This is their dream, to be an OLD woman taking trips, to have seggs with young, muscular, Black men. Do you think these old auntie types are seggsy to these young, Black men? Do you think the segg is free and that guy would try hard to get that lady in bed if she were local to him country and he saw her in the street? Or do you think she’d still be traveling to buy pen1s into her old age, like she is now, from some impoverished, 3rd world, Black/Latin man who needs that money to put pay his child support and put food on the table for his girlfriend/wife and kids? Aunties know how to exploit people with seggs, don’t they? Oh for sure, he is attracted to her. 😉 This is the future the auntie is working HARD to secure for herself, on a trip, being alone, buying seggs. The Auntie dream though, her ultimate dream or scheme, is to be a social media influencer for travel, to convince everyone that she is rich, living the high life in perceivably rich countries that Americans love to travel to, while pretending she is healthy. 99% of them fail in this sham they’re trying to pull off, and it’s very obvious– let’s go!
She has a good eye for VACATION spots; however, they’re the same old 3rd world places everyone else goes, same videos, and is a copycat of a sisterhood propaganda campaign to promote people with lack of responsibility, who pretend to be rich and pretend to be models. It’s a TREND, which is all these people do, live to copycat everyone else and live in delusion. We don’t have trend setters anymore we have trend COPYCATS and posers, nowadays. She has more followers than models because she is the real face of AUNTIE. Look at her elders not correct her poor habits after learning this woman can’t afford to do trips and pay for her own apartment. This one has taken 20 trips in 2023 alone, and every one is a minimum of $1k, and she’s posting the receipts! That’s RENT for a year! 😳

Auntie (awn-tee) – washed, obese (most likely), unattractive, Kween who has hit the wall, ran up a high body count of seggs partners because she didn’t take her youth seriously and now cannot pair bond, now is alone, lonely, over 30 years of age, and approaching geriatric pregnancy years. That’s not stopping them through, even after menopause, they’re going to try to do IVF to make babies, because they wasted their entire lives pretending they’re better than their biology and don’t need to be mothers. Then when old, they want to be a baby mama by IVF, like this idiot at 70 years old, who says after being mocked for 70 years of her life, and I quote “I looked after people’s children and saw them grow up and leave me alone. I wondered who would take care of me when I grow old.” This is the auntie, she dies on her hill of stupidity and thinks she’s so independent because she aborted all her kids and is childless after 35+ but thinks she can beat that biological clock, and that one in the link gave in at 70 years of age! Remember this woman who did the same at 73? 🤡 Now she’s a single baby mother of twins at 70, who thinks she will chase around these kids and thinks she will survive to have these kids look after her and thinks she’s escaped feeling like a loser who didn’t make kids, now that she did it at 70. Mental illness is huge in the auntie community, and they want to escape auntie stupidity so much that they go through great lengths to be a mother at 70 years of age! This woman is a wet dream of auntie types, thus that picture of the blog feature, this is what they see as their future, that they’ll be an auntie and when old and decrepit, they’ll go make babies with IVF, their g4y bestie, or some jail thug. No real man takes her seriously in anything, she’ll play a victim while telling you all the good men she let go, or how many times men have engaged her or asked for engagement from her, as if that makes her look good, but she’s strong and narcissistic, while trying to pretend to be a victim because she dumped good men. She can’t even hear how dumb that sounds that good men were toss-aways to her all her life and now she is lonely. She’s develop terrible dating habits, and entitlement/privilege, due to her multiple decades of just getting banged and tossed, and she just takes “trips” to hide the shame, pain and disbelief that as perfect as she thought she was in her young age, all these men who were just lining up for meaningless seggs, never cared about her, just like none of her 1,000+ followers on social media in her DMs/inbox. She’s boring, her trips are boring, no man looks at her trips and says “wow I wish I traveled with her” everyone would say “oh, everything is all about her, I’m not waisting money or vacation days following that narcissist around!” Look at the videos they post on social media where they flash 100, one second photos back to back rapidly, to make a video but you can’t make out what that person was really doing, nor where they are, with all that optical illusion nonsense. That trick is to make you THINK they went to 100+ countries, and the quick photos are too quick for you to tell. Auntie nonsense is about clout and false sense of pride. Ask yourself, why would someone post videos that don’t allow you to look at the content long enough to make out where they are? Why rapidly rifle through locations like that if your trips are so important? It’s because it’s throw away b-roll or garbage pictures, trying to pass them off like 1 more location they went to. Rubbish trips! They do BORING trips and struggle to put out good content, so that throw away content they’re trying to pass off as good content. BORING! I meet them all the time on trips and they’ll try to offer hookup seggs in order to try to latch on to what I’m doing, it never fails– and NO this lot pays their own way and will pay ME to have meals or go with them somewhere, just so they won’t be bored with themselves. These garbage trips puts a lot of pressure on the auntie to go somewhere and produce content, which they’re struggling to do and maintain a budget, so they don’t! So, she spends all her money on travel, because she’s never been exciting or inspiring to any males she’s ever slept with, now she is lonely and pathetic chasing endless pen1s in her pursuit to appear important like celebrity Kweens. She figures, as long as she has endless meaningless seggs with a bunch of men, no matter how physically unappealing she is, in her mind, 100 seggs partners means she’s Beyonce level of beauty because the number of men who creampied in that means she is a perfect 10 on the looks scale. Seriously, that’s how her mind works, it’s all about seggs demand of horny, loser men, which there are endless supplies of. She claims there are no good men, but she’s already bedded 100 men by 30 years of age, but why is she slvtting herself out as point of being the auntie? Pen1s envy, wanting to emulate the actions of the men she most despises, or claims to despite, but apparently she admires, the fuk boys! The thing is, to the public, an auntie is trying to project a look of perfection and purity, but you only need to inspect their privates to know there is mileage and cause for worry, or just listen to 1 billion video confessions on social media. Auntie types are also the ones leading in all the abortions, claiming they must klll the kids to further their careers because they feel that kids are terrible and hold back their progress, like how in Mississippi over 74% of abortions were Kweens aborting babies. Yeah, that’s not propaganda, that’s truth! Problem is, they’re not furthering any careers there, it’s one of the most poor states, so why all the baby deletions? Answer: girls just wanna have fun! Seriously, they just want to bang and have zero responsibility. They’re so obsessed with seggs but not having kids at the same time, that they are even performing robberies of drug stores to steal abortion drugs like “Plan B.” They’re even beating up the employees in the stores, not stealing food for kids, but to get abortion pills to continue to have Auntie lifestyle to get creampied without results. Aunties love abortion, it’s a lifestyle. If you date them, they don’t even tell you that they’re pregnant and aborted your baby, many times, because then they’d be pressured to be moms. Auntie types protested saying that banning abortion is racist- the natural claim to everything when self restraint and discipline are clearly absent, because they’re perfect, remember? When they get pregnant from having meaningless 1 night stands, they don’t want it to impact their work lives and other career opportunities that the more disciplined of ladies in the world seem to manage just fine. How can a people have the highest baby deletions and the highest baby mama counts at the same time (the auntie and general kweens)? Look, we get it, they really just love creampies, I guess. Just how much meaningless, careless seggs is happening in this community? Irresponsible auntie types want to klll a baby every time a new seggsual encounter does not pull out when ejaculating. Simple enough reason to want to klll a baby, don’t YOU think, so a corporation can continue to function. She will make sure to abort a kid so that she can continue to have a career, and have more unprotected and careless seggs over and over -something she learned from emulating and praising European descendant females-  and most importantly, so that she can continue to take trips, duh! Still, her body her choice, and we agree, therefore the responsibility to take care of it should solely hers if the decision is solely hers also if her irresponsible man decides he doesn’t want the kid and the government shouldn’t also be responsible, only that my body my choice person. That would correct a LOT of out of control behavior. The auntie and her insides are so destroyed from so many abortions that many auntie types have miscarriages and can’t produce for men later, thus men abandon them in older ages because it’s too expensive to keep wasting time with that broken person who lied to you about her terrible medical history. I dated someone seriously, myself, who didn’t even let me know her womb was destroyed with polyps, and she would NEVER been able to make babies, but that’s only after too much failure. Many of my buddies have had ladies who had many miscarriages after 33 years of age, it’s from all the abortions their women had that they did not want to confess to. Aunties have done a lot of abortions and every one that is one, who is a friend of mine, has had at least 2 abortions that they will confess to! Auntie types are not even proud aunties, many of them don’t even have siblings with kids, it’s more a slang to try to make being alone with no kids sound like a good thing. Other countries shame these people. Many times, if she is a biological auntie, the auntie has almost no relationship their siblings and the nieces and nephews, she doesn’t want it because it’s a reminder of constant failure to be a mom herself. So, she will claim she doesn’t want kids, but the reality is she is non-select and likely has multiple health issues that prevent her from being a mother, in addition to being socially inept, combative, argumentative, visually unappealing, DISEASED, and without personality or money- she’s broke! She blames all her misfortunate on Black men, any and every Black man to exist, and if a non-Black man doesn’t want her, then he is a racist to her. She, does simplistic reductionism to completely ignore statistics and white papers telling her constantly that very good Black men exist for her, but she makes excuses for her failure in life by taking the exception to the rule, the pookie and ray ray types, as the norm of available Black men, when in fact, they’re statistically the minority of our lot. She doesn’t see good men because the only men she’s interest in are types who are dangerous to society and know no sense of duty, some of whom may be in the pookie and ray ray lot. Auntie types eventually cannot keep up the charade and have to bow down to their biological urges, and when they do, they’re so desperate for anything and any embrace they can find, that the settle for a pookie and ray ray type, although, from the start, she loves to proclaim she does not settle in relationships- yet she has no proof of relationships in which she did NOT settle. If she can’t get the man she needs to satiate her ego, she will go nuclear on society with nothing but hate for society! Here is one here, trying to hurt a Black man who is preaching bible talk about saving Black babies from abortion and she physically attacks him, disrupts his peaceful protest and even defies the cops- so she got arrested. She is so empowered in USA that she can attack the man and do damage to his possessions, that’s the power and lack of fear she has of retribution. That Kween is someone strongly infected with sisterhood propaganda and Black male misandry that she can do whatever she wants to whomever, including the non Black male cop! This is what happens EARLY in their lives, and then this person becomes 30 and wonders why men don’t want her– guess why men don’t want her? She’s unwanted by all of society, how does she deal with that lack of personality and lack of anyone who cares what she thinks? She spends her whole time trying to chase the dream of being a rich auntie, so she can wallow in her own misery but hopefully she can do this with money in her pocket. She thinks that the only thing that matters in life is money, and now that the lovely ladies have reached this point, overwhelmingly in the West, societies are doomed! They’re nihilists, this is what they are and they think they’re tough by bucking Western civilization in their acting up. They want to destroy societies that men created for their safety, societies created to destroy men in favor of women having easy lives. If men don’t stop other men, then THIS is what’s going to happen at astronomical levels to Kweens, in places they frequent on vacation, thinking this world is too safe for them. Sounds dumb, why would someone try to destroy a good thing they have going for them? Well, because they’re narcissist and bullies, so of course they’ll exploit a power GIVEN to them by men to turn around and exploit men. That’s what psychopathic narcissists with low EQ do. Auntie types only ever make excuses for their failures though, blame God and Black men for their failures, and never get off their lazy butts to go change their fortune. Instead, Kweens turn to social media to destroy the lives of other kweens out there, with hate speech aimed at Black men, in particular, to hope everyone overlooks the fact that there are other men available for them to date, from the dominant society, and Hispanic men. The only problem there is those men don’t want them either, and can confirm anything we are saying here today – to which she says “it’s because they’re racists.” Did you see that article about this very issue where Auntie types and Kweens are calling dating sites RACIST and they demand these dating apps lay men at their feet because these men should NOT have the free will to not want to date Auntie types and Kweens– you know, that bullying trait just mentioned? For real, they’re saying the AI in the dating apps are all racist, because Auntie / Kweens are too flagrant, not feminine, are narcissistic, self-centered, BROKE, and can’t please a man except in seggs, and most are not good at that either. These factors, Auntie / Kweens ignore, because they think they’re all perfect, so of course, the excuse they have is AI is racist, and they overlook that these men are not searching for Black women specifically. These men are open to dating other races now that they see the Black woman is NOT THE MOST RACE LOYAL, contrary to their silly sisterhood propaganda line they practice, and the men simply don’t pick these women– except Black men. The algorithms show men who are the popular women and it’s not a Black woman most times, facts are facts. They can’t stand that everyone knows their behavior now, and instead of changing, they go on bully campaigns and go guilt European descendant men into dating them by complaining that dating apps are racist. Everything is racist to Auntie / Kweens when they’re not favored. Don’t believe me? Why is this Auntie / Kween complaining that TV show ‘Friends’ never had Blacks on it –Black women is what she meant but she’s a coward so she throws ALL BLACKS in there to pretend Black men even care about Friends– and made it a big deal, even in 2024! Comedian Aisha Tyler was on Friends, she is Black, so maybe the bullies missed that? That show’s been off the air forever! Remember they tried to bully their way into other European descendant woman shows like “Girls” which was about Jewish life? See what narcissists do? And that narcissist bully who recently complained about Friends having no Black people is a Kween who is married to a European descendant male! Bullies her way to this beta male then has the nerve to complain she is not among Europeans like she deserves since she took one of their men, she should be seen as a European descendant woman! All of these Auntie / Kweens WISH THEY WERE EUROPEAN DESCENDANT WOMEN, point blank period, and this is where all this nonsense all stems from. They demand you ignore all logic and way life is to come pretend with them, because they wish they could be the European descendants, and they are still slaves begging for European descendant attention. Oh? Not true? They have full articles complaining and trying to bully European descendants to force them to be their friends, to bring them along on trips like pets, and cry when European descendants go do their people things and don’t let these Blacks suck up to them and wish they were not Black (read that article, it’s a bully complaint aimed at European descendant women). Auntie / Kween types sound stupid to European descendants with all this bullying and the whole Black community doesn’t want anything to do with this nonsense begging to be seen in the shadow of European descendants, only Kween / Auntie types want this because this is who they’re pretending to be, in all aspects of life, and these TRIPS is their only way to try to appear like European descendant women– if not bed-wenching and trying to be the token Auntie / Kween in an all European descendant group. I saw a LOT of token Auntie / Kweens on a recent trip, tokens, begging for acceptance and trying their hardest to talk with a nasally stereotypically European descendant voice- fuking annoying to hear because it’s so forced and fake. I hope you know that these Auntie / Kweens get on these apps and pretend to be rich, which they associate with being European, and don’t care if they never find a decent man, because they’re not looking for one, they just want a European, pale skinned one, any one will do– although they have active dating profiles on multiple services. They’re just trying to get the likes up like European descendant women but are failing. Newsflash, Asian women are the most sought out, Auntie / Kweens! 🤦🏽‍♀️ This auntie flosses with her many ‘trips’ she takes but where do these people get the money for the many trips they take and brag about, is anyone’s guess. What kind of jobs allow such trips, that’s another thing nobody can figure out- well we know, they’re not doing anything amazing, they’re just going to garbage places that look fancy and try to spin it 1,000 ways, on social media, when they only spend 1 day there. Regardless, the auntie is destroyed by terrible childhoods in single mother homes, and this is verified by studies, and issues like the Doll Test where they have low self esteem and self image so they wear fake hair to try to pretend to be European women. A lot of auntie types are terrorized by childhood trauma growing up with terrible mothers and they really hate their mothers for the way their mothers carried on, and they have hatred for men of their own age and younger, because of how their mothers bed many useless men without purpose and didn’t care to find a good mate. This has mentally damaged auntie types beyond repair, and many I personally know reported that they don’t want kids because of their mother’s terrible thot ways, but we’re not allowed to say this out loud. So they’re traveling to find seggs and on dating apps to find seggs they hope will lead to being seen in a better light. 🤣 LISTEN… Let the data tell the story for you. Auntie types are the number one class of women on BUMBLE, the dating app that is failing with it’s dumb women empowerment strategy. I know, I use it exclusively, because I know how to play the game specifically for this audience, and WIN! I can’t win on Tinder, I don’t want to win on Hinge, I win with Auntie types because they’re so full of themselves and stuck on phlegminism, and they WANT to be backed down and corrected by a man that does NOT match the dumb talking points they have, and to do that, all you really have to be is just a dude on his purpose. That easy, no need to go overseas and buy booty to bag an Auntie, if you see her overseas, she’s being ignored by Europeans, and many times they’re acting racist towards her and she pretends it is not happening because she has hope they’ll pet her head one day. I’ve watched is MANY times and sometimes, you’ll see them blog about these experiences, in shame. You can bag ANY of them on trips, they need comfort after all that rejection. You’ve been gamed! They’re lonely, pretending to be tough. Don’t get too comfortable though, they’ll just make dumb excuses to further eliminate opportunities for good men to be in their lives, and to make excuses for being alone, like these auntie types here requiring a man to make over 200k if he wants to date her. Newsflash, a man making that money and above is looking for a woman who is in shape, looks good and if she has demands, I’m telling you HE has demands, and she won’t match them because it doesn’t look like she is doing ANYTHING a man wants. This is an auntie. The rest of them demand a man make high income just so these Kweens can brag that they themselves have a DEI job that pays them over 200k just for being Kweens, so they’re really just showing off to men that they have an advantage over men. However, general Aunties are broke, the large majority of them are, anyway, and they get ahead not with hard work, because they’re lazy, but with handouts. We have the proof, even as recent as June 2024! Auntie / Kweens, who are the most never married group, earn 8 cents to every $1 a European descendant male makes– lowest of all people in the USA actually! This is real data and even Auntie types, with zero kids and zero marriage, THEY’RE BROKE!!!! So where is all this money for trips coming from? That one in that video earlier says someone working with computers can date her because likely he makes over 200k, but she doesn’t respect him. Do you really think she wants a computer geek after she’s been loose in the streets? None of them want that guy! We have the proof. She’s just making excuses to be alone so she can thot it up in the streets all her years. That’s the base of game, putting them in their places, rather than cutting and running scared to another country to find other women, because each kind does the same thing on different levels. Most Auntie / Kweens are broke dusties thus society only ever gives them free handouts just like this one who won the lottery to living in an expensive NYC apartment, because she’s really broke but has always been online pretending to be rich. Now, all her money can go to taking TRIPS so trust she is bragging about all her money she now has for trips, which she is certainly putting on her Bumble profile! 👏🏼 You have to read those profiles on Bumble, auntie nonsense is HUGE there. No man putting that they work in computers is getting a load of women, and certainly not that lady, because she’s a 3 on a scale of 10 but she’s so empowered she thinks she’s a 10! READ this blog, it’s filled with tips on how to handle Auntie types, they’re EVERYWHERE and they’re not as hard core as you let them convince you they are. They’re mainly just hurt little girls lacking guidance. They’d not be on a goddamn impersonal app trying to find “good men,” if there were really the bomb they think they are! You, a man, are on an app to maximize your catch in your nets cast, so why are THEY on dating apps if not doing the same, and or are desperate? They’re desperate, that’s easy to get and acting like they’re all 10s. Look at their thought process, one person recorded herself, it’s pretty troubling to hear the judgement. So, when they say it’s so HARD on the dating apps, what is so hard? I see so many desperate auntie types overseas, and they’re using dating apps to seggs men over there on travel! They message me, and when I see them just in passing in the streets, they’re trying to do all kinds of stupidity to get me to talk to them and acknowledge them– from purposely blocking my walkways/doorways (most common method), rudely, begging me to talk to them even if to only say “excuse me, ma’am, can you move so I can pass” to straight up picking fights with me for no reason at all. They try to BULLY me into talking to them in any way possible. I should post some video of this because it’s COMICAL how they’re trying to bully me into acknowledging them overseas. I just step over them like Allen Iverson did Tyron Lue and keep it moving. But if you’re a younger man, oh boy, this is shooting fish in a barrel from crabs in a barrel mentality Kweens, made even easier by the fact that auntie types are perverts and want younger men because they can manipulate them with seggs, hard candy and promises to buy them Playstation video game consoles. They are predators, so you have to be careful, but you’ll see characteristics you don’t want in women, and you’ll likely dump her in 6 months anyway. Men approach women in the street and scoop them up, so, ask yourself, why aren’t men approaching these “gems” and taking them off the market? 🤔 Shooting fish in a barrel, gents, they’re talking tough and behaving GOOFY so they just need some straightening! People thought I was lying that I’m seeing Kweens EVERYWHERE I go, and they could have any of them that they want. They really are traveling all over the place, they’re bored, they’ll entertain you because they need entertainment and their choice is to reward you for your time, with their dirty seggs. You can have it, I don’t want it, but my point is this is the lowest tier of auntie. Be on the lookout for the better version of the auntie because this tier is broke and has a lot of TRAPPING techniques that fool more experienced men, and she will get you in a bad situation like Britney Renner who trapped little boy basketball player when he was 19 she was stalking him to abuse him. He had money so he could do tricks back, after he screwed up his life, but SHE WAS A BROKE AUNTIE with high body count, getting passed around until she stalked and trapped that young boy. A more common version of the auntie is the broke Kween spending her scraps from her life’s saving trying to convince other Kweens that she is a social media influencer living the soft and easy life. 99.9999% of them are failures in this market, they have wasted their life savings pretending to be a rich version of an auntie, the version who is leading everyone to failure telling them to freeze their eggs, go to cryobanks to get sperm, be baby mamas and don’t ever get a husband. The regular auntie is a broke dusty broad fraud, with a failing “business!” She’s a boss babe, or so she brags a lot about how she owns some failed business that none of her influences are paying for so she’s broke. Here is an example of one, Kirsten Gray, who is broke and exhausted her savings account pretending to be a travel influencer living in Bali, bragging on the gram and on Twitter that her life is easy and she has to do NOTHING in life but live in luxury with her girlfriend. She moved to Bali, to join other failed Blacks there, at the start of the Pandemic and couldn’t leave when lockdown happened, but then tried to play like she was rich there because the dream of all Kweens is to travel to Bali. She was trying to be a passpro broad digital nomad, bragging she lives the luxury life for a fraction of the cost. She said she was paying $1,300 for her apartment in LA, which itself was suspicious since that’s impossible even when she was living there, so that alone was lie, but she was bragging she pays $400 in Bali for luxury tree she lives in. The problem with this is she’s LGBTQ and not a European descendent outright in appearance, doing this in a Muslim country. First, if you’re not a European descendant, you’re not getting real endorsements to do travel influencing because most paying people only want to see people who look like themselves as their influencers, in order to buy products, and the LGBTQ in a Muslim country, that’s the other social Bali issue. So, after her bragging was seen by many in Indonesia, of which Bali is a part of, they deported her for lowering their value! As soon as I heard that, I KNEW she had to be Kween, or Kweens-adjacent given the situation of being a broke auntie and the fact that a government of the country threw her out for acting like a moron abroad, which many Kweens do and are getting rejected or arrested in foreign countries, as of late. 🤣 You’re Black and bragging that you’re lazy in a foreign country, and then telling more people to come to be lazy like you, knowing the world sees us as lazy due to European supremacist messaging? So TONE DEAF! Passport Bros know to NEVER go somewhere and do this stupidity. Indonesians caught her, and kicked her back in, saying she’s not paying taxes and telling her many followers to be lazy and broke like her, in Bali. Russel Simmons is accused of (g)raping women, and he ran right there to Bali, they’re tired of failed Blacks going there and using their name like some haven for disgraced Blacks and cultural bankruptcy. The comments about this lady are hilarious and are shared by many people laughing at Auntie types. After bragging about not paying those Bali taxes, and rejecting the idea of paying taxes to that country, and overstaying their tourist visas, like a typical American broke idiot auntie, the government tossed her and her partner out! The only thing that is important to the auntie is pretending to be rich living a soft life, and she’s mentally ill, so she needs to trap others into her terrible practices, in a misery loves company sense, which is dangerous. She is an influencer getting paid by wannabe auntie types in training, and they’re attracted to her bragging about being irresponsible in life, let’s not forget that, and that’s how she pays her rent. This is the broke Auntie pretending to be the second class of auntie, the Rich* (that’s relative) auntie.

Indonesians don’t want dusty Blacks with failed strategies flooding their country. It’s not a haven for (g)rapists and broke auntie types.
Auntie Chill
Auntie people are convincing our young ones to desert men, desert marriage and desert kids, and to freeze their old eggs (expensive) and get IVF (also expensive) to be single mothers when they’re 40+. This is a scam movement destroying Blacks that is right on par with Planned Parenthood’s goal to destroy Black families. Now, your Auntie is a willing participant in the destruction of Black families, while they mask their depression in mental health disorders they try to make fashionable, via social media travel bragging. This is LOW. Likely another scammer.

Rich Auntie (Ri-ch awn-tee) – Same as an auntie just with better credit and exponentially more debt, trying to pretend to be rich to onlookers who don’t know her finances are terrible, and all she ever does is try to prove to other people that she has money. Her goal is to get you to see her as a non-Black, assuming that you have a low opinion of Blacks, like she feels you have of Blacks, thus, she is trying to counter your perception with her performance. You’ll notice this one overseas, a lot, because she goes out of her way to make herself visible to other Blacks, especially Black men, so she can show off how rich she looks and appears to Europeans, so you can be jealous of her. Ignore her, just like all the Europeans are already doing to her while she is on vacation, and she will get very pissed at you! 🤣 I’ve done this experiment MANY times to get a phone number, it’s never failed. No one else is socially validating her, so this key tenant to social engineering should be explored, gentlemen. She can only pretend to be important but for so long, without reality smacking her in the face that she’s not a European descendant, so you come along and pretend for her ego and you’re good to go! Game! A small minority of them really do have money though, but most will go out of their way to make sure everyone can see that she has money, including bragging out loud that she is a cougar paying for men who bow to her. Actually, most of these are dusty broads who have Cinderella fantasies on these trips they take, like this one shows you how she really lives versus how she pretends she’s someone entirely different on vacation. This is mental behavior, but she owns up to it, she’s admitting that she is dusty and pretends to be a rich auntie! Anything she has to talk about is about her job and her salary, she’s obsessed with projecting an image that she is well off, and 90% of the time, she’s just middle class– and all this bragging is happening in public a lot too, it’s so desperate to try to sound equal to her perception she thinks Europeans also on vacation are. She’s obsessed with trying to get their approval or acceptance of her existence when in earshot of European descendants, in public. If you see Auntie Kweens in Asia, there is a high probability she was over there trying to try to look like a European descendant by getting SURGERY TO OBTAIN EUROPEAN FEATURES! You read that that right. rich Auntie is overseas in these countries trying to erase her Black features, so she can try to trick non-Blacks into thinking she is not a Black. 🤦🏽‍♀️ You see the video, look how he’s trying to unBlacken herself, and this mental instability is what she’s doing overseas, just without the surgery, when you see her– trying to look like a European descendant so people won’t hate her for being just a Black. It’s self hatred which they’re trying to erase, or normalize, with the money they have and will spend their fortunes battling their mental disabilities in every place except for a psychiatrist’s office. How do I know, I dated 3 of them in the past 5 years, only to find out this is how they were, which you may not fully understand until you go on vacation with them and you see them try to be and speak like a completely different person. Mental disease they will not address, they’ll just buy crap to try to hide their insecurities and self hatred. The Rich Auntie is the worst, and Oprah is an example of a rich Auntie, the most famous one at that. Do you remember when Kween Auntie supreme Oprah failed to get praised in a Switzerland high-end department store and claimed they were a bunch of racists? Sound familiar, calling people racists because they didn’t recognize that you were a rich Auntie? 🤣 What the American outlets didn’t tell you is the other side of the story, which was that they felt Oprah was pissed that they didn’t recognize her as a rich auntie thus felt disrespected, and this trumps races! When the truth came out, it did get revealed they called Oprah a liar and she DID make it racial, to play her power card of privilege by RACE. Now, this is not the only time this happened to Oprah ever, it’s very common in Europe, and in Italy, at a Louis Vuitton store, it happened again except that one was clearly racist and they let her know YOU’RE NOT LIKE US! She did a whole SHOW on this, and this is how I learned that these Auntie / Kweens are out there getting disrespected left and right pretending to be European– but if she has the money and she is not getting the European privilege treatment, she is going NUCLEAR on you— as Oprah did when talking about herself and nobody would ever call her the “N-word” ever because they can’t, she’s rich and wears expensive clothing by Italians! 🤡 That racism claim by Oprah in Switzerland, that was dumb because they were trying to show her their WHOLE LINE-UP of bags, before she settled on that 1, because she didn’t even bother to inspect anything else. They were trying to do their SALES tactics, not be racist! 🤦🏽‍♀️ You don’t want to know how many “rich” auntie types I’ve overheard bragging about things they buy and really loud too to try to sound important to Europeans, it’s hilarious. You know what Oprah did to fight that ‘racism’ she claim she experienced? She BOUGHT THE WHOLE STORE’S INVENTORY! Oprah, King supreme Auntie and her cronies had the reporters express that racism is a Kween issue only, not for anyone else, not even for Black men, when said “No doubt, the details of the incident will be pored over. It has already been attributed to racism, and rightfully so: Oprah’s incident tripped a wire that worries many women of color: to be judged negatively and immediately by their race, to be treated as second-class citizens, to be pointed to the things that are not the best, but considered merely “good enough” for you.” Why only women find this to be an issue, or why is it only women claiming racism? Racism only affects them when it comes to this particular case, eh? Interesting. 🤔 What a moron, but that’s the Rich Auntie ego on display, rather than just protest them, she paid them and then took shots at them! Bragging that they can guy things like Europeans is a major part of the rich Auntie game, and if she can get a European descendant man, oh wow she’s finally an honorary European descendant. That is her ultimate goal, which is why she is in Europe and why you see so many Africans wearing weaves today, this helps ease the European descendant male into seeing her as a human, if she can trick him into seeing her as an alternative to his European woman. So, if she is in Europe, and all Rich Aunties aim almost exclusively for Europe instead of for the caribbean and 3rd world countries, because she is envious of European descendant women and want to clone them as a goal. Yay! 🎉 So, she has to show off, she has to try to look rich but more importantly, rich Auntie goes to extremes to overcompensate for being a loser in life and not being noticed by Europeans because she doesn’t fit their European Beauty Standard modules. She cannot be proud of herself as who she is, a BLACK, she’s ashamed of what she looks like and how she feels as a second class citizen, so she must subscribe to European supremacist ideology to cope daily, sad! She is instead focused on why she isn’t equal to Europeans, in THEIR OPINION, and she is therefore obsessed with overcompensating for how much she hates herself due to European supremacy overtaking her life. She will take this out of any Black man she can, because she thinks she is a European who is racist and hateful, this is her interpretation of Europeans that she is copycatting in her rude behavior, which is unfair to those people. One time, some ladies couldn’t get a table at a restaurant, and they asked if they could join me and a buddy, so we let them. However, I overheard them talking and they were talking crap about us because we– BLACK MEN– and how we were in there enjoying ourselves and they were on the outside looking in. I told my buddy this and he didn’t care, he was focused on trying to get something out of them, and he wanted to overlook this so he could score. We let them join us as if they were with us, he told the restaurant to let them pass to our table. One of these rich Auntie fakes started going on about how she earns this money and that money but if you ask her for advice on how YOU too can make money within 10 minutes of opening her mouth, you get crickets because she’s all lies. I was put off by it so I immediately couldn’t stop myself from saying something so I just joked “you should have told THEM (the restaurant) that so they would have let you in..” 🤣 OMG that was so funny and she was PISSED! These ladies were pretend rich Aunties, we found out, because there were no references or tangible things to prove they had money, but they were trying hard to convince us they were rich auntie types and they were going on about all of the standard talking points starting all the travel they do and all the expensive European things they bought. 🤡 However, if you’re a woman, the Rich auntie, fake or the real, will rope you into some ponzi scheme or other sisterhood scam she can profit off of your naivety, and this is a huge path to get rich using social media today. They’re scam artists trying to get more people to think they’re rich and powerful auntie types. Rich auntie image can’t won’t under someone who isn’t a European actually believes she is the top of the hierarchy, of Blacks or Latinas! She’s doing all this to set a hierarchy and scams you into believing she’s better than YOU, so you bow down to her. We’ll get into that shortly. Her number 1 victim / target is a basic-tiered AUNTIE, who wishes to be like the rich auntie. She’s trying to pretend to be important and needed by people around her. If she is well paid, her books are not well balanced and no man of worth wants her because he has seen how terrible she is with her finances, and she requires you have a high salary because she expects you to pay all her way in life, while proclaiming publicly that she makes her own money and doesn’t need a man. She’s a liar, she wants to look rich, that’s her goal and wants to do that comfortably, so you must have money to ease her financial burden for the lifestyle she is pretending to have. Everything she has is about flash, she wastes a lot of money on her image, it’s all she has as she is an empty shell of a human, and tries to buy her way to happiness with expensive material possessions. You are a tool for her. Her hobby is mostly trying to copycat what success European descendant females are doing, so she can be considered an ‘equal’ to these women, which of course, will never happen in a world where she is not part of the dominant society. That’s why she keeps going to Europe and complaining that people are ‘racist’ because they don’t honor her Black privilege in the USA. Logic escapes this lot, so she will do the bidding of the dominant society to try to get a favorable position at their feet, as she bows to them with her low self-respect for anything but the little bit of scraps they let her fight to have. She’ll do ANYTHING to be seen favorable to the dominant society, if it helps her appearance, thus she’s the first one to spread anti Black male propaganda using dominant society platforms that have the largest reach, therefore showing her loyalty to supremacist, in the mist, with her separatist movements from Black men and therefore Black culture, because, in the best case, she has the money to separate herself from Black neighborhoods and Black people. She can pretend to be anything she wants now, if she can eliminate the tie to her Black family, much like several Kween ‘celebrities’ out there today negatively influencing the Black community as we speak, and all of them mistreat their biological family. They are MENTAL, need help and are clearly destroyed by their mom’s poor choices in life and their mom’s disgusting dating habits. One of them is highly famous an tracked down the playboy biological father, when she was an adult and famous to make a point to him and make an example of him to the world. This is what boosted her popularity with Kweens, they wish they could track down their fathers but their mothers likely don’t know who the fathers are themselves, like the Maury show guests. This is why she promotes single mother households, she hates her father for the mother’s terrible seggs habits. This is the rich auntie back story 90% of the time, she hates her father and knows her mother is the main culprit, so she tries to counter being just like her mother, by becoming rich. They don’t ever quiz their mothers on their terrible behavior out in those streets, so Black moron men let these failure Kween blame THEM, and they did it for many decades, allowing the false narratives to linger and destroyed our Black male image. Now, any lie they make, everyone just assumes it’s true despite us all knowing women desert men and family over 80% of the time, just because they feel like it! Nothing wrong with wanting to become rich, but she clearly says in that link WHY she was mentally destroyed, and it’s just what I said. Her goal now is to destroy other women or prevent them from being with good men, but to be a rich auntie. She’s the leading internet voice of the rich auntie movement because she’s childless, went to find some European descendant male who saw she is just ghetto all over, and dumped her! So, she failed with European men all her life, after blaming Black men for her failures, and insulting them all her life, so who left is there to blame? She will not date a common man, and make a family with him, especially no Black one, and she outlined that saying she would not date a ‘bus driver.’ A bus driver is not rich enough to make a family with this woman, so you know what she does to herself to make a huge statement to the Black community, she goes and buys sperm from a sperm bank, and injects it into her, so she can be the I don’t need no man, I am the table, somebody’s baby mama type rich auntie who is artificially a mommy, using IVF. She is everything wrong with Kweens, and instead of having a man in the home, she had sperm from some unknown man that she just looked at his data stats on a sheet and procreated with that vial of sperm. THAT over a bus driver! 👏🏼 This is the rich auntie, yall, she is teaching the culture and leading them this way. Using IVF to make an anti Black man statement to her Black audience, and then pathetically says that when her kid grows up, that man has to option to meet his kid, if he chooses. This is the Kween mentality in 2024, to be a auntie bedwench or creampie yourself with tubes to make a statement to men since she isn’t attracting any buyers. I wonder how many boy children she killed off that were born before this kid, to make sure she only got a girl. Kweens watch any show she’s on, hoping to justify all the nonsense they’re doing today, except they’re broke and she’s not. She will not blame herself and that’s why she is on a mission to destroy other Kweens! People like her, but with much less money, they have to showers ‘friends*’ and family with gifts because they have to buy them things for them to NOT think about her lonely, pathetic life. All of the ‘friends’ don’t like being around her, which is why they want to only take SOLO trips, to avoid having to be around each other, they cannot stand each other. Her “friends” are only around if she can advance them too, otherwise, they plot of her downfall, thus the rich auntie always likes to be alone on trips they take. They don’t use solo travel properly, they’re trying to send statements with their travel, that her lady friends and the men out there are not in her class, because she is ultra rich, or pretending to be anyway. They use solo travel because they’re hurt and angry, but can easily pretend to be rich because nobody is around to know she’s NOT. This is what led to the spending wars of trying to get online to be rich auntie pretenders, which is making being a rich auntie a popular thing, online, to pretend you’re so rich that you can’t possibly be sad and upset that you threw away your best years of your life. Many of them will try to look holly and pure by saying they didn’t want to have kids until they married, which is noble, but this is a half truth. They’re very promiscuous regardless and this one has more money to get abortions. The best of them has had many abortions because they got pregnant but did not want to mess up their education or careers, so they killed the baby, and then the man left them or mentally checked out of the relationship. Plus, that man realizes he waste a lot of time of this person and she was not worth it. She has high expenses because paying for anything that brings a grimace to her face is the only way she can get through life, and she’s so empty inside, she has to continuously waste money to feel good inside. She is trying to pretend to be a woman who is happy being lonely, yet when you listen to her, everything she sites as an advantage for her being lonely is something she can pay for like trips, seggs toys, condos. They try to use coping mechanisms one has to pay for, which is a tenant of phlegmism, to spend your whole life trying to accumulate money to make yourself happy, ALONE. 🤡 There is a seggsual market place wall but there is also the phlegminism wall, where you fail to meet your earnings quota to be a successful sisterhood propagandist! True story! They have DOUBLE WALL pressures going this rich auntie route. They buy homes for themselves, and live alone, they don’t buy homes as investment strategies, which is a fail in terms of wealth management. Who will they leave the home to when they’re dead? If they sell the home, what’s the point, they’re alone and need somewhere to live! Pointless! This is why they’re getting condos instead, but what’s the point there either? You can’t take the money with you, so when you live for the money, you’re a loser and men spot you 100 miles way. She’s diseased with hypomania and an addiction to trying to feel superior to SOMETHING/ANYTHING, no matter how much it costs, she’ll spend to get that superiority complex itch met, but they’re not rich, they’re middle class 95% of them! She doesn’t understand the unhealthy relationship between mental health and her obsession with money, thus the addiction. The rich auntie is obsessed with showing off to other siblings’ kids, showing up their sibling with the money they have, which is why their siblings are not in the photos and videos of them on these great trips they’re talking. She’s low key trying to steal the affection of kids that aren’t hers by spending all her money on family members, if it makes her look rich, it’s nothing noble, it’s all self-service, and she WILL throw it in her sisters’ faces at every turn. NOBODY wants to be around her for extended periods of time, she gets defensive because she hasn’t made her own family and that leads her to the Internet, to double doubt on auntie stupidity campaigns, and surely, it will make her book her next trip, because she’s sad again. They key to this mental disorder is convincing everyone that they don’t want babies and husband, but without money, this person is likely to do highly dangerous moves to stabilize, including selling her body in any way possible to get that money. 👏🏼 And as the Crimson Cure says about this lot, many of these ones online are not rich, they’re pretending to be rich to scam other Kweens, and they’re really just criminals. 😳 For the record, you’ll find these people mostly making $70k to $120k USD, in field like nursing, low-budget lawyer adjacent jobs, and other DEI jobs- not to be confused with folks who work very hard, are tops in their field and who can equally compete with anyone in their fields. This lot knows they’re getting over on society with favoritism and don’t deserve their opportunities just for the biology and reward for failure at every turn, so they throw their opportunities in the faces of the less fortunate because this person didn’t work hard and was given everything they have by others. This is why this is the group that is making around $100k and still living check to check. It’s this group! Couple the fact that most dames are living check the check overall, and more than men, it’s quite telling. They fight internal demons, come with emotional, health and financial burdens that make the completely undesirable to any men. This lot is very seggsually promiscuous and everything they do is a coping mechanism for their failures in life, which is why they want to be alone, because they HAVE to be alone, they’re spreading STDs and have to lie about their STDs to a man to have seggsual intercourse when they’re doing HOT GIRL SUMMERS, or do like they’re currently doing, being promiscuous and disappearing where they can’t be found after infecting someone- which is why it’s best they do this overseas. Their European counterparts publicly admit that they cannot stand being alone but only this Kween is trying to convince you she is happy being alone. We see this is just another failure they’re trying to cover up, because real women will signal when they’re tapped out from pretending they’re ok when they’re not. Kweens keep pretending, which means the auntie aspires to be a rich auntie because she has no choice! And most are failing in pretending because they have the highest EVICTION RATES from properties they occupy, pretending too much that they are good to be alone. She claims she’s into “self care” but she’s obese with STDs and is mentally unfit to be a partner. She never developed a personality, in her whole life, so now, she has no friends and she’s old. She has no choice but to try to make money, because she has no other source of happiness. She’s done! She is part of the sisterhood but has no friends, how is this possible? These are heavily damaged individual who will die on this hill of being the rich auntie, and 90% of the burn out quickly. So they turn to perverted behavior and call that being sKrong.👏🏼

Both are on IG but the one of the left is the brokie but paid advertisement meant to influence the ones of the right. The ones on the right have more likes because they are what the auntie looks like 99% of the time, and the one of the left is the fantasy they wish they looked like going to fancy places. The one of the left is a scam of destroying Kweens’ lives. The one on the right is the spot on result of the propaganda, and it’s not good – sans any body shaming thoughts you may think we’re getting at.
auntie hit the wall
The auntie carries a load of problems and baggage, she’s carrying the wall she hit, with her, after she reaches 30. You people think guys are being step daddies because they’re all weak, but reality is a lot of them are NOT looking for auntie types that hit that wall. They’re annoying to deal with and low hanging fruits are those baby mamas so the guys skip the auntie for someone else’s baby mama.

Most Blacks, globally, are traditional in value, that is to say that FAMILY is most important, mainly because of centuries of cultural values being passed down (abroad), or sticking together after the fall of slavery in the West. Most Blacks, who are not Africans, love BLACK WOMEN / AFRO LATINAS, like all of the clique. Let’s get that clear! So, that means Kweens are going to get these bars! We’re not your thug loser fathers who got your mother and your aunt pregnant at the sdame time and then both of them dumped him so he’s not in your life. I’m in that arse, you’re gonna get these bars! Smarten up! Black men, who were not colonized by European descendants, but come from the lineage of slavery in the Americas, don’t want European women, by and large. We built resilience to colonial powers because we had to, because we knew we couldn’t trust colonial forces and their offspring to not try to oppress us again, considering that many nations put in racist/bias social systems to ensure non-Blacks maintained unfair advantages to keep their folks with an upper hand. This is what those Asians are realizing they don’t have the power to do, after thinking they dealt a blow to Black people, after helping to abolish affirmative action, only to realize they will NOT get any advantages over the dominant society, and that Asians were getting affirmative action to get into the dominant society’s schools! 🤣🫵🏽 You can’t do such manipulation against the (American) Black man to make him subservient and just fall for whatever the dominant society says, because he has been attacked so long that he does not trust it. The same CANNOT be said for Kweens, who do not have, and never had, the same tough challenges as Black men, whom shielded these Kweens from harm, and yet still got thrown under the bus by Kweens, to save themselves. That being said, the man’s place in Black family was key to maintaining a strong family with cultural values being passed down, and all that backstabbing by Kweens since the 1960s, after winning them civil rights, it’s reached a huge boiling point. The minute the Democrats in USA crushed that Black male as the head of the household, as they clearly knew based on their own studies of the Black family (Moynihan Report), they would create disenfranchised males with no purpose, which is dangerous to do, but would completely demolish black power (e.g., community/family, economic say-so, empowerment, the Black messiah) because they knew they could attack the weaker species, to make them believe they can go through life without the Black man, thereby destroying all the attempts to ‘build back Black,’ after slavery. This was the whole point of the FBI’s war on Black people, to eliminate positive Black leaders in COINTELPRO program to destabilize Black neighborhoods and Black male leadership. The program sought to eliminate Martin Luther King for trying to get Civil Rights for disenfranchised AMERICANS, not just Blacks, and tried to label any positive Black men as a national threat, since 1956! You see all these immigrants in USA today, that’s due to the Civil Rights work of Blacks and others who assisted for the greater good of ALL Americans, and the FBI labeled MLK a terrorist messiah to try to stop what has lead to all you minority and immigrant citizen have great lives in the USA. Black families had to bond together to get Civil Rights going, we were the strongest as a group during this time, and the FBI and government sought to destroy that unity to that there cannot be resistance like this again to tyrannical forces, and the way to do this was to destroy the family, the center of a people’s pride. Process that in your thick skulls, let that marinate for a second. Immigrants get to come over to USA with their full family structure and freedom of religion and cultural values, and despite being born on the USA soil and stripped of all identity but a second class one, FBA/ADOS Blacks survived and were on a path to success, even before Civil Rights, which is why so many racist laws were put in place to stop us from the beginning, such as the prohibition for us to learn how to read and write, or to vote, right to gather, or many different laws put in to ensure we don’t function as normal people, and they were crazy by state, which drove mass migration of Blacks to uncertain futures across the states and the world– which Civil Rights helped to point out and reduce. This is my parents’ lifetime, this is not 100 years go. To destroy our pride and the success of the Civil Rights movement, the government simply decided to target my parents’ generation, with divisive and destructive tactics to destroy the Black family. After the FBI destroyed our communities, staging many Black on Black hateful events, bombing Black groups’s headquarters for now bowing to European descendant supremacy, and more, the rest of the government finished the job by pushing anti-family on Kweens, which made a LOT of Auntie kweens pop up, because they too hated Black men for racism that European descendants of America did to Black people. You know, the same nonsense rhetoric you saw on BLACK LIVES MATTER sites to destroy the Black nuclear family, which was orchestrated by Kweens who crated BLM and who don’t have male boyfriends or husbands and don’t have kids because they’re FEMALE LGBTQ or Kweens only, the government orchestrated first, so BLM is a European supremacy tool against Black families. You see the new BLM site tho, they buried that anti-family line, but we have the receipts still, check that link. You’d think that people with pride could stand up to this assault but there is a lot of evil that conquered the mind of the Kweens, centered on getting her to hate herself and most importantly the Black man. Every behavioral scientist the world has ever known, knows the females do anything possible to have comfortable lives and will backstab you in a heartbeat to gain any advantage at all, for her to success or survive. They’re not the seggs that would go down with a sinking ship, they’re not the seggs that knows purpose/commitment and loyalty; thus, you don’t hear things like “gentlewoman’s agreement” because we know they’re not the ones to trust and their loyalty blows with the wind. The government knew this was an easy group to target, just give them free things, and the government is the Black man’s replacement, while it continued campaigns to put Black men in jails and reduce their presence anywhere possible, in promotion of these women. That Democrat created ’94 crime bill, was greatly fueled by an effort of a Black woman, C. Delores Tucker, who went on a national campaign against RAP music, for misogynistic language and gang violence, that went all the way to the white house. She was instrumental in helping to get Democrats to make the ’94 crime bill to sent many Black men to prison and destroyed Black families. You know who she did not target? The European descendant businesses the put our and dictated that the negative version of rap is the one they will sell, instead of the positive forms, which were thriving back then. She put the blame on the artists, who don’t determine what’s hot or what’s not, it’s the record companies that were NOT Black owned! She new better than to target European descendants with money, she demonized Black men to the dominant society and made us all public enemy number 1 and demanded a government response- the 94 crime bill which earned government lot of money destroying Black life! Meanwhile, just the presidential term before that, former C.I.A. head and POTUS then, George Bush Sr., invited the same people C. Delores Tucker crucified later, N.W.A., to the white house! 😳 The point is, many Kweens have aided in the destruction of Black men, along with the government, who worked together to marginalize Black men and that’s why Black life is seen as worthless today, Kweens are complicit tools in the war on Black people, and they take welfare and corporate payouts to do it, happily. Promoting Kweens only advancement, as the government does, is a strategy to destroy families’ pride! Hell, Israel did the very same thing for Arab women, and that has negatively impacted the Arab household, which is why DEI is absolutely HATED in Israel by most people because they see how it is destroying culture of the people, as it makes people put money as a high value over cultural value. You know how you know DEI is garbage? We already have EEO in every company and government, which is supposed to do the same thing as DEI, so why do we have it? Is it to say that EEO and DEI doesn’t work, in reality, to make things better? DEI is to artificially inflate Kweens’ value and social status in a family structure, because most of those jobs pay way more than the regular person’s wage for the same job. That’s the problem with DEI! It’s not EEO, it’s a cheat code to only benefit females, thus it’s sexist. DEI folks get $100K for not being qualified for the role, and if you give someone who deserves $15k a year, $100k a year instead, do you think this person’s ego, entitlement and narcissism will be affected at all? Hell yeah it will be, and that’s why we have this “I don’t need no man,” nihilist, I-am-my-own-island, I am the table, baby mama plague, narcissism culture in Black communities, and this is meant to be the nail in the coffin of the Black family. Poor people can’t survive on phlegminism, that is a game that requires a lot of resources in a FAIR world, but you can be broke and achieve it if the government gives out mulligans and corporate benefits to give Kweens easy rides and free money to eliminate men from the homes. They KNEW these Kweens would betray Black men, knowing their natures is to go to the highest bidders and that they’re easily impressionable, if only you offer MONEY and opportunities to dominate/destroy Black men, America’s worst enemy. This is the point is phlegminism, which the government pushes. That was good game, Democrats, well played, permanent underclass that can’t exist without you or they lose all of their privilege! 👏🏼 Think about it, why would ANYONE make Kamala Harris a vice president of the United States? Her qualifications are what again? DEI! Democrats do NOTHING for Black men, only for Kweens, who in turn are selfish and don’t do anything for Black communities, thus the high crime by the mothers who refuse to marry and get paid off by the Democratic party to make terrorist children, or to not make babies to go on to be an auntie who will need to pay US taxes. Then he artificially inflates them by placing Kweens in roles and stating he is doing it only because of their sex and race, which Auntie Kween publications celebrated and use to try to emasculate Black men rather than uplift the Black race, which is not only ILLEGAL, but it’s bringing heat to Blacks that is unwanted, from conservative who are suing anything Kweens are attached to because they’re exposing Kweens are getting ahead with social engineering and not anything based on merit or being fair to other citizens. Biden administration panders to Kweens and it’s not FAIR, it’s blatant discrimination. This is terrible for the USA and worse for all Blacks, because it makes the racists stand up more to attack Black men, because we are the easiest targets for common hatred, and our women go ahead and progress while he take all the attack and racial bias from people who can’t attack Black women because the full Democratic party will destroy them. They’re not loyal, not to Black men, not to Black people, that auntie is a selfish, narcissistic, foul devil. She made a deal with the devil and cannot vote any other way but Democratic, or lose everything! Black people wanted to listen to music at the BET 2024 awards, and the Democrats PAID everyone to advertise to Blacks, and it was DISGUSTING because it was so phlegminist the whole show, overly woke, that nobody was blind to it, it was too overt! Kamala Harris, the fake Black who is an auntie, went to phlegmnist propaganda, misandry machine Essence magazine, to politically charge Auntie and Kweens to know you better go vote of all your freebies are OVER! Democrats went to find all stereotypical Kweens things and went to promote their “you better vote like your life depends on it because it does” message, but they could NOT do the same for Black men because they’re not easily tricked, have their own brains, and no political party can come out to a Black male event advertising, it would not ever happen– which is why the BET Awards was turned into a pro-Kween event, and no one liked it. Republicans know how to play these auntie and kween types too, to use them for political gain, knowing mindless idiots will pile in for some sisterhood propaganda cause and then some other woman will exploit those women for her own gain, under the guise of “yay sisterhood empowerment” like representative Gabrielle Hanson is known to do, for votes, or the optics of sisterhood supporters, including Kweens. Well played, they don’t even support, nor know, her, but she played the auntie chicks there with girl power! Everyone knows the auntie, everyone knows how to spot her and how to manipulate her. She’s a for hire tool, and today, she’ll take any handicap you give her so she can go live an auntie life– just like Kamala Harris. Everyone knows the flaws in sisterhood propagandists, anything about them can be bought and sold, there is no merit or honor involved when it comes to them, just tell them something is all about them, exclusive to only them and nobody else, and they’ll pour in support. Republicans know who are the vulnerable ones in society too, Kweens, they just can’t exactly reach them unless they sell them the fantasy of European male meat and the lure of supremacy ideology, at the expense of Black men! This is the next strategy at play, and I’m seeing it start to take form in these auntie ‘divestors’ pining for European descendant zaddies, trying to mimic Candace Owens; however, if you’re not bussin it open for European descendant zaddy, kissing the ring of supremacy, you’re of no use to him, and aunties are more likely to be Democrats because you can’t be ‘anti-family’ and be Republican. Everything they claim they hate about Black men, they completely ignore and have no problem with when they see the same habits and actions in European men – all of them are auntie types complaining that European descendants give them that equality they don’t like and don’t pamper them. All the things they claim they don’t do for you, like splitting bills, that’s a lie when they get Zaddy from Europe! They don’t tell you publicly because they don’t want Black men to see their auntie fails, but since they can’t stop complaining about men, they even post their slap-in-the-face fails over with zaddy in Europe. 🤣 Democrats require Kween and auntie votes during election time, they cannot operate without them, thus they’ll throw Black men under the bus and they institutionalize Black male misandry! There is an investment at pandering to auntie types in USA that does NOT exist in Europe and this is the reason for the widespread failure to secure a European descendant male, because they can’t be guilted into dating Auntie Kweens. So these Auntie Kweens don’t want to be stuck with Black men, they hate Black men and are trying to escape being Black. The way to ensure that they continue to hate being Black is to destroy what Black men love most– a sustainable Black family! If the government destroyed his hope, they’d have a broken person who could also be manipulated, as the women are, to get votes for their agendas. Black people, overwhelmingly, are Democrats and Kweens make up the majority of this lot, due to all the free money and opportunity they get, that never benefits the Black communities, thus they’re run down to trash today and Kweens make fatherlessness issues for themselves. Black men are leaving the democratic party because they’ve finally caught on and see that Democrats do ZERO for Black men, they only do for Kweens so that Kweens can advance while continue to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Black men, while continuing to marginalize the importance of Black men in families, which has destroyed Black culture. The promoting of Kweens now means the belittling and emasculation of Black men must happen, which is aided by many Democratic policies, most offering reward for ensuring that the Black male is not in the home, and that he is not permanently present in his kids’ lives. If the Black family were allowed to thrive, all of those Democratic votes would not exist, because Democrats are the party of baby mamas, abortions, and wild seggs all over the place without responsibility. Democrats promote destruction of society, and when they’re done with them, just overlook them too, because they get crumbs from Democrats. Kweens can get a decent salary as a baby mama by using horny fathers and ditching them, creating fatherlessness issues for the community and calling it empowerment. Black men don’t want to be baby daddies, that is why 52% – 54% of Black men are childless and unmarried, 34% of Black men are married and Kweens can’t find men who want to donate their sperm to cryobanks, because we are against giving our seed away where we are not there to raise our children. If you want to see an accurate breakdown of percentage of Black men in baby-making ages versus how many kids they fathered, Medium Man has used CDC stats to simplify this for you and cited the sources for you. The 52% – 54% represents men that likely represent the best batch of available men to procreate with; however, Kweens don’t want these good men and never did after getting welfare and government handouts. They want these guys who are already making all the babies and have many baby mamas. I can’t tell you how many European descendants and Europeans asked me why I don’t just go get any one of these educated Kweens because there are so many traveling alone looking pathetic like they’re trying to prove a point. It let them know with examples like that link I just posted, they’re not interested in dudes unless you make their nether regions tingles from the threat of violence that lingers in the air- I’ll drop a follow up piece on this later but explains the Pookie & Ray Ray love they give those guys.

These auntie people are trying to be OLD women traveling the world looking at European couples their age, and then blaming Black men for these women being lonely and going to die alone. This is how they see their future. I saw this, 3 Kweens were standing on a corner getting mad at Black guys with their European women going by and older couples going by complaining how happy they were and wondering if that old woman cooks and cleans in Europe. They were bragging about how they don’t have to be bothered with some old man or ‘thug.’ The Black male misandry was off the chain, so clearly, they expect to be old, lonely women. I doubt this is the real plan, just talking tough, but the hatred at all the couples they saw? Clearly they can’t be happy to be single.

You think I’m joking, but there are many campaigns right now to get the Auntie into the European descendant’s agenda. Kamala Harris is a prime example. The kids you see in Kamala Harris’ empty marriage to her European descendant husband ARE NOT HER BIOLOGICAL KIDS! They are that man’s kids with another woman. There are whole articles dedicated to Kweens wishing to be an auntie like Kamala until some European descendant who will marry a woman who doesn’t want his kids or can’t have his kids, comes along thirsty for a bedwench. Rather than be with a Black man, this is another things Kweens wish to be when they grow up, childless in a marriage. How do you marry someone who can’t make your offspring? But Kamala gets to be an auntie forever over there, and it is a miserable sight. The only problem with this auntie goal is too many Kweens are loose out there, so this dream is a long way off. Queens are getting knocked up on those trips they’re spending all their money on! If you take a look at how many women are neither with kids or married, no surprise that this percentage is LOW and could never match the percentage of men without kids/marriage, at 54%. The percentage of women who are childless and without marriage is 39%– I’ll post this video since yall don’t know how to read stats when I give you the directly links but direct links are in the video’s notes. You mean to tell me this small percentage can’t find any suitable male in the 54% range of men? Really? The reason 61% of Kweens are single mothers is because they love that creampie and they’re doubling up on the same men that other women are with, and are sharing most men they all like, in many cases at the same time, thus another problem with auntie, you’ll see later. Aunties and mommies alike all want the same men- aunties just get rid of the babies or are faithful to their birth control- and based on the sickness out there, condoms are not the most common form of birth control either, plan B /medical abortions are! Kweens only use men for money, or sex if you’re a clown she thinks is so dumb she can control you to do her bidding, meaning they have a mentality that a man is only good if she has something she can use him for, otherwise, she discards him. That’s how they’re bred, unfortunately, thus, no good man wants any part of that misandry. If I told you that women were only good for sex, you’d swear I was a horrible person, but it’s taught, in the Black community, that men are only useful if you can exploit them, which we learn form the greater society. This is why nobody is listening to men in this pretend patriarchy nonsense sisterhood morons constantly complain about. We just let them go bang the criminals the playboys they want, and we just go about our own way. The problem with me is I can look like a Pookie and Ray Ray when I’m not in suits, and this is when I get attention I didn’t ask for, from ladies. 🤦🏾 Mind you, a lot of these Kweens and auntie types are confessing this out loud, look how they’re not attractive women, not even in the slightest but they have so much pride and confidence in rejecting good men and love telling stories about how many good man they threw away. Example? Here, these women don’t respect a tall cop who can protect them, and say they hate him because he is a cop. 😳 They also didn’t want this guy because he is a good guy and is smart. They are not trying to find good men because that would remove the power of these Kweens to be miserable and destroy their lives as designed. These are Kweens who destroy Black culture with their disgusting pride and stupidity they teach the kids in households they actively work to ensure they lead and no man is present in, so that he cannot stop this foolery from occurring. The world is finally starting to see that Black men are not to blame for the misfortune of Kweens, rather, Kweens are to blame for everything terrible about their lives and they created all the mess. That being said, this gave birth to the auntie, the Kween who has seen all the nonsense related to Black issues in the ghetto, but instead of blaming her mother and her aunts for doing all the ghetto nonsense and taking Democrat Black family destruction bait, SOME, not MOST, of the Kweens decided that they don’t even want to make babies at all. Now, quite frankly, I’d not want to a disgusting ghetto Kween, so, I don’t blame them for not wanting to be those kinds of mothers, but the flaw in their programming is auntie types are mentally ill individuals, and they’re physically ill in high numbers too, which I’ll explain later. Instead of educating themselves, auntie types are upset with the perception of how Black men are behaving in the communities, they’re ignoring the fact that most Black men do not have kids and were never married, and they’re judging all Black men by the most select of Black men in the ghettos, that is to say that men with “swag,” who are tall, who are splurging on women or who are wasteful with money, and have kids by multiple women they will not marry. That is a small percentage of men, but they are responsible for MOST of the babies that are fatherless in the ghettos, and the Kweens, including auntie types, are all sleeping with these same men. Men who are educated, who are not flashy, who are not “smooth” and don’t have swag, but are just hard workers with purpose, those are NON SELECT men to Kweens. This is a cultural failure created by Kweens, and they do not prize these as values, until they’re old and washed and nobody is physically or mentally attracted to these Kweens, as they cross their 30s in age. Auntie types, they approach 30s, after not taking Black men seriously, and then think magically someone is going to marry them because they’re spent decades, watching other Kweens manipulate Black men into doing their bidding, not realizing that only loser Black men do bidding of useless Kweens. Auntie types don’t have what it takes to get the “non-select” men to fall for their tricks, they are used up, can’t pair bond, they’re OLD Karen types who can’t even get along with each other, so, they HATE all Black men they can’t manipulate with dried up sex that nobody cares for. Instead of them curating a relationship in their 20s, they were being loose in their vaginal area with useless, meaningless men, some trying to make excuses that they were studying in school or working on their careers so they were too busy to have serious relationships. Now, when men hear that excuse, that some woman was too BUSY working on her career to form a loving relationship that could lead to marriage, that is a HUGE RED FLAG! I, and my closest bros, ALL WENT TO, AND COMPLETED, COLLEGE and all are paid well. Most of them are married too, if they’re Latin, Asian or White, ironically enough. None of us men would ever say we could not study and work on our careers unless we terminated dating. That’s the most stupid crock of Sh!t excuse I’ve ever heard, but all of the auntie types with degrees, this is what they are ALL claiming is why they’re so dull, insipid, boring and are socially inept thus they are not married into their 40s. This is a sick group of ladies, this auntie bunch, and they thought they were men, thinking that as they aged and got their careers on track, that they would become more VALUABLE to men. That’s NOT how life works, and no, Kweens and auntie types are not more valuable to a man because they don’t know how to function in a relationship, aren’t as flexible as a 20 year old woman and have been run through so much our times with the auntie types is temporary in her mind because that’s all she’s ever done. Look at women who were married and now divorced, they’re on the internet trying to get sympathy for being old and lonely, so do you really think some woman that has no kids or husband is going to be happy with all their money, going forward? Get real. If one can cut it, great for her, but most cannot and should knock it off before they further destroy their lives with this auntie nonsense. Look at this thirst trap from a 37 year old begging for some man to answer “am I not beautiful?” looking for some dumb simp. She gives away a key thing wrong with auntie nonsense, she said she has a home and her job, that’s it. Is that really the life they picked for themselves? This is a HUGE HOLE, or another huge hole (the other between her legs), in their strategy; thus, they’re just old, on the shelf useless, bitter women who have no purpose to anyone but the government. Then they’re spending loads of money to try to hide their loneliness, this is where trips come in. They have created themselves into the most self sufficient humans they could be, great, now they’re single just like they also worked so hard to be- except none of them expected to be single. 👏🏼 Not ONE of them has ever stopped to ask a man if that man wanted a woman who was not feminine, was not sexy, was old with gray hair everywhere, who was dried in the special place, who can’t get orgasms without using toys because she never had a loving relationship where she was comfortable with a man’s touch combined with genuine love for that man, etc. The auntie likes to pretend that people are intimidated by her, and this is the lie they tell themselves for being undesirable to men. They bet on the wrong strategy, they bet on the strategy of being alone but self sufficient. There is nothing wrong with that, the problem is that while men were looking for the best woman to marry the whole time he built his career, the career is something to strive for to help is FAMILY, ultimately. He works for his FAMILY. The auntie, she did all that to be alone- and now is complaining that she is alone! 👏🏼🤦🏽‍♀️ Look at this Shen Nu Asian woman here, selling her booty on the internet and now wondering why nobody wants her so she goes to the Internet to get sympathy and have men fill her inbox with horny requests. Or take a look at this one, trying to show off the she just came from shopping in a mall and is thirst trapping to get some man using SIMPathy tactics looking for a savior SIMP at the age of 42! Her ex husband dumped her, but YOU the SIMP will save her life. Does that sound like a bunch of people who are very happy to be alone? So, do you think all these Blacks trying to pretend that they’re so proud to be alone and they’re so happy that nobody wants to be around them are really happy? Imagine if they were really happy, do you think that they are not mentally insane? If anyone is listening to this auntie garbage, they’re destroying their lives entirely.

Eboni K Williams wants to get other aunties to buy sperm from random men they’ve never met, rather than a Black man a woman should be getting from a man she vetted. Women have a huge list of criteria for men they date, but look at the criteria they don’t have for sperm from a cryo bank. 🤣 This lawyer woman also went to European descendant men and they dumped her over and over. Now no race of men is good enough?
auntie social
The spotlights are on the Kween and Auntie types, or rather, she’s putting it on herself for all the wrong reasons. She’s narcissistic, she’s not a leader, she’s not a parent, but you people let her lead your female offspring down a depressing path that is worse that just the typical self hatred of social media pressure, using social media flexing.

Anything I’m saying here, this is with the consult of Black men and women, who are conservative and liberal and everything in between, but who are old school in nature, and see this new wave of debauchery, destroying our community. I posted that video above because that’s the talk in the conscious Black community, so I don’t want to hear a goddamn thing about how this is misogyny, it’s the talk of cultural people with our backs against the wall, letting fuktards control our narrative and image to the world, setting us back by 100 years with their stupid ways. This entry is about us people looking at our numbers dwingling, and just getting any old Blacks from anywhere imported into the country who are ignorant to our struggles here, helping to boost numbers, but they’re actively with the nationalist supremacists and are also leading the charge in this AUNTIE nonsense. Yes, most auntie people I know are non American Descendants Of Slaves and non Foundational Black Americans (both American Blacks), who wish they can be saved by a European man, but can’t, and hate their own men who are leaving for European women, so they came to help destroy American Blacks and our culture they have, nor want, nothing to do with. Most of the sites on the social media that are filled with divestors and auntie types are run by African women, who like to post content of themselves in Europe pretending to be European, when I’ve been to Europe and those European descendants look at them like bums and second class citizens faking like and don’t want to be associated with them. Sites are flooded with them bragging and flaunting their European descendant husband as if he or she is worth sh1t. Look at this guy, pockets getting drained for this ugly broad, who looks dusty and can’t even buy a good weave with all the money he is spending on that. She’s a 2 out of 10. If someone is going to pay for something, it shouldn’t be THAT, that’s subpar. You can tell he’s a loser because if he is spending like that, paying to keep that, and if he feels he must pay, then why not one of the MANY hot chicks he could be paying for of all races? Look at the comments section, check those ladies praising Zaddy, and realize, you won’t be mad for them to go that direction, you’re not missing anything by them going over there. 🤣 I don’t have hate for it, I just look at these clowns acting like they’re someone special because Europeans gave them approval to live. It’s these Africans who are really proud of this mainly, though, and it’s spreading to everyone else. This should be expected, because if you read the book “Daughters of the Trade..” you’ll see this is the history of the African woman when it comes to Europeans, even during slavery. That book will teach you the trust nature of Kweens and auntie types, and you’ll see this is from periods long before our current time. They’ve no pride nor shame. Aunties are on trips in Europe looking alone because they are alone, Europeans aren’t messing with those people. Any social media page you find with “Dark Skinned…” in it, it’s run by a non FBA, non ADOS dark skinned women blaming racism and lack of hot men for their misfortunes in dating and being aunties and being non-select. Auntie types are not married because their strategies to get married are failures from launch, and a growing number are divorced with no kids! They go an blame Black men for not wanting to marry them, and by the end of this piece, you’ll understand more of why that part is true, but what Kweens don’t tell you is that they get online, or get with match makers, and Kweens are trying to SPECIFICALLY FIND OTHER RACES TO MARRY THEM and that is FAILING too! This is why so many of them have joined the sisterhood propaganda, so they can blame all men because they can’t get a European or fuk boy who will marry them, and neither will a good man today. They’ve egg and nut on their faces nowadays. Yes, there are many books even covering this topic, by Kween authors pushing interracial sex only for Kweens to European descendant men, and their graphs will show you that Kweens respond to online requests to converse more for every other race and ethnicity MOST, and only to Black men the LEAST! 😳 Here, we’ve been known this, but the world is finding this out, that Kweens are not race loyal as they claim, Kweens just can’t get these other races to take their nonsense so they make up lies and excuses for their poor dating results. If Kweens are race loyal, then you tell me why so many African nations are worried about all the Chinese men moving in and marrying African women to get citizenship so they can take over Africa? Hmm, race loyal? Sounds to me like someone who doesn’t care that these foreigners are taking away their land and destroying the fabric of their nation, and the motivated by MONEY! I’ll have you know that there are real numbers of Kweens lying about being race loyal but CDC has their numbers of all them with babies by non Black men and they’ve got a lot of those babies. Race loyal NOTHING! If they can get a non-Black man they will, because it makes them look special, it makes them look sophisticated and it makes they close to their goal of being seen in their God’s image (the European female). Kweens made 1,244,790 children with non-Black men from up to the 2021 stats. So when they say that Black men are the least race faithful, they’re lying, they’ve made more interracial babies than Black men. Keep that in mind when you look at that rates of 61% of Kweens being mothers, you’ve a chunk of them that procreated with non-Black men, so Black men alone are not responsible for that high count and high body counts. Also, that means that 39% of Kweens are officially aunties, since they’re the ones without kids- remember, it’s the colloquialism so it doesn’t matter if she’s an only child and not technically an aunt. It’s the Black way of saying what China calls the Sheng Nu.” Shen Nu are the “left over women” of China, that’s an auntie. You think I make this stuff up, I have the receipts. Now, Chinese women over 30 are doing auntie social stupidity, and to fill their empty lives, they are coming to the USA to take more schooling in colleges. 👏🏼 Same thing Kween auntie types do, they go get high degrees because they’re not HOT! BARS! This is a sickness of the auntie, it’s in China. And I personally know that this is a big thing in the Philippines as well! I’ve personally turned down 5 such offers for chicks like that, boring, only can read you a book or something, they don’t know how to please a man or how to behave as a feminine women because all they know is books. Salute to who likes that stale dried booger, but not I! This nonsense is global. These are the women that aren’t producing children and much like aunties they have their jobs and education but nobody wants them, despite the fact that China doesn’t have enough women for the men, still no men want them, which says a LOT! You know who they wish would take them though? European non-select men. Same thing for auntie types, so don’t go blaming Black men for auntie types being so bitter, the whole world has auntie types and I see/engage them all the time on vacations and work travel. PBS did a whole special on Chinese auntie types and how China calls them out for auntie nonsense. Kweens that are aunties have no excuse for their loneliness, they’re run out of excuses we can all SEE why they fail. Chinese men, due to shortage of good Chinese women, started going all over Asian, and Europe now, to find good women to bring them back to be brides, much like you see Passport Bros going over the world to find brides. It also doesn’t help that South Korean men are seen as the best Asian men to marry, so that’s consumed a wave of Chinese women, lately. Kween auntie types have no such luck, nobody want them. They go around the world praying someone will take them, nobody wants them. They make up excuses for being left overs that nobody wants, as coping mechanisms rather than going out there to improve themselves, and they prove they wish they could get someone other than Black men. Look, other men see what we all see, nobody is blind but many are desperate, and that’s who’s getting them pregnant outside of wedlock. So, when subpar kweens talk like they’re so blessed in the dating market, I know it’s mainly efforts led by auntie types, who have nothing good to contribute to society and the use social media, then fail so they’re all depressed and ultimately they die alone on a quest to be a single mother who makes babies from sperm of some man who also wouldn’t want to give it up willingly combined with her froze eggs. Martin Luther King admitted he made a huge mistake with Civil Rights centering on integration, and what you’re seeing today, from Kweens’ behaviors, is proof of that mistake. Integration has led to idolizing European culture and wishing to be them, rather than having self pride and culture, as Kweens have been trying since June 12, 1967 to get them some European descendant interracial sexual access in the landmark case Loving vs Virginia. While Black men were trying to secure freedom for Black people, Kweens were concerned with securing sexual access to European descendant men! So, the whole race loyal act, Black men have known this las long been a crock of sh!t from these Kweens, and today is no different. They want thugs or European descendants ONLY. Why? Because if they picked a Black man who is doing well, then it puts focus on what these Kweens are not doing well, and finally all can see who exactly is screwing up everything for Black relationships. It’s easy to blame the dusty men they mate with, so they completely avoid the majority of Black men, who are doing well, because then they can’t make excuses for their failure, and that means that 14% of men are who they are going to is all they feel they deserve and can handle! Auntie types claim to be the best of the best of Kweens, this is how they’re positioning themselves, the best of all Black people! So, much so that they wish they were European descendants- except their getting shown the door by these other people constantly. The stereotypes, put out there there by Kweens who ought to gain power by defaming Black men, which worked in their favor, portrayed Black men as deserters of our children. This is important, and the reason is because we only let Kweens tell the narratives about us, and normally they lie to make themselves look better, and to demonize a Black father. The are many negative stereotypes about the Black father, but one that most notable is one that should not be seen as negative, it’s a positive, but in today’s gynocratic society, the importance of a father is being minimized, and his presence in the family is being minimized, in order to pretend like mothers are all that matter. Well, this terrible strategy has had 3 generations of failure for Blacks, and in the face of this failure has always been true evidence, that Black fathers are involved in their kid’s lives, and that Black fathers are not primarily gang member thugs. Having the average Black father involved helps curb negative stereotypes from being acted out by our children, which begins by undoing anything many Kweens are teaching our kids. Observe here, this is why this Black father spanked his daughter when he found her setting up a phone camera so that she could get on the camera to sexually twerk her infant bottom, for perverts on the internet, something she learned from observing auntie and Kween types because this is who is destroying the youth and don’t want a strong man around to STOP slvt culture early! That father was highly offended that his kid did that sexual act on camera at 5 years of age, and the kid could only have learned it from the guardians of the Black culture, the ones who are trying to keep Black men from fathering because it points out how poor they are as parents, our Kweens. Black men are seeing this more and more, especially young men who were not born in 70s, when all this garbage of matriarchy in the hood spawned to product this nonsense culture we see today, and we’re DONE with it. Him spanking his kid is respectable but the haters, 100% sisterhood propagandists and plegminists, are protesting him and wanting him kicked off of the internet and fired from his job for abuse. So, let me get this straight, the mother teaches/allows the baby girl to do sexual acts, that’s acceptable and promoted, but the father putting a stop it it, that’s the criminal offense? That, folks, is Plegminism pushing Black culture to ruin, like the sheep Black people are! Phlegminists Auntie types want your daughters to be destroyed in the future because this is their attack on Black men continuing from the 1960s to now, and they’re trying to destroy the baby girls of present Black men! That little girl, being sexual in the video, was only 5 years old 😳and the Internet is killing that Black father right now because the stopped her from doing sexual acts by spanking her! However, for my people, Stockholm syndrome is huge, along with self-hating, phlegminism and being able to play multiple sides against each other to be double agents pretending to be loyal to their own, and this has led to many turncoats Kweens destroying our culture, attempting to burn it all to the ground because they hate themselves. Let’s give you a sample, here, which is a video that went viral.

Soulyearner False over here will travel to something like the Sojourner Truth statue and then twerk to show solidarity and sisterhood strength. 👀 She was all alone and angry on this quick trip I took. I waited to see if this person would even read the literature on Truth, and this person didn’t even bother. Just snapped pics for the symbolism and bounced. Asians were forced to ask me to explain the statue and history and loved the context I gave to the literature they read, and the Kween just looked over at us like that was lame. That was a failed moment to educate others about our culture, but she was so bitter about her life and looked so evil, she didn’t even bother to educate our foreign friends. I was disappointed in her but that’s auntie nonsense.

Would you talk to your 106 year old grandmother like that auntie did to her great grandmother? That video features a 38 year old auntie being confronted by her 106 year old great grandmother, who does not agree with the disgusting auntie lifestyle the younger woman is living. Now, that auntie culture is spreading in popularity, amongst ghetto Kweens everywhere, there is a piss on Black culture, Black love and Black family, and it’s fashionable to piss on the graves of our Black ancestors who fought to ensure that we survived, as a people, in the face of all that adversity the elders got us through, to make it so that auntie types can have civil rights privileges they constantly abuse. The grandmother is upset the auntie has no kids or husband and the answer the large granddaughter tells her traditional elder is that she gets a lot of sex from random men. 🤡 Any lady in my family, if they tried that on my grand parents, they’d get shot then smacked. This shows the complete lack of respect for our women by Kweens of the modern world. They have zero respect for our tradition. Then grandmother calls out the auntie because she’s lazy and doesn’t do anything in life but sit on her large backside, to which the obese granddaughter answers that SHE JUST CAME BACK FROM A TRIP. Instead of answering the grandmother to tell her she has a hobby, she just says she does trips. BORING! These auntie types have no hobbies, they have nothing to do with themselves, and all they have is work. These TRIPS, they are all these auntie types have to be proud of, that they can spend money to try to show off to other Kweens about their solo trips. Their solo trips are just visual expressions of their narcissism, it is just oozing through the screens of the videos and pictures they share. Her grandmother suspects phlegminism is involved and accuses the girl of being LGBTQ in jest, because the grandmother knows this is what’s overtaken this young Kween, she is wise, she knows what destroyed her daughter’s generation. The grandmother is NOT pleased that this is where Kweens are today, it looks pathetic to her and the grandmother has lost her husband, due to death, so the want to save the Kweens from lonely life of an old ladies. Geeze, she’s lived 106 years, you’d think a Kween would listen to their elders, but no, Kweens and aunties don’t listen to anyone other than themselves and, of course, social media influencers trying to make them all ruin their lives. The Kween brags to the grandmother that she has a lot of sex although she has no boyfriend or husband, as if that’s a defining thing to be proud of, so she’s admitting men are only good for sex, to her grandmother. This is misandry and the grandmother cannot believe this. This is huge disconnect between today’s Kweens and the respectable grandmothers of yesteryears. The grandmother simply replies that the Kween is a dirty broad and says she’s running up the body count like a slvt, in fact, the grandmother called the auntie just that. 🤣 The video was put out by the obese auntie because she thought it was cool to embarrass her grandmother on camera!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ The large kweens proceeds to insult her grandmother, the auntie calls her great grandmother a slvt 😳 and that is the reason Black culture is destroyed. How are these people so strong and in the sisterhood when they don’t even respect the women who made it possible for them to be here? Where is their race loyalty considering what her family would have had to go through to survive in the early 1900s before civil rights. Does her grandmother deserve that disrespectful talk? This is very common in the Black community, and this was created by the baby boom Black kweens! Someone 106 came up in terrible conditions for Black people, so imagine her looking at this girl that her daughter’s daughter produced. The grandmothers today are online wiggling their buttcheeks sexually for likes on social media. You thought this thot culture was new? Nooo, that baby boomers destroyed a lot of progress made by civil rights with their nonsense, and these twerking grandmothers are baby boomers! This nasty slvt culture is just more perverted and now it has created culturally bankrupt armies of people empowered by destroying the Black community, something slavery, apartheid and genocide couldn’t even accomplish at the hands of colonizers/enslavers- and Kweens and aunties are proud of that, because they get to work for corporations and get paid money. 👏🏼 They get paid from jobs but they’re culturally bankrupt. Taht video with the great grandmother, that really upset me and let me know, we have to dump these Kweens and aunties in the trash. Meanwhile, there is absolutely zero proof that this path they’ve taken is resulting in any progress. If you’re culturally bankrupt, you’re going to FAIL! You cannot progress in life trying to pretend like you can ignore that fact that you don’t respect Black cultures. Bad habits will over take you and derail everything you ever worked on if you don’t have culture. Here’s what I mean; talking with my community, we came across a story about a woman who was slated to be an auntie but instead is now dead. Pretty lady, who got mixed up with a lame Haitian guy who was a playboy and a thug (their favorite types they’re looking for on dating apps), tattoos all over his whole torso, driving a fancy muscle car, a guy who is the top choice in looks and flashy category that all the women love. The is the 14% of men who all the women want to be with, in the Black community, and unfortunately, this is the 14% of who are the ones who are responsible for helping these women go from auntie to single mom, as they become Kweens who are baby mamas with unwanted kids by a fraction of the men in this 14% of men – and no, these men are NOT the guys who are with financial requirements, and who respects them, and all that garbage they demand from “good guys.” Instead of this auntie picking a man who are most likely to be a good father, as CDC outlines are the most present fathers, in the USA, these Kweens pick the first good looking man they can find, and don’t care about the quality of man. If you pick from this bottom 14% of men, then you are gambling with your life, because you already know that the deserters of kids will be in this small percentage of men. Take a look at the worst of the 14% of these repeat impregnators! 😳 He has all the swag and get’s all the hag! 🤣 He can HAVE THEM whenever he wants. The whole 14% Is not like that, many of this lot lives with the women they made the babies with just that they did not marry these women, for many reasons. Nonetheless, this lot has a lot of fathers who desert their baby mamas, or, in the case of this situation that was brought to me, the 29 year old auntie (Vanessa Pierre) picks a Haitian thug to let impregnate her, and 3 months before she was to deliver the baby, HE KILLED HER AND DUMPED HER BODY OFF OF THE SIDE OF A HIGHWAY IN QUEENS, when he lived in Long Island’s area with a lot of non-Foundational Black Americans. 😳 Non Blacks always ask “why are these women not finding good men?” and then we allow Kweens to spin a narrative like they’re forced to do things they willingly participate in, like Cassie accusing Pdiddy of things she clearly volunteered to do for a DECADE, just to be with him, and then claim to be a victim. These are adult Kweens, they have full control and agency, and we let such individuals pretend to be infantilized babies. These are choices that grown Kweens are making, and they’re making very poor choices, and the results are catastrophic. This happens when you have a long line of bodies! Every man is just a temporary, useless person she bed over and over, and they’re just numb inside, it’s really sad. This is another reason they don’t want good men, they know they don’t deserve them nor can they handle them. They know they only deserve thugs and thug don’t question her body count, he just wants to make sure HE has unprotected sex with her just like all the men prior. This lady, like Breonna Taylor , only picks thugs to date and mate with, and then they end up paying for it with their lives. This lady who was murdered by that thug was also a Haitian, she was a NURSE like Breonna Taylor, messing with a Haitian thug! They’re teaching younger and younger Kweens that thugs are acceptable, and these emotionally unstable, uncontrolled baby mama raised males are murdering them! And yet, you will NEVER hear a call to stop dating thugs, from ANY KWEENS or auntie types, there is only a call to never date Black men who have education, good jobs, and manners. These are Kweens who were getting their money and had their careers off to good starts, and yet, it all came crashing down because they bet on losing horses, the bad boys, and show yet again that they not only cannot be trusted, but that it’s a given that they’re going to ruin their lives, and anyone attached to them. The fact that Kween nonsense took over Haitian culture is WILD, even I never saw that coming, it’s unheard of to me; however, I shouldn’t be surprised because I see Africans actively promoting auntie garbage. Hell, I even see Asians try trying to get big butts so they can participate in slvt culture, and I shook my head in disappointment when I saw a 2 women in UFC start twerking their nasty, sweaty crotches for the audience after matches. But they’re also out there trying to do auntie culture too, they’re copying Kweens now in everything they’re doing on social media! This is disgusting behavior, serious men don’t want to associate with these kinds of Kweens. The camera watches the mother twerk for a crowd, then pans to her baby son! 🤡  Hey there is even Asians twerking in MMA and Kweens are praising it – she can do both. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Not respectable to do public sexual acts! So, if you do this nonsense copycatting Kween and auntie types, you’re going to get the very same results, like this woman. THIS is why good men, around the world don’t want twerking idiots, it lets us know that this lady is also likely plotting in secret with other men because look how easily she flaunts her sex to the public and isn’t reserved, she is literally giving sex away and signaling that she’s is a type who gives it to the public because she’s for the streets. This is all psychotic behavior, and it passes a normal behavior in today’s time, thus men have no confidence in women today. Well, Kweens have no confidence in themselves and others like them either, they can’t trust them, and like 2 ladies I recently dated, the only “friends” these ladies have are the daughters they make, did you hear what she was saying with her baby? 😳 Now, revisit that twerking granny and the mother saying slvt culture teachings to the baby, are you not understand the problem with kweens and auntie types today? There are many aunties looking at that lady and not wanting to be that, but they blame the men who made that babies and not these kween who are doing all the actions. They are NOT ready to be auntie types because just like these old broads whose kids have grown up and left the home, they’re EMPTY inside with EMPTY nest syndrome and have nothing to do in life because all they ever did was pamper some kid. The kids leave and you know what that empty nest OLD woman thinks to do now that she has no hobbies and nobody wants her? You guessed it, she’s online, poisoning little girls and getting sexual for the public to see, as an old, nasty deserted sex worker or something, like this one flailing her disgusting loose, droopy breasts for the world to see. Or, she’s doing what Kayne West’s mother did, going and getting “mommy makeover” which is getting a fake butt and fake breasts inserted from big fat stomachs that are redistributed to these other parts to look sexually desirable to men, and then died from surgery complications. She was trying to get out there and get sexual as an OLD baby boomer female. Same thing with those Black who went to Mexico and got killed and kidnapped, the guys went with the woman for a mommy makeover for an old baby boomer. That’s mothers trying to do auntie act when the kids are old enough, that’s why you see so many mothers being slvt culture online today. The Kweens all want to have the pretend life the auntie has, which is to travel, eat a lot of food, get fat without criticism and not have kids, but are instead a bunch of baby mama mostly (using stats and their confessions here). Conversely, the auntie really wishes she were a mother, although she is out there pretending like she doesn’t want kids, and genuinely, there is a small minority that does want kids, but they screwed up their opportunities or they’re broken and can’t make babies so they’re getting left by men and/or have mental illness due to their inability to be a mom- been there done that, for the record, you don’t want to be with an auntie who wishes to suddenly make babies, you are an idiot if you let that person line you up for kids suddenly when they never wanted them before. Your relationship will be dead very soon after. The other AUNTIE dream is to be married and never have to live with the husband, so that Kween has full space to be a single person while claiming to be married. Yes, this is a thing, many are trying to get this, and it’s DUMB because it’s a long distance marriage! These aunties agree to it because they’re going to be taking trips, cheating and nullify the point of marriage. That’s why it was GREAT NEWS to KWEENS and any European descendant females looking to copycat Black buffoonery, that Sheryl Lee Ralph has not lived with her husband for more than 20 years! Clearly, it’s something the liberal media is signaling with because it’s on MANY publications that a not Black centered, and I mean MANY, yet most people have no idea who thiw Black woman, nor her husband, are because they don’t watch Black ghetto movies, which is all she acts in. It’s the ultimate wet dream of Kweens, and you can be a mommy and an auntie at the same time, which is why only WOMEN, including the 1 psychologist who approves it, thinks it’s healthy for a relationship to live like that. The “husband” is reduced to “partner” in these pieces, listen to the wording, and you will spot the angling. They see each other maybe ever other 2 weeks. Look at that supporters of this stupidity, it’s dysfunctional Kweens and auntie types. The same people who don’t want long distance relationships, the same people who cheat left and right even if you live two streets over from here, they want you to have a long distance marriage with them, so they can take all the trips they want and cheat! Why even bother to marry them? NO guy is going to agree to this, why bother? Go get a roommate if you’re lonely. And the kids of these dysfunctional arrangements by Kweens is killing these kids, just like the Kayne West situation where his mother created a fatherlessness situation because she wanted to move to china and chicago, taking her Kanye away from the father. These Kweens are heavy promoters and creators of FATHERLESSNESS. This long distance marriage is also a fatherlessness arrangement. They just want to be baby mamas, they don’t care how screwed the kids are. These kids are getting laughed at because they’re mothers are out here acting like aunties, ignoring the fact that they have kids! That’s the problem with the auntie stupidity, everyone can’t do it, but it’s so popular that mothers do it and embarrass their kids like this. Who’s ready to be stuck with this kind of disgusting person for the rest of their lives. She has a LEG tattoo, she is not being taught how the twerk, she’s already a pro who has done much worse. You’re not fooling anyone. Like Grandmother like daughter like grand daughter. This is why they can’t find good men, men grew up seeing these people act disgusting and grow up resenting their mothers, grandmothers and sisters. 🤮 And despite all that, this is why they’re getting thugs to have sex with them and impregnate them, because this is who they’re made for, THUGS! They can’t be wreckless if they are with a good man, he’d not allow it! So they pick thugs so they can have all the freedom they want to do auntie culture. Auntie culture is what a lot of these baby mamas are jealous of, to grow older without that annoying kids. So many Kweens resent their children. The kicker is auntie and Kweens both want to sleep with the same men, despite all the lies they say about their list of requirements for a man, the thug bypasses all of that nonsense talk. What’s funny is the auntie like to laugh at single mothers / baby mamas being pregnant with babies by men who will desert them, but then those auntie types tend to get pregnant right after they run their mouths, like that comedian Watch Jazzy, who is the 3rd baby mama to football player Cam Newton. Now, because she looked so stupid, she’s leaning into the stupidity on her “baby mama tour.” This is the reality, and if you think it’s because they can’t find a good man that these ‘educated’ Kweens can’t get men, stop listening to propaganda and listen to what they’re really telling you, THEMSELVES, like they tell all the magazines and anyone who will listen, while they simultaneously try to blame Black men for these women being auntie types that nobody wants to marry at 40 years of age acting like all you’ve read here. Nobody wants to marry that and Kweens and aunties don’t want marriage either! Here is a big controversy where they were mad at European descendant women because those women were showing off wedding bands while graduating, and Kweens, who have the highest divorce rate and the lowest marriage rate in USA, were jealous of these women, which creates this auntie backlash and anti-Black male misandry. How proud can a people be when they’re begging non Black people to please come consider them for marriage? Weakest of us can’t be trusted, they’ll do anything to secure a comfortable position with whomever is dominant. These Kweens and aunties are on news networks and write articles and social mediate posts begging for European descendants to marry them? It’s worldwide, Black, White, Chinese/ Asia…. Screams desperation, it’s not attractive to outsiders or insiders, so they’re getting no takers from any sites, so they lie and blame their misfortune on lack of Black men in college, but then say THIS contradictory statement as I already informed you:

Anjerrika Bean, the assistant director of Howard University’s Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership, was one person who chimed in the conversation, stating that “for Black women attending college, we’re really striving to level the playing field or become economically stable,” she told the publication. “Our goal is to secure a career, and in turn, secure our families. Securing a spouse isn’t the ultimate agenda for us. That doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in it, but it isn’t the reason we are choosing to further our education at said institution.”
Cock Carousel
Round and around and around, riding the cockie carousel for years, has the auntie going in circles. If someone changed jobs every year, for 20 years, would you say you can trust this person to stay at your company? No, they’re not a sound pick, they’re not long term, they’ll not appreciate your company. That is how men view relationship hopping too!

So the plan of the Kween, while she is in the auntie phase, is she will secure money and secure her solo family; however, the key thing she said was that securing a spouse isn’t an ultimate agenda. That is saying they want to be baby mamas with jobs, they don’t want to be married women. How are Kweens getting mad and saying racist things towards European descendant females because those women chose to study AND get married, while Kweens are NOT interested in being OPEN TO FINDING A HUSBAND WHILE THEY’RE IN COLLEGE, while they’re in the auntie phase, and only want to look for men after they’ve become fat, lazy, burned out at 35+? They claim finding a husband in your 20s is a European descendant thing from people with cultural values, such as Christians/Catholics, which is why many Black and Latin female opposed “Ring by Spring,” a cultural phenomenon where female graduates accept engagements when they graduate from great schools such as Norte Dame. Hateful uncultured Blacks and Latins (Caribbean based ones mostly) were highly upset that these young European descendant women supporting marriage, they hated those European descendants for having cultural value and family values. 🤦🏾 These Kweens wish they were European but hate the family structure that Europeans are promoting here, which is heavily why they have success in many areas, yet Kweens reject it. Kweens want to be like the mentally ill fringe people from European culture, the ones who want to destroy the West, the nihilists who are angry 24 hours a day, which is why Kweens turned to attacking these European descendants who were getting married. You should read the comments on that last link. You can read the names and see pictures of the people posting their hate, and if they’re European descendants, look at how they’re talking, they’re trying to sound GHETTO in their responses, meaning they’re trying to talk like stereotypical Black Kweens, insinuating that anti-marriage and anti-male sentiments come from Kweens! 🤦🏽‍♀️ There was a show racist wave on Kween sites, against European females and then the attack, of course, was turned on Black men, because we’re all stupid, not educated, poor, have no swag, more of us are in jail than college, and all the other lies they tell themselves for their own failure. They’re caught up in what we call the “M-R-S DEGREE,” a shaming tactic by the uncultured women against women who wish to secure a husband and education in 1 shot, while they’re in school investing all their time anyway. MRS Degree is a really smart way to maximize one’s time, and if the marriage doesn’t work, for whatever reason, it likely will cross the 10 year mark when it derails at the worst, so that lady and man have time to get back out there and give it another go, rather than waiting until your prime years are completely over on the dating market, after 35+, where your chance to get the marriage you claim you want, significantly drops, because men over 40 aren’t trying to marry until they benefit for sure from it, for good or bad intentions. Kweens and auntie types try to destroy any female who is into trying to secure everything in her 20s because they’re the backwards wing of the Black legacy. She will shame a nice woman, and apply peer pressure to ensure that woman is not happy with a Black man, she will also disown the woman who chooses to love a Black man in her 20s and dedicate her life to a family. If that woman happens to get divorced, she is likely going to get a LOT of money and assets in her 30s and 40s, and divorce or inheritance is how MOST women come up on large sum of money, the world over, not from working some job. That means that in her 30s or 40s she’s good to go if failure happens in relationships, this IS the smartest way to hustle a man, if you’re a woman. Reward for failure is unique to the gender, in the West. This builds a nasty ego, due to entitlement, and leads to pride stupidity that leaves them lonely with no kids or husband because you’re so cool pretending as an auntie, but since they didn’t marry, and most have no inheritance, that auntie nonsense leads to bankruptcy and bad investments (homes they can’t afford). These Kweens are hustling backwards with their dumb azz culturally backwards upbringing that they’re spreading. These auntie and kweens are trying to make the backward ghetto culture the face of phlegminism, and baby mama culture is popularized in music and TV using Blacks, and then other non Blacks are copying it like it’s COOL to do be a single mother. That only works if the government strong arms companies and tax payers to pay for this stupidity. Without bankrolling this stupidity, there is no movement. There are too many Kweens who don’t understand that their value goes down as they leave their 20s in age. Sounds pretty dumb to complain that they’re not interested in finding husbands in their 20s but then complain that others are getting married. Why are these other groups able to be open to marriage AND they are graduating at the same time, while Kweens do nothing but complain that there are no Black men, Black men are terrible, and then keep admitting that these Kweens were not INTERESTED in getting married while they were working on their careers? The problem is simple to answer, KWEENS ARE CULTURALLY BANKRUPT and they bought into phlegminism sisterhood propaganda, which is not going to get them marriage to a man, the point is to free them from traditional roles and they want to buck the system by not trying to be a traditional woman, but to be a worker at a job to get a high earning wage. That’s great for someone who is going to be an auntie, that’s not good for someone trying not to be a traditional mother and traditional wife, but demands marriage. STUPID! Then they listen to people like Kween of auntie culture Eboni K Williams tell them to go be an auntie and to look for European descendant men since they’re superior to Black men, in these women’s minds. That’s great and all, we see it at every turn now trying to do psychological warware against Black people with overloads of interracial couples of Black women with European descendent men, it’s imaging that is trying to program these Kweens. You see, when Black men go to college, they see these European descendant women who are open to marriage, and there you have them hooking up with non Blacks, because as said, those women are open to marriage while Kweens are not, so again, WHY are Kweens complaining when they don’t make themselves available for marriage but European descendant women do? It’s the ACTIONS of these Kweens and their decision making that making them lonely and auntie! Sorry, you chose wrong! Sounds pretty simple to understand that they chose JOBS over FAMILY and now they’re old and making excuses for their failed choices. This is phlegminism’s goal, MONEY over FAMILY values and if you choose it, don’t be mad that men who want families and wifes don’t want YOU! Simple to understand. So then they get to be an auntie, are mad that they missed their best years’ windows and they’re not feminine, so masculine men don’t want them, you can’t get mad at men and blame men because you screwed up in your youth. So, what do these Kweens now do? They go and find thugs to bang them, in their old age, or go find some random foreign guy on their trips to bang! 👏🏼 They’re too proud to go try to find the good men who graduated from college, unlike to the other women who went looking for these guys, so she loses there because that’s admitting she screwed up. So, she makes up stories that she needs someone equally educated at her, but what does that even mean? If you don’t take the same majors, how are you equally educated? These are bozo the clown broads, their logic is so dumb, because it’s just excuses, nothing but failure excuses! People are tired of excuses from old ladies who are not accountable. When will aunties look in the mirror for once? So, since they don’t want want to be what men all over the world desires, not even European descendent men want them, so these power hungry Kweens go look for people they can easily dominate, dangerous thugs to ensure she always has the power dynamic in her favor. Unfortunately, we’ve seen that end in very bad ways, in recent years. See, Generation X’s educated Kweens like THUGS or European descendant women, and that’s it! Everyone else is invisible, thus their LIE that “there are no good men.” As people like Andrew Tate point out for his European descendant and European fanboys, this is a huge problem for men in the west, only the top 20% of good looking or guys with swag are even acknowledged by most women, and that’s the same case for Black men, thus 52% of Black men are not married and don’t have kids because kweens don’t find most men attractive, and all that sisterhood propaganda ‘body positivity’ and ‘we are all beautiful black people’ and all that nonsense doesn’t apply to Black men! 🤣 With every generation, the men get wiser to marriage inequality and will not put their livelihood on the line for a bunch of people who don’t respect them, that being Kweens. Black men largely accept that they’re mostly “non-select” to more women, educated and un-educated women, which is why we have Passport Bros and SYSBM movements for Black men to look elsewhere or don’t bother at all. Auntie culture created this problem but Black men are not sitting around waiting for old ladies to boss them around, which turned/turns into Black men voting for policies that destroy us and destroy Black community, to only promote Kweens who just use us, tell the bad narratives towards us, and just discard us. Those auntie folks then go find them piece of mess type men after they secure their money/education, so they can complain that these men THEY keep sleeping with represent all Black men, which is not true. The Kweens have a narrow vision when picking men, thus their misfortune with men, simple logic. The most criteria they have for a man, the less options they have. Also, these women are mostly out of shape, boring and uneventful, because all they are is a corporate employee and nothing else, nothing is appealing to most men. To thugs, these Kweens are their meal ticket, they just have to give sex to these Kweens and the Kweens pay for their rent, cars, food, vacation, these Kweens bless these loser men and move the men into their homes! 🤡 Well, that has consequences too. We have to stop pretending that if you associate with dangerous people, it’s not only a matter of time before their chaos overtakes you. Look, I don’t want to be killed in gun fire, so I don’t go visit my friends who living where gang members shoot all day and won’t go to events in such area. Tadaaaa! Problem solved. See how easy that decision was? So, you mean to tell me that someone can’t use the same decision-making skills when deciding whether or not to make a baby with a thug, a decision that will impact her and her child’s life forever? The problem is, not just that Kweens are attracted to thugs, which we’ll drop a piece later, explaining scientifically why this mental delusion they have is possible; but, if you look at it this whole auntie movement, it’s so riddled with GAPS that also don’t make celebrating being an auntie, a worthy thing to do for any respectable Kween, because there is a key component to women that being an auntie run antithetically counter to – women naturally are LOVE! Desperation leads most people to bed thugs. Women naturally are caring, and increasingly, although they’re trying to be more masculine to prove a point, also a failing act they’re doing a lot of lately, they’re trying to counter their natural habits to be loving and caring. They’re failing trying to publicly show everyone that they are not a gender stereotype of loving and caring people. 🤡 This is leading to a lot of mental disorders and bad behavior that many can’t explain, but they know the real reason it’s happening. Biological clocks! The biological clock is a real thing, I mean it’s not a real thing but you get it, the fact that women have this beautiful nature inside, but are trying to destroy that image for narcissistic reasons, it’s not only turning OFF good men who want feminine and loving women, but it’s making a movement of these auntie types who are hellbent on destroying our social fabric- except they can’t, they can’t fight this nature and because they failed and are narcissistic, they’re trying to save face with this recent ‘rich auntie’ social media but they can’t fight this nature to be moms, and they’re picking these thugs as a last resort, or going their own way. 🤦🏽‍♀️This is why you hear so many pretending that there are “no good men” left, which is relative, because there are many good men out there, but they’re watching the Kween circus and are not liking what they are seeing, so they’re avoiding these disasters. The Kweens and especially AUNTIE types are trying to destroy marriage anywhere they see it, then get mad that Black men are marrying outside of the race. Clearly, as we highlight, kweens don’t want marriage while good Black men want marriage. They want Black men and Kweens and European descendants to be alone and dead. That’s why they have their followers of other races out here imitating their stupidity, looking desperate.

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This woman is telling her that she is getting nothing but negativity from KWEENS about her marriage, trying to destroy her marriage, because thot and auntie culture is what they’re trying to spread to the world, trying to pass this off as Black culture. No, this is their idea to create fatherlessness in the Black communities or to make our women be alone. They are nihilists and terrorist, trying to ruin this young woman’s life. This is why Black men are going elsewhere, to find women like in this video, because only she is open to marriage.
Please tell me you saw that story about the auntie who was in Australia thinking she was privileged so much, thinking she was flying in a private jet, when in reality she was booked in seat from 1,000F in economy on a plane with 2 stops and 8 hours of layover. She was lazy and didn’t make it to her plane on time, so she breaks out of the airport and onto the tarmac, where the ran in front of the commercial plane to tell them “yo, big dog, open up the door!” That’s REAL, it happened!

This woman is now threatening to be solo because there are no good men. 🤡 Who cares? Nobody cares. Men who go their own way don’t go out and brag about buying garbage, they go and talk about seeing new perspectives, going to get hobbies, going to better themselves, while the auntie trying to copycat MGTOW has a mission statement to bo BUY USELESS SHYTE ALL THEIR LIVES! Look around this room of single, lonely Kweens, and tell me which one would you be turned on by and want to make a life with. Is that winning to you? Seriously, that’s their pursuit and strategy to feel better. So, there are many good men, they just don’t want these train wrecks who are picking thugs to mate with. A lot of auntie types see the gaps in the ‘trend’ and don’t like it, they don’t want to be alone without kids, it sounds like something to brag about being alone and lonely, but in the end, nobody really wants that life if they raised to constantly crave attention and have always received it all of their lives. You can’t quit cold turkey like that, life doesn’t work that way, and you’ll only get desperate and start banging thugs who pose a big risk to your life or go out and start (g)raping little kids, who have no self-control. Women are very sexual beings and without touch, by another human, they lose their minds and resort to very dangerous behavior. That’s why there are MANY faults in this auntie garbage, because it makes you think that these Kweens are celibate, and they’re NOT! It’s a gap in the image they’re presenting, they’re good at presenting fake virtuous images while plotting something more sinister, like this 75-year-old Kween not getting touched, “kept up a ‘virtuous masquerade’ in ‘a calculated attempt to conceal her predatory tendencies,’” when she was (g)raping a 14 year old boy in a basement of a school, as People magazine reported this year! 2023 has a LOT of (g)raping of under aged boys by Kweens posing as virtual and celibate, respectable people, but in reality, they’re out here falling into trouble because of the gaps in trying to be a Kween Going Her Own Way. Auntie nonsense is equal, a Kween cannot live a solitary life and be sane and anyone selling young women this lie should be locked up. They’re not being honest with the pitfalls of that auntie life, so let’s walk it down slow because it’s a MISERABLE life to be an auntie. You’ll end up with what we’re seeing now, a SPIKE in auntie types (g)raping little boys like when 6 of them were caught in less than 2 days. Aunties need human touch, and without, go INSANE and do INSANE behavior. Auntie nonsense is so psychotic that it now centers on Kweens who have no hobbies in life have, have no friends, have no PURPOSE in life, other than to work a job, now realizing they hit a wall, have no kids, if she has siblings, they don’t like her. She realizes that even friends in her same predicament don’t want to be around her, so they’re trying to do a broke down version of MGTOW but it’s not working. They’re not built for solo life, but the CENTER of it is spending all available money they have on pretending like they’re rich, flying around to expensive vacations very often, so they can show off to other Kweens in hopes that this well make them look like they have a life. They have nothing going for them and try to hide their shame and misery in travel. This is creating a form of mania that is not sustainable and is leading to psychotic behavior. One such auntie was trying to take a trip to show off and didn’t make it to the airport in time to catch her flight, so she ILEGALLY broke into the Australian airport, ran on the tarmac and runway to physically go block the plane from taking off, trying to force the pilot to open the doors of the plane to let her in! 🤡 She felt she was THAT important, she need to get back from her trip and start posting on social media, but most likely, she needed to get back to her JOB, and since she missed the flight, it’s going to cost her bigtime at her job! Well, she will also go to jail in Australia now, for being a terrorist. The arrogance and narcissism is HUGE in the auntie world, and to think one can just stop a plan on the runway, to let her own when the doors are elevated 20 feet off of the runway so they can’t get her in, shows the delusion these Kweens are to flaunt their travel sickness. They are NOTHING without taking these so called trips, they’re EMPTY and it’s a growing wave of psychotic people teaching other psychotic people very terrible habits that destroy their lives. They’re coming back from trips with nothing to share in terms of experience. They tell you “I went {insert location} and I ate {insert whatever local food}” and that’s about it. They don’t learn ANYTHING about the culture of the people from the country they went to, they don’t even like to travel domestically to learn about their own country and people, they’re busy trying to go somewhere else to try to pretend to be someone else, it’s not impressive what they’re doing on these garbage vanity trips. Men are looking at you showing off and you’re disgusting to us by what you are coming back sharing with us. You come back with empty stories, you come back not inspiring us or informing us about that place and what made your travels so great. Because the trips are not great and these auntie types didn’t learn or gain anyhting from that travel. That is empty, solo travel, and the SOLO travel part that they love to advertise is that they are narcissistic blowhards! We are NOT impressed with the auntie trips! A little bit later in this piece, we’ll drop some examples of their depressing auntie advertisement, it’s GARBAGE and who would want to willingly participate in that auntie garbage? Are they really ready for auntie life? It’s just a bunch of grandstanding to an empty audience or to an audience of failures who need more loser to destroy their own lives so the normal is destroyed Kweens. This is the phlegminist dream, to ruin you Kweens so that no men would ever want to be around you! They know you don’t care what men think, but do you really think you’re going to get MEN if you don’t care what men think? I want these auntie people away from my nieces and future daughters! These auntie people are the ones influencing all the other women’s kids, and because they don’t have kids themselves, they don’t care if they destroy your daughters! This is why the Black community is garbage today, where auntie and Kweens types have their children singing and dancing to sexually explicit FEMALE RAP MUSIC, doing sexual humping on camera. Kweens are so consumed with phlegminism being their ticket to empowerment that their under 6 year old kids simulating having sex is not a cause for alarm. These are people who WISH that their image is an over sexualized Kween. They made up lies saying that men made them over-sexualized, but the reality is these people are doing this themselves, and only ever have been. That video is them teaching the new generation of girls to be negative stereotypes.

This is who is most likely to be an auntie, they’re called ‘divestors’ and we all know they’re aligned with European supremacist ideology, although they are BLACK people, which they use to try to make themselves in good favor with incels, who a European males who can’t get European women so they want to do terrorism on Blacks. 👍🏼 Divestors are trying to appeal to them in hopes of finding marriage and acceptance, and at the very least, they’re ready to be bed wenches for racists. A non racist European will listen to her talk and think she’s completely untrustworthy given her talk, highly suspicious, and will not bed her, but the racists, they LOVE her because she’s a fetish made popular by ‘pr0n’ movies, aka ‘ghetto gaggers.’ Most are foreign to USA, but a growing number are ones with higher education but born in USA and have dreams to be a European descendant woman, via sex with a European male.
This lady was sad, looking at all the other women having fun with boyfriends, husband and children. She was really sad though, and she was checking out only the gondolas with other women in them that had men. We were joking about it when her gondola cut us off and got in front. Right there, she was envious of the next 5 gondolas filled with women and their men, partying and dancing and drinking. She was an auntie and there was another one on the other side, they did not speak, they did not look at each other, they just floated and didn’t communicate. Not like beef, but how BORING they were and BORED they were, that was so evident. Auntie nonsense in Latin culture, that’s a very evidently lonely road to take because most Latinos are about family.

My people, Black people, are not very good at this whole pretending something isn’t wrong, when it clearly is wrong and they’re crying out for help. So, trying to put forth a shotty campaign to pretend to APPEAR better than we really are. A lot of this comes from being the proletariat in most societies, and as more access to wealth and opportunities are presented in a world where we are not the dominant society, when we get a change to enter said society, although we have historically been crippled, it’s pretty hard to keep composure when comparing one’s self with the dominate society when you have to share space with them. This leads you to instinctively pretend to be something you’re not, to market yourself as better than you really are, so that the dominant society, and onlooking other people, are not able to spot that you are … well… BLACK. You see, when we do things, everything we do is magnified for the fact that we are NOT the dominant society. This causes many of us to try to imitate and emulate the dominant society to show them that some of us know how to behave as the second-class citizens we were trained to be, see no problems whatsoever with their hatred towards Blacks, and that we forgive their forefathers and current members of their families, for the racism that has historically occurred or is currently occurring. What???! That’s what this guy was doing when he said this. The problem with those kinds of Blacks is that they are pretending to be subservient to the dominant society, and well, the dominant society doesn’t care if you bow to them like the slaves you used to be, they’ll still continue to dominate you however they see fit, because they have privileges you do not, just for being who they are. So, although someone will quickly tell you that they are not the powers the control you like slaves, if you get out there and start acting opposite or how you originally were pretending to be cool with your place in society, you WILL get put back in your place, and forcefully too. We call this, the NEGRO WAKEUP CALL, authored by legendary comedian Paul Mooney. You’ll do ANYTHING to be seen as a mirror of the dominant society, even if it’s glaringly obviously you’re not them, and it’s embarrassing to watch when they put you in your second-class citizen place- but it’s funny to the rest of us Blacks. You go out of your way to copycat them, go try to marry into their lineage, and then when they laugh at you that you can never be them, you’ll SPEND your way into success of trying to convince them that you’re equal to them- when the reality is, you’re not equal to them, in their eyes, and the closer you get to being equal to them, the more of a THREAT you are to them! This is incredibly more apparently if you happen to be a Black male, as nobody is threatened by any Kween because the power they gain is normally considered and allowed handout to them, and not something they earned – not my opinion, but is how the European supremacists see things. When they give free money and opportunities to Kweens, they know this lot will not bite the hand that feeds them and know to never go at the dominant society. Supremacists also know that if the empower kweens, that Kweens will NEVER extend the favor to Black men, because Kweens are training themselves in the supremacist’s arts of misandry towards Black men and to only compete with Black men for scraps given. Black men, we have to work hard to get anything because nobody is giving us anything, and someone working that hard is a threat to the dominant society, because when Black men make it somewhere, they are responsible for fixing lives of all Blacks attached to them, which puts many Blacks in good position to win, and supremacists do not want this. For example, jook at Jay Z, he made Kanye West and Rihanna Billionaires. Who did Oprah put on and make a Billionaire who is Black? NOBODY. In fact, some Kweens have awaken and realized that Oprah is an exploiter and auntie types who bought her stupid plan of hatred for men, and followed her off the cliff, realized that they’re actually too broke to lay that game, so now they’re publicly trying to destroy their emperor Oprah. Black men take the whole team and bring them up, Kweens, not so much. They’ll put only other Kweens on and non-Blacks, they’re seeking to create supremacy themselves, that’s the key difference. This is why only Black men are considered threats, and this is what implicit bias immediately triggers in the West when people SEE Black men, not Black women. This allows Kweens to get in the doors opened by the dominant society because they don’t pose any threats, and that is where all of the opportunities for success are coming from. These great opportunities create economic opportunities for Kweens, but being that they’re still BLACKS, they’re still suffering from accepting that they’re second-class citizens to the dominant society, and at every turn, they will struggle with gaining ability to be seen as equal to the dominant society. Kweens focus on emulating and simulating so that they can get a position that is favorable with the dominant society, but they OFTEN get their negro wake up calls too, and normally, it has severe mental breakdowns that come with that because the privilege Kweens have, for being Kweens, is almost equivalent to that of the privilege of the dominant society because the dominant society has sympathy for them that they don’t have for Black men. So, with the privilege Kweens have obtained, they’re at a point where they are empowered and now that they’ve made it to the top, they’re realizing that them adopting supremacy tactics to kick the backs in of Black men, has left them completely vulnerable “at the top.” They’re lonely at the top, they find that have nobody to relate to, they’re destroyed Black men at every turn, and now, those Black men are really are their equals are looking at them as traitors, because we all watched the Kweens’ climb, and initially, as we all supported that, we Black men look over to our equals and say, “hey, let’s get together and create out power structure of empowered Black PEOPLE.” Black men do this, and they get a special version of the NEGRO WAKEUP CALL from our Kweens, one that aims to show us Black men that WE are a 3rd class citizen in this society and that Kweens brag that the dominant society placed them over us 3rd class citizen Black men. 🤣 The women who are misandrists and help push supremacist talking points tend to be these auntie and undesirable Kweens, who are making 1,000 excuses for why nobody wants to be with them. You are a racist if you are not Black but have preference to date your own kind, in these people’s logic. You, a male, do not have rights to have your own preferences that do not include Kweens and auntie types, nope, you’re a racist. Auntie and Kweens can not like you for 1,000 ‘preferences,’ like you’re short, fat, broke, don’t have long schlong, but if you like light skinned women, and not dark skinned women, which a FEATURES you prefer and not RACES, then you don’t have the right to your preference because auntie types are not European descendants and are Blacks. This is narcissistic mentalities these auntie types have, and the world must revolve around them. So, they’ll make campaigns to target you and use shame to make you a racist now, or make you, if you’re a Black male, gay, weak, misogynist, incel, etc., and all these dumb labels because you don’t find that particular woman attractive. This is how mentally destroyed these people are, how vain and insecure and narcissistic they are. When it comes to shaming of Black men, it mainly doesn’t work on these younger boys today, which is good, so the auntie has to go full ‘divestor,’ and adopt European supremacist ideology to use against Black men, by enlisting racists to help attack Black men, and to get them on the auntie side, she gives up her sexual access to him, and they join together to make amazing videos displaying self hate. These people are a mess, and if Black men are not getting attacked by someone who outright joins the racists, we’re being emasculated, attacked by the so called, self-professed “most educated people in America,” the Kweens who use news media and all publications possible to tell the dominant society that they are superior to Black men because Black men are uneducated, like this setup of moronic proportions below with the look of a THUG Black male alongside two educated and PROPER Kweens, visibly showing you all why Kweens can’t find good men: 🤣

I’m talking with my new buddy here, and I noticed this person did not even move for 20 minutes. She was frozen for 20 minutes in place, just like this. She touched her pretzel and stayed frozen. It was looking sad out there. We went to eat, did some walking in the down, came back 2hours later, and I took this picture. She’s been there in that same spot for more than 2 hours! Auntie types need hobbies, they’re not mean to grow old and alone.

For those of you at home, who are unaware of what I’m talking about so far, this TV show, out of Houston, Texas, USA, bashes Black men at every turn, but uses a SIMP Black host to usher in the misandry using the visuals of the 4 people (including the host). The whole panel was purposely curated with a LOOK to the people who came on that show, at that time, and it was highly disrespectful to Black men, while promoting “sKrong and Indepenent” Kweens, which is a marketing tool to empower Kweens at the expense of Black men. The Black Male panelist is dressed like a street goon, and that alone let me know this was curated, because if you represent MEN, then you’d know to go on that show dressed like a MAN. In fact, how this SIMP moron dresses on that show was to give a nod to annoying Kweens’ arguments, because he has MANY photos dressed up in suits and model nonsense, but HE ‘chose’ to go to a gender war sniping dressed like A POOKIE AND RAY RAY and give a POOKIE AND RAY RAY answer. He doesn’t even dress like that normally. 🤡 Mrs. “I’m a PHD” is the problem (Christine Beliard) in that panel, and they respected her enough to misspell her last name (it’s 1 ‘L’ not 2 ‘L’s). 🤡 When answering at 3:15 in the video she said ” Can I point out something really fast? … THE BLACK MALE pointed out”???!! WHAT? Did she really look over and refer to KGSMOOTH, the black male panelist, as “THE BLACK MALE??How impersonal, how dismissive, how cold, how TYPICAL, how disrespectful and condescending. This elitist blowhard lady and her classic disgusting misandry is the core of the problem with Black men, we don’t WANT this kind of woman, and most of the are the people that Black America wants us to go find and marry, hell no! Look how “educated women” talk to someone they perceive to be below them, the Black male. This is what ALL MEN SEE, not just Black men, they are watching how you treat Black men! Then she indicates the Black man is not serious in school, he is there to have fun, but the educated sistas they are serious in school. So, you mean to tell me that nobody goes to college to have fun and study? Really? Only Black men go to have fun in college while studying? She DISSED Black men, and that Black man did what many soft Black men did, he stood there, smiled like a dominated slave, and let her dish her misandry without correcting her. He also said a key question, that the study likely didn’t even include Historically Black College and Universities (HSBUs) and that Kween quickly skipped over that VALID point he made, DISSED HIM. It was an important question, if you want a Black husband, go to a Black school and it will increase the probability of finding one! If Kweens want to go to dominant society schools, yeah, there are less of all of us there, and there will soon be EVEN LESS OF Kweens there too, now that the free ride of affirmative action is over!  Irony is that Kween doctor lady is married to some guy and she couldn’t make kids, she was allegedly sterile, so she had to go adopt kids. She married in 2014, that was 9 years ago and she’s into her late 50s in age. She was an auntie until late into her 40s! This is what they want to convince some idiot to ride along with. So, she was in geriatric pregnancy years and was forced to adopt two kids. She made it her life’s mission to adopt after that to get more Black women to adopt kids and live sad and miserable lives after championing women being only about college and not finding a man in college, which is she said in this video above. So, this is the problem with Kweens today, and the auntie types who followed her words, they’re going to ALL be older and without working reproductive systems, and whomever marries them will be forced to adopt kids instead of being able to make their own kids with their woman they married! Who would follow such advice from people who clearly are miserable and not happy with their life choices thus have to make up coping mechanisms like adopting kids because you failed to take men seriously in your youthful years? What real man marries some women he can’t make babies with and make a family with? Nobody does this if they have any integrity because marriage is for FAMILY, not to enrich the spouse, it’s for your biological kids to have generational wealth. Now, this old lady is going and convincing career Kweens that THIS too should be their futures, to go adopt kids because your broken mentally, emotionally, and physically due to you chasing your career and education, the phlegminism manifesto pledge come true. Kweens, auntie types and what-have-you need to ask themselves, “do I want to be a mother to kids I did not birth nor biologically contribute to?!”  I can tell you right now, the answer is NO, and auntie folks will tell you themselves, which is why even though many of them do not want kids* – or so they like to pretend they don’t – a good chunk of them are saying that nonsense but they are going to cryo doctors to freeze their eggs, because that tells you they want kids! It may not have to take place in their wombs even, but those kids at least have to be from HER BIOLOGY. Nobody wants to take on kids that they did not birth if they can make their own, NOBODY, including Kweens- unless you’re an auntie type like the former rapper EVE, who hitched her wagon to the first European descendant male with money she could find to escape being a Kween stereotype, despite not having kids of her own and took him with ALL OF HIS KIDS, because he’s RICH and she’s an opportunist, of course. Even she was pissed at that and did whatever it took to not look stupid, so she went and tried HARD with IVF to get hooks into that man, and a decade later had his kid, last year. Even had a problem that most Kweens don’t want to talk about, which we’ll address later in this piece, which is also a major contributor to why so many auntie types don’t have kids, they’re unhealthy, as she exposed in this article.

The auntie, in any country, is easy to spot. They heavily inspect other women when they see another woman happily in the presence of a male they get angry and their faces are mean when they see that happiness. The same happens when they see a man with a family and the wife is happy with the kids. They stare HARD at these two groups of people and stare aimlessly at them. The regrets are flying through their heads then. This one, I thought that was her man, cheating or something, the way she was all in their business. That is what caught my eye, how intensely she was in their business walking slow, walking by.

Look up the term “Emotional Spending” – Experian is a multinational data analytics and consumer credit reporting company, and they put that article out because they know who has bad credit the worse, those emotional spenders. Experian knows trends, and a top trend is people trying to spend their way out of depression, a type of hypomania that is very hard to control when you’ve been pampered, delusional and privileged all of your life, and you get to a certain point where all of your privilege wears off and you’re left with the reality that you’re depressed. The problem is, when you get to this point, you’re probably so full of ego and narcissism that you don’t want to accept your reality, or your fate, and instead of taking measures to properly course correct, you end up with a problem like emotional spending, thinking that you can buy your way out of depression. You can’t, it’s never been effective for anyone, and it is the reason so many people go into financial debt. Imagine being on drugs so much that you ruin your whole life chasing dopamine hits you get from taking drugs, and then imagine the drug is something else that you bought with money, but is more expensive than drugs, and when the high wears off, you’re left with the after effects of a huge bill in the end, instead of being naked in the street- which may not be too far off if you are truly broke and you get evicted because you spent your rent money on trips. Instead of people taking themselves to a trained psychologist, people are ‘self-medicating’ by paying for trips to foreign countries, ALONE, and it’s only my radar because these sad and lonely people are passing that off as Solo Travel. That’s why their trips are empty and boring, because the person traveling is empty and boring, simple as that. They’re mentally depressed and they MUST take trips to pretend they’re happy and not mentally depressed. They’re hobby is convincing YOU that they’re not depressed, but they’re highly depressed and it’s clear as day, and they MUST travel because they have NOTHING going for them naturally. It’s their mission to get on a plane to go anywhere, they’re addicted not to to the fun of travel but because their lives are completely uneventful. I cannot STAND when people do that, because when I watch their videos, all I see is someone crying out for help, begging for likes, pledging to a nonsense cause that we’ll get into later here, and hoping to promote freedom and empowerment in it, but ultimately, it’s giving a completely opposite message to onlookers. We spoke a little about this in this piece here, talking about the lengths that some people will go to take trips, and as often as they go, you really can’t help but count their pockets and pocket watch because you look at the kinds of videos and the type of places some people go to, and you just go, YOU’RE TOO UGLY to make that video look good, you don’t look natural in those videos, in those places, and you’re a plant! Look at this one here, for example, trying to pretend to be humble, in 10 other videos, but in this video is bragging that she went to so many countries in 2023 alone, and then she goes ahead and posts the prices she paid to show off even more. This is a showoff, and you can tell this is a broke person. That is the problem with broke people when you give them money or attention, they’re not bragging every 2 seconds that they’re on a plane and they’re traveling, and things normal people do, these people are overly hyped about typical, common things that many people in the world do all day, and that’s how desperate, broke, and dusty their people are. Look at her listing the prices vs the places she didn’t list the prices. First, why would someone put the prices they pay to travel unless bragging? I know that these prices are NOT what it really costs in these countries, and she likely spent WAY MORE, so she is lying here. I’ve been to these places, unwillingly, dragged by an ex-girlfriend, so what I say today is from experience. She also doesn’t list the prices in some of them, implying someone paid for her and I’m sure nobody paid but it was very expensive. The prices this person is showing isn’t even enough for a hotel for 3 night in these countries, for example Jordan without flight is $1k without the flight, and I know because I did it and I used this site as a measuring stick, which is pretty much spot on! With flight it’s well over $2k for that 1 trip for 1 week! The flight alone, worst seats possible, runs you a minimum of $1k. She is listing prices WITHOUT flight costs so she spend at least DOUBLE for each trip she listed there, so she is purposely trying to look frugal, when in fact she is a LIAR to not look like she is emotionally spending on things she can’t afford for real, to try to look cool online as an auntie. That’s how much of a liar this person is, clout chasing auntie type. So, could this person has gone to all of these places and actually enjoyed them when she couldn’t have possibly spent that long in each country if it’s plus flight? I CALL CAP! 🧢 This person walked around many resorts, and clearly, didn’t walk that far, despite what those videos are trying to show you (look at her, she’s not walking around like she is pretending like she did in those videos). No, this person likely went for day trips to tourist spots and then went somewhere else but when you’re a fake and a fraud, you’ll show off to people and try to make others think you’re better than them while you’re lying to them, so they get into debt, and I know this person is, in the name of sisterhood propaganda of Kweens to show off to other Kweens, to get them to be broke in order to travel. The typical person trying to follow her budget is going to go broke. For example, I’ve been to Greece, a place she refused to put the price in for, because if you looked, a hotel daily cost is more than the whole trips of most of the places she’s bragging about going to. Here is a sample of Greece which will run you $2.5k minimum –   6 times as much as her average price she is posting, which she is claiming you can do for under $1,000 each trip. If you tried to do the things in this package without buying a package, it’s going to cost you DOUBLE the cost, so this lady is not telling truth about the trips she’s luring people into taking trips they can’t afford. I had to take a look at this person, and I saw a pattern I can’t stand, it’s the trend of the dusty Kween ‘auntie.’  I had to find proof and there it was, clear in pure daylight. This was an unwanted auntie, someone that has had their value entirely depreciated per the sexual marketplace- not my rules I didn’t make it up- and now she is 30+ with no kids and no husband, so she must take lavish trips to try to appear as happy as a woman would be treated to such a trip by a man, or a woman who had friends who wanted to all take a girls trip to these places. This woman looks SAD, and crying out for help, but she is an excellent marketing scheme, because she’s like 5’3” 300lbs and not good on the eyes, which a lot of auntie types in her position are, and it signals unflattering people who share her traits to go spend their way to trying to look like people who look pleasing to the eyes and when they take trips and make these videos, they look like they naturally fit the scenery. This is a disconnect visually, because she’s copycatting models hired to do travel influencing, but they’re slim so you see the scene behind them, while this kween is so wide she is blocking the entire scene of the camera in most of the pictures! I can promise you, she spent all of her time setting up cameras to take pictures of herself and to over the pictures to make sure they are what she wants to show everyone, and that takes TIME. Trust me, I’ve had to set the scenes up for people and take the pics for them, scouting locations and getting the right ambient lighting, even if you’re just copycatting everyone else taking pics in the same exact places, takes a LOT of time because ever other tourist is in the way and the subjects have to wait in line to get their time for photo ops. Wasting whole vacation on this nonsense is wild. I barely even take photos any more, I just fire up the 360 camera and go. Whatever I capture, I capture, and that’s it. I’m out there enjoying the scenes now, and don’t even feel like bringing my full frame or APS-C camera, most times. She’s doing all that lying because if you’re not popular with men, you mind as well be popular with auntie people who look like you and you don’t want to go in a gym and moisturize your skin so you can increase your chances of finding a mate. They just spend 10s of thousands of dollars a year, to try to make themselves APPEAR rich, that is their coping mechanism. Read the comments, you’ll see horrifying loser people co-signing this.

“Vacation used to mean escaping work, family and responsibilities. Travel in the social media era comes with a side of performance anxiety, no matter how far off the grid you’re going. Monique Smith, a Toronto-based TikToker, started vacation prepping when she began posting regularly. “It makes me feel confident, especially if I’m putting myself on camera,” she says.”
A bunch of aunties trying to communicate awkwardly trying to find communication with people who didn’t want to be with them and don’t want them to be around. It was such a sad scene to see them then they finally got off of their phones in the nature of the surrounding area. None of them know each other, they just went to that location like lemmings and got on phones. They didn’t know how to enjoy the scenery. This stuff is cross cultural.

The Internet is on a roll, trying to convince broke people that they have money that they do not have. We are in a RECESSION, and that’s another problem that no one wants to publicly say, but we are. I just told a lady she should not book trips to Jordan right now, and she wants to anyway, despite the war in Israel with possible 3rd party attacks to come from there and Lebanon. Is this person STUPID or something? She doesn’t care, she is an auntie and has social media to promote! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Only an ignorant, financially illiterate, willfully ignorant person would not understand this, and thus, people should be SAVING their money, not wasting it, and certainly not wasting it on trying to take these expensive trips. I see all kinds of dusty people paying for trips they can’t really afford, in these trying times, and they’re all pretending like they’re rich aunties. These people are psychotic, and since Covid, we have had a high number of evictions, especially for the people I’m talking about is taking all these trips they can’t afford, Kweens. That big girls in the video and picture, she lives with ehr parents, she doesn’t have her own place, so that is how she is paying for these trips she’s fudging the numbers on. She is being praised for her trips but she can’t afford her own place? Who really respect this kind of person? Priorities are trips to her, not actually being “independent” as they like to claim. How are you independent when you live with your parents? She said it in her comment, someone asked how the hell she pays all that money for trips, because these people know she’s broke- so she told them in that post. Other women are getting evicted because they’re taking trips instead of handling business. 2023 was one the of WORST years for evictions, and the ones most hurt by this are these same people taking all these trips like they’re ‘boss babes’ who are pretending to be ‘rich aunties.’ The social pressure to try to be more important than one is, it’s taking a really bad toll on Kweens, and they are spending the money they should be spending on their kids and their habitation, on these trips that they’re all rubbing in each other’s faces, trying to show up another Kween, or the other group of people, aunties trying to mask their sadness with trips. These two groups are both depressed groups of people, who are trying to self-medicate with taking tourist trips! 👏🏼🤦🏾 Like I said though, we are in a recession! The prices on hotels and flights are sky high, pun intended. They’re higher than they’ve been in long times, so they’re paying MORE than the number I gave you in that link for Jordan, so that Jordan trip for 1 week cost at least $2.5k with inflation and the link had the number for 6 days only, not 7 days. Who the hell wants to pay these crazy prices out there today? These people are so desperate for likes that they don’t even care what it costs, they will splurge on the trips and they will not care what the hell they pay, they will do anything it takes to chase that high of not feeling empty, but they can’t exactly ever reach that point, they’re chasing a high like it’s an addiction and can’t ever match it, that’s why they’re saving up as much as possible to take vacations and going into debt for these vacations. Most of them don’t even know how to get points and use their proper credit cards to do trips properly where they can get perks. They’re stuck in a loop of spending silliness to try to combat sadness, and it’s pretty obvious. They step out of those places and they look sad in those places, they look like they’re trying to make a statement, but they look completely pathetic. They try to look like they’re cool while looking pathetic, so they try to look confident while failing to impress others or to convince others that these auntie people are not as pathetic as they seem, and try to look RICH, posing for others to think they’re rich! See, that is a staged scene and staged look she is going for, which she planned before she even took that trip, which is pathetic. Well, due to social media, Kweens are going broke before they even get to the trip, The problem is exactly what we’re talking about today:

Life is short and you never know when there could be another lockdown or a disaster, so I’m now more willing to spend and take opportunities to travel while I can.
Auntie types try hard to get attention after planning to be the lift of the party. The reality is like I saw on this party boat, NOBODY cared about this auntie, everyone turned their backs on auntie and just enjoyed each others’ company. She was “woooo”ing and screaming like she was partying as if she was in a party where she is a focal point. Let me tell you, she was NOT, and it looked SAD!

That quote says it all, the write of the article says these Kweens have perverted the purpose of travel, just as we’ve said for so long, and now these people have ‘travel anxiety’ related to taking trips, they’re doing stupid before even going on the trip and spending 10s of thousands of dollars to try to compete with other Kweens when the camera comes on. 🤦🏾 There is a slick comment here, that I read, which mirrored exactly what my home girl, who put me on to this whole topic, said to me, that these are a bunch of fake “boss babes” and they’re trying to spend to try to make a statement that they’re so sKrong n IndiePen’ent. Only an idiot is not seeing the INFLATION right now, everywhere around the world. People are going to Europe and coming back with empty pockets because they’re too dumb to know that the Euro may have fallen to the dollar, but your prices you’re paying for the trip is in USDs that are sky high, so you’re not going to be saving that much when you’re buying things in these foreign countries! That’s why people like you see in these videos, they’re not doing anything but going to fancy resorts and swimming in water, every place they go. That’s BORING, uneventful, nobody is going to go to these boring places where you don’t get to go around but have to stay in that 1 location. Garbage travel, to each her own though, but that’s trash. These people are not travelers, they’re vacationers / stay-cationers. I get it, it’s called ‘self-care’ to go to a spa, but that’s fun for 1 hour, after that it’s annoying. I should know, I was dragged to MANY of these and hated it. It’s all Kweens like, waste of vacation days to go with them anyway, which is why I like solo travel. I’m an EXPLORER, a TRAVELER, I get out there and do immersion while I’m out and about. I learn somethings, put things into perspective for myself, and these people just go and pretend to be rich, to splurge on something they can’t really do repeatedly, pretending to be a rich person. THAT is mental illness, and this is what’s emotional spending kicking in to try to not feel so obsolete, to not feel so meaningless in life because one is not rich, these people go pretend to be rich for a day. If they’re not doing that, they go spend 8 hours on a beach but won’t get in the water because it’s going to mess up their fake hair that they spend a fortune on prior to the trip. Yeah, I know about pre-vacation splurging nonsense, I dated way too many Kweens to know that’s the truth what that article said. A traveler is not buying 1000 new outfits just to wear on vacation, a traveler may have to buy required gear or specialty clothing for a trip though, such as -40 F degrees clothing to ice fish in the artic. That’s not the same as spending $2k for fake hair and a hair stylist just to go on a trip. Same for a beach, it’s boring after the first few hours but these vacationers, they’ll stay there until they get cancer and don’t want to do water activities. Why would anyone want to do that for multiple days? Absolutely BORING. These spas are expensive as hell, and exclusive resorts, they are not cheap and women who are frugal save up for YEARS to take trips, mostly those are European descendants. Not these Kweens though, the Kweens are taking MANY of these trips back to back to back and you know there is no planning and saving for that. This is a sickness and they’ll risk bankruptcy to get on a plane. They’ll force travel even, that’s how depressed they are. They’ll force travel even if they cannot EVEN IF THEY PHYSICALLY CANNOT EVEN FIT ON THE PLANE, THEY’RE TRYING TO COMBAT MENTAL ILLNESS WITH TRAVEL- and because they can’t physically fit on a plane, they are trying to sue airlines for discrimination. That’s MENTAL ILLNESS! Even in this video, they put Kweens in the images and have them all alone, not looking happy, just boringly staring off into space, because that’s trying to say they don’t need a man. Cool, maybe you don’t, but why don’t you get some friends and a personality then? Why nobody wants to be around you? We’re looking at you, we see and watch you’re lonely. As the site says there, when it comes to Kweens, their mentalities are summed up in the following quote:

The claim that Black women are the most educated bloc of Americans comes from a 2014 study that cites the percentage of Black women enrolled in college in relation to their other race-gender groups. 4 Considering enrollment alone gives an incomplete picture. Black women are also starting to outpace other groups in earning degrees. For example, although Black women only make up 12.7% of the female population in the country, they consistently make up over 50% of the number of Black people who receive postsecondary degrees. 5 Percentage-wise, Black women outpace white women, Latinas, Asian/Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans in this arena as well.
Chasing that phallic symbol until you’re an old auntie, that’s not inspiring and it’s certainly not a good investment plan. That’s an uphill battle that is not worth embarking on, not as a lady in a harsh world. Dudes can do it, you cannot.

You know that’s a LIE, right? Asians are ‘the most educated’ but Kweens have the most numbers of ENROLLED people. That doesn’t make you the most educated people on the face of the earth so many have been saying and fully believe. 🤣 Auntie types LOVE repeating this everywhere I ever see them, they lead with they’re the most educated in the world and they have travelled to every country on the face of the earth. She’ll tell you all of that garbage before you even get to her telling you what her name is. She has a pre-canned speech of these two things. 🤣🫵🏽 They’re going to SPEND WHATEVER, and now they aren’t getting culturally involved, they come back without knowing a damn thing about the places they’re going before or after the trips, they’re only hitting up the most touristic places available, going to beaches and going to spas then coming back rubbing it in everyone’s faces that they paid to be a part of the braggart showoff lot. They don’t care that most of these “most educated” women are $200k in debt, and I highlight this because EVERYONE KNOWS the great ones owe 2/3rd of all student debt and it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars each! Don’t think men of means aren’t looking at this problem of out of control spending and thinking that nobody wants to inherit that debt from such a person who isn’t worthy of our time. Add on top of that this this person also will demand that you purchase a million dollar house with them, that’s more than $1,000,000 of debt that most men don’t want, just because they chose that 1 woman– no imagine if she has kids?! Not happening! No, men are not just going to jump into marriage with someone with huge debt, and on top of that know that educated Kweens initiative divorce at high percentage (90%). This is not a winning combination, sorry ladies. They’ll take the auntie over the baby mama types in that case if they both come with huge debt, in most cases, but a lot of these moron men are being lied to, or are not asking, about the amount of debt they hold. Kweens will not tell you until you marry them and only if they’re forced to reveal that financial woes. Marriage with educated women is still more likely to survive than marriage to uneducated women, according to stats, but I think the data is antiquated if talking about today’s habits, and if someone is going to pull the trigger on divorce quick, it’s going to be someone who really feels they don’t need you because they’re educated by college. 😣 Sounds really stupid, I know, but look at this Black publication blatant LIE and say that Kweens ARE THE MOST EDUCATED GROUP IN AMERICA, and how quickly everyone just followed along with the lie because they’re sheep. If one person does something and gets away without feeling shame, then the rest will follow up on that and if nobody feels shame, it is adopted as normal practice with Kweens. First, Kweens are their own race of people now, apparently, but also they’re saying that Kweens are more educated than Asians and Jewish people (which is clearly a LIE), 2 groups that DOMINATE in college for real. 🤣 So where does the LIE to inflate the educational ego of Kweens come from? It’s anti-Black male propaganda that aims to boost the social status of Kweens so they can get privileged class status, as the expense of insulting everyone else. The reality is they are not the most educated in the West, as the Kweens lie to themselves to feel better about. The hate when we post the truth to dispel the lies, but you have to bring them back to earth. They live by fake news, it’s not healthy. And it’s a complete lie that they’re all running with thinking they’re better than everyone, which is a huge turn off! This is another strike against educated Kweens, because they’re all going around saying this and this is what made Affirmative Action get tossed out in schools. Because of Affirmative Action, unfair sexist laws to favor women getting a head and not men, Kweens were the MOST ENROLLED, that DOES NOT MEAN THE MOST EDUCATED, and they’re not graduating at the a high rate so they’re dropping out. This claim by Kweens pissed of a LOT of academics and they struck by the cutting the legs from out underneath Kweens. 👏🏼 Nobody cares about someone’s degree when they make $.64 on the dollar even with that degree! They’re getting nonsense degrees that don’t lead to higher wages. 😣 Who cares what degree you have if you aren’t highly paid and have all that debt after. And in STEM areas, not hospitality areas, they are largely absent, because propaganda and DEI can’t save them there. You either perform or you’re FIRED in the technical areas, and you must continuously improve because technology changes, and all that studying doesn’t mean anything if you can’t be practical, your knowledge from a degree is obsolete as technology changes the world. They’re not ready to have that conversation. You can’t throw education in the face of people and you’re not paid high like the men you claim you want. These men are watching ALL of this nonsense talk by Kweens, trust me, and nobody is liking it, thus they don’t want Kweens. People say men want young girls, always, but I think most just want to avoid Kweens and auntie types. Today, this is not the case. If you’re not a top notch person, it’s not happening because we know we’re going to lose when that lady decided to bail on her family and divorce men, which is more likely because she’s educated, at an alarming rate. Clearly, buying trips is impulsive behavior, and a front for a deeper mental problem here, as they’re not even using solo travel properly, to heal themselves like they claim they’re doing. This is depressing, alone, so, you really think all of these Kweens are going and can afford all these trips they’re taking? When men of means see someone with that high debt, and an emotional spending and/or impulsive spending money habit, we RUN! Nobody will dare take on this kind of person who is going to destroy their finances like these people have destroyed their own, and if you do take that on, trust that if you marry, that person will empty your bank account and take all of your money in divorce. All these people talking about they make their own money and don’t need am a man because they’re so independent, they say that garbage until it’s time to pay for these trips and their massive amounts of debt! This people need your money, and guys know this, because cannot afford to travel and pay their life’s bills! Don’t ever listen to anyone talking about they have their own money and don’t need you, but put salary requirements on you, and travel requirements on you (e.g., must have passport, must be willing to travel on impulse). The problem is most of the Kweens don’t save money to go on trips, they have credit and they make impulse trips to places they didn’t plan out and didn’t prepare for, they’re online bragging about trips because they have credit cards, and this African woman is calling out here because SHE knows, like my African lady friends who put me on to this issue, that Kweens from American are bragging in the faces of African sistas that these Kweens are so rich but everyone knows it’s all just credit cards that allows them to take these trips. The African women are pointing out that Kweens are showing off and cannot really afford these trips, so they want Kweens to stop throwing all this travel in their faces. Upon further digging, we’ve unearthed that a lot of Africans and non Black Americans are driving auntie nonsense on social media. If you want to read more about this disease these folks have with trying to spend their ways out of depression, read this white paper, it’s really the key to turning Black people into consumers who don’t save, invest or own anything in full. And as far as the most educated group things that is thrown around, it’s mainly due to Affirmative Action that favors Kweens over other groups, even women of other races/ethnicities, which is why it was so easy to strike down Affirmative Action. Studies were done on the MANY unfair advantages given to Kweens specifically, under the guise of “race.” Everyone else saw right through it. Asians and European descendants aren’t Black men, they have power and they don’t like Kweens throwing fake stats in their faces to insult them, and they call came for Kweens by eliminating Affirmative Action, which is why Asians were in the forefront of that argument! Look at the bold text of that article below. When you’re in a glass house, don’t throw stones, your house will crumble. Africans from Africa were abusing Affirmative Action too, because their race is BLACK, and this is who helped build that stat for Kweens up high, not American Kweens, FYI. Affirmative Action is unfair. What Kweens don’t understand, is there is a thing called REALITY, that let’s us know that you can get paid very well without any college degree and these are highly in-demand jobs. One of those jobs, is the con-artist that most of the auntie types rely on heavily instead of going to a real psychologist for confirmation bias so they never have to hear bad news that requires them to change, LIFE COACHES! Life coaches are mostly female, just like mental heath professionals, because it’s a field of humanity, which women tend to populate mostly naturally. These people are teaching willing ignorance and phlegminism as a means to strengthen their Kween patients, which is destroying them and leading them down a dangerous road. And as many real feminists point out, these ‘professionals’ today are destroying our women today and are failures at what they’re advising everyone on. When real feminist easily point out flawed trends in feminism that is setting them back, I think we should all listen to what they’re saying, they KNOW since they see their movement being destroyed right before their eyes! Look below, clear example of people exploiting mentally weak Kweens, pretending to better them and getting paid more than psychologists to put people in a world is delusion. Look at this IG below, she paid into a pyramid scheme ($50k) to rope in more suckers who exploit other suckers using ‘travel’ that they know people are desperate to take to pretend to be someone they’re not. They know what they’re doing, they’re not healing ANYONE. They’re taking trips scamming innocent women by selling them fake sisterhood propaganda and liberation in a world they’re already liberated in. Only someone mentally ill would pay for that, today. If she spent $50k, she’s buying into something that is surely making her WELL OVER THAT, luring in suckers! Someone should stop these sisterhood propagandists from exploiting our women!


They are there on trips laying up with trolls. They’re coming back with that monster in their blood stream, but get your hot girl summer on! You go girl. If your girl takes trips, time the pregnancy announcement and baby birth with those trips, and you will be shocked. Get that DNA test.

Yes, that’s a big problem right there, that’s the reason so many don’t have kids, that’s the reason so many don’t have relationships, they can’t have kids because they have had too many abortions and STDs that make it so they can’t keep babies, they have a lot of miscarriages. There is almost a 50% increase in miscarriages for Kweens, they can’t keep babies in the systems, but this is mostly those ones who are not in the hood, these are these ones who are sterile, and can’t make babies, the same ones who are these aunties types who claim they don’t want to be mothers, and the truth is they CAN’T make babies thus are undesirable to men who want families. It just is what it is, it’s not a shame thing, it’s fact. Instead of talking to a trained psychologist, there is immense shame to be a Kween and not be able to pump out a kid. You sleep with 10000 men but if you can’t make a baby, there is something going on mentally that will just ruin a Kween. I should know, I dealt with two Kweens that had uterus issues, both had what they call Polyps, and those uteruses were done for! When a woman tell you she can’t make babies, demand to see her medical sheet that indicated this and you will see either “polyps,” “cysts” or “fibroids” listed as the reason she cannot procreate. This is devastating on a couple, I’m telling you, as a man, you don’t want to be in a serious relationship with someone who has these uterus problems, because you are NOT READY for the mental breakdowns in women when they finally get these looked at, and many women do not go to the OBGYN regularly enough if their poons don’t smell bad. They just keep moving everything is ok unless they have terrible odor. To Kweens, self care to them is not going to OBGYN to check for uterus issues, self care to them is going to pay for a resort massage instead. 🤦🏽‍♀️ To Kweens, self care is not going to talk to a trained professional about these health issues, self care is paying a life couch, not a psychologist, to fix their lives. Just like with my exes, if they go to psychologists, they will learn things about themselves that are issues they want to avoid hearing and have avoided addressing all of their lives. So, they will quit seeing a professional if the professional makes the Kween accountable. They hate hearing truths and learning they are responsible for many bad decisions they make, so, the go find an image coach and life coach instead to tell them what they want to hear to feel the delusion for profit that Kweens love to do to themselves. Mental and physical health issues plague auntie and Kweens. This is all due to poor life choices that they made, historically, and then they get OLD and now they see that your biological clock is there for a reason. If you want to defy God’s design, then suffer the consequences! Most Kweens’ wombs are plagued with extreme Fibroid problems that destroy their uterus, which is highest in Kweens because they’re mostly obese, have poor hygiene and eating habits, per medical journals. Again, not a shame thing, it’s in the medical journals and is fact, you saw the link above. This is why the rapper Eve couldn’t make babies all those years with that European descendant she ran to escape her past of being Black, like Tina Turner did, her hero. Eve was plagued with Fibroids, one in the list I told you to watch out for, and it took being rich to be able to have failed IVF after failed IVF to make that new baby she was lucky to have. Most auntie / Kweens don’t have that money and have to choose between going on trips or paying for IVF! This is a FACT, as outlined by another sisterhood propagandist named Eboni K Williams, someone who is a lawyer who is an auntie person with no kids, her European descendant male DUMPED HER and called off the engagement and she is still childless but inspiring auntie people to go find someone other than a Black man and go fail there like she did. Only thing she has going for her is her money and her career, she couldn’t even please a docile European descendant male, yet she is our here promoting auntie types to adapt anti Black male misandrist sisterhood propaganda, on a show run by Black men losers who don’t stop her misandry, rather allow her to promote and spread the hatred. So, what does this Kween tell the next generation of Kweens and auntie types to be? She tells them to GO FREEZE YOUR EGGS!  🤦🏽‍♀️ Successful Kweens and auntie folks are telling younger women to NOT get married at all unless it’s to another woman, or if you want to get married don’t do it until you’re in geriatric pregnancy years and you’re OLD with non-functioning womb, or don’t tell a man that you can’t make babies and trick him into marrying you then convince him to adopt kids that aren’t his, or to go get IVF and convince some man to pay half or skip the man all together and be a mother without being bothered by some man, or just don’t get a man and don’t have any kids so go get an abortion if you get pregnant, but above all else, focus on your career and money. oh, I’m lying? Here is from a few days ago, one of the inspirations for Auntie types to keep her executive job at Porshe, an Auntie with a high ranking position threw her newborn out the window because it was messing up her career. 😳 This lady did what she did to that baby because everything I’ve said so far is not LIES, it’s our reality and is what phlegminism teaches, JOBS over FAMILY LIFE. The Black community has become overrun with this baby killing to have a career programming since the 1950s, it’s part of female training in empowerment, backed by the US Government, and European supremacists like Margaret Sanger, who sought to eradicate the Black population by putting her Planned Parenthood abortion killer factories in Black neighborhoods and teach Kweens to be Auntie types to kill babies. Kween Auntie folks teach it to all the girls. This is what Kweens are doing to each other, destroying our people and our culture, over their careers and money. THAT is why good men are not interested in them at all! There is NOBODY telling these women to be wives and mothers in a nuclear family, this is SAD. These are Kweens today, programming the future Kweens with disgusting habits, and this is what’s behind the rise of auntie and why they’re so depressed, they’re mislead at every turn. And surely, non-Black men don’t want them, not for anything serious, as Kween and auntie authors and people studying dating trend also clearly note🤡 🤡:

Many Black women told us that the interest from White men is often sexual in nature. Alicia, a Jamaican American, told us:

“Certain White guys I talk to online, they’re like ‘I never had sex with a Black girl. Imagine having sex with you.’ I said to them, ‘Is that all you want?’ They respond, ‘I don’t know, maybe.’ I’m just like, okay this is uncomfortable. One guy said, ‘I don’t think we’ll date, but I just wanna have sex with you ’cause I never had sex with a Black woman.’ I felt so uncomfortable, and I was just so annoyed. It made me very upset. I was just, like, what the heck? That’s why I don’t date a lot of them online, because I get a lot of that too.” A couple of months ago I liked this White guy on Bumble… He tells me, ‘I love Black women.’ I could tell he’s the type that dates Black women, but… He was like, ‘I don’t like when Black people say “Black Lives Matter”; all lives matter.’ We had a discussion about it, and I didn’t like it. Then after than I was just like, yeah, that don’t make any sense to me. Then I just stepped back.”

Auntie and Kween swirlers think they’re crotch is going to revere 200+ years of oppression of Blacks, to get them a favorable position alongside European descendants, and this is the lowest display of desperation for them. 👏🏼 The problem with being an auntie and a woman who has crashed out of the sexual marketplace is that your unwillingness or inability to produce offspring lowers your sexual attraction to men! As you age, your sexual marketplace value plummets because your privilege of beauty fades, and if you relied on that, rather than a personality, you’re going to have many cold winters alone! Your 20s is your best period of youth and if you don’t spend it securing a dedicated male, as a woman, then you should prepare yourself to be an auntie. The problem with being an auntie is that it’s also a line of life that is a big fat lie to Kweens, because it’s not pleasant and it’s not fun, despite how many overly saturated vacation videos you watch on social media of some Kween all alone on a resort. That is PATHETIC AND SAD when we men look at it. Your life is EMPTY are boring and men of means don’t find that attractive, you’re WASHED! If you were not developing a personality in your 20s, and you were all about your studies and career, you’re an old, socially inept left over that nobody wants to take seriously. You didn’t develop into anything enjoyable for men, and trust me, I’ve dated loads of women in this area, it’s NOT pleasant when you find out this kind of auntie can’t even get up a hill without halfway collapsing, or she has an STD (thank GOD they’ve told me before so I can ghost them), or she doesn’t know how to respect a man, or she doesn’t know how to take compliments, or she doesn’t know how to give gifts for men, or she doesn’t know how to be FEMININE, etc. It’s not appealing, and we don’t LIKE THIS. You’re stale and only good to your employer, it’s all you trained in life to be, PEOPLE, MEN, don’t want a robot made of flesh! I’ve too many ladies I’ve dealt with who are this type, and I’m just DONE with it all. I tried to be understanding and I’m just not here for it. Every dude of means I talk to, they’re not here for it! Every time we turn around, we meet some auntie who is freezing her eggs to have a surrogate birth the baby, or planning to adopt kids by herself, or meet some mentally affected woman who is too old to make babies and had fibroid and other uterus disease she is hiding from us men, hoping to make us marry her before she tells us she’s not able to produce kids, preying on us, daring us to leave because she can get back out there and be an auntie taking trips and getting banged without rubber since she can’t make babies anyway. Oh, I wasn’t supposed to say that? I know the deal. Dudes hear that and still hit without a rubber, silly, and then suddenly miracle babies come in some cases. 👀 Following these Kweens down the dark rabbit hole to be auntie types is not the move! As said in this article, many companies (e.g., Apple, Facebook) will PAY you $20k to not have a baby and freeze your eggs so you don’t make any babies while working for them and you can go make babies elsewhere when they lay you off and don’t need you, when you’re OLD. Your health care selections will have IVF covered for you, if you go take a look at them closely. This is proof, companies want women to be single and without kids, this is why it’s overly WOKE at work and only pro-women. They need your best years of your life for working like a slave, not making a family, let’s go phlegminism, work until you die! Is that really the move though, Mrs. auntie? Is that a plot against you or what? As said in many articles, a leading expert called out that the push to have Kweens freeze their eggs is a trap that is highly unsuccessful, and you’re likely to LOSE in the end, while it’s masked in phlegminism and DEI propaganda. No, they want slaves who NEED these jobs so they can go on trips, and the only thing these auntie types do is go to work and go on trips. They have NOTHING else going for them, which is why men don’t want them.

“Marketing this technology for the purpose of deferring childbearing may give women false hope and encourage women to delay childbearing. In particular, there is concern regarding the success rates in women in the late reproductive years who may be the most interested in this application.”


These chicks are BROKE and they’re taking tips pretending now to be broke. They come back and they are 10k in debt, or they don’t pay their credit card bills. You should check their credit scores before you date them seriously. You should also get a list of all countries she’s been to and when, this is more valuable than asking them about their body count. Compare that money vs money she has coming in, ask her salary! Then you pat those pockets, see how much she wastes on trips vs other things in her life, you’ll see she does NOTHING in life, all she does is take trips wasting all her money and has NOTHING entertaining to share after. She’s not good with money is what you’ll find, and you should dump her! Chicks are BROKE on vacation. I had one try to get me to take her to eat, I told her Europeans “go dutch” and she called me a “broke azz n!gg4” for not offering to pay for her food. These chicks are going around begging for food on vacation, they’re not paying $50 a plate, per meal, in Europe, they’re trying to stretch continental breakfast at hotels. You can apply pressure on any of these auntie types if you offer to take her to eat to any of those European restaurants. They’re hungry and broke.

All of this destroying of our Kweens can be traced back to them imitating and worshiping European descendant females, who started this with a movement “Freeze your eggs, free your career”  This is phlegminism infiltrating your work place destroying your life and it’s completely destroying the lives of our Kweens, because “The clinical pregnancy rate per vitrified and thawed oocyte is 4.5%–12%.” That means you have a maximum of 12% chance to have your eggs work after you freeze them! Nobody is telling your auntie this! If it’s costing you more than $20k each attempt to get pregnant, with that low success rate, that’s very expensive to have to do over and over! These people can barely take trips If you don’t use your best young years to make babies, you’re screwing yourself over badly. The correlation is very easy to see too, the worst group of people with this issue are auntie people, age 30-50 and that Fibroid destruction is huge at this point. These auntie people are selling you all lies, they’re not happy being without kids, and it’s only the newest trend of miserable people trying to make you destroy your life for a lonely future!  Look at the bodies of the Kweens who are the auntie types that you see, you’ll see that most of them are overweight and out of shape and you saw the stats on their likelihood of Kweens having uterus diseases, and you will understand why the popularity of the auntie types of people. You have a LOT of physically and mentally destroyed Kweens, and instead of going to a psychologist, they’re trying to go self-medicate by going to take expensive trips they can’t afford for real, without credit and debt. This is a sad bunch of individuals, so of course they want a misery loves company situations and they too will push young Kweens to adopt a lifestyle of being a non-select Kween who doesn’t try to do anything in life but take trips and try to gain money. Is that REALLY what a woman purposely has decided for her life since a teen? Is this really the new trap our young ladies want to follow? If anyone doesn’t want babies, that’s cool, no hate. Not every woman wants to be a wife and or a mother. There is nothing wrong with that and nobody should be shaming women who do not want to have ANY responsibilities in life. Men have been living like this UNWILLINGLY for many many decades, and now we have so many Kweens joining in this misery. At least we know now that most of those women don’t really want that version of MGTOW, they really are forced to go that direction because they don’t have what it takes to a wife or mom. So, just look at them SHOW you in video confessionals, that they’re going to try to sell you a nonsense dream they’re happy, by putting out social media campaigns to try to tell auntie folks to try to solve their miserable life issues by taking meaningless trips will make them broke. You’ll hear them try to make it look fashionable to destroy the concept of the Black family, and the more you do it, the more you have a bunch of Kweens, who are self-hating hypocrites. The problem is, the most the protest about how there are no good men, they more they go and bed terrible men. It’s an excuse for their poor behavior and poor results, which is also a byproduct of making good men ‘invisible’ to them because they only want a certain type of guy. Who cares, they’re failing, and trying to make it cool to be a failure makes even more undesirable leftover Kweens good men don’t want. I’ve had multiple women tell me they didn’t want kids, initially, then tried to force me to have kids with them. I’ve also had those who didn’t want kids in their 20s and told me to wait until they’re 40 and have their degrees and careers worked out. Each group wanted to make moves only after they got OLD, and this is when a man is only starting to prosper career wise because we don’t have DEI programs and nonsense affirmative action to pay us high salaries for doing NOTHING special just being who they biologically are. That’s why companies are rushing to get rid of DEI programs, they’re racist and sexist, and the workers are hurting the company bottom lines because they don’t work. The auntie people can’t get men their age, and don’t even have what it takes to get men not of the race, so they have nobody to blame but themselves. If you are non-Black and don’t want them, then YOU’RE A RACIST. If you’re a Black man and don’t want them, it’s because you’re an LGBTQ+ man with a small pen1s, a criminal locked in jail, or married. There is no other kind of male who exists, just this lot, to them. That’s their logic and excuse for being non-select, or rather, this is their excuse for FAILING in life at everything except for being an employee for some company. You’ll see these points said over and over by your auntie, nothing but excuses for wasting her youthful years being in bed with many different men because she didn’t value herself then, and therefore nobody will value her now. There are consequences for not being misandrists and showing self-hatred towards Blacks, Black men of worth, who are proud to be Black, will not want you. Can’t get made, it’s the marketplace serving up consequences for not being serious about the family and future you want to have, as a woman. If you decided since your 20s that you never wanted a family, cool, good for you. Such a person should shut up and go sit down – but she’s not. She’s busy, online, just like the women who failed over and over with useless men, and both auntie types made many bad decisions to leave good men and good situations. You can’t strike gold back-to-back to back, life is not like this. If you’re full of yourself, and you think the grass is greener on the other side, you’ll not take any men seriously because you feel there are infinite men out there. Ok, great, but it’s not happening as you look around, but you can’t tell the auntie. The auntie is a felled group of Kweens who can’t do better for themselves and can’t get decent relationships and will never look at themselves for what THEY have done wrong, for themselves, and has led to them being lonely and alienated. This is what’s behind all this advertisement of them going to take trips and freezing their eggs, pledging to phlegminism sisterhood propaganda, trying to indoctrinate your kids into this mess. These are people who missed many good opportunities, who destroyed good relationships and who thought they were better than they really are, and now they’re lonely and have to spend money to try to convince you that they’re not empty and lonely. If someone is truly proud to be lonely, why don’t they get off of the internet? So, they’re coming to the internet to spread auntie propaganda because they’re taking miserable, mentally depressing, and exhausting trips by themselves, and although they have many fake friends like them, who are also alone and miserable, NONE OF THOSE WOMEN WANT TO TRAVEL WITH EACH OTHER! 🤡 What they want is MISERY LOVES COMPANY. They want more and more Kweens to be a lonely auntie, and their goal is to be rich auntie so that can easily spend money and cry in a mansion one day. Pathetic. You’ll see many videos online promoting this, with videos of MODEL Kweens who are paid to advertise to make OBESE Kweens fantasize about being in shape and pretty, and they will live vicariously through the videos. As we know, social media makes people jealous, and in particular, the target audience of Kweens and auntie types, who will aspire to be the subjects of the videos. The washed auntie has a tagline in videos proclaiming something like “auntie, single, 30+, lonely, biological clock is ticking, nobody wants me, you too must waste all your money on taking expensive trips because you to try to pretend that you don’t need anyone, and you should pretend that you wanted to be lonely since you were 14 years old, so hide your tears in expensive trips. 🤦🏽‍♀️ That last point is what is driving a lot of people to do this traveling and it’s not traveling for the right reasons. That’s how Kweens travel, they’re traveling to brag, and they don’t even spend any time at any place long enough to enjoy it, that’s why they’re ONLY at the tourist areas, they are getting those cheap trash flights to basic places that are not inspiring. I forwarded that video to a lady friend of mine, and she called that person in the video a “Basic Bish.” She is the one who told me all those places in the video are GARBAGE and the same videos everyone else has in the same places and this person is just copycatting European descendants and other Kweens with fake hair trying to show off. It looks out of place and not even appealing with the Kween in the video. That person is the typical garbage travel influencer and look how uninspiring her whole profile is, it’s boring. But she has a big subscriber count, off sisterhood propaganda of people feeling sorry for her and promoting her on many channels, likely even paid these other channels to promote her. She is making a book now, to talk about the nothingness of her page. 🤦🏽‍♀️ The sisterhood propaganda promotes her for this that she is 30 now and has no kids, no marriage, and no man! THIS is the selling point that is the last tactic in the trick, to be a Kween who looks like she has a lot of money and pays for trips to mask that her life is EMPTY, and she’s WASHED. This person and anyone trying to be like her, are spending all their money on trying to not look so pathetic, to hide the fact that they hit the wall and are washed! This is what is going on right now, and this is SAD travel. You are supposed to look at paces this person is going and be happy, but she makes the locations look sad. You just go “awwwww.”


Record number of kweens and aunties are not with good health care, or any at all, you better ask for their medical history before you take them in, and surely the STD tests must be done ASAP. Ask when the last time was that she got a physical and STD checks. Ask to see the results. No one should be offended, you’re here to protect both of you. If she refuses, then you know you need to leave. Auntie types come with diseases, you should know that’s why most of them are single. They need to find someone who is so desperate that they decide to roll with it.

We hear so much about all these people are so dedicated to self-care, but why are so many so obese and unhealthy? Just a question, asking for a friend. I know, it’s all BS delusion and smoke and mirrors. Just like the fake cover of auntie without a man in her life actually NOT have a man in her life. Sure, she is not talking about marriage because nobody wants to marry her, but just like she did all throughout her 20s and 30s, she’s still running up the body count with many men, which is also part of the fantasy of auntie, sleep around as much as possible and look like she is empowered, like Samantha from Sex in the City. That’s their image they want, someone old with a lot of money, traveling the world, paying for SEX from men! You think that all the hot young men who banged her weren’t getting PAID to do it? Are you dumb? This is the problem with sisterhood propaganda nonsense, it’s all fake and delusion and does not take into account REALITY. So, if they’re doing all this self care, self isolating, don’t need men, don’t want husbands, etc, then where are all these skyrocketing disease rates coming from with them? If you’re not active out there, why do you lead the country in STD? 🤔 Asking for a friend, again. It used to be that if you wanted a woman, you had to “woo” her, court her, as some of you know. Black men used to be KINGS of this area, as noted by many races, which is what made us have these lover stereotypes. Woo’ing a woman took weeks to do before you could … score. If a woman made you wait a long time, she was definitely someone worth investing time into, is what it told a man. But Kweens are FAST today, they will let you beat 1 hour after a date, and if they make you wait, they’re likely just stringing you along. Also, if they make you wait, like was the case with me a few times, she made me wait a month because she was working on me to try to get me to fall in love with her, so I would not freak out and beat her up when she drops the bomb that she is infected with all kinds of STDs! 🤮 I’m not a 1 night stand or player dude, I work a lady over, and they all have to confess if they’re with STDs or not, before I dare get in any bed with them, and this is what the “woo” period is to force them to tell me, because I’m working on the idea of GUILT that will force them to be honest. So they tell me they’re diseased and then I ghost them, slowly. Fk out of here with that rotten crotch! It’s happened so much, it’s incredible to learn how diseased they are and many of them were auntie types, claiming to be reserved, claiming low body counts, claiming to not date a lot and that’s because they’re infected! These Kweens must make money, or they’ll not be able to get sex either! There is nothing a guy will want from a person with no personality, you have to BUY DINGALING! This s why so many ancient Kweens are trying to find young boys who are horny and will bang anything! These IG fake travel influences are completely skipping this truth. That’s the answer to their loneliness too, buying sex from men in 3rd world countries, and they DO have to pay for it because they don’t look attractive enough to get men to bang them without offering money. This is very sad as well, which is why they’re leading with sex tourism.  That’s the problem with telling all these young women to reject men and family, loneliness also takes a toll on the human desire for affection of another. Humans love touch, humans crave touch even, especially women. What do you think your auntie is doing to get human touch from another individual? Let’s have this talk, you are, or have, an auntie, you’re so proud of this nonsense, so please tell us all how you’re getting your human touch, in the form of sexual fulfillment, which is something that men and women need, or we go mental! Where do you think the auntie type is getting sex from since she doesn’t want 90% of available men, or claims all these men are unavailable, who is having all the of the sex with the auntie types? Do you seriously think these are just free spirit types who are going to all these countries and they’re not having sex out there with random men they don’t know? Just a question, think about it. They’re telling all these young women to be alone, but they’re not telling you how they’re getting that human touch when in need. If you think they’re all satisfying that need by buying sex toys, you’re very uneducated. No matter how many toys someone Kween buys, after you know what human touch is, you will not prefer to use sex toys for the rest of your life, instead of having human touch. So, this area is a major GAP in the auntie game, because most of you don’t even know how these Kweens are so beautiful, buying very expensive clothing and trips, and they’re doing all that showing off and spending to please who? Themselves? Get real! They’re trying to attract MEN. They’re spending thousands on those dress up fantasies to try to look hot and exotic, abroad, that’s to get sex without having to pay. The auntie who is leading your daughters into a life of solitude is not purposely divulging how they’re getting their FEELS ON! This is where confused girls are handed off to slvt culture such as Sexxy Red because aunties have no answers for decent Kweens, so they end up just running up the body counts even more, and any hope for pair bonding has escaped them, everything is temporary, nothing has meaning, and this is what travel is too to them, after a while of doing the same boring garbage they keep doing, but they have NOTHING ELSE to do in life, they’re boring. So, Kweens, auntie and thots are merged here, today, and that is bringing down the sexual marketplace value as well. They THINK the more meaningless sex they have the higher their sexual marketplace value raises, but it’s the opposite and this is also what’s destroying their health. They’re up in there doing that Pdiddy “FREAK OFF” is what they’re doing, and the consequences for this is HIGH STD RATES AMONGST KWEENS!!! Kweens have 15 times the AIDS rate as compared to European descendant women, and Kweens are 15.3 times as likely to die from HIV infection as European descendant women. This is not self-care, this is pure negligence. This is the sexual promiscuity that is promoted so much, especially through rap music and the kind of men that pass these Kweens around, an as the women claim in the STD test screening, they’re sleeping with cute men who are from jail (where they’re raped by other men) and cute men who sleep with other men willingly, and this lot of men are the highest in HIV/AIDS rates of everyone, although only 8.1 times the AIDS rate as compared to European descendent males and 6.0 times as likely to die from HIV infection as non-Hispanic European descendant males. That’s some wild numbers, but compared to counterparts of the same gender, that is scary for Kweens. One day, we’re going to have a conversation about people getting knocked up by guys on those trips who are not American and not the boyfriend/husband who did not go on the trip with the woman. Hello? No. Yeah, I know.

Hybristophilia needles
Auntie goes to medical vacations and go get STD medicines, abortions, and plastic surgery on those trips, but they go overseas and load up on bootleg Valtrex and other STD medicine. There are multiple stories about this, and I have buddies who are doctors in Mexico who sell Kweens and aunties the knockoff pills. My buddy had a prospect girlfriend who was an auntie, and I told him to check her bathroom cabinet for medications and spy. He couldn’t figure out what any of the pills or creams were but they were all in Spanish but she’s not Latina. He took a pic and sent it to me to translate ‘valaciclovir.’ I told him, RUN!

As said, the big girl in that earlier video is used as an advertisement for non-select Kweens that can’t get a man and will not put in the world to get a man. They want a type of man they cannot get, and they don’t qualify for, so they’re angry at the world and depressed. You will start to see the advertisement for travel for Kweens who are 30+ years old, and that’s the ‘auntie’ class of woman. She screwed off her young years by hopping from man to man to man, getting with unhealthy men they knew were not good for them, cheated a lot on boyfriends and now are plagued with STDs, the highest rate in the nation. It’s the culture today, spreading disease and fatherlessness and calling it ’empowerment.’ 👏🏼That fact that the Black man’s numbers are not even close to those numbers, is not shocking, because these Kweens are sharing the same men and going overseas having nasty sex with random strangers, like that one who was on the raft in Jamaica getting raw sex from a dirty male masseuse who looked like he hasn’t taken a bath in 100 days! Why would her friend film that and sing along to the song? Is that what YOUR women are doing? GOD, please send the meteor NOW!! There is a reason many of these Kweens are alone, they’re infected! This is why they’re so upset in the videos and pictures they’re taking in these trips they claim are so soul healing, they’re doing them alone because no guy will want to be with them with that high rate of STDs they’re spreading. (NSFW ALERT – > The Kweens are highly sexual where they are out of the view of Americans, and that’s why the STDs are so high with them). How can you get revenge or justice if the Kween who infected you doesn’t live in your country and you’ll never see her again? Not the same ball game if she did it in the USA, and you can find her and there will be repercussions, thus, she goes overseas. And just like the anger you see in these auntie self-confessional videos, you will see they have a lot of hatred for Black men, and that is what they’re trying to advertise and crybaby about when they make these solo travel videos for aunties, they’re trying to say they don’t need Black men and they don’t even need friends, which is why this is very sad to see is being normalized now by Kweens. If you looked at the chart of STIs and what the women claimed was why they have the high STD stats in all areas, 45.64% of all the testers claimed “Difficult to find an eligible African American man” as the top reason for why they have an STD! Half of them got STDs doing interracial sex, and right there, that’s those trips overseas they’re taking!!! These people are allowed to get away with saying that of all these available men out here, not having sex on a steady basis, that the are not available men for them, thus they have to go find men with STDs who engage in risky sexual activities, many of whom go to jail a lot and have LGBTQ activities there. Does that really make sense to you? Those studies reveal their lies and the real truth that no one wants to say, they’re a bunch of liars. They say the same thing in all studies, like this other one, blaming men for these Kweens selecting and actions with men. Their body their choice doesn’t apply here, they have no accountability here, right? First, there are many good men, it’s just that these kweens and auntie types don’t think they are attractive, not tall, not with muscles, not rich, and don’t give amazing sex. Second, most Black men are not in jail, only 620k are in jail, so why are they not checking the history and background on these men from jail to know that they are from jail? Clearly, these Kweens know these men are from jail, clearly these women know that a man like that is not making the salary requirements they all claim a man must have for her to date him, and the reality is the purposely pick these kinds of men. Third, everything they do is sex related, meaning they only use men for sex, and therefore ANY many who turns them on will do, and they’re only attracted to these men they have to share with other women, men they know have wives and girlfriends, men they meet in clubs and bang, etc. There are a lot of Kweens doing one night stands with all kinds of men. That Kween who went and married that European descendant actor Josh Jackson, that was a one night stand sex thing they did, and then she got knocked up so they married, and now divorced! She is a failed auntie! She is also an African DIVESTOR who failed, and doesn’t mess with Black men, and she had a one night stand with this European descendant man, so now she’s explaining away her whole marriage and relationships as one long 1 night stand now that she dumped him and he leveled up to another Black fetish of his, Lupita, another African. 🤡 So, they go to all this miserable stuff with other men, blaming Black men in the background, and fail with non Black men. These kweens are celebs still failing, but the average kween can’t get this opportunity so she goes on trips looking to bang European descendant men, praying to get a 1 night stand and have him marry her after. It’s part of their sick fantasies to do this. This is why they’re getting STDs on trips and spreading it. This is why when they do those auntie videos, they look so SAD, angry and pathetic, they can’t be with a man, or they’ll give him disease and be tracked down and sued by American men. If she banged someone in the USA, he could easily track her and make her life ‘difficult’ so this is why they go overseas and have sex with strangers and trust me, they’re doing a LOT of that. Dude might take aggressive angles if he tracks her down, so this is why a LOT of auntie types are alone, they’re diseased! That’s why they tried to shame the Passport Bros so hard, because the Kweens were doing exactly that but aren’t winning. Half of all Kweens have STDs and the number 1 way of getting them is all the high body counts they have, which is part of their ‘my body my choice’ tenant of sisterhood propaganda, because they’re doing nothing but casual sex all over the place, and a lot of this is on trips with strangers, and with thugs.

More black women (50%) than white women (28%) reported a lifetime STD. Although there were no racial differences in the lifetime prevalence of sexual risk behaviors assessed, there were racial differences in the sexual behaviors associated with ever having a lifetime STD. Simple logistic regressions revealed that ever having a casual sex partner or anal sex were correlates of having a lifetime STD among black women but not among white women. Multiple logistic regression analyses revealed that ever having a casual sex partner was significantly associated with having a lifetime STD among black women, and ever trading sex for money was significantly associated with having a lifetime STD among white women.,ever%20having%20a%20lifetime%20STD.

Not only does your auntie have fibroids and cysts plaguing the uterus. Many Kweens who are overly masculine are developing what is known as “Polycystic ovary syndrome” (PCOS):

“Polycystic ovary syndrome happens when a woman’s ovaries or adrenal glands produce more male hormones than normal. One result is that cysts (fluid-filled sacs) develop on the ovaries. Women who are obese are more likely to have PCOS. Women with PCOS are at increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Symptoms may include:

  • Infertility.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Excess hair growth on the face, chest, stomach, thumbs, or toes.
  • Baldness or thinning hair.
  • Acne, oily skin, or dandruff.
  • Patches of thickened dark brown or black skin.
auntie bear
Bear witness to those growing up in the wild, with no cultural worth and no civilized plan on how to proceed out here. You can take the chick out the ghetto, you just can’t TAKE that chick out of the ghetto.

THIS is what many of your auntie people are suffering from, they have been spending all their money on taking trips and faking like they’re rich, INSTEAD OF HITTING THE GYM AND INVESTING IN HEALTH CARE! Forget about looking good for some man, this is about real SELF CARE. How can one claim they’re doing self-care when they’re plagued by so many health problems? How could someone pretend to be rich, and we look right at them and they’re a physical mess? Why aren’t they using their money to buy a 10 pack of psychiatrist visits? This is delusion! Ignoring clear signs of personal problems, trying to splurge on flashy things to get people not to look at the mess that you are, that’s delusion and trickery that is passing for confidence and inspiration, on social media today. How can an auntie be a boss bae running those fake companies they claim they have but don’t even have a health care plan? Look how many Kweens and auntie folks are infertile, have hair growing on chest, chin, faces, fingers, and fee, we see a lot of it. Have you seen under the WEAVES AND WIGS? Have you seen the HAIR these Kweens have naturally? You wonder why so many are wearing wigs and weaves, they’re unhealthy. Have you seen the discolorations of blackened skin that does not match their natural color, wonder what that is? You know now, PCOS! This is spiraling out of control, Kweens are under the control of supremacist and people looking to exploit their blatant ignorance and lack of social awareness. They don’t care how they’re destroying our people, as long as they look cool, look ‘sKrong n IndiePend’it,’ look like they don’t need a Black man, this is ultimately a sponsored attack on the Black male. All this showing out that auntie types are doing, this is all them not wanting to be seen as a companion to Black men, because they have adopted supremacist ideology and hate our race. The auntie types are completely open to finding a European descendant male though, they’ll do anything to get that guy, which is why they vacation in places where this kind of man lives. Here is something that these auntie folks are not getting through their thick heads, between all the abortions they do and the whole auntie act, there are less and less Black children being born, and the fact that auntie types are not purposely looking for men who are their equivalents, and being that they don’t qualify for the top tier of men they falsely think they qualify for, the people who should reproduce are not reproducing to make the most educated and privileged class of people we can put forward; instead, the worst of the worst of use are constantly reproducing, keeping us in poverty and keeping up all the stereotypes. Mix that up with all the thing we mentioned in this piece, the increase in STDs they have, the increase of debt they’re coming with, the expectations in men that they don’t even deserve, nor are reasonable, not to mention that the Passport Bros now exist, this is not looking good for Kweens and auntie types. This is very devastating, but the fact that 52% of Black men are not with wife or kids, and Black men are getting their money up and 60% are above the poverty line, this makes Black men viable candidates for marriage to ladies outside of the race. While it’s not my style, it cannot be ignored that Black men are desired to a lot of different groups of ladies, globally. Black men don’t have to be other races with sob stories about being too Black in skin or don’t need to guilt trip people into dating us by telling them that they’re racist if they don’t want us, we just find the markets that win and go execute. The auntie can go ahead and pay for sex, affection and try to combat her mental problems but the world is changing, and she is going to get destroyed in a world where she thinks her little job, college degree and money she managed to save, will get her through. She doesn’t have community, other than a bunch of other bitter Kweens, that’s not going to stop racism and hatred from destroying her, that’s not going to keep the wolves off her when they come to violate her, this is a recipe for disaster!  Now, she’s going to have to die off earlier than anyone in generations before to work a stressful job that will be phased out by AI, removed from jobs because affirmative action in jobs will be eradicated soon since it only advantages Kweens, and they will be forced to compete with men to put food on the table, which when fair competition, and not DEI programs come into play, they’re not going to win when performance comes into play. This is going to seriously impact those funds to travel, and funds to finally get their health in order as well. If nobody is marrying them, that’s also a lack of wealth for them, because the number 1 way a woman makes it to millionaire is in a marriage, or via a marriage due to divorce.  You look when you go to restaurants, you see a lot of Kweens without men and other races have their husbands, kids, and full families. You don’t think that is an image that carries the world over? If they want to get those European descendant males, they’re looking at this miserable vision they’re giving these men and the don’t want to end up getting treated like Black men, by the Kweens. They are making a huge mistake, but since they’re not listening to men, and are only trying to one-up each other with trips, they’ll going to lead themselves off a cliff 1-1 like lemmings. Pray for your auntie. They’re out there trying to do solo travel like that’s some badge of honor and rite of passage to becoming a miserable Kween who doesn’t need a Black man. Pathetic. Solo travel should be for you, not to show off and send hateful shots at other people, whether other Kweens and aunties or Black men. Sorry to tell you auntie people, if you’re showing off to men, most men don’t even take trips so you’re coming up FLAT, trying to impress or insult them. Men don’t want the financial burden auntie and Kweens are coming to them with, and men tend to manage their own budgets much better than women, thus, don’t feel they need to go to college, especially since men own most of the businesses that exist. You don’t need a college degree, and the DEBT to make a life for yourself. You do need one to be a worker in a company, in most cases though, and this is why Kweens insist on getting college degrees and higher. Men don’t need expensive places to live, that’s why they don’t buy homes to go live in them themselves, because that leads to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars that we don’t need to spend if it’s not an investment ONLY. We’re not going to by a home to live in it alone, that’s lunacy! Kweens will do that though, wasting money! So, this piece is not to shame anyone, it’s to point out that it’s a really bad investment to take on these auntie types, and it’s a risk of health too, it’s just not a good option to take these people. I hope anyone reading this understands that no men are winning by being with these auntie types except men who don’t have much going for them and want to get a come up. The men they go for these are men that are most fitting for them, these men who don’t have means. There can only be one leader of a household, a car doesn’t have two drivers, and if a Kween or auntie wants to be the alpha, then great, then know you’re getting only a beta male. Manly men don’t want boring, uneventful, braggarts who are going to stress our pockets, have nothing to offer us, and then have to risk losing everything we own so they can go get a no-fault divorce and that’s how they get their retirement money. People working hard at work are stressed, and most men don’t need someone coming home from work torturing them because they’re work is stressful. It’s not HATE for these auntie types of people, it’s just they’re NOT a good fit for these husky, braggarts who are not feminine. Men are conditioned to the women of the past, and if you’re doing something NEW, being more manly, logically, you cannot expect a man to be attracted to this. Anyone looking for a mate should ask themselves, “what do I offer to a potential partner that would appreciate and makes their lives better?” If the first thing out of your mouth is “I have my own money!” and “I’m a PHD!” then you should understand that your attitude is disgusting, off-putting, confrontational and this is not what men are looking for. In the Black community, the best of us are discarded and insulted by the masses, and this is the reason why these skrong n independent Kweens also don’t want to date their male equivalents. Do you hear auntie and Kween types asking our talented 10th of Black men to take them, do you see Black Kween publications asking for these men to date them because they don’t want the terrible Black men out there? NO, you NEVER hear this. So, why do (educated) auntie and kweens types have ZERO SHAME in BEGGING European descendants to date them so easily, while pretending like our male talented 10th don’t exist and have total shame in asking the best of the best Black men to take them? It’s lack of accountability and bowing to European supremacy that’s why. And why are non Black publications so behind saying smart Black men don’t exist and only Kweens are smart so they can’t find good men? Business Insider? Why is Business Insider talking about Black people’s personal affairs? What’s the got to do with BUSINESS? Why are they trying to tell Kweens to go find non Black men, and are advertising to non Black men who read their publications? 🤔 What are these Kweens doing wrong? Nothing, right? I don’t hear other races complaining like this. The article says these auntie and Kweens types confessing that they’re boring, uneventful and all about their studies in college. What’s so appealing about that? So why insult Black men and call European descendants racist but beg European descendants to date Kweens? LIke here, this one insults how Black men who date her treat her, but that’s who she picks and clearly likes how they treat her, and Black men are loved by other races for how Black men treat women. Black men will not allow themselves to be mistreated and disrespected, that’s OLD Civil Rights Black men who accepted that, not these dudes since! So, they both can’t be true that Black men treat women poorly but Black men are highly successful in interracial dating. Clearly Black men are vibrating high with women of other races and ethnicities, but Kweens are very low vibrational thus men of men of other races and ethnicities don’t want Whoopie Goldberg smelling chicks. In the end, these women end up not looking for the equivalents anyway, they’re just paying lip service with all of this complaining garbage. They will revert back to their nature, which is banging thugs and sleeping with the hottest of the men they can find and they don’t care if they’re sharing him either. Oh that’s all reported very well too, along with insulting Black men, claiming Black men are dumb and Kweens are smart, as every other article they put out says. New FLASH ignorant Kweens and aunties, European descendant men are also not going to college, and since 2010, men have not outpaced enrollee women in college overall, it’s not new. Here is why most men don’t care about a college degree, they have options that don’t required them. So, when you insult Black men’s college attendance, you’re insulting European descendant men’s education too, that’s why NOBODY is answering your call! You think you’re only insulting Black men, you’re not. As a man, would you date someone who looks down on you? I’m college educated and well off and STILL wouldn’t date anyone close to these types of disrespectful ladies, why?! The reputation proceeds auntie and Kweens, that’s why everyone is avoiding them. Also, if men don’t care about these kinds of women, then men don’t have to kill themselves at work to bring home money to please these kinds of women, so that’s so much stress off of their backs. Men have cracked the code, if they’re not going to get submissive wives that respect them, they’re not going to take on anything related to making anyone else’s lives better at his own expense. I get that! We are also in an increasingly technological world, and we know that most Kweens and aunties don’t want to be in the STEM fields, but you can get many jobs without a college degree if you’re excellent in tech or you’re a programmer and such. You can be just go to a vocational school and work with your hands, something that is not going to be replaced by AI like the many jobs Kweens pride themselves on today, which will be gone tomorrow. Point being, men are cutting the fat out of life, and who knows if it’s all going to fail in the end, but they surely aren’t going to let some job and/or women stress them to death. Oh, and as it relates to social media, what’s scaring off all the young boys from what they’re seeing of these auntie types, just know that these same ladies in training are openly advertising more bad habits that men don’t want to be associated with. Phlegminism has failed them, so they must struggle to succeed in their jobs because they’re going to be very lonely and that’s all they have going for them! We’re WATCHING, we just laugh because they’re trying to play with travel to show how sophisticated they are, but it’s all leading nowhere. Let’s take you out with some examples from this piece, things for you to look out for about auntie types and auntie types to be, and how miserable they look out there, I’ll keep it simple and pick just 1 channel that has all the propaganda and is ruining Africans with auntie and Kween nonsense, FAIR USE, FAIR USE:

The groping is just going on big time and people are starting to report it more because it’s auntie types who are socially inept, socially awkward weirdo creeps doing this primarily. This is what Black men hear DAILY, so this is what we are avoiding. “Bullet Bags” refers to Black men constantly being shot in a hail of gunfire by cops, or by thugs. She is laughing at this. Putting Black men’s face on Tshirts, that’s referring to putting dead loved ones on Tshirt, which Blacks do for fallen loved one. Her points are from popular Kweed empowerment social media corners and after so much of this, how much can you take before you tune them all out? This one is trying to get a European descendant but only one who is racist but is desperate for sex would pick a Kween like that, because he clearly approves of her talk. This is what it says about any of you who get with this auntie.

Look at this one, this is the one I see a LOT when I’m traveling, and I’ve documented it a LOT on this page, now you can see one of them say it themselves to you in this video. She’s doing her own thing, I give her space, but she’s always trying to get MY attention, because she’s looking awkward to the European descendants she’s trying to pretend to be. So those people are looking at her like a psycho for being alone, going to expensive restaurants that have whole families and couples, but she’s all alone. Even I avoid this look because it looks very pathetic. She is noting that she is experiencing anxiety because people feel sorry for her and keep asking why she is where she is going, but most importantly, I can bet you they’re really asking like GET THE FUK OUT OF OUR (EUROPEAN) PLACES. Oh, I know this one very well, and I bet this person has no idea that this is happening because she’s American and doesn’t know how foreigners do this a lot. They’ll see you eating chopsticks in an Asian restaurant in Europe, and come tell you to stop eating like that, but to take up a knife and fork, and this is on social media in videos of Europeans doing this to Asians. Psychos who know you’re alone, without with protection of a man, that person will get you, and not like you want! She’s getting dangerously close to it too; she says all of the warning signs right in that explanation in text like this one ““I was born and raised in Nigeria.” You know how some people try to take advantage of Americans?” Oh, she’s flirting with danger and has to lie about her whole existence just to travel. Being Nigerian won’t help you, maybe a kidnapper who wants to ransom her will not take her because they won’t get any money, but other can make use of her. She better bet careful but highlight perfectly all the dangers of solo travel as Kween. Everything she does is a lie.  

Like this type, she wants to be a solo traveler, but you know why they only stay on resorts and such? It’s because if they go off the reservation, they’re going to be ‘deceased.’ Pretending that this is not a disgusting and cruel world is a very dumb thing to do, especially since nobody is going to care if you come up missing. You can’t be so obsessed with European descendant women that you think the world, which is dominated by her kind, gives a DAMN about YOU. You want to be by yourself, then THIS is going to happen to you. Let’s see how that ‘sKrong n IndiePend’t’ nonsense works out for you. This auntie will demand you go with her to put your life on the line for her and take her photos, of course.  There won’t’ be many takers, she’ll be an auntie.

Read the messages above the videos, you will see all the problem they’re trying to mask and pretend like they’re not saddened their situations they put themselves in. They want you to go play dress up with them, you go on vacation, and they dress you up as if you are their kids. No man wants this childish nonsense, but if you want to play that game, here is what’s waiting for you. Look at this one tells you that she’s trapping you into a conversation about talking about freezing her eggs and how YOU will be paying for this ongoing cost, which is expensive, and she’s tired of paying money therefore she will give you her timeline that you better get her pregnant on. Yeah, go ahead slugger, you enjoy yourself there. This is what auntie chicks are doing right before they become an auntie. They give this kind of trap speech, and the man sees it’s not worth his time and it’s desperate with no femininity and socially awkward, she gets NO TAKERS! You’re an annoying, pushy auntie that only little boys will be directed around and take. 👎🏼  

Look at this woman being REAL for once, it’s really what’s happening with Kweens, they’re lonely and SAD. Except when you are delusional and full of yourself, you think you’re cool because nobody wants to be around you and you have no friends, so you’re a ‘COOL LONER.’ There is no such thing as a cool loner, you’re a socially inept idiot trying to make up new rules for yourself that the world doesn’t play by. Putting on sunglasses is exactly what you’re doing in life, you’re putting on blinders to reality, and that’s now how reality works. You’re definitely the wrong person to do solo travel, but you’re certainly an auntie! Everything about this person suggests socially awkward and don’t know how to act. How is this person taking solo trips and healing? She’s complaining about having to take solo trips because she has no friends and nobody likes her.

What happens when you don’t want to be an auntie and find it pathetic? This one is a woman who is getting old and still doesn’t have a husband. She wants a husband, is good looking, so why someone doesn’t want her speaks VOLUMES! But instead of her sisterhood coming to assure her that she will get her man eventually, she’s under full attack in the comments, with a lot of hate because she wants to be married and attached to a man. Look at the comment, it’s so funny “This girls content is boring honestly the way she loves men nowonder she is desperate.” Auntie people turn on other women who appreciate culture, appreciate family, appreciate men. If you’re not aware, this is an African woman, not an American Black female with American descendant of slaves DNA, so she’s more likely to appreciate culture and men, if she’s not too westernized. That attacks on her are beyond hilarious. This is proof, auntie people and Kweens want other women to be MISERABLE and without family and children. That’s sisterhood propaganda.    

Look at the background, look at the setting, saying she is traveling, going off by herself the cry for the fact that she doesn’t have a family, including her own immediate family that is gone. She’s wrestling with the fact that she’s old, out of shape, and she’s religious, looking to God for answers and HE isn’t sending her anyone. Auntie people are looking for divine faith to send them a chance encounter instead of losing weight, stopping going on solo trips that signal that she is not interested in men, and is just putting too much SAD news out there for the public that doesn’t need to know she’s so miserable. This auntie should not be traveling alone, she went there, and she is even more SAD. This is the perfect example of Kweens and auntie types that try to cover up their mental health problem by doing solo travel, like other miserable Kweens tell them to do to try to hide behind solo travel. You’re not strong because you want to solo travel, you’re miserable because everywhere you go you take YOU with YOU! Does this sound like someone who is so proud and strong? This is why there such a big problem trying to decide on a woman with kids and a woman without because these aunties are old and desperate, so they make some ridiculous time tables to rush the relationship along for all the decades they didn’t do it right from the 20s. They’re using men to fit some silly image they have in their heads, and it’s very dangerous to get with them because they demand marriage and kids in less than 1 year of knowing them. They don’t want to tour the world first, as a couple, they claim they’ve already seen the world themselves. They will all tell you that they want marriage, kids, then when the kids are grown up, then they will travel with you. They’re society’s rejects, so don’t expect them to do anything like normal, functioning adults would do since they’re nihilists since they’re 20s. You would probably do better with some baby mama, unfortunately. Not me, you.

They should go spend their money on psychologist and psychiatrists because taking solo trips is not working, clearly.