGLY trade business connects and business insight for some garbage poon! There are MANY guys like this in this world, and she hooks into one of these guys and the way he pays her is not just buying her handbags and expensive things at the mall (which is where you can find MANY of these couples together), this clown simp sets her up with a business and makes it profitable. So he can make her multiple hundreds of dollars a year, with online businesses, shows her how to promote, puts her in connection with movers and shakers, and all she had to do was give some booty up once or twice. Clown beta males do this, set up women for life just to get a few strokes in. It’s the most clown sh!t I’ve ever heard, but I knew a few dudes like this in Latin America, and I knew how to recognize women who had this game because a sister of one of the guys’ wives tried to push up on me about setting up her business. The propositioned me with setting her up for life, in exchange for her poon, and I was so turned off and insulted, I never went back to anything that involved that family. So, I spotted that hustle more than a dozen times in Philippines, on these apps, and knew it was garbage from start. All of them are online businesses, selling beauty products (of course), oh and selling real estate too… doesn’t this all sound…FAMILIAR? Sounds like every ghetto chick selling eye lashes, weaves, wigs and on the side she sells real estate and call herself an “Entrepreneur”. All of them call themselves boss babes and entrepreneurs and yet aren’t making any damn money. The empowerment nonsense is off the chain in Philippines and it looks like they took a page out of the ghetto chick manual, word for word! The other annoying hustle is also looking for the beta male, but this one the fake hero beta male, the captain save a ho, type. This loser guy wants to feel like he is better than some man, but he is a loser who also doesn’t want to compete with other men to take his prize of woman, he wants an unfair playing field where he can win hands down- except many men have money, more than him, but he thinks spending his way to her heart will win. So, the woman tells him he will be paying for everything and she will be at home, making a business if needed for her own income, but be she will at home, doing nothing but washing and cooking and cleaning for the man, and she does NOT want to be in a corporate job, or running a company that eats up her time. She will start there, appearing to make it sound like she is disciplined as a house wife, and you’re thinking that you’re getting a subservient woman. THAT is the hustle, the minute you bite, she will move on to the next item on the list, trying to make you feel like you’re better than a local, you’re a hero and she is praising you over local men. Here, I spin it to pretend like I understand what she is going for, which is she wants to sit home and do NOTHING ALL DAY while that man busts his hump at work, slaving away so she can have a good life. Dog, I’m NEVER going to have any woman like that, but loser men today wish to have this situation, because it’s what they teach beta males who think they’re Alpha, same garbage Andrew Tate is talking. Yes, that woman is looking for Andrew Tate supporter type dudes, where a real man pays for everything for a woman.

She’s a fake entrepreneur who owns 100 businesses, she’s a real estate mogul, she’s a beauty products seller, who demands you pay for her vacations and luxury handbags. She started so “independent” and finished as a dependent liar copycatting Kweens talking points from YouTube.

This scammer broad is as much of a scammer as Andrew Tate, and she will repeat almost verbatim his talking points!!!!! She’s looking for a fake redpill moron is what she’s looking for. Then the final phase, she tells you how terrible every man is, and you will come in and sweep her off her feet by beating them out for her affection because it’s too easy, you think, you’ll just spend your way out of competition because every man she speak to is POOR! I had to clip a few of these conversations for yall to see it, because I know you don’t believe me, being that this is the holy land and all the women are pure, as all the redpill channels all claim. Pure GARBAGE! These scammer broads in the Philippines have your number, Passport Bros! They can easily punch your cards. Meanwhile, I get them to tell me their whole dating history, every man ever is a loser, who she’s currently been trying to work this scam on and how they put a stop to it (good for that guy), and when I’m done, I just let he know she picked these men, over and over for a decade, so there has to be something in her that made her gravitate towards him. Mind you, that guys they tell me shut down this whole scam, which they claim are losers, are not. They’re just like me, calling BS on these chicks trying to run game. No dude of worth is going down there letting some chick dictate how the relationship is going to go, and certainly ain’t letting her sit around at home doing nothing while he busts his hump at earning a living. She’s promising to cook and clean, but she can’t cook. Any man who has not living in his mama’s basement knows you don’t have to clean the house until after a week, at most, because you’re not in it until you come home from work. So you’re not at home most of the day, therefore you’re not messing up the place much. 1 hour you can clean your place, on a Friday night or Sunday morning, why are you paying for the life and lifestyle of some broad in Philippines to do that every day? That’s dumb! It made me proud when this lady told me that dudes put a stop to her shenanigans when they caught on to it. I just read her play, told her the same Andrew Tate points I copied from a site, and she was like ‘yeah yeah, you’re the only one who gets it!’ 🤡 Then this one broad starts talking about she’s a “high value woman. OH NO, I got your number, you don’t have mine! CLICK! 🤣 All these chicks there talking about they’re going to get a good man, start a business, of the have a business, it’s all lies and nonsense women talk. “Show me this successful business!” is what you should be asking them! They don’t have anything to show, they’re all tough talk and nonsense like they claim all the Filipino men are. This is no different from USA chicks. Talking about they’re going to start a business. With what money? With what business skills? What business? They just talk bullsh!t, and that’s why Filipinos are banging them and ditching them. These guys are realizing that what sounds like it’s good woman talk to foreigners, the local Filipinos been saw through that garbage and know it’s all nonsense. I had a few talk that stay at home woman stuff, and it sounds great until you realize this woman makes 1000 demands and brings nothing to the table other than having your baby, but expects to be pampered and showered for what reason? Anyone can make your baby, she’s not special. Filipinos are not falling for this garbage, and only you Passport Bros are falling for this. All of the chicks who talked tough like this, all 29 years to 40 years of age, all single, average and below average at best, most have kids already and all looking to get out of the Philippines to go to the West- sound familiar? A lot of them are repeating almost verbatim, BLUE PILL SIMP LOGIC and GOLDDIGGER THOT TALKING POINTS LIKE THIS, which I know they got from Kweens like this!!! You Blue Pill morons are messing up the game because you’re so goddamn lame and haven’t nothing of worth for a woman, other than buying her off which is why you will agree to pay. Asian women copying thot, lazy culture, no way, sir. No way! These ladies are even going as far as to say if a man is broke, he should not be dating, IN WRITING! So they’re showing that I’m so strong crap is spreading, likely by way of youtube channels copycatting Kweens on dating shows who talk tough and have zero results but a house filled with babies, and 10000 meals out with the girls and their mamas but no man in sight. At a certain point, I saw a few that were TOO BLACK and I KNOW there is a Kweens writing that text, even the grammar switched up and sounded Black, even the situations sounded Black. I started to send catfish on one of those, which gave me the idea to do this back, because I’m sure they’re doing research, which is why I set a few of them up for a soft-insult of who they were, or were pretending to be, based on what they told me. Many were NOT happy with my feedback. lol Using things like “soft era”, they don’t know what that is, why would anyone know unless they were on the youtube channels of garbage dating advice about going 50/50. That’s SPECIFICALLY Kweens dating talking points, that’s not even on the white girls’ sites, so why are Filipinas repeating that garbage? Filipinas run that game all day to weak chumps to find out who will bite, so I’m glad to hear that local dudes are rejecting it, thus these women are single and dumped. You Western dudes though, you’re soft and SIMPS!!!! They know you’re simps, and are preying on the beta male moron, and it’s a winning strategy, until you get pregnant and that guy disappears, you morons! Any chick with babies, ask her if it’s a local man or not, you’d be surprised how many are foreign men living in their foreign country and not the Philippines, fyi. There are a LOT of single women with half white babies looking to find a new European descendant to take care of another European descendants’ kid- You know, something you lames claim you’ll never do with women in the West that you’re willingly doing in Asia. 🤡

Baby mama-ism is huge in Philippines. Many women are proud to have 4 kids and say they don’t need child support, because they just have it covered themselves. These are not women with a lot of money but they think it’s all good to be an unwed mother. They don’t want marriage down there, don’t trust it, don’t want it, prefer to be baby mamas. They also want to be saved from their situations, so it’s not necessarily that they want your money, but they do want to saved and out of this environment, but they expect Passport Bros to bring them back to the West, and to bring all of their kids with them. Who’s going to make this happen? Which SIMP? Oh, and there are quite a few ladies who mentioned they weren’t into Black guys because they were like Filipino men. I didn’t know what that meant until I found out how back to back women talked about Filipinos and they see Black men based on stereotypes of deserting women. Keep that in mind, Passport Bros. Your non-Black counterparts are down there spreading rumors to eliminate you- although any of you can mop up many chics down there, just too many baby mamas there.
People pack up in the “Jeepney” to get around. The transportation without AC in 100% humidity. 🥵

Got really cool with clients and loved their mentalities towards life, but that’s because they were traditional, did things the right were, were very exposed to many things about the world, and it was refreshing to be around them. They’re from all over the Philippines, and some just drive into Manila from their areas, for work nowadays. They introduced me to a lot of crazy things, especially food, in the Philippines, and they got me eating all kinds of street food, that you have to go to specialty places to get like Balut, a dead baby duck that hasn’t hatched yet from the egg but wasn’t made into the yolk/whites either. They boil it and eat it! I had all kinds of authentic food from there and I really bonded with them, and other locals. I hung out with men and women but mainly the guys showed me the real Philippines and gave me the rundown on history to current with relation to life and love there. They most glaring thing I noticed, all of the men over 30 were married, and most of the women I met, were NOT married. That was really strange considering that these are normal looking ladies, they had good jobs, they were mild mannered, what is there wrong about them that dudes down there don’t want to marry them? Or what was so wrong with men that these ladies don’t want men to marry. Another wild thing, considering that, is that there were a bunch of people who were married to women they met at work and that’s not frowned upon. It’s a major plus for them.  So, why weren’t those women married when options are right in your face, at work and there is no penalty for trying to talk to a woman at work?  The excuse in the USA for women being on dating apps is they’re so busy with work, and these women have single men at work yet still aren’t getting any takers? Something’s clearly afoot! There is a big problem there, with today’s men there, they’re “TOPRE” which is “beta-male-scared of women” the Filipino language Tagalog, when you are talking about men. Too many guys don’t have alpha vibes to just go press up on a woman and get the dates going. I’m not even talking about manly chicks, there are plenty of feminine but also shy women, but women are allowed to be shy, it’s up to the MAN to step in and get the ladies going. There are PLENTY of single women in the Philippines who are marriage-ready, and these young boys are scared of them! I’m serious, the clients were trying to get me and a fair skinned buddy to match up with women at work. It was pretty awkward, but it was all from a good standpoint, although we could never ‘indulge’, being that they are the client. Now, what me and my coworker experienced there, it threw us big time. He was freaking out because the woman wanted to take pictures with him- Filipinos LOVE taking selfies. Dude was going crazy from the number of women who liked him, and he is average looking. He got DOUBLE the invites on the same dating app to local ladies, NATURALLY, because of his European features. Actually, he probably had the same number of STRAIGHT ladies that hit him up as I had, because MOST of the people hitting him up were biological MALES, they were trans and homosexual! That lady boy stuff is BIG down there- PAUSE. 🤣 You cannot tell the different between the women and men most times, those lady boys look just like the women without putting on makeup and that’s a big problem. You will find yourself asking a woman if she’s trans or not, because a lot of them do not tell you that they’re trans up front, so yall better beware down there because it is not so obvious to see female traits on most bodies down there, as many ladies are absent shapely hips, butt and breast like you are used to, in the West. You should watch that and unfortunately, you kind of have to let the lady tell you she is or isn’t trans, so you’re just going to have to ask, which is rude, but you’ll find a way to cleverly weave that question in there. Maybe point out that there are too many lady boys down there, and judge her/his/their response. 🤣 🤷🏽 Seriously, too many down there, this is not a good look. And make sure you ask if they’re trans and/or lady boy because they try to play semantics and they’ll say they’re the other if you only ask if they’re one of them. Those people follow the European descendant guys who go down to the Philippines, just like in Thailand, and their milkshakes bring all the European descendant guys to the yard, apparently and you can’t tell the difference between them and many of the ladies who are skinny, and they don’t need to put on makeup for you to mistake them either! Careful out there, boys! Many straight ladies will write on the profiles that they aren’t LGBTQ, because too many dudes are asking them. NO hate with my buddy getting his fair share of all spectrums, but that’s the game, a white skinned guy will always clean up in Asia, the Philippines is no exception. In fact, they are MORE desperate to get a white guy, any white guy, and we all know this in the USA. OH you don’t believe me, let me show you want I saw down there with this ugly European descendant guy being a prize in Philippines. There is a popular guy on Tik Tok and his whole channel is about making fun of Filipinas/Filipinos because he married a self hating Filipina who wears cakes of makeup all day, and any time they film, and he is constantly insulting her Asian features, saying her food smells bad, saying she can’t cook so he cooks, saying she can’t wash dishes, her nose is a pig’s nose- meanwhile, this guy looks disgusting like he is an AIDS patient about to die with cartoonish buckteeth. He is completely not-self aware and oh, he is MARRIED to that Filipina he insults in every video. This weak, beta male Passport Bro doesn’t even make more money than his wife, as SHE points out, so why does a woman want any man like that, in Philippines? They’re all complaining about broke men, so clearly his white skin is what she values most! One major part is some of what I said about self-image and wishing they had European descendant people features, but since they didn’t, they had low self-esteem when asked how they rated themselves, the more Asian-ethnic they were. No hate, let that dude shine, but that is a big deal with those ladies looking to branch out, they’ll take anything white and are begging for white validation. Why do Black passport bros think that’s going to work in their favor? There is an unspoken problem of this Passport Bros movement the Blacks don’t want to mention but it’s right in their faces, insulting them at every turn. The fact that everyone knows what a Passport Bro is, says how wildly popular Black men are when it comes to creating trendy things that catch on. So many non-Black people profess their hate for Black people, but then when we create something, here they are to intrude and try to be a part of it. Sure, there were people traveling overseas to interact with women, far before there was a name for it, but young, Black males doing it after tapping out of the dating market, that was something unheard of, special, and thus got a name that became swaggy. That’s what Blacks do, make things swaggy, they catch on, and then Black men become popular in a given area. Passport Bros is a Black thing, and that is bringing a LOT of hate. I’ll cover that in a separate piece, because it’s really worth mentioning, and as part of the Save Yourself Black Men type mentality folks, you need to know your opps and you need to know how to deal with them accordingly. Being a Passport Bros brings you many enemies. Well, this causes HATE for Black men, from a group of people that Passport Bros like to pretend don’t exist, but are another enemy they will ultimately need to address, their European counterparts.

Philippines Power
Don’t have this, you’re 110V devices (e.g., phones, shavers) are going to FRY!

Speaking of dating apps, I only opened it up because I was receiving too many back-to-back to ignore the messages to connect. I also wanted to go look at them to get a gauge of what types of women are down there, and if they matched what I was seeing in the streets of Manila. If Manila is the biggest city, then clearly the best of the best must be there, just like any other city, right? What I saw in the apps was pretty much exactly what one can expect to see up and down the streets, everywhere you go. One of the things I started to look out for, not because I like it but to see if Philippines was plagued by colonial self-hate, was to see if any women were doing like other Asians, like in Korea, were doing, by painting their faces with white face paint (makeup) or doing skin bleaching. There is definitely skin bleaching going on there, and the makeup tricks to look like a white skinned Asian, like here – in fact, look at this link video and then look at the dating apps, but I’d say 7 of 10 whitens their skin either digital or something else because they are INFATUATED with white skin down there. This applies to local and foreign dudes going there. European and Chinese are the looks that are popular in woman down there now, and people want to call that the Filipino Beauty Standard, but it’s not, it’s a European Beauty Standard in the end, and the fact that they call it a Filipino Beauty Standard is troubling because it values white skin on women. You need to be very aware of this, as a Black man, because no chick is whitening her skin to be with some Black guy, that’s silly if you think she’s trying to be white so she can be your with Black arse, and why would you want that? Still, it’s big that many of them wish they were white or Mestiza, mixed indigenous with Spanish/European and if not that, look Chinese- which you’ll see people put in their bio on the apps for advertisement, that they’re mestiza and Chinita. There are many on that site with cosmetic surgery, you can easily see this, in eyes and nose areas. Most of the profiles are using some skin whitening techniques and they can’t stand to be seen as a native Filipina. Beware of the fakers who do this very well. They even have many sites to rate if you’re meeting the Filipino Beauty Standard, and all the things I said are in that test, which destroys female confidence. It’s not Filipino! It’s in every advertisement everywhere and 90% of the people I saw did NOT look like anyone in the billboards and advertisement, it’s a sickness that they’re proud of this. Most people of the Philippines would fail the Doll Test, the test that had all these kids saying the darker skinned doll is UGLY and BAD although identical to the white doll except in color. Surprise surprise, when they were liberated from Japan, by America, and also a history of praising Spain for colonizing them, white skin praise and their own skin hatred is baked into the society, yet most are darker skinned because they’re on the equator! Many don’t want to be their native selves, hate their noses, and that has led to widespread self-hate if you ask a woman why they think men don’t want them. They’ll cite their noses are too big, not flat, that they are not tall enough, that they are too dark skinned, just typical effects of white colonialism has taken over them the beauty standard is a white one, although, they’re Asian. I didn’t like that I learned how true that was there, but it’s good for the average Black guy. Why? Many Blacks doesn’t want that kind of chick anyway, he wants the darker women, the more ethnic women, because that’s more exotic but he has to get over her hang-ups on the beauty standards about features Black men like. The wife of rapper Young Jeezy, she is from Vietnam and Black dudes like those ethnic features, not the white Asian looking chicks. Being with Black guys, it helps the ladies get over their self-hatred, because it’s what the Black man is looking for in them, and it helps them to realize how beautiful they really are.  Black dudes want what is called “Morenas” there, darker skinned, ethnic, the Filipino ethnic look we know in the USA. You ask a lady down there, she’ll tell you that local men want pure straight hair, skinny, tall, model looking white skinned girls with pointy noses, and you don’t see many of those in the streets, unless they’re married. This beauty standard leads many girls to want to bleach their skin, and yes, they are bleaching their skins with products like the “Gluta Drip”. Seriously, this is what a LOT of Filipinas are doing, the wannabe white illness has hit them big, just like a lot of Asia and it leads to the self image destruction, and Black men can help stop that hate so I think that’s why the client was trying hard to get me to talk to some of the local ladies they could vouch for!  I was being QUALIFIED by real, Filipino men, who are the protectors of these women, and they were not looking at me like some American pervert going for chicks, because I was telling them to relax, and we have to focus on business. 🤣 I know they thought I had to be gay or something, but business comes first! They were not joking, they wanted me to leave USA and go live there, make a nice catholic family. Now, in that sense, a Latino could go to Philippines and have a great time, especially if he is religious because most people are going to be Catholic anyway, so your faith will be aligned with the women you want. Black guys aren’t Catholic, so that might be something that they will need to get over, but even if the lady isn’t Catholic, her family is, and that can impact your relationship- still, it’s better than her being alone if the local dudes don’t want her.  “Why aren’t local men making these women feel good about their natural look?” you may ask. Well, there are too many dudes out here looking for the white ones they see on social media getting surgery and they see white girl models, which are exotic, so a copycat local version they’d love that. I saw a lot of chicks with fake-colored contacts, btw. Also, if you’re light with Asian, almond shaped eyes, that is considered exotic to Filipinos, but mainly, tall, thin, fair skin, that’s what these dudes want today. The worst they’ll go is mixed with whites, and maybe Chinese or something else with white skin, the Mestiza, but they don’t want Morenas today, by and large. The more ethnic dudes though, they do NOT want skinny broads, they want THICK chicks. This is perfect for a Black guy, really, the dark-skinned women are much more exotic to most Black men, especially if she is thick or has a wide butt. In fact, if you find a woman down there who refers to herself as morena, or in any Asian country if they are proud to be what they call the “ethnic” of their group, then you’re already on a good path for someone who is most likely not trying to kill herself to try to fit a European Beauty Standard to be something she is not. You can find many ladies proclaiming this proudly online. What do I mean? Like this lady here. People say that if you date the darker skinned ladies, the “ethnic” featured ladies, then you’re dating inferior woman and therefore you’re inferior, and this is what she is addressing in that post. Apparently, you get judged negatively if you don’t get yourself a fair skinned Asian, as a man. 😳 The race and dark skinned nonsense had mad its way to Asia by way of Western racists who don’t want Black men taking Asian women and also European descendant Passport Bros who are being shamed by white national for not taking fair skinned Asians who are trying to look like Europeans. These simp non-Black Passport Bros also spread anti Black white supremacist talking points to the Asian world, and I heard quite a few Filipinas ask me if certain things about Black men were true, mainly it’s things they heard from non-Black Passport Bros. They were trying to eliminate Black competition. That non-Black Passport Bro takes hits from his own people hating him for race mixing and being weak for buying booty over seas, but then that same non-Black Passport Bro hates his own women because Black men are getting his women pregnant. These non-Black Passport Bros put the batteries in the backs of their Asian women and have them firing shots at Westernized women, and that’s clown nonsense to get women to fight their battles against Western women, like cowards. Then the Asian women make videos to take say negative things to westerners, on behalf of the non-Black Passport bros, talking about they are supporting white genocide– sounds familiar?

Manila Cathedral
The mini church inside the church.

The clients were a little disappointed in me, and I had to explain to them why I didn’t want to answer them or take them up on their offers. I could see they were thinking I was thinking the ladies were not pretty, and they quizzed me specifically on a woman I spent some time with because I had to work with her. They even asked me, publicly in a meeting with another woman presenting my work to the company, if I thought the presenter woman was beautiful- then said something to her in their native language, and she took off her face mask to show me. I told them “I don’t know about that, I only know about spreadsheets and work, this week”. I joked that the spreadsheet was beautiful though. Everyone laughed, but seriously, they expected me to rate her, all the ladies and the men in the room, they wanted me to answer. That was another hook up attempt, gorgeous woman though, thick, fair skinned, looks pure Chinese really, but it’s work, can’t be messing around there nor would I ever break character with that much money on the table. It was very awkward, but I spun out of that situation very easily with quick-witted joking to get attention back to the work at hand. It was a very good compliment to get MANY seals of approval from real men of the Philippines, who were established, married for more than a decade, some 3 decades, it made me happy that being a man translates internationally. The ladies they were trying to get my reactions to, they liked that the MEN VOUCHED FOR ME, AND WOULD PLAY THE HOOKUP because they value a man’s opinion and know these are the protectors. They have CULTURE down there and this is what’s missing from USA, the men are normally around to sniff out the loser men trying to take advantage of their women. If you go overseas, and you try to get a local woman, you need the real men of that country to vouch for you, and that helps the woman gain confidence in you, but also keeps you on the straight and narrow with everyone, it’s a system of checks because men know bum men and will put a stop to these guys quickly! A few of the Black dudes I talked to, down there, they did NOT get the approval of the fathers of the women, before dating, and it made for a very awkward situation until the men knew them well. The guys invited me out for a meal, without the rest of my team, at a special location. They refused to let me go do my own tours of the city and wanted me to go with designated drivers and some of these really cool workers I met to see some highlights. This was really amazing that they did this, but they cornered me, AGAIN, about the ladies and told me that I have to come back without the work people and in a vacation, so I could talk freely. I did let them know about how women are not desirable in the USA, by and large, and how that “I don’t need no man” culture has destroyed us in the West. They admitted that they knew this, and that they warned that many of the Filipinas are talking like this too now, and it’s annoying them. One of the ladies they tried to put me with, they figured a strong figure like me is what she needed to put her in place, and she has a strong personality, which those “topre” beta male dudes are too scared to talk to, nor would they want her based on what they think is hot today. So that lady was 35 years old, and they told me her background after I told her how we have a bunch of ladies who focus on their career and then they are in late 30s looking for a man and find no takers! Same in Philippines it turned out! They said to avoid these ladies like the plague! They outlined everything wrong with these old chicks who think a man will be waiting for them at any stage of life whenever they get ready to decide to get a man. So that’s why that one lady was single, and I knew that American strong woman act wasn’t a good thing for the culture. Nobody wants that. The only type of person who would want that is a beta male American, that’s not the speed of beta males down in Philippines. The Philippines is very much a patriarchy, but they’re fair, because they’ve had a female president before. It’s not macho like one would think, even though it’s a patriarchal society. If women don’t fall in line with family values, she’s side stepped quickly, and this is leading people to act like entitled American brats, as an anecdotal sisterhood propaganda act. You have a lot of women with tattoos and nose/ear-cartilage rings in odd places, well these guys down there don’t want that. Emasculating men? Nope, not happening, you’re ignored by men. So, when I looked at the online dating profiles, I started to notice a big pattern that is bad! I saw a lot of “I don’t need no man” nonsense in the form of “I’m a proud single mother…” sisterhood propaganda nonsense. Nobody is proud to be a single mother, wtf are they talking about? Who makes them think this is going to fly and that men will accept it- oh wait, MEN are accepting this nonsense, it’s just not local Filipinos putting up with that nonsense.

Great religious structures and scenery everywhere.

Down there, nobody wants a single mother either. The apps are FILLED with them. There are too many single women waiting for men who don’t have kids, who wants these baby mamas? I mean I saw a LOT of “single mother” proudness and that let me know, these folks are going to be in trouble copycatting women from the USA. These men of the Philippines surely don’t welcome that but it’s spreading like cancer. That being said, we have to explore who is thinking Asia is the answer to the American woman sisterhood propaganda issue considering the change in female employment. There are many opportunities coming for women there, in the Philippines, and it’s changing the dynamic. The other thing they won’t accept is a broke dude they can’t follow! If you’re a dude who can’t lead they’re not messing with you. Passport bros going there and don’t have a plan a chick can follow will not net a good lady. She is also not going to give up her job for you, you have to be a good sub for that job. I saw many ladies in malls and buying crap they don’t need and I could see they want the money to buy lady garbage not to turn around and day they don’t need no man. These modern chicks down in Philippines can be just like the women these Passport Bros are escaping in the USA, and the guys will take it! The apps have many left-over women that nobody wants to be with, and dudes are picking that up, if you go by the way these ladies are talking- the men aren’t of any quality though, but the guys are banging them. These women are out there expecting simp dudes now too, talking about how much they travel and how YOU, the man, better take them on trips. A lot of those ladies, not model looking, let’s put it like that, so the delusional chicks are there too, chicks who are 4 or 5 in looks, making crazy demands and talking tough like American ugly women do. I saw a LOT of that online and I could see mannerisms and people overcompensating in the mall with their purchases. I only used the app to do investigation and to confirm things I learned/knew about the women there – like what I did there? I’ll go through that with proof, in a second. After doing that app research, I decided to meet up with someone I met in NY, last year, through a lady friend of mine (her cousin) who was visiting NY from the Philippines then. I took her out when she was in NY, because I wanted to check out a roof top restaurant but didn’t want someone who would be expecting a $100 plate, and she returned the favor when I got to Manila. We kept in contact, here and there, mainly by social media, so I let her know I was coming down, and she came to visit me. She was a really good woman, really nice lady, computer science graduate, working in IT, a little on the THICK side, but nice cinnamon skin- initially! My own cousin’s situation came to mind when I met her, last year so when I went down there, she was checking out my appetite to do like my cousin, to move down the Philippines. She was this would be the kind of lady a dude could take seriously, IF he wanted to move down to Asia, like so many Passport Bros claim they are willing to do. While I could do that, I am surely NOT going to do that, or not now, anyway, but if I had to pick an Asian country, the top of my list IS, 100%, the Philippines! People ask me which country I personally vouch for, when on social media, and I never say until I can get a real, intimate look into it, myself, and know people from all walks of life who I can trust their feedback, the confirm with my eye. This lady is a good reason for a dude to go there too, because she speaks the official Filipino language, the secondary language of Tagalog, but also, PERFECT ENGLISH! She’s not from USA and she speaks perfect English! Most of the people speak English, with a little Spanish sprinkled in there here and there too. The real thing I wanted to know was why this girl was still single, after all this time. She was single before I met her and still single after. She didn’t date anyone, she was “focusing on her career”, the typical anecdotal excuse chicks give today when they didn’t get the love life they imagined after committing themselves to a job. This lady was NOT exactly the same chipper person she was last year, she was work-scarred, she was less exciting, she was a … just another sisterhood propaganda job worker? She’s 30 now, and still no one made her a mom, she has no marriage, just a job, she’s a superstar at her job and very Americanized though she never lived there. She immediately sounded like the many terrible profiles in dating apps I read. She, had me watch an Asian movie called “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, with lead actor Michelle Yeoh- I had to look all that up later. I didn’t know the premise, I saw goofy stuff in a trailer once, but decided it wasn’t for me. She said it won MANY awards so it was a good watch in understanding Asian women today, so clearly, I underestimated it – but just like Denzel Washington didn’t win an award for his best work, he won for playing a crooked cop gangster, I knew something was A FOOT here. Because it was not on the level of a “Parasite”, which won big and was amazing, this flick was an American-Asian flick, so I knew some woke stuff HAD to be why it won. The fact that this lady even had this movie, in the Philippines, that made me realize, 10 minutes into the movie, that this woman was craving to be with the female power of a white lady in the USA.


That movie is trying to get Asian women to realize they’re powerful, but there are misdirection points that people don’t catch, because they’re missing the symbolism promoted in it, which is 3rd or 4th wave Sisterhood Propaganda’s impact on Asian family stereotypical roles/characters, LGBTQ+ woke-ism and a struggle to be a woman who has RESPONSIBILITIES after making a family, including keeping your daughter from being lesbian- that’s a major plot of the movie, or being consumed by an evil force of her big hole (“the bagel”). I pointed out to her that the movie has the woman lead mad at her dad, they go into a past flashback of the father being told that his wife was producing a baby GIRL (the lead actor Michelle) and the father wasn’t too happy. This lady tells me that the father made the lead character too hard of a woman, and she takes it out of her emasculated husband and lesbian daughter. I pointed out that the father didn’t have his only kid, the daughter, KILLED in the Chinese 1 child law that existed- which she didn’t know! So, you can’t vilify men (the point of the movie) and tell Asian women what to do other feminist do, to complain that you’re a woman who has responsibility in the family. The lead actor she is a helper to her father, a mother and a wife and she is ashamed her husband isn’t a European descendant male on a screen with an Asian woman and hates that he is only an owner of a laundromat. She hates her man because she never listened to her dad to go get a rich man and not the passive man who doesn’t go fight people like she wants, the alpha male. All this woman I was with was seeing was pro sisterhood propaganda and nothing else. She didn’t even get that the story ends with the woman realizing she is strong because she is the GLUE to the family and keeping everyone together, thus the title!  She didn’t want to hear it, she said it was about breaking free from men and being your own woman but ignores the ending. 🤣 As we discussed more things, in my time with this lady of Philippines, I saw that in less than a year, she was a sisterhood propagandist that nobody local wants to build a life with. She had her little money, from her job, but she was feeling herself too much because of her job. I didn’t let it be known that I wasn’t feeling that, but I surely have no interest in that American sisterhood propaganda nonsense in the Philippines, no less. That’s a place of femininity, not being a hard woman. So, if a woman is single there, it says a LOT. Also, she didn’t even bother to cook me something, I gave her a hint that I wanted some made food, she bought food instead, from Jollibee, the KFC fried chicken of Philippines! 🤦🏽‍♀️ She also kept talking about her friend who is engaged to some simp European descendant guy, and he’s bought her so much with his retirement money. 🤣 Nobody wants that lady in the Philippines, but foreign morons can’t wait to get these women! Foreign guys are thirsty, and even when they can have the pick of the litter over in the Philippines, they’re STILL taking the worst that the country has to offer. 🤦🏾 You ever see what people are posting in the anti non-Black Passport Bros forums about the ladies these men pick? I do want to say this though, there are foreign women from many different nations, like in another Passport Bros destination, Brasil, who take shots at Asian women saying that Asian women are only here to take money from Passport Bros, but claim that Brasilian women they just want to get out of Brasil. That same is true of Asian women, like in Philippines they’re trying to get out of that place because the ladies say it’s behind in the times too much for women, so it’s too 1 sided for men, whereas a place like Brasil has full sisterhood propaganda support and support for the betterment of women, overall. Philippines has NONE OF THAT! Those women are getting knocked up and ditched by many dudes down in Philippines, domestic violence is big too, and nobody is coming to help those ladies down there, so the Philippines is much worse for women that Brasil. Why can’t people see that many of these women are trying to escape Philippines for legitimate reasons and think that Latin women aren’t out to take Passport Bros’ money? This is why ladies need to stay out of the men’s conversations and Passport Bros need to stop support their broads taking shots at people. Yes, I met a lot of ladies talking absolute stupidity out of their mouths, with their 100 kids and they’re broke baby mamas, who want to be taken care of by men- and then I think “why do they think they can get this off on me?” and I realize that oh, people like Andrew Tate is popular there for WOMEN, because this guy is saying a man should make a lot of money so he can pay for women who cater to them. People like Andrew Tate give these women life and excuses to wish for the stars with men paying for their lives, in addition to sisterhood propagandists inspiring these ladies to do whatever it takes to scam a weak SIMP to make a life for herself and her 100 kids by other men, and Passport Bros willingly giving their fortunes away to these women. How are these women the ones to blame when people are telling them they’re the best women to exist, better than European women, gassing up their heads! Too many people are putting all Asian women on pedestals, so of course these women are shooting for the stars when they have non-Black Passport Bros talking about these women are superior to their own race of women. You people are creating this false sense of entitlement of these women, you are messing up the Philippines with your simp ways and it makes these women try to get off 1000 scams! Blowing up the heads of Asian women, telling them that “the age of European descendant women is over” and telling them Asians are the saviors of these non-Passport Bros, that’s gross and that what men who have no game do to get chicks- sound familiar?

Virgin Mary, those are not her kids.

Honestly, the Philippines is a good look for a Black man looking to get a wife. You’ll have some “racism” light, if you will, which is just post-colonial cobwebs, but not blatant real racism. It’s more like someone says a gaffe without realizing it was racially insensitive. Racial sensitivity is Western thing, not over there in the East. People can say things out of ignorance that are not exactly malice.  You’ll hear “anti-Blackness” but then look at how they have their darker people feeling, it’s like the same thing, you’re not white so you’re not preferred. I’d not take that stuff too seriously. The law of the land and the really strange things they do down there, this is the focus FIRST. You have strange stuff like you can’t even be on the certain highways on certain days based on your rightmost numbers on your license plate, or it’s deathly HUMID out there, so you’re going to be eating food like a madman because your body will force you to each or you will die, seriously. You have rain season and dry season, that’s it. No 4 seasons like the USA, so imagine the rain and nothing but sweating all day. I barely saw any veggies too; hope you find some if you like to cook or have a lady who likes to cook. I saw a lot of bad foods down there, so you better be disciplined, and on top of that, if you get that traditional woman, she better know how to cook healthy meals, and many just don’t know how to do that. Actually, none of the women I met know how to cook. Who is vetting these women down there for you? If you have the men vouching for both you and the woman, that is a good sign you’ll get a good woman. If not, you get the loads of the women on the apps and you’re dealing with the same thing you’d get in the USA is my point. You don’t need to go over there just for something that is the same thing in the USA. Then you think you’re going to come down to Philippines and start balling? NOPE. It’s expensive in Manila, so you can’t be thinking you’re going to ball out of control although the rate of dollar to the Philippines peso is 1 to 55! That’s crazy buying power so right now would be a time to strike if you have the money, but I doubt many dudes have that money, based on speaking to the Blacks I met here and there. Retired dude living off of pension and savings so they have no money they could leave to their kids, baby boomer dudes, they are down there now, I saw quite a few old white dudes there. Still, Passport Bros would have a lot in their favor if they found some of these modern ladies, because it’s a cheat code that they all speak English, they like the same music as Blacks when it comes to old school (Babyface, El DeBarge)/ new R&B (Sza). After the American kicked the Japanese out after World War 2, the Philippines was an extension of USA and they love Black dudes who are tall, NBA is big there! They’re proud to have a winning Basketball team, the Gilas, they are basically Americans down there, seriously, so all the guesswork of trying to learn a new language is NOT NECESSARY, unlike many Passport Bros have to do in Latin countries. You go to Thailand, if you get people speaking English, you start to really quiz those ladies big time and wonder why they speak English, but likely they work in sex travel, or the real tourism business. In the Philippines, they are taught English in schools! Big difference! Anyone under 50 has been taught English since a kid, in Philippines! You can go to any place in Manila and be understood by everyone and understand everyone, even if they’re speaking one of the other languages. The Philippines has up to 200 languages there but Filipino and English are the official languages of the Philippines!  You know who has about 350 languages but does not have an official language? America!

Manila Cathedral
None of the religious figures look Filipino but they really love religion regardless.

The United States of America! Yeah, USA does not list English as it’s official language because USA beat Britain, who’s language it actually is. This is an EASY lay up for dudes who are looking for to start over, or start a new life, and obtain a purpose if building a family is what you want to do. This Anti-Blackness will not be as bad there are dealing with someone from a place like China, so Philippines is a safe enough country for Blacks. Sure, you’ll have a bunch of people who will not like you if you disrespect their people and culture, and some are so overcome with white supremacy you can expect this over there, but not like many other countries out there in the world. They’ll go along with anything American, if it helps enhance them in the Philippines. They’re down with whatever and will have love for you if you show them respect. Don’t go down there trying to bang hoes, because the Philippines is NOT Thailand, don’t confuse the ladies in these two countries, as I heard some of those Black dudes I heard speaking like. Look at this sexpot nation of loser dudes who are ready to book trips to buy sex. I want to share that I was down there for work, which many were laughing when they asked me why I was down there, and I said “work”, they replied “business, business” and laughed to themselves. I didn’t get the joke, until I came across THIS! Lots of tricks fly to Asia to pay for booty, pretending like they’re down there for money, and Philippines is no different. There are red light districts in the Philippines just like in Thailand, and that’s where a LOT of the guys make a Bee-line for when they land in Philippines, but that’s not a place to find a wife. Passport Bros are down there looking for prostitutes and easy Pinay, they want it like they have it in Thailand, real NASTY. They do just like that video in that link 2 back, get on a dating app, get one of those chicks they splurge money on, and bang them and go back home. The guys in there is paying for chicks and even tell you to look for chicks in teh red light district!!! That’s your sign of chicks you can easily bang if you’re white skinned. Look at the tags he used in that video, look how it says “passport bros” in on it! Clearly, they’re just doing sex tourism, they don’t respect the women in those countries. That one in that video is a prime target of guys, local and foreign, the Mestiza Chinese (mixed Chinese) fair skinned looking chicks in Philippines. She is a top prize of all of them down there, and they are very entitled in those apps, and demand you buy them shiite, marry them and put them in homes just for existing- sound familiar? Strangers who asked why I was in the country would ask if I made it to that area. In fact, every foreign man that I know, who has been to the Philippines, cited the red light district, and praised it. They even mentioned that they dated women they met while there, and claimed those women were loyal. 🤡 Every one of them mentioned the Makati portion of Manila, so when I asked locals about what this area was, they told me, “oh that’s where the heauz go to find a man.” These dudes, Passport Bros, are over in the Philippines wifing up street meat. If you see a Black guy in a Basketball or Football Jersey, in Philippines or Thailand, HE’S A TRICK! It’s like their uniform or something. According to local dudes, a lot of foreign dudes do that because there is no issue with the woman’s parent scrutinizing that man and how he makes his money nor whether or not he can support that woman. These are people circumventing culture in Philippines, circumventing tradition and circumventing pressure of a whole family, because those guys know they can’t and don’t really want those women they pick, they intend to ultimately discard these women when done with them, and get another. That one dude is what makes us have a bad name out there, and because 1 Black person did wrong, it is magnified 1000 times and the stereotype sticks, and the European descendant male can dump on them all day, and nobody cares. Black men, if you go to Philippines, be responsible down there, be respectful and let the negativity fall on the other people of other races, but not us, because you’re messing it up for the men who do have a real desire to go to a place like that and make a life. Don’t go there and ruin it for Blacks who do want to make families down there. There are many loopholes that will make it amazing for your offspring with a Filipina if you do make kids, and she lives in the USA, because you can do things like get dual citizenship for your offspring! There are many advantages that will allow the offspring to move back and forth freely between the two countries. Another piece of advice, people kept telling me I wasn’t flashy and that was odd to see being that I was a foreigner. I will tell you this in closing, you better not be out the flexing in Manila like you can’t get touched. Remember their president Duterte was tough on crime, you think his heavy handedness was for no reason? No, crazy illegal guns are there, drugs are there, it’s out of control in multiple areas and they’ll stick you up quick. Manila is a highly dangerous place to be! You know it’s incredibly dangerous over there if you don’t have street smarts, because you will get taken advantage of quickly, right? Those dudes over there will fold you up in a box quick! Don’t go down there like you’re the king, you can get roped up quick! You know it’s still a 3rd world nation, right? There are many ghettoes throughout the place, so don’t you go to some place, going to meet some woman, and you don’t do the homework. Some of those ladies who were reaching out over the dating app were from an area that is above the tourist attraction called “Intramuros” a former Spanish fort. Across the bridge there is the area Tondo and it’s a gang-controlled ghetto! There are many more and the south is notorious for this. Foreigners go there flexing money, then they get kidnapped from marinas! Same rules apply wherever you go in the world, get low, and keep your head on a swivel. Ladies were trying to reach out to me close to, or in, those areas and that’s a NO NO! You better go do your research, I sense setups when I see chicks with chest tattoos and such, and you look where they’re from, it’s a ghetto. Don’t go there, it’s like going to the projects in NY for a chick and dudes are waiting to get you! Got to keep your head on a swivel over there, can’t get sleep and even if you go to the tourist spots too late, you’re going to get lined up!

Marines on patrol to guard the José Rizal Monument.

Yeah, I commented on the types of ladies I saw on those dating apps and how they matched up to women I knew/met, but that has nothing to do with what I meant by it’s the best of the places in Asia, in my opinion. The place has a lot of Pro-America vibes, it’s an easy/cheap flight between Philippines and USA with deals all the time, I have many Filipino friends I can link with and use their connections to further my business pursuits, people are very down to earth, people are strong in faith (Catholicism), they seriously value the family, and they don’t really dabble too much in the ultra liberal areas that are plaguing the West. They know the country is changing in a bad way and they’re trying to make sure people stay cultural, and it’s good to know a country is not yet destroyed like the West and you can have a decent life if you found the right one, down there, should you choose that after all the other advantages. If you like hiking and nature, most of the Philippines is natural landscape! The cost of so much down there is extremely cheap, I cold not believe the costs, and if you want a good area to live in, it can get costly, but there is so much to pick from on an affordable budget, it is an amazing place one can go live and you can use that Island as a jumpoff for going all over Asia for your pursuits. If you go there and start a business, you get government healthcare that is top level, as you would be considered “Self-Earning Individuals“. Speaking of work, you can get a remote job with several companies specializing in getting people remote work, like Flex Jobs, a popular site many Passport Bros use. It’s even available to you as someone with a work visa. All of that is astronomically cheaper than USA! If you want public transportation, you many options available to you like the Jeepneys I recorded in the videos, or train, or bus, so many options like any other city. You can get a nice house, in a gated community, for under $200k USD. That was just a few of the top advantages that many of the local guys put me on to, in addition to many of the reason that NEVER live there, but you can find the same negatives anywhere. My best things about Philippines is you can easily go to the USA with direct flights, like I took from NY to Manila! All of what I mentioned has ZERO to do with chasing some random broads for sex, I just threw that in there because people asked me how were the ladies there, and I quite honestly say that’s the last thing to think about when going there. If the place does not work for you , being with someone woman you don’t want down there, that’s not going to make life easier for you. People go to Philippines and then realize they don’t want to live down there, but they plan to bring the woman back to the USA, because they think they’re going to replicate the things they loved about the Philippines, if they bring her back to the USA. If you think that women already influenced by the USA, and increasingly become Americanized while abroad, are not going to turn into your worst enemy ever after getting appears to be “freedom” to a Filipina, you’re dumber that let on. The minute one of those ladies gets to the USA, she’s going to exact revenge on YOU for all the silly things she put herself through, while terrible men in the Philippines- which is the real purpose of me putting those screenshots from the dating app in this writeup. You’re inheriting a lot of people with issues if you bring them HERE. The best Filipinas live in Philippines, you should go THERE for them, and changing their environment removes the core blessings of getting a woman from there, because that culture is what makes them good picks for wives, which you are seeking to REMOVE if you bring them to USA, or you introduce SIMP culture there. Many of the ladies, in the Philippines are looking for a way OUT OF the Philippines, because as sisterhood propaganda and Americanism continues to spread, more and more women there resent their own country, referring to it as an oppressive nation to women by being too “pro-male” and they want to come to the USA where women have all the advantages and it’s too “pro-female.” The women there are grappling with womanhood, having jobs, having to be wives, having to cook and clean, and don’t want to do all of that, apparently, but also don’t want to be a traditional woman if she is currently a woman who has a job! She will gladly trade away and reject her culture for her job. 🤡 Sound familiar? So, the complaints the ladies all expressed to me centered around sisterhood propaganda telling them to reject their culture and their men, and if you think that’s going to make you get the best Filipinas possible, you’re delusional. You’re probably happy to hear them destroy their own men in favor of looking for a non-Filipino male, because you destroy Kweens in favor of any other woman. Here, we will call our people out because of valid concerns, but we don’t say some other group is better than our own women as a strategy to get non-Kweens. That’s loser nonsense and for some reason, that’s what Passport Bros are leading with. They will put these other races on a pedestal for doing the same thing our women do that we all don’t like- but it’s acceptable to Passport Bros to go to Philippines and fake-wife-up a lady who is doing her best impression of a man-hating American woman! No way these guys don’t see this. I also notice that these dudes are avoiding the more traditional women there, by and large, because then that Passport Bro has to be approved by that woman’s whole family, the father, the church, her neighborhood, etc. These dudes don’t want that kind of pressure, why? Because they’re mostly there for sex, and they’re not planning on moving there! There are really solid traditional woman there, many very good looking, but the fast in the pants chicks are all these guys are going for, someone they can bang without any responsibilities and to just pretend like these guys have solid financials and infrastructure to support bringing these women back to the USA, freeing them from the patriarchy. The ladies Passport Bros want are lazy. They’re not talking about being stay at home moms to ensure the kids are loved, they’re talking about being lazy woman who get something for nothing, staying at home while a man goes an earns money. There are too many down there who think they are entitled princesses who should get the richest men possible just because she has a vagina. The Passport Bros are playing games down there with loose women, and we need to stop pretending that is not what they’re doing. Those loose women are already corrupted and the Filipino men in Philippines don’t want those women after they learn these women are not trying to go to work to help support the family and play their gender roles. These women are then telling their women they don’t make enough money to deserve these women- SOUND FAMILIAR? That Filipino isn’t good enough anymore, he is too poor for her dreams to sit on her lazy arse and do nothing. These loose women claim making a baby is for the man, it’s not for the women. They claim it’s like doing that man a favor, and she could be a millionaire if she didn’t have a baby with this guy- SOUND FAMILIAR? So you have to pay her for her time, that’s not something I’d fly across the world to get involved with! I already know, from the women themselves, that a lot of dudes are promising these girls a great future and then ditching them, it’s completely predatory when Passport Bros go down to places like Philippines, but the problem is they’re making it terrible for local Filipinos. That’s why so many women are fake sisterhood propagandists, and just like USA, these women are getting burned out from work, and are alone because of the sisterhood propaganda copycatting that is turning off good Filipinos who have the money, the education, the means, etc. It’s a failure to do sisterhood propaganda there. So, now that they have a baby mama epidemic, the traditional image of the Filipina has eroded completely, and the Government has to step in to be the fathers and PAY these women for bad behavior, or look terrible to the international community. That’s what sisterhood propagandists are doing to Philippines, trying to make them look terrible to the West, saying that the country is anti-women. Sisterhood propagandists are trying to normalize destroying the Philippines and it’s rich culture, on an international stage and it’s corrupted ladies there. You have many woman who are moms, who are single, and who have jobs and it’s becoming acceptable due to sisterhood propaganda, as it seeks to destroy the Catholic nation. They’d rather be that kind of degenerate woman than to be married doing all that for a husband and kids, to advance her family and ensure generational wealth for it – SOUNDS FAMILIAR? And that is how baby mama-ism is spreading down there, except it’s a scarlet letter in the Philippines and nobody likes these baby mamas and single mothers. This is where Passport Bros come in, they’re not slick, they’re playing these loose women with fake dreams to “liberate” them from the “oppressive regime” in the Philippines, and this is their game. It is a highly effective strategy but it’s morally dishonest, and because so many Passport Bros are down there running that game, it proves they’re not serious about finding wives down there. They don’t want the traditional, Catholic chicks down there, because they’re very “stiff”, they’re not like the women seen in videos thotting it up. These guys are not slick, everyone sees their play, and because locals asked me why do Black guys (specifically) do this, when I corrected them and told them all races/nationalities/ethnicities do this to vulnerable and delusional women, I knew Passport Bros screwed up in Philippines because now it’s a BLACK stereotype down there, when the overwhelming majority of guys going there, doing that, are non-Black (Asian, European descendant). 🤦🏾 What you Passport Bros, and the likes, need to do is show more more testicular fortitude, and hold the line. This is why Filipino men are respected, they are starving out the nihilists who don’t want to do what they’re supposed to be doing to ensure their people continue to thrive, and that strong family values are upheld. They’re not marrying them, they’re not associating with them and letting them become leftovers! That’s how a proud man responds to rejection of his cultural values, by the very people he died and slaved over to protect, his own women. If he is shown any level of disrespect, he let’s them suffer their own fates. You Passport Bros should actually learn something about the people in the countries you go to buy booty in, which is the point of travel, because maybe then you can learn to be the kind of man these foreign women, that you seek, really need.

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